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Is this the best lightsaber fight? It sure feels like it might be.

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>>115073990Hot take

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No. Next question.

>>115074156Would soft-adapting the Thrawn Trilogy in this style be too much to ask?

>>115074412For the new canon? Would be kino

>>115073990Fucking destroys anything that hack Filoni has ever made.

>>115075132A bit too dragonbally for me

>>115074156>battle of the heroesno

>>115075162The fuck does that even mean?>better animated>better choreographed>no shitty dialogueIt's objectively a better fight than anything in hack Filoni's series.


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>>115075400Too much flying around

>>115073990It is the best lightsaber fight, yes. That doesn't mean it's my favorite though.

>>115075943It's the "force speed + force jump" kind of flying around.Could be a lot worse though...

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>>115076118Kek fair enough.Let's be fair though, those sabers canonically have repulsorlifts in them. Its still silly but it's not full retardation

>>115075943The fuck does that have to do with how good a fight it is?>>115076162>actually unironically defending sabercoptersOh, you're one of THOSE Filoni fanboys.

>>115076860But they DO have repulsorlifts. Its not even a defence, just the truth

>>115076860>Gendyautist gets defensiveWow who could have seen that coming

>>115076895>>115076912>SEETHING Filonifags

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>>115077001Two words: not canon.

>>115075132Looks a lot like something out of Samurai Jack

>>115077001Gendywars could have been better if it had a stronger narrative I think but they kinda dropped the ball on that


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>>115077031I WONDER WHY

>>115075132much worse version of a Samurai Jack fight there are tons of fights from the Clone Wars that absolutely shit on this especially anything that involves Dooku since they actually gave him a unique fighting style

>>115077199>there are tons of fights from the Clone Wars that absolutely shit on thisFucking kek. Nothing in that poorly animated pile of trash is remotely near this level.

>>115077025>canonicity status = qualityimagine actually thinking this

>>115077335Anakin and Obi Wan vs Dooku comes to mind

>>115077040They had 3-5 and 12-15 minutes.Also Genndy is a man of "show, don't tell".Het set himself to do short war stories and short character moments. What he did wit visual storytelling, he did perfectly.>>115077199This fights are better than most of the ones in Samurai Jack apart from some specific ones. And really interesting that you talk about unique fighting styles.

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>>115077401Kek. That's not what show don't tell means but I'll admit that it's got to be significantly harder to tell a strong narrative in such short episodes

>>115076162Do they? Because the copter trick only shows up in the context of that Sith Temple two parter. I just assumed the dark side energy of the place just amplified their abilities enough to do stupid shit.


>>115077454According to Pablo they do

>>115077494Exactly this

>>115075132Don't get me wrong, I love this series, and there's a ton of great shit here, but the inability to orbit/rotate the "camera" in traditional animation really hurts it in comparison to other great lightsaber battles of the franchise.


>>115077809It's possible to do that in traditional animation though. Probably too expensive for the budget the microseries was made on

Why is Filoni generally disliked around here? Is it just contrarians being contrarians?

>> one? Holy shit it's terrible>cringey as fuck campy dialogue that narrated EVERYTHING>completely weightless animation>plain, boring backgrounds with tons of closeups>boring and nonsensical choreography with characters constantly just standing there doing nothingI really hope you're talking about some other fight because holy shit this one is terrible. It;s main offense is how floaty everything is. Nothing has any weight behind it. It feels cheap and hollow.

>>115077929He's not generally disliked. It is just a few contrarians shitposting.

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>>115077929Filoni is generally loved around here because people have stockholm syndrome for his shitty waifu bait MUH FEELZ kids series.

>>115077970Equally as terrible with all the same problems I mentioned here >>115077947Do you people really unironically think that that's well animated? Do you not understand even the basics of animation?

>>115077356It's not canon because it's not quality.

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>>115078004You're retarded.

>>115078004Maul vs Ahsoka was motion capture though

>>115078053That's how you can tell he's a contrarian shitposter.

>>115074412>too much to ask?It'd probably be a lot to ask because I don't think this style of animation of cheap.

>Damn The Clone Wars! It ruined The Clone Wars!

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>>115078051Excellent argument.>>115078053What does that have to do with how well ANIMATED it is? That just makes Filoni even more incompetent if he can make a motion captured fight seem weightless.

Genndyfags fuck off.

>>115077494"Substance":>Ben and Maul exange dialogue while sitting in a bonfire>"atempt at japanese cinema" staredown with some akward footwork images>3 choppy beats>a barely recognizable reference to Qui-Gon's death>Obi cradles Maul like he did with Ventress 15 years ago in a comic>more dialigue"Style">Anakin is losing the fight, under the red glow of Yavin IV>they haven't spoken a single fucking word for 5 minutes>he has lost his saber, wich previously iluminated his face blue,>he taps into his rage and takes Ventress lightsaber>a small part of duel of fates sounds before quickly changing into an omnious music>Anakin screams in anger>images of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Yoda with horrified faces flash as he smashes an almost defenseless Ventress's guard >after Ventress falls with a shriek, Anakin shouts again in rageI know, I know. A little bit biased. But my point stands that there's more substance than you give it credit for.

Remind me Holla Forums. How many non-token Emmy's has Filoni won? How many unique IP's has he come up with?The man is a autistic level fanboy with access to more money than sense. That's it. A literal monkey could do what he's done if they obsessed about Star Wars enough. Though the monkey would probably have more balls and not do something completely retarded like bring time travel into Star Wars just to save his OC waifu.

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>>115077977most people like him because he seems to be the only person at the company who actually likes Star Wars.

Am I the only one who found GenndyWars totally flat and almost lifeless even when it came out? Like, it's just... not *that* well animated. I could see that even as a child.Also cramming several thousand gunships into a single carrier will always look fucking ridiculous.

>>115078333I'm not doubting his love for the franchise nor his knowledge of it. Just his complete mediocrity/lack of talent as an animation director and storyteller.

>>115078356Then you understand nothing about animation and animation direction. Lemme guess, you LOVE Filoni Wars because it got you right in the feels?

>>115078366He did Avatar, that alone proves that he is most certainly not mediocre.

>>115078356GenndyWars is easily Genndy's worst work IMO.

>>115078389Maybe I like having animation feel like it has real substance behind it instead of some literally flat characters bouncing off each other for ten minutes straight.

>>115078308grievous and his fanboys are gay

>>115078403Did you not watch the last season of Samurai Jack?

Am I old fashioned if this is still the best for me?

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>>115078550Luke's lightsaber must have been weak as shit. He didn't even leave a burn mark on that guard rail.

>>115078550It's certainly got the music behind it.

>>115078550The thematics are cool and it's easily the most energetic of the main trilogy saber duels, so I don't blame you

>>115078550everytime i watch it, i cum buckets

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>>115078514The last season of Samurai Jack was great, especially visually.

>>115078403Seeing as he has >Dexter's Laboratory: Hit series>Mentioned as being extremely important on Powerpuff Girls: Hit series>Samurai Jack: Hit series>Star Wars; Clone Wars: Hit series>Sym-Bionic Titan>Samurai Jack Season 5>Primal I don't know if people think it's a hit series but honestly it's pure Genndy but with dinosaurs and bloodGenndyWars is a group of 4 minute comercials made into a masterpiece. It won 3 Emmy's with a total runtime of less than 3 hours.If that's his weakes work then I can't wait for some more "weak" Genndy works. I obviously don't count Hotel Transylvania movies, but they're well animated.>>115078550No user, the duels in ESB and ROTJ are certified kino. Nobody will ever argue with that, even if some parts of the choreography are a little weak.

>>115078395>He did AvatarHe directed a handful of episodes in the first season.

>>115078412>Maybe I like having animation feel like it has real substance behind itWait, so you DON'T like the Filoni Clone Wars series?

>>115078755I just mean like compared to literally everything else on that list, GenndyWars feels underdone and more poorly animated.

>>115078755Samurai Jack > Primal > Clone Wars = Sym-Bionic Titan > Dexter's > Powerpuff GirlsAll are absolutely kino though. Genndy is by far the greatest western animator since the golden age and the fact that some here seriously think anything Filoni has ever done even holds a candle to any of Genndy's work is laughable.

>>1150789608/20 and that's including the two-part pilot, the finale, the Blue Spirit and Jet. George poached him from Nickelodeon for a reason.

>>115073990I don't know if it's the best, but it's probably my favorite, personally. The buildup, the mind games, the history between the characters, and then it's all over in three moves. Just'm also a fan of the Grievous scenes from the Gendywars series (though most of the other fights aren't nearly as good, imo). To quote Dooku's lecture to Grievous, "If you are to succeed... you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. For if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage them, only then will you ensure victory."All of Grievous' fights emphasize this one bit of advice. Grievous isn't a force user, so he has to rely on psychological warfare to even the scales. It's done really well, and as Dooku warned, it only takes a moment of overconfidence on Grievous' part for Mace Windu to utterly wreck quality of the lightsaber fights in the original trilogy goes without saying. There aren't actually very many of them, and they all have a deeper conflict going on than two men bashing each other with laser swords.I'd like to give a shout-out to the Vader scene at the end of Rogue One, as well. It's not a duel, but it's intimidating as fuck and really well

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>>115079030It's almost like Genndy was an established name in the business before he came to Star Wars and not an up and comer that got brought into Lucasfilm so fast he originally thought the Spongebob guys were pulling a prank on him.I don't see why there has to be a war between the two versions of Clone Wars as if George betrayed Genndy and was directly responsible for that development hell rut he was stuck in for a few years.

>>115079179eh, average taste, these aren't anything special.

>>115079644Which fights do you like then?

>still arguing about which clone wars was better.

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>>115073990It's cool because you know based on their history that both these dudes are pretty much top of their game when it comes to slinging these things around. You have all this story and background stuff going on so when the fight ends how you'd expect an actual lightsaber fight between masters to end it's kino as fuck.If they were just introduced as two nameless goobers where one jobs hard against the other you wouldn't even remembering it.

>>115073990“Muh minimalist lightsaber fight” fags are the worst. Fuck the stupid samurai bullshit, I wanna see crazy shit.

>>1150790898/61, all from the first season hardly means he "did" Avatar. It means he did some Avatar.

>>115079179I honestly can't even get 5 seconds into the Maul vs Obi-Wan clip without cringing. He's way too over expressive and Witwer is hamming it up to 11.

>>115079320>I-it's not Filoni's fault he's a one trick pony fanboy whose never created anything besides his waifu in his life>as if George betrayed GenndyI mean, he literally did. Genndy was all set to be the new head of Lucasfilm animation, the contracts were all drawn up and signed by everyone except George. Genndy was getting ready to move his family out when George pulled the pin at the last minute since he was afraid no one cared about Star Wars anymore and making a bunch of animated series (which Genndy was contracted to oversee) would send him broke.

>>115074156It's nicely animated, but misses the whole fucking point of those scenes.

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>>115073990The way the combat flows it pays homage to old samurai films from which George drew inspiration for his lightsaber scenes.Also the way Obi wan baits Maul into attacking him the same way Maul attacked Qui gonwas great.So yes, it is the single greatest lightsaber duel in all of star wars.

>>115080280Then dump a bucket full of LSD into your eyesocket you brainlet.

>>115078550I like Star Wars but it always bothered me that the good guys almost always win by using anger and using a rage attack.

>>115073990I've always been partial to Anakin vs Bariss It's one of the few times you really get to see Anakin's rage unleashed on someone. I acknowledge it's probably not the best fight, but it's one of my personal favourites.

>>115080389consider this: star wars has always been kinda shite and overhauling the visual flair while discarding the thematic point of the scene is actually an upgrade bacause the point is not that interesting

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>>115078550if we're talking movies, I think vader's appearance on the rebel ship in Rogue One blows every other lightsaber encounter out of the fucking water.Not a lightsaber battle, mind, but

>>115081417Pure Vader wank but damn if I didn't enjoy every second of it.

>>115081448I don't even fucking care. God fucking damn that scene MADE rogue one for me. that and K2-S0I don't care about fanwank. I got hyped for the emperor's force storm in episode IX too.

>>115076162>those sabers canonically have repulsorlifts in themBut do they have to do that doofy spin to use them?

>>115073990There are tonnes throughout the franchise that stick out. Yoda v. Sideous in episode 3, Darth Maul v Obi Wan and Qui-Gon in episode 1, anything with Grievous in the 2D Clone Wars series, and more.OP's clip is my personal favorite because it covers perfectly the esence of Dark Side vs Light Side and shows the elegant movements and fierce brutality of both sides during a light saber duel in only the span of a few seconds.BUT... If we're looking at more style than going too deep into the things, nothing beats when Darth Sideous goes fucking HAM on Darth Maul and Savaj

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>>115076118These guys are basically the star wars equivalent of team rocket so them pulling goofy shit like this is in line with their characters

>>115078308As much as I like Grevious, it just doesn't make sense for him to be anything but a jobber. The force is broken as shit and no amount of mods will make up for not having it.

>>115081501yesits a good trick

>>115081863...You win this round, user...


>>115081172That could be true for the sequel trilogy (and the prequels to a degree) but Empire? Oh no, you don't fuck with Empire unless you fully intend to do it justice.That said, I wouldn't mind a Legends series that adapts the original EU in that style, as >>115074412 suggested.


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>>115074097>not even him+rey vs the praetorian guard, or him vs the knights of renweak bait.

>>115073990Their duel in Old Wounds was way better and the best part of it is that Obi Wan is not even the one who kills him.

>>115082163I like how grounded it is. The fighting style is very realistic as to what I would expect a real lifghtsaber fight to look like

>>115082298also him clearly struggling after tanking a bowcaster wound.Honestly, for the faults the new trilogy has, the lightsaber duels is not one of


>>115082192Both of those fights were shit, even comparatively. Praetorian Guard was a directionless clusterfuck with no key poses and literally had people standing around waiting for choreography/weapons being removed in post because of bad choreography. The only reason I've ever seen people say they like this scene because they jizz their pants over the "activating the lightsaber through that guy's head" part.Knights of Ren scene was even worse, hot garbage with claustrophobic camera angles, poor cuts, and terrible pacing that reduced such a much-talked-about group to little more than mooks. That fight lasted all of 40 seconds.

>>115078550This is what I was looking for in the thread. This is hands down the best fight in the the series. Flash and fancy moves might dazzle the senses, but this fight has fucking WEIGHT behind it, emotionally and physically. You're a true man of culture and taste, user.

Is Resistance worth checking out if like sixty percent of the reason I'm into Star Wars is space ships.

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>>115082757Kinda? Its not as awful as I expected going in, and there are some cool ships, but it's more of a kids show than most people are willing to stomach. More childish then early Rebels even


>>115078550>>115082604This. The final confrontation between Vader and Luke is the absolute peak of the saga, even if it isn't as impressive on a technical level in comparisson to other lightsaber fights. It comes with a very clear intention with a lot of narrative weight behind it, and it completely pays off.>>115081592I find him to be a very interesting character exactly for that reason: the idea of coming to the level of the Jedi -who are supposed to be seen as a decadent order by the time of the Clone Wars- by pure reliance on psychological warframe and combat ability with all the benefits that may come with having 80% of your body be cybernetic, at least in terms of prowess. Let's not pretend seeing "regular" people kill Force sensitives is anything new here, either.You can also see Grievous as a clear anthithesis to the Jedi in a way that also makes him different from the Sith: someone who looks sterotypically "good" at first sight (is and wears pure white, yields green-blue lightsabers...) but holds none of the faith of what makes a Jedi and even goes on to take full advantage of it, which is what ultimately drove the Jedi Order to their fall.It's a good subversion to the nature vs technology dilemma seen in Star Wars, all honestly.

>>115082833Probably at SWC

>>115077970>mocap out of nowhereI understand why and even found it cool they got Park to be Maul one last time, but man was that jarring as hell

>>115074412but rebels sets up a thrawn trilogy by giving a reason why thrawn did not show up in the OT though. It did kill off rukh, but I guess his role can be taken by someone else...

>>115078181>You Star Wars-fags sure are a contentious bunch

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Post your idea for the follow-up to the Sequel Era>The years following the ST>New Republic is destroyed>First Order is gone>The events of the sequel trilogy have sent the galaxy into a state of complete pandemonium.>Dozens of factions are all competing to fill the power vacuum and the galaxy has been segmented into territories each with their own loyalties >Hutt Space has doubled in size>There is a new Empire/First Order trying to rise up with a clone army>Sith Cultists from Exogol are creating a super weapon that has a direct effect on the force>The Grysks have seized the outer rim>The Techno Union has stopped producing droids for everybody but Black Sun>Rey and the gang are desprately trying to rally force sensitives to fight for a Galactic Democracy, with no time to properly train them in a Jedi Order >Much less of a sense of good and evil. There are heros and villians on every sideThe Galactic Chaos Era

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Why we never saw Obi Wan's son again?

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>>115083746Because has no relation to Obi-wan, duh.. And also because with Bo-katan now being the head of House Kryze, she probably put him in a position to which he could never interfere with compromising the vision Pre Vizsla died for.

Why do they have to be like this

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>>115082192Neither one of those are lightsaber fights

>>115073990It's certainly a fun one.

>>115083999nice trips.Hopefully crashing oil prices might lower the cost next year

Why couldn't they just let the lore accurate mode stay lore accurate, ladsWhy don't they realize how autistic I am

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>>115081501>>115081863>Allow Lord Vader to train some shlubs into "inquisitors" so that we don't have to tard wrangle all of the drop out padawans.>Probably won't be a threat. The last apprentice he trained was the platoon "good friend" so I've been told. Should be fun.>Still. I should check to see if he's raising an apprentice to overthrow me. Just incase.>Make a surprise visit to the Darth Vader School for Special Force Users.>Vader's actually thrilled.>Says he has a neat trick to show me.>Oh, a surprise attack. How fun. >Prepare to finger fry the assassins he's trained. Maybe even dust off the old lightsabers.>Here a sudden whirring noise.>Look up.>See the retarded helisabers.>Vader's excitedly gesturing towards them.>He's going on about how it's such a good trick.>His respirator is freaking the fuck out with how inordinately fast he's talking.>The inquisitors aren't even attacking. In fact, they look happy to see me.>Want to execute order 65.

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>>115085577What happened?

>>115082757Resistance ships are fugly. One of them looks like a futuristic car with wings on it, the rest I'm not even sure how to describe. I'd even go so far as to say that it doesn't look like Star Wars. Just look up some pictures, you'll know what I mean.

>>115085690Basically EA cut the roadmap short while the game was in an uneven state where some eras had a ton more content then others. So to even it out the developers stretched the content that was already developed super thin across the eras.So basically they>Added Yoda and Maul to the OT era>Gave the Rebellion prequel vehicles with the rebels logo on it>Gave Empire vehicles to the Resistance, doing the same thing>Added Sheeve to the ST era>Let you play as snow troopers and sand troopers on any map in the OT>Released the main mode for the OT in an uncompleted state, so it's two phases shorter than the other eras So now you play the OT and see Maul running around fighting for the empire or the ST and see ATSTs fighting for the Resistance.Its not a HUGE deal, but pretty distracting for a lot of people including me. This is supposed to be the main mode and was specifically designed to be canon friendly

>>115083655Sounds nice. Personally I'd have an empire like authority around the galactic core that goes full space Rome, emperors backstabbed and seizing power galore. I'd have Rey go and train a Jedi order in isolation to avoid all the chaos like Luke should have been doing, and I'm not sure if the Sith should still be around, but otherwise I agree with the galactic chaos angle.

>>115078305it was also the way he cradled sabine - you know - the love of his life that maul killed?

>>115080280bro they are both like 60 years old. how tf would obi-wan go from a crazy fight here to the fight in anh


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>>115078308Filoni directed the best episodes of ATLAB Season 1

>>115081045>i think they suit melisten TCW is great but the dialogue was almost always hit and miss

>>115082214i see what you mean but obi-wan killed him in the best way possible here

>>115082427one of the actual most autistic things i've ever seen is prequel zoomers complaining that sequel fights aren't choreographed enough. the fights with a bunch of goons are questionable but the actual duels were designed with thought behind them

>>115075132>something's not right...

/ourgirl/ is finally breaking free from the comics Too bad it's an adaptation and not a new story

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Why does Ahsoka always flash people?

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>>115086530It almost looks like she lost her right boob in that picture.

Best one was ashoka VS darth vader

>>115086682first seasons had terrible lighting


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>>115080376Genndy left because George didn't want to make his Viking movie and he realized he'd basically be stuck in Star Wars TV shows for the rest of his life. The fact that Clone Wars was probably the most expensive CG cartoon show at the time is a clear sign that George wasn't paranoid about losing everything on it.

>>115083999Guys...why should people like A-Wings?

>>115083655M A N D A L O R I A N E M P I R EK A M I N O A N C O N F E D E R A T E S L AVE S T A TES

>>115086719I did that you dipstick.

>>115086758Because they are kino.Meanwhile B wings look retarded but everybody loves them anyway

>tfw you will never own a republic gunship

Gennedyfags has made me hate gennedywars every fucking thread they come in and throw a tantrum

>>115086952Both were good.

Genndy garbage doesnt even look that good, filoni has both style and substance

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>>115077025Wasn’t a statement put out by disney that only incels and faggots care about canon?

>>115087093Disney is run by fags and incels

>>115087045Only when it is backed up by millions of dollars. Hell, TCW art style is loosely based on Genndy's and Rudish's designs yet it rarely managed to look good or even more unique than its predecessor.

>>115087093Kek. BasicallyOne of the story group members was tweeting about how Canon only exists for publishers to create a tighter continuity, and that fans should worry less about what is canon and what isn't, but rather mix and match stories they enjoy for their own continuity

>>115087217>>115087093Wasn't it Disney that made such a fuss about canon in the first place?

>>115087235No Disney has always been pretty open about people mixing and matching. That's why the EU is "Legends" as in "it COULD have happened!" and not a banner that implied complete decanonization.

>>115087043I know they are but gennedyfags are so fucking obnoxious

>>115086797How much credibility is given to Rogue Squadron builds of the ship, because A-Wings looks great, and were fast as hell, but they didn't have much destructive kick, and were made of glass.And B-Wings? It's got a cool transformation, despite still looking totally impractical and the quad-wing canon is cool, but beside that?

>>115087045just noticed ahsoka's biceps wtf

>>115087426She beefy

>>115087426Hot, right?

>>115087426>>115087435>>115087452She's come a long way from Anakins fragile plaything

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Ashla > Ahsoka

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>>115087580For me, it's proto-Hera

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>Ahsoka Tano might appear on the Obi-Wan TV show for Disney+, following her upcoming live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2.Oh for god's

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>>115087628So essentially Mission Vao but with a more evocative and grounded design for her age?It's fine. I like it.

>>115087710Okay aaaaaaand they officially took the rumors too far. I gave these outlets the benefit of the doubt at first, now I believe none of it.

>>115081006>>115081006it's usually used when they want to foreshadow something (anakin) or when they want to pump fake you (rey)i try to consider the OT a self-contained story because it was never written within the context of everything else. within a self-contained arc, it makes perfect sense for a character like luke who's never had formal jedi training to be overcome with emotion battling with his father -- basically the penultimate symbol of evil and tyranny in the galaxy. it creates dramatic tension as well because it ties back into his vision in the cave on dagobah and you're gritting your teeth a little when the emperor offers him the opportunity to replace vader as his're not exactly *wrong* so much as i think maybe you haven't considered some of the greater reasoning behind those rage attacks.

>>115087710Wow an Illuminerdi exclusive

Attached: isleep.jpg (600x537, 38.1K)

>>115075132Yikes.Samurai Jack is overrated as shit, and the same goes with this.

>>115075132>all those recycled framesI forgot how much of a lazy faggot Genndy actually was.

>>115087710Disneys going to run her character into the ground cause its the only likeable female they have in SW after the disaster of Rey and the ST.

>>115075132top tier atmosphere at least

>>115087942It's definitely better than that CGI mess they came up with later.

Attached: 1571625780989.png (640x480, 277.8K)

>>115077970i think the main problem is that there's no "bounce back" with the lightsaber hits. its like they just freeze together whenever they make contact and all the characters' muscles just stop

>>115088052Just don't watch anything Disney. Bingo!I am fairly satisfied with Ahsoka and The Clone Wars. No need to see Rebels or anything else. Feels extremely good.

Attached: heh.jpg (507x596, 68.26K)

>>115085903God OT CS is so ridiculously unbalanced. Winning on the Rebels side is a fucking miracle

>>115088649And the isn't even a second phase for the turnaround. I think that's the biggest sin of all of this. I can deal with the continuity problems, but having the OT era significantly shorter than the others just feels incomplete

>>115088702Out of all the eras the OT era got shafted hard in this game. I mean, they didn't even get content until at the end of the games lifecycle and when they finally got into CS is not even the full mode but traditional ConquestWhich wouldn't be so much of a problem if the Empire side wasn't so ridiculously stacked that's it's impossible to win even with a competent teamPlus I swear you have to purposfully que for the OT era for CS. When you just select all I've only been getting PT and ST in the rotation. I've only been on Scariff once since its release

>>115088767I haven't been on Scarif at all despite trying to que for it

>>115088819Exactly. The OT is even screwed in the queueBack when Naboo, Kamino, and even Ajax Floss were released you'd immediately gets sent thereMeanwhile Scariff is basically a rare map and it was just added two weeks ago

>>115074097Aesthetically I actually agree. The snow duel looks absolutely gorgeous

>>115087045Based. I will also add in the 2003 show their is ZERO character development for anyone. And only 3 battles the entire show.

>>115078305>barely recognizableThen how come everyone recognizes it?

>>115079179I like you. good taste and actually thought about reasons, far too uncommon in star wars threads.

>>115080280I for the most part agree with that sentiment. But this short fight is absolute kino and you are a retard. The whole story around it, the years of them fucking with each other and this being THE final showdown. Obi wan luring maul in by using qui gons style and countering the exact moves that killed him. Fuck its top tier. Also helps that obi wan is objectively the best dude in star wars and maul is at least pretty cool.

>>115088897Yes but it had clones, and any material with clones in them is god tier

>>1150890932003 clones were cardboard trash besides Fordo.

>>115085656>"good friend"The rest was great too, but i like the layered reference to another meme.

>>115086530Based ChelliShe kinda irritated me at first but since her solo run she's really grown on me.

Attached: 01.jpg (1988x3056, 1.08M)

>>115085656saved and kek'd

Attached: Sheevs peeved.png (816x389, 57.95K)

>>115085656phffff>Vader has to pull out his emergency inhaler because he can't stop screeching about how epic the helisabers are gonna be

>>115088008Confirmed for not actually watching the series.

>>115088897>>And only 3 battles the entire show>Mon Calamari>Muunilist>Happori>Coruscant>DantooineThings that aren't battles:>Arena on Rattatak>Dooku vs Ventress on Rattatak>Duel on Yavin IV>Attack at the temple on Ilum>Freeing of the males of Nelvaan>>ZERO character development for anyoneIt showed Anakin being dependant and dipping into the dark side to save people, wich is very much in character with what he wanted in Episode 3. His dips into the dark side in his duel against Ventress and when killing the Techno Union scientists are pure kino.

Attached: ghost hand anakin.gif (500x275, 2.14M)

>>115086682why do I see this picture in every Star Wars thread?

Attached: AAaaAHahaHAHA.png (1153x511, 586.13K)

>>115089179Same. She's more like Space Indiana Jones now while she used to be just female Han Solo

>>115087628Would Kanan still have?

>>115089179There used to be a Holla Forumsmrade who wrote smutfics of Aphra and Sabine Wren teaming up on adventures and getting it on.He was a good friend.

Attached: aphra-study.jpg (707x1000, 167.27K)

>>115081417>Vader tracks them to Tatooine>Leia and everybody else makes a big deal about being tracked in TLJ


>>115086265It's not that they aren't choreographed enough. It's that they aren't rehearsed enough. Ridley is missing her ques so the opponents have to adjust or she's wildly swinging off the mark or slowly telegraphs where she's gonna stab next. Maybe some better camera angles would help hide some of these mistakes, cause in most movie duels people don't swing at their costars directly, but it doesn't look this obvious.

Attached: rey vs kakylo 15fps.webm (720x298, 2.77M)

>>115081518This one is fun. Everything Sideous does is slightly unhinged and sadistic as hell. You can tell he's just having a blast schooling these wannabee Sith.

>>115092211I don't see it

>>115073990I thought this was pretty neat.

>>115092477I like the idea but i hate this.

Attached: obikills.jpg (397x600, 30.13K)

>>115092296Well, then you're lost!In that webm, her swings wouldn't hit Kylo even if he didn't do those half-assed Neo-like dodges. It could've worked with different camera angles so that perspective tricks make it seem closer, like they do with punches ever since John Wayne and Yakima Canutt.


>>115082192Are you niggas retarded?

Attached: 1531246527397.webm (900x378, 2.89M)

>>115085995>sabineI think you mean, Satine, but that's alright. Sabine is quite a duchess in her own right as well.

>>115093102The red faggot slowly turning back and casually walking away while Rey do nothing always makes me laugh

>>115093102Sorry, meant to quote the guy you're replying to because he is absolutely fucking stupid

Attached: 1531246231145.webm (640x536, 2.71M)

>>115093102>That closest guard on the left.I cringe every time I see it.

>>115093141>>115093249In 8 years, the faggot kids that loved this fight will be shitposting here as wellImagine

>>115093432Nah, people will still jerk off to Duel of the Fates, because they will have fucking Internet and they can see for themselves.

>>115093715You know what kinda garbage you gotta shit out to make the squeakel look good? No one's gonna like the original trilogy anymore, they're gonna love the prequels

>>115093780>the sequels had great action scenes>kylo ren was a badass>the sets were so realistic>poe and finn were humorous>it tied together the old characters arcs very wellThese will be the talking points in like 5-10 years, I guarantee it


Attached: 1489489631165.jpg (663x936, 220.73K)


Attached: 1366160216287.png (443x376, 6.4K)

>>115080280Go watch anime then lol

>>115093148Where did the second knife go?

>>115092477I don't get why the included Vader stepping on his empty clothes on the floor. Just to check he didn't force shapeshift into something smaller? Surprised he didn't have any bits of flesh in the robes? Was Vader really baffled by him disappearing like that into a force ghost?

>>115087628>>115091426>>115092061I am now imagining Kanaan impregnating this loli twi'lek.

Attached: 1550072099889.jpg (594x561, 77.7K)

>>115089051>But this short fight is absolute kinoIt's not, fucking overdramatic shit combined with no fight at all.>maul is at least pretty cool.Maul is a shitty lazy character Lucas created without giving a fuck.

>>115073990No but it's at least the best in Rebels and possibly the best outside of the main movies.

>>115078305>under the red glow of Yavin IV>GUYS THEY WENT TO YAVIN>REMEMBER YAVIN

>>115094834He was checking for a trap door or some other trick, he didn't know about force ghosts. They kept it going in the prequels, all the other jedi and younglings that he kills during Order 66 just turn into dead bodies.

>>115092211>That first swing is way too damn wide that Kylo doesn't have to dodge>The second one was supposed to go for his gut (Since that's how Kylo dodged) but Daisy just went for an overhead swing AGAIN>Throughout the entire fight Daisy is swinging way too god damn wide that Kylo has to keep selling it as intentional like it's a Wrestling match

>>115094832They erased it in postNot even kidding. People joke about how he must've tossed it but if you look closely you can tell he's still holding something

>>115094834When you're so used to dead people leaving bodies behind, when a person just straight up disappears it's a new feeling

Reminder Ahsoka broke the forth wall. She is aware of Obiwan meme.

Attached: clone-wars3x17_0973.jpg (1920x816, 91.07K)

>>115092211The guy that did the GOT fights did this.>>115095129They also seem to be using some shortened blade prop so the rotoscope guys had to wing it with the length so it varies a bit.

>>115095200fukin hell what a slut. Undisputed best girl.

>>115094996The point is that for most of the fight the lighting is normal, but when they get to the end of it the big planet starts covering both of them in red. Then Anakin loses his blue lightsaber and stop being iluminated by it. It's symbolic.Genndy took the clone wars to planets that were already established ( Dantoonie, Yavin IV), planets that were implied but unexplored (Mon Calamari, Muunilist), and some lore/reference planets (Ilum, Nelvaan).Dantooine, Yavin IV, and the unique way the artsyle looks are the only references to the OT other than the cave vision, but that's foreshadowing.

>>115095082>>115095180I guess. Just feels like it would be a thing such an old and powerful force sensitive person who receives teachings from a top tier Sith lord would at least be aware of. Even if he hadn't personally witnessed it before.

>>115095280requesting the ahsoka copypasta about it

>>115095281>Oh, god... It's so artsy... I'm gonna... Aahh! AHHH IM COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING! I'm so smart.

>>115095325At the end of RotS Yoda mentions it to Obi-wan before they split up like it's either newly discovered or rediscovered thing that Qui Gon came back, and peaceful fading into death is really not a Sith kinda thing.

>>115086947the lego one suffices

>>115087217kinda cringe, kinda based

>>115094447>the sequels had great action scenesNothing that was better than the previous 6.>kylo ren was a badassThis I will agree. And probably only because he looks cool(for kids).>the sets were so realisticOT, but worse. Less imagination.>poe and finn were humorousThey fly now?>it tied together the old characters arcs very wellIt completely ignored 3 movies out of 6.

>>115095377This but unironically. Bless this man and his respect for the medium. Cartoon are art.

Attached: Genndy Tartakovsky.jpg (500x524, 49.21K)


>>115095400>Can talk to people still alive which grants certain influence over the living world>Basically an immortal and invulnerable stateSiths would be all over this shit as a final fuck-you-I-don't-die-properly once all other material extensions are exhausted.

>>115095489based and wankpilled

>>115085903>>115088702>>115088767supremacy was blatantly designed with only the PT in mind and is the only one that feels "complete" even with no clone wars or revenge of the sith maps besides felucia (why would they add that but not coruscant? mandalore? mustafar? utapau?)

>>115085656wish there was more happy vader content. you just know he had a shit eating grin on his face when he said that pun in rogue one

>>115095596I'm upset that they never added Utapau or Mustafar. Or even Coruscant. you added Naboo but not Coruscant?

>>115075132>rain hissing on lightsabers>Anakin not respecting the high ground advantageKino

>>115095642>you just know he had a shit eating grin on his face when he said that pun in rogue oneAnd in the hallway. Apart from killing dudes, that whole scene had Anakin Skywalker written all over it. Showboating like that instead of just making a b-line for the datatape is the exact kind of thing Clone War Anakin would do. Only thing that was missing was Obi-wan there bitching at him for the datatape getting away because he fucked around too much.

>>115094467based 7th sister. wish there was more content, she was hot in a stupidly cartoonish way

>>115095465in 5-10 years, user. this isn't an actual argument (yet).

>>115083521The B-Movies Podcast episode with Genndy.>>115086749The CG Clone Wars series didn't come about until a few years later. This is straight from Genndy's mouth himself.

>>115095596This post makes me think how interesting it would have been if they had a different game mode for each era. >Capture Point for the PT>Attack/Defense for the OT>Capture the Flag for the ST

>>115096791Would have resulted in stronger maps too I think

>>115074097I actually love that lightsaber

>>115082471Both of these are irredeemable trash

>>115095489Gendyfags are like Snyderfags in that they are thoroughly unpleasant people who worship a mediocre hack with religious zeal. Whether it's insisting that the "Snyder Cut" would've been "Kee No" or insisting that Samurai Jack in space was anything but mediocre.

>>115081417It's a straight-up slaughter. I kind of want a quasi-slasher movie with Vader tracking down some rebel group.

>>115096589And I'm taking this from Genndy's own words as CG Clone Wars went into early development right when Revenge of the Sith was finishing up in 2005. Filoni got the call before the movie even came out to interview for the job and thought he was getting pranked by some of his Nick coworkers and even after learning it was legit, thought it would be nothing more then a cool story to tell while waiting in line for the

I am convinced that Ahsoka and Anakin talking about their feelings would've prevented Anakin's fallAU when

>>115081417Just so horrifyingly casual, like a man hacking through underbrush with a machete on a jungle trek>Ashley just dumped on Ahsoka's tube topcoomers btfo

Attached: big.jpg (6670x6900, 1.45M)

>>115098142What did she mean by this?

Attached: Screenshot from 2020-05-19 21-27-20.png (1920x1080, 813.42K)

>>115098011>But I knew 'Star Wars' could be my life for the next 20 years and I didn't want to do that."Based Genndy really is the anti-Filoni.>They didn't own it and they just tried to sweep it under the carpet."Interesting. I guess this does mean that Disney/Lucasfilm don't fully own his Clone Wars series, most likely CN owns most of the rights, which is why it's not available anywhere.

>>115095642I do like when they bust out sassy Vader. He had a few good moments in the OT, I always get irritated when people think he's supposed to be a solemn edgelord all the time. Vader's best when he's being a douche and he knows that nobody in the room can do anything about it.

>>115097946I don't know about Snyder but preteinding that Genndy is garbage is just being a contrarian while ignoring all of his achievements. Don't let a 50 years old russian jew live in your head like this.Also getting called "higly praised hit cartoon in space" is a compliment. Genndy made toy ads so good that it's being compared to one of the best cartoons ever made. You're just gonna have to live with it and learn to cope.

>>115098269Vaginas aren't as lewd as boobers, apparently

>>115098269Realmente es cierto eso de que un buen porcentaje de Holla Forums es hispanohablante.

Attached: 1588533665014.jpg (653x655, 44.75K)

>>115098372He's not wrong about the religious zeal part, though

>>115098517A la grande le puse Cuca

>>115098271Would you choose to have Genndy managing Star Wars TV for the rest of his life if it meant saving the franchise?

Attached: DzqBD7B.jpg (453x405, 30.22K)

>>115098689Honestly? No. I'd rather Genndy keep making original things. If he'd done it then we'd never have gotten Sym-Bionic Titan, Primal, the Hotel movies Samurai Jack season 5 his newly re-announced Popeye movie etc. Star Wars died so that a true artist could thrive.

>>115077947Dude, come on, that shit's fun to watch. It's not just generic throwing sabers on sabers. Dooku's actual duelist stance and how he takes them out is great.

>>115081592He's scary BECAUSE he's going up against bad odds and coming out with a killstreak. The nigga is a walking mechanical monster. How do you not think he's cool? He was a little bitch in clone wars and it hurt to watch.

>>115089179>spends the last 10 issues just blubbering about

>>115077401Watching this then seeing episode 3 in theaters just to watch grievous go out like a bitch

Attached: EXiWL1xUwAAt2I0.jpg (672x900, 39.75K)

I love Star Wars. Don't really understand why.Its the only franchise I'm truly passionate about. The only one I'd be willing to read supplementary books for, that's for sure. But at the end of the day I really can't put my finger on what it is that strikes me so well about this series

Attached: star-wars-the-last-jedi-luke-skywalker.jpg (667x412, 37.18K)

>>115099314Is this official? I'm not seeing a signature

>>115099091Your post is not praising his holiness genndy sama. It is not worth reading.

>>115073990>>115074097Clone Wars (both) is based af. Rebels and sequel trilogy is utter garbage. Facts

>>115087435if that's beefy then im fucking jacked

>>115099394checks out.

Attached: sheev.jpg (880x880, 71.88K)

>>115099147Clone Wars 2008 would have been much more enjoyable if they stuck to the original characterizations of Grievous, Dooku and Ventress.

>>115099495Bruh if you are that toned you could take anybody on this board in a flight

>>115099495post jaw, biceps and dick

>>115099548>>115099534taking this pic felt cringe but oki dont have skulliosis im just leaning

Attached: a.jpg (450x640, 85.46K)

Think he could have been good in Rebels if they did bring him back like they had planned to?

Attached: ADE809B9-2DE7-4BD7-82A9-4B8EC3570C52.jpg (1000x941, 88.41K)

>>115099853>like they had planned toThe good things we could've had...

>>115099825I'd suck your dickNice octopus

>>115099853I fucking love fanart styled like the 2003 show.

Attached: knights_of_the_old_republic_by_chad73_d7ans93-fullview.jpg (400x734, 72.63K)

>>115099907filoni was wise and knew how much he'd be nerfed if he was brought in, just look at how people feel about thrawn

>>115099321If you got into Star Wars as a kid, it'll likely stay as a reminder of childhood to you.Also, it's a sci-fi fantasy universe with an emphasis on adventure. The stories can be serious, but it's always optimistic, like you know that the good guys will make it through even after a long struggle. There's always some element of fun to everything, sometimes in the fights, but especially with how characters interact with everything around them.

>>115098269What about THIS?!>>115086682

>>115093102This is The Dark Knight Rises tier

Attached: 1588717593064.gif (360x202, 1.56M)

>>115099853Ehhhhhh maybeThey would have needed to change his entire character

>>115100063Never read the thrawn books or watched rebels, but I get recommendations of videos like "that time thrawn defeated ALL of the confederacy while jerking off" or "that time thrawn nearly conquered the universe with three poaddleboats and his galaxy brain intelect".Makes him sound like author wankery

>>115100171like a constant porno, luke

>>115100063FIloni wanted to make Durge a h*man. So some things are better left out of his grasp.

>>115100278Its fan wankery obsessing over his achievements. Its been a decade and a half since I read the Heir to the Empire trilogy, but he's never really portrayed as "WOAAAAH HERE COMES THRAWN HES SO COOL" but rather, Thrawn is Thrawn and he just so happens to be cool

>>115092211It looks like they're fighting with baseball bats.

you guys excited?

Attached: StarWarsAdventuresCloneWarsIssue1Cover.jpg (1280x1968, 387.04K)

>>115100278i mean there's probably like 5% of a story there, but that's definitely just how those youtubers are. you see it with vader, palpatine, luke, and pretty much any clone to ever exist.

>>115093102This one scene perfectly encapsulates the entire movie. You watch it the first time and think, huh, that's pretty neat, and when you watch it again you realise how terrible the entire thing is.

>>115100171You whil never catch a glimpse under her skirt right before she cuts your frikkin head off

Attached: sadtrooper.jpg (225x225, 7.26K)

>>115100313That was only due to technological limitations. Human Durge didn't make it past the concept art stage because they decided if they couldn't do Durge right then they shouldn't do it at all. His role was filled in by Cad Bane.

>>115100359i mean, yeah? what did you expect? they were barely trained at all

>>115099091The animation is garbage. Nothing has any weight behind it.

>>115095642Plus the hip swing when he sees krennic

>>115100502I feel like your throwing around buzzwords for criticism you don't understand. I'm going to be a little silly and say that animation doesn't need 'weight' behind it to be fun or interesting to watch. If the fight is still well choreographed and has cool sequences, then it's still good in my opinion. This fight in question has FLAVOR, user. It's the most important part.>Anakin saves Obi-Wan from falling with a gentle force pull>Obi-Wan sees Anakin get distracted and tries to capitlize with a surprise attack>Count Dooku's one handed fighting style is not only unique, but shown well, and a lot of it looks like actual fencing moves>In contrast, Anakin as the ferocious and excitable 'chosen one' is aggressive>Obi-Wan, the master of defense, spends most of his time in the fight blocking attacks and supporting Anakin>That cool ass move where Obi literally jumps off Anakin mid-move to lunge at DookuIt's also a great way of showing just how skilled Dooku is.

Is there a Holla Forums archive somewhere like 4plebs or warosu?


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>>115100597>dooku being a cheeky motherfucker almost cut his other arm off


>>115100063redpill me on thrawn?

>>115100731just like a general overview or in rebels?

>>115100751I don't know who he is or what the reception to Thrawn is

>>115100713>includes the gay boardsThanks for the link.

>>115100597>animation doesn't need 'weight' behind itSo what you're saying is you have no idea what you're talking about? Animation, especially fight animation, needs weight behind it in order to give impact. Everything in the fight has the same floaty weight behind it which means nothing has any impact visually.All of the TOTES MEGA COOL moments you mention are meaningless because they're all completely flat both in terms of the animation and the bland direction. If a few flips is all it takes to impress you then I'm not surprised you enjoy it but if you know anything about animation or direction you can see plain as day how horrible it is.

>>115100795he was an EU character from before the prequels who was the main villain of a book trilogy that's a direct sequel to the OT and features all the heroes from it. he was an imperial admiral who was super tactical and strategic in how he went about defeating his opponents, to the point that he'd research their cultures to understand their motivations and tactics. he garnered a lot of respect from the community and because it's star wars he inevitably got circlejerked to hell. He was decanonized along with the rest of the EU when disney came along but was reintroduced for a new book trilogy and the rebels tv show (both take place before a new hope, his original stories have yet to be adapted but he shares the same basic background.) i myself haven't read the new books about him but they're regarded as some of the best books in disney-canon. in rebels he retained his basic personality but failed much more often because it was a kid show and he was the saturday morning cartoon villain.

>>115100966That's a lot of words used to say nothing. Do people irl pretend to be interested when you parrot terms from a calart student's youtube essay?

>>115100966there's more to a fight scene than just weight dumbass. it's a good fight because we know these characters and the way they fight shows us how they think and act without having to say it aloud.

>>115100985>he inevitably got circlejerked to hell.maybe it is because this wankery was my first exposition to him, but I just can't like the guy. I usually enjoy analytical characters that act respectful towards oponents, but people just make him sound like an anime supergenius

>>115101366i think it would probably be best to just see him for yourself then. online discussions are never really gonna give you an accurate depiction of a character. like, can you imagine only knowing ahsoka from Holla Forums?

>>115101450>can you imagine only knowing ahsoka from Holla Forums?sounds like an interesting experiment. Although all the mentions to her orange buttcheeks would lead me to expect a nude scene

>>115101512well, since she's never going to die under filoni's watch we have infinite chances in the future to see the prophecy come true

>>115100985thank you for the information user : ) i've been trying to get into more star wars stuff outside the initial films and this sounds perfect

>>115100966>So what you're saying is you have no idea what you're talking about?man you watched one twenty minute mini youtube lecture video about animation and suddenly your an expert, fuck off. I watched it and I enjoyed it so that alone negates whatever the fuck your trying to peddle

>>115101566Filoni is not that based right?

>>115101653If Filoni was truly based he'd write a post-sequel trilogy show where boomer Ahsoka kills Rey for burying Anakin's saber in =sand=

>>115101228What an excellent retort. Sorry I tried to try and trick a clear animation aficionado such as yourself. >>115101282It's an animated fight, the animation quality is the most important thing. But even besides that the choreography is completely nonsensical. There's a ton of times during the fight where someone is just standing there doing nothing because it's hard to choreograph multiple people vs one.>>115101652You literally said>animation doesn't need 'weight' behind itwhich shows you have no idea what you're fucking talking about. I enjoy hentai but that doesn't make it well animated you fucking moron. Something hitting you right in da feelz doesn't negate how poorly it's made.Holy shit you Filonifags have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. All of you combined can't come up with a single actual defense for how well it's supposedly animated besides >b-but I like is so thereNo wonder you love his kiddy as shit series.


Attached: Vibrations_028c9b_7723188.jpg (1200x1801, 334.23K)

>>115099394t. patrician

I liked this fight.

Attached: obiwanvsmaul&savage.webm (1024x436, 2.78M)

>>115075132Haven’t seen you in a while, Shit Wars

>Where’s more High Republic content? I want High Republic content!You’ll get nothing and like it!

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>>115102086He’s just quoting Marky Mark haja

>To tell you the truth Luke your father was a dick. Always defying orders, always putting our lives in danger. Hell he even tried to have sex with his apprentice a few times. But when he got caught he acted like we were crazy. I would have been fine, had he not done the same thing with your mom. That’s right, he got married behind the Jedi council’s back, and thought we were stupid enough to not notice it. Every time I would try to bring it up he would call me a “fag” and throw a tantrum. Then he started going crazy after a few bad dreams, killed Dooku—which I’m pretty sure is a war crine—killed Mace Windu, and even some fucking kids. When his wife and I try to talk him down, he goes crazy and chokes her out, like a fuckin lunatic. I kept trying to talk to him but he started babbling slogans at me.>So I let him have it. 13 years of pent up rage and frustration, 13 years of dealing with backtalk from a kid you rescued from slavery. I went all out. I told him it was the high ground, but from a certain point of view that was bullshit. I just wanted to cut his limbs and watch him writhe in pain, to suffer like I suffered while dealing with his bullshit for 13 years. I even told him I loved him like a brother to add salt to his burning wounds.>Go on, ask me if I regret it. I don’t.>Anyway, after that I left, and he became a cyborg mass murderer. He was a piece of shit then, and a piece of shit now.>And he was a good friend.

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>>115102038you're an internet anonymous with a armed with introductory knowledge on a topic, high on his own farts and hell bent on being right about hating thing X. You literally cannot be beaten in an internet argument.I will admit that I don't think TCW has perfect animation, or writing, for that matter. However I don't think it is the worst thing to ever disgrace the star wars franchise. You're welcome to explan to me how that's wrong though.

For me one of the best is Sheev vs The Maul Brothers

>>115102537I think it sucks because I am poopoopeepeepee caca hajahahha

It's not the best by a long shot, but it's a very cool moment. Whether Maul got sloppier or Obi-Wan's just been holding back all along, it's just really satisfying that it was such a blow out.

>>115102573Very mature of you to recognize it

>>115102615I’m a different user! I troll u!!!


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>>115102537Feel free to point out where I said it's the worst thing to ever disgrace the star wars franchise. You wanna know the real kicker? I actually don't mind the Filoni series for what it is. But from an objective standpoint it's a poorly made extremely kiddy series that it's fanboys have deluded themselves into thinking is a masterpiece, not just of animation, but of television and storytelling in general.

>>115102776Ya wouldn’t say that if ya hadn’t seen the last season!

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>>115102776>But from an objective standpoint it's a poorly made extremely kiddy series that it's fanboys have deluded themselves into thinking is a masterpiece, not just of animation, but of television and storytelling in general.the funny thing is I've seen people say this about almost any iteration of star wars.It seems I agree that filoniwars is not perfect and you agree it's not the worst, so where does that leave us? I'm a faggot fanboy who knows nothing and likes kiddie shit and you're a faggot fanboy who knows a bare minimum and likes the taste of genndy's cum so do I btw?

Reminder that I was right about Episode IX all along.

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>>115078550Good god that looks so bad when you see it like this.

>>115101619if that's your goal, definitely start with the clone wars as the narratives it sets up connect to pretty much every other part of disney canon

>>115102175I love how he kept on kicking Savage's knee then cut his arm off. So good.

Both Clone Wars series are good

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>>115082057>be 10>go to local arcade>see someone playing on the X-Men game>"Neat I can finally play with someone" >he's playing Wolverine>go play another game


>>115085656>>Probably won't be a threat. The last apprentice he trained was the platoon "good friend" so I've been told. Should be fun.Based pasta continuity

>>11508565610/10 pasta

>>115102416August can't come soon enough

>>115098011The way it's told in this interview makes Lucas' actions sound significantly less dickish than how you made it sound

Everyone always makes fun of the gun saber and the spinning copter sabers, but I actually love stupid things like that.Why didn't more jedi make weird ass lightsabers? Did the old masters and council just shit on any youngling who did more than having a curved hilt? You know those younglings would try making all kinds of weird lightsabers.

>>115103272shak ti's apprentice had lightsaber tonfas in TFA, those were cool. But there are only so many ways in which you can configure a giant plasma torch without it looking silly or accidentally chopping your own arm off

Attached: shaak_ti.jpg (1280x720, 94.58K)

>>115103346Yeah, but you can trick out the hilt in all kinds of dumb ways without effecting the plasma torch part.Like being able to switch between it being a lightsaber and one of those energy whips.

>>115083655I like this idea, more or less. I kind of thought of like an Edo era for the galaxy might be interesting as well.>First order defeated>New republic takes control of the galaxy and ushers in an uneasy peace >Their power is tenuous and heavily reliant upon the unified powers of other galactic forces like the mandalorian and the huts >Fractured first order remnants causing trouble >Politicking between various factions vying to wrest power from the new republic >Retcon the vong into being suspicious foreigners from a different galaxy who bring mysterious tech and other problems to the galaxy, but aren't outright hostile>New force sensitive appearing in droves, all with vague ideas of Jedi and Sith but nobody has all the answers because Rey has no idea what it means to be a Jedi or desire to rebuild either orderI'm imagining some good wandering Ronin style films where there's lots of new Jedi who are neither fully good or evil. Perfect for standalone films.

>>115103534>>Retcon the vong into being suspicious foreigners from a different galaxy who bring mysterious tech and other problems to the galaxy, but aren't outright hostile10/10 idea right here

>>115102927Never said anyone that likes the series is a faggot, especially since like I said, I do actually like it as well. The only faggots here are the people saying it's a well animated series or is anything other than a fun kids show with tons of world building.

>>115103534and people say you can't redeem the sequels

>>115073990>Is this the best lightsaber fight? It sure feels like it might be.Possibly, but Maul using the middle of his saber to guard an attack undermines his character's supposed martial prowess. The technical skill of one of the fighters is not apparent in the fight, which is weird, given that they could've animated anything, whereas in a live-action fight scene, you have to shoot around the limitations of the actors. Emotionally, it's excellent, but it's technically poor.

>>115073990>Rebels>Best anything

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>>115103272I supose they wouldn't let kids do stupid shit like that purely for security reasons, specially if there's no master to teach them how to properly fight with it.By the way, Ventress had lightsaber nunchucks in Battlefront 2 my personal opinion a blaster-sabre isn't really interesting, and sabercopters are absurd because they make people fly, not because they spin. That part is cool.What I really want is fighters that can keep up with saber users without another saber. Be it energy tools, repulsor shields, maybe even giant robots, monstruous beings or using an unorthodox type of force powers. I want creativity. I don't want this franchise to shy away of the fantastical possibilities that come with having both a sort of magic and science fiction.

I'm trying to figure out the new chronological order of The Clone Wars.I assume-Ahsoka leaves the jedi order at the end of season five-Crystal Crisis goes at the start of season six-Son of Dathomir goes after The Disappeared (since Talzin is still alive in those episodes).-Ahsoka's walkabout would then go after that since Maul shows up during it.-Yoda's cosmic force quest.-The Bad Batch-The Siege of Mandalore

>>115103661>The only faggots here are the people saying it's a well animated seriesIt has highs and lows, like all tv animation. Pretending it is all bad all of the time is disingenuous.>is anything other than a fun kids show with tons of world buildingthat spells good star wars piece to me

>>115103778crystal crisis takes place after cosmic force quest because of the updated designs for anakin, obi-wan, and grievous. also, anakin departs from coruscant in ahsoka's walkabout doesn't go back til revenge of the sith

>>115103737I think the explanation that was given about how they were able to fly with those things is they were in a dark side hot spot which let them do it using the force.It's stupid, but it's not like they did it anywhere other than Malachor.But yes, I would too like to see more counters to lightsabers, or at least things that can deflect them. The electrostaffs were interesting to me because of that.

>>115103843I think that just puts the walkabout way too late in the time line. I know the Bad Batch comes after it, but I feel like there should be more buffer between it and the end.It's probably because it originally wasn't going to have Maul in it and Ahsoka would've been scouted by the mandos in a later arc, like the sith temple under the jedi temple with the giant monster fighting the zillo beast clone.

>>115103902consider that there the outer rim sieges were several months. ahsoka's walkabout is at the beginning and siege of mandalore is at the end. several things canonically happened in that time, including dark disciple, crystal crisis, the bounty hunter arc, and the disappearance of kix.

>>115103969So would you say Crystal Crisis goes before or after the walkabout?Son of Dathomir has to go before it.

>>115103702Honestly with just a few tweaks and reshoots you could probably turn them into something halfway decent. I'm curious to see if there's any truth to the rumors of a heavily edited Last Jedi cut coming to Disney + is true. Either way, I think Disney is going to give back to the old republic probably, which will be a serious bitch move if true. I want to see them try to keep things moving forward, I want to see what the next era of star wars looks like, what comes after the shitshow and widespread devastation brought on by Palpatine's master trolling.

>>115103849Actually they're saying that the sabercopters have some tech in them that make them fly. Kinda stupid of Boba to need that cumbersome jetpack when it could be that much smaller of but whatever. They felt it was so silly that they had to give an excuse, and that's kinda shamefull. Magnaguards are absolutely a top tier adition. Everything about their design is amazing. You see it and instantly think "holy fuck, a droid that doesn't die instantly against Jedi, it makes perfect sense!".I dinstinctively remember an enemy in Jedi Academy that was in some kind of work armor to protect him from acid rain or something like that, and he had some sort of power tool? My memory is fuzzy but I remember that I thought it was cool how they added an enemy that even modded lightsabers couldn't instakill. Big and clumsy but can deal and take some punishmet, it's great.

>>115083655It’s cool but it defeats the finality of the saga

>>115103534New New Republic you mean

>>115103534>khajiit Vong>Grey wandering Ronin JediBased

>>115104339I think the jetpack is needed for thrust.Speeders and ships and even pod racers are all hovering, but they all need some kind of propulsion to make them go. Usually some kind of jet.So the dumb logic is there's a replusor and they are using the force for thrust.Didn't mandos also have some kind of energy shield that can block lightsabers? Why didn't a jedi ever get a sword and shield combo going?And then there was the zillo beast having ORGANIC scales that lightsabers couldn't cut through. I wish they would've adapted whatever Sheev's cloning plan was for that into something.

>>115103346The Felucia levels were crazy in that game

So would it go:-Son of Dathomir-Walkabout-Crystal Crisis-Bad Batch-Siege of Mandalore?

>>115083655>>115104381I like the idea of multiple factions vying for control of the galaxy, though. Maybe the FO remnant is a more secular version that hates the Sith and the Jedi alike

>tfw no Joruus C'Boath story where Joruus is a 70sesque Force cult leader ala Jim Jones

>>115103711He wasn't using it to guard an attack, he was trying to bash Obi-Wan's face with it. It's exactly the move Maul used to kill Qui-Gon, back in Episode 1. Obi-Wan baited Maul into trying to kill him the same way as Qui-Gon by deliberately switching to Qui-Gon's style, then countered the move.It's part of what makes the scene so cool.

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>>115104435>Didn't mandos also have some kind of energy shield that can block lightsabers?Don't know about mandos but Durge did have them (it's legends though).There's also cortosis that fucks up lightsabers, but like those organic scales, they require some level of lore knowledge and it's not very intuitive for someone without that kind of powerlevel. So either you deliver heavy exposition, or you have anyone not nerdy enough feeling stupid and confused. Also making someone immune to lightsabers means you are gonna have to give them a weakness of sorts anyways. It can work but in my eyes it kinda defeats the purpose of having a balanced fight.

Attached: durge shields.gif (320x180, 1.18M)

>>115104667Damn, makes me appreciate the scene a whole lot more. Different user btw

>>115104703It still would've been cool to see someone with a lightsaber and an energy shield.They have to weigh only as much as their emitters, so the combat style would be totally different from solid sword and shield fighting.

>>115104578I always liked the idea that the remnant faction of the empire are a sort of run down and shitty guerilla version of the empire. Troopers in run down armor and sloppy repurposed rebel tech, maybe even relying more heavily on droids and the like to make up for flagging numbers. Naturally, this would mean only the most radical members, truly committed to the ideals of the order itself would continue to serve in these shitty conditions. The arrogance of its sith leaders has caused the downfall of the empire not once, but twice, so them coming to resent both Jedi and Sith makes sense.

>>115074097No, no, this is not a bad take at all. I fucking hate the ST but THIS fight is fantastic. JJ did a lot of shit wrong but he knows how to complete character arcs and this fight manages to culminate Rey's arc and also Finn's, especially Finn's.>Finn spends the entire movie frightened and wanting to run away>wants nothing to do with the Resistance, just wants to fuck off>talks to Maz about securing passage to the Outer Rim>comes to care for Rey as a friend and companion>still doesn't believe in a higher cause>goes to Starkiller with Han just to save Rey>Han gets killed>Finn gets inspired>Kylo tracks them down and knocks out Rey>Finn decides he's finally tired of running>KNOWS he can't beat Kylo>is willing to go down fighting anyway>"Come get it!"The ST did Finn dirty. He had the makings of a fantastic character and they fucked him over badly. No wonder Boyega is still so bitter.

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A beautiful sight indeed boys.

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-16_145240.jpg (1280x800, 232.69K)

>>115104755I maintain that Awakening is okay if only because it being a retread of A New Hope is kind of okay because it was a necessary step to bring Star Wars back into the cultural zeitgeist. It's kind of a shame the sequel fucked everything so hard.

>>115100191that guy who just falls down will never not make me laugh

>>115104667Except this gif skips the part where Maul parries Qui to break his guard, wich allows Maul to get a clean hit in his opponent's face with his hilt, before killing him. It's important to understand that Maul cached Qui's lightsaber, and with a swift second rise of his hilt stunned Qui-Gon.He didn't do the parry against Obi.

>>115104749Badass idea. We’re getting a little bit of that in The Mandalorian, but it’d be great if we got more of it.


>>115087045I watched the Genndy series before seeing episode III as a kid, and also watched CW when it came out until its conclusion a few weeks ago. I don't know why it's always made out to be a contest.


>>115104309i highly doubt it, would probably mess with canon too much and it sounded like the people involved are done with sw after tros

>>115104506sounds like it, but i can't think of anything forcing bad batch to specifically take place after crystal crisis

>>115076118I'm still annoyed this happened.

>>115099853Imagine if they brought him in and called him Darth Icky.

>>115104667I get that. It's emotionally relevant, but a dumb move in both situations. If the plot didn't necessitate Quigon's death, there's no reason that move shouldn't result in Maul's death, since the blade will always cut through the body of the saber. It's still the best fight due to emotional and narrative heft, but it's technically poor. Admittedly, there aren't really any good Star Wars duels from a skill standpoint.

>>115104740Really, there's not reason why the light saber didn't evolve in a weapon system concurrent with a shield. I can't fathom why they didn't try to make armor. I mean, I get that they didn't because no one doing the writing thought about the Jedi weapons systematically, but still.

>>115106874I guess it's because lightsabers and jedi were originally influenced by samurai movies, plus the fact that they cut through anything means that shields don't really work too well. Canonically I think it's because anti-lightsaber armaments are expensive to produce, and would only really be useful when you go up against jedi.

>>115103809Filoninigger COPEFILONINIGGER COPE

>>115103272I think gun sabers are cool.

>>115103346Ahh TFAThe second hottest version of Shaak Ti.Gendywars is the first

>>115107552I meant the TFU


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>>115106874Jedi aren't warlike so they wouldn't have much in the way of weapons innovation.

>>115104381The saga ≠ The entire continuity

>>115104749>>115105038That's pretty much exactly what the canon is doing. Read Alphabet SquadronBasically everybody still sticking around after Cynder is a complete radical

>>115083655>>115103534just create a new jedi order about luke and never reach ST timeline and "ideas"

>>115104740>>115106874>tfw no jedi and shield game

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Genndy and Tartakowsky are masters of their craft and you are all retarded.

>>115109164Did you mean Filoni AND Tartakovsky?Genndy Tartakovsky is one single person.

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>tfw no togruta bf

>>115108965>I didn't like the sequels so never ever expand on them or even try to go past themThat's closed minded and stupid

>>115083655>Post your idea for the follow-up to the Sequel Eranice try, mouseshill

>>115109521Take your schitzo-retard meds

>>115089176>>115103049post that pasta I wanna screencap it

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>>115103346>>115104444Shame Felucia didn't make it into the sequels, with modern visual effects it'd look amazing.

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>>115087217bet they wouldn't say that if I told them I don't believe in anything they published post-RotJ>>115094996desu Y4 was a pretty big deal in the old EU, what with the whole Exar Coon and Luke's Academy things

>>115073990No, this

>>115073990K*no moment ruined by needing to shoe horn ezra into the episode

>>115109928>bet they wouldn't say that if I told them I don't believe in anything they published post-RotJWhy not?

>>115104506Is that official? I know the placement of some arcs in the timeline were shifted from where they were originally intended to be because of the show's cancellation, like Bad Batch being moved forward to the Outer Rim Sieges.Son of Dathomir was actually the last arc they did any design work on before production was shut down around March 2013. Sources say it was made for the 7th season, possibly the finale.

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>>115104506Don't forget Dark Disciple

Do new comics start coming out again today?

>>115110301I thought so but I haven't heard anything about which ones so I'm speculative

>>115110099Trivia slide on established Walkabout's placement before Bad Batch.

Attached: TCW Walkabout before Bad Batch.png (988x629, 625.38K)

>>115110608I suspected as much. I think had Season 6 been completed and not just the Lost Missions it would've had the Crystal Crisis and Walkabout arcs as well. I think the Boba arc would've been pushed back to S7 because that was a trend with previous seasons. The Clovis banking arc was moved from season 5 to season 6 because of the Youngling arc, which was actually made as a pilot for a spinoff show that Lucas dropped, so they integrated it back into Clone Wars. I remember them showing the Clovis stuff in the season 5 trailer too before it got cut.

Attached: 1574488380701.png (736x818, 537.79K)

>>115110608that does make it weird that Ahsoka and Bo-Katan sat on the info that Maul was on Mandalore for i guess the entirety of the outer rim siegeswhatever, it's a tv show time isn't real

>>115110994Why is she so hot

>>115111510Having Bad Batch take place during the sieges was an unnecessary change, I think the only reason they did it was so they could justify Anakin calling Padme so she would be a part of the final season, but sieges or not I don't see why Anakin wouldn't call Padme on a regular basis when he's off fighting anyway, seems like something he would do often.But based on what we know of the shows original final season that George Lucas and Clone Wars writers room had planned out, it looked like they were going to actually avoid the Outer Rim Sieges for the most part. The proposed Mon Cala arc for Season 8 had Padme going to meet the Quarren with Anakin, and that arc was just before the Siege of Mandalore one. And originally, the last time Ahsoka saw Anakin before Siege of Mandalore was on Coruscant during the Sith Shrine arc which must've also been before the sieges. So either way Ahsoka was working with Bo-Katan or doing something for a long time before contacting Anakin and Obi-Wan near the end of the war.

Attached: a7f6cc98814e882dcdba0fc2b12cd599.jpg (1536x1152, 683.23K)

>>115105190All we know about Bad Batch is that it is after the walkabout and before Mandalore.I'm just trying to figure out the ordering for my own personal viewing order.>>115110099With the rearrangement, SoD now has to take place before the walkabout since Maul appears in it back in control of the pykes.>>115110169I haven't read that, but I assume the first half of it happens before SoD and the second half happens after SoD.I really wish it would've been a comic instead of a novel.

>>115112462A comic wouldn't have done it justice

>>115112510I just want some sort of visual.Son of Dathomir got a comic, and while there is debate about the artwork quality, at least that was enough for someone to give it a musical score, sound effects, and voice work (I recently found a dubbing of the comic I really like).

>>115104703>Also making someone immune to lightsabers means you are gonna have to give them a weakness of sorts anyways. It can work but in my eyes it kinda defeats the purpose of having a balanced fight.What if the character uses cortosis to make an unbalanced fight balanced?

Attached: Draay duels Carrick..jpg (1079x1200, 769.32K)

>>115112462Oh yeah, I guess it has to now because of his cameo in the Pyke episode. Kind of a shame they didn't just leave it chronologically ambiguous, jeopardizes the chances of the other unproduced arcs being canon but I guess Filoni wanted it to feel like there was a bit of a through line with the final season. Also yes, Dark Disciple is made up of two separate Ventress arcs pushed together, so Dark Disciple part 1 would've aired in season 7 followed by Son of Dathomir and Dark Disciple part 2 would've aired in season 8. Quinlan Vos was planned to appear in SoD but got cut from the comic so not to confuse readers who hadn't read DD.>>115112561The comic was published under Dark Horse and while it didn't have the best art, I think it's above the standard Marvel Star Wars quality, which bar a handful of decent artists that don't trace everything, is pretty poor and nowhere near the levels of Dark Horse's standard quality.Even some of their bigger titles have pretty awful art, like the Rise of Kylo Ren miniseries. Kanan on the other hand was pretty good and similar to SoD actually told an important story instead of just fillery stuff.

Attached: 3971135.jpg (1838x1920, 722.16K)

>>115112724And you see now why I'm trying to figure out the new chronology since things changed.

Was it a war crime?

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>>115113385Maybe, but the Geonosians might've already been reanimated by the Brain Worms so it's not really murder.

>>115110608So Bo & Ahsoka wasted MONTHS justs makes some attack Maul just before Coruscant? Makes Ahsoka's betty argument with Obiwan even MORE autistic.

>>115109899 Felucia was a model thou.

>>115113621It was in the prequels but if they did it now they'd probably use full CGI. The prequel miniature work is amazing though, it's a shame the modern movies have abandoned it completely.

Attached: 1506384180941.jpg (1799x1536, 496.38K)

>>115113736It blew my mind when I found out that the prequels used models. There was a lot that I thought was CGI for sure until I saw a photo of the model.

>>115078550>NEVER!pure kino, everytime

>>115113385it was kino

>>115114175They talk about it in a few BTS videos, how they didn't have the time, money, RAM or storage capacity to do everything in CGI, and how it was faster to use those Naboo chrome ships were practical for a lot of the

>>115113385They look so cool

>>115078550TESB's duel is stronger in just about every way. Marquand just wasn't up for it.

>>115078550Nope. This is easily the best one

>>115102038The way you type makes me cringe nigga you need to stop caring so hard about what other people enjoy

>>115104755>finn wasn't the main characterfuck disney

>>115081863For real though. Anakin totally designed those dumb things and made them standard issue for inquisitors. They’re retarded but mechanically tricked out by lightsaber standards. Couldn’t have been Sheev. He didn’t even really like using lightsabers.

>>115118555I can't remember if this is true but it might be because they're lacking when it comes to lightsaber skill so they have the spinning function to give them an advantage. Plus Vader and Sheev don't want them getting too powerful so better to give them a flashy toy than intense training.

Attached: 1583381879375.jpg (1529x1200, 715.18K)

Gave it a shot last night, bros.>Part 1 up until the invasion of Mandalore, then began RotS. >RotS Intro to Anakin talking to Padme about his dream.>Invasion of Mandalore into Part 2 up to getting out of the sewer. >Anakin being put on the Council up to Obi-Wan saying goodbye to Anakin>Ahsoka talking to holo-Obi-Wan through the end of Part 2>Obi-Wan lands on Utapua up to him chasing Greivous.>Beginning of Part 3 up to Rex telling Ahsoka about the Council briefing>Movie Briefing rolling into TCW briefing after Anakin departs>Palaptine reveals he is a Sith Lord, Anakin shares that with Mace.>Bo-Katan brings Maul to Ahsoka and says goodbye>Anakin and Padme stare at one another, Anakin goes to help Mace>Ahsoka and Rex go to the bridge and have a brief exchange after jumping to light speed Rex leaves to receive the latest briefing.>Anakin gets to the Senate building and intervenes>Ahsoka feels all of this through the Force>Sheev sends Anakin to attack the temple>While Anakin is away, Sheev targets his Master and Padawan first with Order 66>Ahsoka is able to get away though the roof.>Jedi fall across the galaxy and at the temple up to Anakin going to check on Padme. >Before Bail Organa leaves to secure Jedi survivors, Ahsoka is able to identify the clone chip.>After Bail receives Yoda and Obi-Wan, Ahsoka separates Rex and performs the surgery on him. The focus remains on them and Maul fleeing their Venator interspersed with the Tantive IV approaching Coruscant, Obi-Wan and Yoda fighting into the Jedi Temple, and is parenthesized after Rex and Ahsoka are able to escape in the Y-wing with Obi-Wan confirming that he has reprogrammed the warning to Jedi survivors.>This leads into the bulk of the remainder of RotS.>Following NOOOOOOO and the death of Padme, we return to Rex and Ahsoka and see that they have buried the clones.>That is followed up with the finale starting with Bail taking Leia to Alderaan, into the finale.>The Vader scene is post-credit.


>>115118666Fantastic Sheev trips.

>>115113385I'm really starting to hate the war crimes meme. But i understand why people bring it up tho.

>>115113586They did say that had been tracking him for months.Maybe he never stayed in one place long enough for them to make a move until Maul set up his trap on Mandalore.

>>115078550>Anakin attacking Luke up the stairs>still disrespecting the high ground