Can someone who speaks BR tell me what is going on with Any Malu...

Can someone who speaks BR tell me what is going on with Any Malu? It looks like she's getting her own show on CN Brazil but I just don't actually know because I can't understand the language.Also it would be neat to have an Any Malu thread on Holla Forums.

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Other urls found in this thread: Malu Show'veário-Any-Malu-Portuguese-ebook/dp/B075X4D48M/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=any malu&qid=1590010897&sr=8-6

>>115072099From 2nd to 6th, new episode every day.

I'm surprised major corporations in haven't latched onto making more fictional younger brother and his friends all talk about IRL vloggers, and even weird fictional ones like Kizuna AI

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>>115072211Any Malu is like the first evercertainly the most interesting

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>>115072099I can only imagine how they would change her it this is aired in the US.

>>115072211Disney XD has a live-action Let's Play show.I'm sure CN and Nick have their own Let's Play/Vlog pandering stuff that I've never heard of

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>>115072250Please tell me where I can watch the whole thing, she looks cute

>>115072317It's on YoutubeIn Portuguese

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>>115072360I can speak Italian so I guess that'll do. Thanks.

>>115072099The crackwhore bags under the eyes and the pig nose are ridiculously offputting.

>>115072099They already had a few episodes up. They are in spanish if that makes it any easier.

>>115072360>3Post the rest

>>115072389Pretty sure she's supposed to be a baboon or something, not just human>>115072414

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>>115072421Thanks, if you got more; drop it

>>1150724142 is too big for Holla Forums but here's the loop from it

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>>115072211Honestly I find fictional floggers more palatable than real ones. At least fictional has no pretense that they are real people.

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>>115072444>those digitsYou sir are paragon among men

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>> is like a talk show with other cantoons.

>>115072211Fictional western ones just come off as souless corporate unatainable staceys. Might as well just simp on a real life bimbo streamer. Japanese ones will always have that 'attainable' cute endearing purity.

>>115072486Where do I go to pay people to subtitle all the Any Malu episodes that don't have english subsI'll fucken do it

>>115072211I'm honesty surprised too. but you'd think Gorillaz would've inspired a lot of "fictional bands" to happen.....yet here we are.

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>>115072486It seems all CN channels over the world produce better content than the original US one. >>115072510If you know a BR artist then ask them to traduce it for you, chances are they'll draw porn too.

>>115072529>If you know a BR artistI don't knowAlso there's hours of episodes to go through at this point

>>115072510I can do it, just send me a message:Squidwardo#0557 or [email protected]

>>115072099the fact that this exists just proves that CNLA cares way more than united states CN

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>>115072566Well it seems you got one, good luck anonIf you get them translated, share the subs!

This is the Youtube


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>>115072486Seems pretty bad that they have to rely in the current CN lineup.

>>115072099So, with the new leadership at CN US... When are we gonna get good shows?

>>115072720i guess they are working with what they got

>>115072099fix that nose pig girl

>>115072748You sir have no taste

>>115072595I'll revisit this but tonight is not a good night for me to organize this sort of thingGive me a few days to get organized and see what actually needs to be done. There are a lot of episodes with official BR subs where the autotranslated English subs are fine. There are also episodes that already have official English subs. The episodes that need care are ones without anything at all.

>>115072250>>115072360>>115072421>>115072444It's so nicely animated. What was he thinking with the gorilla tumblr nose

>>115072250It's shit

>>115072770The nose is part of her charm

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>>115072760Very well lemme know when you are ready.

>>115072360art style looks interesting and digging the shading. You don't get that kind of shading in cartoons very often.

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>>115072891God, she's beautiful.

>>115072770I think she's literally a monkey

>>115072389>crackwhore bags under the eyesUgh, keep your masturbation fantasies to yourself bro

>>115072211>>115072250Any's videos are kinda different from jap fictional vloggers, also it suffered from recycling animations from the first 3 episodes and making boring content later on, and japan stomped it in quality a year later or so.I'm impressed its on tv past its youtube peak and before the trendier jap vloggers, but not complaining bc the animation itself isn't bad.

>>115072891don't know the reference but this is cool

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>>115072922There was definitely a peak Any Malu that is in the past unfortunately

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>>115072934beyonce or rhianna, i think

>>115072934Beyonce reference form one of here songs, i think it's called Formation or something.


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>>115072770I like it, noses are cute.

>>115072099Oh, isn't that the youtuber that Pan Pizza fell in love with?

I really wish there were English subs for this on youtube. The character is really cute.

>>115073508I mean, if it is, it's not hard to see why

That art in the OP is really good, holy shit.

>>115073508not saying she's bad but pan has really low standards

>>115072785i-is this show for kids?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't she speak some god awful BR equivalent of favela valley girl full of "oh em gee becky like, I was like "FML" and like, he was like LMAO @ ur life"?

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>>115072891That third one is exactly what that one topless chick did when she got rekt. Don't do it Any!

>>115072099Assim voce me mata~

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>>115073657yes, but she does that in a charming way.

>>115073294W-what is this face trying to convey?

>>115073591No kidding. I'm pretty sure he's still dating that literal prostitute, One-Eyed Sheep.

Where can you watch CN Brazil shows?

>>115074410On CN Brazil

>>115072360Most of the earlier videos have English subs, they stopped bothering to do it after the 2016 election (though I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not)

the style really really really resembles a BR rule 34 artists' style

>>115073647This is what a brazillian kids show looks

>>115074650Anyone could just add captions to the videos, but nobody cares enough.

I think they were the only ones that aired that PPZ weebshit besides Japan

>>115074870They were definitely official back when it was regularly a thing, they were always there as soon as the video went up.Also, anyone can submit captions, but I think the channel still has to approve them to make them public... and if the channel is actively shutting out English speakers, well

>>115074926No, also CN Latinaamerica and some regions of Europe

>> example

>>115074787>those poor kids dancing without knowing the lyrics are about short cocksTbh the 90s are pretty wild in the brazilian television, including the kids shows. Remember Banheira do Gugu? It is a show that aired in prime-time with scenes like these:

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>>115074650>they stopped bothering to do it after the 2016 electionThat's it. I'm Ridin' With Biden™ now.

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>>115074278It's called fuck me eyes user.


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>>115072529>It seems all CN channels over the world produce better content than the original US one.At this point that seems to be a US tradition. See fast food industry.

>>115075155>Japanese McDonald's produce better food than gourmet restaurantsI wish I was born Asian, they get the best of the worse

>>115072099I like her from a design perspective but when they were still doing English subs, the videos were pretty boring besides she mentioning something topical

>>115072770>gorilla tumblr noseZOOOOOM ZOOOOM ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

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>>115075056Not only putaria but gore was also very popular in midday

>>115072785>>115073207>>115073647Yes, Brazilian kids

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>>115075054Even to gringos: she's singing with the kids a song with a double entendre about having vaginal sex.Yep.


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>>115072785Jucika who?

is getting dub into latam spanish too, saw her in an adbreak not long ago.

>>115075794What the actual fuck, I should watch tv more often.Tell me user, was her VA good or barely tolerable?

>>115075056This is equality I can get behind.

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>>115075547w-what did she say afterwards user?

>> Malu Show

>>115075806not him but i'm latino too so that's finei feel like her spanish voice fits her more than the portuguese one, as the spanish one sounds girlier and more autistic

>>115072250>>115072360Is this done by the same studio that made Super Drags?

>>115072785>>115072961>>115075523Why can't we have shit like this?

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>>115075523Whatching her in the show I'm confused, is she a witch or an alien?

>>115076028> no, she is cuter! Fuck I hope they post the rest too.>>115076087Because Americans are more worried about PC than actual quality content.

>>115076087Because old timey Brasil looked like this.

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>>115076087Your country hates sexy art

>>115076117>Because Americans are more worried about PC than actual quality content.You fags keep saying this but ironically you're the easiest to offend

>>115076183While old timey america looked like this.

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>>115076183No wonder they got colonized. Damn.>>115076195It didn't always.. It didn't always.

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>>115076205tbf, Puritans loved sex. They just had to be married. Also, it's a lot colder in the Northeast than Brazil.

>>115076219>It didn't always.. It didn't always.It sure used to be… We stood up for what was right. We fought for moral reason.

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>>115076258Lots of shotgun weddings too it you look at marriage and birth records

>>115075311>Expecting amerimutts to know about euro comicsanon, Holla Forums doesn't read comics, and americans don't read euro especially

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>>115076525This continent sucks hard sometimes but at least we have sexy art and cartoons

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>>115076598>CalArts vs Newgrounds


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>>115076598Why did they change her nose?

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>>115076328As a white man, I kinda wish I was born in the 30s. Perfect timing to not get drafted for any wars, and able to smack asses and catcall without all this sjw shit

>>115076525>>consuming Euro trash

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Huh, for once, tweenshit doesn't look like... shit. Why can non Americans make it work but then you get TTGo and it looks soulless?

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>>115076736it's still the same, that's just how it looks like from a different angle

>>115076955No, her nose is definitely bigger and even more pig like than before

>>115076729>american doesn't thinkchecks out

>>115076741Silent Generation went to Ko-rea

>>115076927Honestly not too bad of a jam. But I desperately want to fuck this cartoon character now. Is that the intended effect? Also lyrics translated when?

>>115072211kizuna is old news

>>115077053Eh so maybe I'd get some sweet Korean pussy

>>115072250>>115072360>>115072421>>115072444I don't hate it, but wtf are are those bags under her eyes?

>>115077157>>is that the intended effect?Yes

>>115072770>gorillaGorillas don't have prominent noses, theirs are basically holes embedded in their faces.

>>115076183That's too old timey. Brazil got BLACKED and BLEACHED so many times that the country just became pure horniness.

>>115077279lack of rest an sleep

P O R N W H E N ?


>>11507750976 images and nothing animated. For shame.

>>115072421>baboonBet she has some monkey ass feet.

>>115072512Why? Gorillaz is shit

>>115077665Nigga you gay


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Post more webms, Malu is way too sexy

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>>115076736Why am I so pig like?

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>>115077630Paheal is shit

>>115076114She is a "vampalien" princess who wants to be a pop singer

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>>115077157>Also lyrics translated when?turn on the english captions my guy

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Attached: 004 - Feb 7, 2020 - Premiação E Muitos Looks - Any Malu Backstage Cartoon Network-1.webm (960x540, 1.38M)

Attached: 004 - Feb 7, 2020 - Premiação E Muitos Looks - Any Malu Backstage Cartoon Network-3.webm (960x540, 835.67K)

Attached: 004 - Feb 7, 2020 - Premiação E Muitos Looks - Any Malu Backstage Cartoon Network-4.webm (960x540, 316.89K)

Attached: 015 - Apr 28, 2016 - 50 Tons De Rosa - Fatos Sobre Mim Parte1 [50 Shades Of Pink - Facts About Me Part 1]-1.webm (960x540, 1.09M)

Attached: baptize.webm (960x540, 801.45K)

There's a gag about ugly selfies that shows she's supposed to be a hyper-stylized baboon

Attached: 026 - Feb 21, 2017 - 50 TONS DE ROSA (PARTE 2) - FATOS SOBRE MIM!! [50 Shades of Pink (Parte 2) - Facts About Me!!].mp4_snapshot_05.18_[2020.03.28_23.50.10].jpg (1920x1080, 96.1K)

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>>115072360>slightly shifts posture >tits jiggle like she just jumped up and downSeems lazy

There's that Barbie vlog show. It's pretty fun.


What will it take to animate her dancing like this?

>>115079953Cute!porn when?

>>115080363you'll have to either pay an animator to do itor subtly try to get their attention organically by spreading any malu on the english-speaking internet like this thread

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>>115079787I can only imagine what else of hers is pierced.

>>115072619>the fact that this exists just proves that CNLA cares way more the problem is the lack of $uport from the corporative many shows are in hold because CNLA is kinda broken.Villains and Frankelda are one of

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>>115072099There's LA (latinamerican) dub, if its could help:

>>115080749Cute Any

>>115080760Well that sucks

>>115072710Funny how progressive feminists are the one who yell at beautiful girls like they are objects now. All it took was an orbiter on discord to give you that first drawing. Really bring bootlicking to a whole new level.

>>115076729>My argument is a picture they gave me on discord! THIS IS YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOUNpc gonna npc.

>>115072099That Tongue is doing a lot for me.


>>115072360>>115075523>>115076884the green one is clearly superior

>>115076199Can you prove otherwise? Your media seems more interested in revelling in violence but even a small crumb of sexuality and you retch. (nevermind that your live action shows are raunchier than ever)

>>115081509bro he just posted a meme pic relevant to the guy's post, it's not an argument you don't have to go on an autistic shitfit tangent about discord

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>>115076199>offendedSee? Americans are all about social look. Even cornered in front of your shit you can't say anything but "o well you have BAD EMOTIONS, I have GOOD emotions I am adequate and you lose!"



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>>115072512I'd rather have Murdoch burn me with cigarettes than get blown by Ace. Good riddance to that green nigga.

>>115072452Word. Lack of pretense is probably why I watch cartoons


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how about Holla Forums makes its own fictional vlogger? i'll start: character isn't trans or part of the LGBT community

>>115072099Yeah I can tell you're 100% american interested in a brazilian show for the value of it and definitely not posing as one just to draw attention to it. Go sit on a pike.

>>115074283No he's not, they had a bad break up sheepy kinda inplied it was because Pan only cared about her body.Now he's dating Neaka this chicano goth chick who works in a motel and is obsessed with rollercoasters/theme parks.

>>115076199You're factually wrong

>>115079984I thought she was a pale human who's skin look pink because she uses pink lights but that doesn't seem to be the lore anymore. I prefer to see her a dog human

>>115076598>obligatory "wanna /ss/" comment

>>115081960No dickgirls? Not 4chan enough.

It is beyond me why is only the first few episodes translated. The guy doesn't want money or something?

>>115079984So what does her ass look like?

Seems cute and nicely animated.

>>115082275Maybe the higher ups noticed that the show is to sexy to be popular in the US, karens would be to mad saying the CN is for spics and that they want their kids to have sex or some crazy stupid shit like that.

>>115072099does she have a cute white male bf?

>>115082275probably gave up translating because anglophones were not watching it anyway

>>115082454yeah, me

>>115072099well that cleavage will definitely be gone as will the jiggle unless the show is not supposed to ever leave brazil

>>115082511I rather learn Portuguese.

>>115082478English is the common language of the internet. I'm not from a native English speaker country either. You can expect almost anyone who uses the internet to know English. When you don't translate they don't just lose one or two countries but pretty much all outside of the original language.

>>115076087>Get this show>females bitch exploits females>males bitch it glorifies thotsYour time of having nice things is over. Accept it.

>>115076525Kinda hard to read shit in languages you don't understand.

>>115076087because your second biggest political party is full of pedo weirdos who think cutting of a kids balls and dick is fine but drawing a woman with big boobs is the worst thing in the world.unless the american left does some serious soul searching things will get only worse.

>>115079830What a lame way of clapping.

post more webms or riot

>>115082949>he things the dnc is a leftist party

Post the one where she turns the pink light off

>>115079984Great now I want to ship her with Jaimico.

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i hate Holla Forums, you made me into such a coomer i masturbate to SFW webms now

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>>115083115You did it to yourself you fucking monkey.

>>115072785>Those animationsIt's Wakfu all over again gents.

>>115072770She's a Brazilian.

Only brazilians could sexualize a monkey this much.

>>115075547>a Cartoon Network character acknowledges the idea of "sending nudes"Why is this allowed? How am I going to explain this to my 5-year-old daughter?

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>>115083637She's going to be sending them anyway so at least that's a good excuse for talking about it.

>>115083637I assumed it was an edit?

So.Does she give good head or what?

>>115072099This character is way too sexy.

>>115072360Those are some very jiggly titties

>> seconds in.

Attached: nudes.png (898x667, 463.89K)

fug de pinc pusy hnnnnnnnnngggg

>>115072099How weird is it that the first time I' hearing about a cartoon from my own country is here? Serio mesmo, alguem me explica o que é essa Any Malu porque eu to confuso.

>>115083960She was a virtual YouTuber before it was cool. Now she seems to be commenting on Cartoon Network shows.A lot of CNLA properties seem to devolve into commentary shows. I guess it's cheaper than producing 100% original content?

>>115083994her voice gets me rock hard so its fine if its just hard talking

>>115083883>2015Damn hues just knew that v-tubers are going to explode

>>115072099And we got this shit

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-19 Toony Tube konkurs toonitalentów Cartoon Network - YouTube.png (1218x685, 1.05M)

>>115083883that was amazing.

>>115072099>Made in 2015Holy fuck are these guys Nostradamus or something?

>>115083883This is gold, like they dont car who wqatches them, they just want to have fun making her

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-19 Any Malu Responde #01.png (892x610, 568.34K)

why does she look suicidal?

>>115084728She lives in fucking Brazil, man.

>>115083883>>115084132>>115084252In the early youtube episodes she'd used to swear as well too, she stopped doing so after a while, probly after she got into CN

>>115076258Historical revisionism

>>115085607How much swearing? Like "fuck, shit, etc" or more basic "damn, crap, etc"?

>>115086353I remember her saying "shit" a few times but also a few of the basic ones too

>>115086380Can you remember which episodes they were at all? Or should I just start combing?

>>115086456I don't recall but it might have been on the first early ones, like the QnA ones

>>115072099Fuck her and her bait and switch bullshit.They dropped the English subs, and alienated the international audience on an international platform a few episodes in. Should have just dropped into the obscurity hole and stayed there, where it belongs.

Attached: 1578582044094.jpg (473x496, 105.35K)

>>115084252I wonder If they have a secret stash of lewds

>>115086625literally just use the translate subtitles feature from youtube

>>115081919Likewise, user. It's why I enjoy cartoons much more. Also all of the stuff you can get away with animated stuff over boring live-action shit.

>>115086890Tried auto-translate, even back then. It's just not very good. It also picks up noises as words and all that kinda shit. And even if it is somewhat more serviceable nowadays, it just leaves you with an inferior experience. I stopped bothering with it, but the sour aftertaste never left.

>>115086890>feature from youtubeif you want to have a laugh, sure, but not if you want to understand what's actually going on.

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Attached: Calarts.jpg (1280x720, 110.03K)



Attached: Homer love post card.png (696x800, 649.37K)

>>115079984>Any Malu>AnimalIs that the joke?

>>115087764>that bucket tool backgroundABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING

>>115084171What’s this?

>>115075311Is Barbucci the artist of this show? I love sky doll

>>115088373"Any Ma-" is a pun on "Anima" which means "Animate/Animation"

>>115072710this but unironically

>>115074787for whatever reason this song has been stuck in my head for like the last month

>>115072211Barbie is a v-tuber and has been for a few years

>>115072099Is this porn?This looks like porn.

>>115077279She sits on her computer 18 hours a day.

>>115076087Christians hate it. Feminists and SJWS hate it. MRA types that call men who like sexy female entertainers simps hate it. The amount of people left over who like this stuff is effectively zilch.

>>115088858No but there is porn and I hope it has more of it soon

>>115088663what about "-ru"? Does it means "good in soup"?

>>115075056I dont understand whats happening, but those girls keep grabbing their tits.

>>115088903It's Lu, and Malu is just a normal name/surname anyone can have.

>>115079953Poor baby. Belongs in the trash.

>>115088939>In hueland, malu is a name but annie isn't

>>115073647A generation who grew up watching "Banheira do Gugu" wouldn't have a problem with their kids watching big titty cartoon women

>>115079830>turn on the english captions my guyDidn't think to do that because dumbfag. Song is even more based when you know what it's about. I'm all for this chick now. No longer just a waifu I wanna fugg. I hope she becomes super successful.

>>115072619stating that LA cares more about cartoons than the US it's like stating that the EU cares more about non-capeshit comics than the US

any simps in the chat?

>>115083574>>115072770>>115072785>retards can't see it's clearly just shading the under side of her nose>NO I SEE MARK AT FACE VALUEretards, even op's pic shows it. >>115072099


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>>115082944>meanwhile mangas are overselling DC/marvel stuff 1000:1

>>115082944Aw don't be so hard on yourself burger-kun, you'll learn how to properly read english one day! Believe in yourself, I'm sure there's a youtube video on it!

>>115079925w-what did she mean by this?

Attached: EXM4RCUXYAE4reL.jpg (525x503, 68.83K)

>>115088373yesyes it is

>>115072099>that tongue

Attached: thicc.webm (512x384, 1.75M)

>>115088903Uma delicia

>>115089744it IS rather meaty looking.

>>115089871I'd like to look at it on my meat.

>>115088065they got them big chewy pretzels here alright

>>115087588Good girl

>>115072389I think they were aiming for the phase 1 Gorillaz artstyle

Attached: gorillaz.jpg (1024x768, 110.36K)

>>115087588she forgot to remove the tits

Attached: ms keane.png (355x323, 207.27K)

>>115072529pic related is the brazilian shadman

Attached: ph marcondes.jpg (316x316, 26.22K)

>>115088525>>115090826She's a 18 year old otaku cartoon wathcer Brazilian thot she doesn't sleep well

Attached: enchantress agatha.jpg (1920x1080, 180.49K)

>>115090943What he do

Attached: agatha.jpg (1920x1080, 160.82K)

i dont get the appeal, this show is fucking boring.

>>115091754The pink girl is hot and has jiggly boobies

>>115091685>>115091647based agatha poster

Attached: D52B6ZGWsAA6xC3.jpg (2048x2048, 344.1K)

>>115091754>i dont get the appeal

Attached: beach.jpg (1920x1080, 123K)

>>115091856coomer appeal doesn't count.going from Irmao do Jorel to this is disgraceful


Attached: agatha.webm (960x540, 1.87M)

>>115091754It's cute, funny, energetic and a little bit self aware. Those are perfectly fine appeals. You just don't value them as much.

>>115091800>>115091856>some sexy youtuber thot is the only appeal of the show.great thing youtube is full of them and they are just as boring as her.

>>115091915>>115091754Personally I really like the animation

>>115091653just google tekuho no habo

>>115092065*Sexy CARTOON Youtuber thotMakes a huge difference

>>115092099Oh damn, this some good shit

>>115091754>i dont get the

Attached: Não é Mole (Paródia de Sorry - Justin Bieber).mp4_snapshot_00.59.533.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)


Attached: Legal enough for you.png (610x514, 432.86K)


Attached: ERZcfcAW4AEMRaq.jpg (724x847, 83.89K)


Attached: 1554869309012.jpg (229x220, 6.98K)

>>115092740hmm. sandwich

>>115072360perfect, I'm just learning Brazilian Portuguese

>>115072099this girl's facial expression makes me want to forcibly close her mouth. I cant wait for this tongue sticky outy trend to die into the dirt. its viscerally irritating

>>115088525That's Toony Tube, it's also a vlog where the main kid - Toony watches and comments various things in cartoons. It's here since



>>115090943Way to insult the dude.


Attached: Monkey gun.jpg (666x535, 297.09K)

>>115079925Legal bros, ahahaha. Let the lewd fan art commence!!!

>>115093758she's legal in mandrill or baboon years, not human

>>115093758>>115093810the joke is that's the upload date of her first video

Attached: id.jpg (1920x1080, 236.7K)

>>115093890still cute

Attached: full name.png (1111x623, 795.43K)

how many dildos do you think she has?

Attached: 983868db400a39a8acbc7f6282bf85ca.jpg (640x640, 91.65K)

Attached: sleep.webm (960x540, 2.1M)


>>115093997>butt chin

>>115094037Honestly, she'd probably have 3 or 4

Attached: fact.png (908x610, 740.6K)

>>115093997>Lourde Orelansshe's half French? hot


>>115094363The joke is that Orleans-Bragança is the name of the former Brazilian royal family, is like having a British saying, "oh, my mom is Ann Windsor" or something

>318 replies and still no one posted her momSmh

>>115094428you post her then


Attached: mom.jpg (1920x1080, 138.43K)'ve really dialed back the tit bounce. It's a damn shame


Attached: mom2.jpg (1360x747, 178.77K)


Attached: Mum.png (538x422, 415.41K)

>>115094529>>115094471Her mom always sounded to me like an ugly boomer

>>115094529>>115094548holy fuck

Attached: 81vULjvv6mL._SS500_.jpg (500x500, 16.18K)

>>115094091>I finally caught an Any Malu stream. She spent 6 hours showing her cleavage and then fell asleep live on stream. Great entertainer she is!

>>115094559Anderson Mahanski is the head of Combo Estudio and the artist of most of the promo images like OP

Attached: anderson mahanski.jpg (650x650, 29.61K)

>>115094617Shoutouts to Simpleflips

>>115072512That's because most bands get very little money from selling records. Live shows is their bread and butter, at least until they grow big. Gorillaz was created by an already huge artist, so he was able to skip the "band touring the country in a van" stage.

>>115094548>>115094529are there episodes out yet?

>>115094673Bless his bald head

>>115072775It is

>>115072775totally brah

>>115094692Ye, a bunch, you can find some uploaded by other people on Youtube if you search for Any Malu Show

Attached: Mum.png (1366x768, 611.27K)

>>115094673>>115094702He also has a DA page that hasn't been updated since Any Malu took off

Attached: madonna_rebel_heart_tour_by_andersonmahanski_d8z7td6-fullview.jpg (1024x1282, 249.96K)

>>115094357Post the episode

>>115094195where do you even put all of those? most people only have 1 or 2 holes

>>115095041just do what this user says >>115094742 , I found episodes 1-9 and a bunch or random ones

>>115094673O cara parece o Kid Bengala.

>>115095149I ain't about to dig through a 1000 episodes just to find a single fart joke. I don't care that much.

>>115072099Too bad the closest thing burgers got to a popular vlogger having her own show is the lamest Jojo reference ever

Attached: YesThisIsAJojosReference.png (600x600, 438.22K)

>>115091754Ah Anão para de ser bicha seu zé buceta, quero ver você falar isso na minha frente. Se eu tiver tempo de achar o teu IP, eu vou na tua casa, te pego pela cabeça e com toda minha cabeça e te JOOJ

Attached: jooj.gif (498x286, 2.26M)


Attached: gilberto barros.png (2714x2009, 3.08M)

>>115095141You only use 1 or 2 at a time, but different sizes and styles depending on what your in the mood for that day.I've got 8 insertable devices currently. I've had others in the past but some were just disappointing or they got worn out.

>>115095320>>115095394It's over boys, 55chan found out

>>115072099>send nudesthey know

Attached: send nudes.png (1920x1080, 1.61M)

>>115095436>You're brazilian too, aren't you mr.user?

Attached: reaction image 32.jpg (800x600, 37.18K)

>Seguinte, tu não fica acobertando aquela e-girl BR filha da puta não ein, ó seu zé buceta>Eu tô procurando pelo OP arrombado e não acho, já rodei aí para caralho e aquele filha da puta sumiu! Tu tá fodido comigo!

Attached: glenn danzig.jpg (1280x720, 56.71K)


Attached: Pog.gif (480x375, 1.02M)

>>115096297I forget how brazilian Aqua Teen can be so much better than the original at times.

>>115096360>CALA BOCA VIADO

>>11509504150 Shades of Pink, towards the

Attached: wet any.jpg (1920x1080, 170.03K)


Attached: dry malu.jpg (1920x1080, 145.47K)

>>115096626Okay guys, let's get down the references in her room:>Finn>Jake>He.Man>Skeletor>Dalek>Woody>Pokemon>Jurassic Park parody>Batman parody?>I want to believe `parody>Breaking Bad parody (maybe related to fighting games? Combo breaker is a term from Killer instinct an also a tournament)>Lara Croft figure?Any others?


Attached: mad malu.jpg (1920x1080, 166.09K)

>>115086353"Fuck" by itself isn't used to curse, only if it's "I'm fucked" or "fuck it". Like here >>115072785 she's about to say "actually we get f-" when she falls on her face.

>>115096942The plushie on a cage is a Fofão, a character from a brazilian TV series called Balão MágicoEven tho he looks terrifying he was very popular with the kids at the time

>>115072099Perfect lips

>>115098002She has perfect everything

Attached: any12.png (1061x577, 526.22K)

why can't we have a cartoon as decently animated as this in mexico

Attached: everyday_is_a_neverending_nightmare.png (726x805, 216.92K)

>>115098558Brazilians don't try to use our indigenous art for their shows, neither theirs. They just let the lewdness guide their hand.

looking at another Villainous ahahaha you coomer retards

Attached: 1565845523685.png (586x489, 312.18K)

>>115099080The studio has money to produce and publish their own shorts - which is what they do - unlike Vallanous. Being broadcast on CN Brazil and LatAm is just a bonus.So tell my my moralous friend, who's the real retard now.

>>115099080>looking at another VillainousShe already has a fuckton of videos on their official youtube channel since 2016.

Attached: 01-H34HAM.jpg (540x406, 157.12K)

>>115096996got more of hr?

>>115100146that's probably the least she's ever worn on camera and it's a very quick gag

Attached: use your imagination.jpg (1920x1080, 160.37K)

>>115098818BR injuns have no art.There are some cartoons which try to promote natives' culture or whatever on public networks, they just don't make it to Holla Forums.

>>115094529So she is one of those child starts that get a show because of their mother connections.

>>115100365Nah, she's just her producer

Attached: anymalu eating.webm (1280x720, 264.99K)

>>115101099Hey that's the Lizard from Tangled!

>>115072099>373 posts>no one mentioned that BR isn't a language

>>115101099This is both weird and arousing.

>coomers ITT

Attached: vergonhoso.gif (498x360, 3.19M)

>>115072099Wait, isn't she super lewd? Well, I guess that's less of a problem for a BR CN.

>>115075311>>115076525Name? And is there an English translation?

>>115102081She was practically fucking designed for them from the ground up. Seriously, come on. Whoever designed her knew exactly what they were doing.

>>115102081Your meme has no power here

Is this how our cultural victory starts?


Attached: marco-puricelli-sisterofbattle-beautyshotartstation.jpg (2227x2108, 601.32K)

>>115102520Viva la Revolution!

>>115072099That's one insanely well draw promo

>>115072891She's adorable

>>115101099Jesus Christ


Attached: any10.png (1266x717, 624.92K)

>>115104000>that cleavage>those digitsblessed

>>115104000Where's the other 9

>>115101099>that throat bulge

>>115098558Because we try to be Americans instead of Latinos or use our lewd European heritage, that's why. Imagine the things we could do.

>>115104000Wtf brazilians are based after all

>>115094471>>115094529>>115094548Wait, her mom isn't a 400 lbs. nag box?

>>115091967They keep trying to make Agatha look uglier through accessories.

>>115105293Fools they are.

>>115080160it's fanservice, user. i know you're not used to it, consuming mainly western media, but it exists outside of japan.

>>115102081>obey my discord already

I don't know why but the moles in both cheeks are kind of a turn off

>>115079521Sites that kowtow to SJW bullshit are shittier

>>115080160it's what happens when girls with big tits don't wear a bra

>>115106518Pray tell us which sites are the best to admire and post smut?>>115102118Sky Doll, about Noa, a robot sex dolls is somehow the incarnation of a godess. MARVEL/Soleil released the fisrt 3 volumes in English and Titan released the final fourth volume. It's by the same guy who drew the W.I.T.C.H. comics in Italy>>115102081Bolsonaro, please

>>115102127Yeah, they drew breasts on her and all. What were they thinking?

>>115072099>>115072477She has a black boyfriend

Attached: any maly y el negro.jpg (1280x720, 74.65K)

Watched an episode because main character was qt. It's a color explosion ADHD riddled mess.

>>115072284>Disney XD has a live-action Let's Play show.I just feel more and more out of touch these days since I stopped watching cable, is this what growing old and bitter feels like?

Attached: 1579047107175.jpg (286x750, 59.17K)

>>115091754Cute girl, cute art.Too bad I can't watch without subs.

>>115106746She is literally a monkey

>>115106746That's basically white in Brazil

>>115106746Fuckin dropped

Why are every cartoons tend to be insanely sexual in 2020?

>>115107827quiet, clown

Attached: any15.png (1249x694, 826.64K)

>>115107388who do you think made this show

>>115077157>But I desperately want to fuck this cartoon character now. Is that the intended effect?You know it

>>115108156Don't care, don't want any spoken for thot shaking their goodies for me

>>115108103Ok now he just looks like her gay friend

>>115108195lmao ok

>another animated girl I want to fuckWILL YOU FUCKERS STOP

Attached: 1541089011553.jpg (480x456, 27.23K)


Attached: 1580097798309.png (1067x800, 651.07K)

>>115108103So are those her friends or enemies or members of her staff? They look cute together

>>115072211Hasnt kazuna ai literally been bought out by a major chinese corporation and been replaced by a couple of clones with the original VA barely appearing anymore so they can pump out multiple daily videos

>>115108195it's not for you dipshit, stop being so self obsessed

>>115077665Because why actually put something resembling effort into bait

>>115108103Get that feminine guy on hormones stat


Attached: simpsonwave-sunday-school-video-source-youtube-user-Lucien-Hughes.jpg (1920x1080, 364.65K)

>>115072284Oh fuck, this show. They took a bunch of Let's Plays from YouTube by guys like JackSepticEye and Markiplier, censored out the naughty words and violence, then just slapped it on TV. It's the worst shit imaginable.

>>115084171jajajaja boing is shit

>>115108195>>115107388Imagine being this autistic over a cartoon character.


Attached: LAUGH AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER.gif (500x324, 494.4K)

>>115072099i am now curious.

Attached: demencia-eating.png (345x373, 90.56K)

>>115072360god bless brazil


Attached: ¡Santos kekasos, Batman!.gif (500x372, 391.35K)

>>115105256Ikr that's what she sounds like

>>115072250It looks like a show that Zone would make.

Attached: d6ba867dccf4427c08f7043e7a25fb16.png (838x1159, 413.63K)

>>115098558well, there's villainous, but the situation is not exactly clear on that front


Attached: file.png (1288x717, 693.44K)

>>115072099>Jorel's Brother>Now thisBrazil gets all the good shit.

>>115110660Sorry kiddo, he's gay for Hal

>>115110765It's because south America isn't pozzed by all the woke garbage.


>>115110765Jorel's Brother is just ok to me, most of the designs are god ugly. I like it better when shit goes crazy like when his mom rides a bicycle to get him to the schoolbus that he missed and it turns into a wacky police chase episode


Attached: be1da4220ffb21c1e792bc3ad4c55522e8900f9a.png (540x445, 120.85K)

>>115111860Why did they gave her a dog nose

>>115111939Because she's her bitch

>>115111939she's a babboon

>>115108103is she sitting next to a homofag tranny and cringing at his faggotry? Is based Malu /ourgirl?

>>115112297She does cringe at him a lot but he isn't a homofag tranny, at least for what I've seen

>>115112297That's just her bitch friendenemy and Homo friend

>>115098818So they're like South American version of French animation then?


Attached: 1585253935220.png (269x277, 120.11K)

>>115108917you missed the "fuckin dropped" part

>>115111126We wish. One of the reason Trump's wannabe stepchild was elected president is because we're tired of woke shit as well.

>>115112535Cleopatra is also a really sexy character

>>115108430another one bite the dust


Attached: hipster_any_malu_by_limetownstudios_dazrn0l-fullview.jpg (900x654, 58.84K)

>>115108103That gay dude is wearing Gwen's shirt

>>115072099Did they finally realize how stupid they were in thinking VLOGGERS were still going to be a big thing as they were in the time of the production of the first shorts?Because that was the only glaring shortcoming it had. At least for me.

>>115072099I hate the style change.

>>115114904I don't. And it's barely there. Like when you notice a hike in animation quality in any of her regular videos.

This is the best FotM in a while.

>>115075311>>115076525Is there a mega for Skydoll?>>115082275The creator hates americans iirc.

>>115115327>The creator hates americans iirc.Amerimutts ruining it for everyone else yet again.Someone tell this guy that more than just yanks speak ENGLISH. If he wants to make it inaccessible to yanks just make it at 5th grade reading level.

Attached: file.png (960x541, 849.28K)

>>115114947I'm pretty sure Any Malu has been FotM before, she's been around for a few years.

>any malu thread>barely any deleted postsI can't help but feel a slight pang of disappointment.

Attached: 1588605878170.jpg (595x841, 94.45K)

>>115079925>born 2015>2020Is this from the future?

>>115116008The nose piercing pulling is surprisingly arousing

>>115116046Her series started on 2015 on youtube, then she got a show on CN this year

>>115092316>parody of new rulesDid she let him in and bed her?

>>115116087I mean how is she 18 if she was "born" in 2015? Is it just a bad translation for "my show started in 2015 and I myself am 18"?

>>115116231It's a joke bro

>>115079521>decide to look up splooge because i haven't visited that site in years>half of the posts are faketagged>mfw

Attached: 1545802895575.png (534x709, 324.05K)

>>115116449Based Emília poster

>>115083637>How am I going to explain this to my 5-year-old daughter?Don't worry, the chance of you ever having a daughter, or any other offspring for that matter, is pratically zero.

Attached: 1561170436979.png (643x807, 536.29K)

Imagine the outrage if this aired in the US, women calling in about how the feminine figure has caused a panic attack in their 6 year old transchild

>>115116759>in their 6 year old transchild

Attached: 1585290324680.png (508x741, 162.19K)

>>115116759I'd rather not imagine hypothetical scenarios that didn't happen for the sole purpose of getting angry, and instead enjoy this thread for what it is, rather than dissolving into Holla Forums-like trannyposting. Thanks.

>>115116622sick burn user

Attached: Lara nice.png (498x416, 273.35K)

>>115117185This user gets it

>>115114947>>115115770>calling something FotM just on a thread?The absolute state of you nu/co/ posters.Also, she never even did garnered enough hype to be FotM in the past.

>>115096942>He.ManIt's He-Man, you underage doublenigger. You missed the DnD dragon, the pillow looking like Steves shield, R2D2 and the rubiks cubes. The photos below Breaking Bad is Game of Thrones (see 1:51). "I want to believe" is from X-Files, making it an X-Files parody. And yes, that is a Lara Croft figure.Her room has barely changed in the time between that video and the first one. I don't remember the caged plushie being there in the beginning, but I can't be assed to check.

>>115114947>>115115770>>115117531So are at a zenith now where we're just calling anything from a thread you like, a FOTM? Just another term that lost all its meaning?

>>115117531I remember people just calling her a boring gorillaz ripoff style wise near the start.

>>115117531t. election tourist who wasn't when it startedWe had plenty of threads when this was new and they died out as sudden as they started, ie. when the subbing stopped. That's textbook fotm.

>>115117531Honestly, it wasn't so much the character and setting, but just bad timing for the lack of, as you say, "hype". Some good attention from artists here and there, but nothing that would even put her close of being the It Girl on Holla Forums for a whole month.>>115117671lol I remember that, too.>>115117689>That's textbook fotm.It's not, 4channeler. It really isn't. But what can I expect from people like you that posts shit unironically like "bump limit is bump limit" and call it a successful thread?

>>115117689>fotm>a show know for years that pops out now and then for a threadYikes.

>>115117826You realize that's not how fotm works, right? A character can be from a show that's decades old and still become flavor of the month if it suddenly sees a ton of posting. That said, this one thread doesn't constitute fotm either.

>>115117793>expectWhat are you even trying to say? Your post makes fuck all sense. Is that desu link to a thread for a currently going show supposed to be proof of anything?Surely you're not being retarded on purpose just to ensure an extra (You) before the thread hits bumplimit.>>115117826(You)/10

just post more Any you spergs

Attached: awe.png (594x565, 380.86K)


Attached: 1590009000627.png (594x565, 404.88K)

>>115076087BecauseVIOLENCE GOODSEX BAD

>>115076598Based HMOFA chads

Hot take, I think the eye bags add to her charm.

Attached: anymalu Scooby-Doo.webm (1280x720, 1.27M)

>>115072250there was a ton of stuff in the late 90s early 00s that involved teen girls making asides to the camera. The only difference is now it's diagetic.

>>115072360that is a LOT of jiggle physics. You know, I was feeling bad for getting dick twitches, but now I can see that was most definitely in the artist's intent.i'm still not sure why I get clown vibes from her though.

>>115072444>visible cleavage and jiggleboobs in a childrens animated showhot damn, glad that censor wall is finally breached

>almost bump limit and the greatest character in all animation hasn't been mentioned

Attached: Rebecca.png (511x718, 329.36K)

>>115088894>>115088858How long until Zone takes notice? seems right up his alley.

>>115108860OG VA is retired. But is going to be an advisor for future content. Found her youtube channel the other day. Kasuga Nozomi. She likes to play animal crossing (did an 18 hour stream of it once)

I want this book but I'm not going to be able to readário-Any-Malu-Portuguese-ebook/dp/B075X4D48M/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=any malu&qid=1590010897&sr=8-6

Attached: 042 - Sep 15, 2017 - CONSELHOS DE ANY MALU - Pt.2 (FEAT AGATHA, WILLEN E REBECCA MAYFAIR) [Advice with Any Malu, Pt.2 (feat. Agatha, Willen, and Rebecca Mayfair)].mp4_snapshot_03.39_[2020.05.20_16.40.53].jpg (1920x1080, 253.8K)

>>115079925oh yeah. DEEEEEEEFINITELY intentional. They're ENCOURAGING lewding of her


Attached: any and willen.jpg (1920x1080, 208.69K)

>>115119064what is in here>>115094037

Attached: enhance.jpg (1920x1080, 216.35K)

Attached: angrr.jpg (1920x1080, 205.67K)

Well user we did it. Thanks for the webms!

>>115118758I'd hate fuck her face till she passes out