Wholesome thread, cute characters, comfy comic. What's not to love

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She would be in her twenties now, according to when it was first published.I wish I could have a girlfriend like her, but sadly she is fictional and there exists no women with that amount of depth and creativity as Teena exhibits.

>>115067415>She would be in her twenties now, according to when it was first publishedActually, she would be 29. So technically yes, in her 20s but very late 20s.

>>115067415Jeri will be 33 this year...I feel old.

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Comfy feel.

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>>115067513shit that means I have a shot with her or Stick

Would someone perhaps draw Teena and Stick playing a VR game together with each their headset, with Teena imagining something wild like a pirate adventure and Stick playing dentist simulator?

>>115067977That's a good understanding of their personalities6, right there.

>>115067460Huh, this girl is my age.

>>115067885What the fuck is up with pinecone guy? He's tall, muscular, blonde and blue-eyed. Apart from the autism, how is he a nerd and why isn't Jeri all over that?She should be thrilled to actually find a handsome man who's dumber than herself.

Don't let the flame die out

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>>115067885This style is so stylish and simple, I love it

what's the last strip?

>>115070721You should try going on Holla Forums. Every time you click on a thread there's a 70% chance it's already deleted.

So where can I read all of the comic strips? Preferably in order.

>>115069379Mimi looks kinda cool.


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>>115071104>> can start here. There's also a mega.

I wonder if the author ever was approached with a show preposition? Teena seems pretty perfect for it: wholesome family antics with a storyline. Or maybe that was the problem since everything was EXTREME during the 00's and Teena was too cute and comfy.

>>115071929Cool, thanks bro. Gonna binge through these for the next few days. >>115071932Not everything was extreme. There were nice slice of life shows as well like As Told by Ginger. Though that may have been part of the problem, in that it'd be directly competing with that.

>>115071932>Teena seems pretty perfect for it>maybe that was the problem since everything was EXTREME during the 00Hey Arnold came out 5 years before the strip, when things were even more extreme because 90s, and What About Mimi ay the same time as PreTeena. I think it would have been perfect.Maybe the animated cartoon didn't happen because many cartoons based on comic strips failed and were fresh failures in 2001: Baby Blues, Dilbert, Committed...I don't think I can even blame producers from not wanting to develop another show based on a strip, even though I think PreTeena would have worked.

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>>115072175>There were nice slice of life shows as well like As Told by GingerOh, yeah. That too, also about a redhead kid who has an innocent friendship with a black kid, and that later hook up with him, and has a friend with funny glasses and braces and problems breathing...Wait a minute... Is As Told by Ginger based on PreTeena?Holy crap, they're so similar! Could Allison sue?

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>>115067273Requesting teena meeting emmy

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>>115067273Why the fuck does this shit need a perpetual general?

>>115072923This guy is so passionate about this request, I think he earned it.

>>115072950She a QT.

>>115072950FotM. Let us have this. It won't last that much longer. Plus I still need to get around to drawing some lewds when I can.

>>115073127Can you do>>115072923Pls?


>>115072950We’ve been on a break for a few days now

>If any artists are lurking atm, I figure I wanna pitch in a request. Requesting a parody of the “Spider-Man point at Spider-Man” meme, but with Teena and Peppermint Patty from “Peanuts”.

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>puberty humor.Fucking why.

>>115071104There was a MEGA a few threads ago, look through the archives

>>115073409Why not? What's wrong with using puberty as material for comedy?

>>115072404Dilbert failed? Why? It was a good show.

>>115073632Either the executives didn't support it because they weren't sure what to do with it, or it failed to find an audience, or both things happened (one may have caused the other), but that happens all the time. Good shows ruined by executives? Known to happen.Mussion Hill was a spectacular show and it failed because of executives.

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>>115073632Lots of good shows fail for stupid reasons

>>115073756I thought "executive meddling" was an exaggerated myth until I learned what it did to The Real Ghostbusters.>>115074433Why are you asking a question you know the answer to? (Yes.) And the dumb part is that no one even posted any porn ITT. Everything was SFW.

>>115074358Too bad but it's true.Also, even if they developed a PreTeena cartoon, no one guarantees they wouldn't have fucked it up and then cancelled for really understandable reasons. It could have sucked.With a decent team and a decent budget the show could have looked great, though. If they respected the style, the show looked hand-drawn, and they kept the thing with the eyes that go from full to dots to fit the situation, and also wrote it properly, it could have been a fantastic show.But let's be real, they had more chances of fucking it up than on doing it right...Baby Blues looked alright, it could have looked better though.Committed looked like garbage.PreTeena would have been harder to make look good than Baby Blues? Probably, since there are specific things that would be needed for the style.

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>>115074608>until I learned what it did to The Real GhostbustersWhat did they do?>I thought "executive meddling" was an exaggerated mythOh, no. Executives are as incompetent as they are efficient at destroying, and their brains are impossible to comprehend

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>>115074740Teena would look great in a minimalist, but well animated style. It's not like it has a lot of action to begin with, so it would be affordable even if they made the characters very expressive.

>>115074796You can watch Phelan's (Phelous) video on it, but basically:>show does great>corporate invites some consulting firm to "troubleshoot" it>firm gives directions>directions are so shit that the head writer leaves over that shit>show goes to shit after they implement the directions>turns out the consulting firm pulled everything out of their asses with no research>execs come crawling back to head writer>he comes back, but it's too late: the show's ratings are tanked and reputation ruined

>>115075169I'm sorry, what?

>>115075230It's a pun: sixteen. But what did the Riddler mean by that?

Jannies please leave us alone I just like comics

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>>115075451This. I just wanna have a fun conversation about the strip and characters, like the cool one about what would have been a cartoon on TV.The sex guy is just being an A hole and provocative.

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Teena reading this thread

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>>115073632It was on USA and it wasn't doing Simpsons/Souh Park numbers.

>>115075598Or...Although this thread is wholesome, so it's just a joke.

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>>115068350The author probably intends for her to be BLACKED like the degenerate New Englander she is

>>115068350>He's tall, muscularHe BECOMES muscular, and the author clearly wrote it so Jeri would find him repulsive as a way to give herself a lot of material from that point up until when Jeri is in love with him and dating. that way, she got a lot to work with because it meant Jeri would change a lot.

what if teena meets user?

>>115069147>Christmas Eve>Click out of one..

>>115072950>How dare you talked about comics on Holla Forums!

>>115077712I think the average user would be respectful and greet her politely.

>>115074923Oh, I used to watch that guy! Thanks, gonna check it out.

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Ha... Baby...

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>>115067460>>115067513>I'd be right inbetween at 31

>>115080905Too bad Teena is married. Maybe get with Jeri.

May 13, 2007, the author randomly gave us a "what if" strory.

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Holy crap, this is so true it's not even a joke! Funny, though.Funny and sad.

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Why do i love Stick's, and specially Teena's expression SO much in the last panel?Look at them! lovely, and for some reason they look a bit naughty.

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>>115075549Are there really Jews in New Hampshire?

>>115081274>unflavored gelatin>tasteless remark har har

>>115081819more like "agar agar" amirite?

>>115077803haha yeah

>>115081776Why wouldn't there be.

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>>115082391would absolutely smooch if I was 12

>>115067513It's the face someone would make during potential boyfriend auditions, getting to the "what would you do to me" question.

>>115082898Her breath probably smells like raw beef and there's a little bit of snot always on its way out of her nose.

>>115083256I wasn't much better when I was that age so yeah, perfect match.


>>115083323n-no bully :(

I guess appealing character designs are really the only thing that matters in cartooning, cause this strip doesn't get by on its humor, that's for sure.

>>115083573Makes me smile, though.

>>115083824this, not all writing needs to be laugh out loud for 10 minutes straight funny

>>115083824>>115083922Yeah but you wouldn't read it or enjoy it at all if it didn't have a cute girl.

>>115083948I enjoy Zits too, which has a male protagonist and around the same level of comedic value. Stop making assumptions user, not everyone has the coomer mindset

>>115083975>I enjoy Zits tooYou and every boring high school math teacher.

>>115083975Ok, but you don't see many Zits threads on Holla Forums hitting bump limit.

>>115083948okay you got me

>>115084086Yeah that's a good point. I don't think we would've had multiple threads if there weren't cute girls

How cute are Teena's feet?

>>115082898As would I.

>>115084086I'd be down for a Zits thread though. Loved that comic strip as a kid.

>>115085383Would anyone care for a Heart of the City thread?

>>115085599We had a pretty comfy one reach bump limit when someone brought up the awful art style change, so I'd say yes

>>115075598>That's it! From now on, I'm wearing shoes at all times!

>>115082391What a cute thing to say. Anyone has that strip?

>>115085307Become a teacher

>>115081274>MILF Jeri

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>>115083948>you wouldn't read it or enjoy it at all if it didn't have a cute girl>at allWrong. My favorite strip is C&H and I think it's great, but it has made me laugh maybe once or twice, it usually just makes me smile.I like the characters and situations in PreTeena, and I would like the strip even if it didn't have two cute girls as main characters. If the cast of characters was, say, talking turtles, but everything else remained the same, I would still like it.But I have to admit, I would like it less. I like this strip, and I also just happen to really enjoy little girls also.

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>>115086018Then what.

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>>115086239This is what's wrong with the world.They don't teach children nothing no more.Nobody is going to buy you a pony for doing your job.Life is just one long string of disappointments.Get used to it and get cracking!

>>115086891UNCLE CLEETUS NO!

your thinly disguised "cute and funny, wholesome" pedophilia


>>115087908Are you saying this strip isn't cute and funny?Or you're saying it's wrong to celebrate something that's cute and funny?

>>115086203That's not Jeri, but also Jeri. It's not a future story, it's a "what if?" story where they aren't sisters with Teena.

>>115088743You sure? It's confusing.

>>115088089It's just an introduction, user.

>>115077772>An obscure newspaper comic strip comic that died ages agoI mean, I like Daria, but I don't make a perpetual general for the show.

>>115089097They're already slowing down user, it's not going to last much longer. This comic has barely been talked about anywhere so I'd say it's okay to have a few threads discussing it, no matter how "old" it is.

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>>115089787I remember my dad bringing out that ice cream maker too. It just tasted like slightly sweet salt water. Didn't like it at all, but it was fun


>>115090219Sounds fun, I wouldn't even care if the ice cream at the end isn't all that great.

>>115089097You have to understand, many of us were big fans for more than a decade and many of felt "could I be the one and only big fan of this comic"?So when we found out there are other fans out there, we maybe became a bit too enthusiastic.

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she's perfect, brehs...

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>>115091175She'd be better if she were real and my daughter.

>>115089097Why should it be about you all of a sudden?

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>>115091702Ha!Super nice.

>>115091175Yup, smart and sexy.

A memememe.

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>>115091702Is that supposed to be Stick as Peppermint Patty?

>>115092257ahead of her time


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>>115093147gamergirl cereal is such an untapped market

>>115091702OR for this request. Thanks a lot! You did great.


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>>115092208and also cute and funny

>>115091702Can you do mine next?

>>115093147Cute, they're both dorks.

>>115094328Sure. Im kinda crap tho and have inconsistent artsyle. what's the req?

>>115094662See >>115072923

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>>115095086This is an arc, I assume. I wanna see more of it, it's probably nice, since Teena and Stick are gonna be sharing a cabain.

>>115095086>since Teena and Stick are gonna be sharing a cabin.lucky stick


>>115091702Very nice! Both characters alike, yet you can tell who is who. You could've had some fun throwing Mimi Mortin in there as well.

How did Teena and Stick become friends?

>Teena browsing ITT

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>>115095731You know she's considering using her new popularity for profit...

>>115095731>>115096108>Onlyfans huh...

>>115072923>Requesting teena meeting emmy>>>

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>>115096391>>115096108She already used photoshop to give herself a hot body, in canon. I'm just saying...

>>115095620hey tnanks!

>>115096467Thanks! Saved!

They may be good church-going girls, but they misbehave a bit at church even...

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>>115096983Always nice to see siblings goof off together

Uh-oh! Will Teena's escape with her purity intact?

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>>115082391VS makes every thread better

>>115097145She's filthy, huh?

>>115090219not supposed to put the salt in the cream

>>115097389Not him, but I've heard this too, and I know there's salt involved. What do you do with the salt, then?

>>115090219>It just tasted like slightly sweet salt water.I've wanted to try a flavor like that since Kingdom Hearts 2

>>115097437two containers, one is salt and ice and the other (which is churned) has the cream and is cooled by the subfreezing water thats produced. get 2 plastic bags, a smaller one you put cream and flavoring an a larger one you put ice and salt and the smaller one. leave enough room to agitate both and when the cream turns solid you have icecream.

>>115096485what nonsense! her body is already perfect the way it is

>>115097914She doesn't know that, though.Like me when I was a boy, I was ashamed of my looks but really, I was just gorgeous and didn't know it.Anyway, this is today's rerun strip. Anyone knows when the arc started? I wanna use the calendar to read it. I did read it back in the day.

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>>115098057Post more Juliette.

>>115098100I will as soon as I find out when it was printed originally. She a total cutie.More beautiful than Jeri, as pure as Stick, as smart and noble as Teena.

>>115098205February 7th.

>>115073632Among the other reasons mentioned. Scott Adams makes a lot of enemies.

>>115091175Gave it a go cuz why not.

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>>115074923Don Cheadle did a whole character series on that.

>>115092315No it's Teena and Patty because they are both ginger tomboys

>>115098490Sweet. Thanks.

>>115067273Reminder that this "wholesome" phase in our society was planned by a European Marxist decades in advance.

>>115098490very nice

>>115098490Looks good, would have went with a lighter color for the dress though. What little girls wear navy blue?

Wanna get weird? Let's get weird.Trust me, it's gonna get weird. Cute, too, because Teena and Stick are always cute when they're alternative versions, but Jeri... it'sbe a whole thing, trust me...

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>>115099456Thoughts about long-hair, full-lips, scientist Teena?

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>>115098674>>115099229>>115099241Thanks. I don't know much about fashion or color aesthetics, even less for preteens.

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>>115099551Told you this was gonna get weird...But hey, there's also Stick dressed as a maid, so it's not all bad...

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>>115099888Got more Shakespearian and more Jewish here.

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Teena and her mom sure are close.

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>>115099582That's nice, green and pink go naturally together, as long as you balance the intensity (light pink with light green, dark pink with dark green).

>>115100133Let's talk about what's going on here, because, you know, how could we not...

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Well weight gain guy, if you're here, you got your wish

>>115100352Yes, WG guy, turns out Teena herself wrote a fanfic for you.And for me, since there's Stick as a maid, and Teena with glorious eyelashes, full lips, and long hair.

>>115095731good reaction faces

>>115097639Now I want to know how ice cream was made before plastic bags


>>115100600>>115100635What? No, just two bowls, the smaller one metal for temperature conductivity.

Dudes, what do you FOOMP to?

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>>115101551What's THAT?

>>115101551EitherOne More Time or 9 to 5

>>115100052>hey kid, wanna /ll/?

>indirectu kissuBut that's forbidden love!

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>>115101698>kidIt's her own daughter, surely she knows her name.

I know this was posted in one of the previous threads, but goddamn. What a time, oppai loli was a normalfag mainstream joke. Imagine meeting Teena trick or treating like this.

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What does a man need to do to get a gf exactly like Teena?


>>115101924Become a cartoon nigger.

>>115101914Jeri confirmed undead, Teena confirmed adorable.

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>>115102036Those are the best. I don't there's one shitty black character in cartoons.

What do you think the answer is? And why does Stick want to know?

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That red dress. Oddly, I want to see an adult Teena rocking it as much as I'd like an arc about PreTeena wearing it and trying to be seductive.

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>>115102205Funny how no matter how she dresses, there's no ugly Teena.

>>115102367IDK, that vest outfit makes her look like some dopey boy.

>>115102660Dopey boys can't be beautiful?

>>115099241>What little girls wear navy blue?Ones who aim to be Ivy League preps


>admiring their mom's ass in tight leather pants>admitting she's sexy>Jeri's mind goes directly to her dad in a speedoThey sure are an interesting family.

Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for December 30, 2001 GoComics com.png (900x437, 768.16K)

A tiny bit of cultural trivia. Johnson Pinecone's gimmick for getting Jeri's attention wouldn't fly in a Russian comic. Pinecone is one of the slang words for dick in Russian, so in a context of a boy giving it to a girl all the time, it paints quite the lewd picture.

Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for January 07, 2002 GoComics com.png (900x298, 140.44K)

>>115103270Awesome. Thanks for that, it makes things funnier.

>>115103133where'd you find this in higher resolution? an user posted it last thread and it was pretty low res and I couldn't find it in any higher quality

>>115103687I posted it before, and I think I screencapped it from the website. This one probably comes from the Mega.

>>115102205Vest is cute. CUTE!Jeri a cunt. CUNT!

>>115103270>Pinecone is one of the slang words for dick in RussianDo Russian circumcise? Poorly? Or are genital warts just that common?

>>115103133Great ass, mom!

Why is her hair red?


Why do we like Teena so much, guys?

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>>115106123freckled redhead. i'm wired like that.

>>115106123 I love cute underage toon girls

>>115101914What will mom think?

>>115095086Who knows where to find this arc?

>>115100483her lips look the same as normal

>>115101914>oppai loliShould I ask?

>>115107449just look it up newfriend

>>115106123she's sexy

>>115103987It's not as direct as that. It comes from some combination of olden terminology regarding an obscene gesture meaning "coitus" inherited from the Byzantine Empire, from it being a synonym for "lump", and also from old sayings about "a smoking pinecone" which means male arousal.

>>115107449It's little girls with outrageous chests. It combines the size difference fetish with big boobs. Although at that point, you might as well just stop pretending and jerk off to shortstacks.

>>115106123She's smart.

That's a pretty Stick. Jeri must hate her because she subconsciously feels threatened by her potential.

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>>115110082Well, she looks like her mom and her mom is a beautiful woman. Also, she said at age 13 she won't need braces and she'll be allowed to use contacts, ah she'll be a babe.I wonder how 13-year-old Stick will look...Realistically, she won't be able to use contacts because she has allergies, but she can still get more flattering frames, even sexy frames, to go with her new teeth. And she will probably fix her hair.

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>>115107432>her lips look the same as normalI guess the author didn't feel like drawing her lips full and sexy in every panel, and in this one she didn't draw the gorgeous eyelashes.

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Huh, Teena can be a dick as well. It's odd how easily bullied Jeri is in this one. Do they have a switch relationship?

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>>115103133I want teena's mom's ass's

>>115110725you mean you want yours to look like hers or do you want to eat it like a slice of watermelon?

>Stick thinks Jeri is a goddessI wonder if they ever hooked up in the future.

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>>115110977Jeri is definetely not bi. Stick, I totally can imagine she would experiment.

>>115111032Jeri is a high life culture victim though. When Stick becomes a supermodel, Jeri would assume that having a bisexual fling with her is not only expected of her, but the responsible thing to do.

There should have been a spin-off with these two knuckleheads getting int trouble.

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Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for February 18, 2002 GoComics com.png (900x290, 158.53K)

Huh. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for February 22, 2002 GoComics com.png (900x290, 186.97K)

>>115111870OK, I warmed up to it.

Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for February 23, 2002 GoComics com.png (900x290, 152.11K)

>>115110671It's just how siblings are

Her natural childish charm, ruined! Give me back my cute tomboy that some times fixes her hair and looks girly.

Attached: Screenshot_20200520_115638.jpg (279x513, 44.85K)

Jesus, Teena! You're lucky your mom is too much of a normalfag to get that reference!

Attached: PreTeena by Allison Barrows for February 27, 2002 GoComics com.png (900x292, 178.08K)

>>115111977it kinda reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis in True LIes

>>115112001Because she's also giving you a boner?

>freeze to death, fatfag!Can't tell if Teena's mom is cruel or based.

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Oh dear...

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How about "Socks optional"?

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>>115112508Is this the entire strip?Looks like the top third of a Sunday panel

Uh-oh. What's their dad going to tell them to do that will stop them from being good girls? They look pretty distressed.

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>>115112840I don't know but Jeri seems fine with whatever it entails...

>>115112840>Jeri and Teena in the same bed as dad with mom awayDeepest wincest lore.

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>>115112923>the joke is that they need time to clean the house after their coke-fueled incest orgies

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>>115112990>that combination of resigned look and rapeface in the last panelHugh sure is insatiable. At least he's giving the girls a rest.

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>>115113058>At least he's giving the girls a rest.Your mind is lewd and evil. >>115113058

>>115112024it's more about the hair and lipstick. I don't see Teena stripping on a bedpole.

>>115112828That's because it is.They don't sleep in their parents bed, but on their floor.

>>115113301>I don't see Teena stripping on a bedpoleI see her trying and failing in the cutest way.

>>115113058Imagine the mating press

>>115113301I do, I mean it's just a fun thing to do when you're a kid. I remember a friend's birthday party from when I was about Teena's age: his parents rented a small club (or maybe got to use the space for free because it was a friend's or family's, I don't recall) and it had a stripper pole on a side stage (it wasn't a dedicated strip joint though, apparently they had it for bachelor parties and such), but that's beside the point, what happened is that pretty much all the kids, boys and girls took at least a few swings around it because it was fun.

>>115113632>next day>girls come back>"Dad, where's mom? We want to ask her all about how her tour went!">"Sorry girls, your mom is still in bed, she can't walk yet and needs to rest up.">"Wow. The book tour must have been brutal.">"Uh... Yes. The tour."

>>115113058>woman tonight you are fuck

>>115113715What a chad

>>115112840Is "Mom" an Allison self insert?

>>115114199Apparently the author conceded that.

>once again, Stick's mind goes directly to sex when near Jeri

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>>115114477Can you blame her?


>>115114477But they don't show her nails...If the gag is that they look awful we should see that.

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>>115114821>If the gag is that they look awful we should see thatI think it's better if they leave that for interpretation.

>>115112990What were they doing? Look at that place!

I sure would have sex with her.

>>115115578who wouldn't? she's perfect

>that time Teena sprained her hand masturbating

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Wait until she goes to bed and her parents have sex.

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>>115116071That took me a second, cute.

So Jeri likes her girls stacked.

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>that time Teena got executed

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>yes, I'll be thinking of you girls every minute of plowing your mother

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>that time Teena tried to assassinate Stick

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>>115117640Adorable. They're so sweet and cute.

>>115117173I bet that's actually common...

>>115117640indie game projects in a nutshell.

>the lineage of a vandal and a smut peddler

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>>115117862Yeah, I think of my girls every time I plow my mother

>>115118058Sick, bro. You're sick.

>>115117995Amazing, she looked like sweet little Teena but sold, as a child, and to other children, pornography.

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>Teena's first BF>Teena's first kiss>Teena's first break-upSo much drama in one strip.

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>>115115857God have mercy on my soul

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>>115114477Stick is experienced in Frenching?

>>115118609From her and Teena's sleepover "experiments". That's why she thinks they're supposed to be sloppy.

>Teena being a dick again

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>>115118285Girlie mags don't really count as pornography, honestly.

>>115118792Stick should be like a waterstrider

>>115118302Gordo seething.

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>that time Teena got a guy in trouble with the feds

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>that time Teena almost got raped>>115119147Oh wow!

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>Teena being a dick... again

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>>115118792Bully!Teena does things to me


>that time Teena proposed that Jeri should be her human pet later in life

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>>115119492i want to be Teena's human pet

>>115119147Oh, my dude! Is she... Not wearing anything under?

Ahahah, oh, these two have their fun. Such a cute father-daughter couple!

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