Does Holla Forums like adventure time?

Does Holla Forums like adventure time?

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Unironically no

>>115065333Hell yes

>>115065333Only the early seasons.


No.Finn was annoying as fuck every time he opened his mouth, Princess Bubblegum was an unlikeable bitch, Marceline was grossly out of place and felt like a metaphor that kept changing its meaning, and the "lore" ruined what could have been just a funny concept.Jake was the only good part of it, and that was more John DiMaggio than the character.

It was great until Forst & Fire


>>115065333>Fionna is the sexiest AT character >we only ever get lewds of Marcy, PB, FP, Canyon, and fucking Huntress Wizard I hate the internet

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>>115065333We used to, once upon a time.

>>115065333Yes. and the final was good. too many people too focused on a single kiss to care about the rest.

>>115065610Fionna was a joke that unfortunately getting turned into a real thing spoiled.

Hell YeahFinn was a pretty fun and fresh character, Jake was hilarious, Ice King was a great antagonist and the Lich was a perfect way to give a serious high stake momentThe worldbuilding was also super interesting with a cutesy layer just to show a far more complex and disturbing reality

>>115065610>>we only ever get lewds of Marcy, PB, FP, Canyon, and fucking Huntress WizardJust search, Broh

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>>115065333Oooh somescrub updated, based.

>>115065607Somescrub, he's making an image for every episode of Adventure Time.

>>115065607You think you getting sauce?You think you getting cheese?You think you getting dough?Think again fucker, you’re not getting shit

>>115065652>Finn acomplishes nothing like all of the last seasons>Singing stops the extra dimensional evil, not even magic singing just a song>focus on PB>All the bad guys gather and do nothing at allYeah nah, it was shit.

>>115065710>being a passive aggressive bitch

>>115065717Yeah, the kiss was an attempt to distract from the bad. It worked really well, everyone was either angry or "omg so progressive"

the question is, which is your favorite image from the set?

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>>115065610Out of all the girls you listed, the only ones who get more lewds than Fionna are PB and Marcy.

>>115065818I like Season 2 Episode 26, Season 4 Episode 14, Season 2 Episode 25, and Season 3 Episode 7But my favorite would probably be either Season 4 Episode 25 or Season 1 Episode 12

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>>115066312Actually switch Season 4 Episode 25 with Season 3 Episode 7 around.

>>115065668Nice rain brush faggot

>>115065668You should have just cropped the image.

Where the fuck are these coming from? I can't reverse image search them at all.

>>115065333No, but I still like it.This would be better if it was Finn.

>>115065705>>115066646Nevermind I'm retarded

>>115066648>futa marcy on finyikes

>>115066710Tags said that's Marshall, but lame if it's just marcy.

>>115066913It's Marshall, it's only futa marcy in the normal images not the Fiona episode one's.

>>115065652It was a based kiss though

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>>115067310then it's back to being halfway based again

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Fuck Finn should have been a trap.

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>>115068365 this scene needs the vampire transforming into a horse and start raping finn

>>115065333Steam will always be the hottest fucking thing in r34

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>>115069129>simpson porndon't make me laugh.

They should, but they are too busy jerking off to unsincere mediocrity like Gravity Falls and Craig of the Creek

They should, but they are too busy jerking off

>>115069129Well of course it's the hottest thing. It’s steam.


>>115069129Steam? Steam from the steamed clams?

>>115069862Which is steamier, Fionna's clam or her hams?

I enjoy the raw autism of

It was pretty optimistic for a 10s cartoon.

>>115069903I do love a good steamy ham

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>>115067573Your filename made me kek.

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>>115071239Haha Jake is so cute and funny

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>>115071442 cunny


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>>115065333ya, sure

>>115065333Why wouldn't I? It's a fantastic show.

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>>115065333>not posting the superior version

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link to set?

>>115065333conditional yes

>>115065516This, used to like the show.

>>115065333I did.

>>115065333I like AT but don't like Somescrub's boring art.Of all the people to do porn for every ep of the show why'd it have to be him?

>>115073370Is that the gay version.

>>115073950Yeah, although that's an edit made on /aco/.


>>115074379ikr, edits are so fucking dumb. just make your own art

>>115069129unf, I wish I could lick those pits

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>>115075165same here

>>115065333source?haven't see that one yet

>>115067573>tfw i made that postnice

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>>115065333It was alright up until the flame princess arc made Finn into a simp.

>>115075479Read the thread, the artist name is mentioned multiple times.

>>115065748Ain't nothin' passive about that autist's aggression user

Fionna's got a nice ass


>>115065652you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who disliked the kiss liking the other parts of the finale

>>115065333Not since it toyed with my hear

>>115065333Yeah. Especially the parts where Finn has to rape the dyke out of Marceline.

>>115076372So do you ;)

>>115077085Tragic moment in Deaf user's life. We are so sorry that your hear was messed with. We hope in a most sincere fashion you will get your hear soon.


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>>115065333>short hair futa marcymuh dick

it’s a mixed bag really. You got people who like all of it, people that only like the early episodes, and people who discredit the whole series.

>>115078048>people that only like the early episodesEven within this group there's a lot of disagreement about where the show "went bad"

>>115078048Are there people who only like the later episodes of Adventure Time?

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>>115078733If you go to Reddit there's a lot of pretentious fuckwits who think the early seasons are a stupid cartoon and that it got so much "deeper" and better later on.These are the ones who think the finale was a cinematic masterpiece.

>>115065333I did, once.A long, long, long time ago.


>>115078863Look, I really like the later seasons, but you'd have to be a fool to think they're "better" simply because they grew darker and slightly more serialized. I can't stand how people these days will scoff at any cartoon that just goes out of its way to be FUN. Plus it's not even like Seasons 1-3 didn't still have thoughtful or emotional moments of their own. Adventure Time always had layers and its beginning is vastly different from its ending, but praising the latter just for LORE or MUH DEEP really is pretentious. These guys probably drooled at The Midnight Gospel even during the interviews with new age hipsters who quite literally were just rambling on about fake "magick."

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>>115065333Hot. Post moar Fionna pls

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>>115081674i wish scrub drew more fionna. he always gives her a cute belly

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>>115065333The show varies in quality so much it's hard to say

>>115081894Objectively fact season 5 is the best and so is everything before it, it just goes down hill from there

>>115081752I wish he drew more Finn. He only drew him once, and that's for a commission.

>>115082565well why don't you commission for one then?

>>115081752Is this cropped?

>> - Adventure_Time Fionna_the_Human_Girl Rule_63 Somescrub sir_slicer.png

>>115083863Thank you

Adventure Time is the ur text in "worldbuilding" and shipping ruining something that was fun.

>>115081752Is... is she lactating?

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>>115085400I think it's just lighting.


I've never seen an episode, but have read dozens of lesbian fanfics.This my preferred method of consuming media.


>>115077914Actually that's twink Marshall



>>115065333Yes, from beginning to end

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>>115088910why is olive oil in the background?


>>115089262She's waiting for Popeye

adventure time is a great and groundbreaking show with rich complex multi dimensional characters. just because most of these characters arent inherently "good" and the show doesnt go out of its way to "reform" them or try to convince you of anything, doesnt mean it has bad characters, which is what co fails to understand. take princess bubblegum for example.i also guarantee that if bubbline was a heterosexual ship, NO ONE would have batted an eye

>>115065610Nigga, there are literally hundreds of pics of Fionna. Over 1000. Just fucking, look.

>>115089472i would have.even motherfucking naruto of all things had more screentime of natuto and hinata going in dates and falling in love in the movie.

>>115089589Still not enough, though...

>>115090035coomer detected

>>115090061coomers?on my cropped porn thread?

>>115090061And proud of it!

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>>115089606>they were obviously not talking at the start of the show up through season 5, after which everyone on Holla Forums complains they were tied at the hip>bubbline's sentimental attachment to marceline and her shirt was powerful enough to raise one of the strongest entities in all of creation from an eternal slumber>multiple episodes dedicated solely to their interaction with massive subtext bombs, hints about their past, etc>an entire miniseries where they interacted copiously with obvious hints of mutual attraction and an extensive history together>seen hanging out together in the backgrounds of episodes a lot including having photographs of each other in their living spaces>comic after comic essentially confirming their canonical relationship in multiple capacities>an entire hour long special coming up dedicated to exploring them and their relationshipand thats not mentioning all the episodes where they had intimate screentime together but it wasnt the highlight of the episode. any more and surely people would be mad that they interact TOO much and that AT is shoving it down our throats, am i right?

>>115090214check the thread

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>>115090353Compared to any of Finn's relationships, bubbline got way more focus and support among the writers. That's pretty much why so many people don't like the ship.

>>115090353all we ever got were just hints and we never got to see them as an actual, official couple.we got a korra instead, very shitty.

>>115090522Also because bubblegum is a bitch.

>>115090525well, its a little tricky to openly flaunt an explicitly gay relationship in childrens media. i think we got plenty, considering we even got to see them go on dates with each other towards the end of the show, plus the finale and the special that's to come. we definitely did not get a korra i can tell you that much, almost insulting that you directly compare the two

>>115090506Somescrub is one of my favorite wholesome porn artist.

>>115090645not quite, since they reserved the ''big'' reveal just at the end then did nothing with it.lesbian rocks offered better lesbian pandering.

>>115090733are you deliberately overlooking the part where they are about to release an hour long special dedicated to them and their relationship?i'd wager becky's show is worse in this regard because they had good potential lesbian relationships like lapis + peridot and pearl + the mystery lady or even bismuth and they did absolutely jack shit with them, violently threw them in the trash even. garnet is their only saving grace

>>115090832distant lands is their chance of mending this mess of a half baked ship, i'll grant you.but honestly, i'm not expecting anything at this point.

>>115091155All the shit they have to fix to make the ship work would take more than an hour without it seeming forced.


>> Should I feel bad for not really caring about this first special? I love BMO ("Football" is one of my favorite episodes), but I'm not too excited about a full hour of them at the focus. I’m still just mainly waiting for that Finn & Jake one coming next year. An hour of my boys getting into an adventure catches my attention. I have faith all four will be cool and unique, but I would've preferred specials similar to those three miniseries, where the main cast was all used. Say what you want, but I loved Stakes, status quo-dick-sucking aside.

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>>115092027Making BMO the focus in the beginning kills any hype Distant lands may have had, he's the most boring character.

>>115092092don't talk about my son like that!

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>>115092092Fuck you, BMO is based. They just need a good supporting cast to work with, which I hope this new special provides. It already seems to fail in the waifubait. Don't you dare resort to lewding the boring bunny kid

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>>115081752I need more tummy art in general

>>115092292BMO is a good character but his episodes are better for mid season filler then begin stuff.

personally, i don't like BMO. he's annoying

>>115065333sauce now

>>115065333I think I'd stopped watching TV roughly around the time it started. Kind of like Flapjack really.

>>115093318Eh? You watch tellyvision? I thought everyone here just watches it online.

>>115093021I'm surprised a lot of other people don't think this way, sure he can do silly stuff or a line or two that can make me exhale air out of my nose, but if he's on-screen for too long the act gets a bit boring

>>115093301Read the thread.

>>115093428When I was in my mid teens, sure. Streaming quickly became more fun and easy to us though


>>115065333I like it, but stopped early on

>>115092027>HBO Max Huh? BMO gets to say fuck?

>>115094233Nope, before a character can finish a swear they get dragged off screen through a shenanigan or someone else cuts them off

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>>115094456Thank you for your offering. But feel free to share more. Any time is a good time for Fionna ass.

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>>115094456could you imagine how horny fionna gets with her robot arm prince bubblegum gave her?>somescrub image of fionna finger banging female fern into oblivion

>>115094666Why would a robot arm make you horny?

>>115095413dildo you dumb dumb, think of all the possibilities it has. we already seen it has like 500 different individual functions

I did before they made Finn into a creeper with the fire princess. That season ruined Adventure Time for me.

>>115095502He’s been a creep to her ever since they met. Season 3 was the start of the show’s fall.

>>115095502>OH, NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GAVE THE HEROIC PROTAGONIST SOME FLAWS THAT ARE BELIEVABLE FOR A GROWING TEEN HIS AGE SO THAT HE MAY LEARN FROM THEM! THAT RUINS THE E N T I R E SHOW FOR MEEE!! Yeah, it sucked to see Finn become a dumbass misguided by horny teen lust, but that was still a bold and interesting direction to take his character in throughout Season 6. And even if it let a bad taste in your mouth, it couldn't possibly have been enough to ruin the whole show for you. C'mon, man...

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>>115095666>>OH, NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GAVE THE HEROIC PROTAGONIST SOME FLAWS THAT ARE BELIEVABLE FOR A GROWING TEEN HIS AGE SO THAT HE MAY LEARN FROM THEM!he literally didn't learn from them, as soon as one girl dropped him he got sad, jake finds him another one. finn saved it but gets cucked. or the girl just leaves him for no reason

>>115095666>but that was still a bold and interesting direction to take his character in throughout Season 6.No, it wasn't, because that was the start of the writers shitting on Finn for no sane reason.

>>115065333Would the show have been better if Fiona was the main character.

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>>115095773I don't know about you guys, but I feel that characters tend to be more interesting when they have to face some pain or adversity to work through. Y'all hate the way Rick Sanchez is written, but you also hate the way Finn is written? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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>>115095863This wasn't the kind of pain or adversity that fosters genuine character development. This was actual, admitted malice on the part of the writers.

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>>115095862The r34 would've been better, I can tell you that much. More Fionna goodness and less PB or Marcy shit

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>>115094666>>115095666You speak nothing but lies satan!I'll see you in the Nightosphere, you sick horseguy!

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>>115095863Look at what he did in Frost and Fire, was that a good direction to take this character?

I like Bubbline, but the finale was fucking trash aside from that lip lock. Bullshit Finn lost an arm and all his cool swords while literally everyone else gets a relationship.

>>115095666Roastie please. The show was about a fucking boy adventurer and his dog going on wild rides of dangerous fun. Not be turned into a tumblr dyke baiting trash fire.

>>115095863Fuck off Holla Forumsmblr. You're cancer as always will be cancer. Please die in a fire screaming for your mother.

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>>115096251Well, sure. I admit it's kinda sad that such a cute teen romance was destroyed because of Finn's wet dreams, but this mature conflict was executed in a cool new way that only Adventure Time could do. And I'm sure most of us liked how Finn was actually aging in the show, so seeing him go through adolescence over time was a good direction for the show to explore with its TV-PG rating. The Cinnamon Bun jealousy was dumb and "Breezy" was bleugh, but this breakup not only allowed more space for Finn to confront his daddy issues, but it also led to him bouncing back up to adventure again and approach his Huntress Wizard relationship in a calmer, healthier way. "Flute Spell" is one of my favorite episodes. It shows Finn's development.

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>>115096514That was a lot of hot air from your asshole.

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>>115096560I wish I could suck hot air from Fionna's asshole

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>>115096619>t. Blargsnarf

>>115096514Finn acted extremely out of character in Frost and Fire. Putting his girlfriend and the Ice King, who he knows is Simon at that point, at risk because he wanted his sexual fantasy is despicable. There was no need for that kind of character development, if you can even call it that.

Comics were better.

>>115095666>but that was still a bold and interesting direction to take his character in throughout Season 6.Shut your fucking satanic ass up with that BS. All the Little People should have been the end of that crap. The show fell off the face of the earth in terms of popularity because of fucksticks like you trying to be gigabrain and deep.

>>115097276The comics barely featured FP and Finn adventures and took a big slurp from the cancer that is Bubbline.

>>115098181Bubbline kills everything it touches.

>>115097182>because he wanted his sexual fantasy is despicableWell, that's what sexual fantasy normally is all about. Seeing girls doing anal stuff for your pleasure, seeing them doing ryona stuff that pleases your peepee, thinking about penetrating a girl's urethra and having her scream how awesome it is and how much orgasmic that feeling is that you put your peepee inside one of her tiniest holes, even when you know that logically, that shit just hurts and isn't enjoyable at all. But hey, it's a fantasy. And now we have a horny teenager who normally kills monsters and zombies and other stuff, who has fun doing violent adventuring, and he gets his peepee hard seeing that girlfriend of his doing hardcore ryona? Yeah, I get that.

>>115098335Even it it seems natural, it is undeniable that he is a worse character in the later seasons compared to the early ones and this episode was a big factor in that. He did not develop in a good way as he is in every way a lesser person than he used to be.

>>115095666trips of truth. Holla Forums hates it because they project themselves onto Finn, and it ruins their escapist power fantasy.

>>115098570I disagree. Finn was much more compelling to watch in the later seasons.

>>115098706He definitely isn’t as lively as he used to be nor as optimistic. His later character may have more “depth” but he also seems to have regressed in a lot of areas.

>>115098850>He definitely isn’t as lively as he used to be nor as optimisticThat's generally what happens from 12 - 18

>>115094456>>115095736>>115096014Fionna has such a yummy, wonderful ass

>>115098940What doesn’t happen is getting weaker physically from 12 to 18. He definitely regressed in terms of fighting, just watch Stakes. His decline when it came to happiness may be what led to that and it shows that he got worse in a lot of areas. He kind of improved in maturity, not much else.

>>115099330Finn was never strong enough to take on vamps. Marceline could've kicked his ass anytime.


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>>115100497>>115100577The duality of man

>>115098181Still it gave us the Gata arc and those elder gods were fun.

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>>115101089oh baby that’s thicc

>>115099726Not talking about just Stakes, but in general. He definitely doesn’t show that he’s stronger than he was when he was younger.

>>115098143Not true. It was psychedelic, spiritualistic, and 2deep4u stuff like "The Great Bird Man," "The Vault," and "Nemesis" that turned people off, as well as the majority of Somvilay Xayaphone and Seo Kim's unfunny episodes. Jesse Moynihan's episodes during Seasons 5 and 6 also didn't help.

Attached: Finn's hair, Jake's braille-reading abilities, and the busty mermaid were the only good things about this episode .png (1280x720, 361.08K)

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>>115100455Are you feelin' it now, Mr. Crab?

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>>115065333Only before season 5

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>>115102556Then you're lame. One of the main constants of Adventure Time was the consistent sense of wonder, adventure, and weird experimentation. Lots of good jokes still came out of the last four seasons.

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>>115102681Gimme some sweaty Fionna pics

One of my fave shows

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>>115100909Who proceeded to be taken over by the obnoxious futacoomers who need to be hanged.

>>115103115I ignore then, it's better that way.

>>115103115have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

>>115081674>>115103037I wish I was that sword

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>>115103189people like making futa gata for some reason.

>>115100909I just read the Gata arc yesterday. Even though I knew she'd get written out somehow, I wasn't expecting it to be so sad.>>115103381There seems to have been a lot of pics of Finn getting fucked by a futa recently, especially with Bronwyn. MelieConiek recently made a poll asking which of three pairings people like the most, and look at which one won. At least they made a non-futa Finn x Gata blowjob animation recently.

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>>115096514>filename based

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>>115065333I liked the bits with Marceline and the Ice King before the series went to hell.

>>115104808Please explain to me how it "went to hell"...

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>>115104637strikingly similar to something i posted on a thread on Holla Forums

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>>115105469Here are my thoughts: >>115092027

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>>115065333Yes, now post vamp feet

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>>115105469i love her

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>>115092092It makes sense that we start in the distant future. Would've been a bit weird to see Finn + Jake and then timeskip to after they died and back again. It's also like a bitter reminder that the fun times we get with the characters in the next 3 specials ain't gonna last forever.

>>115101697He stacked mountains on top of each other hundreds of kilometers into the sky.

>>115106166does it count if he used telekinesis?

>>115106070We still don't got a name, right?

>>115106206That just makes him even more powerful.

>>115106211nope. btw, to the dude that posted this pic, the VA liked it on twitter.

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>>115106384>VA also voiced Tifa in FF7RSomeone will draw the bunny with big tits at one point


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>>115104860Ward and Rebecca leftGoT tier retardation ensued

>>115106793sugar leaving was for the best. I always felt like her melodramatic style was a bit incongruous with the otherwise abstract/off-beat vibe the show had going on. Did work on some great episodes though, I'll give her that.


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>>115104637>sweaty milf

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>>115106206Eh that was a one time thing.


>>115106884Cant wait for more lewds of herWhen does this come out?

>>115110262The first episode comes out June 25.

>>115103682>I wasn't expecting it to be so sad.It's still better then the final

>>115109432Shut the hell up

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>>115111085This is a fiona thread, if you want a lesbian thread make your own either way, get

>>115111363>OP is cropped gay porn

>>115111447>gay pornyou're literally retarded, its only gay if there's a male

>>115106884stupid sexy bunny

>>115106884is this bunny after or before fin dies? she's obviously a reincarnation of him

>>115111447That's femdom you tard

>>115090717>Porn artist>Wholesome

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>>115112316Compared to shit like Shad or Blargsnarf it could be seen as SFW.

>>115112316I would like to direct you to Area and her comics. Particularly Between Friends.

>>115112094It really isn't. Why is Holla Forums always so desperate to make sure EVERY cartoon has at least one waifu? Sometimes, you can just enjoy a show simply because it's entertaining rather than arousing. Amphibia has yet to have a single fuckable design, and that's fine. I still think it's funny, visually appealing, and exciting. It's not like there aren't other modern cartoons with waifus I can go fap to.

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>>115112064Actually, in English, gay simply stands for homosexuals, which includes lesbians (female homosexuals) and male homosexuals (which do not possess a specific word in English to specifically mean them). Although people do tend to use gay in reference to male homosexuals, they also use gay as an adjective for homosexual acts between women.

>>115112316Anon, there are plenty of porn artists that make wholesome (not the meme version) content. Happy Sex is a tag on sites for a reason.

>>115102881what is this

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>>115115107cute feet

>>115114435God I just want to ram that bat into her cervix

>>115106070>shea cute

>>115112560>he doesn't know

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>>115115367It's still a lame "rule" to enforce. When there's literally no waifubait in a show, I can feel fine just keeping my eyes on the show alone.

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>>115115594you have to go back.

>>115115689Ok, coomer

>>115065333I like Adventure Time, and I LOVE the effect that Fionna's appearance has on my dick.

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>>115116523you have no power here.BEGONE


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>>115069862Hahaha, I loved that meme. I hope Owen Fishback still comes around to finishing his version.

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>>115096619I wish I could sniff Fionna's sweaty panties once she strips to go shower after a sweat-filled day of adventuring and dungeon-crawling

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>>115119132yeah me too, the look on her face when she catches you doing such an act would be so funny haha

>>115065710This shit got bone in it :(

I wanna have sex with Marshall Lee

>>115071754what is this, a Jojo reference for ANTS?!