Since the Netflix Transformers series is going to be soulless halfway edgy overly serious garbage that can't commit to...

Since the Netflix Transformers series is going to be soulless halfway edgy overly serious garbage that can't commit to pleasing the edgelords with uber violence and robo guts and also can't commit to pleasing old school fans with some levity and heart, what would you want from the inevitable next Transformers animated series when it's all done?

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>>115053001A full blown 2D animated series that follow the perspectives of Optimus and Megatron, with other characters like Bee, Grimlock, and Starscream having a few episodes focusing solely on them, and how Cybertron has decayed and devolved into war. The series would also focus on the political and societal ramifications of the civil war, plus how the autobots and the decepticons effected the rest of the galaxy, especially Earth in an hypothetical Season Two.

>>115053001Shut up.

>>115053001Just make more Cyberverse. Hasbro, I'm begging you.

>>115053153How good is Cyberverse anyway?

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>>115053001>hating on Netflix on Holla Forums when a show's not even outWow, what a hot take, OP.

>>115053153Only if they hire M. Scott and Kate Leth to write more episodes. I'm serious.

>>115053194- Friendship- Death- Tentacles>>115053740 is being completely serious and I agree with them.

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>>115053477The Netflix series is already looking a lot similar to the Machinima stuff, which was HOT garbage. Stuff like Cyberverse, Rescue Bots, and RID2015 are unironically vastly superior.

>>115053818>- TentaclesWell I’m now interested.

Just fund the Trigger Transformer anime already


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>>115054049It's nice they did this pairing. They cute.

>>115053001I sort of wish these new grimdark takes would take the time to show the Wreckers, Dinobots, and Combaticons doing war crimes.

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>>115053194You can jump to watch only the third season, the earlier 2 are boring and lacking of conflict that's just pathetic.

>>115054459That's a hot take. Sure you can skip it, but I feel you are losing some character moments by skipping some of the standout episodes.

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>>115054560Like what? Grimock and Arcee? there is no other "character moment" worth to mention.

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>>115054560It's a rather extreme take

>>115054459>skipping cybertron progressively getting wartorn, shadowstriker's origin, grimlock x arcee battle buddies, windblade hugs, shockwave's seeker sass, starscream beatdown, starscream legitimately going insane, optimus prime's party, multiverse shannigans...

>>115054165>these new grimdark takes would take the time to show the Wreckers, Dinobots, and Combaticons doing war crimesI would kill for some Dinobots centered stories, especially with me being a big fan of those clods, but it be incredibly out of character for them to commit war crimes, it would make for the Combaticons or the Wreckers tho.

>>115053001Keep seething, Hopefully the WFC cartoon ends up like Prime

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>>115054656Bu-Bu-But they lack conflictZero conflict happened at all

>>115054656If you don't like Transformers as a franchise none of those things would interest you

>>115054635Velocitron, Shadow Striker, Windblade vs Slipstream, Shockwave's arrival to Earth, Maccadams, the first episodes of season 2.

>>115054696>>115054656>>115054680>>115054560I'm not sure what you hope to get out of arguing with that person

>>115054670>Cliffjumper in the poster>he dies in the first episodeI’m also not a fan of Optimus’s design here.

>>115054670>Keep seething, Hopefully the WFC cartoon ends up like PrimeA disjointed mess because nobody working on it was on the same page? Or are you implying Prime was something to behold? If so, and you're indeed a Prime fan and not just making a snarky cynical remark, I really don't think you know what you're talking about nor have you ever heard of the Machinima Prime Wars Trilogy, apparently, which this Netflix series seems to be another chapter of with a slightly bigger budget. Which as messy as Prime was, unlike Prime has absolutely zero redeeming qualities whatsoever.

>>115054728Look its expensive to make CGI anonDon't you remember how Prime painted a sandscape blue for the Antarctic? Or was it the reverse? Either way yeah you're right to like or dislike that Optimus. I like when he bulked up later

>>115054734Well Megatron was fun and Overlord was fun in that he killed more annoying charactersBut you're right cutie

>>115054670Is gonna end like the crappy Bionicle cartoon.

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>>115054670Why in god's name would you want that?

>>115054885So it would be a good show?


>>115054656>>115054696So what? They killed slipstream and nothing happened afterwards. That happens all the time, nothing.

>>115053001>what would you want from the inevitable next Transformers animated series when it's all done?Beast Wars.


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I want an animated series that embraces the batshit crazy concept, and the kids game/playtime feel the is present in Transformers Vs. GI Joe.

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>>115054749Beast Wars had some janky ass CGI as well and it was pretty baller, hell it was made in the 90s and they still made it work.


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>>115053194Didn't Kate Leth write for it? Lmao

>>115055175Yeah, and because they weren't allowing her to do agenda stuff it was the only good thing she ever did

>>115055194Based Transformers did it again.

I don’t like the CGI transformers...Why can’t they just be drawn in the Japanese-American mix medium style the original 80s cartoon had?

>>115055275cgi cheaper

>>115055286I understand that but transformers is bigger than just a random cartoon property.I want something on the level of rise of tmnt for Transformers

>>115054957>They killed slipstream and nothing happened afterwardsIt still hurts. You rarely see such deaths outside of live-action TV and movies. That said, I still think the show was pretty decent considering the bulk of the crew was just a bunch of underbudgeted amateurs. It really shows that they had fun and passion for the property they were working with.

>>115055275Because it would be too hard for your average Californian storyboarder to draw.

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>>115055355Well you're gonna be wanting that forever, because animating robots hand-drawn thru the entire run of an episode is something not even japan does. All Mecha show nowadays either use CGI or only have very limited amount of mecha action per episode. 2D Transformers is just not gonna happen unless they go for a style even simpler than TFA's and are allowed to have every transformation be re-used stock footage and other hurdles that ultimately make CGI the best possible choice for the series.

>>115055370Oh my goodness what is this? look what they did to my boy Rattrap and Grimlock.

>>115055437It's fan-art parodying Thundercats Roar, if the artist's signature of his Twitter handle wasn't evidence enough, brainlet.

>>115055355>I want something on the level of rise of tmnt for Transformers>a stlylized toon/super hero/vaguely anime Teen Titans esque cash in using the Transformers brandUh, it happened already, and it was better than Rise of the TMNT by a longshot.

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>>115055194I honestly think she was doing her best without someone stepping in but since this is Transformers and that's a thing that actually matters...

>>115053477>having any faith on netflix

>>115055466I know that, which is why I was having a spasm about it. I maybe a brainlet but I’m not that much of an brianlet.

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>>115055469>not even bothering with the nigga human companion>go straight to poo in the loo FEMALE mc>no race change, entirely OC>she's very well received overallOh am I laughing.

>>115053001Basically just Legends comics. Which honestly is just the Transformers version of Batman: Brave And The Bold

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>>115053001Animatrix but with transformers, just an anthology production heavy on lore and with many side stories.

>>115055558So, a Transformers Spotlight cartoon essentially? Cheers bro, I'll drink to that.

>>115054664Sure, but you have to have all the Dinobots. Strafe, Slash, Paddles, Grimmaster, Skar, Volcanicus, Mega-Dinobot, The Beast, and/or Dinobot and Dinobot II from Beast Wars.

>>115054705Who knows if another user lurking might listen to that person, better make sure.

I feel like if they could just do a G1 template mixed with a Beast Wars level of intrigue and development and a TF Prime level of drama and "seriousness" (along with a TF Prime budget ideally) that would be the perfect oneI feel like Cyberverse was actually close to this, but still not quite on the mark since it seemed to simultaneously want to be something like that but also always be fairly simple to fit with the "mini episode" format

>>115053001For the love of god no more Cybertron only series. I feel like my human hating younger self activated so horrible monkey's paw and now we've seen several series where it's just robots running around cities and metal wastelands. There are straight up arcs of the IDW run I can't read because of how bland and washed out the backgrounds are. That's not to say I want something hyper Earth centric, but give us a planet hopping space opera that explore all the weird shit in the Transformers universe with new characters that aren't G1/Beast Wars throwbacks Basically make Transformers Cybertron but without the CGI.

>>115057074Your younger self is smarter than you


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why don't they just adapt the IDW run?

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>>115057665Because it was SJW soap opera fanfiction kids wouldn't like

Girl only series

>>115053001A Batman: The Brave and the Bold take celebrating the franchise and all it's oddities, while also telling genuinely good stories too.

>>115055370... I'd watch itDouble if they can make the toys work

>>115055111BASED Wars

>>115054273Why did they give Wheeljack a big pornstar-stache?

>>115055002They did kinda explain. Raff speaks Binary (However the fuck you speak that) I think the implication is that Humans based Binary code off of the Cybertronian language.

>>115054670Despite what Holla Forums would have you believe, Prime is a perfectly acceptable Transformers show and considering some of the utter shit that the brand has suffered through in the years, i'd argue that it's one of the better tellings of the story.Prime is a great "Babies First Transformers" It doesn't pace itself well, but most of the fight scene's are great, it had some nice plotlines, even if some of them were completely wasted (I'm looking at you Silas/MECH and ZombAirachnid & her ZombInsecticon army.) But we had some great characters to carry us through. Miko is one of the few kid characters in the franchise who isn't annoying as fuck and this version of Megatron is one of my favourites.People forget that, yes the Franchise has had some high points, but those are few and far between, just because this isn't one of the highest points doesn't make it a lowest point.

WFC isn't getting a second season, so just take this and either love it or ignore it. Boulder is doing the next two TF shows.Beast Wars Rescue (Playskool) The Bumblebee Adventures (Kids line)The next Generations tie in won't happen until 2022. Netflix has all of the shows going forward and they're hiring a better animation studio for this one.

>>115058799>Prime is a great "Babies First Transformersthis but unironically. I've always noticed how people tend to get more invested in it if they are new to the franchise. I feel longer time fans would hate it.

>>115058875It's because we know there's better stuff out there.>>115058668Reference to Animated Wheeljack, or the hidden Masterpiece face that references Animated Wheeljack.

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>>115058668More like, "Why does Wheeljack sound like Mr Satan?"


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>>115058875>>115058974Prime isn't bad. It's not perfect either, but it isn't bad. It's still in the upper tier of Transformers shows despite its flaws.But yes, I do think it makes a decent gateway for some people because of its very "serious" tone, it disarms some people about getting into something they probably previously viewed as a silly toy thing "for kids" and allows them to witness what is cool about Transformers while still maintaining some level of "no but rly it's pretty dark sometimes"

>>1150593112/3 of its seasons are terrible. That's bad.

>>115059506Just like Cyberverse.

>>115059590But all of Cyberverse's seasons were good, so it's not just like Cyberverse.

>>115059506It's only "terrible" if you've spent countless hours dissecting it, knowing the behind the scenes drama, and having a hatred for the new fans it broughtAs it stood alone, it was fine...flawed but fine, just as any other TF series, and I would say any other action/"boy" show of it's time.

>>115053403Add Ironhide, Wheeljack and Ratchet to the Autobots, maybe Hound and Mirage too. Add Reflector, the Insecticons and Devastator, and that's all you need for a perfect G1 reboot.

>>115053001ok I'm about to say it, ok?FOC HAS THE MOST FUCKING PERFECT AMMOUNT OF GOOD ACTION DARK STORY AND INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE, WHY NOT EVEN 1 FUCKING CARTOON CAN BE LIKE THAT? WHY¿¿¿¿??? WHY FUCKING WHY, FOC IS LITERALLY THE BEST FUCKING TRANSFORMERS MEDIA EVER MADE, AND NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT IT, Netflix's wfc is a fucking piece of shit without soul, is a total garbage and the designs are bad as fuck because MUH 80'S DESIGNS FOC is totally perfect in designs and story, atmosphere, but not even 1 movie or show can be like that, Prime was an experimental genre, and yeah it was good, but FOC is almost perfect in every facing aspect, I left this franchise because Hasbro can't hold it, you can't go full rescue bots or full IDW edgy garbage, you can't, WFC/FOC was perfect in every fucking aspect, just kill this already

>>115053001>Since the Netflix Transformers series is going to be soulless halfway edgy overly serious garbageAnd that's what I want. I'm hoping this and the new Masters Of The Universe shows prove that CN is full of shit when they say any revival cartoon needs to be an unfunny Family Guy-lite bastardization or Man of Action with their "Who cares about quality? It's a kids show" mindsets.Hell, I'm not even an 80s boomer but I'm rooting for the shows.

>>115053001Really want to see Starsaber in any new transformers series. He's cool as fuck, strong warrior and competent leader.

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>>115057700Steven Universe proved otherwise. You just need characters they can pretend to be, transforming, and Fu-I mean combining.

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>>115060816Steven Universe is crap.

>>115060725If you want that, pray that the IDW take on him as a villain doesn't get repeated.

>>115060725>Is gonna be written by a bong>last bong who wrote him turned him into a joke

>>115061155IIRC, Roberts and Roche both started as part of a Transformers fanfiction group, and Star Saber as a religious zealot villain is something that came from that group's fanfic. It's safe to assume Furman wasn't part of any fanfic group.

>>115061060Popular crap with kids and adults. Especially Transformers fans.

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>>115055370Legit really like this autobot lineup actually.

>>115061480Season 4 and beyond were a mistake. Something happened behind the scenes I'm sure.

Transformers Victory main theme was so cool, I really liked when it's started playing during fight

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>>115061762Time crunch. Outright confirmed.

>>115062322And yet we had millions of idiots complaining about the hiatus, thanks a lot retards.

>>115053001Apparently Cheetor is going to be in it

>>115060816>>115061480What makes you think so? I'm sure there is some crossover with TF and SU fans like there is with literally any other cartoon considering the amount of TF shows every decade, but I don't really think there is that much of a crossover specifically to Steven Universe. In fact, I'd be willing to bet a lot of that crossover there is is strictly with the IDW comics fans considering it is literally the only TF series with anything in common with it, and yeah IDW isn't exactly the biggest money making part of the fandom, G1 and Bayformers are.>>115060516>Netflix's wfc is a fucking piece of shit without soul, is a total garbage and the designs are bad as fuck because MUH 80'S DESIGNS FOC is totally perfect in designs and story, atmosphereDisagree personally, but hey it's your opinion. But I've got say that you know WFC/FOC had a pretty good run right? There were a very decent amount of toys released for it. It happened, it made all the money it was ever going to, and it's over. No Transformers line lasts forever. >>115060523Being edgy and overly serious doesn't automatically make something "mature" you know. Transformers always had humor to it and a bit of cheesy heart to it. I'll put it like this, if a TF series is so grim that a Stan Bush song would be out of place in it, it's missing the point of the franchise.

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I fucking love Megatron, bros.

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>>115053001I kinda want shit like in some of the comics. A good mix between serious themes and problems and funny, lighthearted interactions. A good painting is never just white or black but a complex intermingling of both with shadows and a lot of different tones of grey.Settingwise I want non-Earth stuff, ideally space that shows multiple planets and colonies and I totally want a series that features other characters for once. Sure, the same 15 guys we always get should still be in there, but I want others, usually overlooked, characters to get a spotlight for once. Pluspoints if the plot is interpreted quite differently for once. I cannot stomach another generic war with a traitourous Starscream and keikau dori Shockwave, the same mains and the same deaths that ends with fucking Unicron.

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>>115062657The problem was Cartoon Network was always uncomfortable with the gay metaphors, but the series was supposed to have a gay wedding begin the arc leading to the final confrontation with a villain who was more ignorant and childish like an idiotic princess than actually malicious. Cartoon Network was telegraphing mixed messages on what they would be allowed to do beyond one more season and a movie, so the schedule was condensed to have some filler meant to build on existing characters before making a mad dash through all the final plot points. Then making the movie based on a conversation Sugar had with Neil Gaiman about exploring characters by taking away part of who they are to see what else they are. Which ended up leaving out a lot. Then they gave her another season, which she decided to turn into a mad dash through Steven’s character resolution. Cartoon Network was basically going to keep doing this, probably to avoid her getting too ambitious or demand more money, but thanks to all the crunch time Sugar is burned out. Part of Future is based on the toll that the stress took on her and her brother, who is the basis for Steven’s character. So now the show is ended with a lot of questions and she’s relaxing and evaluating her path forward. The only thing she confirmed she would return for is a stage adaptation, but apparently there are notes for another ____ Light video game so we may get that. >>115062962Reminder that IDW SJW stuff was only like six issues out of hundreds. If anything, Steven Universe would fit inti G1.

>>115062968That's gay, bro.But I agree.

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>>115063185I'm fine with that, it's just that the show had it's fair share of action but that got drastically reduced and basically every single conflict post Aquamarine got resolved by talking.

>>115062968>>115063195>tfw the new netflix series gives him huge fag lips, like Overlord but worseDropped solely off that

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>>115062968He's ultra mega

>>115061480Why are villain fucker grills so damn dedicated? >>115061762I agree. I even disliked a bunch of things that happened earlier, like turning Peridot into a little comedy grinch and the general lack of a climax. Exciting parts were always interrupted by weeks of mundane episodical stuff that wasn't even funny. And waving away the biggest conflicts with a short talk with a space dictator didn't help building up the hype either.>thanks to all the crunch time Sugar is burned out. Part of Future is based on the toll that the stress took on her and her brother, who is the basis for Steven’s character. That's kind of sad.

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I want Legends to be animated

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>>115062968Why is this design so perfect?Not a single thing I dislike about it.

>>115064897Will the DJD ever appear in a cartoon?

>>115065094An ecchi anime Transformers parody starring Windblade, Chomia and Arcee?

>>115065807And a lot of autistic explanations for Japanese G1

>>115065240I really hope so. I mean we already have "Tarn" in Cyberverse which is a very small thing but still a start. I think they could even be damn cool if the writers tone done the edginess and give more lowkey incompetent villain squad hijinks instead. That stuff can even work in a more harmless cartoon if done right.

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>>115065240Tarn did. Multiple Tarns. That's it.

>>115053001We are getting a new animated series next year from EOne. The netflix series is separate for boomers. Hasbro will chunk out new shows for kids until the kids line stops selling.

>>115062962>if a TF series is so grim that a Stan Bush song would be out of place in it, it's missing the point of the franchise.This is possibly the most true thing I've heard

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>>115065240Hopefully never.

>>115053001I want to make Optimus Prime and Megatron gay and make them kiss because fuck you geewunners. I promise I will ruin transformers as revenge on you. This is my last year at arts college, I am going to work on Transformers shows in the next 5 years.

>>115066258I wish so much the animated things would look a bit more like the comic bots, regardless which comics. I can't even recognize most fuckers in Animated and the likes and if it's not only the personality that is different but the look as well they might as well just make complete OCs out of them since the only trait they still share with the usual bots are the names and maybe the vague position. I felt like Cyberverse did it kinda right. The designs were simplified and a bit different, but the bots still looked like their originals or usual versions.

>>11506663410/10 would watch and record to see the outrage. It would kill more TF boomers than Corona.

>>115053105That literally sounds like Transformers: Cyberverse.

>>115062982Sixshot Masterpiece when?

>>115067385I would get it too, fucking give it to me already people.

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>>115066634You are not. My dad works at Hasbro and I just told him you suck.

>>115066538What's Road Rage doing in there?

>>115067094If you think that Anime characters are not "faithful", you would hate RID 2001 and the Unicron Trilogy.

unironically needs more fembots, that's why Prime was a total success, maybe Cyberverse could be like Prime but CN is trying to kill it too hard with TTGO and steven shitverse, Prime had The Hub, Cyberverse doesn't have anything more than CN, and CN hates transformers

>>115068249The anime are usually better regarding looks, I was mainly thinking of the newer western series like Prime and Animated. Not a fan of a lot of the RiD designs though, but at least I prefer the drawing style vastly over that of the others I mentioned. I do like a lot of stuff about Animated, contentwise, but damn do I hate the style, even after getting somewhat used to it. It reminds me too much of silly cartoons I watched when I was 10.

>>115053001Just make the guy who did the Rodimus ark write the story. Everyone who complained about gay robots in TF was talking about the Cybertron team. Literally no one complained about his gay robots. Again: take the good writer and put him in charge so that people will focus on the plot and character arcs instead of the robot's sexuality.

>>115068340>It reminds me too much of silly cartoons I watched when I was 10.How can you even be a Transformers fag if this bothers you? It's good vs evil robots who turn into cool shit and exist to sell toys. It has never been "mature" and never will be.>>115068331Cyberverse had more fembots than Prime which only had two...I swear nobody ever even watches things they talk about.

>>115055194Her comics were great too. I was wary because people told me about her before, especially because it featured two male bots and both of them guys I really like, but those two issues are among my favorites so far.

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>>115053001Maybe not next but since I liked the idea of a dynamic between these three>Late into the stages of the Autobot and Decepticon war, Bumblebee get's assigned a mission/quest for a McGuffin. >Something happens and he winds up alone, before meeting the neutral Windblade. She takes a liking to him and decided to help him, though also has her own reasons to be going after the ho is also after the McGuffin.>Finally Starscream's on the run after yet another coup against Megatron goes very wrong and crashes into them. Discovering what they're up to, he tries to manipulate them so he can get his hands on the McGuffin but get's the tables turned on him and is coerced into helping them instead.>Questing, hilarity, tenuous parterships, ploting, attempts at backstabing to various success, reluctant friendships, and episodes arcs that focus or feature on certain bots or Transformers lore ensues on the backdrop of the ever-dragging on war.I watched Kamen Rider OOO's once.

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>>115068524>How can you even be a Transformers fag if this bothers you?Do you only like stuff because of nostalgia? I mean even IF I did my statement would still be true because I prefer the original bots to be based on the G1 designs as they were in the comics later and still are. I wouldn't even recognize who is who in Animated or Prime for most of the time if I hadn't watched it. It makes even less sense to me liking it if you argue with notalgia, since they look completely different.

>>115067385Literally 3 of them through 3rd party manufacturers, take your pic.

>>115068220Because she's cool and should be in more things anyway. >tfw she's in IDW2It's a good feel. >>115068331>>115068524>unironically needs more fembotsI mean, to be fair that statement on its own is correct. Sure, Hasbro has been going out of their way to push the femmes a bit ore than they used to, but I ain't about to complain about more waifus.

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>>115068613What I'm saying is doesn't have to do with what designs you prefer, that's obviously personal preference and honestly I'm not even the biggest fan of Animateds asthetic even though I love the series, it has to do with the mentality that Transformers somehow needs to be "adult", because if you think that you clearly didn't actually watch G1 or Beast Wars or anything else.I think the series that tried the hardest to be mature was probably Beast Machines, and that was a pure abortion.

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>>115055413You are absolutely right but I need to correct you cuz Gundam orphan, the new Gundam build fighter and Darling of the Fran are all uses 2D mecha>>115055370If i can do it they can do it.And I didn’t even go to art school

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>>115068546>Reminder that Transformers comics matter more than whatever Marvel puts each month

>>115068673Glad you found a good waifu in Road Rage, user.

>>115068751Oh well okay my fault, I explained it badly. Cartoonish stuff can be hit or miss for me, I don't have a general problem with it and can even love it a lot if it's good. I the "silly cartoon" argument I gave was purely aesthetics related because it reminded me of cartoons I didn't like back then.I personally prefer good mixes of character driven stuff with fun and dark sides of a story. Pure happy and harmless series are as hard to do well as fullout serious stuff I think. The first can be cringe as hell if the humor is bad (love Cyberverse for example but hated Bee's highjinks in s1), the second can be devoid of emotion. It's what I am afraid of regarding WfC. The trailer seemed painfully tryhard to me and I cannot care about a series if I cannot care about the characters first and I won't if the writers are afraid of making them likeable by showing some funny scenes. quirks or friendly interactions every now and then.

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I would like to see a series be concluded with one of these in a satisfactory way and not half assed.

Attached: transdevils.jpg (1028x433, 169.52K)

>>115069260Let them combone.

>>115069275Better yet have Liege Maximo just be the Fallen. There's no reason for them to be two separate characters instead of just different versions of each other.

>>115053001>what would you want from the inevitable next Transformers animated series when it's all done?A dramatic gay robots soap opera.

>>115069178I love her. I do wish the IDW version still had the bipolar thing going on, but eh. She's still a sweethearted bodyguard/mercenary, so she's not too different. Plus, she's hanging out with Nautica, which is a nice bonus.

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>>115069346Where the climax is Optimus and Megatron kissing?

>>115068751To be fair, Beast Machines had a lot of problems>tfw Dan Didio was pissing me off years before I got back into DC Comics

>>115069364The climax would be Megatron finding he's pregnant.

>>115069446With Optimus?


>>115068751>I think the series that tried the hardest to be mature was probably Beast Machines, and that was a pure abortion.Yo, fuck Beast Machines primarily for doing my girl Blackarachnia dirty. Not only did it make her boring by pretty much erasing her duplicitous qualities, but they also had her damn near obsess over Silverbolt. At least, I think that's what happened. Been a while. Also, that design is, not good.

>>115069321Nah, the Liege Maximo being some ancient divergent from the Cybertronians before the modern age and the Decepticon/Autobot split is intriguing, where as The Fallen serves more as a precursor to Decepticons as a faction. I don't even mind both as Thirteen members, as it makes them more varied than "the fallen was the sole evil one".

>>115069536I rewatched it about 6 months ago, yeah she's a retard. Fuck them.

>>115069528But who is the father then?>tfw I now remember that idw Overlord "rebirth" scene

Can anyone point me in the direction of Japanese Transformers music? Galaxy Force especially. Seems a little old/obscure for Nyaa and Nipponsei.

Ignoring the massive amounts of bait and NOT MUH in OP's rant, I'd love for Jazz to be a main character. He was Optimus' right-hand man and the coolest guy in the room back in the day, but he's always been on the periphery in a lot of recent shows, and he was completely absent for the Cybertron trilogy, and I think he deserves a push. A few previous threads have had some decent ideas>cool big bro to Bumblebee and the inevitable human sidekicks>massive audiophile who falls in love with Earth music, especially jazz, hence his new Earth name, and every episode he's driving all the other Autobots crazy by getting really into some weird sub-sub-sub-genre or listening to opera until 3 in the morning>if we're going with him in a more lighthearted show, just turn him into Autobot Hong Kong Phooey>>115069536>>115069559To be fair, it's not like she has much time to be a schemer when she and a handful of Maximals are all that's left of a free Cybertron. Not saying she couldn't have been handled better, but it did kind of make sense

>>115069558>it makes them more varied than "the fallen was the sole evil one".I don't like the idea of having two Judas. Also since they where both created as members of the thirteen they both qualify as >ancient divergent from the Cybertronians before the modern ageLiege Maximo isn't even a name it's a title he could still be Megatronus

>>115069724>Not saying she couldn't have been handled better, but it did kind of make senseSuddenly Rattrap is a computer expert, while that was one one of her things in Beast Wars. Same for being very knowledgeable in Cybertron history. It's borderline character assassination.

>>115069821You can blame Dan Didio for that - he insisted that the BM writers make practically no effort to work with existing continuity, especially with Beast Wars.

>>115069816>I don't like the idea of having two Judas.I can appreciate the attempt to diverge them by having them be different types of Satan. Megatronus is the demonic warlord type, while Maximo is the scheming devil type. But in practice it just kinda fell flat. And to be clear, I don't even hate that they turned Liege Maximo into Loki, though that is fucking hilarious. The problem is that they went too literal with the trickster angle.


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>>115069260Has Liege Maximo ever even appeared in a cartoon?

>>115069923With the whole >Liege Maximo came into being as a counterballance to Primathing they really should've worked him into being Unicron's Spawn and a corrupter like Palpatine in ROTS.If Prima is Jesus, Megatronus is Judas than Liege should be the Anti-Christ

>>115070076He was in the flashbacks to the Primes scenes in TFP

>>115069816Thats the thing, I don't think of either as Judases, its more that it means the Thirteen as a whole were flawed and not a perfect pantheon

>>115069321>>115069816>>115070163Nah bud, I think you're getting too hung up on Biblical equivalents here. The Fallen works as a tragic character, an originally heroic Prime whose paranoia is exploited by his brother, resulting in his fall from grace as he turns on his people and creator to become the puppet of a chaos god. Liege meanwhile is just a straight-up evil motherfucker, who'll do anything to seize power through deception and trickery. Just because they're two "evil primes" doesn't mean they fill the same role or have the same character. Megatronus may have been the first Transformer to rebel against the order of things, but Liege was the TRUE first Decepticon.>>115070229This

Attached: 20180429.jpg (1179x537, 306.66K)

>>115070254>Solus Prime is the only woman of the Thirteen>straight up gets fridgedYeah yeah, bitch at me with your MUH SJWS or whatever, it's still fucking retarded. Especially since she's one of the cooler Primes, what with the blacksmith gimmick. But she's backstory dead, so there's never gonna be an opportunity for any stories featuring her. What a crock.

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>>115070254>>115070386Do you think the Last Autobot was meant to be Prima? I always thought so because he had the same color scheme and was confirmed to be one of the thirteen

>>115070386There's barely any stories featuring the Primes as is. Aside from Megatronus and Alpha Trion I guess.

>>115070420I don't believe so. I'm pretty sure The Last Autobot was always The Thirteenth Prime outside of specific continuities like Alligned where that wasn't the case.

>>115070437>There's barely any stories featuring the Primes as is.Which is honestly an even bigger problem. Okay, so we decided to stick with this idea that transformer civilization started with these thirteen demi-gods/warlords. Cool, but it doesn't seem like Hasbro had any real ideas for them. Megatronus and Liege Maximo show up as villains, but the rest are either dead or bystanders. It's, and I hate to say it, all too similar to the Lantern Corps. Good concept, no actual plans for what to do with it.

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>>115070489The thirteenth prime wasn't given any significance until Alligned outside of that it was always.>Prima is the firstand the others just sort of exist

>>115070548To be fair two things happened.1. IDW sucked for lore in general (Don't get me started on the Primus/Vector Sigma bullshit) and2. Aligned fell apart at the start because no one wanted to make it work and Hasbro fucked it up.That just left a void of>Ok these characters exist

>>115070548Solus Prime>gets killedPeople complain about that>gets killed twice more the same way in separate continuitiesHasbro, what the fuck? Though, tbf, that might have been the writers thinking 'hey that's cool, let's do it'

>>115070386Don't most of the Thirteen suffer bad ends, really? Most of them but the evil ones end up dying or suffering some sort of unfortunate, lonely fate.

>>115070437>There's barely any stories featuring the Primes as is>Aside from Megatronus and Alpha Trion >The only ones that matter

>>115070437God I would spend my fucking money for more stories about any Prime that isn't Optimus. I also generally liked that ancient semi-mythical stuff with the 13 too.

>>115070254Original Megatronus was just a Prime corrupted by Unicron, and then became his herald

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Who is the least popular or most hated bot you would hug or fuck or simply want to befriend or all three?

>>115070630>Though, tbf, that might have been the writers thinking 'hey that's cool, let's do it'I hope not cause that is some proper hack bullshit. "Hey, let's kill off one of these characters who has the most immediately obvious potential for stories for the sake of cheap drama!". Again, Solus is the blacksmith, who explicitly made weapons for her brothers. It's so easy to do stuff with that. >>115070613IDW's lore was just fine until the Thirteen were mandated in. They just do not fit with the Guiding Hand at all. >hating on IDW PrimusYeah, I can't meet you on that one, pal.

>>115070766>IDW's lore was just fine until the Thirteen were mandated in. They just do not fit with the Guiding Hand at all.I like how they handled Alpha Trion.>Hey Optimus, did I ever tell you about how I was one of the Thirteen>You WHAT?

Which Primes even have toys? I would want to have some bigger badass detailed shit for each of them but so far I have only seen this for Nova and the Fallen IIRC and I am pretty sure that the Nova toys where 3P.Please don't count Bay stuff I hate Bay stuff.

>>115070766Pretty funny the Bay movies wanted to do something with Quintus.>>115070755Hatefuck? Mistress of Flame, maybe a good dicking can do something about her haughtiness.

>>115070806Alpha Trion will never make sense as one of the Thirteen and his inclusion is stupid. Have him be an acolyte of an actual Prime.

>>115070766IDW's lore was always going to fall to shit. they wanted to go with the fedora idea of >WHAT IF GOD WAS JUST SOME DUUUUUDE BRO AND RELIGION WAS ALL BULLSHITWhich leaves the paradox of>If Primus is just some robot with the ability to mass procreate instead of a cosmic god how did he come to exist?And nothing about Vector Sigma was ever explained it just exists in a sort of paradox

>>115070894But you have the same problem with a god. Maybe I don't understand the way of thinking but having a species with an own god that creates them out of nothing sounds as magical to me as Primus.I honestly prefer the made-by-aliens storylines because of this. It makes no sense if everything else in a series follows some vague physical logic but then the birth of the species itself is fully magical. Didn't like the Primus idw stuff for the same reason. They also never explained who made the mold for Cybertron.

>>115070755I really REALLY want to like Anode, but Roberts just kinda dropped the ball with her. I think the main problem is that her lovable rogue thing wasn't really played up hard enough, so she comes across as more bratty than anything. It also doesn't help that her baggage is pretty tame compared to the rest of the Lost Light crew, or that she showed up so late in the game. I want someone to take this cute little biplane and make her a proper rapscallion little shit. >>115070844Quintus is probably the weirdest Prime, just from the ambiguity alone.

>>115071003>It makes no sense if everything else in a series follows some vague physical logicI mean they're robots with souls. The moment you try to describe a spark as anything other than a Transformers soul you've fucked up (not saying you can't add on to the idea just that you can't discard it).

>>115071008Yeah same. Anode herself isn't bad imo, but she should have been there from the start or not at all. By the time she was added the only thing she did was stealing screentime for the rest which was especially bad with all the shit going down or the aftermath of shit going down. Honestly everything about fembots was fucking shit in mtmte/ll and felt like forced filler for the sake of more female precense. Nothing against the characters or fembots, I mean the context. Velocity felt just like a filler to have a medic once First Aid was gone for a while, Nautica's storyline was time consuming bullshit that led nowhere and well we already talked about Anode. And then they even get a whole arc dedicated to them and I just wanted to be able to fast-forward. It's even worse when you consider that there were already more than enough bots on the ship that got permanentely ignored, some of them are even kind of popular among the fanbase, they could have focused on them, but nope, let's add a bunch of femOCs that didn#t even have the slightest connection to war and Cybertron and fill the time with them so that waifufags and feminists buy our shit.

>>115070827Technically they all do due to Power of the Primes, but none of them are really accurate and are mainly just random robots named after their respective Primes.Vector Prime naturally has one, as does Nexus Prime. The fallen got a Titanium figure.Alpha Trion has a Titans Return figure and a cyberverse one now. Micronus, you might as well use the POTP figure since its small. Alchemist Prime is Maccadam and thus has a figure in cyberverse. Thirteen is just Optimus, take your pick. I know you said no Bay but Prima was depicted as protoform Optimus and thats actually a pretty neat figure.My suggestions for the missing ones:Solus: Beast Hunters Arcee-Not too many fembots but I feel this has a nice enough expy and her big bow fits with the weaponmaker idea.Onyx: Universe Razorclaw. Yeah he's not a centaur, but he has a nice enough look for it. Yeah him looking like another existing character is a bit of a strech but I have a stupid fanon that Tigatron and Airrazor are both reincarnated aspects of Onyx, given their attachment to their beast modes and nature.Liege Maximo-used to actually consider making BW Torca a redeco into him way back before this Thirteen stuff even started. Still think it'd work.Amalgamous-by virtue of what he is, anythign would work, right? but maybe toss some Bayformer Megatron or some other nondescript bayfigureQuintus Prime-Alpha Q maybe?

>>115070894>>WHAT IF GOD WAS JUST SOME DUUUUUDE BRORung's a good boy. Don't be hatin'. >And nothing about Vector Sigma was ever explained it just exists in a sort of paradoxVector Sigma is never explained in any iteration. It's just a magic super computer that somehow makes sparks happen.

>>115071075I am not sure what you mean with soul. For me soul is just the mind of a sentient being. The bots are either sentient AIs to me, or a hybrid between the spark (whatever that is, physically/biologically I mean) and metal bodies. Sure there need to be an explanation how these two connected or how that symbiosis evolved but a lot of actual human biological evolution isn't much weirder than that.

>>115071141This wouldn't have been an issue if Furman didn't have such a huge bug up his ass about girl robots. Then the femmes could've indeed been there from the start. >>115071263Sparks are the physical manifestation of a transformer's consciousness. They, for all intents and purposes, ARE the person in question. The body is a glorified car.

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>>115068524>I swear nobody ever even watches things they talk about.I feel like only a handful of you guys have watched Cyberverse. It never got as big as say Prime or Animated here

>>115071192>that somehow makes sparks happen.Sparks are split of from Primus Allspark in reference to the old "divine spark" idea.It doesn't "make sparks happen" it splits them from Primus and puts them into bodies/protoforms

>>115071431EXACTLY it's the immortal soul. When Starscreams mutated/special spark allowed him to stay outside of the Allspark he continued to live past the destruction of his body

>>115071431I don't mind Furman's take on fembots, I think the problem is more attempting to build off a more traditional TF universe off Furman's original take. The whole idea behind IDW initially was telling these small scale stories as Furman's pet project, the g1 pandering of Dreamwave had tapered off and IDW was going to be more of a niche thing. Then the 07 movie happened and IDW had a hot property on their hands, and hastily had to rework their universe into one more casual readers could jump onto. Should've just made AHM a separate universe.

>>115071691>Should've just made AHM a separate universe.Honestly there was no reason not to, save for publishing Maximum Dinobots perhaps.

While we're on the topic of IDW lore, can someone explain the deal with Thunderwing. I've read his origin story several times and I still don't get it, how did grafting organic skin onto his metal body turn him into a giant planet killing monster?

Attached: Thunderwing.png (720x900, 933.69K)

I would unironincally like something taking place before the war or maybe even before Optimus became relevant or during the war but about a different group of characters even if it's just to see other guys for once and see them interacting without the obligatory roles Optimus, Megatron and their underlings and friends force them into.Will never happen though because popularity but I can dream.

>>115071992Made his crazyMade him powerfulMade him radioactive

Zeta is a faggot.

>>115070755Does Windblade count for hated? Everyone always screams about SJWs and Feminism and shit with her but she's just super cute and nice and unironically seemed like a high-tier waifu.For a character that like five people in existence care about though, I always liked Long Haul, and the idea of just chilling with him and doing vidya or something and letting him vent about how much he hates his job seems kinda nice, a lot like how I do things with my IRL friends actually.

>>115070755Part of me wants to hang out with Huffer

>>115072561I only see everybody saying that nobody likes her but the only thing I see are waifu people everywhere. I am personally torn about her, thought her intro comic series made her a really good albeit for me hardly relatable MC but I really dislike her being forced into every series from when she was created till the end of time now for the sake of it. She can be in if the writer can handle her and there is a good in-story reason for it just as with every other character, but I am not eager to her being the first character I see when I start a new series, same with Bee by the way. He started to annoy me as well for the same reason.

>>115072830Animated Bee is worst Bee.

>>115073572God Animated Bee was the worst aspect of Animated. Weighed that show down hard

>>115073608Some other things as well, but that's arguably the worst offender.

I completely checked out of the franchise around 2015 and only recently came back with the IDW reboot. What is this new netflix show? Should I wait for that or watch Cyberverse? Was the Machinma show as bad as everyone says?

>>115075088Yes, the Machinima show is bad. Watch Cyberverse.

>>115073572>>115073608>BumblebeeYou mean Hotshot?

>>115075088>What is this new netflix show?It's a show set on cybertron based on the new-ish toyline. imo it looks about as bad as Machinma's show, so just go and play WFC and FOC instead.>Should I wait for that or watch Cyberverse?Cyberverse is free on youtube and is much more visually interesting.>Was the Machinma show as bad as everyone says?Absolutely! The framerate would would make you think you have a shitty internet connection. The voice actors for combiner wars are literally about as bad as hunt down the freeman (minus a couple of people who have done voice acting like john bailey).

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>>115075805Darn, forget that part about being hot, she's cute too.

>>115069346Mtmte ended two years ago, get over it.

>>115070766>Thinking the GH is the end all be all of IDW>Barely has any impact in it's comicThis is a mtmtefag

Transformers is some tacky shit but I would watch it if the new series would acknowledge-transformer gender >>115075805-why the aliens from another planet look like robots from earth and not like unearthly creatures aka aliens (pic related)-dinobots fucking wot

Attached: 1561238634392.png (640x878, 608.43K)

>>115077880>-dinobots fucking wotThe Dinobots have two different origins so that's already been explained>why the aliens from another planet look like robots from earth and not like unearthly creatures aka aliens (pic related)because the Bayformers designs are ugly as sin>-transformer genderBeen explained, albeit shoddily. But It doesn't really need one it just werks

>>115077880>tacky shitYeah no.

>>115075805Those be birthing hips, damn.

>>115080446Since it's a robot, wouldn't they technically be called manufacturing hips? Does that mean Solus Prime is technically a fertility goddess?

Attached: 1515194750787.png (128x128, 11.19K)

>>115080585Fun fact: all the Transformers that have carried sparks other than their own have been male.

>>115078046>because the Bayformers designs are ugly as sinAnd also more humanlike than the normal designs.Shockwave has two legs, two arms, a head, and one five-fingered hand. Comparatively Bayshit gives us robot fatasses with metal beards, and sometimes has them pee on people. Bayshit is the most humanlike TF has ever been, and I mean that in the worst way possible, shit's grotesque.

>>115080585>>115080834Jesus Christ the question of reproduction and gender in Cybertronians has made me lose my god damn mind. I've tried hashing out something for a webcomic and/or writing project idea I had and all I've got is "transformers where originally given male and female personalities because the Quintessons figured that would sell" but then that opens up the can of worms about gender and sexuality on the galactic scale. Shit, on earth(and in the real world) gender and sexuality is so fucking confusing that that explanation wouldn't fly so what about alien species that are foreign to the typical biological binary gender thing? What gender would a monogendered species want? What about one that's got dozens a genders? Aaaaaaaaaa


>>115081462Why do you think most of us concluded 'yeah no fuck this nobody cares' years ago?Also, if you really want an explanation, my go-to one is 'Primus built them this way because the planet that he got stuck in that eventually became Cybertron was inhabited by a humanoid bi-gendered species and he felt really bad about accidentally wiping them out with his arrival, and made the first Transformers in their image as a sort of memorial and it just stuck'.

>>115053001Personally? I want season-long arcs.

>>115071431Even if Furman did introduce more girl robots, they'd all have been OCs. He never used any of the non-toy OCs from the cartoons before unless they were in the movie, and was unlikely to start using them at IDW. It wasn't just the girls, he'd never have brought in Alpha Trion either. It was IDW writers after him that started bringing in cartoon OCs, or characters from other iterations of Transformers.

>>115077880The Bayformer designs are utterly grotesque.They would be fine in some sci-fi horror nightmare movie I guess, but not Transformers.

>>115081963they're aliens.they're not supposed to look like they're made out of a truck or a gun.

Attached: 1572624272624.png (500x500, 312.31K)

>>115082127They're not supposed to look like shitty art instillations made out of scrapmetal either. Bayverse designs look about as alien as a retarded modern art sculpture meant to show the evils of man or some shit, they're still just as humanoid (actually significantly moreso, and in the most grotesque way imaginable at that), it's just now they look like an idiotic art major designed them because they have all their robot-guts on display so we can tell they're robots.For fuck's sake, they're supposed to be fucking war machines in the Bay movies more than just about anywhere else, yet they have designs that make it look like they forgot to put their armor on and are running around in their underwear! Maybe that's why Muhreens are able to meaningfully hurt them with handheld weapons...

>>115082185Honestly one of my biggest problems with the Bayformers movies is just how easily killed the Transformers are. They live for millions of years, they've been at war for millions of years, but most of them can be killed by one shot or one stab, only a few important characters can take a hit and survive.

>>115070386>>Solus Prime is the only woman of the Thirteen>>straight up gets fridged>Yeah yeah, bitch at me with your MUH SJWS or whatever, it's still fucking retarded.I agree, better never have female characters in anything if it means they may be killed for plot or drama. It's better they not be represented at all if this is how they are going to be treated.

>>115082127>they're not supposed to look like they're made out of a truck or a gun.What part of "Robots is disguise" don't you understand?

>>115081963I enjoyed the designs for the most part. At least until they lost alt mode stuff and were just mechanical humans like TLK and Aoe.

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>>115083711>What part of "Robots is disguise" don't you understand?To be fair, that tagline was always meaningless. Even G1 had them operating out in the open. To be less fair, fuck the fact that Robots in Disguise is often straight up ignored.

>>115080834What are you implying?

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>>115081462I liked the comic idea that females are simply evolved differently due to being born on colonies, otherwise it does not make any sense. If they are part of the rest from the start I just headcanon that gender doesn't exist and that's just us/the comic writers "translating" them as shes and hes depending on the look when the actual Cybertronian language doesn't have anything gendered. It's why I hope that no bot will bring up that topic because if it happens that logic doesn't work anymore.

>>115081462>TFW people forget the concept of a "Feminine side" that was used a lot in 90's-80's cartoons.All Transformers are ripped from Primus Allspark. Female transformers are from his feminine side.DONE

>>115085339But then there shouldn't much of a correlation between female bodytypes and female personality traits since the bodies is something sexual that makes no sense for something like the Allspark. No sense to connect "female character trait" with "tit-like chest" for example.

>>115054049Can we just get another series like this instead of whatever 15-character borefest WfC will be?

>>115054165That's the thing. I am okay with grimdark shit if it's good and if it's about a setting and idea you cannot really depict in a harmless way. I loved the Wreckers stories and I loved the Combiner arc of Galaxies, it can work, but the thing is that those are particularly dark events that are part of a bigger thing. Most Autobots try to be nice, but there is that one team that follows the no-rule policy to get things done as last resort. It's one thing showing their battle and make it dark and another thing of making literally everything, the whole galactical war and all characters' stories dark. The Wrecker trilogy also had a bunch of good character developments and bonding scenes so it wasn't just grimdark only anyway.

>>115082127>they're SUPPOSED to look like abominable garbage!

Attached: 1582295943986.jpg (392x286, 41.69K)

>>115085421Feminine side = Vector Sigma assigns it a feminine body. Primus isn't even originally a robot but an astral/cosmic entity and part of a former pantheon that probably had at least one woman in it. Most Transformers are male because he himself is male the odd female transformer is his feminine side and likely molded after the female members of the Light Pantheon

>>115055370This pic shouldn't make me mad but it does.

>>115085803It is a Powerful Forum Weapon. Thus far I have found that that image instills a feeling of rage and disgust in anyone who sees it, reguardless of how much they know about Transformers. Optimus Prime was not meant to be made out of bubbles.

>>115085794But females of other species look completely different than ours, just like males too. Vector being humancentric is illogical. Even IF all species had this Vector is still not a sexual being, so personality traits that happen more common with women here being part of him make sense, those parts being assigned to very specific forms that only exist for reproductive reasons does not. There is no logic behind that, I hate it.

>>115085859>Optimus Prime was not meant to be made out of bubbles.Basically this. Them being robots should mean at least something and be somewhat depicted in the looks. But even that aside, the designs are ugly as shit and I would never be able to take such a series seriously, regardless of the content it has. Funny enough I hated the shit out of such retarded designs as kid so I don't know where this meme comes from that kids want that. Most 80/90s four year olds liked He-Man and Captain Future.

>>115085871>But females of other species look completely different than oursThe Light Pantheon was pretty humanoid

>>115055558>>115055586Fucking shit this is an awesome idea. It's probably the only way to give randos and plot device or flashback characters a spotlight for once and it would also be a perfect reason to have an event take place anywhere that isn't Iacon or Earth and during different eras. You can also use it showing the PoVs of characters we only knew as antagonists so far to see their interpretation of things.

Attached: EU6V1i5UcAUAB5S.jpg (768x1024, 135.27K)

>>115085943I remember absolutely hating Chibishit as a kid and loving cool looking action cartoons

>>115057665Impossible to adapt due to the length and entanglements with other series. Even for mtmte alone which is pretty much its own thing a bunch of arcs would have no meaning without having seen other series, like Overlord's reveal without reading The Last Stand before, or Dark Cybertron without RiD. Skipping these parts altogether is even worse though, a lot things in the arc following Dark Cybertron wouldn't make much sense without it. The only possiblity would be a semi-adaption that's losely based on it, something I might even consider good, since there are a lot of parts that felt like missing or that should be a bit different and better.

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>>115061597Add in Jazz, Ironhide, Elita-1 and Strongarm, and you have the perfect starting lineup for an Earth-based cartoon

Attached: 1586199099_mpjA7fFsj_k.jpg (1280x693, 163.64K)

>>115087984>No triple changer Megatron

>>115088813You get a flying tank.

>>115086858Still hate Chibishit?

>>115090558Yes but not as vehemently now I've just grown into silently disliking it

>>115086858Yeah this is what I mean. There is a reason for why 99% of the last generation's gamer kids were rather into CoD than Animal Crossing or something. The only people I know that like the latter are boomers and people in their late 20s. Kids watch stuff differently, they want cool looking skeleton villains or space ships and since the social part of the brain isn't fully developed yet they have zero interest in romances and the likes and series with nothing but funny friendships events bore them because they are perceived as nothing ever happening. Well it's kind of true in that case even, but most adults don't think that way or else shit like scripted reality and non-plot series wouldn't be that popular.

>>115087984Will we ever see animated robots that look like this in a distant future?

>>115091000Christ I hope so, but it would require Hasbro to stop having every series be made with CGI for that to happen.

>>115091097I hope CGI will evolve enough to look like this one day. I mean some CGI I have seen in a few anime and especially games looked almost like 2D but with the advantage of never being off-model and making complex and smooth action scenes ten times easier to do. It's also good because you can animate complex designs better so TFs wouldn't have to be downgraded to the level of calarts or something to make animation easier. The problem is that most CGI tries either to simulate live action or it's full pixar. I prefer CGI with outlines that copy cartoon or anime styles.

>>115090965I mean there has to be a difference between boys and girls. Girls had cutesy shit since forever but that never plays well with boys. I remember a Fairy Odd Parents episode that perfectly depicted it. For boys whatever part of the brain that finds stuff "cute" more or less hasn't come into play yet. I think the problem is that now they're trying to make shows for both that appeal to neither

>>115091559I dunno, girls watched the same things the boys watched when I was a kid. Actually, female teens and adults seem even more into dark shit and drama than males are to me. Even with anime men prefer moe fluff whereas series aimed at girls has some detective and crime shit going on or outright edgy stuff, they are also more likely to like dark or evil characters than guys it seems.

>>115091635I mean if we're talking anime than it should be noted that Shonen is literally boys manga while Shojo is literally girls manga. Shojo definitely focuses on romance far more than Shonen

>>115091559>For boys whatever part of the brain that finds stuff "cute" more or less hasn't come into play yet.Damn this exists? I pissed a lot of people off in my life for being completely incapable of finding things cute and wondered if I might just find different stuff cute than most people but it rather feels like this feeling doesn't exist in my brain to begin with. If this was something you to somehow develope or that can be missing it would explain a whole lot of things. I am not sure I know what people even mean when they find something cute, it doesn't even work on pets for me. Not even a boy.

>>115091724I think it's tied to the paternal instinct (I mean obviously parents have to find their offspring oh so precious). Looking it up it's something related to the "Nucleus accumbens"

>>115091713Yes that true, but both can be dark, it depends on the specific series. I even said that grills tend to prefer drama so there is no contradiction with shoujo, if anything it feels like shounen prefer to have clear structures regarding relationships, friends are always friends, enemies are always the enemy and get defeated at the end, whereas shoujo often has protags or love interests with dark secrets or immoral behavior and villains are often love interests themselves or somehow connected with the protags. I think girls prefer social drama and have less of a problem with edgy stuff as long as it's pandering in some way or making their husbandos more interesting whereas boys prefer outside conflicts, basically good vs evil, and when they do love dark stuff they prefer it to be not personality related and rather, again, some outside thing, like the villain burning MC's village down for;dr it actually seems that they aren't much different regarding fluff/dark but that they prefer different kinds of fluff and dark

>>115091837I vaguely remember my biology teacher painting me as evil during class because she said I didn't have [something], you are right. I wonder why some people don't have it. Maybe autism or something.

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>>115087984Anime Sam looks like Guts.

Attached: tsundere guts.jpg (1200x900, 82.32K)

>>115091902I'd also like to add that you bring up teens where as when I say boys and girls I'm specifically referring to prepubescents where as you brought up teens. I think by puberty boys get the same instinct.

>>115092219Well yeah it's hard to me to judge, I only had two female friends as pre-teen and they both watched the same stuff (He-Man, Darkwing Duck and Animals from the farthing Wood mainly) so it might vary a lot especially when the parents are normalfags that force them to watch girly stuff. I acutally blame a lot of the social media outrage on soccer moms that never allowed their daughters to play or watch normal things and now that they became adults they cannot deal with dark stuff and call it problematique and whatever other buzzwords they use.

>>115092381>Parents force them memeThat's widely discredited feminist propaganda whenever they do studies on very young children and the toys they play with boys always gravitate to trucks and things like that while girls go for dolls.Tomboys exist of course and people vary but these trends aren't just a product of socialization and it's a desperate social science meme to pretend it is

>>115092525Well I can only talk about myself and those I know. Maybe it's simply because you only associate with people who are similat to you so I would never become friends with girly girls to begin with since there was no common ground regarding hobbies. >Tomboys exist of course and people vary but these trends aren't just a product of socialization and it's a desperate social science meme to pretend it isCould also be that you are right. I associated it because the guylike girls I know had fathers that gifted them shooter and space games and the likes when they were still very young and they grew up among groups that were mainly consisting of boys, but that might as well be a coincidence and a generic girl wouldn't have played shooter games for example even if they would have gotten them for free. Anyway it kinda depresses me I don't care about gender shit but I cannot get along with fluff people and hate what they do and knowing that the majority of women will always act like spoiled princesses makes me sad because they are destroying the internet.

>>115077880>>115081963I still don't get why they did this. You neither please the bot fuckers with this nor the G1 boomers. So no idea whom the movies are even made for, probably just normalfags and tricking TF fags with the brand name. Didn't work for me, fuck cinema in general.

Attached: adb.gif (472x360, 873.18K)

>>115092763>knowing that the majority of women will always act like spoiled princesses makes me sad because they are destroying the internetThe absolute state of society

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>>115073608Why do they always do this retarded shit with Bee? They made him an annoying idiotic shit in Cyberverse too and in other series he has asperger and cannot talk.

>>115071555I always wonder about that. I feel like even the idw comic hype was mainly Prime fags switching to the comics. I am not complaining and I like the comics, I just wonder why it was only Prime that attracted so many fucking people. It's not the only series that has serious parts but something about it just drove in this gigantic fan crowd.

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>>115093523He's the kid-appeal/audience surrogate character comes with the territory

>>115093619Movie hype and interesting characters.

>Watching Beast Wars>They had a shitload of Stasis Pods that were unaccounted forDid they ever address that?

>>115093523He gets better in Season 2 of Cyberverse.

>>115093926I counted in the initial scene.There was a total of 18 pods some of which Megatron revealed later where blanks. With that in mind we can safely say they where probably picked up at the end of the series as most of the stasis pods were in orbit and where landing throughout the course of the series

>>115093926>Did they ever address that?They did in IDW's Beast Wars comics.

Attached: file.png (1543x800, 3.5M)


>>115093790Guess I should hope for more movies then even if I don't like and watch them.

Attached: 1578264054611.gif (498x373, 1.79M)

>>115095547Fuck I needed this.

You are not a real man if you never thought of fucking your car or a tank.

>>115093523Season 1 Cyberverse Bumblebee has LITERAL brain damage. He gets better.As for why they do it, Cyberverse premiered around the Bumblebee movie release. Gotta have that synergy.The Bumblebee movie had it because it started out as a Bayverse prequel.

>>115096853>The Bumblebee movie had it because it started out as a Bayverse prequel.Controversial opinion, but I think the design the gave Bee in his own movie was top-notch. Despite the face being Bayverse inspired.

I just finished watching all of Transformers Animated. What's the general consensus on the other series? I know Beast Wars is one of the more acclaimed entries, so I already downloaded all of it for later, and I've been watching G1 out of curiosity to see how this big ol' franchise started. How do the other series hold up? I'm kinda interested in the Unicron Trilogy since I remember having a lot of Armada/Cybertron toys as a kid but only vaguely remember reruns of Cybertron.

>>115097677>I'm kinda interested in the Unicron TrilogyLower your expectations immediately

>>115097698To be honest I haven't heard much good about the trilogy, but is at least Armada and Cybertron worth watching? Those were the two I was mostly interested about, and I haven't heard a SINGLE thing about Energon.

>>115097928>I haven't heard a SINGLE thing about Energon.And there's a very good reason why

>>115097240Get the fuck overself, everybody thought that

>>115097985And what IS that reason?

>>115097928Armada repeats almost the exact same plot every episode until about half way through, it gets a decent amount of mileage out of the premise, but... well, you can only squeeze so much water from a stone. After that it actually gets pretty interesting (once they leave Earth the entire rest of the series is basically dedicated to one long, massive battle against Unicron), but it's a real slow burn to get there. Also the dub is jank and was rushed due to CN demanding they have like 60 episodes done before they even considered accepting it. The animation suffers sometimes for the same reason.Cybertron's big issue is that the CGI looks kinda bad and clashes with the 2d animation, and it has one arc that goes on way, way too long, otherwise it's actually pretty good.As for Energon... look, just look up the premise for the first episode and imagine what the series would be like based off that, the result will be better than the actual series no matter what.

>>115098096What's the recycled plot for each Armada episode? Would the sub be any better?In fact, would sub be better than dub for these since they're anime and all?>that Energon description Is it THAT bad? Is it the worst Transformers thing ever or something?

>>115098036Energon is real, *real* bad. See pic related, they couldn't even spell the title cards properly. Words cannot even begin to convey how fucking bad the animation is (CARS DRIVING THROUGH SPACE ON NOTHING! EVERY EXPLOSION IS THE EXACT SAME EFFECT COPYPASTED! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE WALKCYCLES AAAA!). The plot is incoherent to a comical degree, the characters get worse as the series goes on, it features a human lead who is best described as 'Shinji Ikari but with every redeemable quality removed and replaced with TEEN ANGST', it just goes on...

>>115098222I've never watched Superlink, so I dunno, it might be, but I think the dub changed a bunch of stuff so it's something of a different show.As for the repeated plot, it's 'There's a Minicon out in the world somewhere, find it before the Decepticons do!', with the Autobots and Decepticons constantly coming to blows over Minicons. The 'cons actually won fairly frequently, and the things changed hands repeatedly. As I said, it stretches it about as much as you can... but it's still literally the same plot every episode.

>>115094838Really should. Movies are the only reason we got some things. Masterpiece would likely still be a small thing since there would never have been such a huge influx of cash. The highmoon games likely would never have been a thing.Which, we really need a new big budget game.

>>115069027>>115055413Granbelm (2019) came from a newer no-name studio and still had consistent 2D mecha action and actually decent fights that weren't stilted or overly limited.Though the only thing against it is that it's SD style mecha but mecha nonetheless. It's possible for Japan, but you might as well burn the money because they don't sell well at all without merch supporting it like the new Wataru show which is another recent full 2D mecha show (but also SD).

Attached: White Lily.png (700x394, 256.8K)

>>115098222>Is it THAT bad?NoIt's worse

>>115097996Not me I think he is ugly. He looks either like a retarded adult or a toddler. Better than Bayformer shit maybe but still unesthetic as fuck.

>>115093926Season 2's opening. Not sure how far you are.

>>115098222Is it the worst Transformers thing ever or something?Yeah.

Attached: 1564279419726.gif (400x238, 1.97M)

>>115099152But Beastwars looks as terrible as this and people praise it all the time. Granted, I wouldn't be able to watch any of them I think. I saw one cartoon that looked nice but it seems like it has a shitty plot considering anons' commentaries on it.Don't ask me which, they always recycle damn titles for cartoons and games and comics so I have no idea what is what anymore but it looked good despite being CGI.

>>115099341>But Beastwars looks as terrible as this and people praise it all the time.falseBeast wars also had good writers who developed the characters.

>>115099341>But Beastwars looks as terrible as thisThis is bait

>>115099621Maybe bait is what we need to keep the thread alive.What's the tier list for Transformers shows?

>>115100096Beast Wars >>>> Everything else personally I think Prime and Animated are after it but the top is undisputed

>>115099341Beast Wars was actually pretty well animated despite its limited technology.

>>115099341>>115101025Beast Wars was cutting edge when it came out

>>115099621Are you kidding? It looks like fucking shit. The movement itself is better than that gif user talked about but the optics are still horror. I know people like it and there might be reasons for it and I believe it, but I cannot watch it, it looks like moving vomit and I bet no single fan of it has seen it now the first time but watched it as kid and somehow thinks it looks good because of that.

>>115100852>>115101584I could never get into it because I can't get into that whole furry stuff. Bots being bots and looking anorganic is the reason for why I even got into Transformers in the first place.

>>115101690They upgrade as the series goes on

>>115100096Your own personal tier list will matter more than anything any of us can post

>>115100096That's like asking "who is objectively the best bot" and the result is that you will get 120 different answers and people will kill each other over itProwl.


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Attached: Gorilla Warfare.webm (640x480, 2.84M)

>>115064325>my edit is getting repostedI have achieved immortality.

>>115101942You're kidding yourself the answer is Beast Wars it's not even argued I don't know where you get the idea that it's a contentious question Just because it would be for most other franchises I guess?

I hope we get something that explores Megatron and Starscream's relationship more, similar to IDW

Attached: RCO022_1583528843.jpg (1090x817, 270.7K)

>>115103810Hmmm, what if Windblade met Megatron.

>>115104683Depends on where he is in his timeline.

>>115104979Soon to be reformed and reformed Megatron.

>>115105275I think both of those would be intrigued by her, though the former would still be too hostile and preoccupied with his own shit to choose to get to know her. Fully reformed Megs would likely be impressed by her accomplishments, especially bringing the best out in Starscream. He'd probably end up treating her like a little sister if they got enough time to socialize.

>>115102865Garry Chalk is a GOAT VA.

>>115062675FUCKINGGLORIOUSBeast Wars doesn’t need to be in the past or future. They can just be Autobot and Decepticon teams.

Attached: 98BED49C-4221-4660-809E-A8A80ECAA703.jpg (900x1259, 394.88K)

>>115062675Are you sure you're not thinking of Cyberverse?

Attached: CyberverseCheetor.jpg (693x1033, 184.64K)

>>115105763Toy listing leak via Walmart for Earthrise.

Attached: 852515B9-DA3A-41FD-BAA1-0903E66F9248.jpg (680x515, 65.28K)


>>115061155>>115061211That bean said, iirc the solicits talk about Autobots lacking leadership on Cybertron. Seeing how we know Xaaron eventually takes charge, Star Saber (who might face against Straxus as per the cover) might be fated to meet a similar end as the fellows from issue #0...>tfw Star Saber jobs to Straxus but Blaster managed to take him down

>>115053001Do you guys know if the IDW Bayverse prequel comics are any good?

>>115107606Why are you specifying prequel comics? Why not non-prequel?

>>115103810It's been dissapointing to me that so many tv versions have decided that Megatron would just kick Starscream out when he tries to overthrow him to many times.The idea that Megs has gone slightly nuts and keeps him around to prove a point/gets off on some sort of power shtick is way more fun and interesting.

Attached: RCO024_1491801054.jpg (1920x3027, 1.05M)

Another toy recently got added to the "can be used to represent canon female Optimus" list.

Attached: canon alternate universe female optimus.png (1466x1671, 1.96M)

>>115108640based Sakamoto

>>115108049He presumably said "prequel" because almost all of the Bayformers comics are either movie adaptations, or prequels to one of the movies.

>>115106036>Dr Smoov takes blu-ray clips and reuses the old audio to create Special Edition versions of his old gag dubsBest idea or BEST idea?

>>115108640See yellow gril Optimus, what do?

>>115060516Fucking this. I can stomach more than five minutes of shit like resque bots aca and the likes, not only because of the cringe humor that is literally meant to make three year olds laugh, but the whole garbage pseudo-human setting and robot kids. It's the same reason for why I hate highschool spin-offs of anime that are usually some historical action story or something. Full edge like the Netflix WfC seems to be is shit too though and ironically for the same reason as childish series: it doesn't generate any kind of excitement. Fullout kid's shows these days won't because nothing serious ever happens and edgelord stuff won't because the writers of such shows tend to consider feelings being for fags so all of their characters are defined as being badass fighters and nobody ever relaxes or has personality traits aside from being the justive guy or maniac genocider. Just give me a good mix please.

>>115110675Chip Chase and Charlie remain the only good human companions who aren’t also a Transformer.

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>>115108348At that point you step over Beast Wars Megatron's toesWhich is good because he was awesome

I wan an entire comic series of Ban's style of transformers.

>>115060725Sad we will never get him. He would work best as one of the main Autobots but there is no room for him with Optimus beign there. Maybe as higher up of some sub-faction of Autobots.>>115060816>Rodimus between Darn and ObaloadEven if they were all trying to do something right this combination would only cause mayhem and accidental devastation.

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>>115112824The Crystal Gems were Decepticons.

>>115112896Never realized that but you are right. Funny enough there are quite a lot of weird similarities between these two series.


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>>115113425If you change all the characters to Transformers the show doesn't really change much.

>>115114330>Felix looks a little apologeticIt's the little things...

>>115069260My problem with that is that the only way to make their threats legitimate is a decent kill count. A high kill count, however, is usually exhaustingly dark and an unsatisfying end for many characters.

>>115111399My favorite by far is Verity. But yeah most humans are very meh and the series would be better without them. I generally think that a single human among Transformers witnessing their life and fights and somewhat participating or simply observing is a more interesting setting than TFs being on Earth surrounded by millions of humans.

>>115114822Who would be White? Zeta Prime? But I totally agree with you, it's funny. TF is literally the Metal Men series SU fags always joked about.>>115115515I think it can work when they show the general destruction and the effects it has on life as well as many dead randos. That way characters you love don't die (or only a few) but the feeling of war, loss and danger are still transmitted if done correctly. I hope the new series or continuities won't do that shit again and kill most of the cast.

>>115116063Transtectors and Godmasters alongside Sari would be my ideal human team. They just join fights as Transformers, because they are Transformers. Like Diaclone. Bumblebee 2 would be improved if John Cena could transform into a cube that goes into the chest of a protoform to become Johntron.

>>115105763That's a pretty chad looking Cheetor

>>115116173Nova: white, Sentinel: yellow, Nominus: blue. Shit, it kinda works.

>>115117469Sentinel is exactly the huge stick-in-ass type of person I assumed Yellow to be and she even was, though to a lesser degree. White/Nova as the first of that bunch matches as well. >Nominus was a whiny bitch just as BlueFinally confirmation.

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>>115117745Seriously, the only odd thing is the corruption and SU is basically a Transformers fic.

>>115118262Hate Plague+The Beast=Cybertronian Corruption?The only problem is the Diamonds are more on par with the Guiding Hand than the mortal Primes or even the Thirteen.

Attached: D07EA8D6-16A3-46E2-9EEB-31449B7BBD63.jpg (474x711, 72.69K)

>>115118448Details, details, it doesn't have to be 1:1, some artistic liberty can be taken like having the Titans terraform other planets and Vector Sigma being at the center of Cybertron.Btw, the US Marvel comics mutants could very well serve as analogues of the Off Colors.

>>115117469Someone should draw these characters together.

>>115118931Only if it's the chad Primes beating the fuck out of the virgin Diamond Authority

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What's your favorite Optimus Prime design and why is it Galaxy Force/Cybertron?

Attached: United_optimus_sonicwingmode.png (425x518, 473.62K)

>>115053001This is going to be hot, soulless garbage filled with transbots and lesbots and CBR and CA and whatever other pop culture website that survives this Book of Revelations that's currently happening is going to tell you to GUZZLE it down or your a bigot!That's whats going to happen.MARK MY WORDS!Frenzy and Rumble? INCESTUOUS LESBOTS!Starscream? LEATHER PANTS'D!Bumblebee/Goldbug? EVERYONE'S FAVORITE UKE!Megatron and Optimus' relationship? uWu IT'S TWOO WUV!I'm right! I'M RIGHT! MARK MY WORDS! I'M RIGHT!


Attached: b87.png (600x566, 363.66K)

>>115119173How to get redemption>the Diamonds: crying and sobbing>the Primes: redemption nothing, you have to beat the crap out of this motherfuckers before they kill you

>>115113425Steven Universe feels like a midern reboot of an 80's merchandise driven show.

>>115119367Your derision only confirms my PROPHECY!

>>115119327>Starscream? LEATHER PANTS'D!I kinda always assumed Starscream was a robohomo.

>>115119547Not like that! They'll make him far more attractive!They'll turn him into the bad boy that the fans will think they can save when they self insert into Windblade...When they're not turning him into a weepy robohomo that wants to take it it from every other seeker (including the coneheads!)...

>>115119327Man, I'd almost prefer that hot, steaming pile of spunk over what this is actually probably going to be. Because this is probably actually just going to be Prime Wars 2: Soul Sucking Boredom Boogaloo.At least if it was full of retarded gay shit it could be laughed at, but as it is it's probably going to be a soulless empty husk of a show parroting the plot beats of other, better shit that came before it, and doing a shitty job at it. Maybe the animation will be advanced enough to not make me want to vomit this time at least.

>>115119738>They'll turn him into the bad boy that the fans will think they can save when they self insert into Windblade...You mean that thing Starscream fans already think- when not calling Windblade and every other character who has ever opposed Starshitter 'abusive'?>When they're not turning him into a weepy robohomo that wants to take it it from every other seeker (including the coneheads!Ah, so the thing every Fujoshi has written fan fiction about since the early 80s?What I'm getting here is that they're just going to hire a fujoshit to write this series as a replacement for the dipshits from Prime Wars. Doubtlessly it will be an improvement.