Tangled/Frozen/PrincessesWhere can we go from Frozen 2?

Tangled/Frozen/PrincessesWhere can we go from Frozen 2?

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>>115043332Only way from the bottom is up, so...

Completely rewrite Kristoff. Give him a personality. He's a grumpy loner but Anna brings out how kind he is. Develop him and Anna's relationship. The trust they feel, the love they share. Give them an arc where they're building a future together.Then kill him.

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>>115043332Rapunzel is perfect in this art, you can crop out elsa though

>>115043970>Completely rewrite Kristoff. Give him a personality. He's a grumpy loner but Anna brings out how kind he is. Develop him and Anna's relationship. The trust they feel, the love they share. Give them an arc where they're building a future together.>Then kill him.>>115043332

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Salamanders are not reptiles

>>115043332We can go pretty much anywhere, but I fear the direction will be a stupid one.

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>>115045051That was not Raps. Raps would never throw Eugene under the bus like she did. This cunt is an imposter.

I wish I was Rapunzel so bad it hurts.

>>115047788Only imposter Raps would wear shoes

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I was thinking about watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time on Disney+ but I don’t feel like I want to get attached to another princess after the journey I went on with Raps. It feels like I’d be cheating on my fav princess AND prince. ;_;

>>115049138Don't worry Aurora doesn't really have a personality.Maleficent on the other hand... Oh my

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>>115049187I mostly want to watch it because of the Maleficent films. I wanted to check them out. I should see them at least once, but don’t feel right without knowing the basic story of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

>>115049187>Don't worry Aurora doesn't really have a personality.Damn, that is some cold hard truth right there.

>>115049241The primary difference, beyond EVERYTHING, is that Maleficent is openly and unashamedly evil. She is a witch who calls on the dark powers of Hell. The closest thing she has to sympathy is what another character says about her>>Maleficent doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping others. You know, sometimes I really don't think she's very happy.

>>115049187How does she does she compare to Snow White?

>>115049906Sounds like she’s the Anti-Raps.

>>115049931She has must nicer hair


>>115049931Snow White is a brainless pollyanna who radiates innocence and mommy-loveAurora is dreamy and vague with a kind of sleepy calm. She's pretty dull

>>115043332>PrincessesIt's a hard world out there

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>>115050221If Disney ever decided to make a live action Snow White once everyone forgets those other god awful films... will they be giving her the Jasmine treatment?

>>115049187Aurora barely has her screen time and dialogues in Sleeping Beauty. The major characters are the three fairies.

>>115050533Is Adira and Kiera from China? They look Asian.

>>115049906Is Aurora even in the live action films?

>>115050221Aurora is popular among the "I could only get a girl if she was drugged and half conscious" crowd.

>>115050533china virus go back!

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>>115050651How do you know it didn’t start in Raps’ kingdom? They have a suspicious name.

>>115050651Why do people hate Anna?

>>115050933She's my favorite and I'm totally not Elsa.

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>>115050933those people are missing out

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>>115050651If I take that off, will you die?

While it's literally impossible to argue that Rapunzel isn't best princess, I'm curious who is second best?I think either Belle or Jasmine

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>>115051111It will be extremely painful.

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>>115051222Jasmine. Belle isn’t shit anymore. Her main thing was that she reads but Raps reads as well. Belle is as boring and uninspired as Aurora or Snow White.Jasmine was among one of the first of the “girl power” princesses because she didn’t stand for decisions made without her consent and the new iteration of her became a fucking sultan.It’s either Jasmine or Mulan.


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>>115051222Fight me.

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>>115050593Adira's design is inspired by Korean warrior if I remember.

>>115051358>>115051402It's hard to decide who's worse. On one hand an selfish genocidal twitOn the other an emotionless Mary Sue with more stupid lore in her backstory than all the prequels combinedGonna have to give this one to Star because Between Friends was beautiful

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>>115051358She killed millions

I cannot stop watching this scene. Why does this scene give me the feels?youtu.be/e2JEweN_HjAThe fact that the proposal came on the boat overlooking the kingdom like in the film. Eugene still willing to keep that promise. Rapunzel finally feeling ready to settle down.

>>115051595She only killed undesirables.

>>115051358Didn't she commit genocide

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There is a short with Shorty and Raps where he draws in her journal?youtu.be/fz7TbZwK3m0And was the implication throughout the movie and series that Shorty is really always drunk but they can’t make it obvious because it’s a kids cartoon?

Who did Star Butterfly kill without giving away too much?

>>115051612The proposal also recalled Eugene's promise to her in Before Ever After. It's a nice parallel.youtube.com/watch?v=-a7MsaH6jbw

>>115051841In the movie he was a drunkIn the show he's a mentally ill trash person who fucks goats

>>115052193How is shorty mentally ill?

>>115052172Why do their relationship feel organic and real?

>>115051358Get the fuck outta here Star!

>>115043332Has anything come out about the upcoming movie other than Awkwafina is in it? Have we gotten any concept art or anything?

>>115050025Anon, if you're here.Here's the translation.

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>>115052502Not him but thank you very much user!Will you keep posting the demonfencer translations here?

>>115051254You're a small girl.

What is Tangled Ever After and should I watch it? I don’t see it on Disney+.

>>115052661You're welcome, m8.I think I'll call it a night.I'll try to post more translations tomorrow, in whatever the active thread of Frozen might be.

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>>115052502Thanks user, feels like Rapunzel should be blushing in that third panel to make make the intention clear with this new translation

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>>115050614The first one, yesBut she's even more forgettable than the restFucking Stephen is more memorable in that version (and honestly the original imo) because of how fucking AWFUL his characterization is

>>115049906I genuinely miss unambiguously evil villains.

>>115052502Sick dodging skills

>>115052502Does Rapunzel want Elsa for herself?Is she disgusted by the idea of incest?Her motives are a mystery.

>>115052825It's Rapunzel and Eugene's Wedding. It should be in the Disney Short Film Collection. If not:dailymotion.com/video/x1lfl35

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>>115052913You're welcome, user.>feels like Rapunzel should be blushing in that third panel to make make the intention clearWell, I'm not a drawfag and that seems to be the artist's style.I'm gonna assume you're the user who submitted the request:In you original post you asked for a little insight regarding the translation.I honestly can't tell you how could you possibly make the mistake he made, unless he simply copied the wrong text on Google translate or something, which might be the correct assumption.

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>>115052922I wish they'd never gone full bad guy with him. If the film had kept him a gutless coward up until the end it would have sucked less.

>>115052747For you.

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>>115052876>>115053165translateanon do you take Tangled requests? I mean without Frozen characters

>>115053165Yeah just thinking how a small visual cue could have helped. Though as you said the biggest thing is the mistranslation right before the punchline

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>>115052913I hadn’t even considered the possibility that she might be after Anna

>>115053360Sorry, m8, I'm just doing Frozen stuff at the moment.

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>>115043332More crossover stuff would be nice. Basically the only thing people remember from Ralph Breaks the Internet fondly

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>>115053461She's straight but still doesn't like being used as a pick up line practice dummy

>>115053119I don’t get why they don’t have it, but thanks for link.

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>>115053611Be cool to have Maleficent as the villain. Maybe Aurora is violently pissed she never got the chance to confront the woman who destroyed her entire life over absolutely nothing.Have Merida's Glaswegian gibberish be a running gag. Include a moment where even Maleficent has a moment of "dafuq did she just say?"

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>>115053438Anna that's not how you hold a sword.

>>115053660Guessing it's a rights issue. Netflix still has the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection which includes the wedding. Disney+ should get whenever that contract lapses

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>>115053874>>meanwhile in the servant's quarters

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>>115052825>Tangled Ever After isn't in D+

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I think we were having a fantastic streak of good and active Frozen threads and didn't need a crossover one.

>>115043332>Tangled/Frozen/Princesses>Where can we go from Frozen 2?Aladdin like TV show where Elsa travels the world with her water horse and fire lizard, learning to control her powers and eventually becoming the first Avatar. During the time, the kingdom gets more and more fucked. Elsa finds a bf, eventually comes back, destroys whatever thing is fucking the kingdom and anna joyfully gives the kindgom back. Elsa has 20 children.

>>115054378I agree.Although I believe this one was created by the Tangledfags, considering it was up while the Frozen thread was still alive and the Tangled thread was in the archive. But who knows? Perhaps a combo thread will help us rest a bit come back strengthened to our next solo thread.

>>115054378sage if you don't want. I hate the crossovers too. Frozen/Tangled is okay but anything else makes me leary.

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>>115054378>>115054457>>115054461Relax, last time this happened we made another one and there were no issues, it just needs a very different topic. Let's wait until morning and see what happens.

>>115054378>>115054457>>115054461Where the does this tribalistic attitude come from? If the Frozenfags are gonna be babies about their carrots touching their peas, they can go make their own thread

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>>115054602I have no issue with sharing threads with the Tangledfags but, as this user said >>115054461 , adding more franchises just kills the thread for me.

>>115054641well I couldn't very well call it TANGLED/FROZEN GENERAL, could I?

>>115054699No, but the fact you can't come up with a more clever text to combine both movies, like other OPs have done before you, just proves that you're shit at making threads.

Princess Aurora is like Rapunzel if she were completely god damn boring.

>>115054722No need to be hateful dude

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>>115054790Just be more clever next time you want to make one of these. And remember a lot of anons hate when you add any other property.

>>115054602>adds "other princesses">suddenly have posts about Star vs. Evil and ReyloDo you see what I mean?

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>>115054835After our last thread, anything is an improvement.

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>>115054831Or how about you just make a new thread?

>>115054895That thread wasn’t so bad. It did have links and information regarding Rapunzel toys. The unfortunate part is that the person who post it was a fucking coomer.

>>115054932We'll see tomorrow. Don't worry user. Get better at making threads, seriously.

How tall is Elsa in comparison to Raps?Asking so I can use her as a Scale for a Elsa and Varian art request I wanna post in the Drawthread

>>115055152Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t like the thread then make a new one and stop crying like a bitch.

>>115043332Does anyone have a gif of Rapunzel’s face after she responded to Angry or Red mentioning how she neglected to say good things about the bird?

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>>115055450Is it in the animal's day episode?

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>>115055730Yes, that’s the one!

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>>115055750But Pascal is usually identified as a frog

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>>115043332Man this just reminds me that Tangled is 10 times better than Frozen and 20 times better than Frozen 2. Why did Frozen do so much better financially? (Not that Tangled was in any way a disappointment at the BO)

>>115056425Little girls don't care the writing quality. They just want an idol with fancy dress and magic which they can imitate. Also lesbian baits of two sisters helped to draw attention.

>>115055173Impossible to know for certain, but unofficially Elsa is about 5'7", and while Rapunzel doesn't have numbers she does seem to be fairly short. Casandra looks about half a head taller? So Elsa being a full head taller (not counting heels) might be a safe bet.But honestly I'm just guessing.

>>115048796Why is Pascal so angry there?

>>115057403He doesn't approve of thottery.

>>115051331>and the new iteration of her became a fucking sultan.Huh?

>>115043332The birth of a new spirit who upsets the balance, the spirit of steel.

>ctrl f Cassandra>0 returns>leave thread

>>115057403You are starring Raps’ body

>>115057469You have to post some

>>115057436Live action movie, she becomes sultan at the end

>>115047788>>115048463She sounds perfect

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>>115051222Definitely Mulan. She's a badass, clever heroine and she has an actual kill count on the hundreds. She's pretty based

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>>115058404Mulan was labeled as princess just because of marketing strategy but she has nothing related to royalty.

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>>115054835I love this. It looks so comfy while also highlighting Kristoff's insecurities.>Anna why do we never do that when you're with me?>Is it because I'm wrong somehow?>Why can't you be as romantic with me as Rapunzel?>Am I staring too much at Rapunzel's breasts? Is it worse if I stare at her feet?

>>115058462I know but she's still part of the princess line. Outside of her, what other badass princess do we get? Moana? Though Moana is pretty 2d. I'd give it to Jasmin then too as I don't remember many badass princesses.Maybe Ellowny, the forgotten princess from the Black Cauldron? Also I wish the squirrel from the Arthur movie was a princess

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>>115058404Mulan is definitely based. She has a pretty complex personality by Disney standards, and I adore how she wasn't some tomboy who dreamed of being a warrior. She was a scared girl who saw an injustice and put her life on the line to stop it

>>115058863>and I adore how she wasn't some tomboy who dreamed of being a warrior. She was a scared girl who saw an injustice and put her life on the line to stop itThis. I think modern Disney forgets that tomboy isn't the only heroine trait and instead decides to give their characters manly traits. This ends making them just as shallow.

>>115058595I refuse to believe the "Squirrel-turned-Into-Girl" thing isn't canon

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>>115057469She’s gone from the franchise and gone from our lives

>>115053504based translate/vr user

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>>115059592>gone from our livesSpeak for yourself, user.

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>>115058595Get ready for the arrival of Rey in a few years once the public forgets all about the Star Wars sequels.

To the guy who posted the doll last thread. Mine shipped. I still have no idea if I want to play with it or leave it in the packaging.

Post your favorite princess art. I'd like to diversify my folder

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>>115059090I don't understand what's happening in this comic

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>>115059789NO DON'T

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>>115059811I'd meant to post this oneIn the film Joker, the titular character suffers from a condition that causes uncontrollable laughter, and carries a laminated card explaining so when it causes problems.

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>>115053322Damn, Tiny Anna and Kristoff must have some pretty wild sex.

>>115059796I really like this shot from Before Ever After.

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Any must-haves for Disney Mirrorverse? Be kind of cool to see a Beastmaster/Airbender/Pocahontas

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For me, it's Ariel

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>>115059825I’m not a coomer. I just wanted a doll for my shelf.

>>115060052Princesses are just better when wet

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>>115060052>>115060578Get out.

Looks like our insecure tranner friend is having an awkward spiritual time.>>>/lgbt/15613734The TL:DR she posted has Raps in it.

>>115060705God damn, shut the fuck up. Who the fuck cares? You continue to obsess like this and you’ll give off the impression that you have a crush on them or something.

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>>115060705Uh... who actually writes a damn novel on 4chan of all places... wtf?

>>115060737This. It just opens the floodgates to coomers. The frozenfags have already fucked off to their own thread in anticipation

>>115060901What about chasers?

>>115060933>chasers?Chasers can’t be coomers?

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>>115061020I am thinking has the sun drop popped out of her chest when eclipse happened in her early life

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>>115061072No, it's explicitly stated that its essence was distributed throughout her wholr body. The Eclipse was the first time

>>115055730>>115055450Does anyone have this gif yet?

>>115043332Away from Tangled.

>>115061457Fresh off the presses just for you, user.

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>>115061814Thanks user

>>115061112Full eclipse maybe, but the essence is popping out while the partial eclipse happens

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>>115058462Honestly before the sequel showing the Emperor's children I imagined him formally adopting her the way roman ones would often do for their planned successor

>>115058462Bring a Princess(tm) is about being pretty, #fierce, and above all, marketable.

>>115063370but Elsa and Anna are not official princesses

>>115063005I maintain the problem was simply too much detail even in the pretty boring design they gave usZhan Tiri needed to be more abstract, maybe even in a completely different style as if their presence alone was shifting the physical universeThey HAD a good design right in their hands but they filled in the blanks and made it look off, in all the wrong ways

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Problem with Zhan Tiri is less with design and more with the unfortunate shortfall of personal motivationWith all the time spent with her giggling to herself in the shadows they could have at least given us a little more exposition about how she came to be so power hungry and hatefulWe get barely a moment to see her interact with Demanitus, which tugs at the history between them but never elaboratesSo the final form is neither visually striking enough to be worth for its own sake, nor did it carry character weight like Cassandra stealing the moonstone and transforming did

>>115059789Where did you get the doll? I want to get some Raps to put on my self but I haven’t been able to find a good one. Is this from the show or the movie? I want the show Raps.

>>115063640>>115064006Yeah, she's definitely underdeveloped and has a lot of wasted potential. With the amount of coverage she got, it may have been better if they'd embraced making her just some supernatural entity that was evil for evil's sake, which can be legit when done right.In other words, give me the alt timeline where Zhan Tiri is best DIsney Princess.

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Just started watching the Tangled show.Is this just a battle shonen. Like, I'm enjoying it, but boy does it feel like one.

>>115064764>>blonde carefree protagonist with obscene power creep>>jealous homoerotic darkhaired companion>>Literally no one else is relevant in a fightDamn that's pretty accurate

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>>115065014Cass reee'ing at the top of her lungs and Rapunzel just being "woah dude chill out" is basically the summary of season 3

>>115064764What is a Battle Shoen?

>>115065078Does this apply to The Rise of Skywalker too? Because Raps, Cass, and Khan Tiri just feel like Rey, Kyle Ren, and Palpatine.

>>115065698Please go be 12 somewhere else

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>>115065698I would say so.


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>>115049241The Maleficent films are kind of bad, but I still liked them because I love the character dynamic between Maleficent and Aurora, especially in the second movie where Maleficent is acting like a mom

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>>115065975Moon stone Cass always gives me Vergil vibes, like she is going to start using summon swords and shit.


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>>115067875this is a platonic, motherly kiss, you deviant

>>115068110>not being into mother/daughter

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>>115060737Fuck you, insecure low self-esteem trans girls are my fetish. They’re easy to manipulate and control. Even more then weak cis girls. They also give the best head.

>>115068489Shut up and wtf is wrong with you?

>>115066290The Maleficent movies are the only live action Disney movies I tolerate because they're at least trying to tell a different story instead of just "HERE'S AN OLD MOVIE EXCEPT LESS INTERESTING."

>>115066138The comfy princess outfits are already aging so poorly. Why would you put Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, etc. in the same color of tops and bottoms? You don't wear pink pants with a pink shirt. Gross...

>>115067875dem cheekbones

>>115043332It's the age of MCU and still no princess crossoversGirls deserve fanservice too

>>115070690Hey, you got a 5 second shot in Infinity War. That's all you get for the decade.

>>115065681It’s a very common genre in anime and manga.

>>115065681Stuff like Naruto and DBZ and the like

Attached: I think this meme might be stale already, but I wasn't going to waste my 10,000 hours on the thread with the namefag.png (1266x688, 141.17K)

>>115073429>that file name

>>115071423but...the future is female...

>>115075117Feminist masterpiece would be like thatyoutube.com/watch?v=LsNHAeRZQL4

>>115076201Why are they talking in monotone?>>115071423There’s Disney princesses in Endgame?

>>115076923>Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Elsa, Anna, Tiana, and Moana all line up>They face down an army of Hades' demons and charge>Even though Elsa could take out the whole army herself and the others don't really need to be there

>>115076923>Why are they talking in monotone?It's how pure feminist production is like

>>115077384Rapunzel would be able to as well.

>>115077384Where is the scene? I cannot find it on YouTube.All I can find is the Wreck-It Ralph scene, which makes me kind of laugh when you realize you don’t need the whole lot because Rapunzel could have likely just grab him using her hair.Also, what the fuck? Snow White had more involvement than Tiana? Tiana just had him kiss a frog. She didn’t do anything. I should have figured her for a welfare leech.

>>115077384Elsa = Captain Marvel is a good comparison. She could solve every problem herself, but she’s busy doing spirit/space shit.

>>115078099No, Rapunzel is Captain Marvel because of the sun drop power. You just say Elsa because you’re a coomer and you want to cum on her face.

>>115078187Hah! That's where you're wrong, friend. I want to cum on all their faces.

>>115078187They both have power, but Elsa has fucked off to do unknown things like Carol did, instead of staying to help the place she grew up in.It wasn’t a compliment. Rapunzel has the power AND loyalty to her home. She’s the better girl for staying.

>>115078254>Elsa has fucked off to do unknown things like Carol did"You're probably not gonna see me for a while." - Elsa, Frozen II.

>>115078254Carol was kidnapped and trained as Kree warrior for a long time and people thought she’s dead in experiment so her connection to the earth is very little

>>115079684>so her connection to the earth is very littleSurely she had family and friends that weren't Maria. Not to mention it was the planet she lived on for like 30ish years.

>>115078254I guess Raps can be Spider-Man and swing around using her hair.

>>115079880Raps has more limitation than Spider-Man that her hair can only grab the pillar while Spider-Man's web can glue

Attached: 757a6b5d25036f286cad539678e7c1ee.jpg (752x1063, 62.11K)

>>115080019Given how there is hardly any buildings. Her hair is more than enough for her environment.

My Rapunzel doll shipped.

>>115081053Which doll you are talking about

>>115081735Rapunzel, he just said.

>>115081767But there are many types of Rapunzel dolls

Attached: rapunzel20200312205232000.jpg (4134x5846, 1.23M)

>>115079684She has a platonic girlfriend and a daughter there

Friendly reminder that Merida is best.

Attached: disney_princess_merida_by_petraimboden_ddggtct-pre.jpg (894x894, 92.22K)

Attached: redhead_by_rechka-d5x106g.jpg (600x975, 90.88K)

Attached: 1534158481348.jpg (1493x2112, 1.5M)

>>115084013>>115084073>>115084214Merida is an ugly bitch with a movie that everyone has forgotten

>>115081053Shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus, I placed an order with Amazon for several articles of female clothing. Since then, I have been wearing them occasionally at home during the quarantine.


Attached: merida_by_maseiya-d55qvc1.jpg (778x1027, 167.25K)


Attached: oi ye scamp.jpg (466x614, 39.56K)

In appearance and personality, Cassandra is nothing more than a non-furry version of Amelia from Treasure Planet

>>115084285She's so cute when she's angry.

Attached: MeriAngry.png (663x730, 624.16K)

Attached: tumblr_nhq2vfwi8U1u6xhl7o1_1280.jpg (606x479, 47.36K)

Attached: merida_brave_pixar_drawn_by_mari945__sample-803e849be0d6c6610d67c1723e353123.jpg (850x1275, 447.34K)

Attached: RDTt38C.jpg (800x543, 113.57K)

Is this true? I thought hair was Rapunzel's whole "thing"?

Attached: hairs.jpg (720x645, 45.89K)

Attached: CurlyHairDon'tCare.jpg (1242x2208, 947.48K)

who let the frozen thread die?

Attached: 1392077010281.jpg (1021x1441, 215.31K)

>>115084237She looks better in RBTI

>>115084579But normal human has only about 100,000 strings of hair so I don't get how it comes. Also the difficulty of animating Raps hair is simulating its hair physics.

>>115084932I wanna listen to grunge and start a garage band with Merida!

Attached: MeriWiR2CropBored.png (737x805, 942.43K)

>>115084579Why not let Mandy tell you herself:youtu.be/xaeG79Y0-GM?t=705>over 100 thousand strandsWhile I don't know how many hairs Elsa has, this image is blatantly false about RapunzelSo much for Disney Dreamer "Facts"

>>115084931Not me

Attached: 1400029061877.jpg (1000x1200, 113.39K)

Attached: 1551633788864.gif (500x266, 979.78K)

guess I'll drop this here too

Attached: 2020 05 18 animator elsa.png (3191x2930, 3.34M)

Attached: anna_merida_and_rapunzel_frozen_disney_and_etc_drawn_by_seoji__6acbc83cbdbc41e21a41c37ead306711.png (1000x667, 572.24K)

>>115085137Any chance to see Mandy and Zachary act together in live-action

>when people aren't impressed with Merida's hair

Attached: 1535139524880.jpg (559x646, 70.39K)

>>115085415I know I'm impressed.

Attached: TheTroubleWithTribbles.png (1157x799, 1.11M)

>>115085415they worked so hard and everyone just fawns over Rapunzel instead

>>115085315Nice work on the hands holding the pencilDrawing hands is hell

>>115085619thanks! it's slowly getting easier to get it right the first time and not redraw them repeatedly

Attached: 2020 05 16 mermay.png (1446x2046, 1015.74K)

>>115084931Well look who came crawling back!

Attached: 37253259_1318928618244741_8053446481845157888_n.jpg (1079x606, 190.86K)

Attached: merida_by_y0y0sketch_dd1jepb-fullview.jpg (600x744, 90.88K)


Attached: little_mermaid_by_prywinko-d944di1.jpg (1280x1280, 261.26K)

notbutch-notfemme.tumblr.com/Cassandra Suffering comic updated: 4 new pages

Attached: Spooks Cassandratopia (4).jpg (1532x537, 271.5K)

>>115086156thanks based cass user

Attached: 1588100394347.png (614x449, 254.29K)

>>115060601don't understand how anyone can be against soaked cuties

Attached: still_brave_by_kaozkaoz_daq8upe.jpg (1459x3500, 960.54K)

>>115086562Why she still has her shoes on?

Attached: merida_by_xmeicox-d6nbv46.jpg (540x800, 618.11K)

Attached: four_seasons_by_muttonfudge_d8kzfht-fullview.jpg (1024x772, 99.15K)

>>115086854What happens on Merida's eyes

Why are they both so perfect bros?

Attached: 82226191_168967491004015_7505716867218332579_n.jpg (800x471, 60.32K)

>>115086854Christ on a Cracker, gingers don't have souls do they?

Who is worst princess and why is it Merida?

Attached: 1588904863731.jpg (720x960, 93.11K)

>>115086156She big.I've always thought that Adira is a character that, on paper, should have been a slam dunk on Holla Forums>Warrior>Giantess>Asian>gMILF>Protective yet distantI swear the reason she never caught on, even just in the Tangled threads, is because she was written so abysmally.At her best she is boring, and at her worst she is a know-it-all totally-better-than-the-established-characters asshole.Which is a shame because an exotic mommydommy Amazon who's also kind of an asshole would be a great character had she been written with some amount of care.

Attached: Are womanlets even real woman.png (1056x862, 428.77K)

>>115087559I wouldn't call it giantess, just big enough to do whatever she wants with you

>>115081735>>115081796Practically this doll. It’s apparently from the Disney Store but it was discontinued.ebay.com/itm/Disney-Store-Authentic-Rapunzel-Adventure-Doll-Tangled-The-Series/383533512667/

>>115087156>>115087219She's supposed to be wearing glasses.>>115087236That's an odd way of spelling "best".

Attached: merida_by_rane0n_dcz2ft7-fullview.jpg (800x910, 107.78K)

>>115086037From the thumbnail I legit thought that blue light thing was an arc reactor. Now I want to see IronMerida.

>>115084579Rapunzel's hair was animated by 3 separate teams, one part (the part on her head) was animated by the same animators that animated her body.The second part was the 70 ft "sock" and then another set of animators dealt with the end of the hair. All three worked in tandem to animate Rapunzel's 70 ft hair.

>>115088598Hawkeye Merida makes more sense.

Attached: hawkeye_merida_by_briannacherrygarcia_d50bvh7-pre.jpg (812x984, 87.25K)

>>115088753True, but was just thinking of how appealing the image of IronMerida in the Ironman suit with the helmet off and all that gorgeous hair cascading all over the battle suit shoulders.

>>115088823You have a point. Couldn't find any art of that, unfortunately.

Attached: merida_as_black_widow_by_beetlesweet-d7kbswb.jpg (1024x683, 65.89K)

>>115088924My dick has a thing for girls in armorMy dick also has a thing for curly hairMy dick also has a thing for scottish accentsThis would just click so many of those boxes, I wish I could draw.

>>115088975Heavy armor isn't really her style. She's more of a wearing-the-fur-of-the-animals-she-hunts-plus-a-kilt-type of girl.

Attached: twisted_princess__merida_by_jeftoon01_d7ybkbo-pre.jpg (716x1115, 125.43K)

>>115088975sucks to be a meridafag

Attached: 1390352788950.jpg (784x600, 193.51K)

>>115089321She deserves better.

>>115088924Princess AvengersRapunzel as Captain America (peak physical perfection and symbol of good)Elsa as Thor (weather powers)Belle as Iron Man (clockwork)Fiona as Hulk (green dude from other studio)Hans as Black Widow (red haired liar)

>>115089461Cass as Winter SoldierHans might do better as Loki even though he's not Elsa's brother.I know he's not a princess, but Ralph might be better for Hulk

Do you unironically think she was gay?strawpoll.me/20102192

Attached: cass_smile.png (575x480, 257.73K)

>>115089461>Captain America>peak physical perfection and symbol of good/pol/, go home.

>>115089854Calling Captain America a moral symbol is /pol now?

Attached: 1423616210187.gif (446x469, 1.14M)

>>115089760She doesn’t even know whether she is

>>115089891Steve Rogers is a fucking bitch.


Attached: Merida-01.gif (268x330, 2.01M)

>>115089932She really was the only good thing about that movie.


Attached: Elsa-WIR2-nod.gif (250x268, 2.03M)

>>115087236>no donkey running towards them in the backgroundwow they fucked up


Attached: F in the chat.png (631x555, 421.53K)

>>115090225Elsa is like an aunt who hangs out with teenagers in an attempt to feel young again.

Attached: sleeping_by_beetlesweet-d7xwcal.jpg (1023x614, 87.56K)

>>115090727Elsa has definitely offered wine to a child

I want to cum on Rapunzel’s face.

>>115091415Don't be so base.A true cummoisseur aims for the mouth, neck, stomach, thighs, or feet.

>>115091341Maybe a joint as well.

>>115091456Wtf? Cummoisseur.

I had to make a separate Merida folder thanks to this thread

>>115092343Back off, she's mine.

Attached: AncientKingdom.png (1097x803, 452.33K)


Attached: merida-rapunzel-disney-princess-fan-art-merida.jpg (728x1031, 181.19K)

>>115091456Wouldn't aiming for the mouth involve aiming for the face?

Attached: 35f6a9e76c6bb880d617dbbd62b0765ccd45737c.jpg (636x1080, 77.13K)

>>115092560There's a difference. Would you say the fingers are the same as the hand, or the foot is the same as the toes?

Where's that power ranger picture?

>>115093278I still have the Merida one.

Attached: 5MeridaMorph.jpg (718x871, 363.71K)


Attached: 1582743266999.jpg (6000x2266, 1.52M)

Princess Battle RoyaleNo Gods Allowed (Rapunzel/Elsa)Princesses may use whatever paraphernalia is associated with them, tools, weapons, powers, pets, etcNo kings, boyfriends, no genies or other benefactorsBattlegrounds: Corona with adjacent castle, city, forest, and bayWho wins? Who dies first?

Attached: 376478EB-9066-4384-A52A-11F1FD53DD13.jpg (700x700, 135.9K)

>>115093905I was gonna say Ariel could just hide in the bay until I remembered Tiana's pet is an gigantic alligator

>>115093160This is honestly one of the weirder sentences I've read on 4chan.

>>115094057And she proceeds to blast Tiana's alligator with her dad's trident.

>>115093905Who or what is forcing them to kill each other in a battle royale?

>>115094667Yen Sid and Chernabog are bored and are doing it to entertain themselves.


Attached: so_cal_merida_by_enzoluciano93-d5w1ng4.jpg (745x1071, 140.61K)

I would fuck this creature of beauty. I would love to have her dick on the end of my blade as I slowly give her the operation she so desperately craves. I would extend the cuts down her arm until she is so broken from the physical and mental abuse that she’ll suck my dick without question. I would force her to only consume my cum and her own blood as her diet. I might even cut her penis off outright and serve it to her for dinner as a reminder of why I own her.

Attached: 98D61958-C594-4777-82F5-9737DF44D313.jpg (1280x720, 72.45K)

>>115095117Nuke California from orbit

>>115095301Raps has the better penis.

>>115095345You fool! That would just make them stronger!

>>115095373You mean New California?

>>115095301What the fuck is wrong with you?


Attached: street_punk_merida_by_enzoluciano93-d5w1mo5.jpg (729x1097, 114.44K)

>>115094388You must be new here.

>>115094414That's her dad's paraphenalia, no hers

>>115095798Hasn't she used it once or twice though?

Attached: 1410754328413.jpg (900x600, 134.89K)

>>115096068A truly environmentalist image if I've ever seen one.

>>115096068wtf I love Dawn soap now


Attached: 1410753966838.jpg (900x600, 47.8K)

>>115096230>ywn gently wash every crevice of Ariel's body clean of brent crude

>>115093905Gonna have to give it to Mulan, with either Pocahontas or Merida in second. Mulan is the only princess with physical combat skills, though Merida is a superior sharpshooter, and Pocahontas has the hunting skills to hide. Real edge is their horses, which give them speed and mobility. First to fall would be either Snow White or Aurora, lacking any skills tech, or animal guardians. The Princesses with mountable animals would disperse to hunt down any without a guardian.Ariel would hide in the water, evading Tiana when she rode Louis out in the sea. Ariel can swim faster than Louis but cannot hurt him. Tiana is extremely vulnerable to drowning, and is dragged underwater when Ariel Free Willy's over the gator.Pocahontas would hide in the woods, playing cat and mouse with Moana, who is resourceful enough to improvise weapons ala Dutch. Pocahontas is more at home in the forest, and scalps Moana.Jasmine stays put with Raja to protect her. He's more than a match for any physical opponent but loses to Merida on horseback filling him full of arrows from a distance. Jasmine is easy prey.The other mobile units are Mulan, Belle, Anna and Cinderella in her carriage. Anna and Belle lack offensive capabilities and can only run. Cinderella's carriage is a mobile fortress but similarly lacks offense. Worst of all, it's on a timer. At the last toll of midnight, she'll be left on foot. She is easily picked off.Circle closes, isolating the fighting to Corona Castle Town. Ariel is forced to leave the water, losing the home field advantage. She is killed. In an urban environment, Pocahontas takes to the rooftops to stalk. The mounted princesses make for easy targets, and Anna and Belle are eliminated. Mulan, Merida, and Pocahontas are left. Pocahontas gets the drop on Merida and kills her. She attacks Mulan but her opponent's superior arms, armor, and training win the day.The victor is Mulan

>>115096946It’s the Mulan cunninglist.

>>115096946I was going to say "why not just burn down the forest" but Mushu is the only one who could do that

>>115096946>>Tiana is extremely vulnerable to drowning

>>115097213Anyone who can rub two sticks together can do that.

>>115089461>>115089672Who would the Princess version of Thanos be?

>>115096946>Circle closes, isolating the fighting to Corona Castle Town. Ariel is forced to leave the water, losing the home field advantage. She is killed.I feel like if this is the case that Ariel should be allowed to transform into human form once the time comes. Obviously a literal fish out of water is gonna lose.

Attached: brave_by_alasxe_ddvee9o-fullview.jpg (600x600, 49.82K)

>>115098133The world needs more Merida. The VA for Rayla from The Dragon Prince could be adult Merida.

Attached: Paula Burrows.jpg (1500x1000, 195.78K)

>>115084579>newer movie has better hair techwoah

>>115097997No she got legs. But besides that she's still just a teen in a dress

>>115098236>The world needs more MeridaCouldn't agree more.>The VA for Rayla from The Dragon Prince could be adult Merida.I've never seen that show, but I've heard she's got a Scottish accent. Everyone knows elves suck though, and I don't think Kelly Macdonald is tired of voicing Merida yet.

Attached: merida_by_killuazoldyck-d54ulmc.jpg (500x566, 442.76K)

>>115098317"Just a teen in a dress?" Please. She's got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.

Attached: art_nouveau_merida_by_keena53-d491cty.jpg (600x835, 106.27K)

Attached: 1566253591477.png (802x532, 918.39K)

>>115091341>Elsa: Kai, we need two glasses of the best wine!>Varian: Elsa I'm underage.>Elsa: One wine and one with the silly straws Anna likes!damn that user who made me think Varian and Elsa being friends would be neat!

>>115097402United sun and moon powers are effectively it, provided you survive contact you can do all sorts of shit

>>115100602Sundrop/moonstone would basically be Infinity Stones, who would try to wield them?

>>115100118Oh no...I think I like them together...help

Attached: va.jpg (1280x1280, 189.45K)

>>115100602I thought this was supposed to be a magic spell or something at first because of the rhyming.

>>115100921>>115100118Would Varian have a crush on Elsa or would his interest be purely scientific?

Attached: Casual-Ariel-by-Annamated.jpg (900x1268, 271.01K)


Attached: Casual-Belle-by-Annamated.jpg (900x1268, 263.29K)

Attached: Casual-Jasmine-by-Annamated.jpg (900x1268, 259.57K)

Attached: Casual-Anna-and-Elsa-by-Annamated.jpg (900x1268, 328.11K)

>>115100921>Varian at perfect height for Marshmallow hell from ElsaI needs it>>115101203He'd be blind to her affections and everyone would be tearing their hair out to resist the urge to just tell him because Raps will hit anyone that tries with a frying pan because her not-little brother must remain pure!He likes her too, but mostly because she's smart in the hard sciences whereas just about everyone else he knows is soft science oriented

>>115100921Can Varian trap her into the amber?


>>115101329Rapunzel may be a genius, but I can't really see her as an academic like Belle or Elsa. She probably reads enough to understand what Varian is talking about, but beyond that doesn't really care. She's just happy he's happy.Elsa on the other hand would be tickled pink to hear him rant about the practical applications of chemical refrigerants or the complex computations of a clockwork colossus' cortex.

Attached: Solo02.jpg (378x600, 68.98K)

>>115101816Elsa watches him demonstrate some of his inventions and slowly realizes why Rapunzel keeps him on such a short leash>>You see your majesty, no more will seeding fields be back-breaking stoop labor. With just a few cranks of my Terra-rizor, you'll have seed a whole acre in seconds. As I crank, the firing mechanism uses the recoil to reposition itself to fire again ad nauseum! Within each seed canister is dry chemical explosive which ignites and fires out the seed pod at 1000 feet per second, at 900 rounds a minute! Imagine it! Fields and fields of men, an entire army if you will, wielding my see-spreaders. The future is bright, your majesty.

>>115101816This is exactly the kinda shit I'm into!Imagine how Happy Varian would be to meet someone that can go toe to toe with him in scientific discussions without constantly having to explain things of simplify his speech!>>115102058That and stuff like Automatons that can replace all unskilled (and a good chunk of skilled) labor in the kingdom.or the Potion he used on his pet raccoon.

>>115101816Raps had her whole life in the tower to read and engage in stimulations. She’s better than that retard Belle.

>>115101816Elsa is dumbass and left her kingdom to rot. Fuck you, pedophile.

>>115102610Also Raps learns astronomy and developed various hobbies by herself in the tower. It showed how talented she is.

>>115102610>>115103335Easy fellow Tangledfags easy. I did not mean to imply that Rapunzel is stupid, it's hard canon that she's a genius. But I believe that her passion for science is like her passion for cooking or paper mache or guitar. A hobby she picked up to pass the time, fueled by her friend's passion.Elsa seems like a dull fuddy-duddy who enjoys dry academic discussion about 12-base maths or theoretical physics or solvent processing

>>115102058She'll enjoy Varian until the device goes crazy and starts shooting everybody or the field ignites due to explosive compounds. There's a reason Raps keeps her eyes (and spies) on Varian

>>115103668Elsa is too stupid for science.

>>115104130I don’t think she’s stupid, just...not a curious person.She could make a fully functioning airplane with a wave of her hand if she wanted to. What interest does she have in how a machine works?

>>115104224Elsa is not in the Green Lantern Corps.

>>115104313>She's magic and can create anything her mind can think of>She can create life>Her greatest weakness is fear

>>115104581>She can create lifeIt's still doubtful creating golems without actual living organs and heartbeats should be considered as life. Only the blue fairy in Pinocchio can do that.


Attached: 1564947627271.jpg (960x1280, 332.91K)

>>115103668The word you are looking for to describe Rapunzel's intelligence is bright.>>115102610>Be Belle>Get your adventure in the great wide somewhere>Spend most of it fucking readingShe's a beauty but a funny girl

>>115104775I feel like that's kinda nitpicking. It's clearly, at the very least, a form of life. They have a voice, sentience, awareness, personalities, emotions, the capacity for complex thought and understanding... Seems silly to not call that life just because there's not a spleen involved.

I want to swallow Eugene’s cum.

Attached: modern_disney_4_by_psycho_knight_d9ij5cp-fullview.jpg (1024x768, 46.5K)

>>115102058>I'll take a thousand.>I appreciate the interest, your majesty, but that seems like an excessive amo->I'll. Take. A thousand.

>>115105070But they can't bleed, eat and feel any pain which the normal living creatures should have. That's why they are just forms of golem even they have some senses of humanity.

>>115102058That's a terrible idea, Varian. The seeds will likely just ricochet off the ground and you'll be spraying out such an absurd number so fast And what do you do when it explodes, Varian

>>115105615>Elsa just wants a reason to keep Varian around, because despite how much she loves her sister a good scientific conversationalist she is not

>>115100930Kek I didn’t notice

>>115104224>not a curious personHer whole second movie was about finding the secret of her powers

>>115107089Being curious about yourself doesn’t count. That’s just masturbation.

>>115066138i want to lick dat perfect legs

>>115107201Still not over Raps wearing shoes in RBTI

Attached: Disney-Princess-Bath-Scenes.png (499x1188, 797.26K)

What if BaTB but with Tangled characters

Attached: EYZlQQbUEAAjyEI.jpg (4096x2885, 1.23M)

>>115086156Holy fuck does this artist really hate Cass or what? A good portion of this comic is essentially Cass torture porn.

Attached: tumblr_c4017bfa882add675afbb815c215f6a7_a94d81a3_1280.png (1280x1708, 680.26K)

>>115108099>does this artist really hate CassThe artist may love Cass so she suffers

Attached: 93953944_224748298622368_3897248166867416589_n.jpg (1080x1350, 88.83K)


Attached: i love cass i hope she dies.jpg (500x701, 127.23K)

>>115087559Adira was amazing in her intro fight and in the maze forest episode. She even says so.

Attached: local cuck btfo.gif (500x249, 2.89M)

Total War: Disney Princesses when?

>>115108099I know it's wonderful. This comic is the Between Friends of Tangled

>>115105669>it's perfectly fine to extinguish something with sapient thoughts amd signs of humanity>noooooo not the heckin duckarinosThat's quite autistic.

>>115086156>>Cassandra's feelings for Rapunzel are portrayed a character flaw and a weakness>>Cassandra's determination and bravery are on full display>>As is her weakness and entitlement>>Cassandra is subjected to physical violence AND physical comedy>>She still tries to save Eugene>>She still tries to save Varian>>That degloving injury>>All the Freudian stuff with HectorThis artist is based. Dangerously so.

Attached: IMG_20200302_184755.jpg (3640x2318, 1.31M)

Attached: disney_princess_fight_club__revamp__by_studiobueno_dbsz8gf-fullview.jpg (1024x571, 107.46K)

Eugene's model sheetHis ass is mathematically perfect

Attached: eugene.jpg (1600x1035, 283.28K)

>>115109424no wonder why Eugene was attracted by her when they first met

Attached: 344cf0c9bc9f17e8417b33ddacacfa58.jpg (952x1222, 131.46K)

>>115109424ASS TIGHTER

>>115108099Sometimes you just want to see the people you love suffer

>>115109541Hips tiderAss wighter

>>115107691her shoe outfit was actually executed ok

>>115111628wearing socks is okay, but shoes is too much

>>115109424anon where u find this stuff

>>115111668search Tangled concept art in google you may find something you want

Attached: 86d2ee47fb374e91f057b97d9b6f7320.jpg (860x1329, 201.19K)

>>115109115Poor Elsa, she's losing her bet.

>>115112320Merida was supposed to throw the fight, but she refused to go out like a little bitch.

>>115112178Goddamn. Some of those poses..

>>115112384Rapunzel may be an invincible, but Merida was promised an IRN BRU if she won.SheWill FuckHer Up

>>115112543Now I need fanart of Merida chugging an Irn-Bru while holding a bloody, beat-up Raps by her hair.

Attached: trespasser_by_milady666-d5tx687.jpg (1600x752, 173.21K)

It isn't fair

Attached: C118.007.jpg (1132x786, 266.55K)

>>115113172that icy twink needs to keep his hands off our girls

>>115113244You gave up your soft bed and pillows fair and square Elsa. Enjoy your dirt and leaves.

>>115113426>Enjoy your dirt and leaves.What happened in Frozen 2?

>>115113591She gave up the throne to live in the forest with a bunch of tent-dwelling hippies she just met

>>115113645I always knew Elsa was the hippie of the bunch. She's probably smoking dope and not bathing too.

>>115113645Wait what the fuck?

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>>115109115Merida is a fucking bitch.

>>115109424How come I always thought this was Tarzan from the first few sketches?

>>115113829Stay mad, Rapunzelfag.

>>115112543Merida is an overhyped bitch and would immediately be tied up in Raps’ hair. Go suck a clit.

>>115113876I, as a Meridafag, I agree with the Rapunzelfag. Merida would get owned in a fight. This is like saying she could take on Hercules.

>>115113905>>115113883 Under normal circumstances yes. But there's and IRN BRU on the line

>>115113883I didn't know Punziefags could seethe this much.>>115113905Only because Rapunzel has literal superpowers, which is bullshit. Also what >>115113934 said.

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>youtu.be/hkZEpNsw6zAMore Tangled when?

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>>115113809Her mom was secretly a magic forest person and a cute brown girl told her she belongs with them, and she agreed, making Anna queen. I don’t get it either.

>>115113962She would never suck your cock even if she were real.

>>115114055Who said anything about sucking cock? That's on you, Punziefag.

>>115114096She’ll never let you fuck her. Cry some moar, faggot.Also, I’m am Elsafag.

>>115114156The only person doing the crying here is you. Just relax, man.

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>>115114189I’m going to find where you live and cough in your mouth, cunt.

>>115114189As a Doctor, I can confirm you are salty.

Why do I wish I was Rapunzel when I’m a straight biological male currently undergoing gender reassignment?

>>115100921how would Raps and friends react to Elsa wanting to /ss/ Varian?

>>115114207I'm really not. Just bored.

>>115114242Lies are easily made over the internet.

>>115114312You can believe whatever you want to believe, I guess.

>>115114096Punziefag here but not himIgnore him

>>115043332completely retcon frozen 2 some how. Its story was such shit and nonsensical that you could write off the whole thing as a dream sequence and it would make more sense. then proceed to write a good movie. still baffles me that a movie of this caliber has such shit writing.

>>115114022Never.Ded franchise.

>>115114627And yet better franchise.

>>115114189>merida pressing the chocolate flat against her face with open palm, not even holding it correctlyWho the fuck eats that way, and how? Fucking gingers.

>>115114035Wait they split up the sisters? Why the fuck would they do that? That's like 90% of the appeal

>>115115090You need to get your eyes checked.

>>115114035>cute brown girl>I don’t get it eitherYeah I'll bet.

>>115115189I can see it just fine. It's not my fault you eat like an ape.

>>115115250She's eating an apple, retard.

>>115115184They’re split up but Elsa has a magic horse that can ride to Arendelle in 2 minutes. Their exact relationship is kind of confusing and we’re all waiting for more details. All we know for sure is that Elsa is coming “this Friday” to play charades.

>>115114035>I don’t get it either.No one does. Possibly even including the writers.

>>115115184The story splits them up but all the advertising ignores it and continues the “stronger together” theme so who knows what the situation is

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>>115115343Even the Disney Park actresses straight up said “yeah Elsa decided to come back” when asked.

>>115115392Because Elsa is stronger than ever before even without her sisteryoutube.com/watch?v=uZCQCSLdwQU

>>115115546>YouTube Kids adHm...

>>115115546Does the TV series have songs in every episode? That’s a lot of extra singing

>>115115452>disney park face characters spoiling your immaculate script for frozen 3

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>>115115980That's clearly why she had I Am With You made, to nip that shit in the bud.

>>115115947The songs mostly happen in mutli-partner special

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>>115115546Her character is defined by the writers so this person is an entitled sack of shit.

This sure was a great thread. I'm glad no whiny Frozenfags whined about the way I named this thread.

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Whatever happen to that one Tangled tranny? Did they finally kill themselves?

I feel like anyone who says any variation of "I'm glad Elsa finally ditched Anna" has missed the entire point of the Frozen franchise.


>>115117681Does the Frozen franchise HAVE a point?

>>115118001Incest yuri

>>115117896>all those normalfags “discovering” Corona’s name

>>115115392Frozen is creatively bankrupt. Even if Tangled slipped by S3 it will always have kept its integrity.

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>>115108249this makes me nostalgic for S2 days

>>115118197And it only slipped because of obvious meddling. It still ended on a perfect note

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>>115118001Well, I meant the "sisters together" aspect, mainly. But as far as compelling plot and such, no, not really, Frozen II really screwed the pooch on that front.

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>>115118770So... Tangled won after all?

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>>115043332Why is Anna not here? She is supposed to be the other main character from Frozen. It's so sad everyone excludes her.

>>115119286Tangled may have won the battle but it lost the war.

>>115119337How so?

>>115119392It had a good series but now it's dead forever.Frozen had mixed reactions to its latest entry but it made billions and will continue into the future.

>>115119336The artwork is specifically about the little lizard sidekicks. Anna doesn't have one of those.

>>115119392TTS was Tangled's last stand. It went out with a bang, but the fight is over and Frozen is still standing.

>>115119458Oh sorry for asking.

>>115119512No worries. Anna does get the short of the stick in general, which is depressing. Being "the normal one" didn't have to be the death sentence it's become. There were lots of ways for her to become Elsa's equal, even without powers... and Frozen II did exactly none of them.

So, has Disney more or less confirmed that they're working on a princess crossover film? I wonder if they'd stick with the set-up of them being "netizens" or if they'd do something completely different.

>>115119455>>115119485N-No...there will be new Tangled content any day now...you'll see...

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