Hey dork! A little birdie told me that you like older women

Hey dork! A little birdie told me that you like older women.

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What is about nerds and goths that get you people going

In the interest of anyone who can’t convince their brains that OP’s pic isn’t still Robbie:

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>>115043618>GaraEat shit


Does Alex Hirsch hate teenagers or something ? Lots of jokes in the show were at their expense

>>115044591Well, teens are a pretty scary bunch. Harbor the near-sociopathy of children yet have the fledging intelligence of a adult. A nasty concoction.

>>115044992Maybe, but the way Hirsch went out of its way to make fun of them when he had the chance just seemed very petty.

>>115044591>Does Alex Hirsch hate teenagers or something ?He looks like someone that is so afraid of them that he takes it out on them in cartoons because he's too scared to confront them in real life.

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>>115043248Needs to look even more like Robbie

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>>115046408Well it works because everyone who isn’t a teenage doesn’t like teenagers. Younger kids don’t like them because - as demonstrated by Dipper in the show - they can feel left out or have trouble fitting in even though the age gap might only be a couple of year. And adults hate them because 1) most look back on their teen years and realize what cringe little fuckers we were plus 2) teenagers are still cringe little fucks who act like it all the damn time

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>>115046981Maybe, but Hirsch still seems like a really petty person in general, as his Twitter posts demonstrate. Besides, the way he made fun of 90's and teenage culture was just lame. youtube.com/watch?v=ov5EeeL2U1E

Imagine how fucked up based it would be if a show featured a weird love triangle between a girl, a kid who had a crush on her, and the girl’s female ex of the same age who lusts after the kid openly

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Anyone else feels like this show had a bit of a mean streak ? It wasn't neccesarily mean spirited, yet it was kinda cynical and a bit tasteless sometimes


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>>115043172Most do until they get older than they like younger.


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>>115043172Why yes, yes I am.

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>>115049747A Milf is a mom you’d like to fuckNot just any older woman, a mom you bitch

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>>115044591It's clear that he probably was a complete loss as a teen and has resentment for his sister since she actual was able to get a boyfriend while girls didn't even look at him.

>>115049841Its a good thing theres only one milf in that photo.

>>115043172>mfw ywn have an older emo teen gfGod, life fucking sucks ass, bros!

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>>115049853I wish gara would get hit by a train.

>>115048967This show takes place in 2012/3 and Dipper was like 13. Why would he call the 90's a "dark time" if he wasn't even alive then.

yeah but I meant, like, grandmas. not older teens. s’not really that old from my perspective.

>>115051379>show takes place in 2012/3Not that user but I thought that the show took place in the 2000s?

>>115051379>Why would he call the 90's a "dark time" if he wasn't even alive then.He said it was a dark time for the game franchise he liked, not in general


>>115043172Fem Robbie does kind of have it going on. I'm not gonna lie.

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>>115052875Honey having tits is seriously ruining my immersion

>>115051379>must've been dark times, those 90'sHe says he wasn't there for them.

>>115046855>>115046855Almost looks like Marceline

>>115043222They're both social pariahs, so nerds think they're the same as goths


>>115053526 Reality vs inside his horny adolescent mind, you dipshit.

>>115051152what's a matter? too based for you?

>>115052875in a similar vein

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>>115053526Gogo's butt also looks way bigger in the third pic, while Honey's breasts are clearly smaller than Gogo's who's still not as big as Honey ins econd pic. His horny brain is amplifying the sensation.

>>115044591Teens and pre teens were the worst

>>115055809is there a name for this fetish


>>115056192i mean being squished by butts or tits

>>115049249>>115049853>>115052875>tfw literally too old to have a RL /ss/ relationshipGODFUCKINGDAMNIT!

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>>115056099"Double ass smother" is the closest you'll get.

>reading this thread>Que Linkin Park>Breakingthehabbit.mp3>cry at loss of Big Tiddy Fem Robbie

>>115043172yo got me simping

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>>115049710No matter how old a guy gets his preferred age is around 18. You start jacking off at 12 you're going to be looking at 18 year olds. If you can still jack off at 70, you're going to be looking at 18 year olds.It's just a simple fact of life.

>>115056754I've been jacking it to MILFS and cougars since I learned to jack off

>>115043251>>115043172>tfw my girlfriend is 4 years older than me AND is a gothFeels good

>>115057533Why are you here

>>115057734Because I like comics and cartoons, duh

>>115057279You probably had no idea how old a milf or cougar was when you learned to jack-off. Teenagers seem to think 30 is really old, tweens and younger act like 18-20 is old.

>>115057788>I like comics and cartoonsNow I'm really confused. We don't do that here.

>>115043825Faggot. Mindless Automaton.

>>115051152>>115043825Jealous that Garabatoz is being paid by people to draw huge titties and lolis and shotas and that so many people know who he is.

>>115057867No I was pretty much aware that 30 year old women were the ones. Even 40 year olds when the scenario was right. (I remember The Graduate playing a role in this)

>>115057908Sure you did.

>>115058076Yeah go ahead, live in your bubble

>>115051379Because the 90's were just ugly in general, doesn't take lives experience to look at anything from the 1990's and guess it was shit. Besides, dipper being 13 in 2012 implies he was born in 1999 so through much of his childhood we the 90's was just dying off

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>>115058118Even what you're saying is true, that doesn't change the fact that you'd be a very rare exception. Odds are more likely that you're a roastie that thinks they can change reality with enough propaganda.

>>115058252Not him but I’ve never masturbated to anyone as young as 18 in my life. Maybe it’s not the norm but liking older women is a very common fetish, Milf porn wouldn’t exist if it weren’t

>>115058262Still far more willing to bet that you're the older woman.

>>115058275>if you dont have the same jailbait fetish as I have, youre a roastieSure, buddy

>>115058403Sure, roastie. Stay mad,

I thought Dipper was the bitch

>>115058252Imagine being this delusional

>>115058403I think responding to schizos who can't accept when people disagree with him is a fruitless endeavor

So Dipper loves Robbie?

>>115058706After a few adjustments, yes.

>>115058740 Who Robdip here?

>>115043251Cody would be an awesome BF

>>115049200>advanced basement

>>115056663>is nearly untranslatableFUCKING BASED

>>115058508Seethe more roastie.

>>115043172I like this rule 63, not for the whole show, just him

I can never tell if I'm actually into older women or if young women are just so cancerous to be around I've convinced myself I'm into them.

>>115059598I think it's cheating if you shorten his/her nose.

>>115055809Wait, isn't Pacifica same age as Dipper?

>>115059698She had a growth spurt. She's advance for her age.


>>115056099Symmetrical Docking?

>>115056099Marshmallow hell

>>115043172Wait a second... we can’t see Dipper in this image, and Robbie has been genderswapped. So by that logic, this is a gender bent universe, so Dipper is a girl. But we can see that Dipper is still wearing the same clothes as the main Dipper, and she also has short hair. So by that logic, the Dipper of this universe is not only female, but she’s also a tomboy

>>115060145Well, Dipper was pretty effeminate, so...

>>115055809Body proportions not canon.

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>>115060145Are you implying we have seen a bare chested prepubescent girl multiple times in a Disney cartoon?

>>115060313I hate chillguy so much

>>115060145Yes, a gross tomboy who refuses to do laundry and wears the same filthy clothes every day.

>>115060145ORDipper accidently transformed Robbie into a girl and he is the only one that remembers his old self.

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>>115060468God Gara sucks so much.

>>115060415Bigdad is no better.

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>>115060438This is weirdly almost canon, Not female Robbi but the idea that Dipper in the pilot was going to hang around with a chick with interest in the super natural.

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>>115060145Nigga, it's just a genderswap Robbie x Dipper.Anybody has that goth gf au pic?

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>>115060509>Bigdad is no betterBigdad is better in literally every aspect.He's actually a good artist and his designs actually make sense for the characters.Whereas chillguy's art sucks and he does nothing but make everyone look obese while calling it "thicc"

>>115060583Bigdad Pacifica is practically an OC with the same color palette as the original.

>>115060535Dipper needed some kind of friend. Shame it couldn't have been Wendy.

>>115060597I don't know what the fuck you're on about.Bigdad Pacifica is almost exactly what an older Pacifica would be.

>>115060548It's stuff that reminds me Holla Forums is just making OCs for their fanfiction, and not actually discussing what a female version of the character would actually be like.

>>115060611Holly shit you are right, Dipper didn't had any friends. At least any that actually where him exclusively.

>>115060614I like BigDad's Pacifica, but even I admit she's little more than a sexdoll.

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>>115060647And thus no real argument made

>>115060634Some times Holla Forums comes up with clever ideas, but you need to be lucky to find the perfect moment and actually steer the conversation into pitching ideas and writing.

Okay Holla Forums you get your wish. Rule 63 Robbie is real and loves you. The cost? She is voiced by TJ Miller. Does this change anything or does it improve it?

>>115060640Maybe being friendless was a planned part of the story. It became a point during "Carpet Diem," and then got brought up again during "Dungeons Dungeons and more Dungeons."

>>115060673Okay user, throw at us your, oh so great ideas, for this premise.

>>115060688Considering the boners people get for Butt Witch, improves it.

>>115060688That means there's a chance she'll molest me

>>115060548>Anybody has that goth gf au pic?

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>>115060720Ok I can try, but are we talking about a AU where robbie was always a girl or following the idea that Dipper roofied the drink and he turned into a goth chick?

Can someone explain to me the point of making Robbie a woman if it's for nothing more than /ss/ fantasies?Like why not just make Wendy into a goth?A goth Wendy would be the same shit as this OC

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>>115043172She looks like tranny.

>>115049249What ever happened to this draw friend?

>>115060815Go for the second one, I'm curious.

>>115060853Like all artists, he probably got bored and moved on.

>>115060801It's funny to me, canon Robbie is a cringey poser douche everyone can see through, but somehow giving him tits makes Robbie a master manipulator and seductress.

>>115060509I think Bigdad suffers from sameface and samefetish and I dislike his art, but his construction is undeniably better than Garabatoz.

>>115060826Because Wendy is her own character (despite what some people may say) and aesthetic. Robbie already has a role that is somewhat more aggressive towards Dipper which Wendy would never (likely) do. I think Robbie's aesthetic also has something to do with it

>>115060922>Because Wendy is her own characterAnd yet all FemRobbie stuff just looks and reads like "What if Wendy had black hair and a slightly worse attitude?"

Forget Robin and Wendy. We need an AU that puts Dipper and Grenda together.

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>>115060906Don't need to be a master manipulator to tell a pre teen to do things for you. The issue is that Dipper was a simp for Wendy, and Robbie was someone he saw as a rival.

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>>115060985Doesn't quite change the fact that Robbie is somehow 10x more competent as a woman for some reason

>>115061024It's funny how people love to give Wendy baloon tits, when even by the show's standards she's a bean pole.

People actual get off to robbie with long hair. She looks like that mental twitch tranny.

>>115060976>>115060906>giving him tits makes Robbie a master manipulator and seductressYou miss the appeal entirely. Robbie is still a trashy teenage dork. She's literally one of those insipid ill-groomed brats who loiters at the mall, being an eyesore. Nothing about her is flattering or a "master seductress", but that personality is still distinctive and thus cute or endearing. If anything it's more of a character than Wendy has.

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>>115061027Competent in what? Canon Robbie scored Wendy, while au Robin teased a 12 years old Dipper lol

>>115061055>Robbie's cringe personality is now endearing because he has titsOh come on.

>>115061091You keep comparing the canon Robbie to this girl version, I don't think that's the point.

>>115061090>Canon Robbie scored Wendy,The show doesn't portray it as being anything difficult to do unless you're dipper.Hell the show had an episode where she talks about having a ton of past boyfriends

>>115061111It's supposed to be Robbie, but as a girl, how am I not supposed to compare them?Unless you're just saying femRobbie is just an OC with a similar design.

>>115061150Isn't that what Mabel is gonna become in the future?

>>115046855Eugenia Cooney?

>>115061198Yes, but either Mabel's boyfriends will be the one dumping her over and over again, or she'll try to juggle dating multiple boys at the same time.

>>115061194You're comparing Robbie and this female counterpart 1:1 when that wouldnt be the case for any other genderbent character. Mabel wouldn't still be a girly-girl if she was made a literal boy, Wendy wouldn't act like a teen girl if she was suddenly a teen boy, etc., the entire appeal is a similar character who is nonetheless totally new.They would share character quirks undeniably, like how this female version of Robbie is still a scene geek, but there are marked differences. This honestly comes off as you flaring up your autism because change happened.

>>115061226>she'll try to juggle dating multiple boys at the same timeThat doesn't make sense for Mabel.She's never been interested in more than one boy at a time.

>>115061237>but there are marked differencesAnd yet no one has presented any differences that would logically exist, just /ss/ shit

>>115043172So would Wendy be like Dipper's cool older bro figure?

>>115061263No shit you're in an /ss/ thread. Post some yourself and derail it or make a new thread about this very idea.

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>>115061275I mean, they're basically the same boy.

>>115061270Dipper would hate him like he hated Robbie, until he becomes his cool older bro figure.

>>115061270Maybe, maybe not.

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>>115061241After her string of failed attempts at romance, that might have changed. To cushion herself from disappointment and heartbreak, she might have a list of prebounds to fall back on.

>>115061288Why would he hate male Wendy? Wouldn't he still retain his counterpart's (relative) friendliness?

>>115061275That's a specific situation that happened because they were a boy band, and artificially produced clones.

>>115060826Because they’re degenerate trannies and I mean that in the absolute worst way possible

>>115061306If Dipper is still somehow a boy and Wendy is now also a boy, while still appearing to be a cool attractive successful teen social butterfly everybody likes, it would make Dipper look like shit in comparison.

>>115061288Dipper only hated Robbie because he was a doucheHe had no problem with Wendy's other guy friends.

>>115061345Sure, he may feel envious, but I don't think Dipper is so immature to dislike male Wendy solely for that.

>>115061378Honest question, are you a woman? Dipper is already clearly insecure over his relative lack of social status and not being treated like a teenager. It's entirely appropriate he would resent male Wendy for being everything he wishes he was, that is incredibly common.

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>>115061400Well, at least we can both agree it would be a interesting dynamic to explore.

>>115061349>Dipper still hates girl Robbie but cant shake conflicting feelings because she is a girl who gives him attention

>>115061400And yet he never had a problem with any of the other guys in Wendy's friend group just Robbie who was a cringe loner douche

>>115061462Were they dating Wendy? No.

>>115061487Dipper hated Robbie because he was a douche.The fact Robbie liked Wendy too was incidental.

>>115061226>she'll try to juggle dating multiple boys at the same time.That seems like a difficult task for Mabel

>>115060854Ok, following the idea of Dipper's love potion backfiring I could see this going as follows.>Wendy arrives in the shack and catches Dipper and Robbie in the middle of their embrace.>She freaks out and Dipper makes some story to cover his ass. >before they can digest whats happening Stan arrives with some shady business and forces everyone to scram.>In town Robbie gets in some shenanigan with the rest of the teen and they consider her a cooler friend that he was as a boy and even includes Dipper scoring him some cool point with the teens too, this rubs Wendy the wrong way and ask Dipper when can he get Robbie back to normal.>Next morning Dipper is desperately looking for a way to turn Robbie back to normal without getting caught as the culprit.>He goes to Robbie's house where he finds her parents delighted for the change, even when is shown that the new Robbie is just slightly less abrasive towards them that his old self. >Robbie drags Dipper to her room and some shenanigans between the goth chick and the kid happens with Dipper finding cool that Robbie has some occult paraphernalia in her room, this gives Dipper an eureka moment and finds something in the journal that could revert things back to normal.>Dippers rush out but Robbie stops him telling him she would love to accompany to one of his supernatural adventures, which warms Dipper's heart as no one really cares about his interest.>The duo get intercepted by Wendy who was looking for them, and the three go to the forest for the Mcfuggin.>Eventually Dippers fucks something up which reveals him as the culprit of whats happening which pisses Wendy off and gives Robbie an existential crisis.

>>115061558While him happening to date Wendy is circumstantial, it also does magnify his dislike for him

>>115061619Knowing Mabel, she'll probably enlist Dipper's help

>>115061660What would he do to help?

Is it a normal thing for female teens to harass twelve year old boys? I always find Robbie doing it to be a little weird but there is something very odd about it if he was a she instead.

>>115061630Cont>Dipper goes on his own while the girls are left alone and angry, Wendy admits she mostly wanted for thing to go back to normal since she was jealous of Robbie stealing the spot light, Robbie mentions how much of a jerk he used to be and how people some times do stupid things without thinking.>Dipper finds the ingredient he need to undo the effects of the potion but gets in Danger, the girls save him, and escape.>Dipper ask for forgiveness and Wendy begrudgingly does so in exchange for Dipper covering her in the Mystery Shack for a week.>The three leave the forest, Wendy goes home, Dipper and Robbie are left alone.>They have a heart to heart and Dipper gives her the concoction lamenting loosing what they have and goes home leaving her alone.>Next day in the Mystery shack, Dipper finds Wendy and the teens hanging in the store he tries to avoid them but Stan barges in telling him that he has to leaves for some shady business leaving him and Wendy to take care of the shack, Wendy tells Dipper to covers for her and leaves with the rest of her friends. >Before they leave Dipper approach Robbie and is surprised to find she is still a she. Robbie tells him that things aren't that bad and she might give this whole situation a chance.>She leaves with the rest, but returns to tell Dipper to call her next time he plans to look for weird stuff in the forest.>Dipper is left alone cleaning the shack with a smile in his face.

>>115043172What would fem Robbie even see in Dipper?

>>115061878A simp

>>115043222Self inserting betas

>>115061400And while Robbie reflected that same insecurity right back, BoyWendy would either be oblivious to Dipper's animosity or patient with it, chalking it up to a kid working through some issues.That would fit into the show's coming-of-age setup; a kid learning to stifle his jealousy and tend to his own.

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>>115061878A way to pass the time.

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>>115057533I would not touch a 36 year old with a space suit

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Need lewd greentext of Dipper accidently turning everyone in Gravitty Falls into teenage girls because of his /ss/ fetish

>>115060485still haven't heard a reason why

>>115044591Teenagers are fucking awkward man. Some of the most cringy, ill-advised stuff you will ever do in your life is guaranteed to have been while you were a teenager.

>>115043172classic thompson

>>115065183 at the end, Dipper turns himself into a teenage girl in order to avoid death by mass snu snu Meanwhile, Bill possesses the body of a little boy and comes to Gravity Falls with plans of revenge. He has no idea what hell he has just walked in to


>>115061876That's super boring


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>>115066386The truest pairing.

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>>115061289Whoever he axes he gets to bang the other. What a hard choice.

>>115062373The ideal body. Slightly toned abs and a ton of tits and ass.

>>115067304patrician taste

>>115060979>>115066386>>115066656More interesting than hooking him up with Candy, that's for sure

>>115051379he was still in the womb, literally a dark time.

>>115064218But I gladly touch a 26 yo everyday

>>115060583>He's actually a good artist and his designs actually make sense for the characters.t. has never seen the abomination bigdad likes to pretend is gaz


>>115068052>not recognizing fivechur

>>115043172>>115060438>>115061289I want Robbie to be my gf/bf!

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>>115068029You're a retard

>>115043222Nerds are lame, I just like mischievous girls.

>>115068029>t. has never seen the abomination bigdad likes to pretend is gaz...yeaah, personally, I can get with it, but some of his shit is honestly borderline fetish material

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>>115068424Most of it is literally porn.


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>>115068424>some of his shit is honestly borderline fetish materialya think

>>115061091>cringe personality is now endearing because he has titswe don't talk enough about how this is the basis of most waifuism

>>115068424It's supposed to be fetish material.

>>115068424Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

>>115065183Even Stan and Soos?

>>115066355Well I tried to write it like the show. When you remove the jokes the show is kind of boring.

>>115070188It IS accidental.

>>115070215>Remove the jokes from a comedic showNigga what?

>>115061324She still actively pursued them as a group. "that was a specific situation" doesn't change that.


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>>115060979We need more characters like her honestly.her voice and body type turn me on

>>115065183>Dipper finds some strange rocks in the woods, and takes a bag full of them for study.>Robbie steal it from him and held it up his head where Dipper can't reach it. >The sunlight reflects into the crystal covering Robbie in a pink flash that turns him into a hot punk girl. >Punk Girl Robbie treats Dipper with kindness and love. Later Pacifica catches the two and makes some mean comments about their attire, >Dipper decides to test the crystal on her and she becomes a hot older girl that treats them to an afternoon of expensive fun. >As he gets home, he finds Mabel in the middle of one of her annoying sleepovers and tries to force Dipper to wear makeup one of the crystals falls from his backpack and transforms the three girls into hot teens no longer interested in putting makeup on him but teasing him with kisses.>Next morning he and Robbie take a crystal to town and uses it for petty things like turning Lazy Susan into a smoking hot waitress to get a free meal and stuff, as the day progresses he finds the girls getting more and more affectionate towards him until he actually freaks out and runs to the shack. >He finds everything mostly normal with Stan counting a fat stack of money in the counter. >Dipper ask what did he do and Stan tells him he found some rocks in his backpack and sold them as New age hippie junk in town for a high sum of money. >Dipper hears a ruckus outside and he and Wendy get out to find the entire town turned into smoking hot older girls surrounding the house like a zombie horde.>Goes back inside but Mabel turned the rest of the family and soos into chicks.>He takes Wendy and rushes upstairs locking themselves in his room looking desperately for a solution in the journal>Wendy asks whats going on but Dippers is to busy reading the journal, a bright pink light flashes behind him, and sees Wendy with a rock in her hand looking at him with lusty eyes.>A scream of terror is heard as the rest of the chicks enter the shack.

>>115072266What happens next?

>run crying to your big titty goth gf >she's all "haha whats got you down crybaby??" >you continue sobbing>then she realizes how vulnerable you are and the motherly instinct kicks in>"do you need a big hug from mommy?">"yes.." you mutter, still sniffling>you cuddle and makeout for three hours

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>>115043825How does it feel to be gay?

>>115073218Writefag here, frankly I wrote it ended but what do you think would be a good continuation?.>He becomes their toy until he can find a way to escape>Turns himself into a girl to escape the horde>Finds a way to "fix" the situation>A magical yellow friends lends him a hand with a catch?

>>115073367Either timeshare body or Dipper ends up with the same horde problem as a girl

>>115073367I say a variation on C;>Dipper manages to find a way to reverse the rock's powers>doing so he manages to revert Stan, Soos, and most of the random townspeople who had been altered>however he runs out of the cure before he can get everyone back to normal(and it's not something he's likely to be able to get more of any time soon)>pretty much all the kid and teen characters(and maybe a couple adults) are stuck as hot teenage girls infatuated with Dipper>luckily for Dipper alongside the cure he had also discovered an extra magic stone, unlike the others rather than turn it's target into a hot teen girl, it turns them into a hunky teen boy>Dipper uses it on himself to better handle his new situation, then proceeds to hide it and the other magic rocks away so they won't be used again anytime soon>Dipper and his harem of perpetual teen girls live happily ever afterthis I think strikes a good balance between a conclusive satisfying ending while also avoiding a cliche "Return To Status Quo" ending that ruins most lewd ideas of this nature

Attached: Dipper Harem.jpg (1653x2123, 1.11M)

>>115073691>timeshare bodywhat?

>>115074000Bill gets possession

>>115073218rape, rape and more rape

>>115068092What were you even going for?>>115068052Fuchur, newfag. It's a crop from a scene in the absolute masterpiece visual novel Unteralterbach. The guy retires off and on, but seems like it was for good this time.

>>115073738Here is another idea>Dipper managed to free himself from Wendy and lock himself in the closet.>as the horde tries to break open Dipper finally finds a page in the journal talking about his crystal, reading it he finds different lights have different effects in the target. >He finds a box with old christian lights, disco balls and Mabel's party lights and arms himself to take down the horde.>He shoots his way out of the room one beam hits Mabel turning her into a Goth girl, other hits Candy turning her into an amazon, Dipper keeps shooting looking for the right light color to turn things to normal.>Some turns the girls into equally horny milfs, some makes them younger or changes their race others into little boys that he uses to distract the horde long enough to escape the house.>Dipper keeps shooting until a beam of light turns one back into a disoriented Stan who thinks the horde is there for a refund.>He throws the Discoball into the air and shoots it with the light beam illuminating everyone with the light. >Next Morning Dipper wakes up in his bed disoriented and confused, he goes back stairs and finds the store running business as usual with everyone acting as if nothing happened.>Dipper wonders if he was dreaming when the door opens revealing Wendy accompanied by a hot luberjack woman. >Wendy tells her "mom" she does need to drive her to work every day, to which she replies that she enjoys visiting the Shack, she leaves not before giving dipper a good bye kiss in the cheek.>Dipper decides to fix it before it gets out of hand again.>He finds the crystal in a corner but before he can grab them he is pick up, he turns around and finds his sister turn older goth girl giving him a big hug trapping him in between her breast.>She comments how tired he must be and how she is going to give him a special reward along with some friends,>She carries him to their room where He sees many still transformed girls waiting for him.

Au where everything is the same but Bill is female. What changes? Would Holla Forums have liked the character better?Ford would spill his spaghetti either way so the basic plot of the story's still the same

Attached: rule 63 bill cipher.jpg (614x1024, 55.19K)

>>115075879Would that much change? Bill is a being beyond reality, or do you mean she acts and looks like a woman now? I imagine Ford would be her old partner while acting like a cougar with Dipper.

>>115043825By the look of your grin you ate all the shit

>>115044591Teens are pretty awful.

>>115075879We would have seen a canon Babel. Interesting facts about Bill's possession powers revealed in the supplementary material: (1) anyone he possesses technically dies and don't produce body heat, (2) Bill's weird pupils only show through when you look at his victims from a sideways (flat) angle.

Attached: 5ba1e3fecce7b8a5600f40e3c0cedf9653dc8fd9.jpg (1040x1280, 346.05K)

>>115068424What do you think is literally fetish material?

>>115075997Homework's whack and so is schoolTucking in your shirt's for fools

>>115051152Can you tell us what happened between you and Gara, user?.

>>115076053I noticed that Bill never possessed a girl in the show. I honestly expected him to possess Wendy to get the rift. Why do you think that is? Would he act different as a girl? Is he just too gentlemany for it?

>>115076262There's probably some esoteric rule that limits him from possessing the opposite sex. He'd have to get one of his henchmaniacs to do it for him.

Attached: Pyronica possesses Pacifica.png (1428x2528, 1.36M)

>>115043825Homos need to leave


Attached: S7307662.jpg (3072x2304, 663.3K)

>>115076649Funny, that's exactly how she'd look at you if she found out you had a picture of her looking at you like that


>>115076125I think anything completely devoid of more normal features. Like, everyone likes a picture of a hot girl with a nice rack, thats considered normal, but only a few people would like a picture of a girl with boobs bigger than her body, or where the viewpoint is positioned to accentuate a specific detail, like their feet


Attached: Gaz 11 (Invader Zim).png (893x938, 132.94K)

>>115075163This one is fun and kinds of hot, I support.

>>115043172So how would this play out?


>>115075163neat idea, though might be making it a bit overly complicated compared to mine(not that mine is super simple or anything of course)>>115077756to be fair that pic isn't by Bigdad, the artist was just using his take on Gaz

i want girl robbie to boss me around and make me drink her milkys

>>115073367>>115073691Imagine if Dipper used option 2, but it made him identical to teen Mabel, and he started accidentally talking and thinking in sync with his sister

>>115080662Now that's a different fetish

Robin's fingerless glove handjobs!

>>115049344Yeah. One of the reasons I like it

What ruins Robin for me is usually the jawline and the big ears. Robbie was designed as a male by skilled artists in a way that's hard to undo by amateurs in their redraws.

>>115081237your sacrifice will never be forgotten, whoever you are

>>115080662Or combine options 2 and 4>"There you go, Pine Tree, all changed up! Oops, guess I left a piece. Oh well, I'm sure you'll still blend in like a needle in a haystack.

>>115081237Butt pimples


>>115081047I dunno, his jawline isn't exactly prominent. It's even kinda feminine in its curve (Robbie is slightly feminine after all) and women can have big ears

Attached: 1470353657151.png (1279x718, 1.32M)

>>115056099smothering is the closest term I can think of.whatever it's called it's hot as fuck


Attached: what if it was other way around .png (680x543, 649.27K)

>>115080662Well, he can share the same outfits with her


Attached: 1580967583056.jpg (907x778, 71.57K)

>>115058403your bf is only with you because of your mommy

>>115058403>>115083508meant to reply to didnt mean to reply

>>115043172Why do we have to include /ss/ whenever it comes to making someone a hot girl? Why can’t we just appreciate the girl and leave out all the /ss/ shit

>>115083675Because the main character is a shota.

>>115083001That would be so cute

>>115048967Damn a hip hop wizard show done right would have been cool

Attached: 02clas_CA0.600.jpg (600x280, 41.56K)

>>115048967Simpsons literally did the same joke


>>115082906Now, what kind of greentext can we make from this?

>>115078649Over complicated how so? how would you make it simpler?

>>115083675In the case of gravity falls because the /ss/ is fuiled by the show itself, if DIpper had a crush in Candy or Pacifica we wouldn't have this problem.

>>115083943It seems like Shota Wendy seems oblivious to Fem Dipper's attraction, so I guess you can make something from that.

>>115083986What kind of looser girl is attracted to younger boys?

>>115082906Does this mean Shota Wendy(Wendell?) is dating a loli goth Robbie? And that Dipper has a sense of rivalry with an 11 year old girl?

>>115085583Male or female, Dipper thirsts for /ss/.


Attached: 1480290690531.png (1170x934, 1.18M)

>>115083728Imagine then wearing the same outfit and acting the same so that nobody knows which twin is which

>>115085592Its Dipper we are talking about, I could see her getting jealous at a little girl.>>115085699The family starts getting worried until they grab dipper and run to deprogram him just to find they actually got Mabel.

>>115086106>Mabel has almost completely corrupted Dipper’s personality to the point where the only way to determine the difference between the two is to see which one likes theories, DDNMD, and has a crunch in Wendy and which one doesn’t Also, since Dipper’s name is Mason, what would female Dipper’s name be?

>>115086251>Also, since Dipper’s name is Mason, what would female Dipper’s name be?Macy? There is a better way to know who is female Dipper and who is Mabel, Dipper has a constellation in his forehead, but it will be funny if everyone tries everything until someone remembers the simplest way to tell them apart.

>>115086251Mason is unisex, at least recently it is

Attached: 1584547737225.jpg (510x435, 53.96K)

>>115061341People like you will be the first to go when street sweeping operations start

Attached: sso.png (576x840, 884.93K)

>>115086421God Gara is shit.


>>115075104>What were you even going for?Hinting, without spoonfeeding. Also known as "lurk moar faggot".Speaking of retirement, if paheal is anything to go by, it seems like polyle retired his no loli policy.

>>115086421God Gara is based.

>>115086752why tho

>>115082906>>115085614Man imagine the shapeshifter episode playing out


>>115076262>>115076503or maybe they just didn't do it because it would be awkward implications with the censors. It's like how it's pretty common to show boys in underwear in cartoons, but not girls. It doesn't matter if it's something innocuous, if it's an gril, it's not ok.

>>115059069I've seen the image, it says "pathetic" like Asuka.

>>115063167Fuck you, fuck this post. tg fetish is creeping off deviantart onto Holla Forums, I've seen it in like 3 threads now. You need to go back.


>>115091051I don't see the problem

>>115044591Teenagers deserve any mockery they receive from outside their age group, though not so much infighting in their cohort.


>>115091709Teens already mock each other as it is. They don't deserve the extra mocking.

>>115082906>>115083943>Dipper is trying to hook up with Wendy, but no matter how he tries she is just not interested.>Finds an alien computer that can alter reality>He starts altering values to find a reality where she might pay attention to him.>He tries to make himself her age, but she isn't interested, he makes her younger but that doesn't work either. >He keeps changing values in the computer, time and time again until they end up in exactly the others position, and even then Wendel doesn't notice an older girls showing interest in him.>Dipper says fuck it and just changes values at random, the next day Gravity Fall is no longer a town but a city, Stan in president of the United States and Wendy is now a teacher with Dipper and Mabel as students. >Wendy now finds quite alluring the young boy in her class but he has only eyes for someone else.

>>115092565 Toby Determined is now a spy for the Neo Soviet Union



>>115048967>>115083858youtube.com/watch?v=xOCH6630RlMBut who did it best?

>>115046698Don't girls love gingers? That's what I heard.

>>115092565>>Wendy now finds quite alluring the young boy in her class but he has only eyes for someone elseWho?

>>115094612Principal Northwest.

>>115057788>Because I like comics and cartoons, duh....What? People actually like that shit? I just like to complain about Steven Universe and NuThundercats.

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>>115068134Why is Ling calling Lan Fan his boyfriend?

>>115060801What is that an image for ants?

Attached: 0eca5c0a-be2f-4b46-cb34-07c4cf94847a.png (2000x2468, 2.68M)


>>115092850Kek. Old Man Mcgucket's company is the leading manufacture of phones and computers, people gather to his TED speeches where he dances for 50 minutes straight. youtube.com/watch?v=BD8N89FoSVw

>>115056394Unrelated but that reaction image unlocked a part of my brain I had forgotten about

>>115049200Wasn't that Adventure Time for a little while?

>>115096810Marceline wasn't openly lusting after Finn, sadly.

>>115080662>>115081504>Dipper is about to be swallowed by the avalanche of horny girls when time stops around him and a little triangle guy shows up.>"Looks like you are about to becomes the worlds luckiest boy eh Pine tree?">"What do you want?" Dipper ask>What? can't I help a friend in need?>"Seriously what do you want.">"What can I say kid, I don't mind the world falling into chaos and madness but this isn't precisely my brand of chaos don't you think?. Why don't you let me, help you?>"No deal!, I know your tricks. You just want a body.">"Hey kid is fine I promise I wont take your body, I'll even give some perks free of charge, do you think you can get away from this in your own?">Bill shows Dipper a vision of what is waiting for him as the girls boy toy. >"I'll tell you I been in a lot of minds that wish they happened to them but after three days there wont be much of you left" >No having any options Dipper takes the deal, and a bright flash illuminates the room. >Everyone starts coming back to their senses and promptly leave the premises. >Dipper looks in disbelieve and discovers he himself is now one of the older girls.>"Bill you promise no trick">"I said I wouldn't take your body, its quite simple pine tree, The girls where boy crazy, No boy no crazy">"What I'm suppose to do now?" Dipper ask.>"How should I know, I have places to go and people to meet, enjoy your new perks girl!">Bill dissipate into the ether leaving Dipper examining her new "Perks" >Next day the twins go to town where things seems to be back to normal, everyone still looks like a hot bikini model but at least act like themselves again with a little of ditzy girl add into the mix.>The girls notice a crowd of people and walk to see what it happening. >Dipper watches in disbelief as Little Gideon still himself sits a throne surrounded by charmed girls. >"How is this possible?" Dipper ask.>Gideon turns around revealing two yellow eyes >"Well, I have my ways"End?

>>115049200>female exOnly if they are both full bi. Then yes:>camping trip goes wrong due to supernatural crap>Dipper loses all of his gear and separates from Stan, Soos and Mabel>sitting in a tent with Robin and Wendy>Robin: "How about Dip sleeps with me in my sleeping bag tonight? You'd like that, wouldn't you, Dipstick?">licks her lips and beckons Dipper with her finger>Wendy: "No! Uh, I mean, my bag's a hand-me-down from my pops, so there's totally more room.">a bit later>Dipper, whispering: "You know, I'm really glad you wanted me to sleep with you so much. I really wanted to sleep with you too...">hugs her under the boobs from behind and presses his crotch against her butt>Wendy: "Oh no. Oh boy...">Robin is winking at Wendy from across the dent while masturbating under the covers to her spoiled imagination

>>115049747Yuriko best girl.

Attached: 39.png (1027x1500, 436.08K)

>>115060583yeah, i cant smell chillguy's art either. too much bloating.

>>115062373this one is just, SO good. her design, the context.HNNG!

>>115086752You're not even trying to look sincere. Your posts are obvious "Act contarian because you know it will annoy people" that it just doesn't offend anyone.

Attached: richie (2).jpg (625x591, 73.82K)

>>115043222It becomes hot when a girl does it according to the laws of simpin

Attached: 94ae70b1351433ea97d7d4d0c1bbfcd2cd4f373e.png (1500x1500, 497.04K)

>>115060583Wait. Is this really why you've been shitting on Gara and Chillguy all this time? Because you've got a weird parasocial relationship with Bigdad?

>>115095306Probably somehow got Greed in there.

>>115086106>>115086251I thought Dipper was just hypnotized in that scenario, not brainwashed

>>115092937You have no idea what that word means don't you?

>>115094658Principal Preston Northwest?

>>115100956Stop speaking nonsense, boy.

>>115100748Whats the difference?

>>115044591everyone hates teenagers, they overlap with childhood and adulthood in ways that make them annoying to deal with, that's just how it's always been. Their problems are almost always meaningless bullshit that they won't even think about a few months from now but they act like they're big life changing things because their emotions are firing on all cylinders, when they're out and unsupervised you're dealing with someone who is physically an adult but mentally, and perhaps more important legally, is nowhere near being an adult, this makes the normal solutions for dealing with troublemakers uncertain for kids and adults.

I’m surprised this thread is still here

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>>115043251Who has the better outfit, Cody or Dipper?


>>115101008Priscilla Northwest then?

>>115103066Pacifica, you fool.

>>115103293>Pacifica as the principal.Who would be the PE Teacher?

>>115103888>Who would be the PE Teacher?Grenda obviously

>>115043222Ask Pan.


Attached: 1351356689999.jpg (378x599, 21.29K)

It's sad how nobody ever uses Robin's canon design.



>>115105783fuck pan gringo bitchass pizza,i was simping over goth girls independently of him.

Attached: 1532100812021.png (300x240, 105.85K)

>>115106013this is the only Robin i can get behind

>>115101347Hypnotizing is a quick process, usually involves a magical object of some sort, the victim can snap out of it. Brainwashing is generally a long and steady process that is harder to remove because you've altered the person themselves rather than putting them in a trance.


>>115107084Hypnosis doesn’t always require a magical object though, all you need to do is get the person to relax to the point where they can be placed in a suggestible state. It also doesn’t work on everyone, and often works best if the subject greatly trusts the person doing the hypnotizing

>>115043172I miss /ara/>>115043618and /ss/:(

>>115107813/ara/ was a thing?

>>115107718>It also doesn’t work on everyoneAren't smart people generally more susceptible to it?>and often works best if the subject greatly trusts the person doing the hypnotizingMabel is his twin sister. Not a lot of people he trusts more than her

>>115108194I think it works best on people who are more likely to take in suggestions, or follow orders, or people who are very naive

>>115108250That could be true too

>>115108741Yeah, I’m pretty sure it works best on people who genuinely want to relax/sleep for a while and just not worry about anything

>>115076053Dipper would catch on to Bill's antics

>>115043825Gays, Leave.

>>115104780But every thing is random, wouldn't be funny If Grenda is a librarian and candy is the one going around screaming at kids on PE?


>>115095404Post more robin getting ignored by wendell

Attached: 38F39A98-A0F4-4A67-B372-83D1D0D2563B.png (1024x768, 884.69K)

>>115111298Oddly enough, that worked temporarily

>>115111298>long hair.>goth punk>biker gloves>pale skinHow could you reject to that?

>>115068424>some of his shit is honestly borderline fetish material.....he draws porn

>>115109591>Grenda is literally the librarian from All That


>>115111298I imagine Wendy to be a bit more masculine than that, he is a descendant of Manly Dan after all

>>115113882He's still young, he merely hasn't ascended just yet.

>>115081237>mating press>instant loss 2komaalways the best combo

>>115113882i think it would be Girly Dana in this version

>>115060647Pacifica’s an heiress, and has trophy wife aesthetics. Rebel of that or not, she’s got sex doll genetics, she’s going to be the most adventurous and daring cock-ready slut ever.

>>115113980Holy shit, so that means Wendell essentially has pretty boy genetics in this circumstance.

>>115113980Womanly Dana, the beautiful and voluptuous lumberjill.

>>115114656Need art.

Attached: 1587500952315.png (429x941, 492.74K)

>>115114656Oh yes, tall curvy redhead milf

>>115053526Half of all artists struggle with drawing on model tits. I got called a insecure woman for mentioning this before on here. There is nothing wrong with small tits. Generally they all look fine when drawn well.

>>115056394Just be a milf lovin' chad instead my man.

>>115108190They were both boards on another imageboard.

>3 day old thread>nobody is making new robin content Fuck you

Attached: 13e992f54a67beba8d46bfa29d364f3821abd4bc.png (1500x1500, 342.25K)

>>115043172Robbie looks like a muppet

Attached: 56D9F32E-F6FD-42E3-9B83-27430E465B35.jpg (640x744, 74.04K)

>>115091051I think the pot is calling the kettle black, here.

>>115118710It was a Robin thread? I thought it was a GF thread.


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