Can we have a comfy Spinel thread?

Can we have a comfy Spinel thread?

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NoAlso Steven hates her>>>/trash/

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>>115038973Ok but I don't get the appeal of this pairing, they don't work as a couple. At least not organically.

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>>115038973>the artist gave tits to spinel in the gifGross

>>115038990>>115038991She won

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>>115039022I just thought the gif was cute

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>>115039089It is, you are right about that.

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Steven's a worthless, obese, retarded moron who constantly fucks up everything he does, then cries about it until his lesbian moms come comfort him and tell him that he didn't fuck up, even though literally everyone knows that he fucked up massively. The fact that anyone could ever like him is beyond my comprehension when he's constantly a fucking idiot that sounds like someone threw a pigeon into a jet engine and never learns from his mistakes, only getting more powerful so he can pull himself out of the hole he himself dug.

>>115038973Sure. Just leave the fat idiot out of the equation.

>>115039162You have posted this at least -3- times. $0.25 has been deposited into your account.

>>115039089The best pairing is SpinelxAnon

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best timeline

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>>115039379He does look like a fucking faggot, holy shit.

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>>115039379SU is the ultimate soiboy show though

>>115038991Spinel took his first kiss

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>>115039489how come all the people who hate it are the most low test soi bois?


>>115039590I doubt that's true.

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>>115039590This some pot and kettle shit here?

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>>115039676obviously you've never talked to an anti-SUfag


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>>115039742I think there's a marked difference between not liking something and being anti-something.

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>>115039813>implyingIf she had been that responsible none of this shit would have happened.

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>>115039071Of all the things you hang onto to prove how great a character is, winning the approval of the losers on Holla Forums is probably is not the most stunning one to use as proof.

>>115038973From the image you chose, you seem more interested in a shipping thread


>>115038973Didn’t watch any SU besides the movie. Does Spinel even appear in Futures, or is the movie literally it?

>>115039489Since Steven has a Gamecube that probably is true. Nintendo is after all the tumblr choice.


>>115039489You sure about that?

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>>115040643I think the point was that guys watch it too.

>>115038973I want a spinel wife

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>>115039500Has anyone made a "It was me, Spinel!" edit?I mean, it kinda fits.

>>115040922>You thought your first kiss would be with Connie but it was with I, SPINEL!

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>>115038991Goodbye kiss and utterly meaningless

>>115038973I love Spinel!

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>>115038973Spinel threads, home...

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>>115039194Based>>115039379>Stevenfag and basedjak posterGigacringe

>>115040309She does, she's so cute there, though many people were disappointed since she didn't play any major role.

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>>115041562homosexual barafag. it reeks that

>>115041977Wasn't pretty much everyone who didn't only cared about Steven disappointed? Peridot got one episode and it was actually about Stevens problems again, Lapis got one but the only good thing about it is the other Lapis with freckles, Bismuth got half an episode to show that she has character development but that episode was again actually about Steven having problems. Lars and Sadie are pretty much the only side characters that got enough time and progression. On another note, I am still mad that Padparadschas only reason to exist is comic relief and has absolutely no character traits. She is pretty much the only character in the series that only exists to laugh about and that bothers me.

>>115038973Artist trying real hard to get clout on 4chan again ay? gtfo clout clod

>>115042345I only lurk spinel threads so I dunno, but I believe that. We needed more episodes to flesh them out properly.

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>>115040570He only plays FF7 expys though.

>>115039162That was SU Steven.SUF Steven is a super chad that doesn't cry and punches until they agree with him.>Steven "Rip And Tear" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Don't Disarm? I'll Tear Off Your Arms" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Peace Through ANY MEANS" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Shattering The Authority As A Minority" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Pearls That Talk Back Get The Smack" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Mama Said Knock You OUT" DeMayo Universe>Steven "Murdercock's Not Enough" DeMayo Universe

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>>115042743Not that user but dude was a bitch the whole time. SU steven > SUF steven.

>>115042806Chad bitch

>>115042806SU Steven is better I don't dislike new Steven but now he acts sort of like just a basic teenager most people who prefer SUF either just like Pink Steven or are horny

>>115042806For me, it's su Steven > movie Steven > shit > suf steven

>>115038990>>115038991>>115039022>>115041562>StevinelkekSpinearl wins

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>>115043295I want to have a threesome with spinel and pink pearl

>>115042898>now he acts sort of like just a basic teenagerThis. I know they made a point out of telling the audience Steven isn't "little Steven" anymore in Snow Day, but what happened to his sense of humor? Steven was a hoot as a kid.

>>115043295anonel is best pairing and canon

>>115043295For me, its Spinelga

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>>115042345>Wasn't pretty much everyone who didn't only cared about Steven disappointed?Pretty much, i think everyone misunderstood the point of the show. It's even in the title, "Steven Universe". The focus is, and always has been, Steven. Everyone else is a supporting character to Steven and his exploits.

>>115043762A crack ship is fine too

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>>115043747This desu

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>>115043762for me it's Spinel x Pink Diamond

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>>115043896Spinel with PD is cute too! Shame about what happens after tho...

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>I am not afraid to keep on living>I am not afraid to walk this world alone>honey if you stay you'll be forgiven>nothing you can say can stop me going home

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>I see you lying next to me>with words I thought I'd never speak>awake and unafraid..>asleep or dead.

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>>115044125>>115044170tiptop cringe

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>>115038973Love Spinel and other gems but FUCK shipping

>>115044125>>115044170What reference is this?

>>115044170Cant believe user is cheating on spinel with channel

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>>115044532I can

>>115044532It's just spinel with a palette swap and some hair extensions.

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>>115044477MCR famous last words. Shit I must be old to have gotten it.

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>>115044867Yes but actually not.Channel is a mascot.This is Channelnel

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>>115044867>It's just spinel with a palette swap and some hair extensions.Yeah, Channel, and she ntr'd spinel

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>>115040241What a fun time of salt and rage that was.

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>>115044532Anon is not cheating.He is just takling Channel to the bed where they and Spinel will have a poly-love relationship

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>>115038973>Can we have a comfy Spinel thread?I love those.

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I personally ship Spinel with Kamen Rider Zero-one. I just wanna see them tell shitty jokes to each other and laugh at each others shitty jokes.

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>>115044901>MCR famous last wordsFucking oldies man.

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>>115044170No, I knowThat I can't make you stayBut where's your heart?But where's you heart?But where's...Your....I'm surprised how well this fits

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>>115038991The lesbian kisses just recently had more effort put into them then this offhand shit.

>>115046926And I know!! There's nothing I can say!!To change that part!To change that part!....TO CHANGE!So many.....bright lights that cast a shadow!But can I speak? Is it hard understanding?I'm incomplete!A life that's so demanding!I get so weak.A love that's so demandingI can't speak..

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>>115038973Why does the mod hate her so much?

>>115047021I am not afraid to keep on living!I am not afraid to walk this world alone!Honey if you stay,you'll be forgivenNothing you can say,can stop me going home

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>>115047269Can you see that my eyes are shining bright?!Cuz I'm out here on the other side. Of a jet black hotel mirrorAnd I'm so weak...Is it that hard understanding? I am incomplete. This love that's so demandingI am weak

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>>115047226too much power makes Modnel mad

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>>115044170I am not afraid to keep on living!I am not afraid to walk this world alone!Honey if you stay,you'll be forgivenNothing you can say,can stop me going home

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>>115047390He is fine and dandy with 30+ SU threads up at the same time. What a cumfart.

>>115047473These bright lights Have always blinded meThese bright lights have always been blindingTo me..So I say.....I see you lying next to me...with words I thought I'd never speak...awake and unafraid...asleep or dead.Cuz I see you lying next to me (I can see you)With words I thought I'd never speakAWAKE AND UNAFRAIDASLEEP...OR...

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>>115047474I think its because these threads really feel like a general compared to other SU threads, most of the other ones just die after a while, but these threads always reach the bump limit. They fear us.

>>115038973>Can we have a comfy Spinel thread?

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>>115039022Probably because she holds many of Steven's goofy and childish traits. I agree though that it's not healthy or natural when Spinel is a one-note and there was no time given for casual and fun bonding between them, which is entirely the case for Connverse and nowhere the case with these two. Didn't stop the Future crewniverse from thinking, "How about we give Spinel heart eyes when she catches sight of Steven after so long and have her immediately smooch Steven's face?"

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>>115041367Dammit Greg!!

>>115044901Is this supposed to be a Helena reference?

>>115048026Not going to say I didn't enjoy that.>>115047731pic related

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>>115048201Can't say it isn't.

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I hope we will still alive tomorrow.

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>>115049177It will, Believe in Spinel! Also good night user

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>>115043797It's not that everyone misunderstands the show: it's that the non-Steven characters are leagues more interesting than Steven himself so naturally people are drawn to them more


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>>115051220>xj9 looking ass bitchwhat

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>All this unironically good art for what is essentially a crackshipHow in the fuck did stevinel get so popular with the Fandoms feverish hatred for Steven x gem ships??

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>>115052557She's perfect

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>>115041562Steven's a little chunky there

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>>115052767>Artist was suspended on Twitter

>>115052767That's cute and all but Spinel is for user.

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>>115052557Probably wasn't popular because of kid Steven. He's a short fat child who acts like a child interacting with mature gems who have seen some shit. Tall mature teen Steven makes it more tolerable, which happened to coincide with Spinel's introduction.

>>115038973Does MahmaPuu have Vanilla Fever?Also is it called Vanilla Fever? I'm not exactly sure what the fetish term for wanting to get WHITED is.

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>> animation is so cute, even in it's rough draft state.

can we be comfy with other gems too?

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>YWNB vored by Spinel and digest inside her sexy cute bubblegum tummy.Why even live?

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>>115055758So does this artist just draw Spinel vore and nothing else?Seems kinda niche, and even weirder because he's apparently japanese so that fact that he exclusively draws vore, of a specific character, from a WESTERN animation series is pretty interesting.

>>115055836>So does this artist just draw Spinel vore and nothing else?I believe that vore pic was made for caitromen (the actual spinel vore artist), the artist draws cute stuff in general like pic related.

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>>115055874So Caitromen is the actual Japanese Spinel vore enthusiast? I wonder if he ever browses these threads...

>>115055906I dont think so, but you can check out his stuff here

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Last bump before i go to sleep

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>>115051220>some literally who on Facebookyou're making yourself look more pathetic than you think you're.Why caring about a Facebook user?Why carin about a literal who?Why caring about a literal who Facebook user?

>>115052767is there more to this?what was she thinking about in the first few panels?

>>115055758Of course you wont user, gems don't digest food.

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>>115056783sleep well user!

>>115054278Spinel is for Josuke.

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>>115052767Puu is the queen of Stevinel

>>115057915Josuke is Steven

>>115054245new account is @notmahmapuu

>>115041310>Oh, no, what’s this? You’re approaching ME?>I can’t make a change if I can’t get any closer.

>>115058174Jojo reference?


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I miss mod s bros :(

>>115058976No one knows what happened.Her discord just says "offline"

>>115058976>>115059540Who is "mod s"? And why is she mussing? Did she get deep-throated by corona-chan?

>>115060023Mod S was a Stevinel artist from tumblr.She made the lovepilled Stevinel pics you saw at least once.No one knows what happened to her

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>>115038973Spinel is for impregnation and love, also Steven is a fucking cuck

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>>115059540Are you sure she disappeared? Their tumblr hasn't updated for a while maybe everyone just left?

>>115060386For some reason I read your post as "she disappeared" and forgot what you actually said, discard this reply am dumb.

>>115060185>Spinel is for impregnation and loveYes

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>>115060185Sorry user but Spinel is for _________me_________

>>115058190>>115058174>>115041310>it's a Jojo reference

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>>115038973I'm in love with her cute version

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>>115038973I'm in love with her cute version

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>>115061419They're all cute though.

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>>115046400Aruto belongs with Isu and only Isu

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>>115061553>Not a single punished SpinelSo the other user was right?

>>115050387This, and it’s the show’s greatest weakness

>>115054420By her own admission yes

>>115061587that's is if PD never abbandoned Spinel.She has to be Happy Spinel because she never waited in the garden.

>>115054377Stevinel is cute. Cute!

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>can we have another cringey thread with the same art of a character that was only in 2 pieces of SU media just because we relate to her being a mentally ill crazy bitch who believes she's been abandoned despite her being a burden on literally everyone?

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>>115047874Same could be said about people still making Spinel threads. It's just samefags.

Cringe thread

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>>115061771I'm curious if current punished Spinel would have her form altered again if she got poofed and if it would it be her going back to her original form or having another new form.

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>>115056499god this made me really miss when peridot had her limb enhancers. like she was so cool, why turn her into an autistic green midget?going to be real, i think the show would be way more watchable with her old levels of cold cynicism to balance out the emotional focus bullshit

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>>115062326>like she was so cool, why turn her into an autistic green midget?for a bunch of reasons and the fact I'm attracted to little autistic midgets for reasons you may not understand

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>>115061893I suppose since even Pearl, a slave gem, could reform even a Jester could.But would have the diamonds gave to a gem supposed to be a toy some reform ability? Probably they thought "it's faster making another one" and so she can't reform

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>>115038973I wanted Steven to kill her in the final episode, but guess not

>>115057916Nah mod S is the real queen of Stevinel and I say this as an anti Stevinel because fuck Steven who cares about that whiny bitch

>>115062563Spinel can reform user, that's why she's punished in the first place. I guess she would probably regress to her original form a bit since she's pretty much the same, maybe a combination of both

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>>115062788>Spinel can reform user, that's why she's punished in the first place.autopoofing isn't normal poofing.If it was then Lapis would have changed her look and colors completely and be Punished Lapis with a whole new set of powers

>>115058056Yeah, but he's an alternative, tougher Steven that's not committed to Connie.

>>115063966What's autopoofing? She also got poofed by the scythe.As for lapis, she was introduced way early in the show compared to Spinel, they probably didn't think about giving her a new form at the time, or maybe she didnt need a new one.

>>115064649Connie and Steven already moved on from each other


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>>115064922>What's autopoofing? It's what she did to herself. Spinel suicide-poofed>She also got poofed by the scythe.She got reseted>As for lapis, she was introduced way early in the show compared to Spinel, they probably didn't think about giving her a new form at the time, or maybe she didnt need a new one.fair

>>115065178The smell

>>115065310Like cherries, lavender, and sugar.

>>115065310like salt as all the rocks are

>>115065238IIRC she didn't tried to kys, she poofed from the news

>>115065310Like love and sugar

>>115066488>IIRC she didn't tried to kys, she poofed from the newsYes.It's autopoofing if it's without harm done to the physical body but just from the mind

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>>115066736Ah I see, I misunderstood you then, am idiot.

>>115066736It's hilarious that the movie is already really damn long for a tv film and it still fails to spend the time in actually showing the answers or workarounds to Spinel's form change, Spinel's possession of the injector, Steven not calling the Diamonds to help with Earth's imminent destruction, and the poison not destroying Earth. Seems like more time was spent on the songs and feelings then the actual story.

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>tfw no Spinel gfHow do I cope with this?

>>115067559Eat a cookie?

>>115038973Post that pic where Spinel is kissing corrupted Steven

>>115067559Easy user, you do _____not_____

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>ywn be part of a diamond's courtwhy even live?

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>>115067180What show did you think you were watching?

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why is her voice so sexy

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>>115067180The songs and feelings ARE the actual story. Why does it matter how precisely Spinel form changed or how she got the injector? These are just the bones.

Why is she so thicc?

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>>115067897>>115069208>>115070015you can keep that queen.I take the Blue Jester

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>>115070015What's up with the BD posting? Is it because you want to worship your waifu and you are alone? I feel you user, if that's the case

Spinel needs to be tossed down a flight of stairs until all her limbs are broken in the manner that allows them to be flexible. What that little faggot Steven needs, is a dick up his ass, like all the defective males who enjoy his show

>>115070245Spinel's limbs can't be broken if her gem is intact

>>115070142You can keep that jester.I take the best jester from the best diamond

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>>115061792based and benderpilled

Reminder you'll always be associated with getting a person to try to attempt a livestream suicide and the channel movie cancer


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>>115071881Reminder you'll always be associated with a group of youtubers literally harassing a kid dying from cancer for wanting to see a steven universe episode before it released

>>115071881No we won't.

>>115071852Why big curves when she is petite as fuck?

>>115071852Should've posted the uncensored one

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>>115071881>>115071901Meh, just being on 4chan associates me with a lot of things. That’s life

>>115071956she's a gem silly, you asked for big curves


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>>115070015>>115069208>>115067897I love Blue Diamond like I couldn't believe too.She is for the familyBD is the mommy.YD is the aunty.WD is the gilfAnd Spinel is the daughter

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>>115071956Squash, Stretch, and Inflate.


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Attached: 114.png (381x510, 48.44K)

Steven is literally the least part of his own show.I'm not sure if anyone would actually object if this show didn't have Steven and the protagonists were actually the three main gems, but if so I'd like to hear your reasoning.

So many Spinelpills!I love you all

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>>115073540He has the POV.But I think a Stevenless show would be >Crystal Gems Lore

>>115073540*least INTERESTING part of his show

>>115073581I know, and that's why I think the show would've benefitted with him removed. Because he's literally my least favorite part about it.

>>115073540I dont mind Steven in SU, i think he's alright, maybe not making some conflicts get resolved easily and having some episodes with other people's PoV, would be nice. But suf steven was trash, fuck that shit.

>>115073540How would they implement the Rose/Pink Diamond thing without Steven?

>>115038973This faggy pop song goes so well with this


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Attached: 1569030289276.jpg (1227x933, 83.33K)

>>115071901That's SUfags though?

>>115071881This is 4chan, not plebbit. We don't care.

Attached: 1578940113652.jpg (1080x1350, 141.37K)

>>115071881>>115071901>implying anyone here cares

Attached: [laughs in two midgets].jpg (674x697, 405.93K)

>>115073540Steven is the driving point of the show, nothing would happen without him.

>>115071901elaborate please

Do any femnons here have a crush on Spinel too?And if so, what do you like about her?

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>>115074893>femnons user...

Attached: file.png (255x255, 163.13K)

>>115067559>Commission a dakimakiura

>>115038973at least you managed to make Spinel somewhat attractive for once in one of these threads op

>>115038973Would you also accept discussion revolving around torturing and mutilating Connie?

>>115074893It would be pretty hot if they did hnnng

>>115061792Bender have a beer, you are not you when you are sober.

Attached: ihil43d.jpg (300x393, 32.23K)

>>115075097>Implying Spinel isn't always attractive no matter what she's in

>>115075130Got at least 200 posts left. Make sure you fill them all up at least.

>>115075414that would be the implication yesgood job you got it.

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Attached: 114.jpg (2048x2008, 435.14K)

Attached: 816.jpg (1080x1203, 86.31K)

Attached: 127.jpg (1080x1350, 76.97K)

this thread isn't blue enough

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Attached: 1567995563785.png (461x580, 85.03K)

>>115078715Have some BD and spinel

Attached: 532.jpg (1032x1200, 122.28K)

Attached: 455.jpg (1200x1200, 100.49K)


>>115078715Blue Dolpiniamond

Attached: bluedolphin.gif (1116x669, 392.52K)

>>115078775This image just reminds me of Deltarune.

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Attached: hey__don_t_be_sad__by_mochiyy_ddg9kg7-pre.jpg (500x1598, 104.26K)

>>115043762Crack ships can be something man

>>115042432Well, his plan worked I mean, it has over 200 replies

>>115078715>Then Perish

>>115074931They do exist. But not really

>>115080895do you prefer Rose Roseboy?

Attached: rosepregnantbelly.jpg (800x589, 101.86K)

>>115080922I mean, if you want to.

>>115080951I want

Attached: space godess.png (390x515, 84.86K)

>>115080520You fail to understand my hate of Connie and all she is.

>>115071881To be fair, he proposed the livestream suicide if we remembered spinel in 2020.>>115071901See pic

Attached: IMG_0847.png (2592x2323, 1.89M)


>>115081173What's wrong with applying a clawhammer to her major joints and leaving her in the desert?

>>115081173What's wrong with nailing her arms apart from each other, then scraping at them with clam shells until she can tear free of her self-imposed bondage?

>>115054245>Artist was suspended on Twitterwhy ?>>115052767

Attached: spineven_month__days_2_3_4_by_mahmapuu_ddq2icx-fullview.jpg (1280x3854, 656.12K)

>>115081173What's wrong with forced fusion? Giving her body dysphoria by trapping her in her own body that distinctly does not feel like her body. Ruin Fusion for her forever.

>>115081530>Twitter is asshoeObjectionable content and not a big enough stick to stop them.>>115081173What's wrong with stripping her nails off, very slowly, with pliers. Then rubbing salt and citrus into the exposed flesh?

>>115081173Explain the immorality of Injecting her with Diamond Juice and watching her thrash and scream as the transformation of organic into Gem races through her body. All as she begs you to stop, to stop, to kill her.

>>115081173You're right, I don't understand.

Attached: Wowee! that thread sure is big, you want me to climb it or something.png (811x691, 213.08K)

>>115082045>that filename

Attached: 1573236936595.png (420x420, 109.3K)

>>115081173Why should Connie not be allowed to receive the personal attentions of White Diamond. Pinned akimbo, revealing all of her disgusting organic beauty to the Luminous and All-Bright Diamond. Ready and unwilling to be forcibly ascended to a more perfect state of being, piece by piece. Each filthy organic component plucked out and replaced by an artificial organ of White Diamond's creation.


>>115081173Connie is disgusting. Both in her character and her soul. So let her inner beauty surpass her outer beauty. With the help of a demented Spinel denied her revenge Connie should have her arms amputated and seared closed at the shoulders, then her shattered legs implanted with dozens of Gem Shards. Her flesh will finally revolt against her as it develops sentience. A shattered sentience, for sure, but a sentience none the less. It will peel off in strips before congealing back into distinct tentacles. And it is with these limbs-not-her-limbs that she will have to use to survive in this abandoned Gem Dungeon. Because as much as she hates being stuck in this body of hers, and wishes and end to her pain and suffering, she needs to stay alive. After all, doesn't she believe in Steven? That he'll find her and rescue her and make her whole like she was never mutilated in the first place? Better start listening to the voices in her head, they're alive and screaming and she needs to work with them if she wants to live long enough for Steven to find her. Looking like a monster. Scylla

>>115038973Yes, I will allow you this once. But remember there are other gems worth a thread too, Spinelfrens.

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warm up exercise

Attached: SpinelKissSteven.png (2800x2000, 1.36M)

>>115082141dont have moreonly found them on this board a while ago

Attached: 3548087 - Lars_Barriga MahmaPuu Martha_Barriga Spinel Steven_Universe comic.jpg (2357x4096, 1.83M)

>>115081173Doesn't Connie deserve to be filled with Spinel's Injector Fluid, but be denied the final death? Kept alive as a boneless, viscous, elastic gel for Spinel to play with?Small recompense for Pink's sins, but it'll help.

>>115082683Love your style and blushes

Attached: 1571788910262.jpg (534x534, 43.75K)

>>115081173In what world would justice allow Connie to exist without suffering the pain of having her left eye gouged out, and replaced with a Pearls Gem?

>>115083225I should draw more Spinel. /sug/ is honestly superior to horse show and trash just isn't my thing. I know some people like posting there, and that's fine, but I don't care for the rampant shitposters (said while browsing Holla Forums, yes I am aware of the irony...)The hardest part for me is picking who to draw. Does anyone else struggle with burn out and getting started for the day?Possibly the answer for me may be to write fanfiction. After all, there is this big unanswered question of if Steven visits Spinel before the finale of Future or not. I'm thinking (no) but there is still potential for after the road trip ending that the Diamonds or Spinel drop in to check on him.Do they have some way of detecting where he's at? It doesn't seem so.

My wife Spinel is so cute

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>>115083656>/sug/ is honestly superior to horse show and trash just isn't my thing.Wat?You mean /sug/ as a board is superior to poniesshow?

Attached: 1585611434289.png (500x500, 269.34K)

what does spinel smell like?

>>115085118I think he's saying that /sug/ is better than the horseshow fandom. But this is the Spinel thread not /sug/ I hate both

>>115085263Like hugs and kisses

>>115038973Spinearl is better


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>>115042743the fuck is this meme?


Attached: 1589495232256.png (650x622, 185.13K)

>>115086112Steven's harem.Remember the chad episode?

Attached: 1583810230001.jpg (760x432, 119.6K)

fuck Spinel

>>115088523I wish

Attached: 735.jpg (2048x1650, 377.68K)

>>115087555Either get some actual art or stop it

>>115089096>Either get some actual art or stop itfine

Attached: 1564622311812.jpg (1191x1191, 357.23K)

>>115089138I was thinking with muscular Steven but good enough I suppose


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>>115090207What kind of candy?


Attached: 613.png (544x404, 295.27K)

>>115085263>>115085657>>115090207>what does spinel smell like?Rotten

>>115038973Spinel was the best villain with the worst motives.also best song

>>115092022Yes, quite pungent my dear...

>>115092202be we love her anyway

>>115090242>Implied Spincest

Attached: love_urself_by_misspolycystic_ddjolg3-pre.jpg (936x854, 72.95K)

>>115081173>People are put under when undergoing ECMO. Connie deserves no mercy such as that. Keep her sedated but aware of how her body is kept artificially alive by externally oxygenating her blood. Then make her watch as you introduce adulterants to her blood supply as you drive home how powerless she is. Has always been.

>>115081173Why can't Connie suffer for her love by developing crystalline tumours due to Gem-Human Fusion? Have them form in her limbs so when she has the first surgery to remove them she can understand the danger she is in. Because removing the cancerous Steven-inflicted growth from its nest of flesh, will make it erupt, bursting Connie apart from the inside.

>>115085304Ah, you're right, I made a mistake. Thank you for correcting me.I don't have too many pics of Spinel. I also need to work on drawing her long noodle pasta arms. They are not easy to work with, when she wraps you in a body-embracing hug.

>>115052767moreMore MORE

Attached: cover10.jpg (1920x1080, 384.43K)

>>115093353Spincest is wincest

Attached: 262.jpg (680x564, 51.65K)

>>115093954You did a good job with my angry Spinel request. Keep it up drawfriend

Attached: 32.jpg (963x676, 55.25K)

>>115094137that's cute for degeneracy

>>115094193Oh, that's cool you still post here! I am glad I am not the only one. I'm working on another sketch right now but I can draw Spinel really soon or some other gem if you want.I know my sketches aren't the same as when I was at the height of my inspiration but I'd like to believe all those years spent constantly drawing conferred me a style and a sense of aesthetics that I deliver for each drawing, even my studies from the show.Since I haven't drawn Spinel much, I'm afraid I still get her off-model a lot. I find her pigtails to be one of the harder things I struggle with. It also reminds me of when Bubbles went "hardcore" in that one episode of PPG and went crazy killing monsters in the simulator. Her pigtails were upside down and spiky like that too.

>>115052767>>115081530>tfw no slightly mental unstable gf to support

>>115094284>>115094193post the angry Spinel

>>115094284I would love more Spinel drawings, it'll be highly appreciated! Also I don't mind the on model thing that much, just by making her a noodle/stick and/or respecting her design it's okay.>>115094826If he doesn't post it, I can share it in a few hours I'm phoneposting right now

>>115094980thanks if she/he (wanna clarify BCS?) doesn't post it

>>115088523If she was actually real then I would.

>>115082045God i need a spinel gf to climb my biggus dickus

Would you watch it?>Spinel spinoff taking place a few months after the conclusion of SU:Future and on Homeworld for much of the first season>begins with the Zircon election and Jasper's return to Homeworld, hoping to find her calling in the new society that she couldn't find on Earth>story follows Spinel crossing paths and helping Jasper with her problems, ending with Jasper becoming the personal bodyguard to the Blue Zircon elected leader after saving her life from an assassination attempt by a powerful concealed gem who manages to escape>Spinel is then appointed by Blue Zircon to become her personal counselor with the goal in mind of helping a wide array of new gem characters with unique personalities, designs, and history, with their problems in regards to integrating with the new Gem society on Homeworld and the outer colonies>some gems helped by Spinel become regularly occurring cast members who follow and assist in her efforts>Diamonds are occasionally featured while most time is spent on the new gem characters; they are eventually called away on an urgent matter happening in space halfway through the season and leave on their spaceships to an unknown destination>as Spinel and Jasper follow Blue Zircon around on Homeworld and throughout the galaxy, the threat of a steadily growing Gem Resistance is slowly introduced

Attached: 1823749823423.jpg (1208x1080, 187.13K)

>the season concludes with Lars and the Off Colors crashing on Homeworld after having been pursued by gem forces loyal to the Gem Resistance and warning of Emerald's grand plan to overthrow Homeworld and seize control of all gem territories>as Homeworld makes preparations, Steven Universe and Connie are brought to Homeworld using the pocket dimension to help>Steven, fearing a possible attack on Little Homeworld, gets Connie to go back and warn them about the threat>a massive attack on Homeworld commences shortly after and Emerald eventually wins due to the absence of the other Diamonds, forcing Steven, Connie, Blue Zircon, Jasper, Spinel, and others to retreat on Lars' repaired Sun Incinerator>with the failure to protect Homeworld weighing on them all, Steven heads back to Earth only to be contacted by Connie telling that she traveled back to Little Homeworld with Lion and found bad news>an offscreen attack has led to the destruction of Little Homeworld and all gems having been taken>the end

Attached: 1832472384234.jpg (457x329, 46.88K)


Attached: 75.gif (800x450, 1.74M)

>>115094137Spincest is spaghettipilled

Attached: spinelsstraight.jpg (833x960, 74.92K)

>>115097001>>115097044I would, just remove the resistance, the zircons, Steven, Connie, keep the diamonds, jasper and lars and make it a SoL. I just want to relax and laugh with my noodle wife.

>>115097001>>115097044The idea of a spinoff that deals with the political implication of what Steven and the Diamonds did is good.But if you want to make it a spinoff then it's better not putting Steven into it since his arc ended already.And the bittersweet ending would make everyone rage as it always happens with SU, but this time even more rage

Attached: spinelface-pancha.jpg (738x590, 49.9K)


>>115083656>After all, there is this big unanswered question of if Steven visits Spinel before the finale of Future or not. I'm thinking (no) but there is still potential for after the road trip ending that the Diamonds or Spinel drop in to check on him.I'm curious what Sucrose would say if asked that because it's such a weird and disconcerting relationship since it appears the Diamonds and Spinel care for Steven very much (though they make no effort to stay in contact with him) but it's not mutual with Steven who resents them all to the point of trying to stay away from them for as long as possible. You can say that them being there for Steven's recovery meant that their relationship got better and healthier but the fact of a no goodbye scene between them in the finale heavily implies that he still wants them out of his life altogether.

Attached: The relationship between Steven and Spinel conveyed in this one moment.jpg (437x476, 71.66K)

>>115095303I don't have it, uh, my previous install got wiped. So all I have is what I've drawn recently... and Animal Crossing stuff I just did today.So you can post it if you like. I didn't think it was very good.

>>115097153Angry Happy Spinel makes me feel things I think I shouldn't feel

Attached: spinelangriest.jpg (894x894, 46.3K)

>>115097826Me too user, me too

Attached: 101.jpg (1920x1080, 129.53K)

>>115040643there are no soiboys greater than w*men


>>115097320I respect that and do prefer that more. Much of what I said in the first half was meant to be heavily SoL. Zircon was an excuse for Spinel and Jasper to be committed to doing something and visiting places while having SoL stories.The serious and story arc like parts were for those who were always craving for bigger action and violence in SU and the Lars of the Stars spinoff idea. >>115097425>it's better not putting Steven into it since his arc ended already.I wouldn't want to either. It's because of how Future ends with Connie and Steven making plans to go on space adventures with Lars regularly. Made it feel that we can't have Lars without Stevonnie. You could write around that by saying that they just stopped doing it altogether because of boredom or a falling out. It still doesn't help that Lars' pocket dimension is directly connected to Lion who is always with either Steven or Connie.

Attached: 198247323843.jpg (239x143, 20.85K)

>>115098848What's athe pocket dimension for you?

Spinelcest of sleep

Attached: spinelsleepspinels.jpg (2048x1906, 259.7K)

>>115099558Sleep tight friend

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>>115097001Would totally watch a Spinel spinoff series where she's the main own personal take is one where she's on the Earth (due to an incident involving her and the diamonds) and visiting parts of the planet we never actually saw in the show proper, helping the Crystal Gems out on strange new gem related incidents that are popping up in cities worlwidewould have a lot of comfy moments of her interacting with the gems or townies, maybe patching up things with Pearl since they'd have a pretty strained relationship, or just learning general Earth things in her silly Spinel manner of viewWhile during moments of action she switches to being kind of a psychopath

Attached: Spinel lookit her go.gif (600x338, 688.23K)

>>115099822It would be like having a Harley Quinn series, right? Sort of comparable?

>>115099941No idea I don't watch the DC cartoons

>>115093353>selfcest is just masturbation but more steps

So we all agree that reseted Spinel is for fugs and punished is for hugs right?


>>115081173Ah fuck. I've run creatively bankrupt on ways to make Connie suffer. Can anyone help out?


>>115101243tl;dr give her anthrax, let it settle in, then cure it using an outdated methodI've heard about this old treatment for anthrax when it developed into the later stages of itself, the patient would have multiple tubes inserted into their body which antitoxins would be pumped into to cure the anthrax, the only problem with that old method is that most of the antitoxins would be slightly corrosive, not enough to permanently damage the user's insides, but enough to cause them constant pain throughout the treatment and, depending on how deep the anthrax was in the host, the treatment could last over 12 hours, and there wouldn't be any anesthetic because it was interfere with the chemicals in the antitoxis

>>115101063How about reset spinel as wife and punished spinel as daughter?

Attached: 269.jpg (2100x1150, 405.96K)

so how did you guys get into the show? I kept going back and forth with it when it was first airing but after the Stevenbomb that finally showed Malachite's return I dropped it until it was over, then I got back into it just in time for the movie and FutureI know this has been said thousands of times but if they just spent less time on townies and aired the show normally (1 ep a week) it would have been phenominally betteralso I miss my shortstack waifu

Attached: 80c4f18987efe2420a29e490756e948d.jpg (1010x1340, 253.88K)

>>115097001>Would you watch it?>Spinel spinoffYes as long as they don't make her gay.

>>115101781Good taste.

Attached: Gem Eater.jpg (2249x2286, 237.57K)

>>115101781Found it in the recc. list. Watched too much of it to just drop it. Hated every second of this manbaby's voice and the faggot brigade.>>115101672Ah, yes. There we go. That embiggens the clitten. Cheers mate.

>>115101781Saw the commercials on CN and got interested. Watched it until s3/s4, I got bored of it and those hiatuses didnt help either. Then i watched the movie and SUF. never finished SU

Attached: 11.png (1280x1810, 1.31M)

>>115101985Steven's anguished face at the end is so funny. Like we were supposed to be taking it seriously the whole time

>>115099822It would be an interesting take on having the Crystal Gems but without Steven around while adding tons of worldbuilding to Earth. Nothing was stopping the writers from doing it in the first place so they most likely weren't interested in it. I wonder if Yellow Diamond's foreshadowed work on the Cluster means she'll most certainly have to stick around on Earth for a good while to get it done.

>>115101781Heard about it and watched a little of it back when season one finished airing. Dropped it until I heard Future was nearing its end. Watched the muscle Steven episode and liked the crazy mc plot. Watched the movie and found it entertaining, especially with Spinel that got me fully hooked. I skimmed the older series after realizing how much boring pointless stuff and a grind it was. Then watched the finale live, was entertained by Steven, Greg, Spinel, and the Diamonds, and had a good laugh at the hype suddenly crashing.

>>115094558You probably don't want it. I've dated multiple girls like that. It always ends poorly, but like a battered 50s housewife I cant stop myself from coming back to it. I legitimately dont know whats wrong with me, but I cant find normal mentally stable women attractive. >inb4 edgelord

>>115101781>so how did you guys get into the show?I didn't. I just liked the movie.


>>115102700I picked up some shit here and there and I knew Steven=Rose Quartz=Pink Diamond going into the movie but yeah, never followed the show. Just rarely lurked /sug/ and read the wiki (twice?).

>>115052557>fandomhave you... looked up the porn for Steven x gem? There was plenty of gem shipping from what I recall. The vocal fanbase scared off any peristeven shippers, which is a real damn shame. Fuck internet puritans.

what are some legit good works to come out of the fandom, I know there are some gems like

>>115102860Loved the movie though. I dl'd it and have watched at least 20 times.

>>115103308>Loved the movie though.Especially Spinel, as you can gather by my being here.

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>>115103357I miss Channel

Attached: 1567911243796.png (1920x1080, 262.44K)

>>115102292That would be a minor plot point at some point yeah. Would also develop and reveal motivations of the diamonds we didn't know (my personal take is Yellow is the most sane of the 3 and actually grew to liking the idea of helping other gems, not just to repair the damage she's done via her experiments but also out of a personal desire of improving herself, compared to Blue and White who really only did it for Steven/Pink.)Also would reveal why Spinel left Homeworld and began to bunk with the CG on Earth, as well lead to a resolution of her with the diamonds since Yellow is the one she's closest to

>>115090321Rock candy.

>>115101243have White possess Pearl and have Pearl stab her?

Attached: 672.png (574x711, 108.23K)

Attached: 12.png (1007x1184, 1.92M)

>>115097826>Angry Happy Spinel

Attached: 1586295142448.jpg (1211x1197, 120.63K)


Attached: 1584058829916.jpg (1295x1443, 186.05K)


Attached: 1581484949019.jpg (1080x674, 64.86K)

>>115105019The crazy look with shark teeth on reseted Spinel is HNNNNGG

Attached: 398.jpg (1080x1262, 124K)


Attached: spinel_by_spikeramos_ddvscy3-fullview.png (1280x1707, 228.27K)


Attached: 1569625996448.jpg (3128x4096, 835.78K)

>>115105115Thanks doc


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Attached: ddte72b-3d2a6869-80c2-4967-96df-0dbb412ba26a.png (2550x2550, 1.54M)

Attached: 616.jpg (1658x1150, 310.25K)

>>115081346First Im hearing this. Stressing out a kid with terminal cancer because they got to see a few episodes from a children's cartoon early as a last wish. He got invited to the theater release of the movie and mingle with the crew in an after party too. Wonder why Sugar didnt tell him to take a hike.

>>115101985Interesting thought, there was some discussion if the head bite would actually kill any of the other magical girls as they didn't wear their soul gem on their head like Mami did.Here, Amethyst should just poof, while Pearl or Peridot would shatter.Fun times

Attached: 1325154831520.png (1159x340, 23.12K)

>>115106775is that a new Channel-Spinelbooru?

>>115106975no its supposed to be a new message board

>>115101783She was already gay for Pink Diamond. It just happens to be Steven now.

Attached: 189274398423.jpg (1264x1080, 181.33K)

>>115104027That's basically how the fight should've gone. No more Pearl holding back from maiming her favourite human. Just thousands of years of combat experience distilled into a petite, razor-sharp form, and commanded to kill.Connie should've been fucking skewered and dismembered. Sure, let her come back PINKed. But don't give her back her arm or eye, and let her work through the trauma of an unkind, lingering death, watching her boyfriend almost die. Let her actually take a step on the journey of becoming a better person. Even if she had to be forced onto it by fate.

What the fuck is this?>

>>115073540I like OG show Steven. He's a strange kid who sings cute songs, and the three main gems are mostly endearing because of their attachment to Steven. Who are they going to be mommies/sister to with no Steven? SUF Steven is your typical teenager and lost all of his sense of humor.

Attached: 432432423.png (784x600, 313.55K)

>>115108213tell you to me

Attached: tumblr_b12344ad495dbef597319cf092427aeb_64dae9f6_1280.jpg (1280x1238, 228.96K)

>>115109451Looks incredibly face-fuckable.

>>115048026Connverse isn’t healthy


>>115101063This, edgy spinel obviously needs love and caressing but the other one seems like it was made for fugging all day like an animal.

115081173Why hasn't this been deleted by mods? Are they blind or do they really think ignoring it will make it go away?

>>115110791technically it's not really different from "I'd impregnate said cartoon like Harley Quinn with x/y" so it's okay

>>115111114If all those post were made by one dude, I wouldn't if he made one post with all that shit. But as of right now he just stole us precious replies with that nonsense.

>>115111381I don't think you get to complain about lack of threads to shitpost considering this is a SU thread.Also, thanks for the advice. I'll make sure to .7zip my hate-autism before posting it next time.

>>115111460This is a Spinel thread, not a SU general. Feel free to discuss the show and shitpost with us tho, but don't spam, we dont get to have many of these threads in these days.

>>115045303very nice

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>>115105019>>115105081>>115105109I really like this

Does anyone know what happened to this SU artist

>>115111872So what happened with the movie?

>>115111955>No more movie>No threads on /i/>Only discordShe's pretty much dead at this point

>>115111460Don't listen to >>115111716Repeat your Connie hate. I need it. Not for Stevinel reasons but because hating her feels nice

>>115112205>Not for stevinel reasonsHmmm...

>>115112294I ship Spinearl

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>>115112537>Now he's false flaggingHMMM...

>>115112714so will you post Connie hate or not?

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>>115112821Im not that user

>>115112905>Im not that user

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>>115113307The problem here is that spit trail looks like Spinel was frenching Connie before gutpunching her. And that's non beuno.

>>115113444That's what happened, it's a complicated relationship...

>>115113307I thought this was another smolsuccubus drawing, but I doubt she would lower herself to this blatant obscure-fetish-pandering.Still, I do enjoy the overall concept of Spinel taking a "friendly" spar too far and beating Connie black and blue. Banking on the excuse that Rose's Bathwater™ can heal her up afterwards.Did Connie ever get beat up as badly as Steven ever did? I honestly can't recall if she did get any injuries outside of her scrapes from her initial training montage.

>>115040241>winning the approval of the losers on Holla Forums is probably>rigging the approval of the losers on Holla Forums

>>115111955>>115112180stop it please.The Movie got deleted when Pearl's supposed VA deleted mostly of the movie files and corrupted the system. The fact you don't know this already makes me tired

>>115114326Because most of us had a passing interest in a wholly fan-made recreation of an entire movie and were rooting for the people willing to put the effort into doing so.We didn't obsess over the behind-the-scenes drama and masturbated furiously everytime a setback or error occurred.

>>115112537What do we call the ships with the other Pearls?Trying to find ship art with Spinel and og Pearl is a pain in the ass

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>>115114326Wait nobody had backup? Why did she have access to the movie in the first place? And why she acted like a cunt?

>>115114471I don't think there's a special name for that one. Try filtering volley when looking for spinearl.

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>>115114573I could try that yeah. Still wish there were better name distinctions other than Spinearl

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>>115039022Projection. Fans like her, and Steven is the only analogous character to them, and the only one with any established relationship at all.They're a horrendous pairing.

>>115114852I'm pretty sure some stevinelfags self insert as Spinel as well

>>115115039It’s true

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>>115114521>Wait nobody had backup?The movie that got released was all the backup that was saved. No one knew something like that would happen because the people who had access to it were a closed group>Why did she have access to the movie in the first place? She was one of the founders>And why she acted like a cunt?Beats me

>>115116528Shame. Are they going to work on the movie again? Or is it dead?

>>115116528What movie are you guys talking about? The steven universe movie or something else?

>>115116906The channel movie, you don't really want to watch that. It's on youtube I think.

>>115116899>Shame. Are they going to work on the movie again? Or is it dead?They're doing edit videos for fun.But the shit seethe drama show killed the joy for releasing the movie, if it's released is just for them

>>115098000yes there are, trannies.

>>115108084>should've been fucking skeweredyes>and dismemberedno

>>115113307jesus there's something wrong with me, I mean, I already knew I was bad, but I didn't know how deep in the rabbit hole I really was

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>>115113307I like this for some reasons.May be Pink with Brown

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>>115112537>>115114471>>115114712It's funny how ship shit with Spinel is always way more popular with Pink Pearl and not Pearl since Pearl and Spinel actually knew each other. Spinel never met Pink Pearl due to the fact that Pink Diamond harmed PP and was replaced by our Pearl 8000 years ago while Spinel was only created just over 6000 years ago.

>>115117564Bold statement. Mind explaining why?

>>115118121>It's funny how ship shit with Spinel is always way more popular with Pink Pearl and not Pearl since Pearl and Spinel actually knew each other.Pearl and Spinel knew each other existence.It's literally like shipping Spinel and Pink Pearl

>>115118181They've seen and most definitely interacted with each other. Spinel wouldn't have recognized her otherwise.

>>115118220>They've seen and most definitely interacted with each other. Spinel wouldn't have recognized her otherwise.Seen yes.Interacted no.PD would have just took Pearl to a trip in the garden and then flew off

>>115118275Keep moving that goalpost. The wiki states:>The two "were acquainted" with one another as members of Pink Diamond's court, but presumably "never interacted much". Which makes sense since Pearl was entirely in her robot mode until the Earth colony.

>>115118353>the wiki saidNice headcanon that wasn't in the movie THAT WE SAW.They saw each others

>>115117587Ryona is one hell of a degenerate fetish. And a pretty based one at that. Can't get any worse than getting off on women beating each other. Or just one wailing on an obviously outmatched opponent.Just make sure rape happens or you'll be forever lost to the deepest /d/epths of >>>/d/egeneracy.

>>115112714wtf no one false flags shipping

>>115118475>wtf no one false flags shippingdoubt

Which Spinel is superior happy Spinel or corrupt Spinel? I can't pick one to draw today.

>>115118529Angry happy Spinel, otherwise follow your heart or draw both

>>115118529>corrupt SpinelHere we (and for we I mean mostly) call her Punished (metal gear reference btw)And she is the best version for a personality viewpoint

>>115118588I call her ugly Spinel, and the other cute spinel

>>115118588I call her cute Spinel, and the other cute spinel

>>115118529Both are cute but this >>115118559

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>>115118500provide proof then

>>115118793I did once

>>115118741is there a canon shot of Punished next to Pure? Not fanart reinterpretation but like a modelsheet. Although I don't have my trip on, I'm known for being a real stickler for trying to adhere to on-model unless I have a reason not to be.

>>115118835Impossible, they are same gem. Here's a model sheet for both people usually make punished more large/bigger than happy Spinel but both have the same proportion IIRC. So I'd say that you should follow your heart, like the other user said.

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>>115118960Does my pic related look different as a thumbnail? lmao

>>115118960How do you make an image have a different thumbnail like that

>>115118960>thumbnail and pic

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>>115118275Seeing each other is definitely more interaction than with Volleyball since we can only go off a hunch with her if she's even interacted with Spinel or not

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>>115118121I can understand why: both Spinel and Volleyball were gems that were severely hurt by Pink in some way (Spinel mentally while Volleyball mentally and physically), and Pearl already kind of gets shipped with a lot of characters to begin with compared to VolleyballI personally like Pearl x Spinel mostly because Pearl was my favorite character before Spinel and because their personalities and history lends itself to a more interesting dynamic to bounce off of compared to Volleyball who's mostly a blank slate, not to knack on her or anything I like all pearlies

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>>115119171that's only because we don't know

>>115119316I prefer volley since she seems to be more on the fun side, she already used to play with pink, and she would laugh at Steven's jokes too. She seems more fitting considering that Spinel is a goofball wanting to make people laugh, at least going by suf. I'd say both are pretty similar, just that volley is more on the artistic side, at least I can see them getting along well

>>115118167I think her being beaten by Pearl is a given, anyone can see why, and her being skewered is fine since White has no care for organic life, and while it could be argued dismemberment would fall in the same catergory, I think it'd just be just a pointless display of violence, I mean as soon as Connie got skewered she'd go down like a sack of bricks so I don't think White would see any point in going furthertl;dr>should've been fucking skeweredyes>and dismemberedno

>>115118529lewd Spinel

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>>115118960>thumbnail then picI've seen this before but it always throws me for a loop

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