ITT Draw Hilda

Alright while the last thread was archived, I decided to keep this ball rolling with some simple discussions, speculations, and mostly drawings for this thread. So I’ll start with some questions and you can answer them or not.>Why do you like (or love) this show and what are ways to improve it?>Have you read the books and if so, what are your thoughts on them?>Why do you think Johanna and Hilda are pure family material?>What are some of your favorite episodes or moments from the series?>How big will Frida and David’s role will be in the upcoming Hilda movie and the second season? Especially around the Stone Forest and The Troll arc?

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Stop making those shitty derivative drawthreads

>>115038625 But why?

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>>115040066Beautiful artwork man.

If this is allowed then suggesting ninja Johanna stealthily rescuing Hilda.

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>>115040172That might be interesting.

>>115038611true... but I have no intention of dying

>>115038611What does the picture say?

>>115038625people are going to make them considering how successful the Anne thread is

>>115042610Not saying I want it it to die. I just don't have much hope for it. I allowed to draw her so long as I keep it between 12/PG and 15/PG-13?

>>115042909Yeah, as long as it’s blue board appropriate.

>>115043034Nah, I prefer it here.

>>115043034You don't like creativity, user?

>>115043162K, thank you.Here's my first time drawing her by memory. (And she has to babysit this youth bairn until Mr. Ridgwell finishes the next episode)

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>>115043338That’s pretty lovely man, well done.

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>>115043338Pretty cute.Why not though? It's not alcoholic.

>>115043373Cheers ^^>>115043409It's black tea,Tea made with black magic.

>>115043469Oh. Sounds dangerous. And not something you should drink whatever age you are.

>>115038157Alright, just finishing sketching out Hilda.

>>115044282 I read that as "I just finished stretching out hilda"

>>115044282Alright I’m done.>>115044543This thread shall not die on my watch.>>115044524That sounds kinda violent.

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>>115044940Cute Hilda.

>>115045228Thanks mate.

>>115041570Yeah that’s basically the point.

>>115041570I guess this one won't fare as well though.If this thread dies, I hope the drawanons will post their work to the other drawthread. Not that there's many.

>>115044940Nice. ^^

post yfw you get cucumber sandwiches

>>115038157I have an idea for a drawing, how about Hilda with a shaggy pageboy hair cut but please don't add a beanie cause it's screams patriarchy, no only her barrette or none at would work.

>>115046311Oh hey you’re the guy from those drawthreads who kept on requesting short hair Hilda.


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>>115046414Yes, I am and I need more!!!

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>>115047358Alright, just for you, I’ll draw an adult Hilda with some short hair for you. it would just be an rough sketch or a detailed drawing .

>>115047842Thank you

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>>115047926No problem mate.

>>115047926Cute pic

Who's next?

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>>115049999Mom said it's my turn on the XBox...

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>>115050598So the rumors are true, the Hilda Heresy has begun.

>>115050830Just as the dead sea scrolls predicted.

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>>115050879It’s more the that, the imperial legions of the Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Raven Guard have been slaughtered in the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V.

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>>115051197Trolberg-3 has the proper defenses.

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>>115051324What about the overwhelming hordes of Hivefleet Leviathan?

>>115051387That what the Eva's where made for to fight of the angels, if only David will get the robot....

>>115051473EVAs are useless pieces of xeno technology, what the boy needs is an Imperial Knight.

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>>115052874I oddly think this would be an nice pairing.

>>115053135Same here, like Shinji & Rei. Oh, oh, I got another one..

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part two

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>>115053188>Shinji and ReiNigga just shut the fuck up, I’m tired.

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>>115053219of this dick....>>115053255second

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>>115053255I second this (4:57)>A little bit of romanceWhat are your predictions?

>>115053385I don’t know, but it could either be related to Hilda, Johanna, David or maybe even Alfur, My guess is on Hilda considering one of the screenshots released was her startling a lad in the foreground.

>>115053799My guess was Johanna, but Hilda also makes sense.

>>115053135>nice pairingIndeed. Also, who the hell is here dad or is she an clone alien?

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>>115053385the white fox will bang a tree

>>115053973I would prefer Johanna considering she’s pretty much a single mother, plus it would connect with the themes of loneliness. But Hilda also makes sense for a bit of romance in the story.

>>115051324>"David you most pilot the robot."> "Aaaahh, no I'm afraid!"> "DAVID YOU FUCKER!"

>>115043034stop crying we get it you cant draw

>>115054107Luke has said he’ll maybe focus on who’s Hilda’s dad is but I’m not sure.

>>115054723If he can’t do it Hilda MUST DO IT!

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>>115054735No kissing, only head pats are allowed.


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>>115055093Yes my fellow user, indeed.

>>115055130IndubitablySorry I just have to ask and I don't want to step in any boundaries but would anyone care to draw Spooky Hilda?

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>>115055174Okay, maybe I’ll try this out.

you know what time it is!!!!!

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>>115055220This melts my heart every time I see it.


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>>115053135Hilda and David might be the first canon pairing I would like in a long time.

>>115055583It would honestly be a nice change of pace.

>>115055620Why would it be a "nice change of pace?" Too many other shows already have shipping bullshit in it. >>115053255No that's stupid.

>>115038157I love her, but her voice actor is slowly ungaining on me.

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>>115056077How come?

>>115038157>>Why do you like (or love) this show and what are ways to improve it?IIRC i mostly fell in love with it without it's magic ( not literal magic) and how wonderous Hilda's life was, I enjoyed her relationship with her friends and didn't find them annoying. Her trying to rekindle her damaged bond with that one chic was nice to watch too and not forced into some unnecessary life and death meme and what not.>Have you read the books and if so, what are your thoughts on them?no i haven't link me them and I might tho>>Why do you think Johanna and Hilda are pure family material?hmm from what I remember her mother was a hard worker and sought to provide for the both of them as she(seemingly) is a single mother. I can't remember any incredible wholesome moment between the both tho and would like more, the only one I do recall was that bird parade thing where she brang her daughter to a special place to watch the parade when she was younger.>>What are some of your favorite episodes or moments from the series?This will be the first show I've ever rewatched because i remember enjoying it but not any specific event in detail as i think it was episodic in nature>>How big will Frida and David’s role will be in the upcoming Hilda movie and the second season? Especially around the Stone Forest and The Troll arc?i honestly didn't find out season 2 was a thing till last week and now im hearing about a movie, damn

>>115055821>Why would it be a "nice change of pace?"Both characters had actual chemistry and it wasn’t thought up at the last moment. I would prefer if they steer somewhat far with the romantic aspect, but I just think would be a cute idea.

>>115054723What a revolting development.

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>>115053385it'll be Alfur x Raven


/vp/ has threads like this where they have drawn every single pokeymanSo what are we drawing next? Can we draw some dc or marvel stuff or are just doing shows?

>>115055821>that’s stupidThat’s the point, the silliness of the whole thing.

>>115056837Nah, it's fucking funny laugh with me, haha..haha

>>115038611Koreans ...

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Me and my friends made this pic of my OC and Hilda yesterday

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>>115056243Wait there's a movie? I'm still new to this, forgive me Hilda.

Can't choose who do I like more Hilda or Reggie who should I choose bro's and why.

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>>115062940That’s pretty cute.

>>115059330>Can we draw some dc or marvel stuff or are just doing shows?Yes, next time we’ll draw some comic related in the next thread.


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>>115065590That’s pretty lovely user.

>>115058084Any have that comic of Hilda and Raven hugging and Luz trying the same thing with an owl but it's gouging her eye out?

>>115065590The way you drew Twig's pretty neat. ^^

>>115058084I’m not sure how to feel about this.

>David's mineAny yandere Hilda for David?

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>>115067501No, but it does seem like a funny concept to draw.

>>115065590Lil’ Twig


>>115064679I never watched Twelve whatever so I’ma go with Hilda.

>>115068237Yeah, good idea Reggie's to self-absorbed for my tests. Hilda's best girl I've seen in Holla Forums in a long time.

>>115069072Hilda is prime daughter material, while Reggie is just an autist.

>>115068170Np mate, you did a pretty great job with the artwork.

>>115069479She has the best girl genes after all passed down through Best Girl Generations.

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>>115070321Agreed my comrade user, agreed.

>>115053385Johanna and Alfur

>>115071281This man has taste right here.


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>>115071675Now that is some beautiful artwork.

Would anybody else here pay good money to see a Hellboy/Hilda crossover?

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>>115071793How much meth would I need to think something that dumb?

>>115071793I would, hell I’ll pay an arm and a leg for a simple sketch of it.

>>115071793Yeah man.

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>>115072849Mmm Bread.

>>115072849we need frida in the background here.

>>115073712Not David

>>115072849Why do she eat the bread?

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>>115073782She's British that's why


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>>115073722Theres a girl in the original pic, so needs frida

>>115073722out of Hilda's friends, Frida seems to have the better bread eating technique.

>>115073808The Father, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit.

>>115073975And twig

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>>115074828Fat Twig is indeed the Holy Spirit.

>>115071793I’m actually attempting a sketch of this idea.

You're twenty something year old women moving alone in the woods until you stumbled upon a little boy tied up what do you do?

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>>115076061I'm not an /ss/fag, so I'd just free him and return him to his parents.

>>115076061Free him and then hug him of course, I ain’t no damn pedo.

>>115076244>>115076194Makes sense, it's not like it's Julia Vickerman we're about talking here

>>115051324Make sense Trolberg is some what of a defensive city I also some times think where the hell is their National Guard or Border Patrol I mean how else would they keep Mexicans Trolls out?

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>>115076297Thank god she’s not involved in this hypothetical situation, because it would have taken a dark turn for the worst.

>>115076842Yeah good thing it didn't, giggity..giggity..

>>115063894Yeah, it was announced they were making a movie when Sony bought Mercury Films I believe.

>>115076911I don’t like the sound of that..

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>>115077419Nice screenshot man.

>>115077872I know right it captures her waving fixation on David.


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>>115077902>>115078022I just returned 30 minutes later and already I don’t like any of this..

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>>115055202yeah yeahsorry I posted it over here>>115078986

>>115079004Yay, Not the OR but yay. how are the others going?

>>115038611Just... no.Sure, Koreans make good art, but they either make unimaginably good shit, or unimaginably pervert stuffs that even Satan have to disgust.

>>115079053what other things?

>>115079128Sorry, are you maybe doing other reqs?

>>115079166nah work was really harsh todayits legit the only pic I can do cause I can't even keep my eyes open anymore

>>115079185It's good it's very nice.

>>115079004Damn that’s pretty nice user, also how’s your day so far?

>>115079100Thats what makes them unique in the first place, they just have the same mentality when it comes to art as the Japanese would.

>>115076780They do have a border patrol, the thing is they are a bunch of mediocre retards

>>115056077Your ears must be bad then, my friend.

>>115079316Build the god damn wall!

>>115079316>the thing is they are a bunch of mediocre retardsAin’t Trollberg based on Scandinavian and British towns and cities? I say that’s a pretty accurate representation of Europe’s immigration policies.

welp decided to update this a bit more to give it that anime feel>>115079265long as fuck still have to work two more days before I get a day off heading to bed good night Holla Forums

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>>115079362To be more precise, I was refering to the anti troll patrol and they are indeed a bunch of mediocre retards, they didn't do a shir in the last book.

>>115079382Have a swell night mate.>>115079385Like I said, it’s an accurate representation.

>>115079382This is a really really bad draw a d you should feel shame.

>>115079411A bit rude don’t you think?

>>115079385God forbid a real threat comes to the city...

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>>115076780They have border patrols, and guns that blow sunbeams at trolls, most likely killing them in instant. When killed by sunbeams, they will turn into rubbles, just like Hilda in her troll form.

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>>115079524She dead?

>>115079524Shit that’s actually pretty metal.

>>115079575Doubt it, it’s still a children’s book after all.

>>115079590But I want her to go out in a bang.

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>>115079590A little too certain there, don't you think?All i can say that there is at least one character died in this book.

>>115079620And I want you to shut up already.

>>115079651Shit, what's darker the Anime or the manga?>>115079659No.

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>>115079651I haven’t really read so I’m kinda out of the loop when it comes to the original source material, but I know that it’s way more grounded and even grimmer when compared to the animated adaptation tho.

>>115079578Still not as metal as Tie-in novels, when she literally almost attempted to stitch herself in order to get First Aid badge after she got slightly wounded, or how she covered herself in troll's spit for navigation through an slippery elf tunnel.

>>115079696Obviously, the manga.Hell, my skin crawled when i first read the books, especially when they turned Hilda into trolls without clothes, and legitimately burn her in sunlight as she screams in pain

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>>115079741>they turned Hilda into trolls without clothesGot links or picks?


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>>115079793Haven't read the comics but how the hell did that happen?

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>>115079696Oh yeah, have i mentioned about she almost drown before getting burned by sunlight?Turning into a monster, getting drowned, and burned in one day for a 11 years old kid? Jesus christ Luke, why did you do this?

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>>115079708>>115079741Jesus Christ that sounds like something you read from a Hellboy short story, and I’m saying this in an non-shitposting way.

>>115079828Long story, 2lazy2explain.Short version without spoiling too much : Nowhere Space portal ruptured, random teleportation, trolls got ahold of Hilda, witchcraft.

>>115079793lol she nekkid

>>115079843Damn, Hilda going through a existential crisis is while she's in peril is canon .

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>>115079843>Jesus christ Luke, why did you do this?Mate he previously wrote a book about existentialism, death, and the mundane meaning of life through a depressed husband that was published in the same company as the Hilda books. I’m pretty sure Luke ain’t no stranger to these sort of things, also he’s a Brit so they’re used to fucked up shit like this.

I'm crazy with AUs right now, here's a Size Shifter Hilda AU a friend and I made while bored

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>>115079966I'm awared of them, but, c'mon, this is a kid's book.Why are you letting your edginess drip into a kid's world?

>>115079993That’s a pretty nice design dude.

>>115079993Explain it more, user. Looks nice, too.

>>115080007>>115080010Me and my friend tried making this AU a bit different. This AU takes place in 2015, with smartphones and all that stuff. She's really used to it. She's 15 years old.

>>115080001>Why are you letting your edginess drip into a kid's world?Just because it’s a kid’s book doesn’t mean it shouldn’t tackle those dark themes and plot points. Hell if you think thats bad, read the original stories by the Brothers Grimm or the original newspaper strips of Pinocchio.

>>115080069The grey part of the hoodie of her was based on my OC by the way.

>>115080069I'm interested. Tell us more, please.

>>115080069Alright I’m interested.

>>115079966>a book about existentialism, death, and the mundane meaning of lifeDamn Hilda! Ha ha, imagine if the world were to end right now and the only we would all see is multiple Hilda's taking us to the rapture

>>115080099This Hilda was nicknamed "Shiftie" (pretty cute nickname :3) She also has A LOT more friends, we could say that she's friends with her entire classroom. I am currently planning turning this idea into a fanfiction, I think it has potential, if I revealed more I would spoil stuff.

>>115080140(you) meant to post this

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>>115080140Nah mate, I’m talking about this book.

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>>115080169Damn, that looks amazing

>>115080199when I see this drawing I get the feeling that Johanna is hiding something from Hilda like her origin.

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>>115079843>Jesus christ Luke, why did you do this?Bluth mentioned that a kid can tolerate a lot in a story as long as it ends happily. It's all good as long as Hilda has comfy times with mum when all is said and done.

Attached: HappyEndingsDonBluth.png (734x510, 72.61K)

>>115080251Probably related to Alfur :)

>>115080281Or well, I like to think it's something related to Alfur.

>>115080281God who knows, for all we know she could be from space.>>115080274That's not how the real world works

>>115080142Okay im mega interested in you and your friends AU now

>>115080310> God who knows, for all we know she could be from space.Hmmm

>>115080274Well, would the case of a kid with their parents going to the heaven together after they suffered a painful death sounds like a happy ending?

>>115080334Explains why she's so cool with the giants. What do you think?

>>115080352No, but that doesn't apply to Hilda since she didn't die in it.

>>115080360That's a good point...

>>115080274>critic Doug WalkerI’m sorry what?Jokes aside, Bluth does have a point here. Children are smarter then people give them credit for. Beside kid’s books and movies are also for the whole family, so they have to appeal to certain demographics. For the adults, it’s genuine emotion and dark yet hopeful themes, and for kids, it’s fun but flawed characters and beautiful artwork and animation. Examples for these type of stories are the Prince of Egypt and Finding Nemo.

>>115080328That's nice to know! There's a lot I have in mind for this AU :D

>>115080400>Examples for these type of stories are the Prince of Egypt and Finding Nemo.The new Dark Crystal is a more recent good example imo. I was surprised they were able to put a scene like this into a PG rated show.

Also, the Size Shifter Hilda AU was in the back of my mind as early 2018, I used to have a image of a old version of her design, but lost it. But it was kinda ehh... I am really proud of the new design of her. The design was drawn by a really talented friend on Discord :)>>115079993

>>115080482Shit I legitimately forgot about the Dark Crystal, so good on you for reminding me. I should honestly watch that show.

>>115080310>God who knows, for all we know she could be from space.Not the most outlandish thing I’ve ever heard but it’s close to being the tenth most outlandish thing I’ve ever heard.

>>115080498Well good on ya mate.

why is David so abuse-able?

>>115081924He’s for headpats, not abuse.

>>115081954mmmmno, he's quite clearly for tying to a radiator and pegging him mercilessly every 12 hours to milk his precious boy seed for magic potions

>>115081968Why would you say such things?

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Attached: evil plans for little boys.jpg (1000x600, 94.9K)


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>>115080251It’s depression, Johanna’s hiding depression.

>>115038157My favorite moment is the big thunderbird and when she learns more about the little elves. That was great!Oh, and of course the Mara.

>>115038157just not feeling it today

Attached: Hilda_scuff.jpg (908x1527, 184.76K) it(sorry I suck at drawing backgrounds)


>>115083939What is it?

>>115087727Calm down dude

>>115087727>Why are fuckers drawing random shit and taking request here instead of the drawthreads

>>115088430It's about Hilda, the thread is about Hilda.

>>115087727Do any of those have to do with Hilda?

>>115079741>>115079793>>115079843I wonder how would they adapt all this for season 2.

>>115080274You just remind, me, this books gets quite dark around the middle, when Danny has to rescue his dad during the midnight because he fell into a whole

Attached: danny-the-champion-of-the-world-4.jpg (1200x1200, 271.48K)

>>115080482Wait, is this show actually PG? Wow, I'm quite surprise since it starts cute and funny but it gets really really dark.

>>115087727>Why do people draw a cartoon character on the cartoon board?

>>115089108Roal Dahl didn't fuck around. The Witches and The Magic Finger were even more grim.

>>115080188Oh christ I'm trying to find this book but I could only get a mean it's not bad but I would prefer to read the whole thing,

>>115079843Oh, yes, the last book if pretty dark. Now I'm starting getting worried, what if they don't make a proper adaptation?

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>>115089364More please

>>115087727t. butthurt failed drawfag


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>>115083939>just not feeling it today stillNon of us are.

>>115079843IIRC this is from the 2017 FCBD, in the final comic this scene is not there.

>>115089364Oh damn..

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>>115079903She doesn't get her clothes back when she turns human again. The adaptation is either gonna have to give her troll form clothes or brace for the deluge of R34.

Attached: 1581965054289-1.jpg (1625x348, 152.69K)

>>115091539damn, imagine if they went with the second option tho

I sometimes wish Hilda wasn't PG, it would allow for darker shit to happen, I would definitely love that.

>>115091632I mean the show btw

>>115091722Nigga we’re discussing the book as we speak.

>>115092046how is it off topic?

>>115092046Are you retarded or are ya pretending to? Because this thread is mainly us discussing the comics with some scattered drawings here or there.

>>115092200ah yes,. because we need to save space on the board for 5 more Raven waifu threadsfuck offobsessively categorizing things is for autists


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>>115091539>>115091604It'll just be like the comic where Tontu or some other guy conveniently has clothes for Hilda to change into. >>115091632Someone who worked on the show mentioned that Hilda will be slightly older and so the show will grow with the audience in terms of what kind of stuff they'll show.

>>115038157Hilda's character is immediately dismantled when you ignore the story telling you that she loves new adventures and experiences but rejects moving from the one place she could consider objectively boring just from overexposure. Hilda is just a 20-30 year old city person's desire for a simple rural life projected onto a child who would otherwise love the idea of a drastic change and adventure.

Attached: 2QT.png (170x282, 79.46K)

Reminder, don't give (you)s to the back seat mod derailing the thread.Report him and move on.

>>115092157The OP is literally “draw Hilda”It is explicitly telling YOU to draw Hilda. That’s what the thread is about. It belongs on >>>/i/


>>115092474She's not that bad


>>115092326> Someone who worked on the show mentioned that Hilda will be slightly older and and so the show will grow with the audience in terms of what kind of stuff they’ll show.It was Andy Coyle so said that I think, but yeah.

>>115092685> so said that Typo. I meant “that said that”

>>115092600The only adventure is fleeing from death itself.

>>115093170thats a constant one

>>115053135I prefer to pair David with Frida.

>>115093199It’s honestly one of the most exciting parts of adventuring.

>>115088966Frida and David will definitely get more screen time if the previous season is any indication of it. Plus they’ll probably tone down the violence and horror aspects of the books, considering that the show is more light hearted tone.


Attached: P_20200309_223152.png (2430x1367, 1.44M)

>>115094668Nice doodles there lad.

>>115094546That's gay, Luke should go full Anno bring in the death balls to the wall full speed ahead.

>>115095062>bring in the death balls to the wall full speed ahead.That would be metal, but you have to consider that he made pretty significant changes when you compare the animated series to the books.

>>115095012These aren't my doodles by the way, it was made by someone on Discord nice enough to randomly draw it and send it to me, and also this drawing is a part of the story I have planned

>>115095103True he did but just imagine if the show had stay true the source material?

>>115095228In all honesty I wouldn’t have enjoyed the show as much as I did.

>>115084628What's with the puddles and the blue thing?

>>115079421No.It's a bad drawing, even gooks can make this right and you can't

>>115079524Now that you mentioned it they killed the original Mountain King with one of those things so yes, that guy was about to kill Hilda.

>>115096186I ain’t the one who drew it and besides, it’s mainly for fun.

>>115096209HILDA USE YOU'RE AT-FILED!But for real, Hilda has been through some shit anime Hilda don't got shit on Manga Hilda.

>>115084628What am I suppose to be looking at?

>>115038157I wish I could draw

>>115089810This is from Hilda and the stone forest but still, pretty dark.>Inb4 taco languageThe spanish scans are in quite better quality than the english ones which I find really surprising since english content trend to be better than the spanish one but not in this case.

Attached: y si estamos muertas.png (2167x739, 2.82M)

>>115097007Try then user, as long as your happy with the results.>>115097015As a spic my self, I can understand what their saying.

>>115097172>as long as your happy with the results.But I am not.

>>115096008>>115096713I think it's based on

>>115097234Then it’s best to just go all out with your artwork, no matter what people say. Just try to improve on your artwork and your style, maybe you’ll like the results.

>>115097291Was this requested from the drawthreads?

>>115096608Well I guess it is true, the manga is more edgier then the anime.

>>115098603I don't think so.

>>115099515Someone should do a crossover between the two like Manga Hilda switching with Anime Hilda's world and AnimaHILDA in hers.

>>115099562I think I saw it once but it got removed

>>115100370The user who asked here, I remember someone making a request for pic related. So it could be from the drawthreads, but my memory is shaky so idk.

>>115100125I guess that would be interesting, just to see how different both iterations are.

>>115100422Yeah, this was a delivery from the drawthread, I remember seeing it nowI think another user (or most likely the same one) kept trying to request a follow-up but my memory's a bit fuzzy on that

>>115100125No, hildanime is too soft, and Hildamanga is a little bratty yeah daddy issues

>>115100125There's a picture of Comic Hilda and Series Hilda slapping hands in a high-five, I used to have one but now I don't know where to find it.

>>115097172>as spic myselfPlease, user, don't use a slag to describe yourself, it's not nice at all.

>>115101529I don't recommend searching through the artist's other works of her, though.

Attached: images.jpg (622x493, 39.77K)

>>115101939Thank you very much.Isi it lolicontent or ryona? Since I've seen that before. Some of artists who made best Hilda fanart are also into physical abuse fetish or sexual children, sometimes both.

bored thinking of drawing Hildacan't decide between an outfit like Zatanna or Lina Inverse

>>115102523Lina Inverse would honestly be a cooler choice.

>>115101939Is it me or does Manga Hilda look more paler?>>115102523Can you try Rei Ayanami school uniform? I just want to see her in a anime school uniform

I know nobody ask for this but I couldn't help myself it even haves Alfur giving a Wayne Brady to someone.

Attached: 1587913019928.png (1500x900, 287.96K)


Attached: hilda lina.png (1409x1362, 355.47K)


>>115103274Incredible artwork user, well done.

>>115103368Sorry I don't know just happened to found it. It pretty funny and cute

>>115103274Nice work, the detail's cool.

>>115103138Oh yeah I just noticed that.

>>115103274I wonder who’s gonna color it?

>>115104004He probably have to do a lot of paper work afterwards for murder.

>>115103274Okay this looks neat

>>115102915It depends which Hilda ypu are talking about.

Attached: IMG_4923.jpg (519x236, 26K)

>>115105061Damn now I feel like a dummy for only seeing the anime and not knowing anything about the Manga. It's like she has multiple clones of herself.

>>115105181Luke didn't have clear ideas what to do with Hilda in the early books, that's why he changed the style a lot. I think it's more clear if you check Johanna styles.

Oops, forgot pic

Attached: IMG_4924.jpg (519x236, 23.95K)

>>115105335What the fuck is that first one?

>>115105795It’s Johanna from the first novel, Hildafolk. The main reason the art style is so different when compared to his later work is because he’s stated he attempted to replicate the style of the Moomins, but he failed in that regard.

>>115100125>Manga Hilda>mangakill yourself you fucking weabooor maybe i need to say it like: "weaboo fucking you yourself kill" so you'll understand you fucking tiny-nip-dick-sucking sack of shit

>>115105869My goodness, you didn’t have to explode on him like that.

Attached: 9EBE522D-910A-467F-92BA-5D1454AC707B.jpg (1125x1206, 901.69K)

>>115105895i feel like Kappa fucking Mikey every time I go on this websitei just fucking hate weebs

>>115105845Well, I can understand it, but I much prefer the current verison.

>>115105335Damn Manga Johanna is such a paranoid sociopath or is that just me

>>115106389Yeah she’s more paranoid then Johanna in the show.

>>115106108Me too man.

>>115080169Johanna's afraid to tall Hilda she's not her real daughter but something far more disturbing....

>>115107257>Johanna's afraid to tall Hilda she's not her real daughterSorry lad but wot?

Attached: IMG_1324.jpg (1124x1103, 208.11K)


Attached: Rei's.jpg (848x640, 107.62K)

>>115107257Honestly, even if it later turns out that Hilda is not Johanna's daughter, they'd still love each unconditionally, perhaps more than families with their actual daughters / sons.

>>115107331Just think about it Johanna could've worked for NERV's R&R. She must have started in Reiquarium project as one of their chief operators with Yui Ikari and a few technicians. The abusement and inhumane acts on little girl's finally got to her and Yui evil crazy ass didn't help. having enough, Johanna devises a plan to save at least one of them and go off-grid form NERV & SEELE. She succeeds she even gives the clone girl a name. Years gone by, Hilda grows more from where she started, Johanna grows even more paranoid.>>115107580That makes their bond even stronger.

Attached: bluebird.jpg (640x960, 59.09K)

>>115091632> it would allow for darker shit to happenshit nigga, the current stuffs weren't dark enough for ya?I'm still amazed how the last 2 books were still able to keep 7+ rating.

>>115093170At this rate of whatever Hilda is getting into, she's gonna die, be friend with death him/herself, and gain fucking immortality.

>>115107638I would not be surprised if that was the case.

>>115107638After death, Hilda wakes up in Reiquarium Okay I'll stop

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Fun fact : Trolls apparently can teleport with their magic as well.Imagine a troll teleporting behind you, saying "Omae wa mou shindeiru" in their troll language, before making your brain flat and on the same height with your foot.

Attached: SPOILER_80397234_549922295857271_6792384830370742272_o[1].png (1191x670, 641.08K)

>>115107678Hey, at least you got bored of it.>>115107681That is some legit anime shit.

>>115107681I'm a bundle of sunshine so I have nothing to fear from trolls. Or vampires.


Attached: 1587018946463.jpg (750x739, 159.19K)

>>115106019Ow0 sorry !

>>115108319No you ain’t.

>>115107905Big iron on his hip


>>115105869It's the eva flooder. Just ignore him and he would go away eventually.Just like the ryonafagJust like the doomfagJust like the /s4s/retardsIn fact it's because for faggots like you who follow his retarded forced meme that he keeps going on.

>>115103591Certainly is cute but I don't know if is funny at all

>>115107681It's a joke, user. Regular cartoon logic.


>>115109875>Just like the doomfagB-but I'm still here ;-;

>>115090354...Oh dear, we should probably keep an eye on him

>>115091539>Her nose is much longer as a trollFinally. That was driving me nuts.>>115092245>obsessively categorizing things is for autistsCan confirm

>>115107359I shouldn't have clicked on that although I was starting to suspect it (Seven episodes to go).

>>115111220>That was driving me nuts.Why tho, I think her big troll nose is cute.

>>115111435Yeah no, but I couldn't put my finger on what exactly made her troll form specifically different from her human one.

>>115107584dude shut the fuck up go back to /a/

>>115078474Thank God for Ben Grimm.He's a rock

>>115080251Like her real father?

>>115091539Brace for impact.There's hardly any R34 now.

>>115111598There has been an eva retard flooding Hilda and 12 Forever threads for the last couple months. Just ignore him, report him for off-topic and he will fuck off.

>>115109875Dude, your taking this way to seriously take your thumb out of your ass.

>>115108461And I don't care, pal. Anyone know where I can procure Manga Hilda?

>>115092474That's a cute Tina

>>115107584Works for me.

>>115109938No, you're not.

>>115079100So, win/win scenario?

>>115113569 Second

>>115111794I forgot that he doesn’t have a cock.

>>115107359>Hilda clones will never raptured you're ass to heaven, why even live?

Attached: 1586796545544.jpg (958x465, 53.08K)

>>115113913It depends, if you are into ryona then yes.

>>115114613giant hildagiant hilda


>>115114613I really like by the idea of a episode where Hilda turns into a giant, and has gets used to it, or maybe her shrinking elf size

>>115115628> has gets usedDammit, typo.

>>115115628Yes, but giant Hilda is where's is at I mean look at David, he's so scared I imagine him doing that shinji face out of fear.

>>115081924>>115081954>>115081968>>115081988>>115082021>>115082307This is a good thread.

>>115115628An elf sized Hilda would be funnier, but a giant Hilda could be used to explore the forest giants everyday life, just like the Troll Hilda was used with the trolls.

>>115115851I’m glad you enjoyed the conversation that was occurring.

>>115115467david is scared.

>>115115902That would be nice to see, imagine Hilda just taking David and Frida to a tour to the wilderness, and Hilda explaining everything to Frida and David

>>115115851we need art of Eda abusing David stat!

>>115114613I love how this almost comes off as an actual screencap.

>>115117422I know right! It's really well done

>>115117820 alright who's fault is this? Get that fag away from Hilda

>>115118026What has Hilda done to deserve this?

>>115118141this ^^

>>115043034>Holla Forums never makes anything>doesn't want Holla Forums to have thread that isn't just horny requests

>>115117422Episode to

>>115114613That would be a nice episode, a giant Hilda

>>115118026Oh God I saw it on the archive, that fag, is grossJust cut to doomguy and Hilda and will be fixed

>>115119042So that gigant with blue hair is her dad?I always thought doomguy was

>>115119649Jorgen? No, I don't think so. But imagine for a moment if that was true. Imagine that due to genetics, Hilda had to turn into a giant when she's old enough?