Anybody here excited for the new Star Wars comics...

Anybody here excited for the new Star Wars comics?The High Republic has been in the works for so long I can't help but be hyped. We haven't seen a new SW era in decades, not counting the sequels

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Fuck off shill

>>114899879Who's worse, the shill or thee who bumps the shill?

Wasted potential

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>>114899714Not OP, and not A shill, but yeah, the comics so far have been good, So I'm down for more new canon.

For me it's the U-Wing

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>>114899892I saged, retard

>>114900232Oh well it was pointless because people posted after you anyway

Its going to be shit. Expect a lot of diversity shoved in it.

>>114900356>Its going to be shit. Expect a lot of diversity shoved in it.Those are not mutually exclusive.

>>114900356Found the incel.

>>114900365Sick burn,user. But we will see.

>>114900360They usually go together actually.

>>114900459I feel like it's more likely black people just make you uncomfortable

>>114900716Or anything*

>>114899714What is the picture from?

bros, now is a great time to play swtor. double xp for weeks!

>Hyped for High Republic

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>>114901303There is LITERALLY nothing wrong here

>>114901303what's wrong with that?

>>114901341>>114901375'Diversity' is repeated twice.

>>114901478Once for things they enjoy about fiction, and once for what they want to see from the project.Also, there is nothing wrong with diversity

>>114901478Star Wars is very diverse though. Stop with the gamergator cringe.

>>114901478Don't you ever get tired?

Why would you store data in a cube?

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>>114901341>>114901375>star wars as not pro war>all the wishes that are anthetical to what starwars isThese people don't understand what they're writing for.

>>114902285Star wars is not and never has been pro war.

Genuine question.Let's say it's 2015. Epside 7 just came out and someone told you that Reys origin was that she's a Palpatine, and Snoke was actually him puppeting everything from the shadows.Would that have been a satisfying payoff for you?I think that, while yes episode 9 is a poorly made movie, the "bad" reveals we got, like the two I mentioned, only felt so underwhelming because we as an audience are aware that the trilogy was made up as they went. I can't help but feel like if somebody were to watch all three without knowing anything about the production, the concepts 9 introduces would be much more digestable.

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>>114902175For style points.

>>114900088I feel like all trooper designs since the Scout trooper have been wasted cause they're so damn good looking.

>>114902285it's not doe?

I remember that they released some character descriptionsThe description of the first woman was about how great and perfect she wasThe description of the first man was also about how great the first woman was

>>114902858"No."They both were circle jerked despite neither being on the council. They are just marketing blurbs

>>114902175Because they can be packed together very efficiently.

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>>114902878>Avar is the brightest, most noble example of Jedi-hood. She always tries to see the good in people and situations, and never puts herself first. She is invigorated about life on the frontier and the challenges it brings, and is an inspiration for those who work with her. She is compassionate, not dogmatic, and always ready to sacrifice herself over others. Avar Kriss is the best of the best.>Stellan is an optimistic and well-respected Jedi Master. Stellan came up through the Order with Avar Kriss, and although they are often on different assignments for the Jedi or the Republic, when the two work together they are a powerhouse team of two noble heroes in action. Strong in the Force and a natural teacher, Stellan is currently stationed at one of the Jedi Temple outposts on the distant planet of Caragon-Viner.

>>114902928Okay so you were wrong

>>114902615Agreed completely

>>114902615It's not the concepts of Rey being a Palpatine or Snoke being a puppet, it's the execution. The execution is god-awful, and so is everything they managed to do with the cast of the original trilogy, except for maybe Lando.

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>>114900488You know that because your a mindreader?

>>114899714it is way too woke for comfort and the new head jedi looks like she was designed to be played by Brie Larson in the Disney+ live action show


>>114900488>Black peopleYou're the one who said it, not me. "Diversity" is modern-day slang for negroes.

They are cool

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>>114901303Like the only two things I can see you Autists getting mad about is Diversity but also like, that shit could be fucking refering to Alien species which are the lifeblood of the franchise.

>>114902759>doeGo back

>>114903983Is that a....flashlight on his shoulder? Why?

>>114904424To.....light up dark places?

>>114901303>diversity>filed under fiction lel at least they're honest

>>114904376Nah bro, nah, I think I'm finna stay.

>>114904424Why do you think? Take a guess

>>114899714I would have to be high to get hyped about the high republic.

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>>114904669I've always wondered what it feels like to be high on spice

>>114904741Old EU stuff described it as an intense hazy state of euphoria coupled with the ability to read the surface thoughts of sentient beings near you. So like being stoned on weed, but you can read minds shittily.

>>114904773>coupled with the ability to read the surface thoughts of sentient beings near youWhat the fuck? How did I not know that.Kinda interesting but I'm glad that's not canon. Considering spice is basically the only drug in Star Wars I'd rather it not have such lore-defining implications.

>>114902175Why do we store data in rectangles?

>>114902285SW has never been pro war.

I don't trust the modern industry to produce anything amazing.

>>114904343Come on man. You know that’s not what they mean.

>>114905041And not to mention all the new alien designs have been bland and forgettable since the wokies took over.

>>114904843Because they're like cubes, but stack better because they don't get as tall as quickly and if you put a label on the side of one like a book you can see more of them than you would if they were stored in the same amount of space as cubes.

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>>114903517>yeah so I agreed to abandon the city i administered go with luke to find this ancient sith artifact and we couldn't find anything so I just decided to stay and live here for 40 years until you guys showed up

sam witwer talking sw on twitch

>>114905948doesn't he always do that though

>>114905881I didn't even see the last movie, I just know they bumped into Lando at a party.

>>114905881He was kicked out by the empire

>>114902615Here's the thing. They did. Almost everyone thought Rey was a Palpatine and that Snoke was a failed clone or something. Any Star Wars nerd saw this coming. It's half the reason why we found TFA so groan inducing. The more hopeful of us, thought it could have been this... Why couldn't we have gotten this...

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>>114899714Well since High Republic is being rewritten by George and other Star Wars veterans. Might have some chance of being good.


>>114899714Is Kathleen Kennedy still in charge of this shit? Last I heard, Lucas was making some changes at Disney's behest that she wasn't happy with.

>>114906803can't believe george is rewriting all the books and comics. so kind of him

Inquistors are a stupid idea.

>>114906803I haven't heard this. Where did you hear that?

>>114906723>3 people responded to my shitty post! that means it was good!okay nerd

>>114906927It was being talked about a month or so back. Things coming from the usual internal sources within but nobody actually reporting on it.

>>114906961What are you on about?

>>114906882He's retooling the premise Disney didn't think looked good.

>>114906868Her contract ends next year. Lucas has nothing to do with anything

>>114906857Its a meme

>>114899714I'm hesitant on the story, but I'll reserve my judgment until I read the books coming out.But I'm not gonna lie, I'm diggin' the designs and aesthetic that the Jedi have in the promo art.

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>>114907276So he's not back?

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>>114907410No.Maybe some day but not today

>>114907358Agreed. Its exactly what I would expect a golden age of Jedi to look like. They killed it

>>114907410He will never be back

For me, it's Kylo

>>114899714Who is releasing them? This is important.

>>114910355Marvel and IDW

>>114910488Will reserve judgment until storytime or Win'OThread. Depends on who the writer, artist and starring characters are.Star Wars can be great, when Disney isn't at the helm.

>>114901478No, its not. It says Diversity on the left, and University on the right.

>>114910546>writer,Soule is writing it, right? He's been pretty solid on Star Wars so far.

>>114910674>>114910546Soule is writing the novelScott is writing the Marvel ongoing

>>114911369>Soule is writing the novelWack

>>114902285When has Star Wars EVER been pro war?

>>114904424It's dark on Exegol

>>114906803George is rewriting an era that never existed?

>>114906868It's books and comics. How much involvement do you think she has?

>>114912299Well to be fair, if he were to write it then it would inherently become canon as his words are the only words that matter.


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>>114899714I just want more works in the old EU, assorted nonsense that it was. It was way more creative and, ironically (maybe), diverse. I liked some of the earlier Disney Wars comics, but I can't even enjoy that anymore.