Rick and Morty teleport to the universe of the last cartoon you watched. How do things play out...

Rick and Morty teleport to the universe of the last cartoon you watched. How do things play out? Do things go smoothly or do they just create more chaos?

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>looney toonsR+M are already dead but I want to think that Foghorn legwork or Marvin does the deed

>Rick and Mortyoh

>>114899412>South parkI have no fucking idea.

>>114899988I could see screwball daffy fucking with Rick so hard.Ricks own self-delusions of grandeur would just fall apart to Daffy's insane antics

>Clone WarsRick would so very easily figure out Palpy's plan, kill him, berate the Jedi Order so hard they just fucking disband there and then, then go homeMorty would probably be too busy gawking at Padme and trying to get into the Order to notice Rick's doingsall whilst preventing the sequels from being madeAnd, just because I can, >PrimalMorty just goes apeshit over the fact that he's witnessing a living caveman AND dinosaur, not only within the same time period, but also living together Rick does his thing (figuring out why Neolithic people and dinosaurs co-exist, cloning etc.), possibly saves many dinosaur spices from going extinct, maybe even allows them to survive until modern timesJust a guess, I've never watch R&M

Is the Shivering Truth a cartoon?

>>114901079Yes. Speaking of which, I’d like to see some claymation Rick and Morty too


>>114899412Family Guy. I don't think they could do much.

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>>114899412>Nu Duck Talestoo bad my imagination suck

>>114899412>Gurren LagannWell I mean they got to the point of throwing literal galaxies at each other. Rick's basically a demigod but I doubt he could last against spiral power and the fighting spirit

Regular Show. Can’t get any crazier, would they get along with Mordecai and Rigby, or will chad Benson get rid of them?

>Solar OppositesWe did it redditJokes aside it'll probably just be 22 minutes of Dan Harmon unsubtly ripping Roiland a new one for abandoning him.

>>114901119The juxtaposition between the two would be fun until Rick starts with the sexist jokes.

>>114901190I think Rick and Morty would actually try to get rid of Benson. I don’t think they would tolerate Benson’s anger problems.

>>114901229He might say some homophobic jokes also.

>>114899988>>114900032Rick was better when he was basically a looney toons character instead of A LIVING GOD (TM).

>>114901400Exactly but even god trembles at Bugg's bullshitI can see Rick starting shit, (since one of the rules with bugs is he never starts it) perhaps by drilling down for something. Bugs politely asks him to stop, rick tells him to fuck off out of his way and the gaunlet is thrown

>>114899412Mega anyone? I still didn't catch up with this season

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>>114901621>kardasian/jenner makeupYeah I could see summer being that kind of basic bitch. Just hook her up with a black guy and she's everything gross about girls aged 15-35 right now.

>>114901178>Ugh, a Duck world. I hate those.>Wait, t-there's a duck world? Like, all of modern civilization somehow happened identically, just, with DUCKS?>*burp* Yeah Morty, for fuck's sake, I thought I got you desensitized to this shit by now.>Excuse me for managing to find some wonder despite all the, the horror and violence in the universe, y' know?>Oh, you wanna talk about wonder, Morty? You wanna go there? Ducks have corkscrew penises, Morty, and they rape. They rape a LOT and they enjoy it, Morty. They're a species of feathery rapists with corkscrew dicks and counter-corkscrew vaginas and they somehow built a whole civilization. That's not wondrous, Morty, that's an affront to nature!>I'm suddenly a lot less enthusiastic about this place.>Keep your legs together and don't drink out of open containers, Morty, and you'll be fine.

>>114901182I’d like to imagine that spiral power is something that Rick couldn’t fully grasp, because even though Rick is good at doing the impossible, spiral power is mainly about pushing forward and drilling through all obstacles, while Rick is trapped in his own personal cycle of stagnation Spiral power is an upward spiral, while Rick’s mind is going in a downward spiral

>>114899412>BTASBatman would brutally rape Rick and Morty would become robin


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>>114901190Rick and Morty would likely freeze Benson if they found his anger too annoying.

>>114901784Does Rick know Scrooge Mcduck? How would they interact

>>114902280they would hate each other. Rick would make a machine that produces money just to spite him, like in the old Ducktales cartoon.

Reminder that Summer jerks off her trap dick

>>114902531But in the end, Scrooge would win Scrooge Mcduck got to where he is now by being tougher than toughies and smarter than the smarties, and he made his fortune square. Rick lied, cheated, and scienced his way to the top, and he feels empty inside Rick is nothing compared to Scrooge

>>114902280>>114902645Reminder that Scrooge is smarter than the smarties

>>114899412>the last airbenderim sure morty would attempt to bang katara and rick would just make war machines to stop the fire nation.

>>114902660I wonder if Rick would ever acknowledge Scrooge’s superior intelligence. And we know that Scrooge is smarter, because we can see how he treats his family He understands something that Rick does not

Holla Forums used to be on it with the megas, now nuttin, sad!

>>114899412Haven't seen lots R&M, so here's a try >Spectacular Spider-man Peter has the worst time of his life, whether spider-man media is a thing in the R&M multiverse or not. They likely barge, decide to fuck with supervillains for fun or Rick wants to roast them, this leads to NY being in a giant Super-gang war, Peter has to try to mediate the situation while dealing with Rick's, and maybe Morty's, madness and asshole nature. Eventually Rick causes everything to go to normal and is seen as a hero, despite causing the problem, and they leave the universe with Peter never properly knowing anything about them, even worse if they find out his identity and origin and tell why it's stupid doing heroics because of it, leaving him screaming at the closed portal.>Harley Quinn show Actually works with the tone of R&M well considering their nature. Rick and Morty would be the antagonists to Harley's crew, probably seizing Gotham but giving it up out of boredom. Rick and Batman would have a fight where they would be stuck in a constant loop of one-upping one another or a Gordon using his edge-of-sanity state of mind as immunity to Rick's scientific nihilism. Also Morty wants Ivy and Harley to kiss him.

>>114901784In that case, would Scrooge McDuck and his nephews try to rape Morty?

>>114902280>Okay Morty, we need to find the source of these strange readings in order to get home. It seems to be in the direction of... this giant vault with a dollar sign on it? Geez, ducks, guess you haven't evolved SUBTLETY.>A-are you sure what we need is in there, Rick? >Yes, Morty, I'm sure that the priceless artefact we need is in the GIANT CONSPICUOUS VAULT. Just shut up and follow my lead.[they enter the Money Bin, encountering Louie]>Quack quack quaaack.>That's racist, Rick.>Oh go post it on your Tumblr, Morty, which I'm sure you have.>...I only used it for porn, also, have you tried English?>Why the hell would ducks speak English?>Um, Uncle Scrooge, some aliens are here, I think? They're super rude.>Huh Morty, guess you were right. Weird world. Anyway, yeah, big scary aliens ooo-eee, you duckling, take us to whoever runs this, I don't know, sweatshop?>That would be me, intruder.>A dimension traveler, eh? From a parallel Earth? Never done quite that before, I'll give you that.>Uncle Scrooge, they can visit other worlds? For real? I wanna try! Pleaaaase?>Shush Louie, do not interrupt me while I'm negotiating with extradimensional intruders! >Yeah we need your... coin? Really? Is it *burp* is it a magical coin?>It is to me. Why, it's the first coin I ever earned, as a wee lad shining shoes-->Okay wow Charles Duckens pump the breaks, nobody cares. Just gimme the coin and I can go home and eat some of your kind.>I'm afraid only death would do me part.>Really? I'm gonna have to fight a duck? Is that how today is gonna go? *sigh* Look, I'm still a little hungover from some bad space molly I had last night so I'd rather not, is-is there any way we can resolve this like, well, I want to say men but Morty might accuse me of heteronormativity or something.>Tell you what, my nephew has taken a shine to your device, I'm in a sporting mood - let's have a challenge: I win, Louie gets to go on an adventure with you. You win, you get my coin.cont.

>>114899988>Rick tries to show up the coyote with his superior tech>Wile. E just sits back and watches as a bird makes Rick look like a bitch

>>114903113>Sounds... about as annoying as I expect most of my travels with Morty to be. What's the challenge?>Good lad! I see you're a man of science, and I'm a man who's dabbled with forces beyond the pale-->Please no magic bullshit, Morty gets an erection when you mention DnD.>Not since that time you got me a dragon, Rick.>Wow, a DRAGON? Okay Scrooge, I'm amending the bet, if you win I get an adventure AND it includes dragons! I get to ride a dragon!>Trust me, Green duck, you don't *burp* want that.>Y-yeah, more like the dragons would be riding you.>Aaaaaanyway, as we have vastly different skillsets, let's find something we're both skilled at. How are you at acquiring capital, Mr. Sanchez?>I've robbed some banks in my time, sure.>HONEST acquisition here. I propose the following: no gadgets, no magic, no breaking the law and no outside help. We each start with a hundred dollars of seed money, and whoever has more by the end of tomorrow, wins. >Wait, your challenge is... capitalism?>Indeed.>Alright Morty, this will be a cinch. Betcha I can come up with some brilliant idea that will make us millionaires by tomorrow selling... i don't know, anti-rape kits for the women ducks and anti-anti-rape kits for the male ducks.>Then it's agreed: an honest competition in hard work and ingenuity. No technology involved. Cheating in any way counts as an automatic forfeit, mind.>Fine. Morty, let's get this breeeead!Rick loses because he's always relied on his wits and technological prowess to win. When it comes to salesmanship, that requires a human connection, charisma and likeability - all things Scrooge has far more than Rick. Rick is an abrasive weird-looking alien-thing shouting obscenities at customers; meanwhile Scrooge McDuck is the most marketable face in the world - whatever he chooses to sell will have a built-in audience easy.In the end Rick loses and is predictably a sore loser, but inside he acknowledges he got played and appreciates the hustle.

>Danger Mouse 2015

>no mega linkwhere's Crayzar when we need him the most

>>114901125Rick would just leave

>>114904242He and Morty would already be sick of Peter’s constant bullshit.

>>114904659>>114904242Nah they'd over hype it and make it really technical and have Peter outsmart Rick to piss people off.>H-he's an agent of chaos Morty!

>>114899412I haven't watched anything since the Steven universe finale, i wonder how tht would go

>>114901621bro her hips and tits are so big that they warp the fabric of reality around her god damn

>>114905288not really tho?

>Solar OppositesI'm seeing double here. Four Rick and Mortys!

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>ZootopiaMorty would really like the positive atmosphere but Rick would either be annoyed or mainly indifferent. They could just be there just to visit for all we know.

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>>114907459Morty would have weird feelings about the naturist club.

>>114903357Wow I really like that neat little moral lesson in the end that teaches us about the wonders of hollow marketability or class-related social engineering AND the message is even smug about it!


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>>114908056>a smug lesson that's not particularly moralSounds like R&M

>>114899412>Family Guythe writing is already the same, lots of stupid gore and the primary source of jokes comes from the "explain it and be ironic about it" pile.

>>114901229Pre-diversity hire Rick maybe. At worst the crossover would be the opposite of that, like most of their recent episodes, it'd be the writers shitting on something they don't like, so it'd just be "take that homophobes" and would probably use Morty having the hots for someone in the show as a vessel for it.

>Solar OppositesFuck>Rick and MortyFUCK>Hotel TransylvaniaMavis could not spot a bad idea to save her life, so things are gonna get extra chaotic. Their monster disguises would be comedic as fuck.

>>114899412last cartoon i watched was legitimately solar opposites, after i had just watched rick and morty.things play out as usual except no guest characters die, but its fine if some of them get severely mangled. they all work together while also arguing and criticizing each other.korvo and rick bicker over gadgets but in the end bond over hating earth humans and their dumb customs, but rick still finds terry annoying. the kids argue while jesse crushes on morty but hes grossed out because shes a weird plant alien. in the end they do finger stuff, yumyulack beats up morty and slut shames jesse all the way home while rick makes fun of morty for fooling around with a sexless plant monster

>>114909140what's Solar Opposites like? worth watching/

>>114909938its fine. its more sitcom than anything. its a rick and morty sitcom excet less about nihilism and drama and more about dumb aliens doing alien things on earth but not bound by cable tv rules.just pretend its a spin off and go with those expectations



>>114899412>dariarick ends up preferring her to morty and its one of those inferiority complex episodes. Maybe theres a plot B about Summer and Quinn idk.


>>114901182>I doubt he could last against spiral power and the fighting spiritAre you sure about that? I mean, the Anti-Spiral did exactly that for aeons and Rick's at least as smart as they were if we're going by feats.

>>114899412>Motu PatluRick and Morty go India, hmm

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>>114899412Moral Oral well I think Morty might try to befriend Oralat least season 1 morty would season 4 morty is a bit of a dickRick would disprove god somehow

>>114910090>Wile E. Coyote eventually feels bad for Rick >uses signs to reveal that he is actually a genius scientist who took a vow of silence until he could catch the bird (actual LT canon) >has Rick watch as the roadrunner runs at impossible speeds, runs over air, runs through paintings, and does many more impossible things with no effort>Rick finally realizes what he’s up against >decides to join forces with Wile E. Coyote instead of trying to beat him

>>114899412>Rick and Morty teleport to Rick and Morty's universeFunnily enough would be a plot-episode.

>>114904242>he tries to leave>he reappears right into a cutaway gag>when the gag ends he's back in Family Guy again