Can Jake win?

Can Jake win?

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>>114899306What if it's death battle but they fight in their normal human form no powers allowed

>>114900017We have that

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>>114900017Jake might know martial arts. He’s got a Mr Miyagi

>>114899306If they use scaling to Stitch, yes.And why wouldn't they after doing the same retard shit to Obi Wan?

Covenant vs RapistsWho wins?

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Jake can win15 percent of the timeOtherwise, Danny wins and as a result he wins the Death Battle>>114900017Jake would winWe've seen him wipe the floor with large, magical spiders just as a human


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>The Death Battle Community has been making god/multiversal Jake Long jokes now

>>114901249Boring. They lost their balls this season.

>inside sources say that the fan blog is unanimously voting for Danny>the only time they were wrong in the last two seasons was sauce vs HieiRIP Jake

>>114901599Any hints on who Beerus opponent will be?

>>114901599Rewatching both shows, I can safely say Season 2 American Dragon is as good as Season 1 & 2 Danny Phantom and even better at times (no Sam, no Tucker, and most importantly no FUCKING SAM)

>>114901663Some people think is going to be jean grey phoenix


>>114901762Jesus christ this post.I have no more questions.

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>>114901698I fucking hope not.

>>114901975No one cares about Ikki or SS.

>>114902008I want him to fight Asura. Jean's a shit matchup.

>>114902037He rapes Asura with the utmost ease. Asura tops at solar system level.

>>114902179We had a 100 post argument about this in a past thread. I think it's up in the air enough for it to be a good fight.

>>114902250I don't think I was in that one. Still, Beerus is universal, I don't think you can wank Asura to be anywhere near that levek

Super perfect cell vs asuraWho wins

>>114900918I've wanted Covenant vs Helghast

You can't kill a ghost moron.

>>114902326Beerus vs Danny when

>>114899306How is Jake even supposed to win? Danny can turn intangible and fucking possess people. There's a reason why Danny's only opponents are ghosts.

>>114902429Jake can already hit ghosts and might have a willpower feat somewhere or they could probably BS by saying Danny can’t possess lizards or something

>>114902429-Jake can hit ghosts -Jake is strong enough to take punches from Stitch and is faster than Danny-Jake can last long enough till Danny's ghost juice runs outMaybe like this?

>>114902521Danny doesn't have a time limit on his powers.

>>114902595He loses them whenever he uses Ghost Wail, and they've mentioned that in the blogs.

>>114902595Often he will transform back when a fight takes too much toll on him


>>114902885Comments section is fucking gold outside of that one guy who's overly obsessed with Danny Phantom and can't get the fucking

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>>114902947>>114902986kekAlso yeah, the outcome has been pretty obvious for a while, enough so the community can guess it on their own. But who knows, maybe this one is the Hiei vs Sasuke of this season.

Who would be a good match-up for him?

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>>114903375The dude from bioshock

>>114902326You might if Danny is a human at the time

>>114903963Danny can die as a ghost.

my dick vs your asshole

>>114904255My asshole would break your dick in two you faglord

>>114901762The thing with the Reapers that makes them so dangerous is their infiltration, indoctrination shenanigans, and having the game usually rigged from the start. Things got fucky for their usual plan in Mass Effect

>>114901557They’d done obvious stomps since the first season. Did anyone ever think Raiden could beat Thor?

All this love Jake is getting, I thought he would be the black sheep in this match.Whatever the result this match might have, it would be pretty sweet if this video blew up and Disney and Nick decided to renew for more seasons. God has been praying pranks with us with Johnny Test, so who knows.

>>114904928Everybody loves a underdog, even if they don’t win, like Rocky. Plus his show still holds up.

>>114904896Yeah but it gets kinda boring if they don't stir the pot every now and then.

>>114904952They made me watch the second season and now I even like it more than the first one.Witch I could say the same for DP S3. That one remains just as bad as I remember it.

>>114905008*wishAlso, how many episodes until we get a break from DB and start getting DBXs?

>>114899306Jake CAN win. But the real question is, should he?I'm for team Danny mainly becaus Jake was a boring jock character. Danny himself, meh.

>>114905048The episode after Danny vs Jake will be the last

How does one murder a specter trapped between the living and the dead?

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>>114905073Jake wasn’t a jock, he got picked on by one. I definitely enjoy Jake’s cast more, and I prefer his show’s story rather than Butch’s cape comics style. Also really fucking love dragons. Always did connect to Jake more anyway, he was a kid with a shitload of responsibilities and meant to protect magic.

>>114905105There are ways if you watched Dannys show. Jakes show however I have no memory how he can deal with that, if he even did.

>>114905124Jake's dumb wannabe black slang got toned down in Season 2 and it was for the best

>>114905124>Always did connect to Jake more anyway, he was a kid with a shitload of responsibilities and meant to protect magic.The hell are you on man?

>>114905147I just thought he was really cool, though I guess because he was in middle school when I was starting while Danny was in high school which felt like a different world to me

>>114904928I mean, The Proud Family is coming back so Jake Long is possible as well inb4 he gets a new feat or power that makes him beat Danny for goodNick's also on the train of using their IPs more what with the Boom comics, Rocko's Static Cling, Hey Arnold's Jungle movie, Invader Zim Enter the Florpus, and as much as I hate to say it, live action Netflix Avatar counts Not sure if Danny Phantom's next since Butch Hartman cut ties but I kind of anticipate a live action series on Netflix that screams "we want the CW audience"

>>114905145Why DID Jake try so hard to act black anyway? is that just a asian boy living in new york thing?

>>114905202God, CW, someone should have put it down before Arrow, COIE deserves better than that

>>114905239Anon, he was a HapaIn the early 2000'sIn New York CityYou do the math

Jake's kid will be the 52% hapa dragon.Danny's kid will be the 52% mutt ghost.

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>>114905254>>114905239You think he listened to Ride Wit Me?

>>114905265Jake's definitely gonna fuck Rose so their kid will be mostly white Danny's fucking a wannabe goth, liberal douche JewYeah, Jake may lose the Death Battle but he's definitely the long term war on having a better living>>114905278Do you think he uses the n word and insists he has privileges?Do you think he conveniently pulls the "I'm half White" card whenever he has to?

>>114899306It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

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>>114905327Well I know Hispanic teens can use it so it probably works for Asians. Pretty much, just don’t be all white


>>114905332Dude, post this in the Death Battle wiki's comment sectionThe autistic Dannyfag who keeps spamming shit would flip

>>114905327but didn't Danny ended up with the black chick?

>>114905376Nah, ended with Sam who thought he was boring without his powers

When will we be able to DIALS post on a anime character? Hopefully Berrus gets fucked in his fight by like Darkseid or some shit

>>114905376How I wish I didn't watch season 3 too sometimes.

>>114905376Butch Hartman insisted Danny and Sam was endgame and the two got together in the end of Phantom Planet after Season 3 hammered in the idea that they'd be together

>>114905403Goku, dude. Twice.

>>114905403Beerus is likely fighting Asura, Jean Grey, or Sailor GalaxiaDIALS meme only works for DC charactersAnd is a tired meme at this point

>>114905403Beerus will probably fight Asura due to themes

>>114905395The dude had like three love interests but I remember the black chick was the one who was building up the most for him (especially when you take in consideration the Future Danny episodes)He ended up with Sam? lol ok

>>114905469Nah, she and him broke up. Entire episode devoted to Danny being jealous of a guy Sam was dating, and he and her hooked up in Phantom Planet

>>114905349>Jake and Trixie casually use the n-word to refer to each other>Spud uses the n word not knowing what it means and the whole school turns against him with even Brad saying he's gone too far

>>114905499Could Tucker give Danny N-word privileges?

>>114905529Maybe but Sam would start calling Danny problematic and stuffDanny probably has ghost n-word privileges Also, I find it hilarious that Valerie calls ghosts "spooks" as an derogatory term and nobody on the writing team realized that

Watch as meme magic makes this real

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>>114905430It just needs to be refreshed by the blood of anime characters. Like so say, Ultraman vs Martian Manhunter or Gurren Lagann vs Green Lantern.


>>114905649Jake's fire can reach plank temperature. Danny is fucked


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>>114903375This motherfucker.

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>>114905332I love Chokeposting.

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>>114905744hey I requested this one and totally forgot to check if someone made it. neat

>>114905688Uh, Danny's a ghost, he doesn't care about some planks on fire dude.

>>114902250no it isn't, Asura should fight Broly at the very least. Beerus curbstomps

>>114905785I actually made it. I uploaded it to a Holla Forums thread when I heard about the Chokeposting meme.

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>>114905357I'll do it

Alright, just posted the Choking meme on the wiki, now watch the autist explode

>>114902634>He loses them whenever he uses Ghost WailBy the end of the series, doesn't that not happen to him anymore.

>>114902309I want the Klingon Star Empire to slap their shit.>>114905239It was the the Bush years. >>114903375So an enemy unit turned protagonist?Quake 3 guy. You also get the body horror FPS theme. Though part of me wants to see him fight the MC from System Shock 2.>>114905744>NO! THE COSMOS ARE MINE! ALIEN X HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

>>114905973kek basedI did one of the very first ones, way before the first template.

>>114906080I heard you know the result of the fan blog, what is it?

>>114906100Dude, Otto got kicked out

>>114906100Mal still has me BANNED FOREVER from it, but I got contacts on the inside and unless they're bs'ing me so far everyone is voting Danny.

>>114906154I heard he knows the result from inside sources, doesn't hurt to ask

>>114906154Is this why Malcolm doesn't post here anymore?

>>114906157Thanks famalam

>>114906197>I didn't ban you for telling a guy to grow up because he got mad at you for saying Yang a shit and I'm sorry.>Actually, I did and I'm not sorry. I just apologize because I got tired of people posting body pillow gifs at me.It's kind of hard to come back after shooting yourself in the foot that hard.

>>114906281Wtf, Yang IS a shit. In fact, everyone in RWBY a shit

>>114906095What other ones did you make? I'm currently working on another one rn. Pic related was also me. Forgive me if the hair on both characters look off, I don't know how to properly draw hair.

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Post fights you want>Butcher vs Stain>Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers>Jean Grey vs Phoenix Ikki>Atrocitus vs Red Hulk>Dio vs Alucard>Little Mac vs Ippo >Stan Smith vs Sterling Archer>Reverse Flash vs Goku Black >Skeletor vs Ainz Ooal Gown>Giorno Giovanna vs Joker>Conan vs Tarzan>Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck>Gon Freecs vs Izuku Midoriya>Sabrewulf vs Jon Talbain>Han Solo vs Captain Kirk>Sailor Moon vs Cardcaptor Sakura>Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo vs Axe Cop>Gandalf vs Dumbledore>Finn the Human vs Steven Universe>Asura vs Broly>Cole Macgrath vs Alex Mercer>X-23 vs Cassandra Cain>Jax vs Guile>Mach 5 vs KITT>Hellboy vs Devilman>Agent 47 vs The Spy>Ghidorah vs Zetton>Hiccup and Toothless vs Hiro and Baymax >Incineroar vs Leomon >Madara vs Aizen

>>114906319I know right? It's so surreal how much like a cult RWBY fans are. Like this one guy whose name was like brobuscus or something, I tell him Yang's a shit. He gets mad, I tell him to grow thicker skin. That's apparently like calling someone the n-word to them so he gets a mod to come make me apologize. I say I'm sorry I hurt the guy's feelings but the mod says no, that's not good enough. You need to apologize HARDER.I'm not going to grovel to some Yang obsessed manchild just to be let into the clubhouse. So I tell the mod to go fuck herself and the dude to again, grow some thicker skin and leave the discord. Then Mal kicks me from his discord because I guess Brobuscus was a friend of his or something.

>>114906341Ahahaha I love it!

>>114906341Just this one and I made it off the original pic, not from a template, so I got some stuff wrong.I'm too lazy to do more.

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What's your favorite Death Battle OST?

>>114904928>All this love Jake is gettingNone will surpass mine tho.

reminder that piramid head is a terrible match up for death battle as he isnt a real character.

>>114906530It's the underdog aura. It's sort of like Hal and Booster's but stronger because everyone knows he's actually fucked and doesn't have a secret list of feats to save him.>>114906563Neither is any character.

>>114906509Emerald Heroes is too fucking good, man. Mega Mania is great too but in the episode its barely audible at times with all the pews pews, the explosions and the blackhole. So I guess its true to Mega Man games in that aspect.


>>114906641>Booster was the underdogWhat? I thought he was the favorite to win by far?

>>114906693Even Death Battle figured he was gonna lose since they really like Cable

>>114906693Everyone thought Booster was fuckedUntil they saw Ulltraguy's blog and realized how fucking broken he was

>>114906641of course he isnt real, but the fact that he is just an expansion of james' psyche makes him not suitable for death battle. you have to be stupid or ignorant to see it any other way

>>114906693He was the underdog like Hal was. Everyone thought he was screwed until they actually read his comics and found out what "Brainiac 5's force field belt" meant.

>>114906712I'm sure he's been bastardized enough in spinoffs that he counts as just a generic demon monster of Silent Hill. If you got to be sensitive about it, have him fight Harvey.

>>114906728Still mad at no Skeets

>>114906843Why didnt they have skeets?

>T rex red ranger battle royale will never happen because DB is allergic to anything no-MMPR

>>114906712LEAVE PYRAMID HEAD TO ME>>114906843I know right? I was sure the fight was going to start with Cable shooting Skeets because He figured out Mr. Mind was hiding inside him

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>>114906875Reminder Dino Thunder did Giga Drill Break first

>>114906400>Billy Butcher (The Boys) vs Stain (MHA)>Bill Rizer (Contra) vs Marco Rossi (Metal Slug)>Marshall Law (Marshall Law comics) vs Garou (One Punch Man)>Little Mac vs Ippo >Izuku Midoriya (MHA) vs Gon Freecs (Hunter X Hunter)>Magneto vs Accelerator>Rocky Balboa vs Joe Yabuki (Ashita no Joe)>Ash Williams vs Buffy>Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs Beerus (DB)>Hellboy vs Devilman>Jason Voorhees vs Pyramid Head>Vash the Stampede (Trigun) vs Brandon Heat (Gungrave)>Jill Valentine vs Regina (Dino Crisis)>Agent 47 vs The SpySounds interesting. Could The Spy handle Agent 47?>>114906430Thanks!>>114906478I love it.

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>>114906899Man, Dino thunder was so Kino

>>114906909>no info but the originBoring

>>114906926Remember the episode they sat down and watched Super Sentai?

>>114906926Agreed, it's my favorite season

>>114906934welcome to the previews

>>114906955When I first watched it I didnt know Super Sentai existed so I just thought it was just a wired episode. When I found out about SS it made perfect sense. >>114906967It did so many things right>Brought Tommy back as a mentor> Had a great villain> Had a great face turn> Most of the rangers got developmentIt was great

>>114906934It’s just to give a quick explanation of who this guy is

I cant be the only one who doesnt like the idea of Beerus in a DB, mainly because we have not seen anywhere close to how strong he is.

>>114907015Thoughts on Wild Force? Another one of my faves, Gorilla Zord was kickass

>>114907069>mainly because we have not seen anywhere close to how strong he is.LolnoAlso I just hate Dragonball in general and that seeing it and naruto take up so many episodes.

>>114906870The script was already as long as it was with Cable and Booster banteringSkeets would just add more dialogue but wouldn't contribute much in terms of said dialogue or how the verdict would go

>>114907097>>114907069You could include the Manga and Heroes

>>114901698GrossI'd take Asura over her.

Looks like a fair amount of PR fans, is there a single Megazord that can beat Voltron?

>>114907087I havent seen Wild Force, I have heard great things about it though. Thoughts on Jungle Fury? I always liked that one, but from what i found it tend to be split


>>114907165We would have to figure out which is the strongest Megazord first. Someone on /m/ once said star level. I would put my money on lifeforce megazord. But i dont think its strong enough t take on Voltron.

>>114907182I remember always singing the theme song in my head, had another gorilla Zord so plus, had bat and shark zords and RJ was neat, as was those three old masters. Fave episode would be where the Red Ranger had to find his tiger spirit in a random kid

>>114907165The higher tiers can MAYBE beat Voltron 5-10 percent of the time if they get lucky But Death Battle goes for who wins most of the timeIIRC Dino Charge is one of the higher tiers and someone on the G1 blog for Megazord vs Voltron even cited their Zords as something that can beat classic Voltron back in the Screwattack forums when they were still around but I haven't rewatched Dino Charge's finale in ages There's also the Mega Megazord which one shot Serpentera but that thing only appeared once and lacks feats in speed

>>114905430>Sailor GalaxiaFuck I want her vs Beerus so badly.DB really does need some new franchises being represented (the next one is the first two new ones in a while I think) and it's only fitting that Sailor Moon be the first magical girl rep.

>>114907259How does Cardcaptor Sakura vs Sailor Moon go?

>>114907242What about Tumblr Voltron?

>>114907240My favorite is when Red Ranger went on his own to challenge black lion, mainly because Im a sucker for rival fights. i kinda wish we saw more of human black lion, without the spirit thing possessing him.

>>114907308Tumblr Voltron's about as strong as the classic oneI've seen people say its Universe level but from what I remember watching the finale, it was very situational and had to be in a very specific location to be universal

>>114905469Sam was Butch's main waifu, the writers tried to convince him but since the show was ending anyway he stuck to the original planthe writer's might've been bitter so they made her extra bitchy in phantom planet

>>114907292Sailor Moon due to more reliable time hax, a wider range of powers (she can wish for things to happen) and enough durability from lambda factor to last long enough to kill Sakura. Sakura's best hope is to try and power jack the lambda factor, but as far as I know she's never stolen a cosmic power where someone's tugging at the other end before.

>>114907292Usagi has a chance at losing that.Usagi vs Seiya is my pick though, especially since Naoko took inspiration from Saint Seiya.

>>114907383Sakura literally has a card that deletes you from time

>>114907440Isnt that a no limits fallacy?

>>114907470Seems more reliable than Moon’s stuff of just making a new timeline without you in it

Post your favorite

>>114907559>As an hardcore DC fanboy, I think this last Death Battle was absolute shit. There's no way in hell Green Lantern could ever beat Alien XSo fucking sad

>>114905202>Not sure if Danny Phantom's next since Butch Hartman cut ties but I kind of anticipate a live action series on Netflix that screams "we want the CW audience"Butch Hartman himself said that he ptched an idea for a live action Danny Phantom movie but both him and the Nickelodeon executives decided that the fans would rather have Danny come back animated

>>114907685DP is coming back?

I'm willing to bet that since this is the 10th anniversary of Death Battle, the last DBX fight of the year will be Hermione vs Juggernaut

>>114907559this is a good laugh. nice salt.

>>114907559>>114907470>>114907505It's going to be hard to remove Moon from the timeline when she's actively exerting influence over the timeline. Plus she can always wish to not be deleted from reality.>>114907559Thank you Hal Jordan.


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>>114906400Sylpha vs Korra Lightning vs ShulkArceus vs ZeedMilleniumfalconShining Force vs Fire Emblem (DBX)Zim vs Keroro Rayman vs Ori (DBX)2B vs Raiden (DBX)Luffy vs Plasticman (give Luffy a match already)Arbiter vs PredatorUlquiorra vs Obito Felix (Golden Sun) vs Riku Hsien-Ko vs Hisako Commander Shepard vs Luke (I was thinking of a kotor character but might as well be Luke)Nightwolf vs Chief ThunderKula Diamond vs CirnoMonster Hunter dude vs Dark Souls dudeNicol Bolas (Pre Mending) vs TiamatDormammu vs TrigonSonic vs FlashPikachu vs Zatch Bell (anime only)Eddie (GG) vs Arakune (Blazeblue)Ky Kiske (GG) vs Jin Kisarage (BB) Fillia vs ShantaeMao Mao vs Yattaro (Samurai Pizza cats)Marauder vs Warden EternalDarth Vader vs The DidactJack of Blades vs Maleficent

>>114907713IDK, they just know fans would rather have animation over live action

I'm curious, have any of you guys used the suggestion form? I've been submitting some of the fights I want as "4chan". You think they'd take that as a good thing or a bad thing?

>>114908307There’s a suggestion form?

>>114908336Yeah, it's not well advertised. Every one of their videos has it in the description.

>>114908307i used it for all the fights i can think of.

Travis Touchdown vs Scott PilgrimRiku vs VergilTarzan vs ConanXJ9 vs Robot BoyBruticus from Transformers vs a MegazordNeku from TWEWY vs Joker from Persona 5

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>>114906400Madara can only see Aizen if he starts with the rinnegan.

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>>114899306>Jake can't attack Danny while he is in his clear ghost form >Danny possesses Jake and puts him in a vulnerable state>Unpossesses him and finishes him off

>>114908573Danny can't possess lizards

>>114908573Jake can punch ghosts.

Jake was strong enough to take Stitch for a brawl.That Ghost Wail is comming and our boy Jake will survive it.

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>>114908675They’re not using that, the blog confirmed it

>>114908716I know. And it's pretty retarded they compose every character under the sun whenever it's convenient but not this time.We don't even know if that crossover is canon or not lol, it might be since it's just a normal episode for Lillo and Stitch and doesn't contradict anything in American Dragon.

>>114908800They’re not using it because neither were exactly going all out. It’s one two minute brawl

>>114907292By EOS, Sakura way outpaces everything in SM short of say maximum assumed power Guardian Cosmos.

>>114907685>the Nickelodeon executives decided that the fans would rather have Danny come back animatedGood. Unfortunately they approved of the live action ATLA so fuck them.>>114908487>Travis Touchdown vs Scott PilgrimTravis wins, hands down. I think Travis vs Scott is one of those match ups where the opportunity for it happening is gone because Travis is leagues above Scott now.

>>114908863I don’t know either Travis or Scott so well, why is this requested?

>>114908716>>114908800>>114908675To be fair, the blogs were rushedObi-Wan's didn't mention scaling at all

I know Danny will win, but the sheer amount of people who know Danny will win makes me want to cheer for Jake out of pity.Hopefully, the feat where he fucking flies out of a vortex that can suck up a 4 story temple and the strength feat where he caber tosses a snake the size of semi-truck. And that weird detail that Jake is technically an alchemist, yeah there are several episodes where Jake collects random garbage to make plot potions that save the day. One of them being a container for ghosts

>>114908881For roughly the same reasons Sora vs Pit was a popular request. They're both "nerdy" swordsmen.

>>114908881Losers who kill 7-10 people for pussy and are huge NEET loser nerds who live in dingy apartments. Also katanas and wrestling fans

>>114908863I'd like to think Travis has a decent 50% if you count the comic because he has toonforce bullshit gag feats in where he survives falling from space onto his neck and he's fine or when he bare knuckle boxed a giant robot

I can only imagine what they will do if they ever use Samus again for anything. They fucking lowballed her to hell even in the remake.

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>>114899306Fuck no. Science (dna splicing with creatures from another dimension)> Magic always.

>>114909208Crash vs SpyroCarol vs Billy

>>114909208Science is gay. Magic is way better.

>>114909201That's because VSwiki wank and taking shit out of context is really dumb.Also she can't have access to every single one of her weapons at all times

>>114909247t. tried to perform gay bird tricks for the talent show and lost to a chad mathematician

>>114899306DB always picks the wrong guy, so yes. He will win.

>>114909356While I agree that vswiki is a bit shaky. Samus is still crazy in terms of what she can do. Her beam weapons alone make her broken as fuck. Even if you are just using her usual endgame kit.

>>114908881It used to be requested a lot because both characters are nerds who fight numerous opponents just to get laid. The only difference is that Scott is an asshole who learns to not be one towards the end of his series while Travis is a psycho otaku who wants to be #1 and get pussy.

>>114909364Nah, it was some guy who sang Gangnam style who won

>>114909396yeah I know the Metroid Prime 2 portal gun or whatever it's called, but she doesn't use it outside of that game.

>>114909356That's because Samus is a Composite of all her versions even the Manga one

>>114909419Must be rough being a zoomer. I'm sorry, user. I'm glad I was out of school before that sort of shit took hold.

>>114909423The sonicboom beam combo is even more broken. Since it literally breaks reality and moves to its target in an instant. But Samus's usual endgame kit includes weapons that pierce terrain and you while burning and freezing your insides at the same time. Moving at machspeeds while being a ball of death that can fly, mini nukes, running through lava without slowing down or taking damage, being immune to the effects of gravity. Plus carrying hundreds of missiles and never running out of ammo for her beams.

>>114908634That doesn't mean he can't be possessed. Terry could punch Inque and she got all up in his guts.

>>114908800Stitch wasn't trying to murder Jake. Post-Lilo he gets difference between roughousing and murder.

>>114909201I want Samus to fight Rom or Blade so Samus wankers can get what they deserve.

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>>114909634Danny Phantom possession involves taking over someone’s consciousness by going intangible and entering them, as far as I can recalls, Inque doesn’t do anything like that

>>114909690So he enters Jake physically. He still gets in and does horrible things to his insides and likely his mind/soul as well.Danny can be touched by other ghosts, and he still can possess them. I don't see why it wouldn't work on Jake through the same principle.

>>114909730Like, he goes inside his mouth? Couldn’t Jake just bite him or blast him with fire? Isn’t that kinda gay?

>>114909687Namefag, you really should play the metroid games. Most of them are really good. The nes OG is really hard to get into, most will admit that.

>>114909772I have.She's still wanked, she's still gotten two mercy wins stomping epic sarlacc man, and she still deserves to be FRAUD DETECTED.


>>114909852How is she wanked?

>>114909750He'd need to breathe in first before he breathes out fire, and biting isn't going to work well against a guy whose body is ecto slime.>Isn't that kinda gay?Yes. Gay looking things are sometimes deadly, like jujitsu.

>>114909882I mean, Danny might be made out of ecto stuff but he’s not immune to damage, he can feel pain and be damaged, it’s not like he’s Plastic Man or anything

>>114909871>MY WAIFU GENOCIDE GODDESS WITH A ZILLION TRILLION POWERS! THEY LOWBALLED HER AND SHE STILL CURBSTOMPED BOBA FUDDMeanwhile, she's really small time when it comes to space exterminators that wear bioarmor. She didn't even do it first.>>114909915He's still fast/durable/strong enough to cram himself down Jake's throat before having to worry about him biting down.

>>114909871she's strong but there are some literal whos that are stronger so you can't consider her strong anymore

>>114909980I don’t know if he would even fit, he’s not really a shapeshifter, I remember a shrinking episode but that was some weird circumstances,

>>114910019>I don't know if he would even fitThat's kind of why it's very damaging.>>114910015She got a cheap win. It's only fair she eat some humble pie in exchange.

>>114910082I really have no idea what makes this even a viable strategy, you’re basing this off someone with powers completely different from Danny’s from another show

>>114899306any porn of these two, preferably in ghost/dragon forms?

>>114910125It's his powerset being applied outside the constraints of a G-rated cartoon. Like how he can telefrag Jake or phase a rock into his head like Miracleman though he NEVER did anything like that in the show.

>>114910176Okay, but those actually work, you have him trying to cram his way into someone’s mouth who has no issue whatsoever touching intangible beings.

The music has some serious potential to be amazing if they incorporate the right elements from each series


>>114899306So who's going to commission Blargsnarf to make art of the victor banging the others mom after the fight.

Amazo Vs Composite Kars, who'd win.

>>114911986Now I really want Jake to win.

>>114911986Say what now?

>>114905744>>114906341I made another pic.

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>>114912115Blarg is a notable artist who enjoy making cuck art of both characters. He's a genuine monster.

>Danny fucking MILFdragonFund it

>>114912149>I looked him up before you told me

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>tfw want another match to have Ben v Hal levels of salt>can’t think of anything>nothing like that will ever happen again anyways

>>114912209Yeah, Blarg's basically all the shad haters see shad as in physically form. Also Blarg might be a chick.

>>114906924From what I remember of both series, wouldn't Butcher come out on top?

>>114912273Goku vs Superman 3?

>>114912347Only if Goku wins.

>>114909772>>114909201>>114909772>>114909871This guy is an autistic Samus waifufag, he went to cry on Holla Forums

>>114912364>with Liam on the teamLolno, he isn’t like Seth or VSBW where they ignore every feat over solar system level for superman, theyd start pulling out the megaversal shit to fuck the shit outta Goku again

>>114908270Anon you that would be a stomp in Plasticman's favor, right? Also, if you mean Fate Tiamat, please no Fate whatsoever the headache isn't worth it.

>>114912315>From what I remember of both series, wouldn't Butcher come out on top?I want to say yes, but Stain's Quirk and possibly speed could pose a problem for him. I'm actually trying to figure out their overall strength and durability to determine who would most likely be the victor.>>114912347Nah. Goku vs Superman 3 would be like kicking a dead horse.

>>114912273Sailor Moon losing to Zatanna?

>>114912417are you ignoring when seth he was upper dimensional?

>>114912364>>114912528The other best thing I can think of is Star Butterfly vs Steven Universe. Just because how how bad both their fan bases are

>>114912966I dont think they would they care

>>114912942Oh ya, I forgot that Seth came to his senses

>>114912417>sethLooks like he still wants Universal Movie Broly, Immeasurable Meta Cooler Speed and Multiversal Super Buu

>>114912966Not really, they’re not really power level groups. They’re shipping groups, different ballpark

>>114913015>>114913029>came to his

>>114912966Star Vs Timmy is much more fun.

>>114913120Timmy can just wish she was never born or something

Danny's preview almost already has more views than Sindel's preview from months ago. Man, her fight really was the least necessary, huh?

>>114913331Yeah. We already saw the fight coming from miles away. We knew who she was fighting, we knew who was going to win, and not even the fight itself was that interesting.

>>114913331>>114913397Biggest waste of a slot, at least use Harley if you’re be banking on Birds of Prey. Or Eggman again considering how the box office went down

>>114913427>at least use HarleyPlease no. I think if there's any character that I hate this past decade it's her. I liked her in Batman TAS and maybe the Arkham games, but when her popularity skyrocketed, she became another Deadpool in terms of how irritating she is.

>>114913954I like Clayface in her show


Alucard vs Dio will be a shitshow

>posting this every dayThe answer is no OP


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