ITT: Shitty artists that aren't shitty people

ITT: Shitty artists that aren't shitty people

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>>114899018Bike cuck

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>>114899018what about shitty people who are amazing artists? I'm just assuming for Holla Forums that's any artist who's ideology is right of center

>>114899082Why do i love this comic

I still don't think he's a "bad person". Just a retard who became a victim of trolls, mental illness, shitty parents and virtue signalling vultures who make themselves better by beating down an actual retard.

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>>114899100>what about shitty people who are amazing artists?Literally 90% of good artists.

>>114899136He's definitely a shitty person regardless of his mental state, just ask Michael Snyder, Meghan and Mary Lee Walsh

>>114899136What's the worst thing she's done?

>>114899196drawing porn of himself and an anonymous girl and going on to say it was of his pretty much only actual friend, thus destroying their relationship

>>114899018except he's not a shitty artist either?

>>114899082never forget

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>>114899219Don't forget the fact he defended such actions because he believed he would have acted out violently towards her if he didn't have an outlet for his repressed sexual desires.

>>114899100Gigi DG, AKA Hiimdaisy. Infamously started threads on Holla Forums treating her comic negatively so that she could take screencaps and post them on twitter to show how 4chan hated her comic so it must be cool. Also deleted her old comics that everyone loved and tried to scrub them off the internet for no reason other than the fact that she didn't like them anymore, tried to get multiple videos and even websites taken down.

>>114899190>>114899196The Michael Snyder thing is probably his worst crime but then again his mom was an accomplice and she was never the best influence on Chris.

>>114899271he was always doing creepy shit on public even before the trolls found him, remember when the jerkops beat him for refusing to take back his attraction sign?

>>114899196Got removed from a con for inappropriately touching guests, continued after being told to stop.Spent most of the money Bob left on a lawyer after running over Snyder (Barb helped)Used to unironically hate gays and wanted them dead (it’s funny now)Keeps buying crap with money people give him so he and Barb can live.There’s probably tons more I’m just not thinking of. There isn’t one defining shitty thing he’s done but instead a ton of small things that add up, with several chances to learn and fix himself that he constantly doesn’t take.

>>114899289Well of course he was creepy, he was and still is a socially retarded manchild. That doesn't make him a monster that deserves to be chased out with torches and pitchforks.


>>114899343you forgot his most memorable antic in recent history

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>>114899082for a second I thought the dog was meant to be Mr. Pickles

>>114899018I was genuinely baffled to hear his voice for the first time

>>114899389You guys would eat anything off the ground

>>114899196He ran over a guy with his parents i think

>>114899389i need porn of Catherine N O W

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>>114899082>tumblr is trying to get him kicked off the internet>for drawing Sonic fucking Pikachu>they are absolutely insisting it's underage porn>despite the fact 90% of the internet is made of Sonic porn and Adam's doesn't even show anything

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>>114900304>>for drawing Sonic fucking PikachuSay what now

>>114900321It was a joke in a comic. Don't remember the setup but the punchline was Sonic and Pikachu fucking, which results in Sonichu.

>>114900304tumblr sometimes targets people for the weirdest shit. They went after the Ava's Demon creator for making porn of her own characters that she literally drew to look slightly older on the grounds of "they're underage in the comic so this porn is basically CP".

>>114900258Nothing Pleb has ever said has been wrong I really fucking hope she gets the mental help she needs to get out of the slump she's in and be happy, I worry about her.

>>114900304>>114900355>>114900357Drawing underage characters is wrong thoDosn't matter if the internet dose it in past


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He is literally a nazy

>>114899136>I still don't think he's a "bad person".He 100% is tho. He's not a bad person because autism, he's a bad person with autism.


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>>114900404>Sonic>underageGet the fuck out. Just get the fuck out right now and reevaluate your life if you think Sonic the fucking Hedgehog porn is in any way shape or form underage.

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>>114900404100% correct.

>>114900404>Drawing your own characters and saying that they're older while drawing them older is underageOk tumblr

>>114900404Friendly reminder that nearly everyone who spouts this talking point gets outed as a predator of real children eventually

>>114899136He very much intentionally latches onto things that will make his life worse while shutting down and berating anyone who tries to offer him genuine help, and he was doing that before he went full on mental patient.

>>114900476Wellllll.... Sonic is canonically 16 years old. Amy is canonically only about 12 or 13.

>>114900304So this is the image adam traces to draw his heads

>>114900546>Wellllll.... Sonic is canonically 16 years old. Amy is canonically only about 12 or 13.He's a blue hedgehog you fucking spastic

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>>114900546>AKSHULLY the cartoon hedgehog that churns out so much porn he single handedly invented/popularized the entire furry genre of porn and continues being the sole reason a ton of furry commission artists are employed and fed is technically sixteen! Let's harass this artist for drawing a PG-13 image of him on top of Pikachu and call him a pedo because I learned that word in my Women's Studies class and it sounds threatening!I know you're trolling at this point, but my main point is Adam getting attacked for this shit when the entire rest of the internet continues to churn out Sonic porn faster that Henry Ford churned out cars is a tad hypocritical is all.Also I'm running out of Doctor Who images.

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>>114900629You're the one sperging trying to defend Sonic porn not featuring underage characters, autismo.

>>114900635>he single handedly invented/popularized the entire furry genre of pornI agree with most of your post but let's not get ahead of ourselves here, the furry porn genre had existed in one form or another since the 70s and was first popularized by a mix of Spielberg cartoons, Pokemon, and Digimon.

>>114900404there are no underage drawings

>>114900697Don't forget Osamu Tezuka

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>>114900697Terribly sorry for the confusion, Dr. Yiff, I'll retract that statement. You're right though, I believe Disney's Robin Hood was the actual spark, I just thought Sonic popularized it but forgot all about the 90's so that was my mistake.

>>114900697>>114900766Sonic X brought furries and sonic fandom autism into the 21st century, that's undeniable

>>114900766Shit man I put a lot of work into my PhD in Furfaggotry, might as well use it

>>114900740don't forget the aztecs

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>>114900405What a fucking L O S E R>oh let me advertise my new comic by pointing out the protagonist is a BLACK WOMAN

>>114900405I like how in theory a Muslim vampire would be an interesting character because of how Islam outright despises vampires and drinking blood is against Islamic law, so they'd probably have all kinds of internal conflicts, but Dobson would probably just have them be vampires in burqas

>>114900729>>114900503>>114900499>>1149004764chan: "lol who cares people draw a 16 year old fucking a rat!" "It's just a joke bro!" Also 4chan: "OMG REBECCA AND IAN DREW SEXUALIZED ART OF BETTY BOP AND THE EDS, CHILDREN AND PRE-TEENS THEY ARE PEDOS, WHY ARE ALL LEFTIST CREATORS ARE CREEPS, THEY ARE TRYING TO INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN, IT KEEPS HAPPENING XD Also Also 4chan: "yo remember ZONE and how he drew porn of underage characters!""Remember the official Rugrat's Incredible Storyboard Jam?" Those are totally okay and based tho

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>>114901240I think that the Rebecca Sugar thing is stupid though, thanks for the (You) tumblr-kun


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>>114901240Betty Bop is a kid?

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>>114899389Jesus tapdancing Christ. I just felt my dick slowly sink back into my body and I was fully erect a minute ago. Why user.

>>114899018Better post: Reply with good artists that are good people


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>>114901317>I don't want this to come across as tumblr SJW propaganda>Despite the fact that it actually isPreston, do you even read what you write?

>>114899389Looks more like genderbent Liquid Chris.

>>114901240I thought she was married to Mr Boop (her husband).

>>114901381>fandom wiki with no source

>>114900355Context was in regards to video game movies. Some source the artist found used the headline "Sonic tops Pikachu..." and he jokes about the obvious innuendo

>>114900740Is... is middle left a deer or something? >>114901230>and drinking blood is against Islamic lawAlmost sure there's a catholic rule against it too, so not much different from usual vampires.

>>114901381>13-16What? I'm 99% positive that she's meant to be in her 20s

This is a comic and/or cartoon.

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>>114901495She was still living with her parents in the "Minnie the Moocher" short.


>>114901240You have a point. Both 4chan and Twitter (Tumblr is irrelevant now) engage in a lot of selective outrage.

>>114901240>4chan is one person

>>114900258Plebcomics is based

>>114901550>Pedos are good user?

What if shadman made a cartoon?

>>114901604Shadman is based

>>114901419>>114901425>>11490149513:46 on this

>>114901240>"4chan" is one person >Reddit memesFuck off you need to go back and stay go

>>114901240>>114901381that was back when people were transitioning to viewing teens as "kids." Now they're transitioning to viewing 24 year olds as kids.

>>114901532Fair point? I gather the sitting girlIs not meant to be the virtuous one here.


>>114900405>>114901317>That time Dobson got #MeToo'd

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>>114899196-Mentioning the N word multiple time in her comics.-Homophobic comments.-Sexual harassmentSTake your pick.

>>114901585Pleb has unironically became a SJW judging her new art

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Is Bike Cuck the greatest come back of all time? How do you go from a comic as awful and made fun of like Bike Cuck and then propel yourself into massive popularity WITHOUT changing the content of your comics?

>>114901756By this logic Allen Gregory was an SJW show

>>114901665>I'm just gonna pretend that old school Hollywood never had a pedophile problem unless I'm I can use it to attack the "SJWs"Alrighty then, I guess what happened to Shirley Temple didn't exist

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>>114901769Because shen has self-awareness. He was able to look at what happened with bike cuck and understand why it failed. He moved on, learned from it, and joked about it later. Not the first time he's parodied his own work either.Compare and contrast with fuckley's "loss"

>>114901876>old school Hollywood Dumb user, where ever their is alot of money to be made their is pedophilia. Modern Hollywood is no different

>>114901769Shen owned up to it and didn't desperately try to defend it like 99% of artists would have, even turning back around to make fun of it himself.

>>114901410he didn't have that much acne.

>>114901907It happened much later with fuckley, but he realized his comic was a mistake too. In fact, he seems to celebrate it's anniversary.

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>>114901742Whats wrong with nachos? Its not filtered. You can post it.

>>114899451Got a video or something?

>>114901419He's her fetus right now

>>114899018He's a scumbag.

>>114901230Well they can't come out during the day, but the moon is Islam's holy symbol, analagous to the cross, so that would seriously limit the time the could spend outdoors even at night.

>>114900404Lines on paper don't have ages, retard

>>114901742this is the absolute state of Holla Forumsmblr

>>114901896the art style reminds me of magnagallina

>>114899082I thought everyone agreed he was never a bad artist and Buzzfeed was holding him back

>>114901742stop being such a nigger faggot, user

>>114901460but they drink the blood of christ every weekend


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>>114900740>furry/human /ss/hell yeah

>>114902218lmao that's so much worse because at least Bike Cuck's is a dumb mistake but celebrating a meme about the loss of your child is idiotic

>>114899082He shamed people for not buying expensive art supplies for kids among other things

>>114901460>Almost sure there's a catholic rule against itWell, there's a catholic rule against everything really, but it's nowhere near as important as the taboo of impure blood in Islamic culture. Like not even a tiny bit close.

>>114899100What the fuck is up with all the political posts lately?

>>114902948You got me there, I dunno how that works.

>>114899196'Member that time he maced a gamestop employee because of Sonic's arms?

>>114900304For the first few lines I thought you were referring to >>114899136 because of the sonic and Pikachu things

>>114901240dumb nigger, you realize alot of tumblr users browse Holla Forums

>>114901172>creates a comic about a struggling depressed minority>people who hate dobson started drawing fanart of her as having fun and being happy

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>>114901669>girlThat's the author's mouthpiece anyways

>>114900258Reminds me of this.

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>>114899343>>114899196Above all its probably taking in the stray cats. Someone surmised that taking in the stray kittens would deprive them of the early weening period of their lives so they just get sick and die immediately because you have a manchild trying to take care of it.It's cruelty under the mask of ignorance, the worst crime of all.

>>114902474> holy symbolwhatnigga we just use a lunar calendar nothing else to do with the moon

>>114903792>generic tumblr artstyle>is actually redpillednice combo

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>>114903875That's not what Tumblr art looks like, pic related is.

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>>114899196>Drew porn of Megan>Assaulted Snyder by trying to run him over>Blows all the money given to him on toys and games despite having other more important needs>Assaulted a Gamestop employee over Sonic's arms>Often illustrates himself killing people who either did nothing wrong or tried to help ChrisProbably more I'm missing or forgot.


>>114899082You can tell he drew each character in the comic once.

>>114903875so this guy has never travelled before?

>>114899018He is not a shit artist but he is too fucking beta

>>114901717Does anyone have that screencap of someone criticizing Dobson's shit-take on Nintendo redesigns and getting blocked moments later?

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>>114903885I don't see any pointlessly red noses, the bodies seem well drawn, and there's good color and lighting.

I don't know who he is, but I'm sure he's nice dude

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>>114903885>That LapisHoly shit Tumblr kinda based

>>114903792But that's wrong. Tor has had an article on their website explaining why they don't (and can't) ban pedos and traffickers from the onion network.They HAD to upload a different one explaining why they didn't ban stormfags because people were literally harassing them over that.

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>>114903885I have recently found myself really hating this style.>>114904048There are multiple tumblr styles, I think. The red noses and intentionally ugly proportions is just one of them.

>>114904122Wait, why can't they? literally what's the reason to let Pedos go rampant?

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>>114902474The moon isn't Islam's holy symbol, it's become associated with Islam because of the Ottoman Empire but doesn't hold any theological significance within the religion

>>114904134why do you hate it? It seems well done, skill wise and versatile. You might say "it's over done", but isn't that the case with any recognizable style, at the time of its popularity?

>>114903875>>114903792>ugly art style with bad opinionsworst of both worlds is kind of impressive

>>114904251Other than Ramadan and the way Muslims follow a lunar calender.

>>114903605American election season (just about). It's some of the easiest bait to throw and you'll be guaranteed a reply or two. Low effort, higher returns kind of deal.

>>114904308I don't have specific reasons. Just something about it irks me. I think it has to do with all the overly smug faces and general annoyance with the type of people who create this art. I will admit they're well drawn though.

>>114904176>Wait, why can't they? literally what's the reason to let Pedos go rampant?The onion routing is designed to be untraceable* and secure. In order for them to ban terrorist and pedos, they would have to redesign it to not be secure.The problem is that an insecure onion routing would put many in danger: political activists, whistleblowers, reporters, etc.The other thing to take into account is that without Tor terrorists, traffickers and pedophiles can and will find different ways to do their shit. Reporters and political activists usually can't.

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>>114904328>RamadanThe moon isn't treated as a holy object in Ramadan, they just use the crescent moon as its start and end date. A lunar calendar isn't indicative of worship either, those were common throughout the Middle East even before Islam.

>>114904373For every super loud, grating, shrieking person online there are thousands of people that exist without calling attention to themselves. Try not to let the annoying become the face of every group of online people.

>>114901240How the fuck would anyone know these are minors when Sonic was full on making out with an adult human woman and Betty shown to be working professionally on stage and neither of them shown to be living with parents or going to a school. It's not even comparable to the Edd Sugar comic where they are well established to be young children barely in middle school.


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>>114903605What >>114904329 said as well as quarantine allowing summer levels of underage posters.

>>114901717I feel kinda bad.Must suck your whole college knows of your antics.

>>114899064I like the graphic novel adaptation better

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>>114899136to be bad you must have understanding of morals

>>114904713I'm one of the very few people who read that comic for its entirety and now that the site is no more I feel like I carry the burden of truth

>>114903802and then he posted the pic of a dead kitty after being mauled by one of his dogs on twitter

>>114904575wtf, i kinda like these

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>>114904904when he wants to be he's a very good artist who can be very funny. Don't think his copy/paste shit for buzzfeed is indicative of his ability

>>114904904After he left whatever website he was previously working for he just did whatever he wanted, it turns out he actually does have kind of a sense of humor and was mandated to make only facebook-tier "so relatable" comics.

>>114899082This guy almost immediately became a better artist the moment he left BuzzFeed. Redemption arc.

I guess the dude took all those memes about him to heart.

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>>114905031>>114904963I knew someone who worked at buzzfeed. The way their algorithms worked, and the way the artists got rewarded more, was by making AS MUCH content as possible. If you could make 15 comics a day that were "eh", you were considered an infinitely better creator than someone who made 1 "excellent" comic.

>>114905031See >>114904948 and >>114904963, buzzfeed was making him churn out comics that he didn't even like doing and I think it made him not give a shit. His art and jokes improved immediately once he left.

>>114900304I thought you were joking, but I looked at his tumblr and sure enough, a bunch of tumblr kids are in there doing exactly what you said. Why is tumblr still around anyways? I thought everyone left

>>114904904they guy makes decent comics ever since he left buzzfeed

>>114901381>betty bop

>>114904963Better, but still not good.

>>114905226Never said he was good. But he's no longer unbearable and is clearly interested in improving and branching out, which I can respect.

>>114901240No one actually cares what Rebecca or Ian draws, it's just trolling their fans who find that shit objectionable.

>>114899082>>114900304Wack! sonichu thing got his blog flagged but he literally doesn't carethe dude gets 16k notes on tumblr and already left

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>>114905198My wfe :)

>>114905454that's your wife

>>114901717Is Dobson gay? Why the pride flag?

>>114899136>>114899196The main reason people say Chris is an awful person is mainly to justify their autistic obsession with him. These are the same people who groomed a 13 year old to cyber sex with chris just to call him pedo and then later claim he was worse than Hitler.

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>>114905454I am happy for you! (And your wife! (Who is Mrs. Boop!))

>>114905550He's a virtue signalling douche

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Search you're feelings you know it to be true

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>>114905582Definitely.I don't like his stuff but we need more people that can get above the Twitter cancel shit trend.

>>114905582true but he's far from a bad artist. His porn art is pretty top tier when its not filled with dumb fetish shit and memes

>>114905305Kill me. Immolate the Earth. It's only going to get worse from here on out.

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>>114905582You know, I'm thinking on it, and you may be right. I absolutely loathe his art, but when I think about the person himself, I can't think of any sort of dumbass twitter drama or anything that he's gotten involved in (except maybe drawing porn of his mom, but that just goes back to his art again)

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>>114905715>drawing porn of his mombased beyond belief

>>114899018I can guarantee you, every social media "artist" is either secretly a horrible person, or has a part of themselves they're deeply ashamed of that they think being liked by _tens_ of people will make up for. Ultimately, they all just want their own little cult. It's no different from any other walk of life where "fame" is even a remotely achievable goal.

>>114899389imagine the smell


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>>114899136Chris tried to to run Mike Snyder over because she was banned from The GAMe PLACe for repeated poor behavior that was way outside the SA/CWCIKI's influence or control

>>114903792>>114903875>uwu im a hecking alt right smol beanname a gayer combo

>>114904051Damn, chris-chan levels of art talent. Poor bastard.

>>114906121Being alt-right Shmorky

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>>114899136What was the best saga, and why was it Liquid Chris?

>>114906555Based alt right shmorky

>>114906121>>114906555and they say the Holla Forumsmblr meme isn't real

>>114906600you don't have to be an sjw to mock Toss

>>11490138116 in 1934. She's 102 now.

>>114906600>say something that's bad is bad>UMMM TUMBLR?!?!?Guess opinions aren't allowed in Holla Forums

>>114906600Fuck off, I've been here longer than you and you fags have been bitching about Holla Forumsmblr Boogeyman for forever. /r/The_Donald tourists and Holla Forumstards need to go.

>>114902948yeah but it's not literally his blood, is it? I thought he was talking metaphortically?

>>114905169All the good artists left after the porn purge. All that’s left are the radfems and the fujo shippers

>>114906704>>say something that's bad is bad>UMMMM Holla Forums?!?!Guess opinions aren't allowed in Holla Forumsmblr

>>114906760according to catholic doctrine it is literally his blood and body they are eating


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>>114903885I kinda like this art tho, like reading a comci with this artstyle wouldn't feel bad I think

>>114905715He did draw some youtuber's daughter after they had some drama apparently. A lot of people understood this as a threat (he'll draw kiddie porn with you and your kids if you fuck with him). No man who draws child porn, especially with real people, is quite right in the head.

>>114901550Judging by his appearances on Sleepycast, i can say that he is not even pretencious. He is actually fucking cookoo.

>>114903885hey I can cherrypick too

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>>114906880Why did you try to disprove his point by posting an art style that is incredibly recognizable to a single person.

>>114899082I used to hate him for being the embodiment of nu-male but he's grown on me, especially since he left/got fired from buzzfeed.

>>114906760former catholic boy hereFrom what I remember from sunday school the giving of the body and blood of Christ is supposed to be seen as a miracle of the Son of God that continues to this day. Remember that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine, so by giving his body for you he helps you transcend above both the Original Sin of Eve and the ten commandments of the Israelites

>>114899136>I still don't think he's a "bad person"He's definitively a bad person. He's shitty, selfish, and refuses to improve. There has never been a time that he was a good person.

>>114907071he was before he "just won"

>>114907084Children aren't people.

>>114900405>A bearded lady at some point makes an appearancewhat's funny is that he's not saying that to be funny, but to give an example of how progressive his new comic will be. Also all it's been is just the black lady posting pictures of the cabin she's staying in on twitter

>>114906704But it isn't bad. Stonetoss, in particular, is extremely good at what he does regardless of your personal feelings about his politics. The fact that him in particular has so many detractor copycats and parodies and evokes entire political dissertations on why he is dangerous from other internet talking heads that feel like they are his ideological opponents only makes it obvious that he is a very good and effective propagandist, and therefore that his artstyle and writing are very effective for a political cartoonist and will probably be emulated in the future, probably by people with completely distinct political agendas.

>>114899082qt irl

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>>114901756I'm mad for her because it's blasphemy you'd refer to her in such a manner.

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>>114907181>mfw I found out there's an entire subreddit dedicated to make ST edits and they have a rule of not allowing the original comics to be posted there because they might offend the users

Attached: 1541720211114.jpg (397x391, 67.46K)

>>114905582>That one time Cris bullied him at a will never not find this the most hilarious shit.Plus it gives a very good look on how he normally acts

>>114901756anon that was mean >:/

Attached: Screenshot_20200511-184430_Twitter.jpg (1080x1479, 398.86K)


>>114905562>The main reason people say Chris is an awful person is mainly to justify their autistic obsession with him.People say he's a shitty person because he doesn't have redeeming qualities.

>>114900258The artist in this thread I want to fuck the most. Adam is a close second.

>>114899136Anon, she's a bad person. Good people don't attack Game Stop employees over arm color.

>>114907557Wait, which one is Plebcomics? Is that the one that draws the weightlifting shit every new year?


Attached: oh_my_dog.jpg (814x1050, 148.78K)

>>114901532Didn't she get kicked out of a trans support group for being too toxic and staring too much drama or something? I could be wrong, most of these people blend together and it's hard for me to remember the difference between them.

>>114905031He was a lot quicker to adjust than B^uckley was. I'll give him that.

>>114899136>I still don't think he's a "bad person"And you are wrong. You can blame outside factors all you want, but deep down it's pretty clear that all that has happened to him is clearly his fault. That's Chris-chan studies 101.

>>114899124You're probably a fag

>>114906555Boulderbob is right.

>>114903605>LatelyThis has been a constant user.


Attached: 2 top 1 sides.jpg (500x500, 26.3K)

>>114907741the only reason why I respect Christine's pronouns is because even trannies don't consider her one of them

>>114899018Being completely lame and a waste of space is a form of being a shitty person

>>114905582Well he did back down form the Keemstar event.

Attached: what a turn of events.png (624x680, 88.56K)

>>114907791>being triggered by pronounsGet this SJW snowflake mentality out of here and grow some thicker skin.

>>114907845He refused to draw for wonderbread guy, so he at least has some standards.

>>114907557Do it bitch and don't forget to draw food while you're at it. Preferably foods like spaghetti and catfish.

Attached: 1572815965492.jpg (480x480, 25.54K)


Attached: bleedman.png (250x388, 151.38K)

>>114903885These aren't so bad compared to before

>>114899136>tried to lure a girl into his home by pretending to be someone else>criticizes genuine fanart>tried to sell other people's art without permission>spends all his money on toys and asks for donation for essential needs>neglects his pets>doesnt deliver ebay sale on time or at all>constantly bothers store employees

Attached: 1468212647823.jpg (500x500, 53.14K)

>>114907721no, that would be Sir

>>114907721That's Sir.

>>114907721I think you're thinking of SiR.


Attached: shädman.jpg (1200x1050, 132K)

>>114904672I'd feel bad if this wasn't fucking Dobson. I've very briefly met him in person and he deserves any kind of of shit he gets and then some.

>>114908020>in personHow bad was it?


Attached: shad butch.png (566x2616, 893.72K)

>>114901240The rugrats storyboard jam and sonichu innuendo were made as jokes. Rebecca Sugar clearly drew Eddy and Double D fucking for porn purposes to get her rocks off.

Attached: 20190223_031723.jpg (674x983, 170.98K)

>>114908041Exactly as you'd think. I'm afraid I can't share any fun anecdotes besides that he acted as a cunt to everybody around him, even people willing to spend their hard-earned money in his mediocre "art" and that he refused every. single. attempt. to interact with the rest of the autistic losers like us that were around him.

>>114899389It moved.

>>114901742>n word>herOh Holla Forumsmblr...

>>114901717>my actions have consequences and it's all them damn troll's faultI'd never understand how utterly incapable of introspection Dobson is.

>>114904051Say what you will but he actually finished a comic and got it printed.

>>114901240>OMG REBECCA AND IAN DREW SEXUALIZED ART OF BETTY BOP AND THE EDSI've never seen anyone see this as an issue, just casually point this out.And obviously >4chan is one person

>>114908065Based Chadman

>>114908065the duality of man

>>114901240Cringe, bro.

Attached: 13463896517960.jpg (983x553, 70.38K)

>>114908341About a year ago some people were typing in all caps "outraged" "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER I'M GONNA DIE" ways towards it. It was kind of embarrassing really.

>>114901532>shitty artists that aren't shitty peopleHis art style, writing, points in the comic and personality are all shit.

Attached: 1569070412830.jpg (1000x900, 87.44K)

>>114908377Is tamers a shitty person? I know almost nothing about him other than his autistic love for a shitty sonic cartoon.

>>114899018He can handle the bantz so I respect him

>>114908407Never watched his cooking videos and other IRL stuff, but I don't care if he is.His Sonic videos are some of the most SOULFUL and funny ass shit I've ever seen.God bless tamers

>>114908424Tamers seems oddly pure for a guy who makes gay fanfiction and wears a costume made of out cardboard

>>114899018Him.He's a chill dude, a shitty artist but his animations are part of my childhood.

Attached: toa_lerezak_by_superleres_d1x8kvq-fullview.jpg (600x400, 25.66K)

>>114899082Adam’s art got noticeably better when he escaped from the clutches of buzzfeed so I respect him

>>114899136didn't he try to run someone over? autism doesn't make you do that

>>114908466He also thought this person was involved in a massive conspiracy against him going all the way back to the public education system of his elementary school


Attached: alcremie vomit.png (800x800, 135.5K)

>>114907557The hell? I didn’t think anyone who makes things that aren’t horny stay here sometimes

>>114908498>involved in a massive conspiracy against him going all the way back to the public education system of his elementary schoolfucking whut

Attached: what i dont understand.gif (450x339, 28.03K)

>>114908633Chris thinks that the school board intentionally harassed him for being autistic and tried to stop him from developing, and also that they somehow forced him to stay in his town away from his high school friends. And that they paid off the guy he ended up running over (the manager/owner of an LGS) to ban him from the store.In fairness, his parents also seem to think there was some weird conspiracy against Chris, so it's not entirely his fault.

Attached: 1459517879859.png (356x284, 109.11K)

>>114903885That's early 2010's Tumblr art, back when it was samey but the style was nice. It's a whole other thing now.

Attached: rcdart merica.jpg (577x666, 49.5K)

>>114907907Or got triggered...

>>114907509Why did you post a lets play? Am I supposed to know what this is?

Attached: 1497725095698.png (586x445, 243.36K)

>>114906555Say what you will about the man's political opinions, but he knows how to structure a joke and make people angry. For that, I respect him.

Attached: 1588967533916.png (258x258, 13.85K)

>>114899018>shitty artistsnot that shitty tbqh familia

>>114908447Who’s this guy?

>>114907791>s h e>h>e

Attached: 1233160237162.png (247x248, 98.88K)


>>114907880>y-you're the one who's triggered, not me!! Sn-snowflake!very original

>>114909127They've been latching onto that for the past couple of years. Pretty sad they can't think of anything by themselves


>>114908778Not really, if anything it's the other way around. I used to see a lot of weird art like that Steve in the early/mid 2010's, now it's just "I'm a girl who draws cute girls" style

>>114899136all the replies are factually wrong due to the fact that all the "shitty" things he did came AFTER years and years of people trying to mess with an autistic kid who cant tell reality from fictionthats like saying an abused dog is bad because it growls at poeple. it growls BECAUSE it was treated badly before and justifying to continue treating it badly just feeds into the cycle. people who just want to shit on chris chan just want to do it because hes an easy target and no ones gonna bat an eye if you join on the dog piling

>>114899018bike cuck

>>114905715He literally draws kiddie porn, and not even CP of fictional characters only, dude's fucked up and the enabling meme was funny at first but it's gotten a little bit too far>>114906600t.Newfag Holla Forumsedditor that came here after Gamergate

Attached: 1588980635194.jpg (442x429, 60.42K)

>>114911055>He literally draws kiddie pornhe lives in the UShe has been sued and his name is on "the grid"he has plenty of friends in the cartoon industry, the same industry that gets touchy in this sort of areathe fact that he hasnt been arrested yet means all hes done is above board and all the "draws literal child porn" nonsense is histrionics

>>114908961shut the fuck up tranny

>>114911139>Drawing porn of kids is not drawing porn of kids because he's friends with people in the industryAnon, the mental gymnastics are not worth it.

Attached: 1588726948318.gif (250x250, 282.46K)

>>114911229thanks for showing you dont have any semblance of reading comprehension


>>114911251Anon many people commit crimes and don't get arrested, and many reprehensible shit is legal in some countries, trying to say "Yeah I mean he draws CP but he is friends with some cartoonists and hasn't been arrested yet so is it really CP?" is dumb.Again the >Shadman and the "Chadman" memes where incredibly funny until you stumbled upon the fucked up realization that many normies and newfags took the meme literally and now you have a bunch of people defending this shit.

Attached: 1589044422311.png (381x528, 233.38K)

>>114907557>moving to /ck/c-come join us at /out/

Attached: 1571808808280.jpg (900x900, 51.34K)

>>114907907>wonderbread guyw-who?

Attached: 1587045737928.png (220x220, 78.07K)

>>114911370>He doesn't knowleave it like that

>>114899196Tried to run over a guy, granted his mom helped him, we have a over 30 part documentary on the guy, you’ll find something

>>114899018His recent comics have been really terrible. I think you guys have been giving him way, way too much credit over his recovery from the bike cuck thing.

>>114911336againhis name is in the books. the police or at least the courts know who he actually is. america takes this things seriously. he is known personally by people who would gladly throw him under the bus, hes already had falling outs with many other artists that also know him personally. not to mention the legions of people on the internet trying to report himhe isnt some epstein guy living in his own island doing james bond villain shit. as far as american laws are concerned he cant be arrested for all the supposed child porn people keep talking about

>>114911370Oh user don't tell me you don't know

Attached: Bread.png (680x506, 578.81K)

>>114899136he's a bad person, but he's also very mentally ill and was raised very poorly so it's not his/her fault

>>114901717You know I'm a bit of a sperg myself, though I've gotten better as I've gotten older. I'm kinda worried that some of my shenanigans will come back to haunt me, though no where near as notorious as Dobson, I do have a bit of a reputation. I basically deleted myself from social media a few years ago, but if I ever launch a project I'm worried people are gonna come back and go "remember that time you did this on tumblr or that on twitter".:(

>>114910950Chris was fucked from the start. He did shitty things long before the internet found him.

>>114911502talk about sonic?have some weird experience where he thought an animatronic bear was a messenger of god?yeah, such horrible things

>>114900258her johnny depp comic aged like fucking wine and I actually cannot believe it

>>114911336>>114911467and to finally clear it up for you. his name is shaddai prejeanhes a swiss immigrant living probably commieforniareport him to the police, drump up a le ebin reddit investigation party and see what comes if it

>>114911523Don't forget sexually harass one of the only people nice to him and draw porn of her.

>>114900629That doesn't mean the characters can't still be underaged.

Reminder that illustrated child pornography is legally protected under the constitution and the law banning it has been challenged multiple times.

>>114900635Dude, were did I say any of that? I just pointed out that technically speaking Sonic IS under the age of 18. Thus a minor, I never once called anyone that drew him a pedo. I'm not a tumblr snowflake that doesn't understand how aging works.

>>114911467You're bringing the "He isn't arrested so its not CP!" point again. Like, even if we go by fictional characters don't count, he made porn of a real kid. I don't know why it is so hard for people who fell for the meme to comprehend that the law doesn't always define what is morally right, or that it doesn't always work.

Attached: leader.jpg (360x360, 16.66K)

>>114899082His strange Slenderman-style ghost story about living in a haunted apartment that was really just about promoting his Instagram is the type of thing that, to me, cements him as both a very creative person and someone who would immediately lapse into antisocial behavior if he stopped getting attention.


>>114911884if its so clear that its child porn then surely simply ringing up his states police and explaining your air tight logic would have them completely comply with your request of arresting himsurely if it really is child porn beyond a shadow of a doubt theyd have no problems with dealing with this issue

>>114901059I think our opinion of fursuiters would change if they were all active military who had taken at least 4 prisoners to earn their 'sona.

>>114899136I wonder what chris would be like if he wasn't this autistic and his parents were better.

>>114905582I recall I once saw a series of tweets of his that ended with him saying something like "I'm not really the monster that I pretend to be on the internet." It almost made want to know more about the actual person behind the nazi skeleton avatar. Almost.

>>114912081>Is porn>Depicting a child>Sometimes even a real child>Is not child porn because he's not arrested!!!111The level of cope here is unreal, what other name then? or what category? Is porn of kids not kiddie porn now? Is porn of two guys fucking not gay porn? is porn involving an asian girl not asian porn?The truth is that the ">Chadman" memes were funny because it was understood instantly as a joke, everyone pretty much agreed his content was messed up but they kept memeing for shock value, which has always kind of been peak internet culture.But now we got all this normies and newfags all around not getting that you're supposed to understand that the joke is not "guy is popular and some people don't like his content lol" Is "That's kinda fucked up, topkek".This is fucking Hitler did nothing wrong all over again, just that the latter can still be pretty funny under the right circumstances.

Attached: 1588993513012.png (500x373, 165.37K)

>>114911370I like you user, so I'll only give you some surface level knowledge.Wonder bread guy is just like he sounds. He pays exorbitant amounts of money for his very niche fetish of rich white women, typically blonde, buying as much Wonderbread at inflated prices as possible. Occasionally he also enjoys said women violently destroying the environment. This is a confirmed sexual fetish for the man. Don't dig any deeper.

>>114904051Looks like pic related.

Attached: MV5BMTcwODlmZDktNWRkOC00NTFlLTkyMjQtYWUxMzZkNDE4MGVmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTIzOTk5ODM@._V1_UY1200_CR82,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg (630x1200, 106.53K)

>>114906760It is explicitly Not A Metaphor.

>>114912247again and againif you feel so strongly about this do something about itreport him to the police you have all the evidence you need in his completely public websiteits obviously a closed and shut case, just do it pussy. do it. youll finally be the first person to shut him down because obviously no ones tried to report him yet. do it nigger. just do it already


>>114901460>Almost sure there's a catholic rule against it tookek

>>114912247So are drawn depictions of violence, murder, and gore snuff images?

>>114912247I agree.

>>114912510Not the same level, by a mile, implying that drawn porn is not porn is a weird take, is still in the same category of porn, even if it's drawn.With violence, that is the thing people love touching the most, it doesn't count because violence is not a genre of media, if I said drawn kiddie porn is child rape, that would be a perfectly understandable comparison, but here is something that is already its own thing. Gore can't be snuff because, as far as I am aware, snuff as a term involves in real live violence, and murder involves a real act that is obviously not committed when drawing.Again, if the claim was "this is child rape!" it would be an understandable comparison, but is not, is explicit drawn content depicting sex and created as a way to arouse people, aka porn, that depicts a kid, aka, child porn.

>>114906038>The GAMe PLACeI'm so sad that place is closed down. That was a great saga

>>114901381but there is a cartoon of her in college, organizing a band for a party and choosing a janitor girl as their singer.

>>114904030I gotchu

Attached: Nintendo Dobson.jpg (1001x2712, 494.05K)

>>114911552>swiss immigrantDidn't the little shit get ran out of its hometown?

>>114904867What was it?

>>114912828>Link in that last panelSome people make not being gay a little bit too hard

>>114912828Anyone got the one where he gets mad that people don't like that he draws Link with brown hair?

>>114912828Man, Dobby would burst if someone criticized his little Star Wars comic in this depth.

>>114912828>popeye armsWhy are Dobson and Film Robert so delusional and cling to to shitty DiC cartoons?

Anyone got dirt on the swordscomic guy?He fits the shitty artist description and he obviously buys upvotes, but I haven't heard anything bad about him as a person yet.

Attached: tumblr_pbyc41lgeA1xsfzn8o1_1280_eEgUiLc.png (700x871, 260.16K)

>>114904904any comic with PerryBibbleFellowship level of humor is ok with me.


Attached: the nut.jpg (480x480, 30.24K)

>>114913113>buying upvotes>not badBuying upvotes is pure evil, user.

>>114913411buying upvotes is the epithet of desperation

>>114911139>all hes done is above board and all the "draws literal child porn" nonsense is histrionicsHe drew porn of the girl from Logan down to copying the actress's facial features so closely that her lawyers had to come in and shut it down because it resembled a real minor too much.

>>114899136I suggest you to take a look at this guy's history so you will know that is possible to become a completely functional person even when you're born with shit autistic

Attached: ulillillia.jpg (1280x720, 93.68K)

>>114913996he still drew her with those ugly bucked teeth he puts on every loli he draws tho

>>114899018Shen is a good artist

>>114901532>Millions of deathsLike... over the next decade?

>>114912828God, I've been browsing the internet so fucking long I remember seeing this when it was uploaded on the front page of DeviantArt...

Attached: robliefeld.jpg (250x301, 44.98K)

>>114899389If he was a biological woman he'd smell even WORSE.

>>114911712Are you the type of person who thinks an artist should go to prison for drawing porn of Cream the Rabbit while actual criminals that kill people walk free because PEDO PEDO PEDO DRAWINGS?

>>114905582Drawing porn of his mom and drawing sexually suggestive images of that one little girl trying to be pyrocynical was pretty fucked up

>>114907557nobody care

>>114901381>13-16Bull fucking shit. She sold cigars and cigarettes in Roger Rabbit.

>>114901669>girlSweet, sweet summer child.

>>114899082fucking hate this guy's art

>>114912254>Don't dig any deeper.You seriously can't tell someone all that shit and expect them to not be curious.

>>114912254He just wants attention. As soon as his DA was banned, the well dried up because he couldn't get reactions anymore.

>>114907181Pandering to people who agree with you isn't the same as being an "effective political cartoonist".

>>114912898Dreaming of Utopia