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Let's have a candid discussion on webcomics. Why do you suppose webcomics aren't popular on Holla Forums? Other than KS6B, Emmy and Stonetoss, webcomic threads always die. By all right, there ought to be a lot to talk about—there are many webcomics with over 10 million views. Some webcomics, like Lore Olympus, are even getting cartoon adaptations, and I am certain you've all heard about Tower of God and The God of High School being made into anime. Heartstopper, a webcomic with over 22 million views, is in talks to receive a live-action adaptation. Yet, despite the booming popularity of webcomics, they barely receive any traction on Holla Forums.

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because nobody reads webcomics anymore

>>114896985>Why do you suppose webcomics aren't popular on Holla Forums?frankly because most of them aren't good, and the ones that are don't have authors that bother posting them here.also /hyw/ is a trap because nobody except webcomic artists/writers post there, there's zero exposure there for the rest of Holla Forums. They'd be better off storytiming their comics in their own threads.

>>114896985A lot of them are same a dozen romances or shit that’s been done a million other times in webcomics and manga. A lot of them also hit the middle ground of not good enough to be well liked but also not bad enough to be mocked or enjoyed. It’s a middle ground of mediocrity.

Was kinda surprised Americans watched Webtoons...It's pretty big in Korea desu, which is a country where printed comic (graphic novel) market is virtually dead.Compared to Korea, America, Europe, and Japan has a long standing professional printed comic industry... so I would assume web comics might have an uphill battle..

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While we're at it, let's share some webcomics. What's your favorite? Have you read any recently? With this pandemic, I've had a lot of time to read and catch up. I've been really enjoying Room of Swords.>>114896988Readership numbers on Webtoon and Tapas say otherwise.>>114896998>most of them aren't goodI want to say taste is subjective, but it's true I had to dredge through a lot of boring webcomics to find good ones. But in that way, I'd say it's similar to print comics. Lots of print comics out there, but most people only follow two or three, or even just one.>They'd be better off storytiming their comics in their own threads.Oooooh, I like that idea a lot. But with how many authors there are, there might be too many threads that'll clog up the catalog. Maybe there ought to be a webcomics general thread? /lgbt/ has one where people post new pages from their favorite webcomics. Other people who follow that webcomic can then discuss it by replying to that post.

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>>114897149Here's why people should storytime outside of /hyw/, and why it should be anons just posting in separate threads instead of a webcomic general>flat out more comic discussion on Holla Forums that drowns out a ton of spam threads. Regular comic storytime threads don't need to get regulated to a general, and this isn't Holla Forums where it'd be unrelated. Posting comics on the comics board should not only be allowed, but expected.>authors get more honest feedback from non artistic anons who'll let them know straight up wether their comic is good or not right off the bat>for the ones that're bad, sure they'll get shat on but also get a fucking pointer on what they're fucking up on and how they can improve instead of just getting patted on the back for trying. >for the good ones, even they can get some criticism that'll help authors go from simply an okay/mediocre comic to potentially something really great, they'll actually invest a small audience in seeing their work expand instead of a bunch of self interested fellow artists>seeing others succeed regularly would drive people to actually try and make good shit, because there's healthy competition

>>114896985>Why do you suppose webcomics aren't popular on Holla Forums?You cant share them here because of that mobile-comic format.Also they're more manga than a comic.

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>>114896985Is it a strictly western webcomic or webtoon is also okay?

>>114897466Webtoons are just webcomics done in one long vertical strip. As to whether Korean webtoons should be allowed on Holla Forums: I think they should, if only because there's nowhere else for them to be posted. Tower of God is, somewhat, accepted on /a/, but it's only because its gotten an anime adaptation. Threads about other webtoons just result in /a/nons telling you to "fuck off and go to Holla Forums." According to them, webtoons belong here.>>114897257Not all, but it's true many can't be storytimed due to the webtoon format. However, I think just linking to the new update should be good enough. I know I keep using print comics as an excuse, but people are able to discuss them without needing to storytime the entire issue.>>114897209Oh, I did not think about those points, but now I fully agree with you. Looking at the catalog, I definitely see a lot of... let's say, irrelevant threads that could've easily been replaced by threads about webcomics.

I'm trying to remember a webcomic but I don't know the name of it anymore. It featured girls as the main characters and they thought the main one was posessed by a demon or something, and theres a scene where she pushes her friend of the side of a cliff or something. She survives of course but is pretty pissed of about it. Probably not much to go on but maybe someone here knows it?

>>114896985>Why do you suppose webcomics aren't popular on Holla Forumsweeb pander so topics are dull or not remotely interesting. find me stuff that isnt your conventional garbage and i might consider reading it.

>>114896985>Other than...That's because those have waifus. It works like this: if someone posts about your webcomic and it doesn't have waifus, people go SHILL SHILL SHILL REPORTED SHILL. If someone posts about your webcomic and it does have waifus, people go MUSCLE MOMMY PLEASE MORE MOMMY MOMMY PLEASE.

>>114896985Why do the good comics always die?

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>>114898057That's no a good one.

>>114897257>I think just linking to the new update should be good enough.Only if there's already a fanbase here. If you want to introduce Holla Forums to a webcomic that isnt mega-popular you pretty much have to storytime it.

>>114898091Oops. Meant to rely to >>114897655

>>114896985Do you know about the adult manhwa And also I know the websites webtoons but it's also a synomous with manhwa for example there could be manhwa that are from the website webtoons but are webtoons

>>114897149>Maybe there ought to be a webcomics thread?The fact that you have no idea what hyw is shows that webcomic creators need to post outside it.

>>114896985Webcomics fluctuate in popularity here. I've seen threads for Nedroid, Whomp, Unsounded, and more do well here. It just depends on who's here at the moment. The webcomics on Webtoons and Tapas generally don't have much of an overlap in terms of demographic with 4chan, often being more female oriented. If you ever see the likes of Always Raining Here mentioned in a thread, it's likely to be in a fujo thread.

>>114898086That that back and go back to whatever non English speaking website you come from.

>>114898406>That that>Go back to whatever non English speaking website you come fromYeah sure ESL boy.

>>114896985Sharing Power of Stardust. It's a weird, slightly disturbing comic about public domain superheroes. tapas.io/series/The-Power-of-Stardust

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>>114896985>Webcomics thread>Thumbnail is WebtoonsI am so confused

>>114897209As much as it would help to be able to story time webcomics you made, you know it's just going to be a ban and they'll never change the rules because it's one of those things that would require constructive moderation.It took moot leaving just to end the era of destructive moderation. Hiro seems to prefer stagnation. I can't imagine what it would look now now if you asked the mods to call shots on webcomic quality.That said, how does stuff like Mr. Boop get away with it?


Kill Six Billion Demons is prolefeed. I have nothing but contempt for the retards that like reading brain-damaged Neil Gaiman try and write a shonen.

>>114898808You are a massive faggot with nothing of value to contribute. I read your post the first time and disregarded as the pre-pubescent whinging it was.

This one is pretty underrated.

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Webcomics are the Holla Forums equivalent of Angry Birds and Temple Run. You don't read them because they're good, you do it because it kills five minutes.

>>114897149Room of Sword has been going down hill since season 2 started.

>>114898979Oh look out, the waifufag is upset!Die alone.

>>114899067Tad Danger Substitute Ranger is legit funny.>>114898565This is a good one, but weird cosmic public domain superheroes is niche as fuck.

For some reason the readership of a lot action comics have gone down hill.Xink3r is my favorite webtoon series, but people less and less people are reading it. I blame Webtoons for trying to my every webtoon original “fake-anime style”

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>>114899083I just don't appreciate being preached to about some overly concerned Wojack fucker who thinks he gets a free pass just because he tries so hard to convince anyone he's not trying.You've never taken a meaningful risk in your life and nor have you applied any real critical thought about anything. You're just one of the biggest zero-effort tryhard faggots on the whole site, everybody hates you, and you should stop sharing your opinions.

>>114896985I exclusively read webcomics and and haven't read a real comic since Ultimates 3. Here's the ones I read and used to readStill read>ennui go>gunnerkrigg court>back>sword interval >zomcomused to read>wonderella (the guy stopped updating and started injecting his politics in to his comics>gunshow comic (it ended)>achewood (though I still periodically hit the random button and go through a story arc or two. yes it's that good)>pvp (i used to love it. back when PCGamer the physical magazine used to run it. it became shit years and years ago, probably with cousin shecky or scratch fury)>penny arcade (they lost their fire and are too safe)>nedroid (i check it weekly, but...)>darths and droids (once it became more serious and started being about personal drama, it became meh)

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>>114899127Every platform has a system for diverting traffic to the more profitable parts of the site, and Webtoons is certainly no different. They won't likely give you an audience, but they will happily encourage yours to go somewhere else. Same as YouTube and everywhere.I don't have anything I'm subbed to on Webtoons but I'd be surprised if the site honors subscriptions, because nowhere else does anymore. The notifications you'll get is for their profitable stuff, not this guy who's still trying to grow.

>>114899008I like that the artstyle, design and setting so much(looks mesoamerican?) I worry the story will probably suck. I mean perfect comic cannot exist, right?

>>114899147You're this mad because I made fun of your webcomic?

>>114898565>>114899097He's got EXTRA LORE stuff on his website. I like visiting it more than tapas sense he remade it. capeworldcomics.com/


>>114896985Idk but sweet home is neat

>>114897655>As to whether Korean webtoons should be allowed on Holla Forumshmm hard to say. Mods at /a/ did say manhwa can be allowed on /a/. But some/a/nons really hate manhwa so that it was impossible to have proper manhwa thread. So I get the reasoning on why someone would want to make the thread for Korean stuff on Holla Forums, but technically they should be /a/.

>>114899358Sweet home should have been adopted to an anime, not the tower of gook.

>>114899304>>114899347Because you guys may as well be bot accounts. You post the same exact things all day long in every thread with no respect for anything in the threads. What is wrong with you faggots? 4chan has never been a beacon of quality, exactly, but this is the lowest effort retardation I have seen in so many years, and yet it somehow never tires you.

>>114898152hyw is for posting your own webcomic. He's suggesting a webcomic general.

I am enjoying this one, which is a comic about the author who hates anime making a manga about how much he hates anime m.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-magic-of-community-service/list?title_no=401528&webtoon-platform-redirect=true

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>>114896985There are very few webcomics worth reading, a lot start interesting but go nowhere like EGS or Spinnerella. Too fucking many just get abandoned. And even if they are good they take for fucking ever to update and move at a snails pace.

Anyone here reads edgelord highschool capeshit?

>>114899385When did the mods make that statement? For years anything not Japan was considered "Western" by 4chan standards and Korean threads were relegated to here with examples like Leafy and these comics.

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>>114899548Let's not pretend the mods were ever consistent with unwritten rules.

>>114896998DESU I got way better feedback when I did a thread for my comic a year ago than all the months posting updates in hyw. I've storytimes my work twice after and it always yields great feedback I save.

>>114896985>Why do you suppose webcomics aren't popular on Holla Forums?Many webcomics that I read aren't allowed to be posted nor discussed on Holla Forums because of arbitrary reasons.

>>114899548If you have Webtoon in the subject line or like the OP on /a/ it gets deleted and you get a ban. Its pretty annoying and if you come here its kinda 50/50 of just getting shitposts and or deletion

>>114899437>Post the exact same thing all day long in every threadWait. Wait. There's more than just me trolling suck six billion dick fags? That should tell you something genius. Your waifu looks like a tranny, your webcomic's lore sucks, you have shit taste, you're going to hell, deal with it.

>>114899521Unordinary is one of the most popular webtoons

>>114899621Like what?>>114899579What's your comic?

>>114899578Fair enough, but we can point to general treads in what's enforced. I should say that probably starting around four or five years ago they started being deleted on both boards, likely because different mods and janitors having different opinions.

>>114899521Would Power of Stardust count?>>114899659Give me a link.

>>114899641I don't even know what webcomic you're talking about.But speaking of trannies I'd take the daily Questionable Content thread over you dumb retards. QC isn't good but at least Jeph is making a sincere effort at career artistry and there's a fair amount that can be said of what he's trying and failing to do.We can say nothing of you idiots save that you are more pathetic than Jeph ever will be, and you are less interesting than Questionable Content.You are the dregs, user. The insufferable, valueless dregs.

>>114899660Its Tom N Artiem.tapas.io/series/TOM-N-ARTIESam N Max-inspired comic about two mercs going from job to job.

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>>114899660Of the non-pornographic ones, Out of Placers is the one that gets deleted on sight here because "furry".Meanwhile, something like Bittersweet Candy Bowl gets to have threads for days despite being 2,000% more "furry".

>>114899659I like how John went full emo retarded and basically killed Seraphina's route, while the Royals genuinely are trying to fix the school (which is also full of retards).

>>114899728>m.tapas.io/series/TOM-N-ARTIEThat you only have 111 subscribers makes me sad. You deserve more.>>114899731I always thought it was strange BCB had such a huge fanbase let alone a bizarre 4chan pass.

>>114899731I believe the mods have their own space where they decide this stuff, and I don't think it's the type of place where they question things that have already been decided. Which means if they started banning Bittersweet Candy Bowl it'd just be gone forever.Problem is you'd have to understand what rubs someone on the mod team the wrong way and who fuckin' knows.

>>114899833I blame HSG for many of the unofficial "rules" that are enforced on Holla Forums.

Awww lit, a webtoon thread!Check out my webtoon!webtoons.com/en/challenge/combat-ready-robo-academia/list?title_no=254753

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>>114896985Read BaDoom!webtoons.com/en/challenge/badoom/list?title_no=302822https://tapas.io/series/BaDoom

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>>114899803>deserve more Comic is only on Issue 3 still in it's infancy. Maybe more will come along but I'm not holding my breath. Me and my team gonna keep trucking along regardless.

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>>114899548I remember mod making that statement and screencap of that post pops up time to time when someone posts manhwa on /a/.

>>114900388>No updates in almost a yearGonna pass on that one, sorry bro

>>114901068Keep strong man.>>114901094That's no reason to drop a book.

Frankly, with the appearance of sites like Webtoons & Tapas, webcomics are more popular than ever. But thing is that there are so many, that many stay obscure, and as >>114899127>>114899208Say, regardless of popularity or quality, some comics will be popular, while obscuring the rest.But again, when there are ao many options, its hard to choose. Besides, in the case of Webtoons...regardless of if its manwha or just korean comics, most korean stuff is crap or mediocre. Most of the good or even just ok stuff I found there is mostly western stuff: Lalin Curse, Seed, Lone, Fox Fire, Hooky, Four Leaf, The Witch & the Bull, Darbi, The Dummys Dummy, Utso, Eise feom Ashes, etc, etc.....But Korean?.... 12th year old magician Girl was nice, Friday: Forbidden Tales & Shriek were good terror stuff, Magician was really good, but then ended in the shittiest way possible, Escape Room looks promising....and thats it.Even when they are total shit, somehow retards read the blandest & generic korwan manga style avaliable, that or pozzed romance shit if its wester; Meanwhile, the good or at least not shit stuff gets buried. People have really bad taste.

>>114896985Besides K6BD, the only webcomic artist I keep up with is Dan Kim, and Holla Forums doesn't give a shit about him.

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>>114900487How do they eat?

>>114901104Good reason not to start one, also its not any good anyway from the couple pages a read

>>114899706Bro your living in the age of the internet Just Google it or bing it This is not some deepweb shit where they have to give you a link or invitation

>>114901094I update on patreon.Once a story arc is completed I drop them all on webtoon.I’m sorry that you don’t like it tho.

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In alphabetical order I'd recommendAlfie (nsfw) - buttsmithy.com/Atomic Robo - atomic-robo.com/Ava's Demon - avasdemon.com/Beatriz Overseer - beatrizoverseer.tumblr.com/Cassiopeia Quinn - cassiopeiaquinn.com/Girl Genius - girlgeniusonline.com/comic.phpGunnerkrigg Court - gunnerkrigg.com/Kill Six Billion Demons - killsixbilliondemons.com/Lackadaisy - lackadaisycats.com/comic.phpLvl Up Explorers - lvlupxp.com/comic/chapter-1/lvl-up-pg001/Modest Medusa - modestmedusa.com/Monster Lands - monster-lands.com/Paranatural - paranatural.net/Prequel - prequeladventure.com/Room of Swords - webtoons.com/en/sf/room-of-swords/list?title_no=1261&page=1Spinnerette - spinnyverse.com/Unsounded - unsoundedupdates.tumblr.com/

>>114901234explained in #13 #14.... kindalearn the lore!! noob!!

>>114901474>Beatriz Overseer Wait that's still updating? >>114901482I've seen you advertise and seen your posting style. You know your sarcastic sense makes you come off as kind of a dick right?

>>114901519>Wait that's still updating?Hah! No.

>>114901572Damn, Chochi is so hard for me to care about these days. He's a good artist but his inability to complete anything just drives me off.

>>114901519>You know your sarcastic sense makes you come off as kind of a dick right?Sorry user! my intention was not to humiliate you!I will be more professional in the future!

>>114901474>Ava's Demon>KSBD>Prequel>Spinnerette>UnsoundedDisgusting. Kill yourself user.

>>114900487Hey man, I read this through the other day and it was pretty good.

>>114901474>UnsoundedIsn't this one written by a pedophile?

>>114896985Because Holla Forums has this weird mentality against "shilling", so any attempts to discuss webcomics are chased off the board. Even if peopled wanted to talk about a webcomic, if they're immediately bombarded with "gfto shill" the topic dies.

>>114902102Well I think it's a product of the global rule of no advertising on 4chin.It's a good rule to prevent companies from advertising their shit under the guise of anonymous.However webcomic artists don't make any money, unless you've got subs and viewers in the millions.so shilling lesser known, and artist who deserve a spotlight shouldn't be frowned upon.

>>114902102>>114902301>user tries to stick it to the man and ensures that only corporate products get talked about>>114902082Explain.

>>114902549doesn't Steven Universe deserve a signal boost?Holla Forums even promotes lesser known comics like Questionable Content, Stonetoss, and whatever the fuck Dobson is working on.

>>114902588None of those things deserve a "signal boost"

>>114899008Looks good. I will give it a try.

>>114896985A lot of webcomics in the west are from, honestly, "idea guys" that can draw. Once you've gotten past the summation that looks good on social media there's not a lot else there.

>>114896985I hate how every webcomic reviewer/channel is autistic as hell, if there was one that didn't shit the bed it'd be easier to catch up with whats good and whats shit

>>114903707>"idea guys" that can draw.I thought the whole meme of the "ideas guy" was that they have no talent outside of having teh gud ideas..

>>114904345I was using that expression to try and summarize the issue with a lot of webcomics, in that they're all based on "the idea" but they're not really going anywhere. Which is probably why they eventually just fall from grace, because people realize that nothing is really going to happen other than an improvement of the art of "the idea."

>>114904413Then other times you get creators who fell into the lore trap where they made so much shit but have no idea how to get to it. It usually leads to alot of boring exposition cause they don't know how to organically introduce some of the concepts or don't want to drop them even if they don't work anymore.

>>114904470The DEEP LORE shit has also infested a lot of cartoons as well. That's not a story, it's a visual wiki.

>>114904494The DEEP LORE stuff is because theories are the new shit that help sell ideas. How many times do you see people fall in love with the concept rather than the execution?

>>114904470>>114904494It's kind of tragic, because DEEPEST LORE is what make people go crazy for a show, but ONLY after they're already invested for the normal plot. Lore is like sprinkles on a cupcake, makes it nice and pretty and festive but you can't just hand somebody a handful of sprinkles first thing. You've got to have compelling characters and an interesting plot first.

>having to infinitely scroll just to see a character do a basic action I can't fucking stand this format, koreans have garbage taste

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>>114904517Yeah, it's like they're made so that MatPat (and people like him) will make [blank] Theory videos about it. All people really want is a good story that says something about the human condition.

>>114904494There's nothing wrong with SPECULAH if it's done right. Sound of the Sky, PMMM, Gravity Falls and RubyQuest were all great examples of it (albiet with varying degrees of payoff). It's only a problem when it turns into exposition, like when bad writers derail episode plots with loredumps.Basically good when good, bad when bad.

>>114904517>How many times do you see people fall in love with the concept rather than the execution?isn't that the reason behind fanfiction?

>>114904413>>114904470>>114904537But that's not a problem exclusive to webcomics.more curious about which webcomics in particular have a great premise but fall short with the execution?

>>114904517>>114903707I agree. I can personally say I’ve fallen into both of these traps.How would you recommend a author work pass those issues?

>>114904622Korea sucks at every thing, Garbage Music, Garbage Language, Garbage Television, Garbage People, Garbage everything.

>>114904626I think this is why more webcomics should go chapter by chapter rather than "updates every Thursday" or whatever. Let people get over the initial hype and leave them stew a little bit.Oh, and have a planned story that doesn't drag on for thousands of pages over a decade. Even Watchmen is --what?-- 300 pages?I remember Ray Bradbury saying that one people with people getting straight in to "big stories" rather than lots of smaller stories is that they get in to the habit of not having finished something.

>>114904651I don't think I've fallen into that trap just yet but the comics I've done I usually am more focused on the story presented. I only really fall into the 'past talk' if it's something that contributes to the tale being told. It could just vary on what you're working on cause all the stuff I do hasn't been lore intensive. What are you doing?>>114904643If you find some I'd want to know about them too. I have such a hard time starting webcomics lately cause I feel like I'm jumping into a story that won't get completed or I'll get invested then find out it hasn't been updated for three years. Trying to get over that.

>>114904622I agree. as a webcomicker, pacing and how you convey time passing is important. a lot of webtoons just "read weird "when they use the "webtoons approved format">>114904684t.Japanese person

I've been reading "The Sea in You" and it's turned into a real guilty pleasure for me. The story is kind of like a generic teen drama but also a mermaid gets cucked to death. I didn't really like it at first but I couldn't stop reading, and now I'm getting cucked to death because the creator got sick and hasn't updated in a month.

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>>114904709I mean this is easy to say and it might be better for the comic itself, but it's not realistic as you won't get any attention from the webcomic platforms.you need substantial updates....often, so that your comic can get pushed to the top of the shitpile for a brief moment.>story that doesn't drag on for thousands of pages It's scary and risky to end a comic potentially losing an entire fanbase. probably the artist wants to do other things, another story, another comic, but that's a risk...you know how autistic nerds can be.

All these problems about webcomics sounds like you're talking about LNs

>>114904990This is why you make "the product" the stories you tell rather than just a single story that could have anyone attached. Make yourself the brand, not the comic.

>>114904711I posted it earlier on this thread.If you drop a link I’ll check your comic out too and subscribe.

>>114905084I'm right here >>114899728>>114904990That depends on the fanbase you've acquired but you're still right here. People will threaten you for ending your story or killing off certain characters. That can wane on people if you get an annoying fanbase.

>>114905053> Make yourself the brandgenius Kojumbo....I dunno man....Is there a successful example of indie webcomics artist cultivating a cult of personality?

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>>114897716Prague Race starts with a cat apparently fallen/pushed from a bridge.Wapsi Square has girl demons but I stopped following years ago.Otherwise, Gunnerkrigg Court has girls and a possessed robot pushed the MC off a high bridge.More clues needed, like format, style, update frequency?

>>114905177I don't mean it like that. Think more like Evan Dahm, in the world of webcomics. Make it so people give you money because they know you will give them a good product. >>114905135It's about the kind of following you get at the start. If you court twitter spergs and waifu/hasbando fags at the start you'll be constricted by them. If you make it clear that your comics have a planned story, it will be X chapters long, etc. then those kinds of people will not be worth paying any mind to in the first place.

>>114896985Power of Stardust is criminally underrated and better than most capeshit on the market.

>>114905135Nice, I subscribed.>>114900388 me, unfortunately lol

>>114905273Otto pls....

>>114905316Not Otto. I'm just right.

>>114905316>Thinking Otto would ever use the word capeshitThe man loves superheroes too much to ever do that.

There seems to be some contention in this thread on whether webtoons should be considered webcomics. What do you think, Holla Forums? I mean, are they not comics on the web?

>>114905251Finding a following is always the hardest part so you usually take who you can get. I know for some creators it can be kind of an ego blow when you find out fans aren't reading for your story but because they wanna fuck one character. A friend of mine had to shake that from his comic by featuring a character less when he found that out (mostly cause he wasn't getting any useful feedback).>>114905310Thanks user, subbed to yours on webtoons as well.

>>114897257>Also they're more manga than a comic.I think that only applies to not japan eastern webcomics, user.For example: China, Taiwan, Korea.

Attached: Chapter 371.jpg (720x1018, 370.64K)

>>114905598It's probably why you'll have to have networking away from the major channels. Form a "alternate culture" for lack of a better word. I think if you formed something like a web-ring or artistic community (of writers, and artists, and musicians) which is focussed on providing a solid product, and because you're all connected one getting a major buzz will cause a ripple effect outwards because you've all built up the infrastructure. I'm not saying they need to be an organisation or anything, just all make linking to each other part of your site, the way it used to be.

>>114905752A lot of newer webcomic artists don't want to band together for some reason. They think they can do everything on their own. Really similar webcomics should seek each other out and advertise on each other's sites. They'd be able to all lift each other up together that way.

>>114899404Would rather have bastard desu

>>114905798It could depend where you're looking. When I first started my webcomic I originally wanted it to be an indie book so made more indie contacts. When I decided I wanted to go webcomic instead then alot of those contacts stopped talking to me cause my work wasn't 'real' anymore. Ironically I got more help and worthwhile friends from webcomics than indie.

>>114905842Where do you even go for webcomic networking?

>>114905885I bounced around between different groups on FB and discord. Finding them isn't way too hard but ones you wanna stick in could be a challenge. It's just taking the chance to talk to people and see where it goes.

Even though they're probably the most basic you can get. I enjoy elf and warrior and boyfriend of the dead. I also like reading through scoob and shag when I get the urge to

Does anyone else read Feast for a King? It's easily one of my absolute favorite webcomics.

Attached: FFAKcomic3755.png (625x875, 689.88K)

>>114896985>Webcomics Thread>AKA Spot The Dobson, The GameI like Kill Six Demons, Stand Still Stay Silent, and other fantasy/sci-fi themed ones,by the way

Might as well post my comic.Feel free to shit on it. I can take it.Thanks to this thread I now am convinced I should make me a site and storytime here -somehow-tapas.io/episode/1741946last chapter only -webtoons contest-webtoons.com/en/challenge/fortunata-b/list?title_no=430968>>114904622I embraced it because I wanted a fresh start and because newer generations consume media mostly through their phones. It's not easy to storytime properly in here tho>>114905177>>114905053Mmmh, i like it the other way around. I rather keep a low profile while the product gets the success>Make yourself the brand, not the comic.La creatividad...

Attached: A wild Ellie appears.gif (397x531, 26.59K)

I enjoy Grrlpower even if the name throws people off it's mostly TnA with military superheroes.

>>114906205>I rather keep a low profile while the product gets the successOkay, so what happens when the comic finishes? Just create a new online persona and start from scratch again?

>>114905798That's just the case for some young authors. I am in contact with some other webcomics authors and we love to hang out online. Streaming, chat, twitter, mutual fanart and general shenanigans.

>>114905798yeah, this new generation needs to learn how to make connections on their own. you can't do everything alone, and it helps to have acquittances who you can exchange advice with. my guess why they're not willing to make connections is thanks to the fear of getting "exposed" or backstabbed.

>>114906284Not the OP, but Tapas shows the author's other webcomics on the side (plus you can just click the author's name to view their profile & comics). Webtoons doesn't have this feature, but you can search the author's name it'll show all their comics on the site.Also, are webcomic authors known for having a big persona? Whenever I finish a webcomic, I just look at the author's profile to see their other works. If I ever check their Twitter or anything, it's just to see their artwork.

>>114906205I haven't read many first person comics before, but this did it pretty well. Fortuna;s (I think?) hand clenching at the wall is spooky.

>>114906172>fantasy/scifiHave you looked at Power of Stardust? I think its got a good blend of fantasy and scifi.

>>114901519>Wait that's still updating?Ehhhhh.... no. Chochi is sidetracked by another webcomic that's more profitable. But he recently moved Beatrix to webtoons, which hopefully means he's interested in picking it up again. We can dream.

>>114896985koreashit goes to /a/

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good webcomic. I used to read Gunnerkrigg Court but lost interest. I really enjoyed The Meek until the creator abandoned it for several years. I know she picked it back up again a few years ago, so I should catch up on it again at some point.So far the only webcomic I’m reading on webtoons is Lore Olympus. I’ve seen nonstop ads about it and other comic artists I follow had been praising it so I finally gave if a shot.This is the first webcomic I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I’m a sucker for mythology-inspired fiction. The art is nice, the characters are well-written and multi-dimensional, and the story flows well. And for a story based in Greek Mythology, it breaks down the difference between toxic and healthy relationships. Also Hades is adorable.My only gripes with the comic are the constant typos and timeline plotholes, but I find myself reading this comic every week.

Attached: 06BEC9EE-6E3D-42A8-AB33-77DE84CAA345.jpg (1200x613, 156.17K)

>>114897045print comics are not easy to find in the USA, and have a negative stigma. people enjoy the cartoons and movies based on them, but the comics themselves not as muchon the other hand, everybody carries around a phone, so webtoon is a good idea. i think most of the people into it were already weebs anyway tho


Attached: abulletin.png (511x182, 14.63K)

>>114907137The artist of this comic draws some attractive women

Attached: 22C2D70E-DD71-47B1-AAEA-EA164C2E50BF.jpg (720x1123, 114.15K)

>>114906284I can't speak for the rest, but in my case that's not a concern. Mainly for two reasons: I create because I have to, not because I'm expecting something in return. And secondly, at my current pace i can easily expend years and years with this comic. It's -mostly- self contained so, even if it's ultimately dropped, you won't feel cheated in the midst of an unfinished epic saga or something....actually, I might take the deeplore pill one day, who knows?>>114906631It's just that part, bro. It's the best way I found to show what she sees without actually showing her. That pov IS very limiting, specially on a vertical format, that might be why it's rare.Glad you checked it, this chapter is going to be finished by the end of june.>>114907113We are mostly contained in hyw

Attached: Eeriellie.gif (500x373, 1.65M)

>>114907359Everything is all some kind of angular jank. It's like Picasso decided to slum the internet and is testing the waters to see if people will be fine with him posting porn.

>>114907137There’s a reason why this is the #1 comic on webtoons. It’s a good comic for what it is. Just with everything else that is popular, avoid the fanbase like the plague.It’s ironic that this comic deals with toxic relationships when its fanbase is toxic.

>>114907113>koreashit goes to /a/True, but not everything on Webtoon is korean. Hell, the Room of Swords creators live in Seattle, which is (despite what you may have heard) part of the United States. Besides, thread's not just about webtoon, it's about webcomics.

>>114907491Social media is a plague on the internet.

>>114907451The artist tends to change up the quality for certain panels. I guess she thinks more like a storyboard artist in that sense. Some panels are meant to be looked at longer than others for story beats..? When she actually puts the effort in her work though, it’s a nice result.It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though and that’s cool. I personally like the aesthetic

Attached: 8F5568C3-2031-4B15-8569-71A10C05500D.jpg (1500x2112, 496.46K)

>>114907656Eh I’d rather look at this cute pseudo vector/airbrush style art than calarts/sjw tumblr shit

Attached: 7B01C10F-E35A-4F05-8081-5BBF7C0AC9F1.jpg (1242x1692, 110.61K)

>>114907727>This is Calart/tumblr styleLet's be honest with ourselves. That style is many many things, but "unique" is right at the top of the list.

>>114907656What you're seeing is a minimalist design and the artist putting more detail on the ass or tits, which draws the eye to those things.

>>114898091>>114897209I've always been too anxious to storytime my comic here. It's rarely been mentioned but the one time it did have a thread the reception wasn't warm

>>114907137>Greek Mythos, but in modern setting, or at least looks, instead of what it should be.No, I will pass. Also, it looks gay as shit.

Attached: lina_disgusted.png (1920x1080, 2.02M)

>>114907943You got nothing to lose by doing it. Long as you're open to feedback and don't act like a dick about it you'll be fine. If the thread starts tanking in replies then just let it die and think about what the hell happened. It's always a gamble but Holla Forums is sadly one of the better places to get multiple eyes on your work.

>see webtoon recommended/shilled to me>comic is just a poor emulation of a particular manga

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>>114908167Room of Swords is the only good webtoon I've found.

>>114908158It's also extremely long. It's over 400 pages at this point. Been updating twice a week for almost 5 years with some breaks.

>>114908304You could have multiple threads, there's been some webcomics that had their whole run posted. If not then possibly the first two chapters in order to see reader reaction? >>114907531I started being active more on twitter lately (mostly via liking and retweeting more people's stuff than just my own). Now I'm noticing the site is putting alot more posts that are talking about LGBT stuff or race issues at the top of my wall everytime I look. I feel sometimes feel the site is trying to bait me to talk about it cause some of the posts usually are less than popular opinions on the stuff.

>>114905798I don't want to be stabbed in the back so I avoid cooperation with other creators, I never get others involved with creative projects.>They think they can do everything on their own.It's doable but it takes a lot of time to get things done.

chickenuggetstudios2.weebly.com/chapter-1---my-backstory.htmlDog Nigga is pure

Attached: p238.png (674x902, 374.57K)

>>114908684Wasn't the artwork of Dog Nigga more detailed before? I swore it used to look like something almost right out of a manga.

>>114908552How on earth could another webcomic creator possibly stab you in the back.

>>114908706It's like One Punch Man. Original webcomic version that was then remade with a manga artist.

I have 24 pages of a webcomic I'm working on already finished. I want to start a website, but I don't know how to make one with an archive people can click through, the standard little arrows, etc. The normal webcomic thread didn't help me at all.

Attached: albino-chinese-teenage-girl.jpg (1400x983, 182.87K)

>author wants to write a female empowering story>the story is about a girl constantly sucking up to her male superiorsOne of the reasons why webtoons isnt popular is because they're truly embarassing.

Attached: 164ad91f-b743-4b64-9a36-4b545acb4362.jpg (300x300, 48.79K)

>>114908684is this a joke

>>114908765>career advancement means being a kiss-assI don't see what's so controversial about that.

>>114908765This is what women want.

>>114908752email the whomp guy, he's friendly

>>114908417Alright. It's gonna take a lot of courage on my part. But maybe I'll do it in the next month or two.

>>114896985I make a webcomic. I spend a lot of time on it though not many read it. It's a fantasy comedy inspired by Obelix, about a bard in ancient Ireland who gets sent to a village that never heard music before.It's called Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury. I have about 220 pages so far and you can read them all herewebtoons.com/en/challenge/oi-tales-of-bardic-fury/list?title_no=303092>https://tapas.io/series/Oi

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>>114908728Well, if you cooperate or something and money gets involved the other person might claim the rights over the complete work you both contributed to for example.

Urusei Yatsura clone

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>>114908817*inspired by Asterix and ObelixThe latest chapter is about hurling. The art is in blue because the celts and picts painted themselves up with woad so I thought it would match the comic to do the book woad colored.

Attached: 11.jpg (800x1275, 1.19M)

>>114908765>going through the contest entries on webtoon>Wonderworker>the main character is a magician detective i guess>the comic opens and she immediately solves the mystery>there was no buildup to this at all, it's like the opening with the conclusion of a story>good job wonderworker! you're so smart! clapclapclap>we never loop back to the beginning>it ends vaguely as a tease for a future adventure>the comments just go on about how good the art looks, and the intrigue of the world>nobody calls out how the actual plot was shit

>>114908825You don't have to collaborate on a project to cooperate. Cooperating with another webcomic artist can be as simple as having a pact to have links to each other's comics on your site, or reblogging each others' pages whenever you make a new one.

>>114908848Franken Fran clone

Attached: thumbnail.jpg (436x436, 111.67K)

>>114908932Harry Potter and the Anime Super Powers

Attached: ENjV2QsXkAY0Icy.jpg (800x1174, 206.21K)

>>114909045Soul Eater x Black Clover?

>>114908167Just like half of the webcomics, almost everything has already been done before.

i dont think ive ever seen another webtoon that had animations and sound effects

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>>114907137>tfw this comic got a TV deal with the Jim Henson companyYou cannot imagine my hype

Attached: 1307266128710.jpg (616x499, 32.69K)

>>114899919Even the current standing NO HOMESTUCK rule is legit one of the most autistic janny 'tisms on Holla Forums, when the comic still regularly gets updates that generate on topic discussion. And there are webcomics that aren't Homestuck that get deleted because of some vague passing resemblance *to* Homestuck, and all this while literally any driveby faggot can post a twitter screencap thread and get off scott free. Valuable discussion my fucking asshole

>>114901474>Paranaturalfunny joke user, real comedy guru here

Attached: ganon.png (440x537, 18.98K)

>>114899919i feel like over half of the janny actions on Holla Forums are unwritten rules

>>114909045I legitimately don't see how you can read Unordinary as Harry Potter at all beyond "lol school". It's really more accurate to call it My Hero Academia meets Heathers.

>>114899579Huh, did you get a good reaction from that? I post my comic in hywc too, I always figured if I made my own thread for it I'd be called out for shilling my own work.

>>114909698Same here. But my stuff almost never comes up naturally.

>>114909466yeah, I've seen pics get pulled for no reason, but borderline lewds gets an ok?

>>114909698Yeah I got a pretty good reaction from people that really helped me on writing second and third issue. An user gave a paragraph's worth of feedback that I saved and kept referring back to. At the time I had been taking my comic to different places irl (cons, meet-ups and some online groups) but Holla Forums was the place that told me the feedback I wanted to hear. People would say the art was good and overall it was a fine production but having someone tear into it was what really helped me. Start your own thread user. Just use HYW for posting updates but you'll get better eyes and feedback on your own thread, it's worth it.

>>114905534>whether webtoons should be considered webcomicsThey are a restricted form of digital comic, not really what most would understand as a webcomic. A webcomic can be in almost any form the creator wishes. However, I did like The Great Catsby when it was storytimed here and would welcome similar. But I notice the webtoons platform is quite off putting, reader-hostile I'd say. For example it first asks for my date of birth, never had that with any webcomic. So, I tend to class them as form of walled product (like pay-, region-, subscribe-, etc) which goes against the old boundary-less web idea.

Attached: ukyoqzkjg1x41[1].jpg (1049x681, 77.93K)

>>114909513>I legitimately don't see how you can read Unordinary as Harry Potter at all beyond "lol school".It was the "lol school" + "kids fighting evil organization" that made me think of HP.

>>114909759Yeah honestly the only reason I still go to Holla Forums is because of the brutal honesty. Like, even if 4/5 people who post here are complete assholes they're at least unfiltered assholes. You still need to sort the legit criticism from the general negativity, but it's that sort of critique you need if you ever want to improve. But yeah, I might try and storytime my comic sometime. I just finished up page 40 today, and I got another 24 or so until the end of the first chapter. Maybe when I finish that I'll start a thread for it.

>>114896985Hey can you guys help me find this web toon I read but forgot the name.I think it was a webtoon at least in a similar format.It was about like vampires or cannibals who eat people's bodies and there was this girl who wanted to eat this guy's body because he was special or something and the guy looked like a Buff Deku from MHA.


>>114910008Go for it user, with the Big Two not producing as much this is the perfect time to do those threads. I'm planning to do a storytime of mine again after third issue is finished.

Attached: TNA 3 Letters Cover-01.png (940x1428, 1.82M)

>>114910512Out of curiosity, have you ever made physical prints of your work? I was thinking about making my first chapter into a book once it's finished. Cons seem like the perfect place to showcase your stuff and build up a following. At the moment I don't really have anything to justify renting a booth, so I figured actually publishing a book would make sense. That or make some prints or t-shirts to sell. I've never really done a convention before, so I'm not sure what to bring to the table.

>>114910512looks like fun

>>114910630They aren't. Original content doesn't sell at conventions at all. I say this from years or experience. People go to cons to buy fanart of stuff they already like.

>>114910630I made physicals for conventions twice before and made an okay number of sales. I stuck to the webcomic route cause it operates well with my schedule and I enjoy putting out content for people. It depends on the con that will give you a good experience or not. My first con was at C2E2 2018, me and my artist did great in sales there despite our comic not being totally complete at the time (we made a special edition for the con). The second con we did was at SVCC 2019 and it was a pretty crap experience (though no one in the artist alley had a good time at that con).

>>114907359She's also done porn of these characters, but I think they're in Patreon or something.

>>114910630Depends on the con. I've never made great sales but that's mostly because I'm bad at sales and my comic tends to be most appealing to quiet and shy people. But the cons where there's a bigger push for independent content are where I usually do my best. Even got the opportunity to add a copy of my comic to the Library of Congress. That was neat.

>>114899579In that case, I’ll shill myself. It’s not on Webtoon yet because im still working on my buffer, but this thread will be gone by then

Attached: 859D50BE-1002-44F5-859F-30BD3497680A.png (2048x2048, 1.16M)

>>114899721I hate these guys as much as anyone else but god damn are you such a pretentious, bait-taking, eager to anger douchebag that it's making me reconsider whether or not the wojak spammers really are right if they drive people like you off the site

>>114910881>>114910997Yeah I'm honestly not expecting to make bank from showcasing my stuff at conventions. Mostly I just see it as a way to promote my stuff, meet and network with some other artists, and try and increase my reader numbers. Out of curiosity, where do you go to make physical copies? Is there an online service that you use to print your books?Also yaknow what? Might as well plug my shit while I'm talking about it so much. Read it if you think you'd like a fun fantasy story about a gaggle of girls butting heads while trying to become knights.tapas.io/series/Squires-for-Hire

Attached: Page 38.jpg (940x1533, 530.21K)

>>114912234I use comixwellspring for Tom N Artie, they give good quality.

>>114912356Oh snap. They do banners and tablecloths too? I was wondering about that as well. Thanks for the rec my dude. These guys look pretty damn professional.

>>114912234We made ours through comixwellspring and IngramSpark. Comixwellspring will treat you right. IngramSpark is a bit more hands on but if you're making a larger book they stack up to be pretty cheap. Throwing in a plug for my comic. It's a story about a teen who inherits an alien hammer and makes a series of increasingly poor decisions. starhammercomic.com/

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>>114899385The problem is that manhwa doesn't fit on either board. Holla Forums is for western stuff and /a/ is explicitly for Japanese stuff. We need some kind of catchall 'foreign media' board or something for stuff that doesn't fit on any specific board.

Attached: angery.jpg (444x350, 66K)

>>114913052whats wrong with her face

>>114910630I have. I used to make good money selling my self published comics at cons before they all closed down. Some cons are much better than others for selling indie books of course.

>>114913497Nothing, don't be rude.

Attached: Ci88g_DVEAEc0eH.jpg large.jpg (751x599, 63.13K)

>>114913547I can only speak for myself, but when I go to cons I keep an eye open for interesting things I haven't seen anywhere else. Nobody fucking goes to cons looking for the latest issue of X-Men, maybe you go for some merch, but if you're looking for actual comics at all its either rare backissues or strange things not normally seen in stores. Once bought a bunch of comics in gaelic... can't read a word of the damn things, but holy shit, someone made comics written in gaelic, I needed to buy those oddities.

>>114909045It's My Hero Academia meets Sky High.

I follow a good handful actually.>Girl Genius>Gunnerkrigg>Ennui Go!>Please Forgive Me!!!>Lore Olympus>Punderworld(more traditional take on Hades and Persephone by Linda Sejic)And /hyw/ stuff->Devil's Moon>Tad Danger, Substitute Ranger>The Power of Stardust>Squires for Hire>LaserwingAnd probably a few others I'm forgetting.

Attached: tumblr_nny8a5eRd41uv1mw2o1_r1_640.png.jpg (618x800, 265.07K)

>>114896985bastard is great

>>114896985ive never read nor do i plan on reading any but the youtube ads for these are so out of left field and hilarious that i could watch them all day

Attached: image.png (638x796, 459.05K)

>>114914041It was surreal when a few months ago I was on the subway in NYC and there were ads for webtoons on the screens they have at some stations.

>>114914068Eh, as much as I hate the Webtoon format, I'd rather have Koreans shilling their media than China shilling their ideology.

>>114914115did somebody say CHINESE CARTOONS!?youtube.com/watch?v=SdwD_meA8okhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmMxmIaboUAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBSFi4JP2m0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsx6_vobs0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izivK25Anvwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CsZcslE-PY

>>114909418Hey.Hey, user?Fuck you.

>>114899731>>114899833honestly i never understood why or how BCB even managed to get a pass like this on Holla Forums.On that same note of regular webcomic threads, i miss when latchkey kingdom had threads on Holla Forums.

>>114896985Just read this, its ok overallMeme worthy

Attached: Screenshot_20200512-003735_Instagram.jpg (540x1105, 338.62K)

>>114896998/hywc/ seems basically like a giant circlejerk of in jokes, cliques and at least a half-dozen layers of ironyposting like pretty much all generals. I'm working on something myself and I posted about it once in there but eh. I'd also feel weird about storytiming my own stuff once I actually have more than some character design sheets to show because shilling or at least making threads to shill your own shit is generally frowned on.>>114911391That said if we're doing this then I'm working on something with a friend doing the art because we've wanted to do something for a long time and finally hit on an idea that we both really like and feel confident about being able to do.Naturally it's manga influenced/Japan set both because I'm a dumb weeb (well the both of us are) but also because I'm just generally drawing a lot of influence from authors like Aiko Koyama, Mitsuru Adachi and Makoto Ojiro.The premise is a go with the flow, no real plans high school student having to start becoming responsible and thinking about his future when he's forced to take care of a younger half-sister he never knew he had. Very laid back, light on the drama. Just a basic theme of things not always being perfect and some times things can come along the suck but there's always better days around the corner.I want to invoke the same kind of feeling I go tthe first time I read this oneshot by Koyama.mangadex.org/chapter/266684/1

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