Does Japan usually like japanese-inspired cartoons like this made in the west?

does Japan usually like japanese-inspired cartoons like this made in the west?

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>>114896242no, although in this specific case its more because their thin skinned about the Fire Nation being a clear allegory to Imperial Japan and they basically still refuse to accept that their nation did anything at all wrong ever even during WW2

NoThe only cartoons that are popular in Japan are the ones that look cute but are crude with lots of violence like South Park and Happy Tree FriendsAnd also Disney movies

>>114896242Honestly surprised that Totally Spies never caught on

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>>114896394Disney movies aren't violent. Unless you mean deaths of villains... (Like Gaston's death)But you're right, just search on internet for some anime fanart of Eric Cartman (from South Park) or Flippy (from Happy Tree Friends) and you will find lots of them.

>>114896242What does Japan think about Teen Titans and Ben 10?

>>114896242Wasn't this more Chinese inspired?

>>114896242It's not a question of liking, but whether they get seen at all. Generally speaking cartoons of any sort don't get much exposure in Japan unless it's on Disney or CN's own pay channels (or recently, Netflix). Japanese stations do business differently. They don't buy anime programs. The programs buy time from the stations.Avatar for example was not broadcast in Japan during its original run, because Nickelodeon had shut down their operations in Japan.

>>114896242not sure but I know China was ecstatic about Kung Fu Panda do to it's impressive representation of Asian culture I don't see why Japan wouldn't be the same

I mean probably. Didnt Rwby get into Cross Tag Battle cause the creator really liked it?

>>114897772China is so self obsessed that if an independent film crew made a China centered movie on a budget of $10 the PRC would hail it as the greatest film in modern history

>>114897701the Earth Kingdom is China, the Fire Nation is Japan, the air nomads are Tibet, also I guess the Water Tribe are kinda Inuit but they are the most fantastic and unrealistic civilization to start with so they parallel less well with their real world counterpart

>>114897873How are they the most unrealistic?

Generally no. Not hate, just not interested at all. ATLAB only got 1 season dubbed and aired in japan. Think off all the mediocre pseudo-western fantasies that come out of Japan.

>>114896394Simpsons is pretty big in Japan. They like Lisa for being boring, overly formal, and studious.

>>114897928I mean I assume you don't want a rant about the nature of civilization, and how people feed themselves, so I won't go too far into it, but there is a reason real Inuit aren't technically a civilization and they tend to not have villages at all but live as nomadsEven water magic doesn't explain how they feed themselves, or why a culture that should be mostly about nomadic hunting on the ice or the seas built a giant urban ice fortress


>>114897961so self-inserts

>>114897772It’s not that Kung Fu Panda was particularly good but that PRC has been ATROCIOUS at movies in general, especially movies about Chinese cultureThey were embarrassed that a bunch of gwailo nailed taoism in a short & sweet nutshell. ATLAB wasn’t very relevant to Japanese culture besides being a themepark version of Asia. That aside, Japan produces mountains of cultural product each year.

>>114896242Did the Americans care about Beck? No. And the Japanese won't care about ATLA

>China or JapanI'm sure that it looks like Chinese-themed Japanese anime inspired

>>114898031Duh? You’d be amused if you knew how many boring western side characters are actually popular in Japan.On the flipside there’s many loud and bold characters in anime who have much more fans in the West which the Japanese find somewhat confusing.

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>>114897997>can litterally manipulate water and ice>doesn't use these powers to gather unlimited fish>doesn't build massive ice fortress city

>>114897961Don’t they also like King of the Hill for some reason?

>>114897997Yeah you're right. I didn't consider it to that degree.

>>114898173Yeah its like the Axumanga Daioh of America; a comedic slice of life seeped in a foreign culture thats inherently more fascinating to people outside of it

>>114898173Pretty much. The appeal lies in watching culturally recognizable archetypes experience life within a foreign context.

>>114898163>unlimited fishyeah I'm gonna stop you right there

>>114896306>Fire Nation being a clear allegory to Imperial JapanReally? I saw pretty striking parallels to America in the Fire nation, especially this may as well be talking about Iraq/Afghanistan here

>>114898253I mean this is really just talking about Imperialism in general, it can apply to a ton of shit historicallyits not like America invented invading places and saying that we were the good guys for doing it

>>114898297>its not like America invented invading places and saying that we were the good guys for doing itNo, but the the parallel I see is the tech advancement they have over everyone else, they are in fact the most advanced society of the 4 nations, capable of waging mechanized warfare

>>114896242The original TMNT cartoon was a smash hit in Japan, spawing tons of Japan-only spinoffs. It helped that it was broadcast on some of the most popular TV stations and in high viewership time slots. Avatar is liked by the people who managed to see it, which aren't a lot because of highly limited distribution and dub issues.In other words, whether they like it or not depends a lot on how easily accessible it is.

>>114898415>The original TMNT cartoon was a smash hit in JapanI can confirm this

>>114898391which is what Imperial Japan was at the turn of the century because they adopted western technology and their neighbors hadn't, but again this basically goes for all imperialismIn fact I struggle to think of any instance of imperialism where the colonizer didn't have a technological advantage

>>114898415TMNT was popular in Japan because the dub as amazing, shinobi, and the presentation of the turtles sentai style

>>114898460>In fact I struggle to think of any instance of imperialism where the colonizer didn't have a technological advantageOttoman Empire take over of Persia and Byzantine. You're just historically illiterate.

>>114896242They liked Castlevania

>>114898493The Turks were technologically superior to both (cannons and guns) although closer in equality to Persia

>>114896242ATLA wasn't very popular though Korra was, this is mostly because Japan can be seen as the badguys in ATLARWBY is popular there as is a few Netflix exclusives. So it really just kinda depends

>>114898436But the original comics still have no official Japanese translation, right? Are there any fan translations?

>>114898590>though Korra wasBut Korra has no Japanese dub. There was that Platinum game, but I remember it being mediocre and I also don't think it has a Japanese dub.

I don't care what the author says there is no way in hell this is a coincidence

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>>114898591I didn't even know it's based on comics. I think it was very popular as rental videos.

>>114898630what that a character with fire powers would have a burn?

>>114898637That would be pretty funny to go read the comics witch have a much much darker tone and style, after growing up only knowing the 80"s cartoon

>>114898666That specific Burn?

>>114898460True, the Romans had some good stuff

>>114898493Imagine being this wrong and condescending about your idiocy at the same time.

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>>114896394South Park flopped in Japan, but got an active fan community due to fansubs. But your average nip probably doesn't even know what it is.

Sometimes cartoons just don’t catch on in the same way. You can have westaboos or enthusiasts that watch the show on their own time via fan subs and the like, but not every show that’s officially translated to another language sticks to that country. Why watch horses when you already have a lot of domestic shows that fill the same role, or why watch Avatar when you have longer running shows airing right now? It would be like going out of your way to watch some Chinese CGI-fest action film clearly inspired by American ones.

>>114898460>In fact I struggle to think of any instance of imperialism where the colonizer didn't have a technological advantageThe Aztecs and the Incas were more advanced than the Spaniards (I don't remember if the Mayas were as well). They mostly fell due to diseases like Viruela.

>>114898630Missed opportunity for the dub to have him voiced by Dante Basco

>>114898958Why are Americans so weak to disease?

>>114898910South Park was too American. Almost everything flew over their heads.

>>114899000That would sound way to weird to me, even as someone who mostly just watches Subs.

>>114899026Same reason why Gintama never got an official translation despite being pretty popular.

>>114896242No. Probably has to do with how they don't like any other country portraying their culture.Kind of like how it's weird for Americans to see another region like Europe trying to portray American culture. It either comes off as artificial or satirical.

>>114899006Poor health in exchange for delicious food. Also, selective incest isn't much of a thing here, if people are sleeping with their relatives, you wouldn't know about it for the most part.

a lot of fools that dont live in japan saying what they like wow

>>114899175That's how it's been for years


>>114899006I know this is bait but Viruela existed in Europe for centuries while it was non-existent in the Americas. Ergo, the Europeans already had anti-bodies and the native Americans didn't.

>>114898253Clearly you're not really familiar with the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and the concept of "sharing your progress with the world"The Fire Nation is clearly Imperial Japan, not only in their aesthetic, but also naval focus, island nation, and extreme militarism

>>114896242This was inspired by Chinese history, not Japanese.

>>114896394Steven universe is popular in japan and so I RWBY

>>114897613People like the concept of Ben 10 but I’ve never met anyone who watches it. Idk if any series beside the 2005 one aired in Japan’s

>>114898630>>114898666>character with facial scar with daddy issues that needs to learn how to control his powers for good>reee, how is that even similar to Zuko??

>>114898163Sheesh.You can’t expose how trash avatar really is.

>>114898637Facts!Funimation can’t afford real actor tho

>>114899000Facts! Funimation can’t afford to hire a real actors tho

>>114898066Not that user, but for a second I thought you meant Beck the singer. The opening has me intrigued though.

>>114896306And the air nation was clearly meant to be America.

>>114898505I saw a bunch of jp and other asian fujos hating on it because of the Alucard sex scene. Pure Husbando autism is one hell of a drug

>>114896394Tom and Jerry is consistently ranked high in Japanese "Best Anime" polls since anime is just the broad term for all animation there.

>>114900429the funny thing is that male fans didn't give a fuck

>>114900452no language barrier

>>114898618Korra's a much prettier show than ATLA (though ATLA doesn't look bad by any means), so I imagine that'd help as well.

>>114898066I remember Beck being like a classic from my /a/ days, maybe I'll watch it now.

>>114898958>More advanced>Didn't have gunpowder, steel, or the wheelOk retardThey sure could map the stars, though. Shame that doesn't help you fight off technologically superior foes.

>>114899006Almost no animal husbandry meant they had very little resistance to zonotic diseases like Smallpox and flu.

>>114898493The Ottoman Empire was much more advanced and better organized than much of Europe well into the 14th century, and the inertia of this advancement carried them for centuries after.You are wrong and also stupid

>>114900325Tibet, actually

>>114899595>not only in their aestheticThe Fire Nation does not resemble Japan aesthetically, but Thailand and China. It's entire resemblance to Japan is being an island nation with a powerful navy and an imperialist agenda, which is a more broad generalization.

>>114898391That happened in Japan as well. Not to mention the AtLA world is designed to be East Asia + Inuit tribes.

>>114901022Which makes it even more silly that Japan is so defensive about the portrayal.

>>114897961Nips yet again confirm their utterly shit taste

>>114901043>Japan is so defensive about the portrayal.Stop this meme already. ATLA is practically unknown in Japan, any post about how Japan hates the Fire Nation is guaranteed to be made by a non-japanese person repeating a baseless rumor made by another non-japanese person that's circulated for years and emerged from ancient fan forums. If anything, they probably think the Fire Nation is Indian because the live action movie was the only Avatar related thing with any kind of advertisment there.

>>114896242Disney movies are pretty popular for what I have heard.

Dont the Starship troopers is a big hit on japan?theres at least 2 CGI Anime like adaptaions there.heck theres a extreme rare OVA/Anime made in the 90s based on the original book

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>>114898630>Has a possible evil sibling that shoots blue fire.Yeah, Hori is lying his ass off saying he never heard of Avatar.

>>114901022almost like this show was made by two legitimately racist white guys pretending to be woke warriors for the downtrodden helpless asian population of the world

>>114902425When did the evil sibling get introduced? If it's recently, then he's already heard of Avatar.

>>114898630other shows have been and will be ripping off avatar characters for years to come you had better get used to it

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>>114902506It's the character named Dabi who was introduced pretty early in the series. It's been long theorized he's one of Shoto's siblings because of his fire ability and connection to Endeavor.

>>114898253I always was bothered with this scene growing up. I get once he had his bending back Zuko had to dip, but he had him dead to rights during the whole spiel beforehand. I don't remember if Ozai had plans to burn the Earth Nation like Sozin did the Air Nation at this point, but he was still trying to take over the world through deadly force, I'd like to see a greater effort on Zuko's part at least.

>>114902575his fire power also isn't as strong as Endy or Shoto, so it's possible that Endy disowned him.

>>114898630Did Hori really say he's never seen Avatar? He's a big Westaboo and some of the MHA volume covers seem like homages to western comics, it seems like it'd be a given that he's been inspired.

>>114902566Wouldn't Clauda just be Ehaz taking from his own work?

>>114902815wasn't the character originally thought of by Bryke? even if she used to be a boy.

>>114902717I think it's hinted he either died (supposedly) or ran away after burning himself.

>>114900804Guns barely existed in Europe when they conquered the Americas, you idiot.

>>114902717If I remember right, Touya (the missing sibling) was stated to have an even stronger version of Hellfire, but with he had his mother's constitution. I always had taken that as Touya was mentally weak, but after it was revealed that the reason why Dabi was all fucked up was because his body can't handle his own quirk, the theory sort of changed if Dabi is Touya, he might have a body meant for an Ice quirk but he has a stronger version of Endeavor's quirk.

>>114902845>>114902883I probably missed the episodes where they mentioned's 100% Dabi.


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>>114902883Endeavor's Quirk always had the risk of the user overheating. That's why he got with an Ice user to provide a cooldown to his kids so his Quirk could exceed its limits. Toya/Dabi probably didn't inherit enough of his mother's Quirk to cooldown his fire and burned himself.

>>114896242On the topic of movies Japan has a big appreciation for The Mask, due to its cartoony tom and jerry-ness, and its translation that makes the mask more culturally funny. They also like other films like Tim burton Charlie and the chocolate factory due to famous seyuus.

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>>114902871When Spain conquered the Aztecs guns had been a thing in Europe for over a hundred years and they would have had personal firearms by then. The Spanish did go back to using gambeson's since it was easier to traverse the forrest with them and provided adequate protection from arrows.

>>114902566>top two being anything alikeJesus you're deluded.

>>114903064keep telling yourself that.

>>114903044Having seen clips from famous Japanese comedians and shows, they seem to have a greater appreciation for slapstick and physical comedy than the West. What decade did slapstick even go out of style over here?

>>114903117Spongebob filled that cartoony niche for a bit til cartoons realized they wanted to be serialized

>>114902766>Did Hori really say he's never seen Avatar? Yes, at the 2018 SDCC. A fan asked him directly whether Shoto was inspired by Zuko and he replied that he's never heard of Zuko or Avatar, so the resemblance is a coincidence.>He's a big WestabooAvatar does not have the sort of cultural presence that old and popular comic book heroes like those from Marvel or Hellboy, another favorite of Hori's, do, especially in Japan where Avatar is basically unheard of. It's not a stretch that he never saw it.

>>114903381he could have just seen a picture of zuko at some point, thought it was a cool place for a scar for a cartoon character, and that was it.

>>114903044btw in Japan there was a quite big online poll “What movie do you want to watch now?” because so many people stayed home due to COVID-19. “Sister Act” come out on top and aired on a nationwide tv network. Sister Act is so beloved in Japan. Nothing wrong with that but it feels so strange.

>>114903630that is really odd

>>114903630>Sister Act is so beloved in Japan.

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didn't the BNHA guy draw Evangeline from Wakfu?

>>114903630And here I was wondering why some of the Japanese artists I follow were tweeting about it.

>>114897961Wait, what? I thought the simpsons were unpopular in Japan.

>>114903044The Japanese are allergic to subtitles and pretty much only watch something if it's dubbed. That's why they don't have a fansubbing scene the way other countries do, despite how much media never gets released i Japan.Their movie dubbing situation is weird, too. The dubs are owned by the distributor that commissioned them, not the studio that owns the movie, so a film can have 3 or 4 different Japanese dubs with different casts (often times the same actors bu playing different characters). So depending on what channel or what home media version of a movie you're watching it on, you'll get a different cast.I think Star Wars has been dubbed 5 or 6 times in Japan.

>>114905462>Wait, what? I thought the simpsons were unpopular in Japan.They aren't popular now, but they used to be in the 90s. They dubbed the first 14 seasons; a show doesn't get dubbed for 14 years if no one is watching it. There was even a fan outcry when they used a different cast for the movie. A second dub was actually made for the DVD release using the TV cast to appease Japanese fans.

>>114905463I've read that dubbing situations in Japan can get weird but I didn't know why until now. TMNT was brought up earlier this thread, iirc the 80s cartoon has 3 or 4 different dubs.

>>114900452Wacky Races too. I think there's a couple Japan-exclusive Wacky Races video games, even.

>>114906668>TMNT was brought up earlier this thread, iirc the 80s cartoon has 3 or 4 different dubs.Yeah, TMNT got dubbed 3 times in Japan and for the same reason: the VHS, satellite network and broadcast network all commissioned their own dubs. The TV Tokyo version was the most popular and lasted the longest (101 episodes) until it got replaced with Neon Fucking Evangelion of all shows.

>>114906789also there was supposed to be a not!Wacky Races anime that got halted due to coronachan

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>>114906789>>114907070Redline is basically just Rated R Wacky Races. The Japanese love Wacky Races more than Mexicans love Top Cat.

>>114898637Is there a scan scene for foreign comics in Japan like there is for manga elsewhere?

>>114896242>America and Japan were bitter enemies in WWII>America today watches shows about Japanese high schoolers>Japan watches a show about a Texan father and his familyIt’s complicated.

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>>114907122nah m8Appare Ranmanthey were presenting the racers before getting into the big race itself

>>114903381Any sauce on the SDCC thing i wanna see it for myself


>>114908085Sound belivable to me here. People in general tend to just assume that thinks "everyone" has heard of in their neck of the woods is something everyone everywhere else have heard of as well. How many burgers would be surprised to hear that Wonder Woman was incredibly obscure outside the US before her movie?

>>114908527even most americans didn't care about wonder woman before her movie. boomers and nerds only

>>114899006The same reason the whole world is so weak to Corona virus, if a virus is new to you, you have no immunity to it, and the Americas got hit by basically every plague that had developed in Eurasia all at once. The Black Death killed like 50% of Europe the first time through, but the Americas got the Black Death, Small Pox, a bunch of other plagues all at more of less the same time, some historians think as much as 90% of Native Americans died in the plague, most of which hadn't even met Europeans directly, but caught the plagues from other Native Americans, spreading out presumably from Mexico following the Spanish invasion, although this is the kinda thing that doesn't have amazing documentation, so this is more educated speculation than clear history.

>>114896242Avatar no, Voltron and Lego Elves yes.

>>114896394And Disney franchises. Usually ones with cute protagonists.

>>114898481>TMNT was popular in Japan because the dub as amazingWhat made it so good?

>>114902566Catra seems more like Demona than anything.Dom is just a play on the evil for the sake of evil archetype and a destructive force of nature.

>>114898415>>114898436>Eastman and Laird should be fucking billionaires by now

No they want to think we're all boisterous blond people.

>>114908527To be fair Wonder Woman has always been a fetish creation by a simp before getting turned into the affirmative action token girl for the justice league cuz lil suzy needs a role model

>>114911051>Lego ElvesI forgot Studio MIR did this too. Was it any good?

>>114909626But they knew the name. If you said "Wonder Woman" in some European country 10 years ago nobody would have any clue what you were talking about. >"Wonder Woman"? Is that a shampoo brand?