>It's a Buttercup episode

>It's a Buttercup episode

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>>114896213One of these people in this gif was a bassist for Gorillaz.

>>114896221I didn't know Buttercup could play the bass.

>>114896239>I have never watched the original powerpuff girlsYikes, user!

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>>114896303Shit I forgot she was the bassist in that episode. Never mind, I'm an idiot.

>>114896323You should have specified Ace

>>114896303This ending would have been perfect if they just didn't beat the clown

She a naughty

>>114896568Yeah, really weird since he was already in jail and they just smashed in there to beat him up again.

>>114896568He knows what he did and why he deserved that beating.

>>114896221Hearing him talk would've been cool.

>>114896568It was meant to be funny because it contrasted so hard with the 1960s-esque musical piece about love that they just finished singing, but the song itself was so nice that it ended up feeling out of place.

>>114896568How could they know he was reformed? He had just attacked the entire city - as far as they knew, he was just pretending to be "cured" to get away with it.

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>>114896213Buttercup > Bubbles >>>>>> Blossom

I don't know how anyone can look at this picture and think that Blossom isn't the best

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>>114896303>Hofner BassDamn, Craig really liked his Beatles references

>>114896213>it's a bubbles episode

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>>114900349She had a couple good ones

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Buttercup is good but Kaoru is better

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>>114900578I like most of them

I know that this is a reference to something but I don't know what

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>>114896568Indeed. Instead they should have raped the clown. Straight up force their prepubescent naked bodies onto the confused entertainer. Drown him in cunny.


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This is my last bump

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Which PPG would you hate the most if they were real?

>>114896568>>114898325>>114899480>>114899907>>114899916>>114901286Reminder that McCracken wanted it to be a happy ending, but execs came in and advised him to do the ending we got now. This is an example of executive meddling done right.

>>114896213For a long time, i thought buttercup was a dude

>>114903907source: my ass


>>114903867Why would I hate any of them?

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>>114903907>>114904005Considering it was originally supposed to be called "Whoop Ass girls" I find it hard to believe also

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>>114904996Blossom's gasmask looks ridiculous

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>>114905020Well I mean current times, everybody is masked up. I wear a respirator to the grocery store.

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>>114905047I find buttercup short shorts ridiculous. It's too slutty besides with her jacket is she cold or hot?

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>>114904005>>114904996>Originally, the episode was going to have a happier ending where Rainbow is let off the hook by the girls, but the executives decided to change the ending by having Rainbow end up being beaten up by the girls and thrown in jail. powerpuffgirls.fandom.com/wiki/Mime_for_a_ChangeIt's a well known fact, retards.

>>114905080These seem more like power punk girls Imo

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>>114905525These are way cooler, nice one. Not a fan of Buttercup's green camo and neon green colors, but the design is still awesome

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Has anybody ever drawn realistic age-accurate versions of the PPG?If so, can somebody post them?I need... reference material.

>>114905616these are the canonical designs for the powerpuff girls if they were normal children

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>>114905616I'll dump a few

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>>114905143>A random statement on a wiki without a citationSo yeah, source: my ass

Really not sure what qualifies as "realistic age-accurate" for you though

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There. This enough for you?

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>>114906029Yes, and thank you.

>>114905991Personal favorite. I like the converse each girl get's her respective color while still being similar design.The style feels very comic feel

>>114901286shut up Gordon

>>114905616You gonna clue us in as to what you need the "reference material" for?>>114906431Yeah, I really like that one too. Anything that shows them as badasses in the middle of a fight is cash

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>>114907218Yeah. In one of those "Your given infinite amount of money to make your dream project."I'd make a live action movie mix of chronicle or and Godzilla. Where professor Utonium is working on analyzing Kaiju blood when an accident happens in the lab and there's an explosion happen blowing up an artificial in artificial insemination room killing all but three subject. Professor Utonium takes responsibility and raises them. Unaware that some of the Kaiju blood mix with them.As they start to grow, slowly their powers start emerging. Professor worried about how far their powers will extend. The girls desperately trying to say they're still little girls eventually the monster start convincing them they're more Kaiju than humans.Eventually the girls reject the monster and fight a "Him" faint size Kaiju. Then sort of plays out like the cartoon where they become protectors of the town.

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>>114907218>You gonna clue us in as to what you need the "reference material" for?I plan to genetically create the three most perfect little girls for breeding purposes. I will flood adoption centers with these girls and make millions if not billions of dollars by doing so. Then I will deliver the sleeper phrase, and they will be driven to steal their parents' credit card information and send it to me, and thus I will become the world's greatest identity thief.


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This thread is making me realized I repressed a crush I had as a kid on Buttercup.

>>114908264I wonder if any boy had a crush on Blossom growing up?

>>114908312Personally I crushed on Bubbles.


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>>114904945Because their cartoony personalities would be too much in real life.

>>114904945>coco coco cocoWas this a joke about Coco from Foster's?

>>114896303I feel old......

>it still existsoh godangelfire.com/comics/caverns0/main.html

>>114910606Pic related

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>>114909837Not sure if something Bane would say as Mojo, or Mojo as Bane.

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>>114900349She had the best episodes. Buttercup had some of the worst despite being top tier as a character.

What do you all think of the Japanese PPG

>>114912980Forgot image

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>>114896568>>114899916The clown never reformed. He reappeared as a villain in the episode where the girls had a curfew.It's a small cameo, but it's something.And since Mr. Mime is in the opening sequence, I always figured that someone on the staff wanted him to be a more prominent villain but they lost interest in the character.

>>114905143>believing what you read on a children's wiki>everyone else is the retard, not me!Perfect.

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>>114913500>The clown never reformedHe later performed at their birthday party

>>114896213>Its a Buttercup episode>She only has a single lineIts like it started the trend for her to be the weakest aspect of her own episode.