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You post your favorite character(s) and other anons make assumptions about (you).

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>>114896063him and Aborbing Man are my favorite Marvel characters

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>>114896063You really liked the 90's ironman and capcom fighting games

>>114896063You enjoy 80s-90s action movies.

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>>114896063You probably like anime.

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OP here. You got some stuff right. I like Kaminski Iron Man the most, and I do like a certain 90s flavor. Anime I can take or leave, no particular feelings towards it. I honestly just like robots and tech.>>114896073Had you posted only Ultron, I’d say you were fond of robots and related media, plus had a thing for characters who had more personality that they let on. Maybe some unresolved daddy issues too. But after mentioning Creel, I honestly don’t know. There’s no connection bar sometimes striking at the world. Creel’s simple and wants a life for himself. Ultron is... Ultron. Sorry user, I can’t go further. ...Maybe some hidden feelings of wanting to be acknowledged?>>114896899You like grand scale epics, magic and power levels. Character wise, Baby’s a mad bastard Lovecraftian Horror, and Kent’s just trying to do the right thing, so at they very least I’d say you enjoy stories where characters with different personalities learn to work together.>>114896933You like Noir and Detective Stories, no matter the era and genre. You like Wesley’s down to Earth persona and life; you’re not attracted to the extravagant affairs. You might dislike Batman for being the face of detectives in the normalfags’ eyes, when he’s hardly one.

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>>114898725you hold on to values seen as stoicly boring or flat because you're not easily shaken by others thinking you're bland and know what you believe has proven right and effective but you'd still like getting valued a bit more

Old-school hetero Alan Scott, go for it.

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>>114896933Your favourite fast food is Five Guys. The only other board you post on is /mu/.

>>114896063You're that fucker who knows the infinites and spams it whenever you can to get a cheap victory.>>114896073I would say you only like this guy because of the MCU but since it came from the comics you get a pass and are probably not a faggot.>>114896899You are mother fucker who hates Doctor Strange.>>114896933You play McCree often on Overwatch.>>114898725You're either a die hard fanboy that only likes Superman because you win a lot of versus arguments with him or you are a legitimately nice person who wishes they can be just as good as Superman.>>114898781You're a lawyer with good tatstes when iy comes to Animated Villains.>>114898879You are secretly a homosexual. Especially since you emphasize the "heterosexual" in your statement.

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>>114898961Nice psychoanalysis. This coming from a guy who if you kicked him in the ass a hundred cocks would fall out

>>114896063Yeah I like this boy right here.

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>>114896063/m/fag.>>114896073>Absorbing Man>UltronUh... BiPolar with daddy issues and a need to be recognized?>>114896899Magic-Obsessed guy studying to be a professor of linguistics.>>114896933Noir-Obsessed guy who wants to find a pure wife to grow old with and watch Poirot and Jeremy Brett Sherlock.>>114898725I don't know, some kinda boring Superfag.>>114898781Cartoonfag with an edge, who's outgrown Holla Forums stuff but has fond memories of certain media.>>114898879You thirst for a daddy and a stern, but loving, authority figure.>>114898961Cartoonfag Millenial who likes some edge and prefers things to be simple and to the point.>>114899277You like Mythological stuff more than the usual Capeshit.>>114899288You're too contrarian to like Thor.-I do Collages. Do me.

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>>114899924I used to be a big Zemo fan, but after Born Better when he became a generic anti-hero, I lost any interest I had.

>>114899277You are a chad

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>>114900058You believe in the true god right here.


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>>114896063Are you a midget alcoholic?

He is the wonderful, wonderful cat, after all.

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>>114899783you're secretly a cross-dressing bore?

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>>114901127You like cartoons from the 1940s-60s and you consider that the golden age of animation.

Only with the cartoon eyes

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I wish Professor Membrane was my dad.

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>>114898999I'm back at it again Trips.>>114899277>>114899288You obviously love D&D and play the same class of cleric or paladin to worship Thor so you may bring down your hammer of justice onto them.>>114899783You must be an edgelord who only says they love villains or antiheroes just to hide the fact your favorite character is actually cute/very innocent. I'm going to assume it's Erma.>>114899924You must really love other country based villains. You might be the kind of guy who browses Holla Forums occasionally.>>114899970You're that asshole who posts the ">ben 10. Pathetic" memes. You are either lying about liking him or gloating the fact that your character won.>>114899976You must relate with this character. You might actually be a surf board dude or something in order to enjoy this character.>>114900058You are a good Christian Boy.>>114900735You must wish to become immortal or put some sort of impact in history one day. Here's hoping you do.>>114901072You tend to put shields around yourself because you don't want to deal with people's shit.>>114901127You're a boomer.>>114901152You're a cool dude who loves winter but someone is trying to convince you that you are gay.>>114901208You're a bookworm capable of doing more. Keep working on whatever you want to my friend.>>114901267I haven't played prototype so I can't really say anything about you.>>114901327You have a major in science and you clearly want to invent something but you're afraid people will think you are weird.

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>>114901666>those trips>that imageFitting

>>114901148>you're secretly a cross-dressing bore?That... doesn't even make sense.>>114901666>You must be an edgelord who only says they love villains or antiheroes I'm not that big of an edgelord. Sure, I might be called a "bad" person, from a certain point of view, but.. eh. Being an edgelord is an entirely different thing. I don't much care for the Ennis gorewank, for example; I can take it or leave it. But I do like villains and characters who do the "necessary thing", or are just prideful assholes or merely want to gain power/status/respect in the long run, regardless of any altruistic motives.>just to hide the fact your favorite character is actually cute/very innocent.Not really. I added Doom in the middle square because he's my No.1, which I thought was pretty easy to grasp.>I'm going to assume it's Erma....Who is that?

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>>114902107>...Who is that?I think he’s referring to this bundle of joy right here.

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>>114902220Oh, that "le cute" webcomic parody of that Ring girl. ...Why would my favorite character in all of comicdom be her, of all things?

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>>114902392Thought it would fit the edgelord theme.On hindsight though maybe I should have said GIR.

>>114902507AGain, I'm not an edgelord. Are Corto, Hal, Nikolai, Tony, Strange and Ninjak edgelords? Yeah, yeah, I like Red Skull and 2000s Ellis, sue me. Whatever user, I don't have any "cutesy" characters amongst my faves. Sure, I liked Marvel's Oz, but that's a different thing. I like various genres.Do me again going only by Doom, then.

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>>114896063I am an Iron Fan too, so you're probably a lot like me.So... handsome, self-assured, competent, popular, creative, kind-natured, generous, charismatic, polite, a great lover, modest and honest to a fault.

>>114901327Ah, you're Moral Orel.

Love this dude like you wouldn’t believe

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>>114902584>"I'm not an edgelord">Seems to go out of his way to act like an absolute edgelord

>>114902721Pre-Flashpoint, of course.

>>114902678>So... handsome, Well, I used to think so, from what I observed from the people around me. These days I'm torn. My cheek scarline bothers me. If I could wear a mask and gloves all day I would. Ever since I can remember myself I was obsessed with helmets, vests, suits, everything. Seal me in an armour...>self-assured, Kinda. Mostly arrogance which went into overdrive to mask recent failings. But, if I'm being honest with myself, it's less of an innate confidence, and more of an ego thing.>competent, Depends on the task and day. >popular,Well, uh... People are drawn to me, sometimes, but they can really, really hate me at others. I suppose I'm a person of extremes. These days I'm a hermit of sorts.>creative, I'd like to think so.>kind-natured, Used to be. I'm not so sure anymore. No, scratch that, I'm definitely not.>generous, This quality I retain. Not with everyone, but with certain people.>charismatic, Depends. I do have a Silver Tongue which has gotten me out of some very tough situations.>polite, Oh yes, most certainly. Sometimes it makes me come off as weird, but my autism forbids me from straying.>a great lover, I'm a friendless KHHV. At this point I think it's more likely for me to build my teleporter I've been dreaming since I was a kid, than do that.>modest Oh no. No, no, no...>and honest to a fault.Certainly not. I used to be. Now I use it as my ace. People trust me. And sure, 97 times out of 100 I will be honest. But for those 3, oh, it's good leverage.I'm OP, but I'm also >>114899783. I phoneposted so that I could bump my thread later. Tony was my favourite ever since I was a kid after my Spider-Phase, and Doom was my favourite supervillain. We've probably talked again, user. Many times before...>>114902729Oh, bugger off you annoying little dimwitted mongrel.

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>>114902584You are an edgelord. Not just by that pic alone but by your behaviour in general. You literally go on and on with this continuous cycle defending yourself on the terms of not being an edgelord. You could have easily analyzed number 2 on my favorite characters list and called me a faggot, but no you chose to just protect yourself and not do the thing you were supposed to do in this thread. Which is analyze the user by looking at their favorite character(s).Honestly though I find it there is nothing wrong with being an edgelord. It's absolutely fine that you are an edgelord. But now that I know you are willing to defend yourself from being called that, I can honestly say that you seem to have some sort of shame in being one. As if you are afraid if someone were to label you that, that you would a target of bullying or be made a suspect of being a school shooter. And like I said there is nothing wrong with being an edgelord. You need not to be ashamed of what you enjoy, who you like, or what you listen to.You are you and that is fine.

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>>114903129...You really are too enarmored with yourself user. This is a very surface-level reading. Wanna know the truth? They're all strong-willed male figures who get what they want. Some are Rogues and represent my inner desire to be the stud I dreamed of as a kid, and now I never will be. Others reveal my inner desire to rage at the world. And others are just cool. You don't have to overthink it. I'm not edgelord, for I've gone past that stage. I'm an asshole. A gloryhound. A hateful dick. But I'm not an edgelord.>But now that I know you are willing to defend yourself from being called that, I can honestly say that you seem to have some sort of shame in being one. As if you are afraid if someone were to label you that, that you would a target of bullying or be made a suspect of being a school shooter....I launched a school paper where I drew Ghost Rider comics. I took votes and showed Evil Dead (2013) in Religion Class (tasteless, but it's what they voted and agreed to). I'm certainly not afraid of being labeled user. I like what I like. I'm merely telling you that as with all people, I'm multifaceted and can't be pidgeonholed into one specific character.>You could have easily analyzed number 2 on my favorite characters list and called me a faggotYeah, well, I'm calling you a supreme faggot now.

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>>114902968Anon, I...

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>>114903267>I'm not edgelord, for I've gone past that stage. >"I'm an asshole. A gloryhound. A hateful dick. But I'm not an edgelord."...That is very nearly a perfect definition of a giant edgelord.

>>114903310What are you trying to say, user?>>114903327No, an edgelord is a tasteless faggot who wanks it over Post-Ellis Authority unironically and claims "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer" is his favourite movie and he "totes loved Manhunt". I'm the matured version of that, where I enjoy "Man Bites Dog", sure, but something like "Up In The Air" is more suited to my current tastes. See the difference?

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>>114903442>See the difference?I don't. And calling yourself 'mature' is a Catch 22 / mark of Cain: if you do it, you're definitely not mature.

I love this asshole.

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>>114903267Anon. Everything you just said. Everything you have posted. Even this new pic of Doctor Doom, proves you are an edgelord. Which is fine.But now with this new info and the pic, helps bring in new evidence that you were a pretentious edgelord. Possibly still are today. I was wrong to assume you were ashamed of being one. The truth is you don't want to be known as that because if you are just known as that, it's all you are going to be known for, when literally you can be known as anything else in your life if you put effort into it. You can make yourself better. Which if why you look up to these characters. So that way you can make yourself better.

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>>114903642youre either a action hero fanboy, a slight coomer, or someone who relates to never being acknowledged


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>>114896063tiny stank>>114899288hunged like a horse

>>114898961>>114901666>>114903129>>114903642Who the fuck are you and why do you think you know everything?

>>114904258Presumably Epistemus Prime.

>>114903642Possibly the best analysis of edgeanon in this thread, assuming he's not a troll. Everything about his post including>I'm multifaceted and can't be pidgeonholedexudes a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction with having a label because he thinks it's restrictive, which is untrue. A label is a way to identify someone but given that you've had enough time and people to express yourself to, which I'm assuming has been a decent amount considering you have to be 18 to post here and it seems like he has gone past high school, people will see you as someone who is multifaceted despite any first impressions.The thing is that everything in this thread reeks of this small, futile cry of "I'm not like the others" which just reminds me of "I'm not like the other girls" or in this case, "I'm not like the other edgelords." Even this need to be different or perceived as unique in this SPECIFIC fashion or manner of protest is the very definition of edgelord. Everybody here >>114899783 when considered together makes you look like a giant edgelord and edgeanon protesting to it this much, so vehemently, in this "I'm different" fashion while also espousing stereotypically edgy beliefs makes it that much more damning. Had he just said "Yeah, I can see how it looks that way, but I'm not" it would've gone miles further in proving that he's not an edgelord.This line perfectly summarizes him:>I'm an asshole. A gloryhound. A hateful dick. But I'm not an edgelord.He is actually all of those things or was at one point in time, but they all fall under "edgelord" and judging by his responses more than his idealization of these characters, he is definitely still an edgelord, we just don't know which type.It just shows a lack of critical self-awareness on his part to continue this charade if indeed it is the same edgeanon replying or if it's not some troll pretending to be edgy. I'm getting flashbacks to when I was fourteen and edgy some odd thirteen years ago.

>>114904258It's just a random post on a dumb comics and cartoon image board, you don't have to take it seriously. People take piss takes here all the time.At least at the end he always tries to envision the most positive outlook for the edgelord guy.

The Denny O'Neil run is my favorite in all of comics.

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You're all great people.

>>114903523It's not my fault that you're unable to differentiate things. Even teen edgelords grow up and evolve user, nothing remains static.>>114903642Goddammit you pretentious nonce, I like powerful guys who look cool and get what they want. That's it. It's what every guy wants. It's why people unironically use Don Draper as a basis of LARPing.>inb4 hurdur missing the pointNo, you're missing the point by remaining a pseudointellectual moron high on his own nonsense, and ignoring the real world. >>114904520I don't know what's the worse. The possibility of you samefagging to wank over yourself, or this user being a completely different, but even more insufferable faglord.>which just reminds me of "I'm not like the other girls" or in this case, "I'm not like the other edgelords."I never said I was "a unique snowflake", you speedreading trout. I said I was /multifacated/. You know, as in that I can enjoy both Conan and watch some Opera. People have contradictory states, in general, which is my entire point. We all have a "central core" of sorts that we follow throughout our lives, but it can expand in various directions. >I'm getting flashbacks to when I was fourteen and edgy some odd thirteen years ago.Instead you're the 20-something "know-it-all-who-knows-he-knows-nothing-because-that's-mature" bobolyne.

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>>114903762You either like metal music, or you're gay with great taste

>>114904743Thank you :)

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The original version was the best, the other 3 are just meh.

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you can see I was already struggling with the second row. mostly because I don't consider Watchmen to be DC or because I can't think of any other version of Lex, Bee or Diana I like that aren't from cartoons.bottom row are all characters I like conceptually but haven't settled for a definitive version.yeah not a big fan of DC

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>>114903310>>114902968>Doctor Doom is literally lurking in Holla ForumsI'm interested to see where this goes.>we actually get a Doom Dictator>he was spending his time on an Austrian Sausage Making Forum talking about "tfw no gf"Wew lad!

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>>114904922Is Doom going nuclear or being salty for actually being called out?

>>114904922Bruh, you're an edgelord. End of discussion. Just accept it and stop responding, you're digging yourself into a deeper hole.

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>>114904922Listen Doom Friend there is no reason to yell. This is meant to be for fun yet you are taking this completely seriously. We did not come here to insult you. You are with friends. Not enemies.So calm down. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea. And remember this one important thing.I'm a fucking faggot and you are a god damn edgelord.

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>>114908076You fap too much and are a 50 year old vigin that still lives on the third floor of his mother's house.

best iron man design. hands down.

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>>114903312You're secretly Cereal Lord or some other stupid Green Lantern fan?

>>114902107>doesn't even

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Bumping a based thread with some of my favorite characters

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>>114899277you spend a lot of time getting upset in Goku Vs Superman threads

>>114910619For some of these lads right here.>NovaYou like deeply troubled spacing faring heroes when were young and plucky but overtime became more mature and tortured.>ShegoYou like a Villainess who can actually kick alot of ass and make you call her mommy.>SleepwalkerI don’t fucking know lol.>ROM You have a fascination with the 70s perception of space and the thought of technological beings more advanced then us humans. You like ROM because he’s a being who fights an endless war for the betterment of the future, willing to sacrifice himself for his race and the galaxy itself.>Death’s HeadBritish robotic bounty hunters are cool, yes?

>>114911589Nah I just like him lol

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>>114911999You’re a 13 year old girl who thinks she’s different.

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i love otto in this series, easily one of the best spiderman stories.>>114907963old dude.>>114905819>reverse flashbased.>>114903762either into metal or rap. or both>>114903642you're friendlier that you appear to be.>>114901666coomer.

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>>114911999what the fuck that's not what i posted at all

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>>114896063You're a Statist

>>114896899You have an inferiority complex


>>114912259Why do you have it saved than?

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>>114898725You miss Christopher Reeve>>114899277>>114899288You curse the name of Jason Aaron to your dying breath>>114903548You have 3+ copies of Youngblood #1>>114905185Your fapfolder is full of tomboys and girls in school uniforms>>114908076Your collect pornographic figurines

>>114913059I don't. hiromoot fucked me over >>114912000

>>114904994You feel underappreciated.

>>114896063must be this lineup

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>>114913269Top Tier Memester. At least it’s not “Stardust is Muh favorite charaktah” tier.

I don't wanna stick my dick in her.

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>>114913156I own zero copies of Youngblood, but I do own a decent amount of 90s comics, so you're not off the mark by that much. I just like that Miguel was a huge asshole and self-centered dick who later realized how much good he could do and actually accomplished quite a lot once he realized how to be more altruistic and a better man.