Summer, I wanna fuck your dad

Summer, I wanna fuck your dad.

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>>114895569Jerry has game

Should I start keeping bees Holla Forums?

>>114895569Was this a once of joke, or is this going to be a legitimate plot thread?

>>114895569>you can still make out Rick and Morty's grave mounds

>>114895876everyone's expecting the former, but hoping for the lattercan at least expect some smut out of it now that the idea's been planted in the fanbase

>>114895569Will Beth watch them drssed as Supergirl?

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>>114895712I think you can get tax breaks on beekeeping if you prove you're doing it for the intent to eventually profit rather than purely as a hobby.

>>114895953What if my intended profit is banging buster under aged sluts?

>>114895569Is Trisha pulling an alpha bitch move on Summer here? Straight up telling her she wants to bone her pops... that's a bold strategy.

>>114895569the fact that people are so fixated by this post-credits scene is testament to the fact that most of Holla Forums subconciously identify as Jerry

>>114896042OP here. Couldn't disagree more. Jerry has a job, a nice house and a family that love him.

>>114895980Then you'll need to file a schedule K2-a AMENDED form.

An Avatar-esque epic with more seasons and a more specific magic system.

>>114895918 Nice catch.

>>114895569drawfag fanart when?

>>114895569Why does this show have to constantly refer to meta? Like in this season alone they had 2 episodes bitching about people being mean to them on twitter (3 meta episodes if you count the one joke heist episode as meta). And now in this one they’re referencing meta again in the really long down times thus episode had. Like I thought they got it out of their system in episode one of this season? If they want to just write whatever show they want why not just do it instead of bitching about fans. It’s if every episode of tiny toons was about that fat faggot who kept writing them letters

>>114896406Because some meta is kind of funny sometimes. Was there even any meta in this episode?

>>114896468You’re right it can be, I’m not hating on meta, just they’re doing it literally all the time. Like a fun lil aside meta joke would be them portaling go in the writers room as they’re story boarding it with a short lead in and then running past them or something. In this episode it’s more “subtle” I guess, it’s more like you’re watching the episode like normal then boom “gee rick I’m sure am glad we can relax and have a normal adventure we never have those anymore, isn’t this nice r-r-rick” and things like that, like it’s that guy you’re friends with and doesn’t know how to just enjoy a moment and not being up how you’re enjoying the moment during it

>>114896061>Jerry has a job, a nice house and a family.ftfy

>>114895952Dressed as power girl then get really hot n beg to suck cock with her

I want to watch Tricia pee.

>>114896523>gee rick I’m sure am glad we can relax and have a normal adventure we never have those anymore, isn’t this nice r-r-rickhow is that meta?

>>114896558His family think he's a retarded asshole, but they do love him. They always lay on the schmaltz when push comes to shove.

Reminder that Morty has a Pornhub account.

>>114896708Because it referencing back to their meta episodes about how the never had normal adventures anymore and they want to get back to that. Like to me those line added nothing to the episodes and the episode itself was full of long silent scenes, not that you need dialogue all throughout, but it was more just boring

I really want to fuck Empress Summer.

>>114896717I'd say Beth and Summer love him, I don't exactly know if Morty even possesses empathy anymore.

>>114896806Yeah? And you have a sad panda account

Summer and her Friends are under-aged.

>>114896872Yeah that outfit was hot

>>114896938You think she was wearing anything underneath it?

Anyone has a torrent or mega of yesterday's episode?

>>114897002I have a link. I'm no new though I dunno will I get banned for posting this like that.

>>114897007Please tel me how to get it, pease?

>>114897020can goto the pirate bay and look up rick and morty S04E07 at least.

So how many of you want to fuck Empress Summer?

>>114896042He's the only normal person in this family

>>114895569>The graves are stil there

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>>114897134I love that

>>114895933you sound like the biggest nerd


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>>114895952>>114896602Somebody draw this.

>Oh, really?Holy shit my sides.

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>>114897271Didn't she fuck summers bf before they became good freinds? Maybe she thinks summer is into cuck shit.

>>114895952>>114896602>>114897254Shit. Why not have Beth be the cuck?

>>114897066I never expected that someone would identify with r&m's normality.

Where my drawfags at?

So is she going to be pregnant with Jerrys baby by the end of the season?


>>114898609I don't see Jerry cheating on his wife. Not after getting back from the Divorce.

>>114895569This trainwreck of an episode´s only saving grace.

>>114898609>>114898664I want to see a full on American Beauty parody one episode.

>>114895933why would anyone want rick and morty smut? the characters arent all that appealing

>>114895569Clearly Jerry has no problem attracting women.

>>114899123Chad Jerry arc coming soon

>>114899411Jerry is a Chad in at least two dimensions: C-137, where he goes full manly as the Cronenburg apocalypse happens all around him, and the dimension where he never marries Beth and is the biggest movie star in the world. He has the potential to be a Chad, he just very rarely fulfills it.

>>114897295Nope. After seeing giant inside out Summer and Beth hug it out, she got emotional and left saying she had to call her mother.Then, Morty fucked Ethan up.

>>114895953There are no breaks for keeping them. You can subtract expenses from income to only be taxed on the actual profits. If you make no profits, you were never taxed on them.

>>114899562I think this is what makes Jerry so interesting. He obviously isn't ugly and has plenty of potential, he's just given up at some point and Rick toppling his patriarch status has now awoken a need to become better again.

>>114899562>>114899411>Jerry is a Chad in at least two dimensions>Doofus Jerry I think he is just weak against the Sanchez family really... He is there to be the butt of the joke mostly.

>>114899597Still stole her man. Just didn't get to go all the way.

>>114896061>A jobI thought he got fired?>A nice house Fair.>A family that loves himI thought the whole point was that beyond the constant platitudes and lame reassurances, Jerry was an utter non factor in the lives of his family and only made himself of any relevance when he was being whiny and insecure about it?

There are two types in this thread.>People here to talk up and self-insert as Jerry.>People who just like seeing hot teen girls be thirsty, regardless of who they're being thirsty for.Which one are you?

Vindicators is my aunt's favorite episode lol

>>114899944You know what I agree, the heroes journey is long and boring


>>114899944Vindicators is underrated. Good clean fun.

>>114897271Honestly the delivery of Summer's line was hilarious, really solid after credits scene

>>114899929What about people who want to see Summer lose her shit because her friend says "I also call him daddy"

>>114899929First.Second option is the fujoshi approach and inferior one by default.

>>114896874>BethDom-sub Love-hate codependent relationship as per the therapy episode (Little Sanchez's Ep). Mostly uses him as a substitute for his "absent father" i.e. she knows he won't run away ever and can shit talk him to death without repercussions. Also "sex".>SummerDoesn't care. I'm a teen and stuff.>MortyHates himself for being weak and therefore his father by extension.

I enjoy that the show acknowledges that Summer is desperate to have her own gimmick.

>>114896558That is kinda the weird thing about cartoon losers. A lot of them like Homer Simpson and Jerry aren’t really losers. That might have shit personalities but they’ve obtained most of what men strive to acquire in life.

>>114899929>People who just like seeing hot teen girls be thirsty, regardless of whoYes, but if you self-insert then you enjoy being the object of said thirst. So the right answer is both in this case.

>>114895569This part made me laugh but what the fuck was it supposed to mean? Does someone in the crew have a bee fetish or something?

>>114895569Season 4 has given us the "Snake Jazz" scene AND this one. Can Holla Forums finally stop idolizing Summer and Beth, and admit that Tricia is hotter than both combined and deserves most of the show's r34?

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>>114900112It's someone trying to bring the message home in a way where they don't have to make the family admit Jerry is right.If there's a moral of the episode it's that Sci-fi adventures and the havoc they bring aren't anything to be praised, but since it's the point of the show, Rick and Morty's genocidal nightmare adventure always takes precedent over any genuinely wholesome thing Jerry happens to be doing that day. Since it would go against the joke to have his family be genuinely interested in what he's doing, an outside party has to make the acknowledgment.So we have Trish or whatever her name is, give the only real praise anyone gets in the episode, while everyone else gets shit on for the thing they did.

>>114900125Isn't Tricia into docking and water sports?

>>114899929The second one.>>114900090I mean sure.But then you'd have to self insert.And that shit is fundamentally cringe.

>>114895918the shot is a deliberate callback

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>>114900542They really polished up the art style since then.

>>114900516>But then you'd have to self insert.>And that shit is fundamentally cringe.Why? If a hot teen is thirsting for you, the self-insert did something right? You can identify with certain aspects/traits of a flawed character, either positive or negative.Also, What exactly is fundamentally cringe for you? I would like to see if my "thought process" is wrong somewhere.

Remember kids, being yourself and exploring new interests are far more productive than any scifi adventure ever could be.Curb hater, do you.

>>114900689>Also, What exactly is fundamentally cringe for you? I would like to see if my "thought process" is wrong somewhere.There is empathizing with a fictional character, which is fine. And then there is living vicariously through them, which is cringe.The idea of creating fantasy and expressing yourself through your creative endeavor is one thing, but escaping your self to gain satisfaction from the successes and hardships of fictional people is where it becomes cringe.

>>114895569we need jerry cheating arc, and beth attempting to use science to stop said cheating

>>114895918Wouldn’t the Rick and Morty grave mounds at the end actually be a continuity error? Because the C-137 rick and Morty fled the dimension where that Rick and Morty died later on because of the squirrels, right?

>>114896042it's just that the creators spent 4 seasons shitting on the guy relentlessly that giving him an actual win feels surprising

>>114901056Guessing not because they just went to another dimension where the rick and mortys and also buried themselves in under the same circumstances.

I guess Tricia and Summer are besties now.

>>114901056Why are you so hung up on a throwaway gag? With a show whose whole shtick is the limitless possibilities its dimension-hopping premise lends itself to, it's honestly baffling how much you guys focus on tedious shit like that. Pic related simply happened out of convenience for a joke. That's it.

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>>114901056Whenever they flee to a new dimension, the R&M of that dimension die in some sort of accident right before the new R&M arrive to replace them.

>>114901158I’m not “hung up”, I’m just seeing a lot of people on Reddit praising how good of continuity and callbacks the show has. If it’s fair to praise it should be fair to also question

>>114896523Because it's all Harmon knows.

>>114896903You mean a blank white screen account.

>>114900960Please no


>>114897007>I'm a newfagSup new friend welcome to hell you're here forever. Megas will not get you banned. This is 4chan.

>>114901056There's no telling when the squirrels gag happens, but you could write it in as a possibility in a number of ways.

>>114899944Do you fuck your aunt?

>>114901351Website still isn't kill.

>>114901716No but the panda is gone

>>114901492He actually references dialogue he said from the Cronenberg episode, making it clear that the squirrel incident happens after that one.

>>114899840The season 3 finale had the family choosing Jerry over Rick to the point Beth was begging Rick to go away.

>>114901750Huh, didn't know that.


>>114901869C-can I get a pic of that aunt??

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>>114897134me on the left (dead)

>>114895569what cartoon is this

>>114902724Rick and Morty

>>114902738cool, thanks

>>114895569I expected her to fuck Summer, because both have a pissing fetish

>>114900084Homer was from the 1980s, it was supposed to be he works in a dangerous place like a nuclear reactor and is lower middle income instead of a rich dude living in a fancy apartment doing office work or something. The economy and social structures have changed to such a degree where finding a homely woman who wants to be your wife in spite of your flaws is like finding the winning powerball ticket in a mountain of shit. In the past it was just normal for a dude to settle down with a girl, now divorce makes that utterly terrible unless you go to lengths to protect yourself.


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>>114896061>a family that love him.

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>>114896406>If they want to just write whatever show they want why not just do it instead of bitching about fans.Because the writers are obnoxious pampered urbanites who want to have the cake of making one of the most popular shows on television, but eat it too by complaining about the people who allowed them to become ultra successful millionaires in the first place.

>>114903242And yet they are smart enough to do both.

>rick now has ADHD and is struggling with his adderall addictionretcon?

>>114903472Judging by the quality of and reaction to the last two episodes they won't be for very much longer. This show looks to be going the same way as the MCU.

>>114903535Last season he called himself autistic. When are you going to realize this show is a comedy and throw away lines aren't part of some intricate web of canon.

Summers "OH REALLY" line delivery finally gave me a laugh i haven't had watching RM for so long.

>>114899694More the other way around. He went after her for her huge tits. Seems like she's more interested in older guys

Did rick start to wear the seatbelt too after getting ejected out of the ship last time?

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>>114899694>>114903803She left for months without making any contact, and was cheating on him the whole time. In addition she is a huge bitch.

>>114899840>Jerry was an utter non factor in the lives of his family and only made himself of any relevance when he was being whiny and insecure about it?He saved Beth's life, made peace with Rick who now marginally respects him and anytime his kids are in danger on earth he's there to save them. Yes he's constantly berated by them (largely because of Rick making them see him as a non-factor) but ultimately Beth does love him.

jerry is the man and has potential

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>>114897271Is she mad because she wants to fuck her and the thot doesn't realize Summer is just Jerry with a wig?

>>114904033she just keeps saying it and its obvious>your dad is a dork>your dad is kind of cute> i want to fuck your dad>OH REALLY?

>>114903864The whole thing was just horseshit. We don't even know for sure if Ethan was cheating.

>>114901158Wasn't that a fake memory?

>>114903068Sadly this is true, as a old man I miss how the 80´s had a great ecoomy, you can open a small bussiness and you will prosper, even selling small things like ice cream, I member buying my house in 1989, not anymore.Also the 3 wave of feminism make almost imposible to find a cute girl to create a family...

>>114899929second the bitch is super hot i never self insert on any media ever

>>114904101are you saying this as in you cant find a woman or your children/grandchildren cant?

>>114903832I just skimmed through some S4 episodes between "Edge of Tomorty" and "Promortyus" and it doesn't look like it was intentional. I'm guessing you snagged your screenshot from some rando on Twitter or Reddit 'cause the very scene makes it clear that it was a simple continuity error between shots. Still, it would've been cool if the crew had gone ahead and started making Rick wear a seatbelt after the events of the premiere.

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>>114897535>Why not have Beth be the cuck?Are you illiterate?

>>114904315>>Why not have Beth be the cuck?>Are you illiterate?Cuckqueen then, what word salad will not trigger you?

>>114903776I can't blame you. The timing and delivery were hilarious.

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>>114895569Damnit. This is my fetish. sigh

>>114904475The three posts you replied to were already suggesting that Beth be the cuck, while dressed as Supergirl(to mirror Jerry's father watching others fuck while dressed as Superman), and for Beth to beg to join in. It's not a matter of terminology.

Pretty much the worst episode in R&M

>>114898664With his dinner outburst and the fact that he's still being shit on I would love to see something like this. The thing with the christmas lights was initially a win for Jerry but still ended with him being picked on. I hope he gets some real wins. >>114899562>>114899123Don't forget his alien GF.

>>114903094>more enamored with summer's tinier titties am i doing it wrong

>>114904475>Cuckqueenquean not queen

>>114896806The algorithm tracks your likes better that way!!

>>114896806>>114905612How big i the transformation fetish scene on pornhub?

Never thought I'd be envious of Jerry.

>>114905123Not the user you're responding to, but I took it as >>114897535 laying out that pretty much everyone was into Beth getting cucked. No need to attack the guy.

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>>114895569That's not what she said.

>>114905259>Don't forget his alien GF Eh, Jerry did get to fuck Keara's two vaginas, but the same episode later revealed that he was ultimately just chosen as a rebound for her ex. I'd say it still counts, but I just wanted to remind you guys of the true nature of their fling.

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>>114906051Hey, rebound fucking rebound is as healthy as you'll get in rebound sex.

>>114904079No, it was summer who was cheating with the mad Max dude.

>>114903068>>114904101almost every nerdy guy i know has a gf, maybe you guys are just incels

i think jerry lacks the foresight to not bang his daughter's friend. i hope the writers decide to pursue this, because holy shit, can you imagine the ire of both beth AND rick coming down on, they fucking laughed at the mere possiblity of jerry having an affair, rick adores beth and views jerry as a loathsome parasite holding her back, rick and beth get fucking vicious if their ego gets wounded, and this is jerry just stumbling into a teenage vagina. with beekeeping. the lame normal thing everyone just ignored at the breakfast table.

>>114906211I guess you're right

>>114906324>they fucking laughed at the mere possiblity of jerry having an affair Remind me which episode this was again? I can't remember if it happened this season or last season.

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>>114906272How low IQ are you that you didn't understand the post, faggot? Anyone can "get laid" if they ask out a hundred girls, no one is talking about getting laid here you stupid teenage faggot.

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>>114906324>i think jerry lacks the foresight to not bang his daughter's friend. i hope the writers decide to pursue this, because holy shit, can you imagine the ire of both beth AND rick coming down on jerry.That's exactly the reason they shouldn't. You don't make their marriage resurrect on season 3 only to shoot it down like that. I'd say that after coming from their divorce, Jerry actually has acquired the foresight to not fuck his daughter's friend.

>>114906380Damn that’s a nice house. Damn i wish i had Jerrys life. Fine house. Family who loves him. Busty underage sluts want to fuck him. Makes his own raw honey. Fuck me.

>>114906380it was the snake episode, beth asks where jerry is and rick jokingly suggests that maybe he's having an affair, and everyone bursts out laughing

>>114906449hahaha fuck you


>>114904101>>114903068>>114900084Even Ronnie, a caricature of a pathetic man still has far more than me. Talent, a friend, and even several girls interested in him throughout his life. It is all so tiring.

>>114906380In the pickle rick episode wasn't Morty in the bathroom and could hear Rick calling him from the garage?

So nobody in this thread ever saw American Beauty?

>>114906661American pooty.

>>114906661>>114906694American Booty.

why did rick and morty kiss again this episode?

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>>114906661Yeah we saw it. What exactly is your point?

Where's the fucking MEGA

>>114907327Because two characters being gay is a joke, I guess.

>>114907372>Two people being gay is a joke.WTF, I love Rick and Morty now?

>>114907372Wait... that was joke?

>>114907372not just gayits incest gay


>>114907364Jesus, can you stop fucking whining? Here:

Summer's behind it all!

>>114907364I can't even begin to put myself in the shoes of someone who needs to go to Holla Forums to beg for a mega and not be able to find shit on their own


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>>114908346Let's try that again>>>/aco/4090271

>>114906424But then they have the potential for the trap of having Beth stay, and the rest of the series is that couple that stays together, even though it's completely apparent they shouldn't

>>114899840>I thought he got fired?Maybe he's selling the honey at a market?


>>114901766>>114901056it was possibly a memory from that dimensions rick and morty, the C-137 rick and Morty just experienced with the mind blowers device.

>>114906607Yeah, but they never updated the floor plan if this behind-the-scenes featurette is anything to go by: guess a family bathroom just magically appears whenever it's convenient.

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>>114895569Who knew beekeeping was so sexy?!

>>114907327Don't fucking remind me.

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>>114899123In another universe he does cocaine with Johnny dept. Guy has talent

>>114895569Just shave summer's head and you have a bald jerry.

>>114909299>Johnny dept.

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>>114906449Read the title user

>>114908346Muh dick!!!

>>114895569>that suggestive lip-biting

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>the episode was so bad that the only part people talk about is Summer's friend talking about how she wants to fuck JerryWe won Jerrychads

>>114899093get a load of this guy.

>>114907327that dialogue's gonna get dubbed over a fan ship animation eventually init

>>114910392The voice actor just did such a convincing job of a slutty teenage girl that we literally can't help it. We all know that one Stacy with that voice in highs school we all wanted to fuck.

jerry is Holla Forums's umaruwe hate him because he is a mirror to our own inadequacies

>>114910822>we hate himwe love jerry

>>114900542>>114900563Why the yard? Worst place to dump a body

Hey Holla Forums, where can I get my "Let's Lick Clits" shirt?

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>>114904691>Starburns Industriesrip

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>>114910822I love jerry because I like goofy father figures in cartoons and I hope jerry gets more time to play that role instead of being the designated 'meg' of rick and morty.

>>114912101This. He's a dopey but lovable everyman who helps ground the show and works as a good foil to Rick. I'd like for the writers to stop antagonizing Jerry so much and letting both his wife and kids step all over him. I get that the Smiths are supposed to be a dysfunctional family and all--Summer and Morty shit on each other all the time--but if you're gonna keep Jerry and Beth together and the family unit complete, you might as well have them get along for the most part. Conflict makes for good comedy, sure, but it's possible to make it feel more like light jabbing than having everyone pile on him with insults and giving Jerry no way to ever defend himself.

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>>114912101>>114912569It's been a while since I've seen The Proud Family, but I remember Oscar usually being the butt of most jokes. Did he ever get any comeuppance or times where he held authority? How does his role in his own respective show compare to Jerry's?

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>>114901351The panda is just invisible now.

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>>114907327Okay but did Will and Steve fuck in their bodies though?

>getting horny for a literal calarts characterHave sex with your hand

>>114912951I already did that, so what?

Aww, has Rick ever referred to his granddaughter by a nickname before?

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>>114913360She should be called Dum Dum because she's an idiot

>>114913388BOOMNAILED EM

>>114913388And that's the waaaaay the news goes!

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>>114906606A character like Ronnie that's just him talking to his delusions would end up like Wilson from the comic Wilson, who goes to prison for several years after kidnapping his daughter and having his ex wife and daughter testify against him. Though again Wilson, despite being a pathetic piece of shit who alienated his late father and ex wife, finds rapprochement with acquaintances and manages a dull, small social circle.Ultimately fiction doesn't really work with a single character screaming into the night, but the nature of modern society is that it's user either too poor or working too much to have time for socializing and too socially autistic to socialize in his youth, isolated from his hateful and terrible parents and siblings in many cases (not all, mind you) just trying to survive to post on 4chan and read some comics before dreading his inevitable existential reckoning.No se el infierno pero este vida

>>114913544u r blind>>114908375

>>114908548So>Rick and Morty (A) C-137 do the cronenberg thing, have to bail>Another Rick and Morty (B) from another dimension do either a cronenberg of their own or something similar, have to bail to a different dimension.>Rick and Morty (B) fuck with squirrels, have to bail again. Rick erases the memory from Morty and leaves it behind.>Rick and Morty (A) arrive as the other Rick and Morty leave.>The squirrels can tell they're a different Rick and Morty, leave them alone. Something like that?

>>114907327That was Steve and Bruce. And it might've just been Summer's shipping.

>>114906380>no bathroomsNo wonder Rick and Morty had to lay eggs in the living room

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>>114911984Starburns Industries faked its own death and came back wearing a green portal wig.

>>114906380I forgot Rick had his own room, I assumed he slept in his UFO saucer

>>114910328I can't unsee that patch of grass as something in her teeth though.>>114901351>>114912724I don't go there often but I've been getting white screened a lot when I try as well.

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>>114913360He has, the exact same one actually.

>>114913946When was that?

>>114912101>being the designated 'meg' of rick and morty That really should Beth’s role.

This episode was great desu

>>114903094>she's wearing a crossdisgusting

>>114898664Fuck Beth and everything that whore stands for

>>114895569So, is this a win for the people that said the show bags on Jerry too much?

>>114895569>its another beth gets jealous of summer's friend being over at dinner again episode>Jerry do I have to sleep in the closet again? I AM YOUR WIFE

>>114913690all of this season is just summers shitty fanfichear what she was saying in the premier

>>114914173This season has been so weird and meta that that'd honestly be kind of the perfect way to end it.

>>114914227oh my god I stumbled onto the finale completely by mistake


>>114896042No, if an old man invades my home and continuously threatens me I would kill him. I'm not Jerry the Cuck.

>>114914001die, jew

>>114914340If he kills u first you”d still be the same level of chuck as jerry.

>>114914227>this entire season has been summer fucking around with morty's story train

>>114896042I just want the poor fucker to get a win every now and again.

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