ITT: Breeding material

ITT: Breeding material

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god those pelvic muscles are hypnotizing

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>>114894625Based Slade


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>>114894993Nvm I found it

>It's a white guys with brown fever threadNah, yeah.

Well, she is the goddess of birth and rebirth. So...

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>>114894978>>114894993>Saucefilename: Eden le film -> google -> by ESMA - unrelated from a Cleopatra cartoon by another school

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>>114894298Imagine being a parent and taking your kid to see this movie.

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>>114894978>>114894995>>114895049France = greatest nation on earth.

>>114895049God bless the French.

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>>114895144My parents bought us this on vhs and we played it all the time. No issue here.

>>114895163She's got them baby making hips.

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>>114895163She's got them no transition lips.

>>114895189meh, france has too many immigrants/reffuges now

>>114895144>imagine being a parent and teaching your kids to have amazing taste in womenYeah, I guess that is too much to expect from the average parent these days.

Brown girls are the best

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>>114895144anything in my power to make my kids straight.or lesbians, but for that i have disney movies.

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Meanwhile, when Holla Forums still rubbs their virgin dicks on their pillows...

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>>114894298princess marco

>>114894999she would breed YOU anonminks can fuck for 8 straight hours

I want to fucking breed Quinn.

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>>114894978>Eve>Breeding materialFuck this stupid whore. She had everything coming to her. God I would murder if God gave me the chance to save Adam from a thot.

>>114894298I want to fuck batman, and none of you can stop meBatmanxDeathstrokeBatmanxSupermanBatmanxRobin(as an adult)BatmanxRobin(shota)BatmanxAll of the bitches of DC(excluding a bunch, cause my batman is not a douche to his friends)BatmanxJoker(cause im afucking faggot)

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>>114895163I mean it is canon given she popped three kids out.>>114894298Jason is hopefully doomed.

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>>114894341>forcing faggots to breedUh, hi, based department?

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>>114895025Post physique


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>>114896343Daron Nefcy goes to the bank and gets around 2000 pennies a week, (and yes the tellers look at her weirdly) then when she gets home Bobby shoves them all up her ass.That's when its time to hit the convenience stores. She usually runs in sometimes and buys a bottle of water to mask her activity, but more often than not she goes straight to the take-a-penny tray and drops in 5 or 10 pennies.After that it's time to give back to the homeless (she lives in California so there's no shortage), she drops in about 50-100 ass pennies to each cup and they always thank her so kindly so she's well known with this community.She does this every day of the week and her husband Bobby helps her too most of the time at the end of the week when she's outta change. Here's the kicker: she's been doing this for 14 years; there are 52 weeks in a year, that's 104,000 pennies.After 14 years this number jumps to 1,456,000 pennies. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and have bought something with cash there's big odds you've held one of Daron Nefcy's ass pennies.In her entire career that means right now in current U.S. circulation there are over 1,450,000 pennies that have have been lodged in her asshole.Her ass is a personal minting machine. if you were to play her life at 50x speed you would see pennies flying into her ass and into the hands of the Californian people.

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both of these fuck toys

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>>114895025No shit. Hispanic and latina girls make the best breeding material and wives.

>>114897728I didn’t like her before, but I do now.

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both of them

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>>114894298Burst in like a fire hose

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>>114898144Have a seat.

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>>114898312I want to look up her skirt.

>>114896163The Road to El Dorado is a firmly entrenched part of online bisexual culture

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>>114897728My day was better before I knew that I've likely handled perfection only to cast it into a fountain or coinstar machine

>>114895144Saw this when I was 6 years old. "The hip! The Hip!" changed my life forever.

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>>114898312>Breeding material>posts scrawny bitch with shovel chinThat's the exact opposite of breeding material.

>>114894626Patrician taste

>>114894626cum gutters, user.

your mom

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>>114900126I never noticed how weird that head looks on that body.

>>114900126>>114900144i prefer the version from that one comic


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>>114900286Which one?

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>>114898144>Find Alice in the woods tripping on wild shrooms>she giggles as her petticoats are peeled off. >"Oh my goodness mister Horse!" She cries out as she's fucked>In the end, she dashes off to find the white rabbit, leaving her petticoats and bloomers behind as your trophy


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>>114901431>And she's pregnant.

>>114901454>And not even she knows how because she was tripping on shrooms.

>>114901558>Imagine her family's reaction.

>>114901607>I told you, it was Mister Horse!>Alice, stop it! Everyone thinks you're a whore as it is, we don't want a scandal with the stable lads.

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>>114901845>And than I come in like a gallant knight and offer to marry her.

>>114895144I always wonder what normies think when they see a "sexy" cartoon character

>>114901849you can do better than planet 51 user

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>>114894341What a gentleman

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>>114901849>Literally superior

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>>114901454She's like 11 years old.She's not even in puberty yet.

>>114902080Wouldn't Weapon X have harvested her eggs to prevent that? Not that it wouldn't be fun to try regardless.

>>114902428It's happened before, and to girls as young as 9.

>>114902204Human males belong to Martian women

>>114902555>Human males belong to Martian womenTake me to mars! I'm ready!

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>>114902586Humans exist to be dominated by Martian females

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>>114902687Other way around thanks to the heavy world effect. I'd rape and pillage my way through dozens of red martian girls.

>>114902732You won't be saying that when a Martian woman has you on a leash

>>114902446they were making female assassins to be sold to criminals, so yeah taking out the ability to get pregnant would be a smart move.

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>>114902887You think said criminals fucked them as well?

>>114902446>>114902887She has a healing factor, so explain to me how they could do that without her powers just fixing her up.

>>114901412oh you know the one

The Facility wanted to make Laura clones and sell them to Hydra, Kingpin, Assassins Guild, etc, but you would want to control the supply so you would clone assassins that couldn't get knocked up, also seduction is a tool used by female assassins so built in birth control helps.>>114902941maybe>>114902994altered her DNA when they cloned her from Logan, his DNA was damaged on the Y chromosome so they altered it.

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>>114902994Eggs aren't regenerated by the female body in the first place. When she's out, she's out. No healing factor can help that.

>>114903084I never got the whole "get rich by making assassins" thing. A brothel full of young, beautiful, and horny Lauras would make a lot more money in the long run.

>>114898410still mad that she only got like 2 minutes of screentime

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>>114903084I would love to have a loving submissive female assassin.

it works whether you like her or not>you like herbreeding her is great>you don't like herbreeding her will effectively kill her and leave you with a super-powered hybrid child

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>>114903138a brothel would be better for day to day incomean assassin could kill the Marvel Pablo Escobar and you could take over the drug trade, or kill Kingpin and you can take over the NYC organized crime.Kill a warlord somewhere and exploit his people>>114903209Laura would be more aggressive during sex, the submissive side of Laura only gets shown to a few people she really trusts.

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id breed her all day

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>>114897728That is the 'Ass Pennies' skit from UCB.

>>114902586>>114902732Tell me about it my dudes.

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>>114894995WHERE ARE HER ORGANS?!?

>>114903341But this is a mind controlled clone.

>>114903382in her ass, retardwhere are yours?

>>114903404then buy a few of them and dress them up, a Laura clone would look good as a sexy french maid with cat ears and a butt plug tail.

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>>114903434And I would train the clone to love me.

wonder how long until this thread is deleted. you know mods hate threads about fucking cartoon characters

>>114894298ugh, as a reminder, breeding material is anything we want MORE of. That's how breeding works. You can select for social traits just as much as you can select for physical traits.

>>114903456just 1 clone?

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>>114903382With an ass like that, you don't need organs.

>>114901941From what I've seen they just think "That's a sexy cartoon character" then move on with their day without thinking about it again.

>>114903481thread will go on for a bit, there at least is not any arguments and shit posting


>>114903138>A brothel full of young, beautiful, and horny Lauras would make a lot more money in the long run.I'd really doubt they could break even unless cloning is a lot cheaper than it sounds.

>>114903546black market cloning, so probably more expensive

>>114903510I only need one for my purposes. Besides I want to take my time training her.

>>114903569what about her claws, what is she scratches you during sex?

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>>114903607That's the best part

>>114903607I get rough at that point.

>>114903367You've seen the movie, right? Lower gravity on mars means earth humans have denser muscular and stronger skeletal structures. We're basically Supermen on mars. Their bodies are also more avian in structure too.

>>114903510>A harem of loving Lauras fawning over me when I get home from work. Two undress me as I walk in the door, another two are in the kitchen, and one is waiting in the bedroom for my after work massage and lovemaking session. Perfection

>>114903615>dat assBless you Carlos Gomez.

>>114901415>selenia>scene deleted in the US

Attached: Minimoys Deleted scene 02 - I still have two days to find a na.webm (320x232, 2.09M)

>>114903830And how about one to be a masochist for you?


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>>114903861I'd keep her in the sex dungeon.

>>114903932Constantly kept on the edge of orgasm?

>>114903782Seen the movie, read the comics and reading the book right now. Yeah a human would make Barsoom his bitch. They just lucked out John Carter is a good guy.

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>>114904204That would just make it hotter to let a Martian woman dominate you

Manuela from Lascars.>>114903544>sauceread the filename, also link in title in metadata

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>>114904327Whatever floats your boat brother.

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>>114904675Imagine how she would handle being raped.

>>114904675God those claws are hot

>>114904700she would snikt your bub

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>>114904757Not if I put a power inhibiting collar on her and tie her to my bed.

>>114904700Enjoy it if whoever was raping her knew what they were doing or reverse rape to get off for herself.

>>114904767>Not if I put a power inhibiting collar on herEven with a power inhibitor on she's ten times more skilled strong and agile than you

>>114904776But I want to cry and beg me to stop.

>>114904815Laura's too submissive for that. Already spent her childhood being Kimura's bitch and implied fuck buddy.

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>>114904831Than I'll fuck her in public.

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>>114904920She's such a slut.

>>114894298Give love to the cinnamon beauty

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>>114904956She's a good girl

>>114904982Imagine ruining Kamala's innocence as you rape her.

>>114905033But she wears such skimpy clothes.

Laura is for >Rape>Killing>Torture>Breeding>Bondage>Enslaving>Dominating>Experimenting

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>>114905059Yes, for you

>>114905077And I have to punish her for that.


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>>114905101And she'll let you, because she's a good girl

>>114896007Alex especially so.

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>>114905125I would make her associate pain with sexual pleasure.

>>114905179pretty sure she already doesits just emotional pain that gets to her now

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>>114903975The other Lauras would pop in once an hour to lick and schlick her while she's chained to a wall. Stopping just before she can orgasm. I'll take care of that when I get home, but I'll take my time.


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>>114905199So every time I humiliate her and cause her emotional suffering she cums from it.

>>114903138>I never got the whole "get rich by making assassins" thing.Well, it's important to remember the guy running the thing wasn't in it for the money. He was in it for revenge on Wolverine.

>>114905250no, she becomes a sobbing wreck whenever you make her watch you kill someone she loves

>>114905229And maybe film her torture for you.

>>114902428there have been 9 year olds that have gotten pregnant

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>>114894298>Breeding material

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Though she'd initially find the lethargy and passivity demanded of someone who's pregnant, I think she'd grow to absolutely adore and dot over her offspring. She'd love the idea of having something soft and warm and pure and so utterly, completely her's. The first truly good thing she had ever made, something she can bring up to not know an ounce of the pain and fear she knew at their age. She'd probably weep with joy the first time she held her firstborn.

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>>114905286I would rape her while killing someone she loves.

are all mutants hotties?

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I would dress Laura up and film her

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>>114905291It'll be streaming on Chaturbate.

>>114905350How would you dress her?

>>114905360And make sure it's utterly humiliating.

only downside would be trying to survive her father

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>>114905311>Cassie giving reading lessons to her child early so she can learn along with them>Sings to it nightly because she doesn't want her child to grow up without music and a loving voice like she did>Gives up crimefighting to be a better example, but teaches Steph to be a better fighter in her stead.>Auntie Stephanie dotes on Cassie's baby and visits constantlyThis could be a really sweet fanfic.

>>114905380I'd make her read the comments of whoever donates out loud. The lewder the better.

>>114905451And I would make sure she's crying as she does it.

>>114905471I'm thinking she'll be in a leather bondage getup, with a vibe strapped inside of her on a low setting, and fresh nipple piercings each morning. I can control the vibe remotely and shut it off when she gets close. Or ramp it up to stun her. There's a lot of fun that could be had with her.

>>114905579And whips?

>>114905591Only if she's naughty and cums early. Either way, I'll be there with a paddle when I get home from work.

>>114905606And making her suck cock.

>>114905034I'd rather hold her hand. Very...very...much...

>>114905377Black Lingerie with thigh high stockingsSlutty MaidSchool girl

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Attached: power girl.jpg (598x771, 292.5K)

>>114905657As you pound her muslim pussy?

>>114905687Why are her claws so hot

What is it about this character that triggers so many coomer autists?

Attached: __x_23_and_laura_kinney_marvel_and_2_more_drawn_by_yamashita_shun_ya__d02a0c3561045b09be79c270e4073197.jpg (575x720, 74.62K)

>>114905823She's made to be dominated

>>114905745maybe you associate her claws with her rule 34 art

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>>114905855Dominated and raped.

>>114905863her hair grows longer in every panel

Attached: All-New X-Men 020-003.jpg (1988x3056, 1.38M)


Attached: All-New X-Men 020-004.jpg (3975x3056, 3.18M)


>>114898052Left's built for breeding withRight's built for being breedBig difference

>>114905823>quiet type>damaged and needy>overtly sexual wardrobe>infinite possibilities related to ways to fuck her>hot young body guaranteed to stay that waywowee, i wonder why


Attached: All-New X-Men 020-005.jpg (1988x3056, 1.52M)

>>114905863>Ask her if she'll marry meI guess this was before Jean turned him gay

Attached: thanos & death3.png (625x408, 426.53K)

>>114905924And slowly breaking her down until she loves every second of it.

>>114905970>>114905976This is All New X-Men #20Jean turns him gay in All New X-Men #30 after the black vortex crossover with GoTG

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>>114905642>Chain her against a wall in the morning after sex.>Insert dildo and nipple piercings>Edge her close to orgasm >And use a special mating trigger scent on her before leaving for the day so she's extra eager upon return

>>114906040And make sure to film it all for those watching on the internet.

Since Gabby also has enhanced senses does she ever hear Laura having sex in the next room?

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>>114906150Yes, and she gets off to it.


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Just finished watching Onward like 10 minutes ago.Ms Lightfoot is prime breeding stock.

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>>114903106Yes please.

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>>114895153Mike is so easy to love

>>114897938Based>>114897952Good lord. I guess a mare is fine too.

>>114905297I wanna knock up this dumb avatar.

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Nobody posted girl yet... Okay then.

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>>114902204Martian women have their feet naturally grow into high heels.>tight waists>dsl>50s mentalityThey truly are the pinnacle of alien

Attached: planet 51.png (1004x428, 733.92K)

>>114899950Those are vagina bones you retard

>>114906167>Laura goes out to run errands after a night of marathon sex>Gabby rushes into her room, sniffs the sheets, and rubs her face in the wet spot as she rubs herself off

>>114907222>1950s mentalitySo they're all total prudes that won't put out until marriage? Not exactly a mark in their favor.

>>114907442>Eventually Laura catches her doing it.

>>114907442Laura invites a few guys over, Gabby goes to the fire escape and watches from the window, Laura is in the middle of a gangbang, Gabby looks down and starts rubbing herself, when she looks up Laura is right infront of her looking at her, Laura invites Gabby into the room to meet her friends.

>>114894298Her visual design got improved since 1985, but her loving the MC's brother was outright bad writing.

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>>114894978eve is a stupid faggotshe is the sole reason why pain and suffering exist on earth today all because she wanted to eat a fruit


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>>114907790>breeding material breeding each otheri like it

>>114907465yeah but this is a thread about breeding, once you marry em then the fun stuff unlocks.

>>114907790did he eat her out or finish inside her?

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>>114908281MUST BREED

>>114908492Has Laura's fertility ever been brought up in the comics. because again: >>114902446>>114902887>>114903084Seems like making her infertile would be a neccesary precaution, but as they were working with a damaged DNA sample to begin with it's also plausible that they kept her fertile just to cultivate more should she prove a success.

>>114908037Pretty sure he went down on her a little bit but I don't think he got to nut before she put the ring on.

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>>114908818If Logan can regen brain, Laura can regen her eggs.Also, it's not wise to neuter your prototype before all the kinks have been tested

>>114895163france is the most based country

>>114907465ok coomer

>>114905321Rogue: AnalEmma:VaginalLaura:Oral


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>>114909180I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

>>114909481porque no los tres para las tres?

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>>114910922Her best look. It's too bad she had to grow up.


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>>114909865No, hay que escoger una para cada una


>>114903546Yo mamma so fat it takes two people to undress her!

>>114907520Wonder if Laura keeps her client list from her teenage hooker phase.

>>114911669>why?Weinstein? The US? See> After a screening test in the United States, the Weinstein company edited the film.[15] Approximately nine minutes were cut. Most of the edits pertained to the love story between Arthur and Selenia (due to age differences).Here's another deleted scene.I got source from another channel but this one covers most of them in one:

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>>114912241preferred clients became friends with benefits

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>>114894298Please don't judge me, brothers.

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>>114912320another Weinstein-deleted scene

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>>114898144It's just a petticoat, user

just don't let her be on top of bye bye pelvis bones

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>>114913932Like you wouldn't want to be the burr in her bloomers.

>>114913978she's 12

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>>114914017And blonde. Yummy.

>>114914033You can't even breed her

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>>11491408412 years old is when most girls hit puberty

>>114914181And she's a cartoon character besides. It's not illegal to lust after a figment of fiction. And even then, she's blonde, pretty, and a fair looking character at that. No harm in fantasizing about her, even as regards her as a breeding mate.

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