You know it's true UAF is overrated as hell and Ben was such a gay faggot in it os still is the best though nothing can top secrets of the omnitrex

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>>114892647>You know it's trueEVERYTHING I DOI DO IT FOR YOOOOUUU

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>>114892647>UAF is overratedI thought it was agreed that UAF was fucking garbage that destroyed any and all character development that Ben went through in AF

>>114892817I never got why he start dumping his gf from the second episode in the entire series

You're correct OV is better but he's still a gay faggot on that too

Ultimate Alien fucking sucked and had many of the worst episodes in the series.At least Alien Force was pretty cohesive as a storylineOmniverse was a rocky start but it ended up being really fun and enjoyable.

>>114892647>OVBased. I love OV

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>>114892846Not as much though bleaching Kai is based>>114892860Also had retarded aliens in it like a shitty weak copy of xlr8 (fasttrack) even the worst was a better alien mostly played in a comedic manner

>>114892647Oh boy, an Omniverse thread, i finally have the opportunity to repeat what everyone has said already.The art style is horrible. Yes, i know the character designer worked on Teen Titans, Transformers Animated, Mystery Inc and probably more, but his take on Ben 10 just sucks.Some of the alien designs were improved on tho, Heatblast, my favorite alien, wasn't changed at all, but what he did to Swampfire is unforgivable. That, and Gwen, but i can't complain much about Gwen since i'm not a filthy coomer.

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>>114892909You're not chosen to get a Teen Titans revival.

>>114892909>The art style is horrible.It literally have more soul than the anime esque AF and ua the animation is also more fluid >Some of the alien designs were improved on tho>Heatblast, my favorite alien, wasn't changed at allBased retard also ultimate aliens used by albedo have better design look sharp as hell feedback despite being like chromostone have unique design and is more powerful the only one i didn't like was alien x >GwenIt's not the way the artstyle depicts her she looked fine during episode 1 without the glasses and short hair

>>114893053I never asked for one anyways, i'd rather rewatch Transformers Animated than have modern DC handle the Teen Titans from 2004.

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>>114893128Based reboots are garbage and can't he handled these days

>>114892647We can't forget the most important contribution Omniverse brought.Aliens babes, and more.

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>>114893343God ov Ben is such a Chad UAF Ben is a retard for dumping his gf constantly and literally 1/3 is gay for Kevin Kek

>>114893343You're missing the best alien babe

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>Ben 10

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>>114893563>Death "Natsu can defeat ace" battle Ignore the baiting faggot

>>114893343Speaking of more, the show has a good "charm".

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>>114893477Faggot,But seriously rook is a refreshing character

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original > heroes united > omniverse and alien force season 1-2 > reboot >ultimate alien and season 3 alien force.

>>114892909Why do so many people hate the swampfire redesign? It reminds me of a blooming flower, I think it's neat. >>114892860The Aggregor arc was one of the best in the franchise though. The Diagon arc was mostly good except for the ending.

what's up

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>>114892647fuck you

>>114893343Thats why Derrick J Wyatt is my favorite animator and character designer.He literally cant stop putting cute girls into things.

>>114893563>>114894238Nigger >>114894264And you too >>114894411He made Gwen and that mud girl hot AF also static shock is a great series rip

>>114893861>>114893950>>114894025>>114894044>>114894092>>114894116>>114894161IMMMM COOOOMING>>114894202Final battle with vilgax was retarded

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>>114894743Yes, with or without pony tail?

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>>114893077>It literally have more soul than the anime esque AF and ua the animation is also more fluidSo it's just an anime hate thread

>>114894839>>114894852Short hair is a classic would be better without glasses though

>>114892647AF/UA, Green Lantern and Transformers Prime ruined "serious" cartoons for me. Theyre all just so dull

>>114894900Nah it's a cheap anime imitation hate thread the facial expressions and mouth animation just weren't right

okayhow many ayylmaos are fuckable

>>114894116>>114894889I wonder if Elena still had her nano-queen powers

>>114894958Fug coomers are here

>>114892647I loved growing up watching Ben 10 & Alien Force when they originally aired, Ultimate Alien was cool at first but during the arc with Armodrillo & Co I got bored and only saw the occasional episode afterwards. When Omniverse first came out, I was turned off by Blox and thought it was a reboot so I never watched it. But since OV is on Hulu i gave it a shot and it's amazing! Just started season 3. I'm glad I have so much more to watch. >>114892909>the art style is horribleWhat the fuck is wrong with you? I love the OG style, but you gotta admit every cartoon was doing the anime style back then. It's similar to calarts. Besides OV looks sick and has sharp angles, which I'm a sucker for. Most of the designs are an improvement, besides Alien X. Wouldn't it be cool if he looked exactly the same as in AF? He'd stand out.@114893563@114894238I hope you retards don't actually take death battle as gospel....>>114894839Fuuck she looks so great here! This >>114894852 is cute too! But for some reason she kiinda looks like an adult pornstar cosplaying OG Gwen, or a TTLG fan. I also like my Edit.

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>>114895199Based gwenposter user,Believe me during season 6 it becomes godlike>>114895219What?I'm pretty just it's just banter from the episode "duped" also because ben dumps Julie


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>>114895384Coping UAF fag

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>>114895276Based yourself user

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>>114895504Why the fuck are you here then retard?Maybe OP isn't the biggest homosexual afterall

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>>114892647>UAF is ovverated as hellNigga, by who? All this board does is suck off OV and shit on UAF, get with the fucking program

>>114895560No all this board does is shit on OV and UAF while AFfags pretend to like the OS.

>>114895563>I-i was pretending to be retardedKys >>114895560Alot of people shill it here and normalfags basically hate the show

>>114895590>you’re still a massive loserSummer will never end it seems

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>>114895630The thing is there's no argument here buddy you're just seething about some meme (likely AFfag)

>>114892647As cool as the "staged" transformations were, they were super repetative. They had a good idea with x-ray bone changing in alien force, but they dumbed it down to the chest expanding thing on almost every alien.Omniverse gives these awesome quick 2 second transformations and they keep the momentum instead of stopping it. Plus they look different every time thanks to perspective shots and ben's position.

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>>114895670I fucking hate redditors so much >Thinks I’m mad about a shittymeme>"Uses Virgin vs Chad image to make himself look smart"user have alzheimer now >>114895675They also don't make a sequence everytime redditors liked the original transformations because "OMG xrayino in ben10 EPIC!"

>>114895748>See those guys?You're one of them!Yeah because this site is a monolith

>>114895856Not an argument this is 4chan not Facebook you can be leftist on Holla Forums too so what?Also this is ben10 we're talking about not fucking steven universe stop goal posting and gtfo the thread if you have nothing to contribute

>>114895940>Gets mad from a meme >Never saw the thread I'm done bye

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>>114892817>all character development that Ben went through in AFs1 is the only character development Ben had from the original show but fans complained he wasn't their ben so s2 had to give a reason why he's a cocky bastard again (all the praise for stopping the high breed went to his head). then omniverse happened and made him a bigger dick than he already was.

>>114896028>Still dilating Either this or you're baiting

>>114892647>Ben 10

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Why does ben make such poses when he transforms into chromastone

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>>114894238Kek based

Based Chadlien Force living rent free in worstseriesfag's headsHow's it feel knowing Jetray got in the shitty reboot Omniverse resulted in before any Omniverse aliens and that it'll be an infinitely better design than shit like fucking DUDE MOLE WITH MUSTACHE XD and legos

>>114896156God complex fucking brat >>114896177Samefag

>>114896286Wouldn't he make those poses as alien x or way big? Chromastone isn't that strong

>>114896156fabulous = mandatory posing

>>114896304Maybe the writers were referring to the fact that chromastone is basically Jesus to the diamondhead species or>>114896351

>>114896283>Complains about le Lego monkey >OS have batteries mummies literal ghost >There's an episode where Ben turned into an elve via "jinglater" and delivered Christmas presents around the world

>>114893563>Green Lantern

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>>114896156The natural instincts of Ben’s transformations slightly alter his personality, Rath is angry, Spodermonkey is playful and since Chromostome is the protector of a whole race, it makes sense that Ben acts like an overconfident anime protagonist with his body movements.

>>114896482>batteriesElectrical beings>mummiesCould be organic beings that developed wrappings as a defense mechanism, paper comes from organic sources>Literal ghost*Alien species resembling a Ghost, OS established that he possesses protoplasm that liquifies when he wants to be intangible >Lego monkeyLiterally made of plastic, a non-organic source and is based off of a children's toy, it's too childish to actually be believable

>>114896502>explodes into pieces because can't even handle a single ring

>>114896546Ben10 is based mostly on toyism you're just rationalizing the anatomy of equally ridiculous beings >organic Fucking diamondhead and chromostone aren't organic carbon based lifeform you AF tard explain alien x DNA or anodites?

>>114896553>thinks his cousing got eaten by aliens>can't use the omnitrix>still fights his most feared opponent and his army with just a gun>all of that at age 10

>>114896651We see Diamonds and rocks being formed independantly, has plastic ever been recorded as a natural occurence? Alien X was probably put in the Omnitrix by Paradox, Dwayne Mcduffie said Anodites aren't in the Omnitrix>Ben10 is based mostly on toyism The show comes first and the toys comes to cash in, with Omniverse it feels like it's the other way around

>>114896681>ultimate aliens

>>114896674>fight against stupid as fuck aliens>still dies for trying to use the rings

>>114896702again, they were given an explaination for how they work(artificial natural selection) and they had a place in the story, Ultimate Alien was about how Ben could potentially go rogue and as the show went on he started using them more often to show how aggressive he's become

>>114896681Not an argument diamond organism or even something like heatblast can never happen so i don't know why you're surprised at bloxx

>>114896743Also I'm asking if magical beings like anodites can be rationalized (they can't) not if they exist in the omnitrix

>>114896771So are literal mineral people or species made from energy (heatblast) my point is aliens looked ridiculous from the beginning that's not a criticism of ov

>>114896546Yeah, so what? Bloxx exists but he's outnumbered by a lot of great aliens OV introduced such as Gravattack, Feedback, Gutrot, Astrodactyl, Atomix, Toepick, Pesky Dust and a lot more

>>114896531>Man of action reconize racial and difference between species Das racist

What if guts got the omnitrix?

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>>114896826>GravattackFair enough>FeedbackAnother fucking electric alien but with Chromastone powers. Also DUH FAVORITE ALIEN OF BEN>GutrotFair enough>AstrodactylPterodactyl with a jetpack>AtomixNRG ripoff and DUH SECOND STRONGEST ALIEN>ToepickIncredibly lame powers>Pesky DustGay

>>114896962Ball Weevil, Crashopper, Bullfrag, Kickin Hawk, Whampire?

>>114896502why is this seen as a win? hal is known for murdering GLs. giving ben a ring is practically suicide.

>>114897003Aside from the "hidden agent" episodes bullfrag isn't that special.Worse jumping than crashoppper/fourarms, worse hand to hand combat than rath/kickin' hawk. The only thing he has unique is the frog tongue.

>>114896946what if guts gets a blue ring?

>>114896946I really don't want to see his rath

>>114896681How do explain the dinosaurs with missiles and living soundwaves?

>>114897003What's the point Ball Weevil, Crashhopper, Bullfrag and Kickin Hawk?

>make a cute pet-sized alien>barely any merchendise, not even plushiesCome on CN. You want money or not?

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>>114897403>ben10 - TTG crossover where they point out he's a dung beetle.

>>114897403the OV toys were mismanged to hell and back, so probably not

>>114893613Loved Charmcaster's look in OV

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>>114893563>>114894238>>114896081>that filenameimposters

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>>114896502Why does he look like Beast Boy?

>>114898417yeah like that>>114898427similar art styles and the rings making him glow green

>>114898523>reboot>bandai actually starts to make figures with balljoints and more than 3 articulation points>Reboot designs suck ass

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>>114898399>Implying it was ever just one person

>>114898903the original Halposter's filename had an inside joke.You know when it's not a pretender

>>114898912Wasn’t it always phone posts?

>>114893613Definitely her best depiction. Her becoming a total troll was super in-character, and they gave her some great lines. Just wish she was in more episodes

Attached: ben_10_omniverse___charmcaster_by_carmen_oda_dd9zfiy-fullview.jpg (1280x1707, 155.29K)

>>114892862This is why we all like Guy more than Hal>>114892898Kai is shit and doesn't deserve Ben>>114893950My favorite bit of trivia about her is that you see a girl who looks exactly the same in Billy's 5th grade flashback. He had a crush on her and designed his servant robot after her

>>114899017Guy’s a cuck though much like Ben

>>114895051Most likely not, since Ben wiped UAF out of canon before we could see what she was planning to do to him.

>>114894202He was turned into just another buff man with a big chin. It's boring as shit.

>>114899054>Ben wiped UAF out of canonNo he didn't. Only a few very minor things changed when Ben reset the Universe, he didn't change the past.

>>114892909>The art style is horribleI think it's more hit or miss than straigth up horrible. I don't dislike Wyatt's work as a whole but he's definitely better with certain types of designs than he is with others, and he has design quirks that sometimes work and sometimes don't. OV jury rigg for example is absolutely fantastic, while original jury rigg was plain and boring like most things UA did. Yet eatle, as much of a reiterative alien as it is, had more personality in UA than in OV, because OV eatle is literally just a bipedal rhinoceros beetle, while UA eatle had a biomech thing going on. There's a balance that could have been made there (keep the mecha jaw, make the body a bit more insectoid) that would have been perfect, but if the original is one way wyatt goes the complete opposite unless he really liked it, and that won't always work. The "horn" thing he puts on lodestar feels completely unnecessary, jet at the same time he took the horrible charmaster design from UA that had that same horn/tiara thing and removed it to make a much more improved OV charmaster. It took me a while to get used to upgrade's omnitrix being his eye, but it works when animated so I'll give it a pass. I could go on and on.It's really hit or miss.

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>>114899036How's Ben a cuck?>>114899017You mean Kai doesn't deserve him she's a fucking asshole >>114897092>>114897083Guts would have taken the "struggler" title way to literally then guts is a fucking superhuman in comparison to normal Ben so timing out isn't out of his favor

>>114899221I dont know user, eatles UA design feels super uninspired for how much they used him

>>114899613Herve fucked Julie

>>114899624After they broke up. Ben fucked a stretchy alien, so he's still good

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>>114899613Oops didn't read this post >>114899017 sorry

>>114899684He didn’t know that. While he was sitting there, thinking they were dating. She was getting plowed by a French guy, taking his Eiffel Tower, making Louvre

>>114899616UAfags still will deepthroat this unispired anime wannabe series Jesus christ

>>114899616They felt the need to make entirely pointless rehashes of already stablished aliens (fasttrack, eatle), but eatle at least had something unique to it in the mecha jaw. I'd rather have upchuck on screen (or rework eatle's powers somehow), but things are what they are.

>>114899712You can say that all you want, but the dude literally almost caused an interstellar war because two alien princesses were arguing about who got to sit on his dick. He'd doing fine.

>>114899604Consider pic

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>>114899747>Implying Chadve didn’t fuck em afterwards


Attached: rude.jpg (720x528, 25.66K)

>>114899616Seems like they made too many humanoid aliens so they wanted to change them as much ad possible>big chill gets buff>swampfire gets different proportions>a lot of bug aliens (return of stinkfly)>several cartoonish changes (xlr8 having thinner body, humongosaur being even more buff at the chest, diamondhead having bigger arms and crystal spikes, almost every detail in chromastone, feedback having oversized tail, "ears" and hands)

>>114894958All of them

>>114899760Anon, i know you're desperate to satisfy your cuck fetish but this isn't the place. Go to /aco/.

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>>114899791Yeah, this. DJW really wanted to break away from the "realism" that pervaded UAF's artstyle. For the most part, it worked out, and really gave OV a unique artistic feel. Personally, I do prefer OV's eatle but I wish that they had at least kept that metal jaw.

>>114892898>Implying Ben isn't the one getting teepee'd by her

>>114892844Because Ben's a REALLY bad boyfriend.

>>114899884Ben is weak to fall to a mommy

>>114899779Gwen is a bitch

>>114893343hell yes

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>>114895351Based but inaccurate. He's still part Anodite, but it just never comes upHe also forgets to use Jetray and ChamAlien

>>114900179God man of action is filled with coomers

>>114900535MoA didn't make Omniverse

>>114898919You can edit file names on the phone


>>114900647Their names were in the credits but they had very limited input on the series. It was entirely a CN Studios production

>>114900688OK still my point stands the os and uaf are still coom material

>>114900929UAF was also a CN studios deal. MoA only actually created the OS.

>>114898396Better in UAF

>>114901384She was pathetic and looked like a Marvel character

>>114901548She's hot that's what matters

>>114901660She was hideous. That dumbass crown made her look like a cosplayer. OV Charmcaster is hottest

Post AU Ben ideas

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>>114902113There should be an evil ben 10kMaybe if every thing that happened to him through the series brought him down instead of making him a hero

>>114902113At least two of these were a wasteZombie had a funny schtickAnd Mad Max got expanded onBut black hair and emo-Ben were just roster filler

>>114902113dark gwen 10, her anodite powers in combination with an energy absorbong alien drove her mad

>>114902113Ben but he's swedish. Call him Sven

>>114902113Still loving southern-fried Ben Tennessee from the last thread. Him and Sven Ten are buds since nobody else can understand them, and yet they just mesh perfectly.

>>114902113>>114902431>>114902483>>114902520>>114902572>>114902794Kevin 10 imagine energy absorbation+omnitrix he can use the former when the omnitrix times out therfore stronger than any Ben

>>114900527>Jetray and ChamAlienGood the former had shit design and is a recycled stinkfly latter is just boring

>>114900527The show still acknowledged them by creating waifus from their species

>>114893077>than the anime esque AF and uaThe OG series was the one that looked closest to anime though

>>114893595But that's right though. Natsu fought a nation wrecking dragon while Ace jobbed to an inexperienced Blackbeard

>>114893861I really fucking hate the lipstick. Without it she's easily the cutest ben 10 girl though.

>>114903444Slightly but still had obviously western style unlike ALTA

>>114903503This is her from the original show.

Attached: Lucy_OS.png (310x439, 159.41K)

>>114895351Fasttrack is slower but stronger than XLR8 iirc

>>114896156Is that a motherfucking....

>>114896304I'm pretty sure WB also does the posing thing. It's based on Ultraman after all.

>>114903641A Usain Bolt reference, yes

>>114903578There's a scene in UA I think where Kevin explicitly states that Fasttrack is faster than XLR8.

>>114893343>ben still goes after WORST girltried so hardand got so farbut in the end it didn't even matter

>>114896962>Another fucking electric alien but with Chromastone powers.Its shtick is absorbing energy, not electricity. It can take in anything from lightning bolts to fireballs

>>114900179Princess Looma has the highest number of breast per body and Way Bad the largest.

Attached: c4b.gif (600x332, 1.81M)

>>114892647For me it's OS>the highbreed arc of AF>OV>The rest of AF>UAAF went downhill after their first arc

>>114896546Bloxx can be made of nano machines or something. It's really not more of a stretch than any of the other aliens. I loved OS & AF during their original run, but you dont hear me bitching about OV.

Attached: Untitled76_20200510191414.png (1440x2320, 937.34K)

>Ben Tenessee>Primarily uses Kickin Hawk>Tenessee Jury Rigg makes a dodge charger but it has the Omnitrix Symbol at the top instead of a dixie flag

>>114900179>both Ben Prime and Ben 23 Pesky Dust are in thereSo was that a mistake, or is a trap fine too?

>>114904196I didn't make the image, I saved it years ago.But whoever took the time to make it was clearly a big fan of the show, so there's no way they were put in there by mistake>>114903979Bloxx is awesome, he's probably one of the most truly unique aliens the franchise ever came up with. I really don't understand why some people hate him so much

Attached: 1432352086671.jpg (1920x1080, 130.2K)

>>114903503>>114903537The lipstick is used to differentiate gender i guess in UAF Gwen is Ben with long hair and Buffy lips >>114903896Anyone forget that four armed female in the original series?Is she the same one in ov? >>114903940>Highbreed arcThat arc was so good but i wish the mystery of max dissappearence went longer and he should have died imagine the weight that'll have on Ben,Generally this series had infinite potential the concept is already more interesting than anything in cn but ughh what happened happened we can't change the past >>114904027Are you the Confederate pregnant Anne Frank poster on /his/?Just asking>>114904196>TrapWait what?>>114904372>Bloxx is awesome, he's probably one of the most truly unique aliens the franchise ever came up with. No he isn't

Attached: acba825c5dcfd232e46f40af7537de763a063c347d329442b2b261f6817fded5.jpg (1280x720, 83.33K)

>>114904427Yes, trap. You know, dresses like a girl, but is definitely a boy. Just a girlish kind of boy.Both Ben and Ben 23 are up there in their Pesky Dust forms, since you can see the Omnitrix symbols on their chests.

>>114894116I love how red meet Ben as 10 year old and now she's like what 25 fighting in a battle royal for his dick

>>114904427No, she’s not the same girl, but I don’t think we ever saw her again. If we did, it would have been a very, VERY brief cameo. Her name was Tini or Tiny, and she was part of the Galactic Enforcers. The one from omniverse is Looma and she’s a princess/empress who wants Bens dick.

>>114904427Oh wow you actually didn't even watch Omniverse, did you?>Anyone forget that four armed female in the original series?Is she the same one in ov?No. One is some random galactic enforcer, the other is the princess of her entire civilization. >he should have died no, he's far too based for that>imagine the weight that'll have on Benoh so you actually enjoyed the grimdark parts of Alien Force?>Wait what?Pic related is one of Ben's aliens. It looks like a fairy but it's genuinely one of the most dangerous aliens in the omnitrix>No he isn'tAs you've made pretty clear, you haven't even watched OV. But okay, let's ignore that. Name three aliens with a more original concept to them than Bloxx.

Attached: OP as shit.jpg (500x218, 99.95K)

>>114904534I love how Drew Saturday participates in it too, even though she's married

>>114904534To be fair, we don’t actually know how fast their species ages. She could be “25” for like thirty years, and we wouldn’t know the difference.

>>114904601Red's a human, just with some cybernetic parts

Original Ben 10 > rest

post yfw the Highbreed were trying to practice social distancing a decade ahead of time

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>>114904653Is she? I guess I just assumed she was some sort of humanoid alien, since she her skin never really looked human colored.

>>114904504>Trap Meh more like pusky dust is just a "feminine" alien not a crossdresser i was weirded out when you mentioned benprime since Ben=/=his aliens >>114904535She was in the ben10k episode in the original series thanks for clearing that out >>114904554>didn't even watch Omniverse, did you?I did but that was a longtime ago and i forget some of it rewatched the os and uaf a couple of month ago >He's far too based Lame honestly any potential consequences should've been better than what we got

>>114904756Pesky dust may not be pretending to be a girl, but a feminine male wearing a dress is absolutely trap territory.

>>114904664I wish we got one more episode with Reinrassic. He left Ben seemingly unchanged in his views, and then doesn’t show up again until the arc finale, suddenly a changed alien. I feel like we needed at least a B-plot with him learning to love his newly changed form, or at least acknowledging that other species might have some use to them.

>>114905262>ReinrassicReinrassig* actuallyAlso I've learned German in the time since I last saw Alien Force and WOW I did not expect a reference like that in a Cartoon Network show

>>114905467So pardon my ignorance, but what reference is that?

>>114892647Do you think will all the Ben 10 threads we’ll get a good series again and de-canonize 2016 or whatever year the new one started. At least OV is canon.

>>114905565you know how the highbreed are basically nazis?reiny is named after their basic policy

>>114905590Also, Grandpa Max’s voice is different in the new one. Is Gwen’s as well?

>>114905565Reinrassig is a German word that essentially means "of pure breed". These days, you usually only hear it from snooty dog owners talking about their inbred poodle they paid a few thousand Euros for. But I'm sure that you can imagine it being used in a different context during the 1930's

>>114905590No, that's never going to happen. The franchise got rebooted, and the original stuff will almost certainly never come back. >>114905611Yes. Off the top of my head Tara Strong is the only VA to return for her role.They brought in Yuri Lowenthal to play Vilgax though, which is pretty sweet

>>114904718Yeah, remember OS she's the girl that fused with one of Vilgax robot and lost the powers at the end, then in UA they said at some point between OS and UA she just got an cyber armor even had a team for an episode

>>114905607>>114905632Oh shit. Yeah, I can see how that could be surprising, and yet at the same time I’m absolutely not surprised. Alien Force was all about the grimdark, with a named character dying right off the bat to get the story rolling.

>>114905590I doubt the people in charge of deciding what gets a series and what doesn’t ever browse Holla Forums to see what’s popular. Individual artists or storyboarders might, but they don’t usually get to decide that sort of thing.That being said, I’m not sure what they’re going to do next. Ben 10 seems to be like Ninja Turtles or Scooby Doo in terms of staying power, in that it seems to keep popping back up with new series. Even when this one is done, it’s not going to be the last we see of the franchise.But honestly, I’m not sure where they’re going to go with it next. They might choose to do another time skip, but I can’t see them doing a reboot of Alien Force, not unless they make it an /actual/ Alien Force with real Aliens instead of just Kevin and Gwen.They might just re-reboot the OS to something a little less “kiddie”. I have more faith that if they do that, it might pave the way for a more streamlined continuity, and we can finally have our intergalactic road trip.

>>114905739I don’t remember that, but it’s also been a really long time since I’ve watched the series. I might do a rewatch eventually, but probably not till the whole covid thing dies down. I’m in one of the few industries where demand hasn’t died down, and we were still doing mandatory OT as of two weeks ago.

>>114905701They won’t ever pick up where OV left off, that’s pretty much a given unless it gets picked up by Netflix or something, but I can see them picking bits and pieces of lore from past iterations. Looma and Attea are probably fair game, Attea especially since she first showed up as an obnoxious bratty kid.

>>114906506well morning star and billy billions already made the jump, so theres that

I remember an OS episode where ben was hiding from ghostfreak in some machinery in space station and greymatter, loafs of red light everywhere, and then ben and gwen somehow got on a rocket, and after leaving they were stuck in a single spacesuitI can't find it anywhereI've watched that shit several times, this better not turn out to be some fake memory

>>114907219ben10.fandom.com/wiki/The_Returnhttps://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Be_Afraid_of_the_Darkits one of these two, idk why you're having difficulty finding them when they're the climax of season 3


>>114904804Maybe it's part of his body and nit actual clothes >>114905590No its over for this franchise >>114905611Max VA died in an accident >>114906506>Netflix You're fucking kidding me right?What are they gonna do?Turn Gwen into a lesbo and Ben into a bottom like Alucard?

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>>114907536>Max VA died in an accidentPaul Eiding is still alive.

Is argit a anti-semitic caricatue?

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>>114907536Anon, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s very clearly a dress and gloves. His skin is that tealish color, while the dress is an eye scorching shade of Omnitrix green with black accents.

>>114907571No, he’s a promo-sexual who’d suck off an elephant if he thought it would pay enough.

>>114907536It doesn’t have to be Netflix, I’m just saying if you wanted to go back to the original continuity, somebody other than Cartoon Network would have to be in charge of it. A streaming site just seems be the most obvious choice, since they can also have the all the previous series available to keep the series fresh in people’s minds without having to worry about time slots.

>>114907564Oops confused him with the omniverse VA for azmuth he died not long ago i think

>>114907701I don't know really this series have its ups and downs a new show could possibly fuck up (And that already happened in UA and ov) i don't know who could possibly adapt it right.

>>114907701Cartoon Network will NEVER let that IP go. It's one of their biggest cash cows>>114907564And he apparently has greater range than I thought. Didn't know he did the vault tec rep in fallout 4. That sounds NOTHING life Grandpa max

>>114907779If I’m gonna be honest, as much as I wanted the road trip, at this point, you’re probably better off doing a completely new universe with only loose connections to the past series. We already know Ben 10 runs on multiverse rules. Omniverse should have done more with that so they can get away with changing shit up every time they want to reboot the series.

>>114907728Fun fact:René Murat Auberjonois (Azmuth va) his mother is a descended from Joachim murat one of napoleon greatest generals and his wife descend from napoleon sister >>114907832>cash cow CN treats this show like an enemy treats a p.o.w trashes it but keeps it alive for a relative amount of time they didn't do anything during its 10th anniversary

>>114907832Oh absolutely. Like I said before, it’s like Scooby or Ninja Turtles - at this point you just KNOW it’s gonna come back in a few years once a given series ends.But at this point it’s kinda hard to tell where they’ll go after nuBen. With the OS, a time skip was a solid choice, and for all it’s problems, ultimate alien wasn’t likely to have been anything other than a direct continuation of Alien Force. Omniverse could have gone several ways, but again, a continuation still felt kinda natural.With the reboot, now they’ve introduced the idea that they’re OK with hard reboots, so what’s it going to be? This one doesn’t feel like the kind of series that has long term staying power. It’s too fluffy and loosely connected. But who knows at this point?

>>114907881Kinda weird following anyone but benprime i think an adaptation would be either a hit or miss but i personally don't want legend of korra 2.0 better leave this fictional universe unscathed

>>114896704>uses the rings>it works anyways because he's a chad

>>114892647Yet the 2 episodes surrounding this guy were based. I don't see Omniverse having episodes about Stockholm Syndrome or a human villain committing on screen murder. Everything has to be a joke in Omniverse because kid show. You need to explore darkness to appreciate the light. It's all about balance.youtube.com/watch?v=XGH1CyoPVrw

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>>114908003Nuben will stay for some years after that they'll likely do nuben2 or abandon the series completely

>>114908554I admit, OV never got into topics THAT heavy. But your assertion that "Everything had to be a joke" is utter bull. There were plenty of times when things got serious. Earth got invaded. a lot of people died. Hell, most people in-universe were convinced BEN died for a few episodes, and they reacted with appropriate weight.Stuff doesn't have to be grimdark to have mature themes.

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>>114909094Off topic, but FistRook should have made a comeback.

>>114908773NuBen2 is a chance, but there’s no way they’re going to drop it completely. There might be a 10-15 year gap, but it was too profitable for them to just drop it completely


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>>114909815NGL Rook needed more shirtless scenes in general.


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How would you feel about Ben and Charmcaster having villain-hero sexual tension?

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>>114910384I'd love that. Even better if it plays into her rivalry/obsession with Gwen.

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>>114910384Extremely intrigued.I've actually been writing a fanfic about that on-and-off since I got into quarantineAt some point, it really got away from me. I'm 20 single-spaced pages in and I've barely even had them show interest in each other yet.I just can't stop building the setting and premise upSend help.

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>>114910497Couldn't find the source of this one. Did find this, though

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>>114910664Oh my. That's some quality content

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>>114910384Super hot. Make her around 2 years older than Ben though.

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>>114910824Funny thing about that. As of Omniverse, Charmcaster is biologically 21, and Ben is biologically 16. Charmcaster was born in Ledgerdomain, and spent most of her early life there. Though the exact rate is never specified, it's explained in UA that time passes quite a bit faster in Ledgerdomain than on Earth.So it's totally possible that, if only by date of birth, Charmcaster is actually younger than Ben is

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>skintight, latex, full bodysuit underneath coatAlways was attracted to her, but never realized how lewd she was as a kid.

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>>114893595And had venom defeat Bane. They really just fucked up all over the place.

>>114909094Do they say people died? Or are you assuming they died because buildings got destroyed. I remember when Attea invaded Earth, I don't recall seeing explicit death tolls. In Alien Force and Ultimate the deaths had meaning, they had impact. From minor characters like Simian being killed via acid being poured into his ear, to well known factions like the Forever Knights being killed in the war against the Esoterica and Diagon. Does Omniverse have anything on the level of Captain Nemesis killing a random driver for his car? Or him killing a black market surgeon after he was done with his plastic surgery and stuffing his corpse into the freezer which Ben, Gwen and the viewer see later in the episode? I would be shocked if the answer is yes.


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>>114911345simian wasn't killed, he showed up in a later episode to have the Ms save his planet from the dnaliens

>>114911345>UAF was so much better than OV!>You can tell because they killed off a bunch of minor characters, wow so brave!Fuck off, literally the only death in UAF that actually made me feel something was Sir George. Even when Pierce - a character that had starred in multiple episodes - got capped in the face, it just felt like they were doing it so they could say they had a body count. That's how most of the deaths in UA felt. Hollow. Devoid of true meaning. just a forced attempt to prove how mature the show was

>>114911605it really doesn't help that pierces death is only acknowledged in omniverse

>>114912396Funny how that works, isn't it?Pierce gets murdered in UA, nobody even mentions it until Helen shows up in OVAlmost all of the Forever Knights die in an apocalyptic battle against a doomsday cult, nothing is even shown of the battle's aftermath until the few survivors show up in OVBen's a consistently terrible boyfriend to Julie throughout the entirety of UAF, nobody even points this out until she shows up in OVIt's almost as though OV was more interested in exploring the consequences of what happened in UA than UA was

A-HEMI've come to say that the Rooters were the best villains in OV, along with Malware

>>114912956Personally liked Albedo and Charmcaster best, but you're entitled to your opinion

>>114913064>UAF dress with her traditional coat worn over itWould not have been a bad compromise.

>>114892647OV was so bad they even throw haremshit to the mix

>>114898396Original or OV?

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>>114913103OS design was not badUAF design was weird,but mixing them was the best idea they had for OV and for that, I love it!

>>114913096Replying to >>114913103


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>>114913183Both OS and OV are good.No idea why the reboot lolilized her


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>>114913349I got to admit though. Charmcaster's reboot design isn't that bad.

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>>114913103OV, those purple tips plus the eye makeup are some excellent character design. Plus she was written to be a total troll which I love

>>114913096Yeah, but then you lose the bodysuit.>>114910384Can you imagine how hard Gwen would have flipped the fuck out?>>114913407Yeah, I wished she was less crazy, more Machiavellian trickster/troll though. Sometimes she's the anti-hero ally, and other times, the anti-villain antagonist, all depending on what's good for her and her kingdom.

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>>114913103She was best when she was delicious brown.

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>>114913482>Can you imagine how hard Gwen would have flipped the fuck out?I can imagine this being the exact reason that Charmcaster does it >Yeah, I wished she was less crazyI dunno, I think she made it work for her. Love that they faked us out on the mental illness - you start off thinking she's a crazy schizophrenic talking to her bag, but really she's just a megalomaniac who doesn't give a damn what people think about her. My real complaint is that she was so underused. She had what, 3 episodes plus a couple cameos? Nowhere near enough screentime.

>>114913657She was never brown, dude. She just had a tan. It was summer.

>>114913103OS with witch hat.

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OV did an excellent job with meshing the original canon and the UAF canon and they Realized UAF Ben (and Gwen and to an extent Kevin) was horrifically uninterestingThe only reason why Kai won is that they made Ken brown (to make him look different than his father)

>>114896962>Pesky Dust>gayBut hey, it's strong against the most boomer-tier generic alien equivalent of Deathstroke.

>>114914351>Deathstrokedude he's Kraven.