Would you give her your heteronormative love?

Would you give her your heteronormative love?

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>>114889792yes, shes cute

no that artstyle is hideous

>>114889792I don't want to go to jail

>>114889792Not unless she can rope Reggie into a threesome.


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>>114890278Forget Reggie. She's a lost cause.

>>114889792that chin is insane

>>114891069I didn't say Reggie had to consent to it.

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>>114889792Yes!Once she is old enough!

Pardon me OP, I just want to say: I really really really love my wife Reggie so much!

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>>114891117>>114891385Reggie is cancer.

>>114891702And a mating press is the chemo.

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>>114889994It's not perfect, but far from being truly ugly. It's stairs away from something like Big Mouth.

>>114889792Can't wait for the Anonsdive story to drop. I personally like Reggie more, but Ester is delectable on her own too.

>>114892378She's probably have a lot more waifufags if they hadn't decided a literal square chin was a good design choice for a female character.

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>>114892494Perhaps, but it's a good filter too.

>>114889792No, she'd find that problematic

>>114892749Oh, I bet she'll change her mind once you take the time to be, ah, involved with her.

>>114892494I find it cute, though maybe it's because I got used to it. It just seems strange for Ester to have that chin instead.

>>114889792She only said that heteronormative shit because she reads too many woke blogs, but deep down she's as hungry for dick as they come.

>>114893943Nerdy and dirty. The perfect combination.

>>114893943I think she gets all that stuff from her parents. They seem very educated, so I assume they both have some radical professors.

>>114894144Would fit with the idea that she only goes to the island in order to be free and essentially "rebel" in her own way.Makes you wonder if when she finally hits proper puberty in a few months she will go to the full opposite of her upbringing to stick it to her parents.Meaning the well behaved and educated Esther uses her part in a band to make out and sleep with every single boy and when her parents show shocked when they learn she acts hetero normative, she will say something like "You know what mom, do what I did just yesterday: Eat a dick and get the stick out of your ass"

>>114891310I would have said "yes, if I were the same age again," but same energy.

>>114895120Now I really want to see somebody draw punk Esther.

>>114889792>heteronormativeAnyone who uses the word "heteronormative" unironically is basically doing you a favor by letting you know they're insufferable right up front.

>>114889792Don't know this character but she's not white so no.

>>114895120good thing my Esther isn't toxic like that.

>>114892040You don't judge something by how bad it could have been, but by how good.>I got stabbed in the head by a knife, but look, at least i wasn't stabbed in the head by two knives.

>>114891117i miss her bros...

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>>114895441That was the idea anyway. Didn't come out that great.

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>>114889792no thats fucking gay

>>114889792Hey Kevin! For 25 cents yo-...Oh, sorry, shovel chin threw me off!

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>>114896186You're tried too hard but I appreciate the effort. Here's my quick doodle.

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>>114896448It's cool. I can totally see her going overboard once she hits puberty.

>>114896186Holy crud this is great

Is this transgender shit?

>>114897000No. Esther is pure, Christian and straight.

>>114897000yesgo away

>>114897150Using Children's cartoons to promote social and political ideologies and lifestyles in Children who do not know any better and lack the mental fortitude and information to decide for themselves is immoral.Just a reminder that corporations are not allowed to promote products in Children's cartoons, but social/political groups and movements are allowed to try to alter the minds of Children to accept their social and political stances and groom them into becoming gay or transsexual.


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>>114895120I wonder how her dynamics with Reggir would change. It may switch around to be that Regina would be the sensible one for once in their relationship, perhaps with her getting in progressively more dangerous stuff to appease her peers and Reggie is caught within the ride. Poor Todd. He would probably have to care for a extra tard.

>>114897150>>114897227There isn't any tranny stuff. Quite a bit of gay stuff though.

>>114889792I only watched this show for the funny islanders and I sure as shit would watch a second season for the same reason

>>114898444I think you're the only person who's like that. I mean, I like the retards too, but I don't see them as the main deal.

>>114896186>>114896448I wonder how she'll be when she invariably chills off. Perhaps much like her original self, but like, cooler.

>>114897227"A cartoon made my children trans!!!! They should all be burned!!!!!!!"

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>>114900202It's kind of a good thing Reggie is so afraid of growing up. She would definitely be the type to stuff oranges there to get Connelly to like her.

>>114899452Can't "chill off" pre-teen pregnancy. The abortion is going to scar her forever. Make her traumatized before her age.

>>114900628Well, it'll surely mature her, so at least she'll be on equal footing with Todd.

>>114900259> LOOK AT ME CONNELLY!

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>>114889792That bitch is so thirsty, that at the moment i unzip my pants and show her my dick, she will suck it instinctively like a vacuum cleaner.

>>114900977Nah, she'll probably just blush and whimper before giving you a shaky hand job.

I don't think Reggie afraid about growing up physically. She just doesn't want to change mentally or doesn't want people to expect her something that she doesn't want. I mean she likes playing with toys and stuff but she never complained about her body. Sure she doesn't want to be that old as her mom, but just like everyone actually. Imagine if Reggie would play with her medium-sized boobs and she'd totally enjoy them

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>>114889792How have none of you posted the superior Esther yet?

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>>114901112Have you seen the puberty spell Butt Witch gave her? She's frighten by all things mature.

>>114901202Everyone would be freak out about that spell, but Reggie isn't dumb. I'm sure she knows she won't be that freak.

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>>114901112>but she never complained about her bodyThe entire plot point of episode 2 starts with her believing her body is perfect how it is and how she doesn't want it to change.

>>114892494Would they...you know...


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>>114902554Spicy. Sure that's safe for blue?

>>114901147>How to turn a cutesy roll into jailbait in just one (ONE ( 1 ) ) drawing

>>114900202>>114900878>>114901112>>114901355Go away Reg. This is Esther's thread.

Ester seems like the type to try and push Reggie into doing a double-date with her. Maybe that'll be how she'll realize she's bent.

>>114901147It's more of a proto-Ester.

>>114892494this. I still think she's cute, but the square jaw looks pretty fucking weird on her

>>114902787Okay, then there should more fanart of Esther. I always saw Esther as Reggie's Hikari both are intellectuals cute girls and both get boss around by red-heads.

No, black people are violent pig nosed animals.

>>114904057Either way it's a cool hairdo and they should have used it. Maybe they still could as part of her band look.

>>114904425Esther is more a Tish.

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>>114905352No.Discuss the conditions required to have Butt Witch rape Esther.

>>114905676It should be relatively easy. Among the trio, she has the least amount of offense capability, and would likely be easily physically overwhelmed, since she was able to easily contend with Reggie and Todd in his forms, so she could sneak up to her and just grab her. Her alchemy could probably make this even easier, perhaps even make her willing too.

>>114906263Ah. The the ol' animeshit "drugs count as consent" defence. I hate it!

>>114906566Okay, just wet

>>114902753It's not that slutty

>>114889792If she was around my age or if I was around her yes But alas I can only play the oniisan/aniki role

what show is it?


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>>114910440Japanese one looks like straight out of an anime.

>>114889792That's a boy user.

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>>114910535>>114910440Not gonna lie todd & esther's endless suits look like plugsuits.

>>114891117ANON ! WHATS THE SAUCE OF THIS !?!?

>>114910535Luckily for me, I'm both a loli and shotafag.

>>114889792with all my semen all over her eggs

>>114910440Did you guy listen to Reggie in German?

>>114901622No, Todd was already ready to friendzone her and Ester is as straight as an arrow.

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>>114912109>>114912117>Komm, Süsser Todd

>>114897498Yes, as opposed to the wide spread homosexuality and rape culture of Greek Mythology.

>>114912487Ester feels like a girl who slicks to the thought of getting raped by Geese-Zeus.

>>114892494>>114889792This character was a girl?

>>114912874Well, it's not like twelve year olds are known to be especially feminine or masculine.


>>114912850She's probably depraved internally as compared to Reggie's external depravity (scab garden), and stark contrast to Todd's lack of depravity because he has no space for it.

>>114912937You know, being developed.

>I'm just so dissatisfied>All I want is to feel alive>I am now how I need to stay>Never want anything to change>I'll be happier than all of you>And I'm going to be forever>Be forever>Be forever. /space/ >I know, I know I've let you down>I've been a fool to myself>I thought that I could live for no one else>But now, through all the hurt and pain>It's time for me to respect>The ones you love mean more than anything>I wish, that I could turn back time>Cos now the guilt is all mine>Can't live without the trust from those you love>I know, we can't forget the past>You can't forget love and pride>Because of that it's killing me inside>It all returns to nothing, it all comes>Tumbling down>Tumbling down>Tumbling downSorry about the re-post, my f up!I notice the songs do have some parallels.

>>114910811Invisible to You - Trudee’s Story

Some new screenshots you lazy assholes!

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>>114913357welp... Ó nÒNow im sad.

>>114913357>>114913533Yeah, like tapping to this feels pretty weird and wrong. Well, more so than usual I mean.

>>114889792Someone from Twelve Forever? Not gonna poke them with a ten-foot pole.

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Here's the blank backdrop if anyone's interested

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>>114914157You're da bes

>>114891110I was gonna point that out.She's not age-of-consent, is she?