Four days left!Are you excited? I'm excited. It's exciting!

Four days left!Are you excited? I'm excited. It's exciting!

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I don't have Netflix, about how long should it take for a Mega of the season?

lmao the moth loli got a boner

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>>114888813Yeah. I actually enjoyed this series and what it had to offer. Hoping the other MOTU reboots are good as well.>>114888891Put this on and never take it off.

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I'm excited!And nervous!And happy!And sad!ITS GONNA BE A ROLLERCOASTER!

>>114888891HA! Tell the Korra fans that.


>>114888988No clue, honestly. Last time it took a few days, I belive

>>114889416Really? I thought it took like a day.

>>114888813I'm hype for based Shadow Weaver to pull some spell of obtainment shenanigans and for Micah and Angella returned from the void to react to all the shitty things Glimmer's been doing.Catra might get redemption, but she doesn't deserve Adora's pussy.

>>114889830>Catra might get redemption, but she doesn't deserve Adora's pussyBased. I honestly won't be able to buy a redemption from Catra. They've invested too much into her being a villain with no doubt in her mind about what she wanted.


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I've been waiting impatiently for two months. I doubt its gonna be worth the hype but i can't help it.

>>114889830I don't want Angella to come back desu, it was dumb enough to make it so Micah hadn't actually died in battle/was alive all along.


It all drops on a Thursday?I really hate Netflix's release policy

>>114890001>it was dumb enough to make it so Micah hadn't actually died in battle/was alive all along.fair, but it was also a thing that happened in the original series.


>>114889830>Angella returned from the voidThat would be so fucking stupid. Catra's final step to being irredeemably was almost destroying the world and effectively killing the Agella; bringing Angella back would not only make her sacrifice less heroic, and Catra's fate more deserved, it would also make Glimmer's growth pointless.

>>114889830Glimmer did nothing wrong

>>114889830I just want Lord Hordak and best character Entrapta to be together in the end, we deserve it.

There won't be any romantic pairings in the end.

>>114891288As based as that would be, Adora and Catra getting together at the end would be really funny, especially if everyone else gets fucked

>>114890890>>114890856anybody knows the exact date when it drops? is it on midnight between thursday and friday, or friday and saturday? What timezone?

>>114891443Friday morning at 3 am ESTSo stay up late on Thursday night and you should be done by brunch

>>11489144312am PST

>>114888988Last season took less than 12 hours to be ripped

I want Adora to return to Eternia, team up with Adam and fight Skeletor.but should someone from Etheria come with her or is she better off solo?

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>>114892825I don't see a reason for Adora to return to Eternia in the current series, she already has life in Etheria. Plus she should learn to not take so much weight in her back, going to another battle is not going to help that.

Hey Adora

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>>114892924Unless they decide to throw Etheria back into Despondos, I don't think they'd have a choice but to get involved in galactic conflictsHorde Prime knows that Etheria is a planetary sized super weapon.Even after they take him down, does that mean no one else in the universe is going to come looking for them? The remnants of the First Ones? Skeletor?

>>114892959she's not here, kitten.>AU where Catra becomes Tung Lashor's slave never

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>>114892924Randor is coming to collect his daughter and superweapon and Adora has a problem with one of those.

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>>114893028I wish I could become his slave. Why are the reptiles in this show so hot?

>>114893061Why him and not Rogelio's?

>>114893086Tongue Lashor's name implies more fun times

>>114893086They're both hot, but Rogelio's heart belongs to a Twink>>114893099kek

>>114893026>The remnants of the First Ones?The trailer gave me the impression that Horde Prime destroyed the first ones with the line "goodbye, my oldest enemy"

>>114893143Maybe he'll make room for a second twink

>>114888813>Both Catra AND Glimmer are out of Adora's hairI'm really excited for some Adora/Bow adventures. Looks like Mermista may be stepping in as Adora's leash now that Glimmer's gone.

>>114889022>still no futa pics of Flutterina

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4 days?hmmm...

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>>114892825From the BBTS blurb on the Power-Con MotU Origins She-Ra figure:>an exclusive comic that re-imagines She-Ra’s origin story.Sounds like Mattel wants to completely decouple She-Ra from the greater MotU mythos (which also explains why there will be no other PoP characters in the line). No concrete reason given as to why, though I'm sure people have their theories.

>>114889022Too lazy to watch, did DT kill her or what?

>>114893425Mattel and their cronies market exclusively to nostalgiafags when it comes to MOTU, anything new is just a retread of old shit.

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>>114889830>to react to all the shitty things Glimmer's been doingShe's going to be grounded for a month once Horde Prime is defeated.

>>114889022Is this loss?


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>>114894744don't get your hopes up.

>>114888813>soi-ra finally canceledGet woke go broke strikes again.

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>>114895036the best shows always have their own Barneyfag

>>114895036>cancelled>go brokeyou really don't understand the situation do you?

>>114895036rent free

>>114892825will there be a He-man series?


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I'll be honest, I usually don't like gay shit. But I'm a simple man, and Catara and Adora makes my dick hard so I'm not going to complain

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>>114895386>He-Man is in the She-Ra verse>He-Man is actually a He-Boy>Gets mentored by She-Ra>We get prime /ss/ materialit has the potential to be great

>>114895399t. didn't watch and is just angry about women

>>114895036It was only ordered for 52 episodes from the get-go.

>>114888813I'm scared they'll turn Glimmer evil or something, based on some things Noelle said. She did nothing wrong.

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>>114895474>angry about womenYes.

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>>114895638So are you gay, incel or asexual?

thanks for the reminder of why I usually stick too the live threads

>>114895667>shapiro>bottom textThere ain't even any bait here, shit's just a plain hook

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>>114895714that's just cruel.I always have my threads humanely put down before I eat them

>>1148897371. The VA claims to be non-binary. It's not the same thing as trans.2. There was no boner. Stop talking about shows you don't watch.3. If you reply to this post but don't get quads, your mother will die in her sleep.

>>114895036>get contracted for 52 episodes>make 52 episodes>air 52 episodesHAHAHA GOTTEM BOYS

>>114895742Alright, fuck you, that got a chuckle out of me.

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>>114895581That would be a ballsy move for a kid's show, I doubt it'll happen.

>>114895631>jewish propaganda to brainwash lil' girls to prefer women over menThe only functional relationships in the show that involve main characters are straight. But then you'd know this if you possessed the knowledge you claimed instead of gobbling up other people's shit.

>>114895817You're a dead man walking if you break into my mother's home

>>114895854>your father's cock>Response used by zoomers from Age 12 to 15

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>>114895855Your mother's a dead woman sleeping, thanks to you.>>114895864Hot comeback, user. Your daddy teach you that in addition to proper fellatio techniques, or did you learn it from one of your mother's johns?

>>114895883>Your daddy teach you that in addition to proper fellatio techniques, or did you learn it from one of your mother's johns?

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>>114895581Idk it would be interesting to see Glimmer turn evil and achieve unlimited power.

>want to talk about she-ra>off-topic thread still as entertaining as actual discussionBravo

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just let me know when catra and adora finally smash


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>Go into Holla Forums for the first time>Expecting it to be mostly red pilled like Holla Forums> It's filled with these fucks

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>>114895973as awful as Holla Forums is, it's still better than Holla Forums

>>114895973>hormone imbalances from flicking the bean too muchI love it when friendless nerds claim to understand female biology

>>114895973/v/ doesn't like traps anymore?

>>114896022/v/ likes and hates everything at the same time

>>114896022Nope, now it's cunny

>>114895386Two of them. Kevin Smith's MotU: Revelation, a 2D, TV-MA Filmation followup from the same studio as Castlevania, and He-Man and the MotU, a 3D, CG kid-friendly hard reboot from the same studio as Trollhunters. Both on Netflix, tentative 2021 airdate.

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>>114895993Gal, those ore the same dudes who unironically think that stroking your dong too much makes a man fat, ugly and dirty.

>>114896038Reminder that Skeletor did nothing wrong.

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I binge-watched all 4 seasons to be ready for the last one. It was more interesting than I expected in some was (Lighthope and Mara's focus episode i s4) But not gonna lie I really struggled with Glimmer's character the most in this series. She was really whiny on season 1 and I expected her to grow out of it with development (and her mom not being around) but then in season 4 she just manages to get worse.My guess is the writers wanted her to be relatable to the target demographic but man does it backfire.At least Han Solo had some good personality traits like being charismatic to balance off his less savory ones.

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>>114896098Never said he did. Eternians can be a bunch of racist fucks, if you really think about it (though this doesn't account for the Royal family literally adopting Orko as one of their own as repayment for saving their surviving child; make of that what you will).

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>>114896133I mean Glimmer is suppose to be a bad guy, at least I think so, she's good intentions gone wrongThis season she is probably even gonna be going along with Horde Prime, for a time, as a vassal queen he uses to justify and legitimize his invasion and rule

>>114896230Paying back your debt didn't really contradict racism. Lots of people say that somebody is a "credit to their race" when an individual they respect does not fit their bad opinion of a certain race.

>>114889830Catra becomes Adora's seat might be a good compromise.

The only important question about the series is:Deserter or Fertility Festival?

Will Scorpia ever get normal hands?

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>>114893547Never explained in the show. Word of God says that they just got her to fuck off into the woods for a while on a treasure hunt or something.

>>114895581That stuff with the heart of etheria was pretty fucking stupid

Only if we get more from my girl, Mermista.

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>>114896968That was according to their VA not Noelle

how do we feel about this leak

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entrapta best girl and her voice is cute

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>>114897049If its true, then Catra will looked like a catgirl version of Bort

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>>114897049another rapunzel

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>>114897058I've never wanted to fuck a purple haired nerd, more in life.


>>114897108entrapta is autistic

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>>114896994Tfw no goodlooking Indian gf

>>114888813i'm excitedi know that this show will have a better ending than star vs....

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>>114897049ahh catra

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>>114888813Rewatching the whole show in anticipation. Season 3 is so fucking good

>>114897392Explain this to me someone


>>114897191>Implying thats a bad thingBirds of the same feathers user

>>114895581You got some stupidly high hopes expectations for a kids show. I will honestly be surprised if they even have the guts to keep her mom dead/gone. Most I could see doing is getting rid of Catra somehow in a redemption move.

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Should I rewatch the show before S4 drops? I'm thinking of starting from S2 or S3>>114889022Flutterina was so cute, but I expected the betrayal immediately.

>>114895581> She did nothing wrong.She didn't fart in my face for starters...

Am I the only one sick of this oversaturation of lesbian rep? Need more gay dudes desu

>>114898344I've been doing the same thing and forgot how shit season 1 is. Definitely start from 2.

>>114898577> how shit season 1 isIt’s the weakest season but everything from Princess Prom onwards is good. Promise is still one of the best episodes of the whole show.

>>114898379Watch Kipo, The Hollow, and the Dragon Prince.

>>114898867What gay dudes are in DP, its mostly lesbians.

>>114898867>>114898954TDP is the same as She-Ra for gay guys.She-Ra has Bow’s Dads, TDP has Rayla’s Dads.At least She-Ra has the lizard and the twink

>>114898954There's some twinkish femboy fellow, you might've got him confused with a lady


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>>114898954Runaan and Ethari

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>>114899039Cucked clan

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>>114898954not-Jafar and the hot elf guy have quite a bit of sexual tension, although that's probably more of a bi thing considering he did have kids.

>>114899070I don't speak Twitter, what's she saying?

does adora uses pads or tampons ?

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>>114899192>lesbos don't need 2b pretty 2b cool


>>114899199Total freebleeder

>>114899199tampons because pads can cause lining lol and they wear tight pantsall of the horde girls most likely use tampons

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>>114896133Glimmer was pretty boring until s4 imo, when she took a more definitive antagonistic role as opposed to just being a garbage supporting character.Manipulating(?) Scorpia into touching the black garnet was kinda fucked. And that scene where she tries to appeal to Bow to win an argument against Adora but he tells her off was great.

>>114899431It's definitely an interesting spin to have a character like that become so abusive and power hungry.

>>114897049she looks like she's about to burst into song and then die

>>114899617>I had a dream my life would be>So different from this Hell I'm living

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>>114898867>>114898954>>114899022Christ, is it really this hard to write gay chars, or are they just banking on yurifags and maneaters always taking the lesbo bait?

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>>114899826She-Ra's a girls show based off a toyline for girls where 90% of the characters are girls.There's hardly any dudes at all, straight or gay, it's the wrong place to be looking for gay guys.

>>114899826The origins of the LGBT acronym actually goes by order of societal acceptance. It's far easier for people to accept lesbians (males) as it is for people to accept gays (females), ironically due to centuries of oppression of any show of independently feminine sexuality. With men (broad generalization but whatevs) it's easier to accept lesbians as "oh they're both women it's hot", but if a woman (again broad generalization) were to express any sexual desire independent of a man's desires it's always shamed as impure. Yeah, sure it's pretty iffy to fetishize somebody's sexual orientation imo but that's not really a problem to a large section of society who see us as "other people".

>>114899867And Dragon Prince is a girl show too I take it? If not, then what's their excuse?

>>114899867You take one look at Bow from the OG series and tell me that guy wasn't lying about wanting to bang Adora

>>114899956I don’t know, ask in a Dragon Prince thread.

>>114899948>It's far easier for people to accept lesbians (males) as it is for people to accept gays (females)I will never not hate this trend. Feel like you're on the right track with the rest, but considering how things are nowadays I think the "female sexuality is oppressed" angle doesn't really work anymore.

>>114900033I agree, but people still look at it differently. It's definitely gotten better though.

>>114896983Eh. She desperately needed a win and learning about a powerful superweapon must have been the best news she heard. It's not like Light Hope told her about the consequences.

>>114897058Honestly she's the main reason I watched the show. I love her with every fiber of my being.

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>>114900207niceyou deserve some icecream cake, but only in tiny form

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>>114900207Season 4 suffered because of her exile.Entrapta/Hordak and Entrapta/Catra/Scorpia were some of the most entertaining on-screen pairings, the show’s actively less interesting without her.


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>>114899507It's a mistake to call her power-hungry. She just wants to win the war, which is very understandable, and in the process allows herself to become blind to the even greater threat Adora is trying to stop. It's a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

>>114900207You know what got me to watch the show?Her name. Her design, or what I knew about her character didn't really matter to me.But the name is so weird. Entrapta. Enthraptha. Entrrrapta. En-tra-pta.

>>114900506>Muscles>Bubble buttOh mama!

>>114899826It's not just yurifaggotry this time.She-Ra is going to break new ground by having the first interspecies lesbian step-cest couple in cartoons

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>>114900207Best fuckin' girl. The show has its ups and downs, but I'm on 'til the end of the line because I want to see her happy with her emo clone bf.

You know guys I think this dude might be evil, like really evil

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>>114902209Is this an edit?


>>114896983She did get super charged though, the Old Ones had been stealing their magic for thousands of yearsThe only reason Light Hope was able to activate the Heart of Etheria weapon was because Adora brought her the sword.

>>114902256Oh my...

>>114900146>It's not like Light Hope told her about the consequences.Adora and Bow told her plenty of fuckin' times.

>>114902256I really like the Dinner with the bad guy trope, it's an effective way to establish him as a threat in a show of dominance.

>>114902256Poor guy, he got kicked in the balls by robots.

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>>114902432it's my favourite trope too user.

>>114902512this guy looks like he could be in animal crossing.

>>114902256>eat all the eggs, Glimmeeerrrr

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>>114897068fug, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the leak

>>114888813Thank god we can finally Voltronhole this show.

>>114902430I was talking about the fact that it would've destroyed her and the princesses even if she could harness the Heart of Etheria.

>>114888813>being excited for dyke ra

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>>114903819There he is! He's back guys!

>>114903709I'd make a virgin Voltron/chad She-Ra but I'd rather play vidya.

I'm ashamed that it took me this long to get into this show. Blows the small horse out of the water as far as girl cartoons go.

>>114903890If we're talking about the peaks each show has reached I'd say Horse Show had better comedy, music, and animation quality (but then again it also ran longer and had more money pumped in), while She-Ra crushes it in character growth. Neither one really impresses me in terms of action.

>>114903878I'd volunteer but I am working on college finals.Don't go to art college guys.

>>114903984I'd say She-Ra has pretty good animation

>>114888813She-Ra is very good. It is refreshing to see a classic hero's journey story and I still got some surprising twists from it. In a world where villains are "us all along" or whatever, it is nice to see so many characters function as villains and show the tragedy in it. I hope they have the balls to kill off some characters but I'm worried everyone will get redeemed and live. Catra needs to die.

>>114904503Can't she be happy and purring for one scene, user? Even if it's on her deathbed?

>>114904503CATRA LIVES

>>114904503>Hordak may diePlease don't

>>114904503Catra is going to survive

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>>114904737>He dies to protect Entrapta, a princess, who the Horde always taught should be dealt withthe bittersweet irony

>>114888813>Are you excited?Yes, and I'm questioning why Adora had not much porn. She's cute


>>114904936And bottom heavy, without the jacket her hips are reasonably big.

>>114899948>With men (broad generalization but whatevs) it's easier to accept lesbians as "oh they're both women it's hot", but if a woman (again broad generalization) were to express any sexual desire independent of a man's desires it's always shamed as impure.Wow, surprised to see such an accurate comment on this site.Anyway, I've been rewatching the series and wew, season one is rough up until the last few episodes. It gets noticeably better starting with season two (though Swiftwind can be annoying). I was not expecting much of anything from this show, but it's turned out to actually be pretty decent.

>>114894744>>114895402Never gonna happen. Maybe if they were girls.

I wish Netflix had dropped the trailer and sneak peek earlier. Seems like too close to the premiere to build much hype.

Why is the voice acting on this show so good?

So who wants to bet that the broken Runestone shard that Bow's dads own is going to be used to somehow create a new Princess?

>>114907008That seems too obscure, but I'd laugh if Bow or Hordak became an honorary princess.


I'd love to watch the season one episode at a time but I can't escape spoilers on the internet. Woe is me.


>>114906450I don't usually pay attention to the quality of voice acting much, but yeah the VA work is great in this show. I guess it's a combination of talented voice actors, finding the right voice for the character, and direction. >>114908862Same here man, I don't like binging shows. It's too bad episodes can't be released weekly, being able to take it slow and discuss each episode as they come is the superior way.

>>114909187Less hype and less time to discuss episodes sucks, but having a completed show ready to go is the better trade off. Hiatuses, ret cons, money troubles, fan influence, and last minute changes, plagued shows like SU and Korra.

>>114910163Nah, the idea that hiatuses “ruin shows” is a big cope, usually expressed by the same people who incessantly complain about “filler”

>>114895036You've accomplishedNOTHING

Catra is not going to survive, isn't she...?

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>>114910353I dont know about you, but I dont want to wait 8 months in-between 45 minutes worth of episodes to be released. Or in the case of Korra, get randomly pulled from a regular schedual on TV to a confusing online distribution. I dont even remember where it was officially banished to, the Nick app?

>>114890982Her "sacrifice" was made pointless when they popped etheria out of its pocket dimension.>Angella basically just on lockdown because she's an immortal being

Catra being redeemed is almost confirmed, Angela is going to return because that's really the only real damage Catra did and she is also not dead.

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>>114912433>can only understand the world selfishly and is unable to empathize with othersshe really is like a cat

>>114912206Angella didn't sacrifice herself to keep it in the void, she sacrificed herself so it didn't kill everyone in a white light of time space erasure. Now, if she suddenly comes back, then its all fucking pointless and may as well have been Adora for all it mattered to the narrative.

>>114912433The vast majority of this is telling people how they should feel about stuff and none of it about how people actually feel about stuff.>You have the Best Friend Squad, which has been an incredible friendship on television for young kids to witnessOr she's just retarded.

>>114912433>Adora has trust issues [with Catra]THE BITCH TRIED TO "END TASK" THE FUCKING UNIVERSE I WONDER WHY ADORA DOESN'T TRUST HER>>114912620>The vast majority of this is telling people how they should feel about stuff and none of it about how people actually feel about stuff.This.

>>114912576It can't have been Adora thoughAdora needed to find out about Mara, the Heart of Etheria and be there to activate itAngella being lost gave Glimmer a massive power boost, and thrust her into the role of Queen and leader of the Rebellion, putting her at odds with Adora over Glimmer's aggressive tactics Angella had to be taken off the board to force Glimmer to grow upAngella can come back at the end of the series. After Glimmer has reined it in a bit, figured out where she went wrong and actually ended the war.Having both of her parents alive and well can be Glimmer's reward for making up for the Heart of Etheria debacle.

So, she's gonna get her comeuppance for all the horrid shit she's done and is gonna be put in prison for the rest of her life cause shes mentally unstable and is a terrible friend, r-right?

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>>114914219nope :)

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>>114899070>TV representing most lesbians as attractiveWell, it's called fiction for a reason.

>>114898954Rayla's dads are shit. TDP will only be worth caring about in terms of gayshit once they canonically admit Viren likes dick. Either via him being secretly in love with Harrow in the past or having Aaravos fuck him. Other than that it's yet another lesbianfest and She Ra arguably has more gay guys than it.

>>114914219she'll be put in the first ever brightmoon sanitarium. With good behavior she'll be allowed weekly visitations

>>114914500>the first ever brightmoon sanitariumSo... the guest room?

>>114914219She is going to get neutered as punishment.

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>>114914219The only good end for Catra would be going back to the Crimson Wastes with ScorpiaShe stays out of Bright Moon's hair, they'll let her rule over those wastelands in peace. Sorry Huntara, you can have the Fright Zone since Scorpia doesn't want the throne

>>114914525they'll knock down some walls for space

>>114914219Why what did she do?I only saw.. like 2 seasons and she doesn't seem to do anything that bad

>>114914704universal suicide, sending entrapta to death and horak manipulation

>>114914704Told Hordak his waifu Entrapta betrayed him when she didn't, also got so butthurt she erased the universe.

>>114914219The show is written by a constantly angry lesbian who seems to think she can tell other people how to feel on things while the rest of the world puts her shit in clearance bins.She's getting a nonsensical redemption that idiots will defend for however many weeks people give a shit after it craps out and you will like it.

>>114914577>The only good end for Catra would be going back to the Crimson WastesYep>with ScorpiaNopeScorpia deserves better than Catra, Adora does too.Catra suddenly deciding she’s good at the last second doesn’t erase all the shit she’s done to them and it shouldn’t reverse their decisions to get the fuck away from her when they realized she was a hopeless sociopath.I think there’s room for Catra to be redeemed but it’s not the responsibility of the people she fucked over to help her.

>>114914746>>114914769Ah... so she's still pissed, eh?

I just realized if Catra got with Adora, it would be a version of Beauty and the Beast where beast literally tried to murder Beauty, not threatened it, actually made the attempt, and then she still got with him at the end.It would be next level deranged lesbian edition of "I can fix him"

>>114914813no, now she just want to die.

>>114914831>It would be next level deranged lesbian edition of "I can fix him"TALE AS OLD AS TIME