Post your epic comic edits

Post your epic comic edits

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>>114887469So, did dobson get his ass kicked IRL, or did he just sit there and do nothing IRL?

>>114889552He sat at the table, did nothing, went home, and drew the comic wishing he was a big man

>>114889584Story of his life.

>>114887469Meh, the loss edit is better.

>>114889552The whole situation probably never happened at all.


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>>114892425It never gets old

>>114892425She doesn’t even seem to mind. I love the idea that Dobson believes he should be offended for someone else, and even then pussies out.

>>114893407Making fun of Dobson is pretty much a Holla Forums past time at this point.

why is vicky there

>>114892425Holy shit lol

>>114893431Even if he actually did something he'd probably end up like pic related

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>>114892425Im fit and handsome, do people actually get laid at these things?

>>114893916Supposedly. The idea as I understand it is:1. Girls who were at the bottom of the hierarchy back in HS reveling in the attention2. Not much competition since most of the dudes going to these things are fatasses or twigsBut if you really are fit and handsome, there are easier ways to get laid than putting on a costume and pretending to care about cartoons

>>114893989But I actually like comics and cartoons. I heard these things can be kind of expensive though.

>>114893916Yeah, make sure you have the right entourage is well.




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>>114893431>even then pussies out.He most likely knew she liked it but made this strip to serve his political agenda.

>>114892425That's some obscure tiny-ass 2010 con in California and the comic is from like 2014. That's not him.

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>>114894824It's sad how obvious it is that his feminism is just overcompensating for his days of drawing lesbian fetish porn and posing as a woman to stalk underage girls.


Does dobby even do anything? I haven't seen anything come from him in a while.

This kind of threads makes me wish for a Down the rabbit hole of Dobson. Things like his post on DA about his GF on Christmas would make good material

>>114895184Has he done anything aside from getting roasted by Ken Ashcorp?


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>>114893850remember, he started the fight trying to sucker punch that guy from behind

>>114894013Getting in most of them is around 100 dollarinos but the merch and stuff there is pretty overpriced

>>114894810Shut up Dobson, you merely saved that "incident" fir future material you lazy simp

>>114892425oh man what a pathetic simp

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>expose your tits>get upset people look at themAre women actually retarded?

>>114895531actually if this is really her >>114892425she seems pretty based. She is sexy and she likes to show it off

>>114895531As other anons have already pointed out, this likely didn't happen or if it did, then not at all the way Dobson (blue bear guy) is portraying it

Dobson? You mean simpson?

>>114893850This is why I never bother with women. Any women. Or anyone for that matter. Fuck the real world it doesn't have anything remotely good about it.


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>>114887469So, a woman coslplaying a Power Girl - a character that is all about tits and ass - was angry when somebody did some photos of her? I mean, isn't cosplaying all about showing yourself and drawing attention?

>>114896120I don't get it

>>114896143The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

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>>114896143They're teeth, sugar kills them.


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>>114894810>implying Dobson isn’t petty enough to make a comic about a non-issue four years after the fact

>>114887469I'm not the only one who imagines Shades talking like Duke Nukem, am I?

>>114896794This. The guy spent years hyping up the fucking Wii after the original hype train for it fucking plummeted into a ditch.

>>114893850>messing with Scots>everYe radge, loon?

>>114896077>imagine being at computers>So fat you look and see foodDon't lie, some of you read it like that.

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>>114892425>that leg spread with that indifferent cold smirkAlpha as fuck

>>114896952yeah lol

Complete.. Global.. Caturation

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>>114894810That is you dobson, notice his beta posture, and that fucking ugly fedora, plus the area being set, reading his comics, and his history of pettiness, that is definitely you, plus this was during the time when he shared his table with a few people.

can we get away from unfunny dobson?

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>>114897313This implies there is a not unfunny dobson.

>>114897313Dobson is always funny, but not the way you hope you are dobson, also dobson the cuck does not deserve to touch watchmen,alsoSTOP DOING SEXIST CRAP, and stop drawing muslims, your a fucking bigot

>>114897052Based and waterpilled

>>114897343sorry you misunderstand me I mean can we get away from dobson the unfunny

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>>114893850Funniest thing is that he admitted to starting the fight lol.

>>114892425Wasnt this revealed as a photoshop?

>>114893850>Was getting assaulted>Went with the guySo she wasn't getting assaulted and this dude just wanted to fuck up some shit with some rado.Cucks are weird creatures

>>114896446Is this bleedman?

>>114895531Dobson is the one that got upset, though.

>>114896952i always tought this is how you read that

>>114896446grim tales got dark really fast as it seems....

>>114887469Is the girl(?) next to Dobson in panel one purposefully dressed as Vicky, or is it just a weird coincidence?

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>>114887469This stupid edit always gets a chuckle out of me

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>>114898657God I love that imageI now indentify as a white man


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>>114897313Dobson's very existence is funny to me.

>>114898657this one too

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>>114898657Post the other ones

>>114897925It's not, just found the original. It's just debatable wether a blurry guy in the background is Dobson or not.

>>114896446And suddenly I realized the blissful state I was previously in, the one in where I had forgotten all about Bleedman.

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>>114896446>One Punch Man No FaceWhat?

>>114898472>standing anywhere near One Pump ManShe must be pretty icky

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>>114895184Despite being a shitty webcomic artist there isn't that much notoriety about dobson

>>114896056>This is why I never bother with women. Any women. Or anyone for that matter.Just because a woman is having an argument with her boyfriend doesn't mean she wants a random stranger to assault him. It certainly doesn't mean she is going to be grateful towards the attacker and then go home with him. Who the fuck thinks like that? The man and woman could have been happily married for 10 years and having a heated argument on what to name their third child for all you know.

>>114898899Assuming the pic in >>114892425 is accurate I'm going to say Dobson's "Vicky" is actually this guy.

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>>114896077>dobson is so retarded that he can't figure out PCsHow does he manage to feed himself? How does he manage to get his godawful "comics" onto the internet?

The but.

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>>114900069He sees food

>>114892425It's funny because the guy taking the photo was her boyfriend.

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>>114893454>Leftist>White knight simp>Into inflation>And probably a pedoNot to mention an overblown ego. He asks himself for being laughed at.

>>114894838He still stalks underage girls but draws kiddie stuff to appeal to them on FB, Instagram and Tumblr without pretending to be a woman anymore.

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>>114894838>>114901085Jesus. How's that possible he's still not in prison?

>>114901115He just does it online but didn't commit any "crime" yet. He just fetishizes underage girls like the average 4chan user does in loli threads or like the random cunnyposter but, unlike them, Dobbo is a huge hypocrite about it.

>>114901085>Steven Universe>Bob's Burgers>Harry PotterAll shit.

>>114901085he pretended to be a woman? how'd people find out then

>>114900972>He asks himself for being laughed at.I mean, how could you not?>"Im a great cartoonist, why doesn't anyone give me a chance!">Gets an opportunity to draw illustrations for a children's book>Declines because "children's books are beneath him">"How come my friends get jobs in the industry and i don't? Oh woe is me!"

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>>114901374Same way people found out about Linkara being a dirty little cockslut, I think. He wasn't that careful about keeping his various online profiles separate, and left a trail of breadcrumbs behind. Which he later loudly admitted to.

>>114901420Lol I forgot about him, did he end up marrying that tranny?

>>114901374Same inflation fetish art, same art style, same writing and he eventually admitted it himself.Here's a video about the whole CattyN thing as

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Oh boy here I go a postin again!

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>>114897948I don't believe that proceeds for most of the cases? You shouldn't act in a couple having a fight not because maybe they aren't having a fight, but because the bitch probably could be "pro" it, it's like that cases with the woman being constantly beaten, having tons of ways of just moving out and not doing it because they are emotionally dependent of the agressor, sometimes even the violent person wants to break up but the victim can't let it go. People are crazy.


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>>114892425I love how much she clearly doesn't care, she knows she is sexy and put on that to show it. Based.

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>>114901510All I remember is one tranny that he was dating, calling him out after they broke up. Trying to shame him, maybe, by pointing out that they were pre-op when Linkara was into them.

>>114901817Pffff that's gratitude for you.

>>114901817>>114901842No >she wasn’t trying to shame him because he was dating a pre-op. >she shamed him because he ONLY wanted to date a pre-op. Allegedly, >she wanted to get the operation and he just wasn’t into the idea of a woman without a dick and THAT’S why they broke up

>>114902605Okay so he is gay. That's literally the epilogue to Dog Day Afternoon.

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>>114900972You reddit expat permanewfag election tourists have no idea. Dobson hate was never about him being a "leftist" or a "simp" you fucking retards. It was about a small man with a big ego who disseminated bad advice to aspiring artists on DA under the guise of being a professional despite his painfully mediocre ability.

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>>114887469The older I get, the worse I feel for him and the worse I feel for laughing at him, and yet at the same time it never ever gets less funny.>"But why feel bad for him?"Because he has to exist as Dobson and can never change that, and that is far more horrifying than anything I've ever had to deal with.


>>114901681what, no pokemon creatures?

>>114903168>all those phonepostersWe're doomed, aren't we?

>>114903611It's the reason why most boards beyond Holla Forums have become soi central.

>>114893916>i'm a liar

>>114901085This is why star trek is crap now

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>>114893916Yes...if you have status and show a little swagger.

>>114896143>BLOGFNALD BLUMPFFFFF!!!!!Havent been paying attention to anything for the last 4 years, huh?

>>114898657also this classicthe assigned male subreddit was the only reason i havent deleted my reddit app any sooner

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>>114897408Don't you mean waterpailed

>>114893431the photographer who dobson is demonizing in the comic was her boyfriend or husband.

>>114893431>I love the idea that Dobson believes he should be offended for someone else, and even then pussies out.A scary amount of people have this similar mindset.

>>114899331Oh yea, he did genderbending shit too, didn't he?

>>114900823I imagine most, if not all cases of girls who have been "harassed' knew the dudes accosting them, and that the people complaining are either land whales or whiny cucks trying to screech about "muh consent" because the former aren't getting attention, and the latter WISH they could shoot the breeze with an attractive girl.

>>114896446Thanks for reminding me Bleedman exists.

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>>114907237boy, that's edgy

>>114903507Dobson show was fun for a while, but I am starting to think some of his stalkers are more fucked up than the guy himself. He makes mediocre art and has dumb opinions, yet some people act like he has killed somebody.

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>>114908081Just sounds like someone being an edgy boy, so what? Unless they're making these kind of posts daily and on multiple sites, who cares?

>>114908081>using kiwifarms as an argument for anythingCome on now


>>114903507It could be even worse: he could be living as Chris Chan.

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>>114908508Even chris doesn't want to be chris now. He's been larping as Sonichu possessing chris for a while on Twitter.

>>114908531And yet that's a destiny he can't escape.Holy shit the saga never ends, isn't it? I gotta catch up later.

>>114908575He actually went crazy sometime in 2017 if you haven't heard about that. Some trolls managed to convince him that he was a goddess from an anime series and now he thinks the real world is going to merge with the fictional world.

>>114908531I thought he was a "woman" now, or did he change yet again?

>>114908081Well, that's why "A-Logging" is frowned upon. That being said, Dobson makes it very hard for me to feel sorry for because everytime, he always decides to be a hypocrite and throw shit at the "minorities and women" that don't agree with him 100%.

>>114908595>He actually went crazy sometime in 2017Are you saying he WASN'T crazy before then?

>>114908603No, he's still a woman. He's also in a polyamorous marriage with one of his sonichus and Mewtwo.

>>114902605I mean... given how awful those fake vaginas look I can't really blame him. If you want pussy you date a real woman, if you date a tranny it's probably not to fuck some artificial axe wound.

>>114908694nice pasta

>>114908702Not a pasta, literally my opinion.

>>114904028Because they booted out Dobby? Pretty sure it's because they let Abrams go full retard with his reboot film serial, and then it infected the TV shows with shit like retconning a sister for Spock and turning Picard into a Gary Stu.

>>114896446does anyone remember what his pixiv is? I found it a while back but I haven't been able to find it again

>>114908595>He was a GoddessThat explains a lot of shit from his Twitter nowadays>>114908625>polyamorous marriage with one of his sonichus and MewtwoEvery time I'm depressed for being a worthless piece of organic matter, I look at this kind of shit, I feel relieved and blessed for being me. It gives me faintly hope of things getting better at some point.

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>>114909060The weird thing is even after those trolls were exposed he still believes what they told him, because Chris thinks that fictional characters are real too.It's kinda sad.

>>114908723It is a pasta, user, I remember seeing it months ago

>>114909093That's Chris in a nutshell, tho, preferring to believe any bullshit that benefits him and fits his worldview over any kind of harsh reality. The trolls that planted those ideas on C-chan's head were the worst kind of human garbage, but something similar would've happened one way or the other.

>>114909183Any beliefs that benefit him in the short run, that is.Soon barb will die and Chris will be all alone. If he's not institutionalized, it's only a matter of time before his ridiculously poor health and/or stupidity get the better of him. Chris has no idea how to function in society on his own. He probably would have died to his taint wound if the people still trolling him didn't talk some since into him.

>>114909268>Any beliefs that benefit him in the short run, that is.Well, yeah, that's for granted.

>>114887469Imagine being Dobson and being glad someone is dead.

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>>114909313this site is filled with anons who jerk off over dead trannies every single minute, you think i'm outraged over that shit by now?

>>114909268I kinda pity him but on the other hand the Schadenfreude he gives me it's just too good to look away.

>>114909313Hardly a surprise. People were celebrating John Bain's death, and all because he hurt the feefees of some vidya industry devs. Some people are just fucking petty assholes.

>>114887469Son of dob

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>>114909268>Soon barb will dieThe woman actually depends on him these days.>If he's not institutionalizedWhy would he? He's fine.>It's only a matter of time before his ridiculously poor health and/or stupidity get the better of him.He's been fine all this time and, as said above, Barb depends on him but he handles himself just fine.>Chris has no idea how to function in society on his ownI don't expect the average 4chan user to know this but Chris actually goes out a lot, he might not have friends and shit but he's perfectly fine doing stuff on the outside, paying bills, running errands, buying anything he needs, etc.

>>114909341In fairness that phenomenon is not limited to this site, nor to that particular group. Telling people to kill themselves has been a "thing" on the internet for decades now.

>>114909176I literally just typed it out. I guess someone just made a similar post to mine. Why would anyone bother making something like that a pasta?

>>114909378>I kinda pity himYou shouldn't, really.

>>114909469>He's fine

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>>114901559"processed to the full extent of the law"Heh.


>>114909517He learned the wonders of role-playing. His "fans" are stupid enough to follow him on, literally, ANYTHING he does. The years have proven this over and over and this is not even mentioning all the extra money they already give him, as if his autism bucks weren't enough. He pays his bills, buys food and takes care of his mother, even if this isn't saying much.If I was in his position, I'd play crazy like he does because, damn, it provides the attention which he loves.

>>114909625If he was just roleplaying he wouldn't have been extorted by the people who convinced him he was a goddess.Also Chris has never been "fine". He and his mother are in serious debt, he's been arrested multiple times, his house caught on fire, he cut his taint open because he thought a vagina was growing, etc. He can function, but sooner or later something awful will happen to him again.

>>114909625Do you really think he's just pretending and rusing people? For someone who claims that people don't know him, you're the one who appears to not know jack squat about the guy.

>>114901085see this why you should just enjoy things without joining a club about it. it's fine to talk to people about the things you like and share interests, just don't it be your life.

>>114909625Chris has acted like he's talking to his Sonichu characters in public, even when he doesn't know it's being recorded. He's an absolute nuthouse. Sure he learned he can use his infamy for financial gain, but that's mostly just him selling off old garbage to pay off credit card debt.

>>114893916Probably not worth testing anymore after this pandemic considering cons are filled to the brim with filthy neckbeards that don't shower. Best way to get sick

>>114909517it's clear that chris' mental state has been in decline for years and i haven't really been following recent events closely, but i am clinging to hope that this is all just some autistic storytelling rather than actual descriptions of what chris believes is actually happening

>>114909888Dude, CWC is the epitome of modernity but don't give the guy that much credit. He's just not wired like most of people out there and if it wasn't for the internet, he would have ended worse than already is. Let the guy be and throw him some coins now an then.

>>114909825There's nothing wrong with joining a club or becoming a fan, you just have to remember that nothing is perfect and be open to criticism as well as voicing your own concerns if something you enjoy doesn't meet expectations. The problem is, people get blinded by their love and let it cloud their judgement, or even outright silence their ability to think independently.

>>114897925No, there's an edit of this image with Dobson wearing brown with a thought bubble or something that's the shop.

>>114909976>throw him some coins now an thenWhy?

Okay, what the fuck?

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>>114909625>He pays his bills,He (and his mother) accumulates debt like nobody's business. He gets by, buy no, he's not "doing fine" by any definition.


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>>114909976>if it wasn't for the internet, he would have ended worse than already isyou think so? having your entire life exposed and thoroughly documented online would be fucked up for anyone, let alone an individual like chris who has said and done so any insane thingsin a world without the internet it's possible chris could have ended up having a semi normal life but all hope of that ended as soon as he got discovered

>>114893916How would we know?

>>114910061Like when you see an indigent by the subway do some weird shit for money and amuses you but it's not obligatory tho.

>>114910146So it's people who started documenting and following him years ago who damaged him the most, right? I mean, without them, he would have had a much more peaceful life in general and he wouldn't have succumbed into madness the way he did over time.


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>>114910170Because we have lots of sex.

>>114910146Nah, people were harassing and manipulating Chris even before he was discovered. He's just such an easy target. And even before the internet, he was still pretty awful.

>>114910146That, and being exposed to Sonic the Hedgehog. God knows why, but there's something about that franchise that just brings out the worst in mentally deficient individuals more than any even Cartoon Horse Program.

>>114910146He was already fucked up before being exposed and documented. In all fairness, while being exposed surely didn't help, it made him a lot of money he wouldn't have otherwise have access too, as well as a lot of other outside help. To add to that, most of the things we knew about Chris were fueled by his own egomania, and he's still happy enough to vent his most embarrassing escapades without the need of people going through his garbage. Considering 95% of the real troublesome shit Chris gets into is completely his fault, and his alone, I'd say he's benefited from all this in the end.

>>114907232>most, if not allI'm glad I'm not so internet obsessed that it's warped how I view the world

>>114910146I believe he could've ended in a laughter house as soon as his dad died and money went thin for him and Barbs. I mean the guy is just a glorified NEET you know? At least people on internet cares enough for their source of laughter to let him die. That's more that most of us would ever get in life y'now.

>>114910186Good point. Still not giving him shit

>>114910273That's hardly being obsessed, but hey, jumped to conclusions for no logical reason.

>>114910088>>114910115Holy shit the guy actually believes he's Sonichu now? Oh we have come a long way since deviant art era, isn't it?

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>>114910387Only an internet obsessed person would come to the conclusion that all cases of sexual assault were actually not sexual assault because of *buzzword of the month*Or maybe you're just too low iq to think beyond black and white.

>>114910713I said "I imagine", as in it's possible. That's not being obsessed, moron. But hey, keep acting like I'm "obsessed" even though you're clearly the one taking far too much offense over what I said.

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>>114910775You reek of someone who's only ever discoursed online

>>114904175the non-edited comic is way funnier.

>>114910885No, I don't, retard. I know what I said, and it was literally not obsessive in the least. So how about you just give up and stop pretending to be some internet tough guy because you're wrong?

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>>114910964Ok reddit beta cuck basedboy npc normie (trying to make this easier for you to understand)

>>114911034>getting so made he just spews buzzwords to try and "win"Whatever, kiddo. Clearly you're the one incapable of argument if you get this riled up so quickly. Go ahead, have the last word since that's probably what you want out of all this so you can feel like the bigger man for "calling out" someone for offering a harmless opinion.

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>>114911106Stop using the internet

>>114911179Might want to heed your own words, kiddo.

>>114896077God this always fucking gets me

>>114892425Holy fucking kekAnd here I was thinking that it was just something he magicked up inside his head. Somehow this is even more pathetic.

>>114911866Given his attempts to kiss up to the feminist crowd, it's only logical that he probably pulled some of the comics where he white knights from actual events, so he can self-insert and pander to people who won't really appreciate his "contributions".

One of my favorites.

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>>114892425>not pulling her leotard aside for a peekUnfortunate

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>>114912401>G4Fuck, it's been ages

>>114912438We can post Loss edits all day.

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>>114897290It's really not Dobson. He only travels out of town for the bigger conventions like Boston Comic-con. That photo's from some smaller con south of LA that nobody but locals bother to go to.



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>>114912526The fact that you keep hiding these claims in spoilers only makes their validity more suspect.

>>114912627It's not Dobson, for fuck's sake.


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>>114887469I cant stop laughing

>>114912674You didn't spoiler that, how can I believe you?

>>114887469Lmao this is amazing.


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>>114896446Who's the girl?


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>>114901333>Harry PotterTalking about the scarf? I think it's Dr. Who.


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>>114893850If she "ended up going with him", he was obviously a friend, a relative, a boyfriend or a husband, not someone assaulting her, you dumb fuck. You, on the other hand, just admitted to assaulting this guy because... he raised his voice toward a woman he knew?


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>>114900823So basically what happened was that some dude took a photo of his cosplaying girlfriend and then Dobson saw this and drew a comic about how he totally beat the boyfriend up.

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>>114913226>>114887469More like these

>>114899063I met my college sweetheart in the boxing club and one night while drunk we started sparring on the front lawn of my house. If some whiteknight had hit me trying to "save" her, we probably would have kicked his ass together.


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>>114913063>>114913226What’s all this choking in reference toIs it the Last of Us 2 or what


>>114913705Pretty sure, yea, that trashheap does a scene like that with Senator Abby about to make Ellie the mother of all lesbegones.


>>114903168>You will never participate in another Habbo Hotel RaidMy eyelids are heavy...

>>114913705Last of Us 2 leaks

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>>114898766why the hell I laughed at that?

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>>114893850This will never not be funny to me

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>>114896952>Don’t Dead>Open Inside

>>114912963>having Mcdonalds night in the middle of the dayThis is a special kind of retard

>>114912567Wait, is this an edit or the original? Either way, I laughed.

>>114913063What’s this choking meme template from

>>114914752The Remainder of Them Act Second

>>114912401>G4Im glad that I was around where video game commentators actually enjoyed there work and worked with what they were given. Alas, this has gone the way of how Kotaku used to be pronounced "K-otaku" and how Vice news used to do actual exposes.

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