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Previous: >>114838979 >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:pastebin.com/kc7zwd8fNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/611748

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>>114886469Requesting shy 86

Attached: 86.jpg (320x320, 18.13K)

Requesting the bottom pic with Lila Mayfield, wearing the dress of the top right ref.

Attached: lil.jpg (948x1156, 267.49K)

Requesting Zatanna ripping her sheer skin tone pantyhose. Then either swapping them for fishnets or fixing them with magic.

Attached: Change.png (878x717, 760.38K)

Requesting an Adrien version of the right pic.

Attached: Adrien.jpg (1208x862, 228.16K)

Crysta in a high-cut black and bright orange bikini

Attached: 090185d608f53eb99939970f64f4c738.jpg (718x1040, 64.36K)

requesting bea, a background mouse/opossem character from the idw tmnt series reading a story In a large chair with lita, mushroom, and zanna with her dolly on bea's lap/armrest and zink on the top of the chair all looking at the book.lita is the albino turtle. the other three are the weasels. thought it'd be interesting to see what they were doing while everyone was at the concert in 105

Attached: storytime.jpg (1280x1024, 229.91K)

Requesting tittymonster Buffalo Wing drinking a soda that is wedged between her massive cleavage.

Attached: 1588982693360.jpg (1200x675, 484.06K)

>>114886469Requesting these characters fused.

Attached: 1589022179706.png (1600x1600, 398.22K)

>>114886469That's one dope OPKudos to the artistI hope he still around

Requesting Bellydancer Jetix-tan

Attached: Jetix-tan.jpg (1947x1763, 670.39K)

Requesting a drawfriend draw any two female characters of their choice dancing just like these girls from Hey Good Lookin.

Attached: girls dancing.gif (360x202, 2.03M)

>>114886469Requesting IDW Sonic meeting a stranger (or Ken Penders) showing him the sleeping cadavers of Fleetway Sonic and Archie Sonic, a cover parody of Action Comics volume 1 issue 399

Attached: Sonic, you are DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!.jpg (600x900, 172.55K)

Requesting Tyr'hanee, designed as though she were created for the late 40's/50's Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies shorts

Attached: tyr'ahnee.png (586x440, 251.43K)

>>114886469Requesting a clash between Jasper and Yujiro Hanma like Goku vs Majin Vegeta

Attached: the clash 3.png (928x541, 445.19K)

>>114886469Requesting Mordecai like 6nine and Cloudy Jay like modelsyoutube.com/watch?v=pPw_izFr5PA

Attached: MoRDo69AndCloudyJay.jpg (2740x3084, 2.58M)

Requesting Stephanie Brown in a proto/makeshift Spoiler outfit as if she just put it together with odds and ends from the closet or drawers. I suggest making the cloak a hooded sweatshirt. I'll leave the rest up to you.

Attached: Proto Spoiler.png (1342x836, 1.92M)

Requesting Flamewar sunbathing

Attached: 1588986406468.jpg (1469x970, 1.51M)

>>114886469Requesting Mordecai like Post Maloneyoutube.com/watch?v=MRyLC2M1K2w

Attached: Post Malone Mordecai.jpg (1586x2521, 790.78K)

Requesting a slime girl Wilhamena emerging from a cauldron, with Enid looking startled and confused

Attached: wilnid.png (952x1413, 446.75K)

requesting guts from berserk and ash from the evil dead series teaming up to kill the skeleton warriors. do it in what ever style you want.

Attached: ash and guts vs nazi zombies.jpg (1280x1024, 323.26K)

Requesting Raven with a veil mask in black, blue, or dark purple so she can have more of a secret identity. Maybe a full head one for civilian clothes whenever she is sneaking around.

Attached: Veiled Raven.png (834x798, 1.15M)

requesting Sharon and Alden from Braceface in bathing suits surfing like Sabrina and Zelda from Sabrina: The Animated Series

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>>114886516Source of that reference?Asking for a friend...

Requesting Fallout from the Black Torch getting a tan at the beach, and discovering the outline of a handprint on her ass.

Attached: 1589118788352.jpg (801x1024, 145.14K)

>>114886629Seconding for best Batgirl

Requesting Vampire Jubilee having her breasts grow bigger after drinking anons blood

Attached: 1589081954384.png (506x624, 166.02K)

Requesting Peridot and Shockwave fixing a machine, but everything goes wrong.

Attached: Garbage.png (1047x1616, 2.73M)

>>114886469Luz in a depressed state as she's laying down on a human-transmutation glyph seen here on the left, with her arm & leg gone or just AutoMail your choice on the matter?

Attached: human-transmutation-Luz.png (1414x862, 738.37K)

Requesting a Catwoman redesign styled after Terry's Batman. With green eyes and thin, narrow pupils like a cat's and prominent dark red lips. Maybe with a tooth gap. Add a utility belt and a backpack if you like.

Attached: Catwoman Redesign.png (680x1095, 906.11K)

>>114886794What’s is with your affection towards EVA? I legitimately curious about it.


/r/ing the right scenario with Adorabat.

Attached: adorabat request.jpg (1819x1080, 400.51K)

>>114886794oh fuck nowe just had a casual request with Gruftinenot this suspicious request

Requesting fem!Kurt poledancing

Attached: 5c601bb666a28a4316ff57c8a7a5dbac1549e354ab09cf591a258550b7ee9602.png (958x702, 1.01M)

>>114886855How's that based?

Requesting this with characters of your choice.

Attached: a story strictly adhering to the bechdel test animated.gif (480x256, 472.48K)

Requesting the White Spider Rabbit!

Attached: The White Spider Rabbit.png (1324x841, 2.13M)

Requesting Amity as John Constantine.

Attached: amity shows the cunts.png (1440x1620, 1.4M)

Requesting Wendy in ninja gear infiltrating a camp or fortress to rescue Dipper. He almost calls out when she finds him only to be quickly silenced by her.

Attached: Rescuer Wendy.png (1171x727, 1.01M)

Requesting Adora and Catra beating the shit out of Shadow Weaver.For Mother's Day.

Attached: HappyMothersDay.png (1653x1653, 1.17M)

>>114886743Not that user but hereyuni(dot)us/imma-kiss-your-ass

Requesting a character of your choice using this urinal.

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Requesting this couple's pose with Batgirl and Killer Moth.

Attached: Bat and Moth.png (686x1070, 987.13K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: demon pawn fusion.png (1024x806, 233.93K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: peggy hills best outfit.png (640x480, 147.95K)

Requesting Mr. Venom admiring themselves in a full-length mirror.

Attached: lgref.jpg (3315x2184, 3.38M)

Requesting a BigDad-influenced take on Janice Valentino (Robbie's mom from Gravity Falls). Going for a MILFy feel.

Attached: Janice Valentino.png (1865x1871, 3.11M)

Requesting Jesse being cute

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-10-02h54m28s629.png (1920x1080, 1.35M)

Requesting Elizabeth O'Neil (April's mom) wearing the classic 80s April jumpsuit.

Attached: ElizabethONeil.png (2100x1568, 3.77M)

>>114887007anon.if you dont knowyou dont know.

Requesting Jenny Wakeman playing videogames with XJ-Negative (bottom). Have Jenny trying a little hard while the other is just calm because he's winning.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-CjXXKhrnuvlSjv.jpg (1288x1395, 350.15K)

Requesting characters getting hit with the Dumb Ray

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-09-19h55m40s437.png (1920x1080, 1.37M)

Requesting Royal Pearl and Yellow Pearl together with yellow in the wedding armor, like she is the knight defending her queen, possibly with a lewd version?

Attached: Volleyball_233.png (1244x1050, 1.18M)

Requesting young, skinny Madam Mim wearing a rental mommy shirt.

Attached: Rental Mommy Mim.png (1800x960, 932.5K)

Requesting Goblin Queen sunbathing just like the woman in the right pic.

Attached: Goblin Queen Sunbathing.jpg (1530x803, 310.86K)

request peggy telling pranks , leggy listening with the same expression and barbara laughingpranks example:when she cut the farmer's hair in the style of a feministimgur.com/a/vTJZmfiwhen he disguises a scarecrow as an assassin and leaves him in a corn maze

Attached: elonmuskhatethenewbaby.jpg (531x774, 200.92K)

Requesting this with characters of your choice

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-10-02h38m29s906.png (1920x1080, 1.46M)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this, bonus points for camel toe.

Attached: rogue 1986.jpg (1189x1920, 262.14K)

We got a serious drawfag shortage around here, just look at the quick death of the WOYA threads.Someone has to set up a Holla Forums drawing class so more anons become artists.

Requesting her Digimon partner

Attached: taichi luz.png (1366x1366, 1.11M)

Requesting Jane Willoughby in a Candy Commander uniform, like Commander Melanoff's.

Attached: Jane Candy Commander.png (1800x1828, 3.27M)

Requesting Black Goth Jenny in this sort of outfit.

Attached: 8OKznMVl.jpg (640x454, 39.39K)

Requesting coloring

Attached: iori lapis.png (717x1440, 256.28K)

>>114844428 (Cross-thread)Hope this works, I have no idea how to reply to another thread.

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Requesting Kipo making a smug face like the picture on the left

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-sjBVSnlevvhfOr.jpg (1997x1115, 327.14K)

Requesting a lewder version of this

Attached: Justice_League_Vol_3_42_Textless_Variant.jpg (1058x1600, 453.08K)

Requesting an older Tanis based on Eldlich, the Golden Lord

Attached: Tanis the Golden Lady.jpg (1806x585, 407.4K)

Requesting Livewire screaming and powering up like a DBZ character, leading to her getting Super Saiyan 3 hair.

Attached: Livewire supreme pile of references.jpg (2698x1608, 369.11K)

>>114886794Anyone see abusefag's little request attempt at the very end of the last thread? lol How ban-evades constantly and only does shit like this?>>114886833Wrong spammer, mate.

>>114886469requesting happy numbuh 58

Attached: numbuh58.png (241x198, 76.76K)

>>114887706Is this the dawn of yet another new spammer for these threads? Amazing.

Requesting the comic on the left, with Tino's Mom giving a quick "peak" to any of the other 3 kids, while Tino's sitting next to her.

Attached: TINO'S MOM.jpg (2932x1816, 613.55K)

Requesting Connie as a supervillain

Attached: connie sword.png (702x692, 257.59K)

>>114887719>2 knd requests>spammerrelax faggot.

Requesting an original Iron Man suit loosely based on the Mark 42 suit, but painted blue and silver. Also, I would like it if the harness like things as seen on the picture on the left was not included on this suit.youtube.com/watch?v=t7URBWgAfy0

Attached: Blue Iron Man OC Reference.png (2306x1322, 2.34M)

Requesting Meteora eating a human

Attached: meteora drool bikini.png (606x990, 360.34K)

Requesting a family beach outing for Dr. Lalinde and her "daughters" Vesper Woman and Quake Woman.

Attached: TempoLalindeVesperWoman.png (1706x1700, 3.08M)

Don't know if that user is going to post the open-ended request from last thread, but I'm taking my suggestion back here. Requesting Bunny Bravo doing like in the image on the bottom.

Attached: Bunny Bravo.jpg (1272x3224, 475.98K)

>>114887838my thoughts exactly. user just wants to be mad about nothing.

Requesting the Totally Spies girls (Clover, Sam, Alex) as sexy cavegirls in animal skins and loincloth in the style of Tartakovskys PRIMAL. They should be a little scarred and rough around the edges (unkempt hair etc.) from living in the prehistoric era.This is basically if the time travel episode of the show went to the prehistoric age rather than the middle ages.

Attached: 57061BD4-DA41-462D-AF7B-775991685EBF.jpg (2500x1188, 822.46K)

Requesting Krolia wearing a "your son calls me mommy too" T-Shirt, clearly confused by what it means.

Attached: krolia.jpg (1024x1280, 102.5K)

>>114887719Nigga it’s just two KND requests, it’s nowhere near as grotesque or bizarre as the aforementioned requests. Just chill alright mate.

>>114887909Two different characters at that.

>>114887931That too. Atleast it ain’t another EVA request, even if the artwork for them is pretty lovely.

It's still MILF's Day, lads.Requesting the comic on the far-left with Camilia Noceda, Luz's Mom, and Gus, plus a confused Luz at the end there.

Attached: Camilia Noceda.jpg (2524x1448, 554.27K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: karai d2zywrp-93163634-3fc9-4fb0-9bd3-890c66a26ea5.png (2306x4500, 1.07M)

>>114886469>TriathlonThat's what it's called?Also, coomer delivery aside, that is the best thing I've seen from these threads in a long while.

Requesting Amity & Luz accidentally bimbofying themselves.

Attached: bimamityluz.png (1980x1710, 2.01M)

>>114886469Requesting a comic strip of tim asking annie for a smile, only for annie's smile to come off as creepy.

Attached: pjimage.jpg (999x969, 109.57K)

>>114887719>shy 86>happy 58How are either of those bad? toughen up user

Requesting R63 Pinocchio playing pool (billards) and using her nose as a cue stick.

Attached: pinocchu.jpg (540x663, 28.5K)

>>114887997>looks like basic bitch template bodies>airbrushed to helllol

Requesting Battle Chasers' Gully, smirking and looking down similar to the ref, like she knocked the viewer onto the ground.

Attached: Gully Down.png (1738x1600, 3.78M)

Requesting Reggie from 12forever shirtless with only her bra on and shoulder holster holding a Smith & Wesson model 29 .44 Mag and pointing towards the viewer. The same as Travis from Taxi Driver.

Attached: Taxi Reggie.png (1513x614, 1.02M)

>>114887997>coomer delivery asideWhy do you care?



Requesting either of these two pics with Katie Killjoy. Maybe have the right one lead into the left if you're up to do both.

Attached: Killjoy.jpg (4224x1587, 906.33K)

/r/ing olga pataki showing up to her student teaching job drunk and embarrassing helga

Attached: Student_Teacher.jpg (768x576, 254.58K)

>>114887540ICS? That you?

Requesting the cat from Infinity Train, auctioning off Tulip and Lake at a slave auction.

Attached: InfinitySale.png (1677x1887, 1.68M)

>>114886469Requesting two Holla Forums MILFs of your choice in a boxing match.

Requesting June doing a slight turn. This sort of pose.

Attached: june over shoulder.png (1974x1600, 2.26M)

Requesting fusion: Elemental Edition

Attached: Elemental Chaos 2.jpg (2024x1593, 246.05K)

Requesting Taz as Kano.

Attached: 1589023424351.png (1200x1302, 637.67K)

>>114888050>>114888055So mad and flustered in a begging thread. You love to see it.

>>114886469Requesting Rio Morales wearing Gwen's school uniform like the girl in the top right

Attached: School Girl Request.jpg (1789x2233, 462.51K)

Requesting the blacked couch meme with the 6 corona-chan variants shown. Have Winnie the Pooh in the girl's place with the china stars on his red shirt.

Attached: sixcoronasonechinkbear.png (2188x1737, 2.39M)

Requesting Arcee having liquid Energon from Energon cubes poured on her, similar to the honey ref.

Attached: PrimeArcee.png (1985x1638, 2.36M)

Requesting Star and Enid Fusion

Attached: ECA44C1A-248B-4D78-AFD5-D7D5FF53ABFA.png (370x320, 87.85K)

Requesting a gonna-be-a-mom Mavis.

Attached: mavis-as-a-milf-to-be.png (939x942, 786.22K)

Requesting again for more Hilda with a short hair cut but this time with a shaggy pageboy hair cut but but don't add a beanie cause it's screams patriarchy, no just her barrette or none.

Attached: shaggy pageboy haircut-Hilda.png (1616x1272, 1.17M)

Requesting Sheila dancing while wearing Shantae's outfit.

Attached: SheilaRef.png (1230x1570, 2.05M)

>>114888471I second this request

Requesting Jetix-tan wearing a one-piece swimsuit with visible tanlines

Attached: GheyLw1.jpg (2447x1362, 426.25K)

>>114888942No seconding

>>114888920You confuse me, because you just received your request yet you’re making it more detailed for future use, it that right?

Requesting Butt Witch ridding her wheelchair like a motorcycle

Attached: 1585961519791.png (489x500, 455.71K)

Requesting Hellhound Volcana

Attached: Volcana Hellhound.jpg (2826x2457, 877.96K)

>>114889045Yeah, I did and I appreciated it from the least user but this time I admittedly would like more from anyone who would take the time. And the detailed part, I guess that's my fault.

>>114889117This is what happens when you have to wait two years for a second season.

>>114889023What? I'm allowed to do that. I haven't even made a request yet! I just browsed the thread, saw something I liked, and gave my support. Don't go making up bullshit rules now

Requesting Debbie Thornberry posing like Christina Aguilera in her 2003 Maxim photoshoot. Doesn't have to be this pose exactly, here is a link to the rest of the pics.imgur.com/a/Y0YJ7

Attached: Debbie.jpg (2386x1630, 898.64K)

Requesting Dom trying to flirt with Leggy Lamb by flexing his muscles

Attached: dom leggy.jpg (605x512, 167.39K)

>>114886469Requesting Darth Sidious lifting up his robes to reveal a lightsaber hilt saying "I bet you weren't expecting this! Aha!"Bonus points for a side panel with Mace Windu or Yoda looking away and covering their face with their hand.

Attached: 588871281115.jpg (1920x1920, 783.94K)

Requesting Dewey and Webby in a wrestling ring as tag team wrestlers but they're doing it Ancient Greco-Roman style.Dewey looks a bit unsure about this but Webby is super hyped up.

Attached: wd.jpg (738x415, 41.39K)

>>114889134Eh, atleast you owned up to it. As for the request, I have no issue with it, but it just seems strange to me to request for a second time.

>>114888313But why do you care about people making coomer requests? If you don't like them, just make non-coomer requests.

>>114886469Requesting Candela (the Gypsy girl from the right) dressed as Candela (the Pokemon Go girl from the left)

Attached: burning request.png (1024x921, 618.61K)



>>114889241Because I would like more short hair Hilda.

Requesting this fight pose of Yakuza 0 with Berserk Kale from Dragon Ball Super and Blue Power from Ok KO while they wear swimsuits of the artist choosing.

Attached: 78E901B5-76F1-46C2-B771-7FE7DAC0D995.jpg (1200x900, 370.48K)

Requesting Hilda fallen off a bicycle

Attached: 20200410_083749.jpg (400x667, 108.89K)

Requesting Trudy Proud wearing the shirt on the right

Attached: Trudy.jpg (713x355, 74.22K)

Requesting Rayla nervously trying to disguise herself as a human tavern wench, covering her horns and ears with a wimple.

Attached: RaylaTavern.png (2000x1522, 2.8M)

>>114889320That’s fair enough.

Requesting these milfs getting their asses slapped like the girls on the right but have at least Wilhamena enjoying it. Who is slapping them is up to you. Maybe a fifth milf, like Plata Peligrosa, or just an user

Attached: Milf Smack.jpg (3039x2148, 1.57M)

>>114887540That's great. Reminds me of old-school Ian Samson.

Requesting Maïla from Toutmosis, looking cute despite being splattered with the blood of fallen enemies.

Attached: Maïla from Toutmosis.png (1985x1214, 2.11M)

>>114888101it isn't

Requesting Maggy in a slingshot bikini

Attached: maggie.png (400x564, 133.22K)

Requesting Grrrl (from the Futurama episode "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences") pregnant with some Popplers.

Attached: Grrrl.jpg (624x352, 54.5K)

>>114886469Requesting Raphael and Mona Lisa from Ninja Turtles portraying as young romantic couple, just like Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol in The Pirate Movie on the top.

Attached: RaMona'87.png (750x1334, 1.97M)

Requesting insectoid (?) fusion

Attached: Bug-like aliens.jpg (2048x1612, 285.51K)

Requesting Momseid getting flowers for Mother's Day

Attached: b691fe55c124446ab17d4633c0d6c60eacf9266d.jpg (540x738, 64.98K)

Requesting a trap booty line up like the top pic

Attached: Trap ass.jpg (5760x4825, 2.83M)

Requesting a buffer mutant Dakota similar looking to the Goblin Slayer Amazon

Attached: Amazoid.jpg (1583x1471, 305.13K)


Attached: Adorabatsquishy.png (1166x1250, 128K)

Requesting the Mad Hatters fighting like this cdn.empoweringparents.com/aggressive-behavior-in-young-children1-200x200.jpg

Attached: D801EFBE-37E7-4120-8ABD-FB4C48E41B2A.png (566x493, 474.28K)

Requesting Hugh Neutron accusing someone of being a casual. Doesn’t matter what for.

Attached: 83F7A6C3-85B3-4730-818E-99796B6A1487.png (702x522, 561.5K)

Requesting Plastic Man being annoying by morphing into Daphne or Velma like with Harley and WW on the right.

Attached: PLAS.jpg (3112x2080, 1.51M)

Requesting Gargoyles' Angela in a slave Leia getup.

Attached: slave angela.png (953x829, 557.08K)

Requesting Buff Wolf dressed like in the bottom images. Or just a version of grown Wolf looking like in the bottom image.

Attached: BUFF WOLF.jpg (2848x1664, 644.93K)

>>114887343I hope you like it

Attached: co request Madam Mim.png (1500x2100, 1.59M)

Requesting the image on the top with Argent but she's talking about Raven and calling her meditative Punk.

Attached: EXCuqoAU4AE_QgY.jpg (830x934, 179.92K)

>>114889870That is very cute user! I love it, thanks!

Requesting an Eda that's something in-between regular and Cursed Form Eda, similar to the bottom image. Face could be more monster-y, though.

Attached: CURSED EDA.jpg (2064x3692, 1.17M)

Requesting Glimmer, Queen Angella and Castaspella doing this pic related.

Attached: Glimmer's Threesome.jpg (2668x2212, 928.24K)

Requesting Yankee Poodle, from Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, dressed like any of the 3 American Flag themed heroes on the bottom.They are Yankee Girl and Miss Victory from AC Comics, and Liberty Girl from Heroic Publishing.

Attached: Yankee Poodle.jpg (1816x1960, 1.62M)

Requesting a back view of Miss Quantum bending over to pick up her pen.

Attached: Miss Quantum.jpg (2024x1192, 227.91K)

Since I haven't seen any fanart with Miko, and it is still Mother's Day, requesting Mayumi Kubota wearing the e-sports gamer dress on the right.You can add Miko's gamer tag, Me_K.O., on the back, and also keep it "Miko sized" for extra skimpiness when Mayumi's wearing it.

Attached: gamer dress.jpg (3560x2864, 1.14M)

>>114886469Requesting Reggie Abbott from the show (Twelve Forever) and Asuka Langley from (Eva) both fighting at each other by arguing over Shinji's attention like jealous school girls in Tokyo-3 school uniform.

Attached: 1585684270766.png (3392x1232, 2.87M)

Requesting big titty Ava Ire

Attached: SmartSelect_20190709-202025_Pinterest.jpg (447x457, 94.78K)

Requesting Clancy Gilroy from The Midnight Gospel (left) with his tower/skirt down, revealing his underwear (like in the right image).

Attached: 1588698394435.png (719x512, 255.58K)

>>114886469Requesting Spawn making Queen Beryl his bitch.

Attached: 1588740746832.jpg (480x720, 106.09K)

Requesting the image on the left with Lioness from ATOM.

Attached: 9ef2b0.jpg (3008x1412, 580.34K)

Requesting Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl wearing their own Evangelion Plugsuits.

Attached: 1588465320548.jpg (1600x1194, 181.73K)

Requesting the bottom image, but with demon Raven

Attached: Scary Raven.jpg (1617x2720, 402.37K)

Requesting any of the Weapon X covers on the bottom with Carter Brown from CoTC. His whole thing is Cardboard technology and the end was pretty much Marvel parody stuff.

Attached: 1588184212941.jpg (2304x2472, 1.7M)

>>114886469Requesting the DC heroines and Harley Quinn cosplaying as Rule 63 versions of the Golden Wind gang.

Attached: DCGoldWind.jpg (4000x3000, 1.55M)

Requesting pic related being depicted in the Harley Quinn show and being called a Cunt from Dr. Psycho.

Attached: 1588720995948.png (1156x933, 794.33K)

>>114890837Seconding and then requesting Alley-Kat-Abra cosplaying as Nightveil also from AC Comics.

Attached: femforce nightveil.jpg (1592x1532, 688.66K)

>>114887233Just watch the show then

>>114888071Jesus FUCK, SECONDINGGG

>>114886469/Request/Can I get steven and kipo posing sorta like the models under them, while sitting on the arms of a large throne made rubble sorta like tetsuo's throne. I'd be more then happy if you drew them in more stylish outfits, but if you don't want to then their default clothes are fine.

Attached: Steven and Kipo pose.jpg (1381x2240, 968.93K)

Requesting Iris or Talia or Auriana OR ALL 3 wearing a variation of their Fancy/Formal stage clothes but one that looks more like the outfit on the right.

Attached: 07aada4d29a211915ffc3edd91febec3.png (1640x988, 1.33M)

Requesting Yumyulack, Jeff, and Benny all hanging out together and getting along.

Attached: Sean Giambrone characters.png (2584x776, 3.11M)

>>114891578>Wonder Woman>Hawkgirl>ZatannaWho's the brown girl and the blonde one? I'm not really familiar with them

Requesting any Co/ character of your choice drawn in the style of Tartakovskys Primal.

Attached: primal spear and fang.jpg (1920x1080, 163.57K)

>>114892416Requesting whoever that caveman is in any Holla Forums character's style

>>114888071YESSSSS PLZ

>>114892538I second for my lads (and gals) Spear and Fang.

Requesting fusion

Attached: Queen.png (1800x1800, 770.66K)

>>114892538His name is Spear.

>>114889212I felt really weird drawing palpatines legs

Attached: Palpatinerevelingasurprise.png (1750x2500, 659.38K)

>>114892871thats a dumb fucking name.

>>114893012It's a show about a Caveman and a Dinosaur fucking up other Dinosaurs and Cavemen. What were you expecting?

>>114892880Thanks user, I love it!

>>114893031big caveman tiddies.

>>114886469Jesus. Who is this artist and does he do more delicious brownies?

Requesting From Kipo from Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts wearing a Vault Suit

Attached: 7gdf8s9.png (1070x523, 460.66K)

Requesting Lucky Piquel (Bonkers) with torn-up clothes, his face is covered in lipstick, and he looks dazed and confused.Please have him say, "Bonkers... the anons at Holla Forums beat me up!"

Attached: Lucky Piquel.jpg (180x270, 15.1K)

>>114886469Requesting Bast, from DC, doing like in any of the images on the right. Just keep her original jacket.

Attached: DC's Bast.jpg (2952x1720, 972.6K)

>>114893147The only pair of boobs in primal gets killed in the first episode.

Requesting Kelsey and Melissa (from Craig of the Creek) dress/outfit switch.

Attached: 1EA0C064-7E0F-492F-9E3D-EBD1839C8053.png (1225x789, 249.21K)

Requesting the Toybots version of Craig, Kelsey, and JP (main characters from Craig of the Creek)

Attached: 368DA02B-E7AF-46BB-91F9-36A5B2127E5C.png (1900x894, 847.4K)

114857930Happy Mothers day user!

Attached: wilhamenamom.jpg (849x1200, 631.16K)


>>114887540Amazing job

>>114889205This one was fun.

Attached: co Leggy request.png (1500x2100, 2.01M)

Requesting the wedding image on left side, with Hilda and Johanna.

Attached: HildaJohanna Wed.jpg (1968x920, 327.16K)

>>114892240Black Canary & Vixen.

>>114893647>>114892240Black Canary's the blonde one & Vixen's the brown one. And I second on Wonder Woman as Naranchia.

>>114864495I thought sun glasses too

Attached: penny.jpg (800x800, 157.56K)

>>114888053I'm pretty sure this has been done before

Requesting a personality swap of Gogo and Honey Lemon. Something like the bottom Daphne and Velma pic. In this case Gogo being the cheerful nerdy girl and Honey the aloof sporty girl.

Attached: BHswap.jpg (3104x4760, 1.78M)

>>114886469/r/ting crystal from SD&TAI with the proportions, dress and posed like the reference in the right.

Attached: AlienHippie.jpg (2805x702, 1.13M)

Will draw first reply


Requesting Pearl and Connie riding a rocket ship in the Exosphere.

Attached: to the moon and back.png (680x731, 213.82K)

>>114894398on-model Prosthesis Lass parodying Ghost in the shell poster

Attached: HollywoodAdaptationsOf:a:SUCK.jpg (526x500, 61.26K)

Requesting Frida wearing Maria Hill's uniform

Attached: request Maria hill.png (650x1019, 807.73K)

Requesting Lucia in Lucina's outfit.

Attached: Similar names.png (800x665, 253.91K)

>>114893841Damn that's fucking awesome.

Requesting Harley Quinn-bat dressed like Rouge the bat.

Attached: Bat harley.png (765x1057, 749.26K)

Requesting the rabbit girl from the new AT trailer in Haru's uniform.

Attached: Calarts haru.png (689x911, 226.02K)

Requesting White Diamond reenacting the opening toilet scene of the Shrek movie

Attached: 4chan Drawthread White Diamond Shrek Book Scene.png (1472x1608, 2.1M)

requesting a flustered ace ambling wearing blossom's clothes

Attached: co request.png (3000x2000, 1.45M)


Attached: S3-027.png (1515x1398, 721.57K)

>>114894841sorry! i didnt know this was already made. thank you to the drawfriend who made this last thread

>>114894865it's beautiful thank you

>>114892025I second this

Requesting Wasp dressed as Metabee (Medabots)

Attached: sketch-1588861001138.png (1440x1080, 1.01M)


Attached: maggie slingkini.png (1210x1582, 220.92K)

Requesting Maggie from Ava's Demon, posed kinda like the ref, with her arms turned all GIANT WOODEN HANDS.

Attached: Maggie.png (1697x1700, 2.45M)

Requesting Casey Jones actually playing some golf with those clubs of his.

Attached: cj1.png (948x970, 1.33M)

Requesting a recreation of the bottom pic with Finn from Adventure Time and Toot Braunstein from Drawn Together.

Attached: TootsFinn.png (856x804, 301.72K)


Requesting Holla Forums waifus in the Guntruck

Attached: 9E9E6954-9A3F-4001-B636-CDADEB1B41D3.jpg (640x354, 63.69K)

>>114895061Damnit that's one hot fly

>>114886469requesting Levitating Pizza with Magneto eating pizza with a fork

Attached: dtr.png (1839x630, 1.3M)

Requesting this mutant abomination punching a character of your choice

Attached: yellow#1.jpg (602x602, 51.53K)

>>114895269I vote Hilda & Reggie

>>114895371I vote for you to shut the fuck up.

>>114895483I also vote for that guy to shut the fuck up

>>114895061One of her arms look a bit off but overall this is a nice delivery

>>114895269based and guntruckpilled

>>114895371Seconding >>114895269but add Luz and Amity into the mix as well.

>>114895594that's pretty gun truck I want it

>>114895613Hell yeah, loli gun truck!>Reggie 12 forever>Hilda blue cutie>Luz owl house>Amity owl house

>>114895269now that this gun truck is claimed for lolis can be get the secondary gun truck with some Holla Forums MILFs since mother's day was yesterday

Attached: gun truck.jpg (854x474, 183.78K)

>>114895747Said loli's mothers?

>>114895851you're smart user I like the way you think

>>114887773If you want someone to do a better job at the colors, I can give you the uncolored version.

Attached: evil connie.png (1219x850, 338.46K)

>>114886681This is awesome and I cry for you

>>114895867Much obliged. Hope who ever accept doesn't forget the crazy murals on the trucks they should add there own crazy designs

Requesting Tricia seducing Jerry

Attached: Tricia wants to fuck jerry.png (1922x1076, 2.25M)


>>114895974F.It was fun gentlemen.

>>114896019it was all I cared about AND THEY BLEW IT UP. I hope drawthread can have his memory live on in dope ass art

>>114896035Time will tell, fingers crossed

>>114892880This is fucking fantastic.


Attached: 2020-05-11_01a.png (724x1102, 342.37K)

General Treister holding Cotton Hill like the cartoon of Teddy and Taft.

Attached: killedfiddymenandsmashedpeepeecancer.jpg (1072x564, 204.38K)

>>114895348As a NYer, I am deeply offended by this.

Attached: 20200511_065406.jpg (2399x1494, 1.59M)

Requesting sexy pizza delivery ocean jasper.

Attached: Ocean Jasper req.jpg (1892x1056, 454.92K)

Requesting Enid under Foxtail's leotard.

Attached: Foxy Enid.png (2186x1614, 1.85M)

>>114893545That's a great pic

>>114886469Connie is about to smoke these bitches they won't know what hit them

>>114890437great fucking job dude, I love it!

Requesting Luna as a mermaid

Attached: A44604D2-1BDD-42D9-8433-6FFB41F215C0.jpg (1200x512, 117.79K)

Requesting Emmy the Nandroid drawn in Medabots style

Attached: sketch-1589047199585.png (1080x2340, 1.8M)

>>114886469I recognize connie, who are the other two?

Requesting fusion of Witchblades Masane Amaha and Sara Pezzini.

Attached: Perfected Sara and Masane.jpg (3013x4388, 3.21M)

Requesting Courtney Babcock doing all four panels of the back arching meme.

Attached: expert.jpg (4778x2000, 930.15K)

>>114896864Amphibia and Owl HouseAlso: Requesting a Catra edit of this image

Attached: 755edefa25bb26ea90df760d731e7233.jpg (791x800, 115.45K)

>>114896385Lovely delivery. Not OR but nice.

Requesting this comic but with katia trained by user

Attached: katia trained.png (1106x914, 680.55K)

Requesting Eda (The Owl House) dressed as Jessie (Pokemon)

Attached: sketch-1588945857671.png (1080x1080, 491.18K)

>>114892880Glorious just glorious.

Requesting an adult Lizard Queen

Attached: Lizard_Queen_Lisa_Unlock.png (720x900, 374.96K)

>>114895366I choose it with abusefag

Requesting Steven dressed as Leatherface

Attached: D4AD1316-0BE3-4356-B9B7-EEE3EA5F6CB5.jpg (1758x1437, 386.39K)

>>114887719>spammerThere’s literally only 1 Numbuh 58 request in this thread. Just wants to see Emily happy..what’s wrong with that?

>>114895061OR here. That looks neat, thank you very much!

>>114886469Requesting a curvy adult Charlene still wearing her signature black dress and goth make up.

Attached: 15829348881037.jpg (500x500, 28.87K)

Requesting older Sam as a Joo Dee unit.Normal Sam is fine too.

Attached: Ref Sam Joo Dee.jpg (1660x2576, 810.94K)

Requesting Mermaid Miko pls

Attached: Miko_-_Profile.png (417x781, 128.28K)

>>114893158what happened to the "i don't know why i'm posting this lol" bit of your post, pedo-man?

>>114891628That's an /a/ request. Go to /a/.

>>114899443dr. psycho isn't Holla Forums?

>>114896914Quite literally the three worst shows in recent memory on Holla ForumsThey are as spammy as abusefag

>>114896385OR here. That's pretty good. I always appreciate some more Wendy content.

Requesting a pinup of Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon.

Attached: Astridpinup.png (1990x1285, 1.99M)

Requesting the "trust nobody not even yourself" meme with Ditto from Ben 10

Attached: ditto.png (1157x345, 385.43K)

Can a kind user draw Pinky from Mao Mao with the Takeshi 69 tatoos?

Attached: 1568882329142.png (1024x576, 782.69K)

>>114886561Who is the basket ball girl?

>>114900291Mia from Baskup

>>114886469Requesting Soldier, CoronaChan, and Scout depicted respectively as Batman, Poison Ivy, and Robin, with Scout making a quip he'd make in a situation like this.

Attached: PressF4Soilder.jpg (800x1008, 182.71K)

Requesting Catra boozing and going "Think you've got problems? I'm a lesbian with a sandpaper tongue and finger claws."

Attached: CatraBoozing.png (1807x1897, 1.61M)

>>114900343Didn't you post this already? And it was deleted, take the hint already Fernando.


Requesting Jenny and Patricia Wagon taking a picture together

Attached: 863DA522-D509-4EB1-BB7B-56CC7F18368D.jpg (1536x1536, 388.57K)

>>114900343>>114900609>>114900651Imagine ban-evading for such a shit request. Even for a pedo he has no taste.


Requesting Mia Rodriguez from Baskup in the same situation as the image on the right.

Attached: BASKUP - Mia Rodriguez.jpg (2012x1664, 492K)

Requesting Orca meeting Steve Zissou and fangirling on him.

Attached: Orca Aquatic.png (1800x1800, 3.71M)

>>114886469Requesting the robot girl from the animatrix desperately hugging user begging him to protect her

Attached: anim019.jpg (642x280, 22.18K)

Requesting Kipo being awesome on the pole with that giant jaguar arm of hers.

Attached: Kipole.png (1900x1878, 2.6M)

Requesting a pinup drawing of Carol (OK KO Lets be Heroes) holding a beer jug full of beer while, she’s smile at the viewers.

Attached: DB268DF9-8B71-42C7-8E92-ED09399CF117.png (1700x1400, 1.52M)


Requesting Girl Genius' Zeetha, doing a sexy high kick.

Attached: zeethakick.png (1663x1700, 3.13M)

>>114899443>>114899505It's a crossover darn it

>>114895366Johnny test

Requesting loona eating cereal

Attached: 0d816f747db.png (549x593, 291.08K)

>>114891578>>114892240>>114893647>>114893684The way I see it, it'd be like this.>Harley - Giorno>Vixen - Bruno>Canary - Fugo>Zatanna - Mista>Hawkgirl - Abbachio>Wondy - NaranchiaAnd I agree on Wonder Woman as Naranchia, it'd be a laugh riot.

>>114901406what the fuck did he post this time

>>114887549Done and done.

Attached: Kipo.jpg (715x990, 303.12K)

Requesting Adult Swim-tan wearing that black bikini

Attached: sketch-1588482034139.png (1080x1080, 455.17K)

Requesting Gogo Tomago in the same clothes, tugging on the bottom and letting it snap back

Attached: track and gogo.jpg (3228x1080, 2.5M)

>>114903412Ahh, nothing the shizo doesn't always post. A loli request and then troll faces when he gets called out.

Requesting Xochi (from Victor and Valentino) wearing a black and white sleeve shirt while, she’s in her underwear like in the reference.

Attached: A344C5FD-C5E7-4489-9BB6-13789370FAA4.png (1687x1648, 1.26M)

>>114899218I feel bad that I haven't contributed to the thread yet, mostly because I've been going up on a req from the last one. But here's a WIP for mermaid Miko that I thought would be fun. I'm gonna try to work on the hand/perspective a bit more, no worries.

Attached: 0511201545-1.jpg (1727x2895, 609.43K)

>>114896536OR here, thanks! Detroit pizza > NY pizza

>>114904613Where my fellow detroit niggas at?

i'm kinda trying to do something on the technodrome forums. an idw miss mutant beauty pageant. what i'm requesting is if anyone wants to do one or more of the entrees for the swimsuit bit or the talent bit. choose what ever suit/talent you want, it can be serious, humorous, or just plain sexy. its all up to you. the contestants are: alopex turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Alopex_(IDW)jennika turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Jennika_(IDW)koya turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Koya_(IDW)krisahttps://turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Krisamona lisa turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mona_Lisa_(IDW)ravenwood turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Ravenwoodsally pride turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Sally_Pride_(IDW)sheena turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Sheenazodi turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Zodi diamondturtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Diamond_(character)so any of them sound interesting?

Attached: pageant entrees.jpg (1600x2200, 585.17K)

Requesting Mona and Jen from IDW TMNT dressed and posed similar to these bunny gals.

Attached: monjenbuns.png (1070x651, 1.01M)

Requesting older Mabel and co. wearing versions of their "fancy" clothes.

Attached: GravityFallsOlderTrio.png (1702x1702, 2.63M)

Requesting the Gender-swap version of Jessica Williams (from Craig of the Creek)

Attached: tumblr_p6ylv2zKwy1w8n3j5o6_1280.jpg (1280x778, 198.16K)

>>114886469This but with DC Cheetah and a green hand.

Attached: oy4bv1r6x6f41[1].jpg (498x914, 309.8K)


Attached: 2020-05-11_03.png (686x1250, 506.25K)

Requesting something funny involving Slade and Terra as a married couple. Introducing themselves to the neighborhood, getting discounts at a movie theater, etc. Anything that points to the large age gap between them.

Attached: Deathstroke and Terra.jpg (655x360, 19.88K)

>>114886855Based on what?

>>114894511>on-model>not Adam Warren

>>114905572facts. its based on facts.


Requesting Benny from The Loud House to be a little older and taking a picture of himself with a towel on.

Attached: Benny chest pic.png (1008x798, 1.1M)

>>114903581just what I was looking for, thank you user, fantastic as usual


Requesting Fem steven dressed like the middle picture, but instead of the Arizona t shirt, she's wearing a cropped and torn beach city top

Attached: Beach Babe.jpg (1978x994, 311.89K)

>>114907125Who's the redhead?

>>114908549Her name is Penny Brown but she goes by a bunch of different names, like penny underbust or plunderbust.

Requesting Emma from Moominvalley having lunch or taking a bath.

Attached: Emma 2.png (1022x726, 1.06M)

>>114905496which Cheetah?

>>114908732Who's Cheetah?

Requesting Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis, trying to look a bit suggestive and let one of the straps of her overalls slide off her shoulder.

Attached: Audrey Ramirez Atlantis.png (1579x1111, 1.7M)

Requesting Wart and Hazel fighting the Grail Beast from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Attached: Wart and Hazel vs the Grail Beast.png (1896x1320, 1.73M)

Requesting a "girl holding onto the hero's leg" shot with Luz and Amity, and a wand instead of an axe or anything.

Attached: amityluz.png (970x537, 688.41K)

>>114908717Who or what is this thing?

>>114905496>>114908732>>114909262I'm assuming he means Barbra Minerva Cheetah, the one with the curse. But then of course the next question is what design do you go with? Red hair or not?

Kinda wanna draw huge boobies.Which character(s), in which pose, wearing what clothes?

>>114909642Either Diggers sister, wearing a sexy tux.

Attached: 1579504425560.png (468x936, 448.97K)

>>1149096422012 April O'Neil, wearing creatively placed purple headbands - the ones Donatello wears.

>>114909539Some kinda rat thing, I dunno. She's a cutie pie though.

>>114909642Galacta, daughter of Galactus, annoyed that her boobs have their own orbit

>>114909642Requesting anime Storm doing the Mega Milk meme

Attached: 1301850314337.jpg (812x601, 137.8K)


>>114909642Robojucika wearing a mecha milk t shirt

Attached: 1589238383161.jpg (1016x1374, 257.71K)

Requesting the right image with marie kanker since she canonically gets big as she gets older.

Attached: Kanker BBW req.jpg (2138x1188, 910.41K)

>>114899218>>114904093Got some lines and colors done, not sure if I wanna add a background or not.

Attached: 0511202114-1.jpg (1807x2767, 906.32K)

>>114910519Going by an Eva, Jucika must have a shitty battery life. Not the OR but thank you, user. She's the best!

Requesting miss quantum dressed in major kusanagi's dress uniform on the left looking annoyed and judgemental at the viewer

Attached: miss quantum.jpg (800x818, 156.85K)


Panda Delgado wearing the bikini on the right pulling up on the middle of the top with her thumb.

Attached: Panda.jpg (1220x930, 305.98K)

>>114905530OR here. This is really quality stuff. The coloring on the picture is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much Roumgu, I really appreciate it.


>>114910631you're the same one who drew that Mummified Cleopatra request aren't you


Attached: Kip-Po.png (639x1095, 357.65K)

>>114911429Yeah that'd be me alright.

>>114909642this with 80s April O'Neil.

Attached: __lori_mazinkaiser__2dfa9bcd6fb88288f0b01a274362e1b0.gif (640x360, 2.7M)

>>114887062Preferably doing the "welcome to my world" spider scene from the film.

>>114910262She barely looks like Storm without the colors so I might add them eventually

Attached: Mega Stormy.png (1449x1193, 549.99K)

Requesting White Diamond in the outfit and pose as the girl on the left, though with diamonds instead of rubies. Maybe one yellow, one blue, one pink and the middle one white. Or not, all white would be fine.Blue Diamond would also be acceptable.

Attached: Diamond.jpg (2092x871, 297.88K)

Anyone can gime some advices to improve at drawing? I just keep doing it too wide, even with references, and it's starting to piss me off.


Attached: PF.png (2450x1400, 3.34M)

>>114913400...Blimey, that's good shit.

WIP update for >>114839302Lines done. Color tomorrow.


Attached: 1581833589798.gif (300x300, 471.02K)

>>114913400It's like a Rockwell painting, there's a whole story in a single image. The story is mainly about boobs, but there's nothing wrong with that.

>>114913003what you mean by "too wide" ? and you could maybe practice through shape exercises make character out of basic shapes with various sizes and width maybe that'll help

>>114902875>Sees Wondy get stabbed in the cheek by a Fork from Canary for being pissed at Math.Fuck it, I'm seconding Wonder Woman as my favorite Jojo character

Requesting this but with Jonathan Kent super sons since someone already delivered it with Damian

Attached: requesJonathandon'tcare.jpg (389x301, 16.03K)

>>114913528Thank you, user. I'm sorry about the bad stigma from my request I honestly don't know what happen on the last thread I mean, I usually just post some requests and leave it at that. I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea with me spamming so I just keep to myself and only reply my gratitude for a delivery. But I do generally appreciate you're efforts.