Transformers: Mommy & Poppy Edition

We celebrate the parental figures of the Transformer universe, from humans to cybertronians. I’ll add some questions and you can answer them or not.>What are your five favorite Autobots?>What are your five favorite Decepticons?>What are your favorite incarnations and renditions?>What are your favorite comics, games, and cartoons?>What are the best parental figures in the IP?>Why do people wanna fuck the Transformers?

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>>114886468Seriously, why do we wanna fuck the robots who can turn into cars again?


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>>114886468Why does Arcee keep getting ugly titty figures?

>>114886879Because Japs are a pretty repressed people in terms of sexuality.


Acree's good but please consider:Spider mommy

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>>114887769>ywn have a mechanical spider mommy gfMmmh, I’m now considering!

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>>114887839Good user, I'm sure she won't bite much

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>>114887912>>114887769boobs or butt?

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>>114887988We can still revel in what she was, user. Nothing can take that away from us

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>>114888007>what she wastarantulas with tits?

>>114888007I agree with that, but holy fuck is her BM design awful.

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Minivan Arcee that carries headmasters.

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>>114888021Idk man, a robot woman who can turn into a tarantula is the least strangest thing about this.

>>114887769>We'll never see Silverbolt knock up BA with wolfspider babiesToo bad the US side of the fandom isn't as fun as Japan

>>114888142The Japanese fandom is much more exuberant and “lustful” when compared to the American or European fanbase. Also to be fair, they like their mechas alot for some reason.

>>114888031Meh I never minded it that much>>114888215Probably just overexposure to a lot of futuristic looking tech, but yeah the Japs are a lot hornier when it comes to this

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>>114888263I noticed that the TF fanbase in Japan is alot more passionate in terms of art and content when compared to the West. Hell there’s alot more Transformers TAS and TFP fan art in Japanese circles then in American or European circles, and that’s because of the designs of those particular shows.

>>114888142>>We'll never see Silverbolt knock up BA with wolfspider babiesSounds kinda hot.

>>114888021In body, not in character.

>>114886468It's funny, I used to be totally ambivilant towards original feminine Arcee. Didn't hate her, didn't love her, she was just "there".Then after IDW's mentally-degranged lesbian transexual murdermachine who's Galvatron's sibling, I find myself longing for classic Arcee.

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>>114887962Beast Machines comcept art was fucking horrifying.

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>>114890290>Beast Machines coomcept art

>>114890312If you coom to that youre a braver man than I.

>>114890338>If you coom to that>IfToo late.

>>114890290Did Wayne Barlowe draw this? Because it’s eerily similar to his work.

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>>114886468Favorites: Savage/Noble, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, Ravage, and Starscream.Beast Wars was best. Transmetals 2 would be best toys if the paint didn't flake.

>>114890652We'll never see retail Transformers as painted up as Transmetals ever again and that makes me sad.

>>114890792Atleast we have third party developers to create some unofficial Transmetal toys.

>>114890273So, kinda similar to Bay Prime vs classic prime?

>>114890273Wait, what happened to Arcee?

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>>114890273Didn't Arcee used to be a guy also?

>>114891465Wait what? She’s been female for all of her incarnations.

>>114891497Simon Furman originally planned for IDW Transformers to not have genders. But since everybody likes Arcee, he introduced her as expiramented by Jhiaxus (crazy scientist IDW instead of crazy conqueror of G2) to see how genders affect the Transformers. Arcee became a murder hobo as she worked out her rage. Despite it being a way to give Arcee some agency, current year decided that forced transgender was bad (that was the point) and Furman was a misogynistic hack for doing it (he wasn't). After Furman got booted off the IDW comics, Arcee hovered around until IDW had the great idea that Arcee was the long lost brother of Galvatron (who is an ancient Decepticon, not the reincarnation of Megatron). Then that IDW universe died, and now she's just a lesbian.

>>114891770Oh god, my poor Arcee.

>>114891770Wasn't this because some blue checkmark wouldn't shut the fuck up about "representation"?

>>114891770They could have had genders.Just not acknowledge her as male or female and completely ignore anything resembling sexuality or relatiobhships.Simple

>>114891770And throughout the entire thing she was a fucking terrible character, who more or less acted like that one Chaotic Neutral Rogue played by an edgelord 14 year old who thinks they're being original who just constantly escalates the level of absurd bullshit they do, yet never seems to be in any way affected by the constant escalation of violence. And, since she was a character favored by the writers, take all that and also add in DM favoritism that allows the afformentioned edgelordery to be just flat-out ignored by everyone while she basically auto-wins any fight she gets into.Safe to say, there's a reason why I (personally anyway) latched onto Windblade, Nautica, and most of the other non-Arcee gurls when they were introduced.... Except Pyra Magna, good lord that lady a bitch.

>>114891992Wasn't Elita One also a tremendous cunt?

>>114891923My theory is Furman had been working I TF since G1. When Budiansky was working on the original bios Ratchet was going to be a fembot. Hasbro told Budiansky there were to be no fembots, so the story bible Budiansky (and Furman since he was writing around Budiansky's Marvel comics) had none of them. Season 2 of the cartoon then suddenly had fembot, so Furman had to figure out a way to introduce Arcee, which ended up being a weird story about feminists and creating Arcee for representation. When Furman got to start Transformers fresh for IDW, he was trying to go back to the original basics, which included no fembots. Didn't stop artists from adding in Elita-1 and others in cameos, though.

>>114892022Elita One was just straight-up a different character with Elita One's name slapped on it, and... while she's definitely not Elita One, I found that by just pretending that the character was actually Stryka or an OC instead, she was pretty much fine... as an antagonist at least, she as a character in her own right was kinda two-dimensional and adversarial in positions where it didn't really benefit her.

>>114890425No but Wayne Barlowe did an 80s toyline called Power Lords you should lool up. Its insane.

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>>114892022How bad was she? Because Jesus Furman’s run sounds pretty awful already.


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>>114892110I didn’t even know Wayne worked on a toyline for children, I can’t even fathom his artwork as an adult let alone a child.

>>114890868I just bought a 3rd party transmetal megateon in grimlock colours. I cant wait to see 3rd parties do more. I know rheres a lot of Primal Primes and Dragon Megatrons too but I cant afford them.

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>>114892121Elita showed up well after Furman's tenure, her first appearance was... I think somewhere around 2014-2015? Comparatively Arcee showed up nearly a decade earlier.And, as mentioned, it was a case of slapping the name of an existing character on an OC, versus whatever the hell Furman was thinking with Arcee.

>>114892128While Beast Machines may have been ass, there’s no denying that the concept art was pretty fucking metal.

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>>114892160>>114892160That looks like assholes.

>>114892148That’s looks absolutely beautiful user. I’m actually planning on buying some third party figurines once this pandemic lowers, more specifically on the Planet X Apocalypse or WOC Trypticon figure, which is bloody massive.

>>114891891No, it's because Simon Furman has a longstanding complex about girls.

>>114892160I loved the toy designs unironically, and I liked some of the show designs that were different than the toys too. I wish more concept art was out there.

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>>114892159Poor Elita One, it seems like she got shafted the hardest

>>114892121It wasn't awful, but it was a slow burn for set up. The Spotlights were mostly good, there was a lot of world building, Transformers were doing more cold war espionage stuff. The Dead Universe was pretty good, as was Stormbringer. But it was moving too slow, so Furman got booted and IDW did All Hail Megatron, which was fucking terrible. The following series was also pretty bad despite the good idea, trying to end the war and move on.

>>114892223Im really looking forears to this guy. I missed the original. Its supposed to be G1 Prime and Ultra Magnus as a beastformer hence its mechanical, not Primal. All based on a Japanese fan book design. Look up Tbeast on exhentai Im too lazy to do an image dump

>>114892246Seriously how hard is it to say:"Here's a female transformer""Why is there a female transformer?""Because fuck you that's why"

>>114892255I feel like if Beast Machines wasn’t connected an already established brand, then I wouldn’t have any issues with their designs. As mentioned, the concept art and toy designs are actually quite solid, with the exception of the poor fuck Rattrap. My poor little Rattrap, he’s just a torso on tiny bipedal wheels that barely work even if his life depended on it.

>>114892406Because Simon has an autism every time someone presents him with the idea of a robot whamen, because he cannot understand why robots with boobs would be a thing. He's not trying to justify it to everyone else, he's trying to justify it to himself.

>>114892327While the figure isn’t my preferred taste or design, it still sculpted and manufactured beautifully.

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>>114892277She's doing fine in the new reboot. Hell, most of the fembots in the reboot have been doing pretty good thus far.

>>114892493And mind you, this is coming from the guy who made Robot God Primus and turned Unicron, who in the movie was a giant robot, into Robot Satan.

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>>114892602I’m not sure if Furman is being overly ballistic when it came to his writing or he literally developed a mental illness overtime.>>114892568Well I’m glad alot of the fembot gals are doing better, especially for my girls Slipstream, Elite One, and Windblade.

>>114892568Yeah no, it really just makes Arcee still being awful stand out all that much more when every other female character is at absolute worst just kinda there.I do miss IDW1 Windblade though, as her IDW2 counterpart is painfully bland, though she seemed to be getting more of an actual personality before the Corona hit.

>>114892645Furman came up with planet robot gods back in the 80s. It was great, better than the space monkey idiot scientist that built Unicron that the cartoons had.

>>114891992>Windblade, Nautica, and most of the other non-Arcee gurls when they were introduced.... Except Pyra Magna, good lord that lady a bitch.Her and Slide.I'm pretty sure Slide was introduced because unlike Slide, Pyra Magna still had a toy they had to sell.

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Let's break this down for IDWArcee: A victim of Furman's hangups and changing cultural warfare between 2010 and 2020. The original IDW version has unfortunately set a new standard for the character that will forever leave everybody questioning if she'll ever not carry baggage again. Cyberverse Arcee gave a bit of hope for that, but given she wasn't a big character it's hard to judge.Windblade: Every big-name Transformer has an established personality that defines them. Bumblebee's childlike-nature, Hot Rod's teenage impulsiveness, Shockwave's logic-driven attitude, Jazz's cool-headed approach to life and culture. Either you stick with these or make a big deal out of upending them, like Cyberverse Grimlock. Windblade has none of this, she's been so wildly different across every incarnation and even within the same incarnation (compare Dark Cybertron to her TAAO) that it's difficult to really define her character. Arguably Cyberverse was her best depiction ever, being both consistent and fun to watch, someone who feels they're in control and yet in actuality never had it. Doesn't change the fact her IDW character was all over the placeChromia: Generally in line with what you'd expect, gung-ho and a bad attitude. The fatalist and extremist tendencies were a bit hard to swallow despite her reasonings, but it feels like they really fumbled handling her towards the end, none of her plot threads were really resolved. The ship-teasing with Ironhide and the fact Scott went out of her way to establish "not lesbians, sister-like" with Windblade was both refreshing and appreciated.Nautica: Started great, cute and quirky engineer bot who was a joy to watch as she experienced everything in MTMTE, then LL happened and irreversibly injured most people's opinions of her. IDW-2 seems to be upping the autistic aspect of her, and it's not really helping to make her interesting or endearing.Elita-1: Just accept this isn't supposed to be G1 Elita-1 and move on.

>>114892903To be fair, I consistently forgot Slide was a girl.Barber just wrote terrible women in general though, President Lump (seriously, never actually named!), Bezerker Scarlett, hell even Windblade was made to complain about Optimus despite nominally being on his side under Barber. Dude just can't write women as anything other than adversarial bitches with no personality of their own.

>>114893071G1 Elita-One had ONE episode and she was a hardass in it as well. You're massively overreacting.

>>114893071Strafe: Female Dinobot, nice idea, great setup, but ultimately went nowhere.Aileron: If one could assume Aileron was supposed to be an audience surrogate character, I feel she wasn't terribly effective at it. It makes sense to show the effects of the autobot-decepticon situation on an unalligned neutral, but eventually everything boiled down to "will always make the wrong choice", didn't help she instantly became Arcee's girlfriend at the first forced kiss.Velocity: Nautica 2.0 but without the baggage from LL, didn't really do anything worth mentioning but definitely had potential.Pyra Magna: The anti-Optimus, which already sets her out on the wrong foot. The writing implied she was going to be set up for a major fall of her own design, but this never ended up happening. Unlikeable.Slide: Pyra Magna 2.0, the only thing worth mentioning about her was she realized she was wrong about Optimus, which by then absolutely was not expected.Anode and Lugnut: Ever read anything by Walky? These feel straight out of his brain. For however you view the transexual angle, Anode was straight up unlikeable by design, and Lug had virtually no character other than "Anode's girlfriend".Firestar: Not really a character, more a plot device.Mistress of the Flame: What was the point?Swift: A neutral who discovers the "Decepticon cause" isn't anything close to what they're selling, a real nice idea that didn't really go anywhere.

>>114893207>Mistress of the Flame: What was the point?I'm also confused why she was brought out of IDW and into that terrible Machina series, only to get killed (and maybe more) by Overlord.

>>114893243She was introduced with some kind of ulterior motive about making Optimus into some kind of religious symbol, which I dont think actually went anywhere.

>>114893268To be fair, nothing went anywhere in the Prime Wars series. Shit was worse than Energon.

>>114893097To be fair, Barber's hateboner for Optimus found its way to literally every character in the whole comic.

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>>114893071>Windblade: Every big-name Transformer has an established personality that defines them. Bumblebee's childlike-nature, Hot Rod's teenage impulsiveness, Shockwave's logic-driven attitude, Jazz's cool-headed approach to life and culture. Either you stick with these or make a big deal out of upending them, like Cyberverse Grimlock. Windblade has none of this, she's been so wildly different across every incarnation and even within the same incarnation (compare Dark Cybertron to her TAAO) that it's difficult to really define her character. Arguably Cyberverse was her best depiction ever, being both consistent and fun to watch, someone who feels they're in control and yet in actuality never had it. Doesn't change the fact her IDW character was all over the placeActually I'd say she was very consistent... In the stuff written by M Scott. There she's consistently written as a bleeding-heart diplomat who's... not exactly naive, but kinda inexperienced, she reminds me a lot of a fresh-out-of-school valedictorian idealist type... Who seems to be fated to automatically fail every charisma roll she ever makes.When written by Barber though (I think he was the only other one who wrote her at any point) then it's less that she's all over the place, and more like she's got nothing to do and is only there by contractual obligation, she gets almost no lines and is only slightly more important than a background extra... Which I suppose is better than Barber having her constantly bitch at Optimus like every other girl he writes.

>>114893315Then you're agreeing with me that she was all over the place. If it's in the same book then a character can't be written so differently like that.

>>114893342... Barber and M Scott didn't write the same book though?The only reason I sat 'when written by M Scott' is because Scott didn't have an ongoing series like Barber or Roberts, even though all of her miniseries tell a continuous story like the various Wreckers books. Windblade's character is plenty consistent between her first miniseries, Distant Stars and TAAO, it's only the handful of bit appearences she has in ex-RID that feel out of character, which was written by Barber.

>>114893315M Scott's Windblade wasn't that bad of a series. Art was good and characters were decent. I think the shiptease between her and Starscream was more about how many fangirls Screamer has despite being a terrible and pathetic character, but it remained only a tease and I'm glad M Scott didn't force any romance onto Windblade. It's ironic that M Scott was basically driven off Transformers because tumblr wanted her to hook up Windblade and Chromia, when M Scott wrote their relationship like sisters.

>>114893587It's the same continuity though, events that happen in one are meant to pertain to the other.

>>114893589>It's ironic that M Scott was basically driven off Transformers because tumblr wanted her to hook up Windblade and Chromia, when M Scott wrote their relationship like sisters.Damn, really? I knew the Starscream fangirls gave her shit for having characters treat Starscream like the vile bastard that he is, I didn't hear about her actually being pushed away from the franchise. That's a shame, her stuff was easily my favorite part of the IDW1 continuity, hell, she even managed to make Pyra Magna bearable the one time she wrote her.... Though this makes the 'how dare you make Windblade sexy M Scott would never agree to this' thing that that crowd later threw all that much more ironic.>>114893605It's basically just the WonderWoman problem, which I at least consider to be a wholly separate issue from inconsistent characterization.

Roberts: -tosses in Swerve and Velocity as a last-second shiptease-Fans: We love it, are they really a thing?Roberts: Ew no. Not at all.

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>>114893792Don't forget Tailgate coming back from the dead for litterally no reason.Man, LL was just a mess. It's like all coherency just dissolved after the Functionist Universe... Sure, it was probably Roberts having no idea how to handle his series being cut short, but it feels like what we got was the half of the story that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

>>114894077>it was probably Roberts having no idea how to handle his series being cut short,The way he was writing it, I doubt it was that. LL was a disaster from the getgo, you could already feel the rotting setting in during the last issues of MTMTE

>>114894114If you want to talk about decay in MTMTE, I'd argue that it really started after Dark Cybertron, because when you get down to it the entireity of 'Season 2' felt lacking in the character bits that made the comic good in the first place, people remember Megatron's arc being more prominent than it actually was because it was an island of meaningful character stuff in a sea of re-used Dr Who plots and filibusters about Community.

>>114893207anode was a little shit and I love her for it

>>114894225I'd say the IDW comic as a whole started to decay after Dark Cybertron.

>>114894077>Don't forget Tailgate coming back from the dead for litterally no reason.He never died in the first place, user.

>>114894395I'll bet you also love Carl from Dumbing of Age.

>>114894405Letting Barber write his own book was a mistake... Though switching Roberts to work with a mostly different cast might have also helped.>>114894410No, apparently he did, in fact die instead of just being buried alive for millions of years.Though either way the last we saw of him was him being forever entombed on the Necrobot's planet, and then he just shows up on Euthenasia Planet for litterally no reason (sorry, 'whatever reason you want it to be' going by Roberts' explanation on Twatter).

>>114893707She didn't get driven off by the ship dramas. I have no idea where that user got that from.The latest drama involved with her before she left was some retarded shit about Starscream's new form.

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>>114894520Bud, this is outright explained in the comic. Tailgate didn't die. He was teleported from his Necroworld hole to Mederi.

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>>114886468>First portrayal of a female Decepticon>Is Deathsaurus wife of all things >Has been mostly forgotten >Didn't get a cameo in idw which was hellbent on featuring as many female characters as possibleIt's a shame, she's also I guess the only canonical Decepticon mommy.

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>>114894904Why am i finding it so difficult to like her? Color scheme is okay. but she has no personality, no backstory, just "ninja-bot".

>>114886742>not wanting a gf you can ride in two senses of the word

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>>114895865>but she has no personality, no backstory, just "ninja-bot"Probably why. It's hard to get attached to a design when there's nothing behind it.

>>114892022>>114892105In IDW1 Elita is a hardened warlord, and "One" is a title like "Prime".The thing a lot of people don't get is that IDW1 is not the same universe as G1. Characters will have different lives, which makes them different people. G1 Chromedome is blocky and straight; IDW Chromedome is lanky and gay. G1 Prowl is a literal who who dies fighting; IDW1 Prowl is a monster war criminal who doesn't die. Then there's Shockwave: similar-ish characterization, WILDLY different backstory.Someone not liking a given version of [character they like] I can get, but it's like the weather: wait long enough and it'll change. Star Saber being a DEUS VULT goon in IDW1 doesn't negate him having been a hero in his original show.

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>>114896014I don't understand why people have such a hard time with this, because even back in the fucking 80's there were differences between the cartoon universe and the comics universe. Sunbow Shockwave was a loyal goon, Marvel Shockwave was a power hungry usurper. Sunbow Blaster was a happy-go-lucky music lover, Marvel Blaster was a grim soldier haunted by the death of Scrounge.

>>114893207>Lug had virtually no character other than "Anode's girlfriend".Which is a fucking shame. No character should be relegated to being a love interest and nothing else.

>>114896060>>114893207Wife, actually. They're married.

>>114896486Same difference when you get right down to it. Still basically an accessory... literally an accessory as well thinking about it.

>>114894520>Letting Barber write his own book was a mistake... Though switching Roberts to work with a mostly different cast might have also know i had the same idea honestly. like what if after the trial of Megatron. Optimus decided to commandeer the Lost Light and then he places Rodimus and Ultra Magnus with the task of having to clean up the mess back on Earth. I think the casts of season 1 going in different places for season 2 would've kept things way more fresh and interesting.

I find it hard to pin down Windblade's personality because of the "design by a committee" approach to her creation. She's supposed to be a level-headed, diplomatic figure with quasi-mystical telepathic powers and a weirdly ornate appearance.But she's also a tough action girl with a laser katana and a heli-jet mode.Those two sides of her don't really mesh together, depictions of her tend to lean in one direction or another.

This thread is alright.

>>114893071>>114893101Shame elita isnt used as often but at least chromia has been getting more and more spotlight as of late.

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>>114898674OP here, thank you (:

>>114895729>Decepticon mommyI’m interested.

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>>114890290>Transformers: SpeciesHaha, yesss.

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>>114892506PRIMAL RAGE

>>114895865Cool design, she’s the Transformer who’s an Earthling rather than a Cybertronian built on Earth, she almost soloed the Autobots until Starscream fucked it up meaning she’s better than all the Decepticons including Trypticon, retroactively she is Blackarachnia 1.0 since the only thing making her evil is a mind control program.

>>114899141>Guards the injured, civilian, and young Decepticons at the end of the war when they’re pushed to Earth like the Autobots once were>Breast Force tries to keep it going with a Decepticon team, but fails and are driven back>Perceptor, now Autobot leader but not a Prime, leads the Autobots to the Decepticon base to wipe them out forever>She explains there’s almost no Decepticons left, just the wounded and noncombatants (now including Breastforce)>Perceptor decides not to go full-Hitler, Autobots and Decepticons declare the war over and become Maximals>Three of the Decepticons refuse to accept peace and take on new names and form the Tripredicus Council, which leads a terrorist mafia called the Predacons which is named after the Predaking team for being the martyr of the last battle when Decepticons were stronger than AutobotsThen Beast Wars happens. Lyzack only appears two other times in major continuities. In both she’s Leozack’s sister, in one continuity she has his sword after he is killed and is putting up with being Decepticon mommy and being creeped on by Starscream until she can kill Autobots, the other is the Legends universe which is silly.

>>114899492Huh, well thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

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>>114899651No problem.Technically she should be a quarduple-changer jet+Combiner chest+lioness, but she’s been simplified in later art to be just a short Seeker.

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>>114899492There is a Transformers manga volume 2 which according to Amazon is releasing tomorrow, which should have the manga adaptation of Victory that has Lyzack's appearance.


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>>114894077The series was cut short ten issues in. But as >>114894225 said, the rot was already starting all the back in DC so it was for the best it did.>>114894579Because it was terrible, form the design being a generic idw design to the message of "if you're born wrong, you will never be good.".>>114896014Thing is, for some, that version of the character is the default.

>>114895865Personally, I think she was at her best when was part of the fem-bot trio in the Legends comic. It didn’t do much to give her a personality but is showed that she works well as part of a team. Maybe the next Transformers reboot could build off that and put her in a team of bad girls.

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>>114900153She works well with Blackarachnia because they’re so much the same character. Like, to the point they may actually be. The main difference is Blackarachnia is a scientist while Nightbird is just a god tier fighter.

>>114890273>>114891770>>114891992This is why I stay safely tucked inside the g1 and prime cartoons . You can't hurt me there.

>>114900567Speaking of the Prime cartoons, why are the character designs there so damn sexy? I legitimately curious on why their designed like that.

>>114900567G1 is tied to Japanese continuity, which bleeds into Beast Wars.

>>114900619I recall that Animated and Prime are influenced by the art direction the studios that made them use in general. Animated is a continuation of the Teen Titans style, and Prime the Trollhunters one. Or maybe Trollhunters came after, I don’t know and don’t want to look it up. Either way, its a product of the design artists on staff.

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>>114900819I’m pretty sure Trollhunters came after Prime.

>>114898784>at least chromia has been getting more and more spotlight as of late.It probably helps that TFPrime-Arcee was basically Chromia in everything but name.

>>114899972>the message of "if you're born wrong, you will never be good.".That was never the message. Cold-contructed bots like Starscream had body issues, yes, and that was down to being cold-constructed. That part's a surprisingly good (albeit likely accidental) analogy for trans people.Cold-constructed bots ALSO had a higher rate of being criminals and Decepticons, but that's because cold-constructed bots were slave laborers. That's WHY they were built. The Senate needs more Seekers? Thaw out three sparks and stuff them in that red & white body, that blue & white one, and that purple & black one. Oh hey, last one's an outlier so we get more shine for our shanix!The message was "Stop treating the lower class like commodities.">Thing is, for some, that version of the character is the default.Explain.

>>114900567*kills Cliffjumper in episode 1*

>>114888010>>114888033Man, Headmaster saga was weird.

>>114901813Cliffjumper can’t get a break when it comes to dying.

>>114902145Can't have people confusing him for the actually planned marketable character now can they.Or maybe it's a boycotting tactic since they still can't legally make an MP Cliffjumper toy.

>>114902145He beat Deathsaurus in IDW2 at least.

>>114902614Deathsaurus is a shiteater.

Turing Arcee into "Grrrl Pawah bitch" is just as generic as having her as the "token chick".


whirl would of been a great mom

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>>114902833I cant my giant cock's urethra is already too big

Chun Li is my favourite Transformer girl

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>>114902894He is tho

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>>114902539Oof, imagine being a Cliffjumper fan. It must suck having little to no toys for the sucker.>>114902614Not much of an accomplishment when compared to other more popular characters. But I’ll give him that, he did beat Deathsaurus.

>>114902894That’s adorable.

This is the perfect ending for a Transformers series

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>>114903892You say that, but those who have welcomed third party into our lives have been satisfied.

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>>114904759God bless those third party developers.

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>>114904759Those are some good bois.

>>114903172I wonder what's crossing through her mind,


>>114907326>trapped inside machinery her mind reverted to a primal state being only able to kick

>>114903471I bet he must be such a great dad.

>>114908187It’s the only thing she can do.

>Why do people wanna fuck the Transformers?Metal fever.

>>114895729>Didn't get a cameo in idwHer being left out of IDW hurts even more when you remember that every Victory Decepticon besides her and Lyzack got to appear.

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>>114910769Fuck, forgot to add (including the unused guys who only existed as concept art up until now) after every Victory Decepticon.

>>114910769Look at all these jobbers, thinking they're actually worth something.

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>>114910037I guess that’s fair.

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>>114892246This is the dumbest shit I've read in a while. I would honestly have had more respect for the writer if Arcee just said she wanted to be like a human for a while but was indecisive and picked both. That's a very "robot" thing.

>>114910977Literal breeding material right here.

So, we're getting a crossover figure with the pastel horse show.

>>114911841Real shit?


>>114911915'My Little Prime'

>>114912017What the fuck.

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>>114912041>fearBut also an erection?

>>114912537It’s mostly fear.

>>114912041How is that your reaction? Is crossing over two extremely popular Hasbro properties really that shocking to you? What about it warrants a "what the fuck"?

>>114913204He has hippophobia.

>>114913249A fear of hippos? I mean, I heard those things can kill you pretty easily...

>>114892128>>114890290Where did you find those?


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>>114913124But you admit some erection.

>>114913416*cough* *cough* fredperry *cough* autobutts

>>114913628I said GOOD Transformers porn.

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>>114913249I despise horses, disgusting wild beasts.

>>114913628Give me his links cunt.

>>114913820they're up on sadpanda/ehentai and e621, you have all the info you need

>>114913838Thanks lad, now I get to jerk off to Arcee’s metallic breasts.