How would you make an Animorphs Netflix cartoon?

How would you make an Animorphs Netflix cartoon?

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>>114880834Looks like the centipede monster from that swamp thing cartoon

Well first of all we need to decide who in the group is going to be the Gay one. This is Netflix after all.I feel they'll probably choose Marco.

>>114880834Rachel did nothing wrong. >>114881484Marco was sorta gay for Ax's human form. Tobias at times seemed that way when he still worshipped Jake.

>>114881484The gay will be Cassie, she’s black already, making her gay is a double whammy

>>114881484Ax and Tobias, obv

>>114881663But then they lose out on her and Jakes interracial relationship. Or will they change someone else's race to make up for it?

>>114881484Ax will be gay, it will be revealed that Andalites dont take kindly to gay ones and he is hiding it out of shame, he will strike up a romance with some human guy while in his human morph

>>114880834Imagine buying a turkey from the butcher.Imagine getting it home and flipped on it's back.Imagine grabbing it's legs and pulling hard in opposite directions.Imagine the tearing flesh and cracking bones.Imagine that noise.Now.Imagine that noise every time someone transforms, drawn out over about three to seven minutes.That's how I'd do it.

>>114880834What the hell is Animorphs about? I always saw them in the school library but never picked it up.

>>114881693Now she's Rachel's GF. And Rachel and Jake have their Jewish heritage played up more to uncomfortable Big Mouthy levels

>>114881806The horrors of war disguised as a scifi action story for kids.

>>114881806Imagine the brain parasite from Star Trek or the Goa'uld from Star Gate, they've invaded Earth and fighting them has fallen to a team of teenagers with attitude being led by an Andorian-Centaur with magicalscience shapeshifting powers, and if they don't beat the brainslugs(who by the way apparently reproduce stupidly fast) the notAndorians are going to nuke the planet.

>>114881806Me too, I saw the show as a kid but now I wanna get into

>>114881806The planet is invaded by alien worms that control hosts by tunneling through the ear. They control a big chunk of space. A dying general from their ancient opponents arrives just in time to give 5 kids the ability normally only reserved for his species, the ability to become an exact copy of any living creature they touch. Using this power the kids try to fight off the invading force.

>>114881806>Alien slugs slug invade the world through slow infiltration >Friendly alien are on their way, but can take over a year to get there>Only thing that can slow them down are a group off teenager that have access to alien technology that allows them to transform into animals>Most of the books are basically "wake up, go to school and stop whatever is the Alien slugs new big plot>Final books are filled with PTSD stuff and the main characters are becoming more jaded or blood thirsty >The entire plot is also just a minor part in a galactic chess game between two God like beings

>>114881806>>114881844>>114881891Also these. They're fighting a losing war and as the books go on, they become more and more hopeless. The B teamgets wiped out (except for one notable exception), one of the main girls adjusts well. Like, SUPER well. It's pretty messed up. The greatest thing i

>>114881992Aw shit, the Yeeks got user, abandon th

>>114881992The greatest thing I remember about it is that at one point they say that the good guys are fighting across the galaxy by they're spread too thin. Then later on, you get a peek out there and realize just how bad things have really gotten. ||Also, the fate of the host for Visser 3 turned 1 was really fucked for me. Betrayed by a subordinate which leaves him helpless and turned into a host of his most hated enemy. I remember they get a look in to his mind and his consciousness is still in there just seething with rage. DECADES of that shit. At least Chapman brought it upon himself||

>>114881812>tfw they cuck Tobias out of one of his few happy relationshipMy Hawkboy deserved better

>>114881972>The entire plot is also just a minor part in a galactic chess game between two God like beingsI almost forgot about them. I always wondered which ancient enemy forced them out of their old home. Like, who the fuck is that powerful. Let's be honest, though. The 'special event's books were the best in the series. The prequel series, the time travel book, the one where they had to fix the timeline, the one where they become champions against the howlers. Top tier stuff

In amount they sufferedTobias>Jake>Marco>Ax>>>>>>Rachel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cassie

>>114882152Only Crayak was forced from his old home, The Elimist was just a geek who happened to absorb thousands of different minds and used that knowledge to try and improve everything


>>114881925To be fair, they can shapeshift into any organism they touch, but they normally only limited themselves to animals. Turning into other humans was something of an unwritten rule among them (and the author) to never do.

>>114882152>the one where they become champions against the howlersI read about half the series growing up, and that was one of my favorite books. All the little bits and pieces work together so well. Like how Eric was chosen along with the group to give them an automatic disposition against the howlers, to finding out that there are yeerks that live as a symbiotic species, the twist with the howler's viewpoint. Really cemented to me that the Ellimist can't be trusted even if he's on our side.

>>114882100Not like it turned out well for him in the end anyways

>>114882162Rachel's internal struggle is underrated imo. She was given the role of being the one to go through hard choices and slowly cracking under it all. Worse still is she was too proud to ask for help and by then everyone was too scared of her to see the signs.

>>114882237Speaking of Alloran, was he ever freed?>>114882303Yeah. If I remember correctly, they broke this rule only once. Or tried to, with that one dude who was in a coma. And Ax's human form was a mix of all of them. >>114882335Same here on all points. That was one of my favorites. That first hectic battle where Eric has to pull them out was fantastic. Remember the book where they find out the way to turn off his peaceful nature and he just massacres a platoon of yeerks? God that hit me hard. It was such a perversion of his nature. It hurt. Also, I'm not gonna pretend there wasn't a reason for it, but c'mon, man. Pulling Elfangor out of his peaceful life just as ||his son Tobias was being born|| to stick him back in the war? Dick move.

>>114882593Was that 5 way blended morph thing ever done again? I don't recall it being used, and it could have been an useful alternative to morphing other humans.

>>114882080>>114882593Control+S is how you do spoilers on Holla Forums

How did it end? Spoilers please

>>114883065Everyone died or is about to die.Really.

>>114883209Except fucking Cassie

>>114883231Oh yeah, I forgot. Didn't she break up with Jake and start dating a literal nobody or something like that?

>>114882918Ah. Fuck. I really have been spending too much time on Discord. Didn't even notice. Thanks

>>114883209Oh shit, that's right. The series ends with them about to ram an enemy ship, right?

>>114883262Yeah, to be fair Jake was a broken man. Cassie was the only one of them to move somewhat on.

>>114883285Rachel dies at the end of the war. Tobias, Jake and Marco go through their own PTSD. Ax is promoted in the Andilite military, goes missing. Jake, Tobias and Marco go in the ship to find him and ram the ship that has the evil Ax or whatever it is at the end of the book. Cassie does green peace stuff.

>That weird book where Jake is in some sorta Yerk futureWhat was even the point of that one? iirc the author even stated none of the God beings (including that hive mind thing at the end) were responsible for that one

Seriously. What was the deal with "The One"? They ever explain what's going on with that? Came out of nowhere

>>114881484Marco and Ax already had a lot of subtext. It'll be easy to just make it text and be done with it.The real problem is "modernizing" the story. Smartphones and shit kinda throw out a lot of the old tension but add a whole new level of shit the kids would have to deal with.Constant surveillance due to the post 9/11 world, NSA possibly being infiltrated, using the Deepnet for undercover work and possibly even spreading the word of the invasion to the native populace, all types of shit could go down if you do it right.

>>114884061>The real problem is "modernizing" the storyMake it very clear it's a 90s period piece. Smartphones ruin the plot of Stranger Things

>>114883829Basically "You wanted a happy ending? Fuck you here's everyone dying in a suicidal charge against an even bigger bad that came out of fucking nowhere. Enjoy."

>>114884119It could work I suppose. I'd rather they do it newer though, just to throw some curveballs at the people who read the books.

>>114884163>just to throw some curveballs at the people who read the books.Kill yourself

I'd make it like TTG!/Thundercats Roar>The final ep would reveal that after completing their last game, Ellimist and Crayak decide to play another in a new TTG!/Roar esc universe>The final ep would also have a 1 one 1 fight of Jake vs. Visser Three's "Combat Human Form" (a famous wrestler playing himself)

>>114881904I saw this on Youtube and gave it a shot, only to be surprised how far the books went. I did not finish the book series as a kid, but damn I missed out on some wild stuff.

>>114881806Kids and fun

>>114884321Magic School Bus?No, Cronenbergian Body Horror & Hardcore Sci-FiYES!

>>114884140Fun. At least Ax got a mouth of his own.Also, Arbron got killed by poachers? After everything he already went through? Fuck

>>114882361>Switched between living at his aunts and uncles who barely cared he existed>Constantly bullied at school>Gets stuck as a Hawk on their very first mission>Find out the alien who gave him powers was actually his dad, the same alien he saw getting eaten alive>Find his mother, but she cant even remember giving birth to him and is unable to form any connection to him>Witness his gf getting killed in a suicide mission>Spend the next decade living as a Hawk>In the last scene in the series he sees his uncle having been absorbed into a hive mind thingGuy had it rough


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>>114883612Padding. My guess is one of the ghostwriters wanted to go hog-wild for one installment.

I remember the TV show being neat and loving the op. No way am I gonna rewatch it, though. Don't need to be proven wrong

>>114880834Honestly it'd work best with lots of filler. Like the books make each episode slowly darker. For example, Rachel goes farther from what she did five episode ago, or they ditch some moral hangups that stopped them from doing a plan earlier on. Also build Chapman up as some campy principal villian a little bit longer than the books just to discard him for the visser in an arc for late season one hook.Honestly the hardest bit would be the visuals. I have no clue how'd one would go about making it work. I honestly feel like love action could work better, but then again I am a brainlet

>>114881663No no no, you need to make one of the white kids gay.

>>114883371Doesn't Tobias fuck off into the woods to live life as a hawk?

>>114880834Use the " transformation" as a ham-fisted segway into trans acceptance so I can leech as much money as possible off of white-knighting twitter activists and then drop it after the first season.

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>>114880834well I'd pitch it to netflix with everyone cast as blacks and Cassie as a lesbian, then I'd tell them the yeerks are really racist, not like in a fantastical alien sense but they just go on random rants about how much they hate black people for no reason.Then when it bombs I'll make 40 threads on 4chan claiming I owned the alt right

>>114883612I thought the Drode was involved with that.

>>114880834I would have it animated in the same style as the Men in Black cartoon. It has a style that I think best captures the gross and weird aspects of morphing. I would also make a period piece set in the 90s so as to avoid newer technology circumventing the plot.

>>114883612>>114885822Nevermind, I just checked. It was some strange unknown entity that "sounded both young and old, both male and female". It said something like>Very interesting, these humans deserve more study...

>>114881484Absolutely Tobias. He had a bunch of moments with Jake and Ax that came across pretty damn gay. Plus that bit where he gets horny for Rachel's (male) bird morph, then has to start awkwardly backpedaling in his narration.

>>114886107>Gay bird fuckerNetflix would certainly do this

1. Tobias is a trans metaphor c'mon2. He and Rachel OTP forever

>>114886082It's the thing that chased Crayak out of his original home and is there to see why Crayak and the Ellemist are so invested in them

>no are the birdi cry erytiem

>The Chee have access to violence dispellers>their creators were still wiped out by the howlers>only worked because Howlers see violence as playing and see it all as a gameThat was super neat

>>114887195The howlers did nothing wrong

>>114887663This but unironically. They're literal children who think they're playing.

>>114884214Here are some ep ideasThe Foodie>Ax discovers eating and becomes obsessed with itThe Date>Jake and Cassie go on a mission together

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>>114888014Go full Justice League with Double Date. Jake and Cassie try and stop a yeerk plan before Rachael and Tobias bring down the house. Technically I feel like Marco and Rachael would be a better fit since they've both been shown to be more ruthless than the others at times, but muh ship.

>>>That time they forced a half way stuck animorph to a rat that psychically screams in agony for the sweet release of death>That time they used handicapped kids as shock troops>That time marcos mum's yeerk was forcing her not to weep while having a mental breakdown and not being able to do anything

>>114888285Shit was fucked on so many levels. It wasn't until years later that I really thought about it. >They left David on that island stuck as a rat>Rachael goes back in a later book and David shows up begging her to kill him>It's never revealed what she did

>>114885643>For example, Rachel goes farther from what she did five episode ago, or they ditch some moral hangups that stopped them from doing a plan earlier onThis happened. Rachel started killing unarmed/fleeing combatants and Jake went from not wasting Yeerk pools to being known as their genocidal monster. All of them did shady shit just like a real war

>>114888377It was just assumed they left him>having to go through the garbage to survive as a horrific creature>Not being able to cry not even being able to scream aloud at the horror you find yourself trapped in

>>114888387I love that during Visser One's trial they straight up call him out for the death of like, over 100,000 yeerk deaths in one bombardment and that he's committed war crimes in order to discredit him.

>>114888014>It's an Ax discovers the internet episode

>>114888160I agree, I've only read a few books but I feel that had a more interesting interaction

>>114888160I uniroicly ship Marco and ax, Marco and Rachel are shit together

>>114888605>>114888641The duality of man

Animorphs is my shit. I got like 40 of the books from my brother after they finished up in '01. I love these threads.>>114882152>>114882335>>114882593Let's be real, everything that wasn't Chronicles or a major plot point might as well have been (and probably was) dashed off by a ghostwriter. The author pretty much admitted to it at one point. That said, you're right, 26 with the Howlers was absolutely ace.>>114882593Alloran was freed from Visser 3/1 at the very end.

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>>114888714Honestly I liked the filler ghostwriter stuff more. It was nice and comfy

>>114888445You think they ever went back for him after everything was over? There was literally no reason to keep him stranded like that. The war was over, their identities weren't a liability anymore. The only reason would be because they realized shit was fucked and didn't want what they did to him getting spread around.

>>114881904Watch this when it came out. Had no idea the books were that fucking crazy. I super wish there was a better way to get into it then having to read 60 books.

>>114889492A good portion of the books are filler.

>>114889423I mean he is stuck like that forever, there is no way he could revert to being human again. I think they honestly just left him there they've done way crueler shit to far more, this is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things.

>>114889530Didn't Rachel go back and kill him?

>>114880834This one too, mods. "What if not Holla Forums was Holla Forums" is not Holla Forums, it's just stealth off-topic shit.

>>114889594It's never said. David begged Rachel to kill him, then it cut to her at home.

>>114889423Realistically he'd probably already been killed and eaten by then, or if not, gone native like what was happening to Tobias until Ellimist gave him a new dose of mprphing powers.


>>114889648>david was basically the answer to every edge lord's idea of joining the animorphs>the Auxillary animorphs were what what would have happened had the Yeerks not held back at the startFun series.

>>114889810The local book fair stopped showing up before that happened. What happened to the B Team?

>>114889949They teamed up with the US Army to act as a distraction so that the main group could sneak onto the Pool Ship. They all were massacred.

>>114889632Shut up nerd.

>>114889990Well shit

>>114889990Wait how massacred? Like, they seemed like a believable mission or was it a one sided slaughter?

>>114890179It was a distraction for the main Animorphs to get on the Yeerk pool ship.

>>114890146The auxiliary Animorphs were also disabled kids, by the way>>114890179Cannon fodder distractions

There's a graphic novel coming out btw.

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>>114890179A quote from the wiki:All of the Auxiliary Animorphs were killed in the final battle against the Yeerks' Pool ship. They had sacrificed their lives to assist Sam Doubleday's ground force as the original Animorphs invaded the Pool ship. Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.


>>114889648Rachel was a sociopath, he's probably the only person she wouldn't kill

>>114888874The ghostwritten books weren't inherently bad, just WILDLY inconsistent. Sometimes they'd knock it out of the park, other times you'd get books where everyone is slightly out of character and the plot kinda sucks.

>>114881484It kind of sucked they introduced the gay andalite couple in hiding, then a few books later everything is out in public yet they still never get mentioned again.

>>114890469>Jake: David is getting a little out of hand, so how do we handle this?>Cassie: We should be understanding of his situation.>Marco: We need to sit him down and get him to understand that this behavior could both get us killed and end the world.>Rachel: I'm going to threaten to murder his parents if he doesn't stop acting up.

>>114890621It was handled better in the book where all Jake said to Rachel was take care of him and she stabbed him with a fork saying pretty much that. Jake knew and expected that of her which really hit her hard when they called her when David went bad.

>>114888014What if they adapt that book with the suicide squad? That'd be great

>>114890281>Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.Holy shit. That's fucking dark. I know they were a distraction, but like, wasn't sure if they were just thrown at the enemy to die or if they were thrown at the enemy to die with the thought being "they'll think this is our main assault so the others can get it so we have to make it just competent enough to be believable."This answers that question

>>114890691Everyone gives Cassie a lot of shit. But if she wasn't there Rachel and Marco would have done some warcrimes far earlier into the series and gotten them all killed

>>114881725Then it will be redundant when they discover the subtextual gay Andalites who were hiding on Earth, and also draw criticism for making it the alien.Rachel would almost certainly be the gay one so that the writers don't have to struggle with a hawk/human romance, and she's already the trope subverter what with being the beautiful butch.

>>114891139You forget Cassie's heavily implied to have killed a policeman controller within the first few books. She's a hypocrite

>>114890944Directly quoting:"Permission to fire Dracon cannon?" the visserordered. Marco answered. he said at last.It was a death sentence. Three minutes. Morethan enough time for the sharpshooters on thebridge. Too much time.They fired.If I demorphed here I'd be seen. Nowhere tohide. I'd be shot. Killed. Accomplish nothing.Couldn't die. I was in charge. It was my plan.No time for gestures. Win, that was all I had todo: Win.Visser One said,

>>114891726Shit. God that's depressing

>>114880834I fell for Tobias so hard as a kid. Ax was my jam.Animorphs made me into who I am today. Take that as you will. I was very much a "Cassie" as a child.

I'm convinced no one at Scholastic ever read any of the books, because no way this shit should have been allowed in elementary school book fairs. I'm pretty sure my parents just saw the covers and thought it was kid shit too all the while i'm reading details descriptions of Rachel mauling the shit out of everything in her Bear morph

>>114892321Book fairs and your school only cared about making cash.

>mfw 5(6) preteens with no combat experience manage to win a space war against an invading alien species using guerrilla tactics >>114892321i don't remember the series but i found a lot of grim dark books in middle school. i think i actually stopped reading animorphs because it was way too gruesome and depressing for me to be reading as a kid. as an adult it holds up surprisingly well

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>>114881743Morphing only takes like 1-2 minutes, though

>>114892321>>114892582I'm a zoomer who got them from my library, what are book fairs?

They're very short. Each one shouldn't take more than an hour or two

>>114889632I'll bet you're the one that nukes puppet threads

>>114892794I guess it was to encourage kids to read more, but basically publishers (usually for kids books) would bring in a bunch of books and there'd be a small event at the school where you could see them all on display and buy them. Thinking about it, the concept is a bit odd and it'd probably be done digitally now

>>114890229That art style is horrendous

>>114892794A half dozen rolling bookshelves and a couple of tables sitting in a common area/ unused classroom/ corner of the library for a week.

>>114892321>all the while i'm reading details descriptions of Rachel mauling the shit out of everything in her Bear morphSame. My parents didn't give the books a second chance but I remember the sheer panic in even book two(?) where they run into the time limit and desperately try to turn back human, not sure if they can. I still remember imagining half human half wolf abominations running through the woods

>>114893013Forgot pic

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>>114880834Make it the western equivalent of Evangelion and Ideon and give it Tomonori Kogawa-like character designs. End it in the style of Be Invoked or End Of

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>>114880834What’s up with this nigga

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>>114893013>>114892882It really feels like I missed out on a lot

>>114893136He was a space centaur, for all I can recall.

>>114893156Why does he have a vagina on his face

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>>114880834That cheesy live-action show they did is pure 90's perfection. No idea where you could get a look at it now. For sure it's in some shitty definition meant for television and that's it.

>>114881140I think they were specifically illustrated so that they'd be easier to morph with that old program in the 90's. Shit was considered very high tech back then.

>>114893014>that was from Tobias' perspective so he could see every grisly detail>it was sheer terror and disgust of ending up like him that fueled their willpower

>>114893033Ah, the nostalgia.

>>114882918>>spoilers for a series that ended 20 years ago

>>114893954I don't care about spoilers, I care about people not knowing how to do spoiler tags

>>114893138I mean, looking back it's more shameful corporate whoring in the public school system. You have much better selection at a decent library, because it's not just the newest releases from a single publisher that are all full price - no discounts like you'd get at a bookstore chain or used bookstore.>>114893136He eats with his hooves.

>>114881806Child soldiers fighting brain slugs and getting PTSD

>>114893181That's his nose.>>114893136One time he theatened to nuke a major US city. Another time he turned into Jake (the Animorphs' leader) and ate a bunch of really spicy chili. He also turned into a person to kiss another Andalite (his race) who was also morphed into a human while they also ate M&Ms and did autistic mouth noises to each other. He's a pretty cool guy, sort of a naive yungun like the rest of the Animorphs but was already in a military environment before crashing on Earth.>>114893208It's on youtube, I think.

>>114881484tumblr has been shipping marco as gay forever, because one time he sat on ax's lap while undercover as two harmless kids on a mission.

>>114881484Animorphs is gay.

>>114883829It was to hammer in that war is hell and there's no glory or happily ever after for anybody involved. Some people manage to crawl out of it and get back a semblance of a normal life just coping with the pain forever, others break and either just wait for death or leap at the chance to go back into combat because when all the adreniline is pounding in your skull you're too busy focusing on survival to feel guilt or shame or trauma

It's so weird that everyone sees the ending as the guys doing a suicide run. If anything it just ends the same way it starts. The gang throwing themselves into a situation they're totally unprepared for with no real plan. I never saw them as suicide bombing, I always figured something would come up. They were only attacking one scouting ship of the new threat, suicide bombing it would have barely halted the invasion, it'd be quicker and more productive to fly off and warn people.I did like how the new threat was basically just a ramped up version of the yeeks though. Instead of mind controlling slugs they were like psychic remote enslavers from deeper space. proof that there's always another fucking war.

>>114894701It's meant to be exactly like Elfangor's suicide tactic and the enemy is not Borg.

>>114883612The main point was to give Jake a vision of what would happen to both him and his friends if he started acting like a general and just treating them as war assets. The vision of Rachel completely mangled and wheelchair bound in particular is one that haunts him in later books

>>114880834I would absolutely include the part where the hawk boy kills Hitler.

>>114893954yesjust because something is old doesn't mean everyone has seen it

>>114882227>>114882335The Ellimist was weird because he was just a mortal dude who went through some genuinely messed up shit for god knows how long on his trek to godhood.And the fact that him and Crayak have to fight what amounts to a proxy-war because they literally would tear reality apart otherwise is just absurd to me in a book for kids and young adults.>>114882593I still remember the last-minute rush to deactivate his peaceful protocol and the fade to black. If I recall right, the Yeerk platoon was made up of some of the scariest shit they had, and Eric STILL absolutely fucked them all up like it was nothing. It was both tragic and unfortunate - it would've easily let them turn the tide on the war on earth and elsewhere but at an absolutely insane cost.>>114883829At the end of the day, the Crayak and Ellimist are still competing, and if the One isn't one of Crayak's new pawns, it's another being following a very similar route to how Ellimist got his status.Regarding OP, what >>114885917 said.

>>114890229There's no way they'll keep the dark events with that art style.Rachel shall not be picking up her severed bear arm to beat hork bajir with it

>>114894505>nuke a major US cityA city in Southern California, but which otherwise has too many contrasting characteristics to be any one place that actually exists.

>>114894953I loved it when Rachel would be fighting even when blinded from all the blood in her eyes.

>>114895015It's those details that I reflect on that convinces me publishers weren't looking too closely at the books. Many of the battle descriptions were very visceral and gory.

>>114892321There was a lot of shit Scholastic books could get away with as long as it wasn't a selling point and not over the top. Also no sex, violence is cool but sex is usually a no no.

>>114892904Eh, I think it's okay. Way better than the proposed one that was floating around for a while.

If Visser Three was so violent, why did the Yerk council let him keep the Andalite body?

>>114895299There was detailed descriptions of internal animal organs that were hanging out of wounds

>>114892738I think you mean gorilla tactics

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>>114895756iirc it seemed like they were be able to get away with any gore that didnt include detailed descriptions of humans being gored

>>114895738Politics, and he was good at blaming others for his failures

I remember having a personal pet theory back in the days when the series ended that Rachel ended up as The Ellimist's equivalent to the Drode

>>114896274she dead

>>114896274I feel like if he tried, she'd just find a way to fuck him overAlso it was always Tobias he took special interest in

>>114880834Don't change anything apart of putting it in more present times. THAT IS ALL.

>>114895738Violence didn't seem to be an issue for them.I sort of took it as a custom that if you claimed a body, you got to keep it. Visser Three claiming an Andalite body at all got him promoted several ranks.

>>114897546>putting it in more present timesNo, it must be a period piece in the 90s to work. Contemporary mall-crawling teens with no cellphones taking a shortcut through a construction site at night? Wouldn't work.

>>114898011OK. That's a good point.

>>114898017Plus, era-related plots (like Ax using AOL to access internet through dialup) aside, there's lots of room for 90s nostalgia-wank that route too, I have a feeling 80s nostalgia in media has largely run its course for the decade and 90s will be up next anyway.

>>114898105>I have a feeling 80s nostalgia in media has largely run its course for the decade and 90s will be up next anyway.I think so too. I miss the 90's. At least people could get away with things back then.

>>114898011This, it will basically be stranger things, but for 90s kids

>>114897918Well it was a massive tactical advantage, the equivilent of stealing both a superweapon and a gigantic cache of intel it one swoop

>>114898181Plus the demoralizing it must have done to the Andalites to know one of theirs had finally fallen under a Yeerk's control. Visser 3 strolling onto a battlefield larger-than-life is a propaganda victory, turning into a monster and literally devouring your foes doubly-so.

Thinking back to this series, did they ever state if the infiltration was happening globally or atleast nationally? Because for most of the series it felt like The Yeerk pool in their home city was the only one in the entire world

I ended up reading this before I had even heard of the Animorphs. What a ride. Funny the way the surprises worked in reverse, though. Like, it's supposed to be a big shock when young Chapman ends up being the cause for a whole bunch of shit, but since I didn't even know the animorphs was a series yet, the big shock for me was when he showed up in that series. It's like, oh great, it's this asshole. And he hasn't changed.

Attached: Andalite_chronicles_front_and_inside_cover_folded_out.jpg (300x300, 25K)

>>114898245Globally, but their town happened to be where the global HQ of The Sharing was iirc.It was also a point of contention between Visser 1 and Visser 3 over how "slow and steady" the invasion was, when they had the firepower to just flatten all Earth's military bases overnight if they brought more of the fleet in

>>114898291Strange but awesome user, I think the first one I read was #13 on a bookfair whim and I was 90% lost the whole time but liked it enough to go back and start with #1.It still hurts how Loren got shafted after all that. Same with Aldrea in Hork Bajir Chronicles.

>>114898330>hey had the firepower to just flatten all Earth's military bases overnight if they brought more of the fleet inTheir whole goal was bolstering their forces with the sheer bulk of humanity, 7billion+ new controllers wouldv'e overwhelmed the Andalites and maybe won the war. Glassing Earth wins control of the planet sure, but destroys the one resource you were there to plunder in the first place.

>>114898380That was exactly Visser 1's argument not to

>>114898346>LorenYeah. That one hurt. The biggest thing for me was that not knowing it was a prequel meant my expectations were screwed. When they all got screwed out of the last bit of a happy ending, it hurt. I had no way of knowing how his life was supposed to end. To people who read the series properly, he'll probably always be that mature war prince dying on a foreign world. To me, he's that young cadet on his first real mission. Drinking soda, listening to music and driving a car on the taxxon homeworld during a revolution.

Attached: 1527980181732 (1).png (1277x1600, 1.03M)

>>114898514>Drinking soda, listening to music and driving a car on the taxxon homeworldI love that scene, memorable as fuck. Bless the Skrit-na and their irrational need to abduct people and things.

I never got around to reading this. was it any good?

>>114898728It was the best. Harry Potter was for poofs.I rarely hear people mention Applegate's other series, I loved Everworld but never read Remnants as it seemed too depressing

>>114880834Where can I find all of the book online?

>>114898728Yeah. I mean, it was written for teens, so keep that in mind who am I kidding. You're on Holla Forums, you're used to it., but aside from that it's a pretty neat child soldier story with a veneer of teen fantasy over it

>>114899045I've been meaning to look in to Everworld. Seemed neat, worth picking up, then. I'm right there with you on Remnants.

Attached: 1527949898835 (1).png (2208x1242, 1014.01K)

>>114899427It's some good dark shit that goes from bad to worse, I think it's in book 3 that the characters get marched up an Aztec pyramid with a line of defeated, broken Vikings and the author notes how the thick layer of dried blood crunched beneath their feet with every step up. You'll recognize some simularities between members of both book's casts, the leader guy being the most 1:1 with Jake.It's definitely worth reading the first book at least, short read and if you liked it the rest are all right there to blow through next.

>>114899045She was basically having a breakdown from overwork during Remnants (same reason Everworld scrabbles for an ending point and stops), so it got really janky. That first couple books still stand out to me, though, with the perspective on the near future and the initial thesis of "giant spaceship riddled with parasites picks up humans, doesn't know how to deal with so gives them landscapes based on art, and we made some fucked up art."

>>114899622>She was basically having a breakdown from overwork during RemnantsConsidering the pace she put out books that's understandable, I wonder how many total were hers (not ghostwritten) and how that total stacks up to Stephen King's library of work?

>>114883829>the blade ship "came to life and attacked them">Ax wasn't able to escapeDoesn't Remnants have a sentient ship? Same kind of creature, maybe?

>>114891726>Visser One said,

Attached: 1525210466328.png (442x452, 152.21K)

>>114892882>Thinking about it, the concept is a bit odd and it'd probably be done digitally nowThey still do it, when i was picking up my niece from school a few years ago they had one set up. Can't see how they'd do it digitally since a lot of it is based on impulse buys and pocket change.

>>114899716I find it interesting that the preview of the graphic novel credits the writing to both her and Michael Grade, her husband. I wonder what his portion of the contribution was.

>>114880834Whats the correct reading order? I don't mind spoilers cause I've read some of the major books and know the ending. I guess I'm looking for the comfiest order.

>>114898380>>114898468All I can picture now is a war going hot and the humans forcing a test by making every solider who returns eat a bowel of oatmeal at check in.

>>114899853Yeah. Shit just got more and more fucked the longer things went on. Just like actual war>>114899995Keeping her sane

>>114890229Oh shit. Nice >>114900037I remember oatmeal being a thing, but can't remember what the importance was

>>114900066>I remember oatmeal being a thing, but can't remember what the importance wasA very specific flavor of instant oatmeal was like meth to the Yeerk

Watch the intro and notice something

>>1149000281-54, not sure where you'd want to read all the Chronicles at, they sort of fit into areas of the series but not super-specific. Alternamorphs are only good if you like CYOA books and there's only two anyway.

>>114900199Not gonna read the Alternamorphs. I guess I mostly wanted to know where Ellimist and Visser fit into the timeline. I've read most of the other major books.

>>114900106>>114900066Don't remember if it was a flavor, but oatmeal cured them of the need to dip in the pool. But in return they became meth addicts and raving mad for it in their host bodies. We never see a single instance of a Yeerk being extracted from the body once addicted.

>>114900323Ellimist is a prequel that can be read near the end, as it has Rachel's last moments in the beginning and end of it, Visser I'm not so sure, I only read it once and that was a few years ago, it was the one book I missed as a kid. I'd have to re-read it again to rekindle my memory.Also, Alternamorphs are filled with lots of YOU DIED pages, that's kind of funny but otherwise the books are easily ignored.

>>114900028The wikipedia page actually has a list of chronological order including where the chronicles and megamorph books fit in the timeline. It also has a synopsis of each books plot. Super neat

>>114900607>>114900695That's neat. Thanks anons. Diving into it now.

>>114900562Damn. That WOULD make a good test

>>114900791There's a MEGA link floating around that has the whole series as pdfs if you want 'em, I'm sure someone around here has it.

>>114901261Found the link and downloaded already.In case someone wants it>

>>114888387I liked the part in the last few books where they're attacking some random yeerks in bird morph. The yeerks are all "dude, we're just running out the clock until we're stuck in bird morph and can desert the yeerks, because being a yeerk fucking sucks". Then they murder them anyway.

>>114893208>For sure it's in some shitty definition meant for television and that's it.The show actually re-aired on fucking Qubo, of all places, back in 2013, so people were able to finally rip the show in something better than "2003 .rm file ripped from a VHS" quality.

>Desperate to finish his agenda and ditch the Animorphs, the Visser travels to various destinations within seconds, hoping to lose his pursuers.>Confident that he has lost them, he travels to Normandy in 1944, intent on warning the Nazi Party about the Allied efforts on D-Day.>However, his prior actions have prevented the Nazi party or the Allies from existing, and he is arrested by a German-French team, where Adolf Hitler is but a mere driver. He is arrested and taken away by the German-French troops, but Tobias and Cassie, in Hork-Bajir and wolf morph, launch an attack on the convoy.>Upon spotting Hitler, Tobias presses a Hork-Bajir blade against his throat, electing to kill him, while Cassie explains that this Hitler is not the same Hitler from their timeline.>The captain fires at Tobias, causing Tobias to jerk his wrist blade reflexively, slitting Hitler's throat and killing him.>Cassie and Tobias are then shot, only to have the bullets and wounds disappear due to their newfound immortality.

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>>114902245The fuck

>>114900117I don't get it, notice what?

>>114902814I'm guessing maybe he's referring to Shawn "Iceman" Ashmore?

>>114901340Oh shit. Thanks, man.

>>114880834>At that moment, something weird happened. I was looking at Tom, and he was smiling at me.But then his face kind of twitched. His head started to pull to one side, like he was trying toshake his head only he couldn't quite do it. For just a split second there was a look in his eyes— scared or . . . or something. He was looking right at me, and it was like some differentperson, some scared person, was looking out of those same eyes.Man, fuck this.

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>>114881693>But then they lose out on her and Jakes interracial relationship.WM BF is problematic due to the power dynamic. It's inherently coercive.

>>114881844My kid is reading them. He just read the one where they trap the new kid as a rat forever and leave him on a deserted island where he shouts for help telepathically but nobody ever saves him. He said he needs to take a break on the series for a while. I told him that was okay.

>>114882303I distinctly remember Marco turning into a middle-aged man. I remember him morphing a beer gut and shit.

>>114903188Wait what the fuck. Definitely don't remember that, but that seems about on par with the rest of the series

>>114903681There's always a battle going on in a controllers head between the human and the slug. Most of the time, once the human has been enslaved for long enough, they'll accept their fate. But this happened when Tom was trying to get Jake to join the Sharing. Tom would've fought the Yeerk to get something across to Jake.This shit is fucking nightmare fuel.

>>114903594Marco acquired and morphed into a Mr. Grant in the 30th book according to the exhaustive wiki. That's probably it.

>>114903770The Yeerk Pool alone is like something Dante cut out of his Inferno for being too disquieting.

>>114880834I just wanna watch some Tigers, Elephants, Bears, Gorillas reck Yeerk shit.>>114903870What would be the most efficient way to kill yeerks inside a pool? Heat up the water? Poison it? Or morph into an Orca and thrash about?

>>114904069Forgot pic

Attached: P.t.altaica_Tomak_Male.jpg (1740x1256, 720.19K)

>>114904069>What would be the most efficient way to kill yeerks inside a pool? Heat up the water? Poison it? Or morph into an Orca and thrash about?Shut off the Kandrona ray projectors and walk away. Three days. Don't think about it, just walk away.

Attached: 1499579423143.jpg (1540x1540, 250.35K)

>>114904324No, that's not good enough. A lot could happen in 3 days.Pour gasoline into the pool and light it up.Or maybe have the projectors emit microwaves to boil the water, if thats possible.

>>114880834One day, we'll have the AI and computing power necessary to procedurally generate media from prompts or source material. You could feed a computer the Animorphs series, along with a few petabytes of data about the 90s, and some reference pieces for tone, then it could chug along and create a show in whatever art style you want. The energy and computing demands would be astounding, but we can already generate convincing photos of people who don't exist, and video clips of things that have never happened. I give it 50-60 years before someone can generate custom entertainment without the need for studios or actors or artists. On one hand that's kind of bleak, on the other, I look forward to spending my retirement watching book adaptations done right.

What was that other fucked up series Applegate made.Something about gods? I remember a lot of gore in it.

Attached: 1589172202366.png (1266x688, 1.01M)

>>114904069>What would be the most efficient way to kill yeerks inside a pool?Drop a bunch of oatmeal inside it

There's something so oddly comfy about the Yeerk Peace Movement. I'd be totally down to have an alien brain passenger partner-for-life who could take the wheel when I was too depressed to get out of bed. Plus, the advantages of having two minds in one body would be dope. It's a really beautiful potential symbiosis that never really got explored in the books.Remember Aftran 942, who dreamed of peace.

>>114882389And that is why she is my eternal waifu

>>114904525>but we can already generate convincing photos of people who don't existjust like Ax except that was a whole human body for him to use

>>114904525I was thinking of something very similar just today, but from your own imagination into a movie, book or video game.I just cant picture an Animorphs TV series right now being perfect. With live action, you'll have real animals and they wont be wild and it you can't film battles between real and fictional animals convincingly. And for an animated series, the budget wont be enough for the animation to be really good.I hope we get that tech in my lifetime.

>>114904602Everworld. It still has a ton of potential for adaptation even today, with bro vikings, gay greeks, and a main cast that all have fundamental issues from abuse to racism

>>114902245That prologue of them all hanging out on the postNazi rule beach was fucked.

>>114904654Like the green with the yeerk infesting an average Holla Forums poster, but a healthy cooperation. I tragically don't have the thread cap saved.

>>114906017no wait, I do

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>>114904658I don't see it mentioned a lot, but Rachel breaking down after almost having her mom ram innocent soldiers really tugged at my heart.

>>114901538Oh shit, do you have this? I only have the VHS quality ones with tracking lines

As a kid I thought Cassie was so stupid, as an adult I understand where she's coming from

>>114906583I never cared about her.

>>114904654I hope she lived a good life in the ocean, maybe had some whale kids, sung to them about alien suns and the wonders she'd seen

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>>114889423What's the lifespan of a rat in the wild?

>>114880834Doesn’t pretty much everybody who joins the team end up dying in horrible ways? Been a while since I read this series.

>>114906583What I think scared me most about Cassie is she often gambled future lives in her decisions. The howlers, david, the yeerks getting the cube, that dude they deleted from time, herself as a caterpillar. Her plans were always in that Greater Good mentality and Ax even had a moment of commenting how peaceful things could be worse than violent ones applied to the world. I think Marco and Tobias had better fights on morality.

>>114906061That actor who was the host of Visser 4 basically did something like that. He kept repeating the same Shakespeare play day out and in

>>114903531Your kid is a pussy and needs to power through.

>>114881484Applegate has said she wrote Marco as Bi

>>114904324This, Kandrona projectors don't come easy and even the loss of one could cost them a whole pool, 40,000-70,000 yeerks.Or flush them into space like Jake did.

>>114892794It's a scheme to remove parents from the decision about what books to get their kids and get them to open their stingy wallets.Once upon a time the federal government was mostly hands-off when it came to school funding, so schools and YA publishers would get together and host a "book fair" where kids to get to pick out what books they want and put them in bags, a teacher would tally up the cost and and send an "order form" home with you to your parents, and your parents write a check to buy you the books (they can't say no without feeling like horrible parents) and you take them home the next day. The school and the publisher split the profits in some way and/or the publisher gets tax breaks.Of course now schools swim in Federal money, so they don't do this anymore. Naturally this increase in funding came with a marked improvement in education in the country and... wait, what? It didn't? It's worse now then it's ever been? Well at least we know the teachers are now being paid a proper wage for their... wait, they still aren't? O-okay...

>>114882335I'd think it shows the Ellimist CAN be trusted. He's the shifty sort of dude who is on your side the whole time but just cant explain how or else it ruins the plan.

>>114904069>What would be the most efficient way to kill yeerks inside a pool? Heat up the water? Poison it? Or morph into an Orca and thrash about?Pretty sure they could take over an orca without issue. We know they can morph shit without brains without too much trouble, so just morph into a Man-O-War and sit there with your 100 foot+ long poisoned tentacles wiggling around in the pool. Would a Man-O-War sting kill a Yeerk? I dunno, but with their tiny squishy bodies it seems pretty likely.

>>114888160If I vaguely recall things right, Marco probably really does have a crush on Rachel. He just has more important stuff on his mind once Yeerks show up and isn't the type to cockblock Tobias.

>>114906842Oh don't get me wrong, I don't think she was right every time.I really appreciate the moral perspectives they would explore; and it definitely influenced my own view of morality.

>>114907427I always got that vibe too, though I think after seeing her go apeshit a few times his opinion of her changed from "my bud's hot cousin" to "blonde Xena with Khan-like bloodlust"

Attached: manlet marco.jpg (545x800, 125.47K)

>>114908353Marco's always been extremely observant and his coping mechanism is joking. He probably realizes that she doesn't ACTUALLY enjoy doing that stuff but thinks it's something she has to do. His joking A) Keeps her in check with introspectionandB) keeps up the mood a bunch better than everyone thinking about her behavior without the filter of a campy TV show

>>114893136Best character, user.

>>114906181I can't find them at the moment, but googling it tells me the show was finally added to some streaming platforms recently. So there are probably some even higher quality rips now.

>>114908976Marco unironically had the worst ending put of everyone. He is incapable of processing any of his trauma. His lives in a prison of his own irony and lacks the ability to even find purpose again like Jake.

>>114908976>she doesn't ACTUALLY enjoy doingDoesn't she? She knows she shouldn't and in calm sober moments even seemed a bit scared of herself, but turn her into a bear and turn her loose on a room full of controllers and she went berzerk at the drop of a hat. She nearly lost herself that one time Crayak had her fucking around with David.Remember that one time she morphed a starfish then some little shit on the beach cut her in half and both halves demorphed as extreme opposing versions of her character? That was a weird one.

Attached: rachel.jpg (374x576, 36.88K)

>>114909288She doesn't from what I recall. Whenever we see her perspective she generally doesn't enjoy it. Even at the end when she's sent on the suicide mission (and part of the ellimist chronicles intro I think) she's horrified by the fact that everyone thinks she's ok with it as well as the fact that Jake actually trusts that she's willing to kill Tom along with a minor existential crisis about being the team psychopath.

>>114908353Marco is cold enough to kill his mother and Rachel savage enough to trap her current boyfriend as human. I think over time their playful antagonism became genuine and knew a real relationship would be their worst traits being complemented. It hurt seeing Marco stop calling her Xena like it did Rachel stop joking. >>114909288She liked it, but hated how others viewed her and pushed her into the persona while still being unable to stomach her results. David's the one example where she hates being the team wetworker and while she dreaded the suicide mission it was her glorious out after nearly picking a fight with soldiers just to get the mission done. Which is great because Rachel was always described as clean while she was the most eager fighter contrasted with Cassie's muddiness and humanitarian values.

>>114881904I watched the whole thing, despite reading the books and how annoying these guys are

>>114881484>Will have to deal with widespread shippers if Animorphs becomes big in the way it deserved Fuck

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>>114881682Ax, yes. Tobias for bisexual.

>>114884061Just set it in the 90s. The Internet loves that shit.

Just looking forward to the Howler episode

>>114899045Remnants was a mind fuck at times.Everworld should've gone longer.I wonder if her husband's books take place in the same continuity as Animorphs, a character mentions Hork Bajar wood carvings.

>>114902360Visser 4 was an ambitious Yeerk, he just couldn't get by Visser 1, 2 and 3 which led to his wacky time travel scheme.

>>114881904This video was such a fucking nostalgia trip.

>>114904602Everworld was less fucked up than Remnants despite the cast being basket cases.Ironically, the cast of Remnants were the most sane despite being in a ducked up setting.

>>114904634Yeah I feel like it was fairly early in the series they plan to do exactly this and they they decide against the whole biological warfare thing.Only like 10 books later shit has gotten so bad I bet they wish they had done it back then

>>114904654The Iskort despite being annoying had the right idea, creating host bodies for themselves.

>>114882152> The 'special event's books were the best in the series. Correct. The book with the Andalite chick on the Hork Bajir planet was my favorite growing up.


>>114886146More like an otherkin/furry metaphor.

>>114888285I don’t have much sympathy for David. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

How do you feel about sending disabled idiots on a suicide mission?

>>114889492They’re children’s books. They’re fun and well written but you can kill one in an afternoon. Come on, user, reading is good for you.

Waiting for the audiobooks because I'm dyslectic.

>>114910691They weren't idiots, but they were naive to be manipulated by jaded veterans. Would have been great seeing a book from one of them showing our protags in fresh eyes. Pretty sure they were even told>hey last time we did this we took care of the fucker and you will toe the line

>>114892794>what are book fairs?

>>114910314What are her husband's books?

>>114910485>tfw no space-centaur gf

Attached: hork-bajir_chronicles-475.jpg (292x472, 132.14K)

I love that the Aliens are truly alien, Not that lazy Star Trek shit of just putting play-doh on your forehead.

>>114910899Yeah, this was absolutely my favorite thing about the books as a kid. It ruined me on sci fi. The alien designs in the nu Star Wars are particularly bad.

>>114910817>>114910314Seriously user. You cant drop a bomb like that and just leave.

>>114910817His series are Gone, Magnificent 12 and Brzerk. Here's a simplified summary of each:Gone is about teenagers whose town is separated from the rest of the world by a mystic barrier, some of the teens develop superpowers and are pitted against a cosmic horror and It's minions, superpowered teens from an elite boarding school.Magnificent 12- Twelve middle school students from all over the world must join forces to prevent the forces of the Pale Queen from wiping out society. Hork Bajar carvings are mentioned several times throughout the series.Brzerk- Nanomachines son, the series.Husband is Michael Grant, he helped write some Animorph books.

>>114910971>The alien designs in the nu Star Wars are particularly bad.They are all Goatmen & frogs in the Disney Propaganda.

>>114910971The worst is when the fans are more creative about what they see than the writers/directors. Remember when people thought the porg was gonna be Chewie's new copilot? THAT would have actually been fucking interesting to see.

>>114911136Forgot pic, Derp.

Attached: dTeqgqn.jpg (1721x1739, 394.78K)

>>114911008See>>114911067Gone has a sequel series that involves the surviving characters and new enemies gaining the ability to transform into weird monsters thanks to the other influence of other cosmic horrors that may be connected to the Giaiaphage, the cosmic horror from the first series.

>>114911212Why are they creating these new shitty designs instead of using existing aliens? Do these new species even have names?

>>114911067>>114911301Certainly sounds interesting but are they good? And more importantly, are they as fucked up as Animorphs?

I love these threads

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>>114903770I really liked the host rebellion stuff. The best example is probably book two when Chapman and his wife basically try to kill themselves to save their daughter from infestation.>Chapman snatched up the cage and carried me to the top of the stairs. "Now," he snapped at his wife, "go get . . . ungh!">Peering through the slats in the side of the cage, I saw him stagger. His face was twitching like he was a crazy man. He seemed to be having a hard time getting control of his mouth.>"Go . . . get ... the ... girl," he said through gritted teeth.>Ms. Chapman started to obey, but then Chapman cried out.>"Oh! Ungh!" He fell to his knees. "He is ... urgh ... he is ... fighting me. . .">"Host rebellion," Ms. Chapman muttered under her breath. She seemed horrified and fascinated all at once. Then, suddenly, her left hand slapped her own face.>"Ahhhhh! Mine . . . mine . . . too.">"Stop it, Chapman," Chapman said. "Stop it or I'll break you! I'll leave you nothing but a shell! You cannot win. No host has ever succeeded in rebelling!">But the Chapman host wasn't giving up.>It was terrible. Terrible in a way that made you want to watch. To anyone else it would have just looked as if our assistant principal and his wife were nuts. Chapman was talking to himself and>twitching and contorting, still unable to get to his feet.> I told Jake.

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>>114911315The same reason they wiped the slate clean and don't use any existing stories: Pride and a need to not seem like their relying on Lucas' work.

>>114911315Rogue One should of been ALL aliens, But it's Still pointless because of Dark Forces.

>>114911340>everyone is in front of their animal except for TobiasThat’s a nice touch.

>>114911368>Pride and a need to not seem like their relying on Lucas' work.That is entirely pointless/stupid when you're using his universe and characters.

>>114911321>are they good? I remember really enjoyed the initial Gone series, but its been a while since I read it. >And more importantly, are they as fucked up as Animorphs?It does its best to. The superpowered kids in the setting tend to channel their powers through their hands, and because of this the antagonist of the first book has a bunch of kids hands set into cement blocks for them to carry around so they can't use their powers against him.

The worst part is that they didn't have to be terrible. The concept artists did fantastic work, but the directors consistently rejected it in favor of trash, like the Xyston Star Destroyers in RoS being literally the Imperial II models from Rogue One scaled up 50% with a penis cannon slapped on, windows and everything.This was concept art for Canto Bight.

Attached: Can't Bite.jpg (3969x1598, 736.8K)

>>114911539>a bunch of kids hands set into cement blocksHow do they masturbate?

>>114911583They don't, and if I remember correctly he has them eat out of dog food bowls for good measure.

Attached: image.jpg (1643x1242, 997.67K)

>>114911321Gone and Brzrk do get messed up, Brzk is nanomachine body horror and mind control shenanigans with the constant threat of madness.Gone was body horror and nightmare fuel especially especially when the Giaiaphage comes into play.It infests the villain from the first book's girlfriend and has her give birth to its physical body, a little girl.

>>114910129>Obnoxious Jake/Rachel shippers vs. Obnoxious "Rachel's a lesbian/trans" tumblr and twitterites

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>>114911340You know gotta give Cassie credit for choosing an animal with the only quick method to kill involves ripping out throats.

Attached: 1375265038894.jpg (900x585, 91.96K)

>>114911913>we can't stop here this is Taxxon country

>>114911727>Jake/Rachel shippersCousin Love is the Best Love.

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I really gotta reread eventually, I’ve forgotten so much. And there are numerous books I never read because I couldn’t find them in the school and public libraries. And what I did read was usually out of order, cause I just grabbed whatever unread book I saw like sweet crack. Did the world at large ever find out about the invasion/did the yeerks ever make their invasion open before the epilogue? Like did the kids ever stop with having to pretend to live normal lives? I just keep thinking of the whole vibe of 90’s teens doing 90’s teen things like hanging out at the mall and buying lip gloss, while living with their memories of the previous night’s gore and ethical atrocities. And being suspicious of every smiling face around them. A bunch of their families were yeerks, right? Were their identities ever found out and they had to run away? What measures did they take to subtly warn/protect their non-infected family?

>>114909288It's complicated. She's your typical blonde bombshell of school popular girl.Part of her does enjoy the violence, because she is good at it. But she also feels guilt for enjoying it and excelling at it.

>>114912010>what is google

Also, I forget, what was the penalty for Tobias if he stayed too long in a morph after he had already hawked himself?

>>114912010It turns into open war in the last few books. You can find the books online (since the animorphs forum got their ebooks taken down you can just google for them, found a r*ddit link with a whole repackage for example).

>>114912165>Part of her does enjoy the violence, because she is good at it. But she also feels guilt for enjoying it and excelling at it.So She's mix of Wolverine & Buffy?

>>114912198The governor was a badass, it was a shame we didn't see her again.

>>114912173I’d have to read synopses of every book to find the general info I’m asking about, and at that point I might as well just read the books. I thought it’d be just nice to bring up the topics >the kids juggling the facade of normal lives with their war>who had the luckiest family situation

>>114912010The last arc of the book moves to open warfare where the surviving families are hidden in the Hork Bajir Valley.The team grants powers to a bunch of crippled kids to morph, and use them as cannon fodder in the final assault.Rachel does a suicide run to take out Tom. Jake commits genocide by flushing yeerk pools.The ending is everyone dealing with PTSD in their own way. Cassie leaves Jake unable to forgive his actions and moves on with life. Tobias stays a hawk in the forest after the loss of Rachel. Jake willows in depression. Marco lives a life of vapid fame that never fulfills him.Jake reunites everyone but Cassie for a final mission because Ax has gone missing. They encounter a new horror fiction being that has absorbed Ax; and the final scene implies they they same it in a suicide run.

>>114912186He would just get stuck in another form

>>114912469>Jake commits genocide by flushing yeerk pools.He did nothing wrong, his only sin was not flushing more.

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>>114912302>>who had the luckiest family situationMarco for sure

>>114912602Alcoholic single Dad?Cassie had the most stable family life i think. Her or Rachel, whom I forget what her family is.

>>114912469The epilogue is one book I remember reading, left me torn the fuck up, especially because of Rachel. I did not read or remember about the crippled kids bit, fuck. But not completely surprising considering how far they had been pushed by that point.I remember one book where Tobias was tortured in bird form. I think it went on for the entirety of the book until Rachel saved him, and was so descriptive. If this series ever has a second chance at visual media, the actors or storyboarders/director will have to pull out all the stops to communicate half the level of sheer suffering and agony that went on

>>114912532What if he stayed in human form?

>>114912800He wouldn't be able to get into his original body because he doesn't have a sample for it, but he would have telepathy

>>114912800Nevermind, I forgot that you also lose your morphing powers when you do that and Tobias only got his back due to God stuff, disregard

>>114881484I never realized that Marco was gay until I met someone in real life who matched how I imagined him in personality and appearance to the T, and he was gay. Just not flamboyant. Straight gay.KA said somewhere or to some fan that Ax was trans because his human morph is the combination of male and female DNA.

>>114912720He was a sad alcoholic, not abusive or anything, and he sobered up and went back to work during/ after Marco's first POV book. From then on everything we hear about him indicates that he's a kind, chill person that Marco has a good relationship with.Cassies parents were so absentee throughout the series that their barn was the center of the resistance, too busy working to pay attention to their daughter.

>>114912882Ellimist also let him acquire his own DNA back so he could become human again, but only until the time limit or he'd be stuck.

>>114912602Yeah definitely Cassie’s, it seems her parents were both normal parents that survived to the end uninfected and largely ignorant of anything happening until near the end

>>114913038>largely ignorant of anything happening until near the endMan it was hype as fuck when they had to smash and grab their own parents and finally exopse their forms. >Rachel's mom tried to attack a full grown grizzly bear with a spice rack>that fucking sibling battle between Jake and Tom finally put in the open

Why Does Animorphs Remind me of the Guyver?

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>>114911913This is amazing

>>114912602What?A single, alcoholic dad who finally got over his "dead" wife and remarried, not knowing that his wife was still alive. Then Marco lied to him about his new wife being a controller so he would leave her and get back together with his mom.

>>114912965Couldn't they just re-gift him the ability after that?

>>114913318Besides it probably being too much interference from Ellimist himself, it would just sort of be pointless in the end. It would get rid of what made Tobias special and would also do away with the general risk of being stuck in an animal form

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>>114912469>Jake commits genocide by flushing yeerk poolHe did what Elfangor never could

>>114912921If they were going to explore gender issues, Ax's human form would be one to explore it through.Marco being gay also makes sense, my own coping through humour is pretty similar.

>>114913318If I recall correctly, it's partially due to the implied rules of the game the Ellimist and the Crayak were playing. They could only intervene so much, and likely the Ellimist had to concede something to the Crayak just to put Tobias back into play.

Remember that Netflix shows are structured around seasons. What would make a good season 1 finale?

>>114913717First 7 books, then the first megamorphs book would be a solid first season.The giant tornado of teeth monster makes a pretty good s1 threat.

>>114913241I remember this scene, like vividly. Don't know why it stuck with me but I loved it

>>114914229It was in the cow book, right? That one also had "Perhaps they are taking the chimps to the meatpacking plant." Really offbeat humor in that book, made up for the weirdly pointless plot.

>>114913241Ha, gay!

>>114914260Yeah, that was the one. It's weird that as a kid I read it no problem without realizing that it literally served no point. Still, like you said, the humor was great

>>114911539Oh that just sounds wonderful