Voihon Ch. 4: EmeriTheLamb

Another Voihon chapter is out!tapas.io/episode/1748487

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Does Owen represent us?

>>114880511hell yeah, thanks!

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good chapter and jesus fucking christ

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>>114880511>>114880950>>114880951>>114880968>>114881071this all looks like some fucked up sugar daddy relationship with copious amounts of stockholm syndrome

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>>114881117Emeri is a pure lamb unlike you Aradia

>>114881071Legitimately lol'd at this panel.This chapter explains a lot of questions I had like why Tobio/Yagnie became Yoso/Emeri and is teily a reciprocal relationship (and what voinik was from the last chapter).

Her eyes change to Bluevoice's eye pattern in a few panels, weird.

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>>114880511So it’s basically a suicide pact in this version?

>>114881117its the other way around tho

>>114881396I wonder if that is supposed to mean he's influencing everyone without them noticing.

That'll make a good reaction image.

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>I had wings and a tailReminds me of somebody...

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>>114881823God, I miss her.


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>>114880511WHAT IS SHE?

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>>114882075This adds some credence to the "it's just a hat" idea.

>>114882283Kek nice one

>>114881117I agree with>>114881462she is his sugar mommy Also their relationship always had a kinda weird supernatural/dark tone, the video and the comic seem to imply Blue Voice is manipulating themyoutube.com/watch?v=0hv53XBDDyc

fuck, this shit is actually pretty damn poetic

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>>114880598Just you, slut.

God, I want to fuck that lamb.

>>114883072>If I poke you, will you flinch?

I wonder what is the frog demon people origin, are those guys just aliens? Are they related to the state of the world? Were those guys there before the world turned into a dystopia? Will their species be a relevant thing to the lore?

>>114882075She is just cartoon lamb but he loves her all the same.

>>114883575Is she an actual cartoon? Does this mean you can marry your cartoon waifu if you start believing in this Voihon bullshit?

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>>114883789more like tulpas

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I wonder if there is other Blue Voice followers.

>>114882924Their relationship in the original comic was just regular friendship afair, the second comic version looks like an artificial romance created by BlueVoice.

>>114880511So far from the original comic and the reboot, Blue Voice has been an absolute bro, but I still can't shake the feeling that he's hiding something, and his presence is pretty ominous.

>>114884326Well, aside from killing Yoso's parents, though it's not confirmed he did it in this version.


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>get hit with a stick>get shoot in the head>it does nothing>not even mad>still hornyCAN'T STOP THE RAM THE RAM WILL SLAM

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>>114885051I like Owen being a simple minded but extremely tough, strong and hard to kill villain, is a good combination of badass and goofy.

>>114882924Are the videos canon?

>>114885607according to voifont yeah

>>114880511SO, I might be taking this completely wrong, but I keep sensing some themes here. Most of it has to do with purity and/or innocence. The more I think about it, the more it feels like a relationship with your own tulpa. Or your waifu. Not necesarrily something real like a real daughter. Perhaps the walls of VOIHON are merely limitations of the Blutextguy's mind that he himself had set up. It's a place where Mei'Teff can be safe. Safe from nature, reality or... the 'police'? Away from the reality of flesh (apparently these are robots, since they need to recharge...?) away from that burning light of knowledge of the outside world. Where a lamb would be subject to everything nature contains, most importantly, carnal desires. Blueguy doesn't entirealy shut her away though. The voifruit, after (most likely) copious amounts of filtering can be made into juice that is safe for lambs to consume.Maybe the lamb here represents an idea, not a character. The Blueguy 'shutting her off' could just mean a long absence from working on the comic itself. Maybe he thought about showing these comics on the net for a while, but realized how utterly depraved cyberspace is, by its very own nature. Which is why he didn't want to expose it to the public, and why it's still sort of a mysterious thing that not many know about.I sense a lot of things here. Biblical allusions, new-age tulpa relations, musings about the duality of man and women. The choice between 'knowing and suffering' & ignorance and bliss'. To protect everything, or to know everything.Then again I might be completely shooting blanks here and most of this is just some kind of sci-fi comic with sheep robots and everything is just simply what it is, with no meta-subtext.

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>>114881150but aradia is cute too>>114881462>>114882924so she's supplying him with juice. and all these memories/dreams where Tobio gets to have his Voihon marriage he always wanted. and they are both manipulated by Bluevoiceguy.i could see equius being tobio, enjoying his (fake) time with aradiabots in the dreambubbles. and Bluevoiceguy could be a stand in for Lord English

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>>114883932>pure tender loving embraceJESUS FUCKING CHRIST user IT'S A BLUE BOARD


>>114886131I think it'd be kinda funny if these threads were not only discussions for the Voihon but also a safe haven for HS discussion. But I know people would get pissed and report for off topic.

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>>114885298so basically him, but instead of wanting to kill everything he wants to smash.

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Huh, so they're literally a couple now.

>>114880511"Leave you alone? You are born to be tossed around.""as a fictional creature of 2D realms, you were made to be toyed with/lewded"or"as a woman, you are meant to be used"

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>>114886340he did it guys, he married his waifu, who is now forever pure in his mind.if that's the case, then why does he look so sad?is this an allegory for a dead wife living in your memories?

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>>114885832Interesting, nice job research user

I really love those "every single powerful faction is in some way evil and are fighting each other for their own interests" stories, it forces the protagonist to think for themselves and face a world where doing the right is actually hard and complicated rather than simply picking a side.

>>114886491Read the beginning of the chapter again. He can only really see and talk to Emeri when he's nearly out of power. It'd be like only ever being able to talk to your soul mate if you've been awake for 3 days straight and haven't eaten or drank anything in that time. That'd be torture.

>>114886661worth it

Owen is giving some terminator vibes.

>>114886661>That'd be torture.or you know what else? ENLIGHTENMENT. you may only rid yourself of all that is real and marry your Emeri, IF you're willing to forego everything that is physical. yes it's a draining process, where you are slowly dying, slowly abandoning your flesh; it is excruciating pain to some.but isn't that worth it for your 'soul mate'?

>>114886327But not as smart and resourceful. Just a determined brute.

youtube.com/watch?v=IJlyKC5H21c>Creeper, you are welcome in my home.>Don't be ashamed.>It's not your fault.>It's theirs.So the artist here is trying to console the viewer. It's okay. It's only nature after all, your monstrous self. It's all the fault of your parents really.What a strange comfort. It doesn't make things better, it's just like a pat on the back. Or an e-hug with a tinge of sadness.

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Owen is a perverted badass

>>114885051Unironically based

This greeny background thing, it's gotta be more than simple "Green background of evil" thing, we've both seen it with Owen and Towdi, and they also have the same weird symbol at times, so they've gotta be related somehow. plus how the green is outside of Teff's little box, its gotta mean somethingOwen wants to fugg so its not policeman, but they both look like demons with those assheads (or atleast old towdi was), feel free to pick up my scattered pieces about.My IP range is still blocked, so here's the imgur of the image i was going to post: i.imgur.com/CnoMsEY.pngIt's just a collection of green shit.

>>114887671It looks like they are from the same faction, maybe Owen is using the "we are supposed to be together" as a loophole in the "law" to get her while still being "righteous"

>>114880951>>114881609He's 3x more powerful and 8x hornier

>>114887671The voifrut tree has that same pattern and color too actually. I'm thinking that whatever world they're in started out made up of only this green space (whatever it represents). Genocide cat said "the voifrut did not need to evolve. It was, is and always will be", so I wouldn't be surprised if whatever the green space represents, the voifrut represents the opposite, or was at least born from the space based on some base law of the world.

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i wonder if the author wants the comic to stay niche as it has been until now.

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>>114884953So he's green in the outside world and a ram in bluvoice's world? Whats his fucking problem?

>>114889729If it's using the same "species" as the original version of the comic, it appears that he's actually a demon. Same as the guy who claimed he was from the police. Though they look quite different, and seem entirely malevolent this time around as opposed to the original demons appearing to be neutral-ish.What this means in this world is unclear, but if Voifont is going hard on the demon thing, then maybe the demons are disguising themselves to be more normal looking to those they're trying to hurt. Though that doesn't explain why the police guy didn't even attempt to disguise himself around Teff, so maybe it's something else entirely. This story has already gone in a pretty different direction than originally (like Tobio and Yagnie being entirely aware of Blue Voice and Voihon before Tobio moved his consciousness to a robot) so who knows what the demons' deals are this time around.

>>114888951If Twitter and Insta are anything to go by it's still pretty niche. He usually gets a maximum of 9-12 likes when he posts a link to his comics there.

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>>114886213haven't read HS, any similarities?

>>114891519uhhhhh no not really. I mean I guess both have creepy robot sheep girls being cute. VOIHON just generally has less content, it's difficult to make comparisons.

>>114890494I wonder if he knows that he is known and liked here?

>>114892799he knows

>>114892799someone told him

>>114883789She's dead.

>>114885832By "half of the promise" he means that she promised they both will be in Voihon. However only Yoso ended up there.

>>114894041Anyone else think that BlueVoice might be keeping Emeri from joining Yoso?

>>114894041I thought it was the "I won't let you die" part, but I guess that hinges both on the old comic still being canon and on leaving your body to die and getting into a robot counting as a death

>>114880951>come to me little girl>I shall make a woman out of youwow what a pedo

>>114883575He doesn’t know she has a picture of him

>>114884281do you have a link to the original comics? this is my first thread hearing about this and i enjoyed it

>Run, untermench!What did he mean by this?

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>>114895436He's racist against humans.

>>114887176Voifont bizarre relationships. Part 4: doll is unbreakable

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>>114887176>>114895587It seems like she's gone from little demon girl to unknown life form with wings and tail to cartoon lamb to doll in Blue Voice's attempts to keep her pure. The doll is the perfect body to be in, right? A doll cannot be defiled. How can Owen or Towdi Kwar threaten her now?

>>114895260*hits pipe*all women are daddy's little girl 'till another daddy takes her away from him.



>>114887044I obey the wolf child.

>>114895436Maybe the "cops" are alien nazis.

>>114896632but why do they have ass heads?

>>114896888because nazis are asses, obviously.

>>114884953Can someone edit this like the "go to horny jail *B O N K*" meme?


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>>114895401She kisses it before falling asleep.

>>114883066That was my favorite part. Masterfully written.

>>114880511I am liking it so far.

>>114895646I think the doll body is just a way to keep teff from becoming a horny teenager but that won't stop other dudes to defile her. Towdi didn't seem concerned about the doll body

>>114880511What's she holding, Holla Forums?

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>>114899553Oh no...

>>114899496Will we get a horny female character? Basically the opposite to Owen. Trying to seduce Yoso or something.

>>114896888They look like frogs, Towdi name even imply that

>>114896888>>114899986Primordial beings that look like frogs and live in darkness, seeking to corrupt the pure. Sound familiar, anyone?


>>114899553Do you really want to know?

>>114880511I very like it and how it's going

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>>114899553A KNIFE

>>114899553Her trusty hair dryer of course or my peanus weanus

>>114900079Yeah... But you say it first to make sure that you know too...

>>114899870Maybe another one of Towdi minions



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>>114896179thanks user


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>>114902976With this new hairdryer model Emeri will transform into a warrior powerful beyound mortal imagining.

>>114900639>tfw no lamb gf to love and caress and FUCK like rabbits

>>114903947Get out of here, horny ram

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Blue Voice seems way more manipulative in this version of the comic.

>>114882924the video really gives some fucked up/dark vibes to their relationship

Hopefully we can get through the content he already covered in the original comic relatively quickly. I hunger for fresh content.

>>114906412The new pace is much better. Old comics were very hard on the exposition.

>>114880511Emeri should've went with Owen, he seems like a nice lad

twitter.com/voifont/status/1259986876011892736?s=20Hmmmmm what the fuck


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>>114908395i-is that bluevoice?

>>114908473My moneys on yes

>>114908395I'm scared

>>114908395deviantart.com/voifont/art/Hello-Mei-Teff-841441902>It doesn't matter what happens to me, seeing how no end result is satisfactory. I can play the piano for you while we wait. I'm not giving up on you. Send me another hex cipher if you're afraid of eavesdropping, but I'd prefer to hear your voice. Be in peace. 000

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>>114908395Look at that trusty smile! You can bet this guys is a nice fellow full of good intentions!

>>114908543>voihon is a space in time created by a mad scientist who just so happens to be a huge purityfag

>>114908543>LOCATION kuklovilaIs that the country where Voihon is?

>>114908543Anyone got a translation on the image text?

>>114909729Hello MeiTeff


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>>114908543Is dat blue?

>>114910187da bu dee da be die

>>114909089The guy is blonde like teff, maybe a relative of her? That would explain why he doesnt want to lewd her, and just loves her in a pure way, right?

>>114880511So in light of the new info are the videos still canon to the reboot? I was under the impression that the lady in the painting was an old incarnation of Emeri but that's debunked, the bow seems important too. Owen's horns are different and Emeri references her arm being torn before, maybe it's just foreshadowing instead of backstory.I am offering a reward for a codebreaking user to help me with decrypting a certain text. Contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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>>114910426We don't know if new comic Teff human body is blonde like her previous version.

I've saved every picture from this thread, this comic looks beautiful, what is it?

Can you guys tell me what you think of tapas?I've been thinking about the best way to publish a webcomicI think the first priority is putting it online and make sure it's good and people respond, so counting on these websites (tapas or webtoon) inner userbase is not that important, but I'd like to know what would be the best option

>>114910560A strange comic with a unique artstyle and overt themes of chastity and anti-natalism.See the MEGA for the older issues from before the reboot. They're very heavy on the exposition but they've got some striking artwork.


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>>114910676tapas works fine


The artist finally got me hooked again. I really thought his tweet against us liking it was true.Still not as cool as it use to, but we are nearing the end up catching up from the OG comic.Emeri is a cute.

>>114883066yeah, the guy is a pretty inspired fellow

>>114900782>>114901295>>114902846>>114910065Be wary of that which you let into your mind, for that gives them power. The answer has already been posted. Laugh.

>>114910560Assimilate to the VOIHON Collective. Welcome!

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>>114914148>>114900079deepest lore

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>>114882924I wonder if that's Emeri canon voice or the guy simply didn't had voice actors.