Thoughts on Duncanville?I've been watching a few episodes but it's kinda bland.

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>>114879589I'm not into incest.

>>114879589It's cool. Typical sitcom animated family, but the show learns more towards cartoon antics than being grounded.Like the witch episode where the ghost of the witch tries to take the kids and the mom revealing they witch proof the house.I like shit like that, feel me dawg?

I have no idea what they're going for with Mia. She's usually terribly bland and occasionally slightly obnoxious but I get the impression they're also trying for straightforward sweetness with Duncan's crush on her.

Every plotline just kinda fizzles out. If they were just excuses for lots of good jokes that wouldn't matter, but they're not as good as that.

>>114879589it's the most enjoyable thing on sunday nights.which isn't saying much, but I look forward to seeing it every week.

>>114879794How long until we get the episode on why they adopted her?

>>114880053That's Jing. I mean the racially-correct girl Duncan wants to fuck.

>>114880519That's Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler IRL waifu. Basically parcs and rec version who likes Amy Poehler characterSkip to 1:40youtu.be/hWfmQmeB8CY

>>114880684>Mia is head and shoulders ahead of [Duncan] in maturity and has her act togetherNone of this is true.

>>114880053Never. They don't think its important enough to dwell on.Unless the show, like, reaches double digit seasons and they run out of ideas, anyway.

>>114880739She has a job

>>114880742Kill yourself, tripfaggot.

>>114880763That she got to spite people with different beliefs from her.

>>114880742>They don't think its important enough to dwell on.It does spark some curosity of why a couple would adopt a third child ~seven years after birthing a second natural one.

>>114880825I've been thinking what if her birth mother died in a car accident and ask the mom to raise her child instead of putting her in foster care.

>>114880852A "Jing is old enough to realize she's adopted and wants to know why" episode is a strong enough concept.

>>114879656I feel ya

>>114879589Same as Bless the Harts. Almost watchable but not quite. Given the wasteland of dead Fox cartoons both shows are destined for 20 seasons though. People who enjoy them will certainly get their fill.

>>114879589Watched a few episodes, it's ok. Doesn't try extremely hard to be edgy and offensive so that's always a plus.

>>114879589It's pretty fun. It has some good stuff.Also new episode is on tonight.

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I like that the mom is a shortstack

Don’t love it, don’t hate it. It’s fine, the family dynamic is a bit fresher than I would’ve expected from one of these sorts of sitcoms at this point (both parents being competent but with comedic quirks that don’t revolve around stupidity is nice, as is the adopted kid who’s a fairly realistic 5 year old for once) and I like that it leans more towards Simpsons and Bob’s rather than Family Guy as far as the raunch factor goes, but it’s consistently been hovering in the “meh” to “pretty okay” range in the episode quality department. I think there’s a possibility it could improve in S2 though, most of these sort of shows do

>>114880684Jones' voice-acting is rather bland.

>>114882360>as is the adopted kid who’s a fairly realistic 5 year old for once)I know right? This is the most believable kid character I've seen on television in what feels like a solid decade

>new ep not airing until 11pm on my station because of a local fundraiser specialwelp, i’ll be pirating this one I guess

>>114883772What's the special about, user? What are they funding?

>>114879589just in it for Annie and Jing.the other characters are whatever.

>>114879589Bland, but the jokes kinda hit and I love that it's grounded/not trying too hard to be edgy. I'm getting some early Family Guy vibes from it. I don't know why it's called Duncanville when the titular character is pretty bland/doesn't get much plot or focus.

>>114884196They must've originally wanted "a spectacularly average 15-year-old boy" to ironically be the hook of the series, but the family around him is what gives the show some potential. I really hope they notice this and make sure Season 2 puts more focus on the Harris family as a whole rather than whatever Duncan's doing with his forgettable friends.

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>>114884090Dunno, probably food banks?

It's cute.

>>114885029Not as cute as you~

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New ep in 40 minutes lads

Better than Bless the Harts

>>114884395dat ganondorf figure

Added new ep to folder (just 720p for now, I replace the files with proper web-DLs with surround sound the next day anyway and I figure speedy delivery is preferred for the temporary night-of uploads)mega.nz/folder/6Adg0CZB#KPyxQOrqmgKjB0bHxj5h0g

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>>114887302>episode starts on Mother’s Day, which is always on a Sunday>episode progresses to the next day>scene at church

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>>114887302I liked this one, though it’s weird that we got an episode with a plot revolving around Wolf and Annie and he doesn’t imply that he thinks she’s hot even once, which was always his running gag previously

>>114887302>episode added in the MEGA folder before it even finishes airing on TV What is this sorcery?

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>>114888220Most of the time Fox shows get posted to torrent trackers within 3 minutes of the episode beginning to air, I think it's because unlike most networks they time their on-demand website releases to the time of airing and that’s what the release groups rip

need a coom edit

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>>114889796She almost fell like a family guy character

Annie hair down when

Some of it feels a little outdated, like it's an idea that's been sitting on a shelf for a while. There was a Furbie joke. Weren't Furbies literally 20 years ago? And is exposing the belly-button fashionable for tween girls anymore?

what a slut

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lol smear

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>>114890009>And is exposing the belly-button fashionable for tween girls anymore?No, it’s a very early to mid 00s thing, but I’ll take it as being amusing if it still being fashionable in their eyes means the showrunners are fine showing more skin than necessary on a 12 year old

dat ass just juts out

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>>114879589I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I personally don't think it's bland but if I did, that's a better bar for me in regards to adult animated comedies as opposed to them being overtly raunchy or edgy.>>114890103Was she actually supposed to be dressed like Sandra Bullock's character in The Blind Side during these parts? It's been so long since I've seen that movie.

>>114879589Its not the worst. Its not amazing but its perfectly watchable. I think its better than most of the other modern animation domination shows

>>114890150it's from the poster of that shitty movie

>>114890099The braces are cute, too.

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>>114890186I like her in principle but the actual design leaves much to be desired, I’m normally all about the lolis but I think Annie is actually cuter

season finale nextdunkino gets laid

Needs more Annie fanservice


>>114890103God, I wanna do so many things to her

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>>114890103>dat ass just juts outThat a fucking shelf she's got. That's a wagon she's hauling. An absolute dumptruck of an ass. But since the show is so dog-shit I don't think I'm even mad that there's pretty much no content for her.That the state of it all, Holla Forums. A show is so bland and boring and nothing, that I don't care if no one is drawing lewds of it.

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>>114892742bad show

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You think Amy Poehler knows she got roped into a show with an incest fixation?

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>>114892810big ass

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>>114892832I've watched like five episodes and I don't see it except for gags like Jing marrying Duncan or Jack casting his kids as lovers in his play, all of which are treated as ridiculous in the show.

>>114892866I agree. That is indeed a fact.

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>>114892874A single throw-away joke is one thing, but nearly every episode (all but one, by my count) features some sort of incest reference

>>114892891/ss/ tooi mean, it's not like they're clever or funny

>wolf gets cemented as best boyNice. Must admit that I am kind of disappointed they didn't imply anything sexual between him and the mom at all.

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>>114893250>I am kind of disappointed they didn't imply anything sexual between him and the mom at all.I don't get why you people get upset when anons post shit like this >>114892339 about the show, when even you admit that's all it has going on for it.

>>114892339Seeing Annie in heels does things to me

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>>114893346I actually don't care for the mom. I just want to see Wolf in sexual situations. And I feel like the only two entertaining characters in the show are Wolf and Jing.

These Duncanville threads are just pathetic at this point. I give up. Why even try anymore?

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>>114894878Just like the show, you dumb necrobumper.

>>114887302Thanks for sharing, man. I really appreciate it.

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>>114895640I want her to call me a lucky duck while spreading cheeks

>>114888210>he doesn’t imply that he thinks she’s hot even once, which was always his running gag previouslywhat the fuck! dropped

>>114879656Or how the Dad melts in one episode?Like, not a dream or anything, he really melts.

>>114892832Are you sure she isn't into it and figuratively winking at the audience?>wouldn't that be gross if they did it, right guys haha

why is she so small

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>>114898154Her body is small cause all the big mass went to her ASS

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>>114897018You and me both

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>>114879589I want to fuck the red haired girl.


>>114898359I like that answer

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>>114894878Haha I love Smiling Friends. That was a pleasant surprise on [adult swim]'s annual April Fool's Day prank.

>>114892826Who drew this? There are thousands of DJs in the world.

>>114900801Is she krumping?

Thanks for ruining my waifu, Duncanville. This show is dead to me now.

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>>114899073>nose ringWhy

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>>114903521LOL! It's not a big deal, I'm sure the writers will forget about it. But how could you honestly not expect Annie, a woman married to a man like Jack, not to have a little ink on her somewhere?

>>114903521What's so bad about having a tattoo on leg? I think it looks cute.

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>>114903521Besides being not being able to be buried in a Jewish cemetery what's the downside to a tattoo?

>>114903859I don't know. I just find them trashy no matter what. Especially when it's a dumb drawing around the ankles. I go completely flaccid whenever a tattoo/tramp stamp shows up in porn. An artsy sleeve or a teeny-tiny, almost invisible word or phrase somewhere above the waist is probably my limit.

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>>114903654It wouldn't be woke enough if she didn't have an ugly haircut or piercings

>>114904725Isn't being a woke parody the entire point of the character?

>>114905117At times, like saying she's sticking her fingers into people's pizzas to help the gays, or gets stroppy about a silly festival but ends up liking it because it has games and candy, but it's also treating her with kid gloves. She doesn't actually take any lumps for her ridiculous behavior.I think they're trying to have it both ways; a propaganda character but one who is gently-gently tweaked.

Did they say or reveal anything interesting about Duncanville on last night's AniDom Beyond thing?

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why is incest so popular?

>>114907898Incest is pretty funny.

>>114898154The only good characters in the show.

>>114908049Hey, I like Jing

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>>114908352she's genuinely adorable, doesn't feel forced for a change

>>114906422Lol, I dunno

>>114906422>AniDomI don't know what that is, but I hate the name.

>>114909900Chill, bro. It’s just a silly abbreviation for 'Animation Domination,' the FOX Sunday block that Duncanville is a part of.

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I feel pretty indifferent toward Duncan himself but I really like the parent characters, they make the show watchable

>>114910354>Poster horse likes what he sees.


>>114910354>"You seduce the guard, I'll make a run for it."

>kim finally runs away>ends up in your door step>tired and alone>she asks to come in for shelterWell, Holla Forums, what would you do? I'd drain my balls all over her braces.

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>>114911740You just know she’s already watching porn and schlicking away and would talk a big game when sexual stuff is proposed but would be very awkward and embarrassed about it once the act starts

>>114910354Good lord

the mom is only thing holding Holla Forums‘s interest in this show

>>114910290Where's Bless the Harts? What happened to that show?

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>>114899073Why is Duncan's love interest the goblina from that Spiderman movie?

I'm usually into Kimberly, but this was oddly hot

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>>114913260Shut the fuck up, Misha.

>>114911740I'd cum buckets on top of her freckled booty

>>114913252what an ugly show, it’s desperately wants to be king of the hill but it mistook it’s realistic minimalism for grossly deformed caricatures

>>114890053Yep. Bento Box sure loves its smears.

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>>114914029H A M A N D C H E E S E

>>114914046I'd like to fill her ham with cheese, if you catch my drift...

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>>114914242Wash your dick, Ed. Don’t need to hear about your cheese

>>114906422I love Andy Richter. His TV shows we're all underappreciated. I hope he's being paid a lot for this.

>>114911740I cannot imagine living with myself if I molested a runaway child. Really any runaway, but a kid?

What's Kim's natural hair color?

>>114914645Well most likely blonder or red.

>>114914558she came to me, meaning she's been there before and knows what awaits the lions den.