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Looks like she's found her way into the hearts of Holla Forums anons.

What the fuck is a Preteena.

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>>114879058>>114879107Pedo general

>making a thread before the last one even falls off the board

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>>114879126Not if we all chip in to hire someone to beat them with soap in a sock, like Full Metal Jacket. Idk where to shop for that, though.

>>114879162Yeah ... yeah I deserve a fucking flogging for that. I saw people talking about the thread ending and stupidly thought the cap was 500 :/

>>114879094No wonder, since she's cute, honest, and a redhead.

>>114873269another reference image if it helps

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>>114879203Really though. It sounds totally pathetic, but does anybody know any positive media that isn't directed at children or family audiances? Going through the threads made me realize I've basically just been experiencing negativity for years, now. I actually came onto Holla Forums on a random chance and I feel like there's a wholesome part of my soul I've been trying to fill with destructive behavior (eating trash, pulling all nighters) that's being met. I realize I'm being a blogposting bitch, but i'm geninely thankful that this has been revealed to me.

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>>114879548This one gives me a nice C&H vibe...

She's dead to me since I found out she was a coalburner.

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>>114879409Not that user, but is there a western equivalent to Yotsuba&?

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>>114879787The closest thing is Calvin & Hobbes. Not because of the writing aspect, but because it's one of the only western comics I've ever seen that just explores a kid having fun.

>>114879873Forgot about Calvin and Hobbes. Suprised there's not a thread of that somewhere desu, great stuff

>>114879924Because ever since the comic was over, it's been talked to hell and back. Calvin & Hobbes was one of the most discussed comics ever, but there's no deeper meaning or higher purpose behind it. It's just a really great and comfy read, and then it ends.

Oh god oh fuck

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>>114879058Much, much better outfit than what she normally wears.

>>114879719Gordo is a good guy.

>>114879107A cute and funny webcomic about a tween girl and her family.>>114879719Not canon, it's literally a dream.

The fuck? Weird official crossover. What's a prickly city?

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>>114879327Same here user. I've just been sitting here reading the posts and comics in the few threads we've had so far, but this is the happiest I've felt in a long while.

>>114880856Actually, the author said it's canon.

>>114880402It's honestly kinda weird to see a trump reference that is about him being rich. I know this was made before the whole election thing but still, you just don't think of that when you say his name anymore

This joke wasn't written well ... I've taken out of context to show this, but what the fuck lol

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>>114881222Please post the full thing I literally can't imagine what else this could possibly fucking mean Jesus fuckPretty based though not gonna lie....

>>114881309Same. I need to know.

>>114881309I get what they were going for, but eh lol

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>>114881403What a bombshell of a sentence lol

>>114881063which strip are you guys talking about

>>114881749The last ones.

>>114879873In that same vein (and being a strip too is somewhat relevant) there's Wallace the Brave, it's kinda like Calvin and Hobbes only better

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>>114879873Red and Rover?Rose is Rose?

Going to put some reaction images of Teena down real quick. Upscaled it slightly to make it look nicer

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>>114881184My Life as a Teenage Robot had a Trump stand-in as a corrupt business owner.


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>>114882109Nice, those go straight into my folder.


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>>114882223Last one, personal favorite

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>>114881222Based Jeri

>>114879719Never change pol.

Here's more fan art. Making some Jeri now.

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>>114879327If you've been in any supr dee threads based on his comics you'd probably find that positivity you're looking for in them. They're always a good time.

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>>114883551I wonder why she's so smart, while Jeri is dumb. It's because she's not the blonde one?

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I drew teena as Jessica rabbit as some user requested in the previous thread, hope you like it

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>>114884127I was worried it'd be tasteless, but since her looks aren't exaggerated for coomers, it's more cute in a dorky way lol. Not bad at all, dude, good job

>>114884055Jeri looks totally sexy in that panel.

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>>114884834OK, you just turned on the Bat Signal of the footfriends... I think I hear them coming!

>>114884834Stick can slash people with them nails!

Requesting Teena wrapped in foil saying "CURSES!! FOILED AGAIN!!!"

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Requesting Teena and Stick playing Killer Instinct in the Gamecube, because this is an alternate universe where RARE didn't move to develop software for Microsoft.

At what age you guys think Jeri and Johnson sealed the deal?

Remeber, Anons, this is CANON!!

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>>114885530Stick is entirely too based for a jewish nerd.

>>114886261That's not a bad thing.

>>114884834yeah I'm thinking this is based


How many strips are about Teena being flat?

>>114889135Not enough.

>>114885530where canIi read the whole comic?gocomics doesnt seem to have alot of the pages

>>114889666I know there's a mega, but I don't have it.

>>114882251Pretty nice.

Wholesome art request: Teena enjoying cozy and peaceful sleeps.


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>>114891473That’s a legitemately great joke.

>>114891473>Regis and Kathie Lee jokeOh shit my mom used to love that show.

>>114891793It is a great pun.So it is both great and awful.

>>1148903702nd'd, if there's any art people left watching the thread lol. One had to go to work

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>>114894698This comic starts checking way too many boxes with me to be a coincidence

>>114895477Could it be you have found your comic?

>>114896182it's all good as long as they don't start with prolapses and pooping

>>114896301Fuck's sake.

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>>114896375Has this ever actually happened for "A Christmas Carol"? It's not like it contains any actual religious references.

Oh, the things I wanna do to Teena...

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>>114896609Trespass at your own risk.

>>114896989I would.

So flat, so pure.

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Why are the first two or three strips not in the official website?

>>114896339hey I did not even hint at something like her throwing up in my drawings so far. it's the strip that keeps tempting me.

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>>114898506>>114898499Yes, YES YES! I love these!More strips about them being flat and undeveloped, please.

Requesting Stick & Teena demanding the right to go shirtless, just like the boys, 'cause "we're as flat as they are"

>>114899090And throw in a joke about some chubby boy having more boobs than Jeri, since, you know, the strip itself had some jokes about fat people.

>>114899489That could work.

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>>114900399How old is that boy? I don't think I like him. Where's Gordo?

>>114885206I don't get it.

>>114900884It's a disguised cellphone tower, but they've absurdly chosen a completely wrong kind of plant life to fit in with the surroundings.

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>>114901451It's funny because the comic only exagerates a bit, I've seen fake ones that are laughable.

>>114900884They disguised cell phone towers as a cactus. They don't belong in those woods.

>>114900700He's Teenas age.Ideal for a boyfriend.

>>114901913He's 10 but he'll have a license in four years?

Bump because I love Teena and Stick. Sorry.

Who drew this? It's cute as fuck

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>>114901913>>114901955I thought he was twelve, just like Teena.

>>114902810Teena is perpetually "almost 11", so, 10.I think that boy she dated is older, which is why I don't like it. I like Gordo, because they're the same age and Gordo is innocent.

>>114891473Now I want to know what Jeri with implants would look like.>>114894698Wait, huh? Is someone having alcohol poisoning or morning sickness?

Mmh, maybe I should draw something.

>>114903051>alcohol poisoning or morning sickness?Teena having a bit of an upset stomach.

>>114903051>morning sicknessPreTeena-ge pregnancy?

>>114903319Bad one, Carlos.

>>114903319Good one.

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>>114901451This is much more of an eyesore than one without the "disguise".

>>114879327You should check Yokohama Shopping Trip. It's pretty much Yotsuba if she was an adult robot girl in a post-apocalyptic world. It's really comfy and wholesome, slightly depressing at times.

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>>114879058Are there strip compilations of this in .cbr/.pdf?

>>114903081I'm gladly taking Teena requests, btw!I'm >>114884127 just so you know.

>>114881184It's the goldfish memory of modern media. We've been bombarded with news about Trump quotes and Trump tweets and Trump supporters nearly every waking hour for the past three years, so 2005 seems like a lifetime ago even though it's barely 15 years off.

>>114884127OR here.Thanks for taking this one.

I wanna know the name of Jeri's friend, the black hottie.


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>>114906785>>114906811Oh boy... I never knew I needed this so much...

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Jeri's not such a bad sister, she helps teena with the things she knows.

This, too, is canon.

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What would Jeri do if Teena became a woman before her?

>>114907554"Become a woman" meaning... ?

>>114881403Both jokes are fairly good, but mashed together they kill one another.

>>114907543Why does she watch her sleep?

>>114907800What do you mean?

>>114908720The joke where she literally has a dream based on a famous quote is chuckle-worthy. The rephrasing of the quote is chuckle-worthy. Together they are just too long.It can probably be salvaged somewhat by eschewing extra conversation though and basically go "I had a weird dream " "Yeah, normally you judge them by the content of their closet". Brevity is wit, basically, lots of comic strip writers don't honour this.

>>114907679I'm assuming having her period, but I'm near certain Jeri is significantly older than Teena to the point that wouldn't make sense.

For those who already knew the comic, how did you discover it?Was it printed in your local newspaper, or you found it on-line?When you found it, it was already running? I discovered it when it was like 2 years old, on-line, and at some point I dropped it. I haven't finished reading it, but I will now thanks to the mega.

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>>114907554She probably would be pissed

>>114909065It would only make sense if Jeri's dieting was so severe she was unable to get one for health reasons.

>>114910805This is the current rerun act, by the way. It ran originally like a decade ago, I was in fact reading it when it was published.

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>>114910848They have one braincell between them and Teena's got sole custody.


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>>114908710Why wouldn't you?

>>114911548I've never related to a comic more in my life. I used to work at a supermarket as a shelf stocker, having to listen to shitty normalfag songs for several hours a day made the job at least thrice as painful as it needed to be.

>>114911580Good taste

>>114911655Flavored milk with cheerios?Blerg...

>>114904812In case you're still looking, here you

Anyone else hope they have a daughter like Teena?

>>114913998Nope. My wife and I are adopting, and she agreed the first one will be a boy. We want at least two and no more than three, and my secret hope is that I will somehow convince her to have another two boys, each time we do it.The great thing about adoption is that you can choose the gender. The thing is, by convincing her to get a boy as our first one I am guaranteeing me at least one boy, but I want nothing but boys. I haven't told this to anyone, and I still don't know how I will argue when the time comes for us to get a second and third baby. I don't want a daughter, but I can't tell that to my wife.

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I wonder what the comics would be like nowadays. I can only imagine that a modern reboot would be a misguided modernization, like they try to be the new "Nancy" but accidentally get crossed with the new "Heart of the City".>>114913998I'd be content having a wife in the first place. But yes, I'd like to have a daughter.

I'm gping to bed. Please keep the thread up if you can? Please?