This is my wife

This is my wife.

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your wife is dead

So when do Netflix drop the other half of the episodes?

>>114877622Cartoon name?

>>114877622How much does it anger you that she gets handsy with a wetback twink?

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>>114878424She gets handsy with most people.

>>114877622your wifes a bit shit user do you want to return her? well give you a discount on a better one

>>114877622are you five?if you are not, this is not your wife.

>>114878094glitch techits on netflix but also on the interwebs.its fun.

>>114878582When the fuck is the next batch of eps coming?

>>114877622Betacuck>>114878515This. Upgrade to a thicc latina or a sexy white girl. Don’t be a sap.

>>114878924Why not a thicc black qt

>>114877622Watch out user she's going to call people nigger online

Her multicolored hair really vibes with my autism

>>114877622Good taste.

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Nobody on Holla Forums actually likes Glitch Techs. You just want to have intercourse with Miko.

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>>114880727I actually like Glitch Techs.

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>>114880727I like it but it really isn't anything special. Miko is something special though.

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>>114880727I like Glitch Techs. Aside from Miko, I like how vidya references and lingo is only cringe worthy about 20% of the time, which is dramatically lower than most other vidya-centric shows like this, giving the impression the writers actually care about video games.

>>114877622When your wife plays video games, do you make sure she's hydrated? Do you also catch her bouncing around and rocking back and forth with her legs crossed, trying to get passed some difficult level?

>"Delete my browser history!"The question isn't whether or not Miko looks at porn. The question is, what kind of porn does Miko look at?


>>114882291Her playing games for hours on end without bathroom breaks opens up a few ___fun___ possibilities...

>>114882291Turns out it's full of walkthroughs

>>114877622These are my wives.

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>>114882571Thor's hot daughters aside from Torunn, nice.

>>114877622your wife is going to get ZONED

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Please explain the legal steps involved in marrying a 13 year old.

>>114883548Go to some unregulated country where they send missionaries and everyone wears grass skirts.

>>114883478Good, fucking when?

>See influx of porn of this show>Makes pp the big pp>Decide to watch it>Its not bad, enjoy all the vidyagame shit>Almost constant Miko booty shots>only 9 episodes >This makes my pp the small pp

>>114884094There's a second batch supposedly coming near June if we're lucky, and if it does well we'll get that second season that's already boarded.

>>114880727But user, I like Glitch Techs

>>114880283I like her hair gags

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this is my wife

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>>114877622your wife is a common fuckhole fotm


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Flat and thick is justice

>>114877945>>114878672probably either around november or early next year.

>>114880727I like Glitch Techs.

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>>114877622It's cancelled right?

>>114877630nice sarcasm. the show has been out for three months.

>>114877622>This is my wife.Get out, primitive African tribe member. You are outdated and immoral.

>>114885372>Implying FotM can't last more than a monthSpinel, Zone-tan, Jackie, any one of those shitty RWBY characters, etc. all say you're wrong.

>>114877622I still need someone to give me a guess on her measurements if anyone wants to take a shot at it. BWH

>>114877622She is a minor you nasty

>>114880727you can do both.

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>>114886282That's not what a FOTM is, newfag. A FOTM waifu is a character of typically obscure origins (background character, maybe not even a speaking one. Or commercials like e-surance girl) that attracts a lot of concentrated artwork creation over a short period after its brought to Holla Forums's attention but is typically not sustainable either due to lack of material or it simply does not catch on. Such curiosities lack a sizable fanbase to draw, commission, or otherwise bring attention to that character for any long term period of time, they might spring up in a discussion from time to time or you might find them in some haremfag's waifu chart but otherwise they're forgotten after a short period, hence flavor of the month. A good example is that pink haired kellog's cereal girl, she was a brief FOTM then went completely awol for years before someone brought her up again recently.Miko is a main character on a show that, while not likely to live beyond this year barring a miracle, still has an entire season's worth of material. Jackie has been a popular waifu for years now. I'm not familiar with the fanbases of Le Tard Jester or RWBY shit but they seem to have pretty sizable and sustained followings themselves.

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>>114877622>tumblr pig nose

>>114877622Your wife's got one ugly looking weasel face.

>>114886728>A FOTM waifu is a character of typically obscure originsAre you retarded?

>>114886886Kill yourself mutt.

>>114886581Which is fine

>>114882291Something something tentacles, but unironically this>>114882566

>>114877622You must like purple so I will also post purple

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>>114883478Good! My imaginary waifu is drawing purple! I approve!

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>>114878424thank god im not a sensitive cuck that gets triggered when fictional waifus interact with fictional characters

>>114877622I want your 14 year old wife to wrap her thighs around my head

>>114890072She's 15

>>114890134Thats way too old then

>>114877622>Marrying a nigger lover

>>114890168Hector is a beaner.


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>>114880727To be honest, like the show, but I'm not a thiccfag so I'm not actually that into Miko. I'd bang Zahra and Ridley though.

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>>114877622why is your wife a chink

>>114883478Can't wait for it to be released In 5485 when the nuclear barracuda olympics get canceled due to a rouge plague of megasnakes eating everyone's emotional support toucans

>>114892536I hope they eat the new Fruit Loops mascot, fuck that CalArts-looking fucker

>>114890072>>114890134>>114890143Lies she's 13

>>114892399Asian don't raisin

>>114880727This. They either talk pr0n or politics. The actual fans stay quiet because every time they attempt discussion, they get shooed right away by one of the above.

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>>114880727I haven't watched the show but I have to say she has an attractive character design

Underaged girls should be able to get certified for legal sex if they're thicc enough.

>>114894379this is unironically based.i mean, sure reality has consequences for both parties. but god fucking damn if there exist some thicc ass underage girls.i feel if a girl is dangerously thicc enough (really big tits, big ass) the predator should get cut some slack.

>>114894379There is a magical trick called "waiting a few years". It works very well


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>>114877622Why are there no thicc wide hipped asians like miko in real life aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

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This is my beloved wife

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>>114895340because they dont have the genetics for it to appear commonly plus their diets and lifestyle compared to blacks and white and hipanics.just look up milf japanese porn lolMEDIC!

>>114880727I like Glitch Techs to stay on Holla Forums a while until I realized only 2 people actually talk about the concept of it without saying it's just gamer propaganda, but then again everyone missed how fast a little martial arts girl moves. We need deep lore to have more than just Miko posting even though that has destroyed many shows.

>>114895507Some anons like it just fine for what it is. Others want an overarching story rather than this classic episodic adventures format. I could go either way, really.The biggest reason it doesn't attract discussion is the lack of huge flaws or other drama. If you don't give anons something to bitch about, they'll go elsewhere, they're like gossiping teenage girls.

>>114880727I love Glitch Techs and I want to have intercourse with Five!

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>>114877622Your wife's a thotzilla

>>114878424>How much does it anger you that she have low standards

>>114877622I'm about to fuck your wife and there's nothing you can do about it

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>>114898161 the card you're using is so shit

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>>114898201I know, that's why I reduced her breasts and thickened her legs and ass to make her more on model

>>114897968She likes hanging out with a guy that won't fixate on her hips

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your wife is born to be cucked

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>>114877622how is the animation in this?


>>114898477alright imma watch then

>>114898306Meanwhile I just want Five


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>>114883478yeah, in probably like five years we'll get a 2 second loop.


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>>114895507Doesn’t stop Twelve Forever, they make up their own shit. It’s what happens when all they care about is a single female character from a short-lived show without a whole lot of interesting things going on.

>>114897968Five is hotter then gay dyke

>>114877622the FOTM never ends

>>114899594Miko is a saint, she will never be whatever you percieve as FoTM because I said so. It's honestly disgusting that she is grouped with those loser bitches from other cartoons. Glitch Techs is an innovation, it's to be treated like a masterpiece. Everyone who fail to obey this commandment must die. All Hail Glitch Techs, cartoon of the year 2020.

>>114899680>cartoon of the year 2020.But this isn't Mao Mao

>>114877622tfw thread dying

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>>114882626he only had daugthers?man, bad luck, a split his best.

>>114883478tentacles, meh.

>>114898280five is pretty strong. he deadlifts her with those noodly arms.

>>114883548Just erase their memory everytime after every time they asked her age or need an ID

>>114877622this is my wife

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>>114899247I like the way Miko briefly sings along to the background music to this scene.

>>114898161Wait, what game is this?


>>114883478I do not care for zone.

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>>114877622Your wife is cute

>>114900387You know what you have to do

>>114884613>Maud' Cutie Mark.pngHang yourself

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If you really loved this stupid gremlin, you'd want to protect her from being lewded.

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>>114909519It's wife love, not child love.

>>114909570Uh, creepy much? She's 16 years old.

>>114909635And through the magic of imagination, I can just add two years to that.

>>114877622Cute user.This is mine.

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>>114904511Yes, this attitude is very common. I remember when they used to be at their apex.Sometimes even the greats need to take a break. Burnout affects everyone.

>>114910296Watch me.

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>>114909635>aging up>twice

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>>114909635Depending on country that's pretty normal.

>>114877622And this is mine.

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>>114909635Who gives a shit you giant faggot?


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>>114907131Hey Barney, how's it going?