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>>114875372What's the original?


>>114875372Hal jordan vs Ben 10?

>>114875662The trans chads of us 2 (last of us 2)

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>>114875662It's a golfer girl and an unusually large golf ball.

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>>114875494>Wait stop! we can't just kill eachother! What if RICK AND MORTY come back - look at me!


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>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse.Stop being such a weenie 4chan-kun.

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Am I doing this right?

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>>114875372Edit this with Shadow strangling a w*jakposter

>>114875795Ooo, impressive shit!

>>114875777she isn't trans

>>114875556Lost and Loss

>>114877475She is nonsensically beefy for a teenage girl though unless she's got a stash of steroids in the post apocalypse.

Here is a Transparent template!

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>>114877475Then why can't they make her look like an actual woman and not a gorrilla man?


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>>114875372Is there a Janny/Pepe edit already?

>>114875372How's that?

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I had a blast making this

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>”I spent the last 28 years dreaming of this moment, Sonic. I rehearsed everything I would say to you, every word to make you understand exactly what you did to deserve this Sonic. But I know you better than anyone... and I know there isn’t a thing I can say that’d ever make you feel regret you utter sociopath.”>*gurgle...choke...*>”You know...I loved you Sonic. You were my superhero. No matter what, all the times you humiliated me, mocked me, made me feel like I’m worth nothing, I always loved you more than I’ve loved anything. Anyone. I really was sorry for what I did, lashing out at you over Fiona. But you pushed me away regardless, huh? I saw Sally at the airport. Sonia & Manik too. I didn’t see you.”>*gag...wheeze...*>”That hurt me, Sonic. Hurt me more than Eggman’s robots. Hurt me more than Fiona. More than Mina running off with my kids. Y’know maybe that’s why our relationship went off the deep-end, because I was always 2nd best so long as you were around. Funny, she said something similar about me. I rejected Barby for her you know, but I guess Mina would always be 2nd place as well, no matter what she did.”>*gasp...retch...*>”That’s how I realised, you’re everything that’s wrong with my life! And when you’re dead I’ll kill Shadow too, then Knuckles, and then I can finally be happy for the first time in my entire fucking life. I’ll be the hero, I’ll be the champion, I’ll be the fastest thing alive!”>”Tails...I...I...”>”I don’t want you to understand you piece of crap. I want you to die. Struggle to survive and think you don’t deserve this while I wring your disgusting piggy neck!”>”Tails...”>”What? Say it Sonic! Spit it out you fucking son of a bitch!”>”...I fucked your wife, Tails...Melody isn’t your daughter...she’s mine...”

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>>114878482Was this the vision Penders had when he wrote 25YL?

Okay dayd

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>>114877515See that's the huge problem with a trans character in a post apocalyptic situation. Regardless of you're thoughts on trans people there is simply no way someone dependent on hormone treatments is going to continue looking the way they do when those treatments are completely obliterated by the apocalypse.

why does tlou make people seethe so hard? the game was fun

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>>114879505More the fresh leaks for the second game than anything. Though even then the first game was kinda overrated. It alright but not amazing like people hype it up to be. The main thing is the story and the performances being really great

>>114879505It's the leaks from the sequel that have people acting stupid.

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here ya go

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>>114879505The second game sounds fucking stupid so now it doesn't have the story going for it.

Abby looks exactly like the East German olympic athletes that were women that looked like men because of all the drugs commies gave them to make them have an athletic edge. Americans used to make fun of women like that.

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>>114879505the first was more of an interactive movie than a game, wich means the story is the only thing people remember of it, so when the leaks came out of the sequel being extremely bad in that aspect well of course people are gonna be mad.


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Someone pls make demarco choking out tom

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>>114880569man thats clever

>>114875556The gift that keeps on giving.


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here's my shiity contribution made in ms paint

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back to >>>Holla Forumseddit

>>114882570Wew lad

>>114882570Would be even better if the cosplayer was the one strangling him.

>>114882469Should be "Hey"



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>>114883524Man, there have been some pretty damn solid references in some of these edits.

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>>114881260but people here seethed about the original too, so that doesn't really answer the question

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the button is for who?

Why didn't pic related take off in the same way?

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>>114883780The strangler, I believe.You're killing a kid in the game.

>>114883793>why didn't frog meme edit #5004 not take off like original contentI hope you fucking get COVID19 and die you stupid retard.

did anyone do darkseid and trigon yet?

>>114883793not as funny as getting choked

>>114875556Would look better with B^U faces

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>>114883855It's from game of thrones.

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>>114875944nice one

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>>114883563The Non-Family?

>>114881260I finished tlou for the first time recently and honestly this movie game argument is so wrong. The game is peak survival horror. Plenty of fun sneaking around and fighting different zombies/hunters

>>114883793because Holla Forums took off running with it and havent looked back since, and so it caught on with the other boards somewhat.youtube.com/watch?v=0lALqhOoXoM&feature=youtu.be

>>114878411God those fucking monkeys

>>114884114It would be funnier if vegetable was facing the other way, doc

>>114882986Hotter, too.

>>114883793there was something similar to it that originated on the dbs threads

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>>114884460the original source was this. sadly dont have a template for it though

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>>114875556you absolute chad fucker

>>114884600Oooh, this is a pleasant surprise!

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>STUPID DOG! This is the last time you made me look bad!

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Reposting another great one.

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>>114883648KekAnd he was just about to get his wings.

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>>114883718The people seething now are the people who didn't seethe at the first game.

A new challenger appears.

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>>114879505Complacency and arrogance from Naughty Dog. Their egos got inflated from their previous successes so they act arrogant regarding their juvenile morality commentary, questionable working conditions, and unoriginal revenge plot.

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>>114886023what ego? What did they do exactly to display this?

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>>114886023Well, not really Naughty Dog as a whole. Just Neil Druckman.

>>114885870>Pretty please~


>>114882986the guy taking her picture is her boyfriend iirc

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>>114886802Steve in the background makes this one.


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>>114887287Give it the proper file name and it works.

>>114875556>cleanse barren womb

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>>114875704Seconding this but instead of Ben 10, its Alien X getting choked

>>114875396anon no

>>114877045reverse energy of this

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>>1148795051st game was fun. It's the 2nd game's story that's what making people triggered aside from all the shady naughty dog stuff going on.

>>114875556Motherfucker, every time.

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This thread is missing a lot of awesome(Fanboy looks like shit but, fuck it)

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>>114875556Fucking kek

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>>114879505so, here's something I'd like to know. You see the dev footage of the Abby/Ellie fight and, yes, gameplaywise Ellie can probably one shot you if you're not careful but in cutscenes Abby is this massive tank compared to Ellie, brutally manhandling her because she's closer to twice her size than not.How do you look at that and think 'yea, I'm saying something.'

>>114888116she big

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>>114875556is Loss the singularity of memes

>>114875372Here's mine.

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>look up what this is aboutcringe

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>>114888369really big

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>>114888369>>114889082wait is it a wahmin and not a tranny?Women really don't get that big

>>114875556Teh rules of the internets haven't been updated in 15 years, but there should be a new one that says:"All paths lead to loss."

I tried

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>>114889316Even if they did, maintaining that type of diet in a postapocalyptic setting is dumb.

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>>114889551>ripped chick is more unrealistic than zombies

>>114879853That shit was incredibly lame. It's pretty obvious Sherry will just come back with The Duke too.The "conclusion" of that was such an overwhelming letdown I just don't care about that subplot anymore now.

>>114889587It takes a time of peace to have the dietary and health supliments (and roids) to be readily available for someone to get uber jackeda woman has a natural disadvantage

>>114889624or let alone a diet with red meat.

>>114875372I've been a bit confused by the prompt going either way. Is the player character the one choking or the one being choked?

>>114889624>>114889642No one would give a shit if Naughty Dog didn't make it such a big deal about how they're going for realism for storytelling. And then pull that shit out of their ass for the sequel to justify Abby.

>>114882570cuck bear looks really cool in this

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>>114889714You're playing as the big muscular "woman" choking on Abby. (ironically, the actually confirmed Transexual looked more reasonable than Abby)

>>114890126*Choking Ellie.


>>114883793because it's a shit meme



So whats so bad about the game?

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>>114890596They brutally murder a beloved character and force you to play the murderer, who also beats up a pregnate woman (the beloved characters daughter we also love)

>>114890694They kill joel?

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>>114890596coomers can't coom to a character

>>114890712With a golf clubI don't even know if the killer is a tranny or just an insanly jacked woman. But I heard a roomer is a "girl" they made huge because feminine women would be offensive to transbeastsNaughty dog made crash bandicoot when I was a kid and have now become evil

>>114875556We have a fucking masterpiece right here.

>>114890741So this feminist game is portraying the woman killer as a hero? The fuck is wrong with modern feminists jesus christ

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>>114877559thanks user

>>114890784mate, you play as the killer for the second half of the game

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Found this one in a random thread on here

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>>114890596kill the previous main character but we get based tranny beat up dykes which make my dick hard

>>114890911Im obsessed with this meme, someone do one of beetlejuice choking lydia

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>>114890893>mate, you play as the killer for the second half of the gameWHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA

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>>114890784Nah, not even them are that lacking in self-awareness. It's pretty clear that it's meant to be some morally grey stuff, commentary on the cycle of revenge and shit, but it all falls flat because 1) the background for Abby is iffy and somewhat of a retcon, 2) Joel is the most beloved character and being forced to play as his murderer was insult to injurey to them, and 3) Abby's build alone makes for an incredibly hilarious picture with her scenes, as the memes have shown (this shit has breathed new life into Metal Gear Rising posting)

>>114891098What does “she” even look like anyways


>>114890596It's pozzed

>>114891253Last of Us 2

>>114875372Can someone make one of The Grimace from McDonalds choking Superman or Goku?


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>>114890984You also fight Elie as a boss by throwing bottles at her and beat her ass with your huge man hands, so hard in fact you punch her through a flooryoutube.com/watch?v=qah5TcqoA80

>>114891199Senator Armstrong with a "womanly" face.>>114891270That's putting it mildly. I don't know why, but with "pozzed" media, they're either really really saccharinely sweet to the point of disgust, or overly violent that makes you wonder if the creator has a fetish. They'll desexualise the women, but then pull shit like having them get beaten up brutally to the point where you'd think they're catering to Ryona fetishists.

>>114891270>>114891559What does pozzed mean? And yeah desexualizing women is just prudish at this point>>114891503Jesus fuck

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>>114882501Ruberposting, I haven’t heard that name...in a long time

>>114891607Pozzed ie HIV positiveThey inject AIDS and ruin it

>>114891811Figuratively speaking of course.

Long shot but could someone do one with Hank and Tricky or really anything having to do with Combat Madness.

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>>114883563>>114883648>>114883524>>114882570>>114880569>>114878928>>114878482>>114875944>>114875556Fantastic work!

Requesting Goldtooth and Karate

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Alternatively this

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Can someone do Steven choking Star?

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>>114891854Asked someone to do it

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>>114890596You have to play as the (new) character who murders the character you were invested in from playing as them in the previous game. Kind of like Prototype 2, which was retarded too.

>>114891503It probably loses something when the game boss is a 12 year old girl.

>>114891982There really is still a god, thank (you)

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>>114891098>Metal Gear Rising postingIts fucking great.youtube.com/watch?v=Z71BW1KAXoI

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OC my dudes

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>>114892460this is the shit but the Yakuza 0 UI with the older characters is fucking with me

>>114890741>But I heard a roomer is a "girl" they made huge because feminine women would be offensive to transbeasts Well fuck, and a roomer told you this? well then I guess Ive gotta get mad now, thats an airtight source if I ever heard one

>>114890107I think it's a really stupid thing to complain about when in the first game we see shit like Joel miraculously recovering from having a rusted rebar shoved right through his guts, I mean it's just a buff lady it'd be like complaining the character's teeth are too white her having a gym as her base is more justification than they needed

>>114891850Unless you're in California

>>114892636well, they at least show it takes him a good fucking while to get over it. He doesn't just no sell it and fireman carry Ellie out to the next chapter.Also, I wonder if there's any character type that would even make this work. Full on male, fat black lesbian, classic Lara Croft model, equally Ellen Paige looking girl. I know people latch onto Abby's appearance as another thing to harp on but if she was anything else, would people be shitting on this any less

>>114892019Is this a fucking SilvaGunner reference?

>>114889587This is a horseshit deflection people use when people make a complaint about something. Why are there zombies? Mutated mushrooms turn humans into them. There, done, that's the reason. It sounds silly as fuck, but it has a legitimate explanation behind it to let people suspend disbelief.If the game/movie/whatever doesn't explain how something that's impossible is now possible, people are going to point it out lol. You can't just go:>Unexplained impossibility is more unrealistic than explained worldbuilding

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>>114888038>Homestuck EpiloguesSomeone please remake that scene in Candy of Vriska choking Gamzee.

Attached: NO ONE WILL KNOW A8OUT THIS.png (1348x994, 791.19K)

>>114890596>not actually a game>95% of the leaked footage was cinematic shit>you control a character whose objective is to kill the two characters you controlled in the last game>pushing progressive trannyshit instead of pushing more gameplay>lead director suddenly starts pushing LMAO IT'S JUST A GAME when the reception to the leak was abysmal >not actually a game


>>114893747Tranny stuff not true (Maybe) But everything else is spot on.

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Someone please make Max choking the shit out of whiteknight ass Warren from Life is Strange

Attached: c25ba608d4d6b05f9cad319e9abb5c16.jpg (500x667, 46.12K)

Attached: bqgk.png (1266x688, 100.91K)

>>114875396God no!

>>114875556kek! AND SAVE IT!

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>>114875372Can anyone make this with makarov and captain price?

Attached: download (3).jpg (300x168, 9.98K)

>>114885827fucking kek

>>114890896underrated post

>>114875450I feel like people will not appreciate this one and I want you to know that I do. It's brilliant.

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>>114885827great work

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>>114883758Shit's fucking excellent, man



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>>1148919771000 years of paint

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is anyone able to do Charlotte choking Vendetta

Attached: charlotte & vendetta.png (417x324, 234.1K)

>>114891801I miss it

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>those TLoU2 leaks that hit last weekWhy is this whole SUBVERTING YOUR EXPECTATIONS! shit becoming so prominent now? Legit nobody likes it when it's just done for the sake of it like it has been with Star Wars, Game of Thrones and now The Last of Us.

>>114875704>>114887352Here you go!

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>>114882570Learning the context also makes giggle.

Attached: 96593952_3570446979637757_7178231064312152064_o.jpg (1249x726, 107.87K)

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>>114895391My sides

>>114895354I personally think they're trying to rip off undertale. I fully expect them to brush off all criticism of their terrible writing as "Well you as the player were choosing to continue playing the game so its really you who killed them and not us". But in a game like undertale you had a choice to be a monster or not so the canon ending of the story isn't set in stone.

>>114894356Care to explain?

So what dumb shit did Naughty Dog do for the sequel that's got everyone mad?

>>114895490>Tranny half-game protagonist>Killed both main characters of the franchise>Naughty Dog and Sony damage control

Attached: The Last of Ring Fit Adventure.jpg (991x688, 361.11K)

>>114895490My understanding from skimming the leaks is>Joel gets killed off in the first hour of the game by the child (people seem to argue about whether or not it's a buff lesbian or a MtF transsexual, though I don't know how true the latter is) of the surgeon he kills at the end of the original game>pulls the MGS2 Raiden twist halfway through, so now you're playing as the aforementioned Joel killer>heavy-handed "HAHA, BUT THERE IS NO TRUE VILLAIN" commentary right through the game>Ellie is a QTE final boss, which is what this maymay template is taken from>the cringey lesbian pandering from the E3 reveal is right at the forefront of the game, with the totally-not-Westboro Baptist Church, whose hatred of homosexuals is comically over the top, being the secondary villains>zombies/clickers/whatever are barely actually in the game, you're fighting human enemies 95% of the time

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>>114895583Wow. Sounds even dumber than The Phantom Pain.

>>114895488It's Jacob Wrestling with God (or an Angel) with "Jacob's Ladder" in the background. Genesis 32:22-3122 That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his two female servants and his eleven sons and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. 23 After he had sent them across the stream, he sent over all his possessions. 24 So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. 25 When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. 26 Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.”But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”27 The man asked him, “What is your name?”“Jacob,” he answered.28 Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel,[a] because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”29 Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.”But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there.30 So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”31 The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel, and he was limping because of his hip. The "Acquire Blessings" QTE prompt is the delicious cherry on top.

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>>114895363can we get this but the other way around


Attached: manofculture.jpg (600x537, 34.1K)


>>114886211>Carolfag still mad no one cares about their shitty character

>>114882602>No fun allowed

>>114875372We need the strangler and spongebob edited in


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Attached: Blank+_202e672878ac585c3e1717d9968678c1.jpg (326x239, 28.45K)

>>114877515>Character all about muh revenge>Invest disproportional means acquiring roids to get swole to choke a bitchChecks out.

Man can somebody look at the leaked video again and just tell us who the button prompt is for. I would think its choker but the meme keeps going back and forth between choker and chokee

>>114896095It's hammer square to choke, Ellie is the final boss.

>>114894156fucking based and underrated

Attached: 1564169330197.jpg (480x414, 18.43K)

>>114875372Someone do one with Bane and CIA Pls

>>114896193It's been done already.

Attached: Big Guy.png (680x370, 288.98K)

>>114895694seeth moar, benloser

>>114894058Someone should do an edit with Druckmann

>>114891503I heard it was a transgender character you played as when you did all the shit, but fucking christ, that is just a dude with a ponytail...

>>114896261dude I was just asking for the inverse you my friend seem to be the seether here

>>114896401Seether still touring?

Attached: 1553899729561.jpg (906x936, 849.26K)

>>114875378Great fucking start already

Attached: 1587423136648.png (282x400, 191.67K)

>>114895374Holy shit I need that picture of the cosplayer

>>114883758Brick by bricksuck my dick

>>114879505it's okay but people praised it like it was the second coming of Jesus christand also many people are tired of "old gruff man takes care of a child and finds his scruples again"

Attached: Doug Endgame.png (1266x688, 457.05K)

You think Ellie is gonna kill Abby's bald twink Asian archer?

>>114894173Here ya go, It's been years since I last played though

Attached: Remember.png (1266x688, 50.14K)

>>114883793Doesn't look as funny

>>114892591Beautiful, could use a ton more blood on Jacket thoughDoesn't he strangle the Driver though?

Can someone do an edit of Buddy choking out Rando or Brad?

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Attached: FIRMLY CHOKE IT.png (1266x688, 475.08K)


>>114897251This is fucking kino tier.

>>114884286kek user, I appreciate it

>>114879505The second one is shit.

>>114897424>114897424Ah, thanks, been a while

>>114875556Whatever civilization finds our wreckage is going to think that Loss represents some massive religious significance.

>>114897186Thanks a lot user

>>114886074Why does the Fred Durst image make this twice as funny?

>>114875556The Loss of Us


Attached: 1584822605741.png (786x648, 118.52K)

Attached: Raw raw fight the Wojak1.png (1266x688, 42.6K)

can someone do strong bad and homestar?

Attached: comfort.png (1266x688, 200.42K)


Attached: 1577674776037.jpg (1024x782, 73.87K)

>>114890596the story is about the worst of humanity. Joel made a selfish choice last game and it comes around to kill him. now everyone is mad because fuck whaman

>>114899599>mad tranny detected

>>114899599Shhhh that doesn't fit the Holla Forums narrative, keep posting buzzwords and wojaks until the feminists explode

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Attached: 1589132900759.jpg (1266x688, 218.78K)

>>114900219I cracked up laughing at this one

Attached: C25E6673-8977-401C-8FBC-5ADCAE391A65.jpg (640x360, 27.78K)

>>114896996>That Doug ButtonHa. I remember that thread

>>114892545>YOU CAN'T HURT ME JACK!

>>114896153Is Ellie really the final boss and Abby kills her, or are people saying that to fit their narrative because it's the funniest. The latest trailer they showed had the final clip with Ellie holding a golf club over someone who sounds like Abby saying "We could've killed you" before Ellie smashes them which to me basically spoils what the ending is


>>114899599Like hell is about that, Neil.

>>114900753People are just saying that, neither party dies

Attached: dogshit inbound.png (1215x590, 97.35K)

>>114901066You can't trust the written stuff it could be complete fabrication written by some random guy, you can only trust the ACTUAL leaks aka the cinematics.


Can a drawfag do this scene.

Attached: Batman chokes Joker.jpg (1465x2263, 693.64K)

>>114895162Nice one user

>>114875372I've been thinking of trying something as a writing exercise. I'd take an issue of a comic and replace all the dialogue with something of my own. Anyone have any ideas for what issues would be good for this exercise/experiment?

>>114897814I'm surprised no one has already started a Church of Loss

>>114889316They do when they pump themselves full of steroids and shit.

>>114902029Considering medical supplys would probably be the first or second thing everyone would grab at the start of a collapse, how can she get so jacked

Attached: yukari choke.png (1266x688, 455.17K)

>>114890694To be fair, Joel was going to be murdered one way or another. His whole way of living in the apocalypse racked up a lot of bodies and probably a lot more enemies.

Holla Forumsmbler late to the fucking party thanks for the (You)s on all the shit we made on saturday and sunday >fuck yourself you faggot niggers -no sincerely fuck yourself and dilate ~Holla Forums


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>>114902075Woman can get that ripped, you haven't seen a true steroid wildebeest if you think Abby is big. In the first game there's a fat guy too don't remember anyone caring about that


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Can someone make one where Epstein is hanging himself with a bedsheet?

>>114885827Stupid dog! You made me gay!

>>114879505Lesbians bad

>>114886802Joe Rogan?

>>114902165It's funnier when you realize Homestar doesn't even have arms.

>>114902484youtube.com/watch?v=mj6AG4C9ODgKarl Plinkton

Requesting an RLM one where Jay gets strangled by Mike

Attached: It's 3 in the morning Stu.png (680x370, 247.4K)

Attached: HOT SPAGHETTI.png (1266x688, 272.14K)

>>114879891This was missed opportunity to use the Doug button.

Attached: xmRTSkvvLgAhhEfJlFjnXjqR5polCXCuhoGS_kv94tE.jpg (500x423, 47K)

I would draw that one scene from incredibles but my laptop cant download programs

I'm amazed there's not a YOU SELL FISH version yet.

>>114875556Fuckin stellar

Attached: 1589043560814.png (1266x688, 65.19K)

>>114875396>In/OutReal niggas know

>>114875556The best of them

>>114894058Looking at the comments selection on the article is fucking embarrassingThese people think it's still 2014

>>114902448No, but there's something kinda similar already.

Attached: 1589135433284 pol.png (866x688, 36.75K)

>>114895583>you're fighting human enemies 95% of the timeWasn't that true of the first one?


Attached: 1589205691215 rugrats.png (879x476, 136.99K)

>>114875556oh fuck

I never cared for movie games, so I never got around to playing TLOU. Now I wish I did play it solely because of this meme.

Attached: 1578179158405.jpg (1157x772, 78.02K)

>>114903232>>114903248KEKKEST OF KEKES

Requesting one with Gwenpool being choked by Deadpool

Attached: xdkhc69xu3o21.png (632x970, 1.04M)

>>114901066Literally what's wrong with this?Specially from this board, it's decent storywise, which is more than can be said of any cartoon/comic that has a thread up right nowThe only complaint that can be had besides "I dun lik" is the execution, which nobody has a way of knowing yet.I swear, giving attention to any Holla Forums meme is just a huge waste of time, this post included

100 hours in mspaint

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>>114904253MGS 4 is a movie game. TLOU is not.

>>114904253The first game was at best a 8/10 walking simulator. It was overhyped because it was a PS3 exclusive.And now knowing what a dogshit direction the story takes in the new game and generally how repulsive the devs are, I can't even recommend the good part of this franchise anymore. Honestly, don't bother with it! Just enjoy the silly exploitable meme.

Attached: 1588234542341.png (1124x559, 410.16K)


>>114904398Oh man, I thought about this scene earlier. Thanks for making it!

>>114875556Thats fucking brilliant.

>>114904447Soon there will be no women in games at all. The existence of women is inherently transphobicGood

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Attached: 1589228115692.png (1266x688, 40.73K)

>>114904447 uh, is there a source for this?

>>114904862Its an image with text, whats not to believe?

There's something unfathomably funny about a character getting choked out.

>>114904862sausageroll.com.au/entertainment/games/naughty-dog-made-female-characters-less-feminine-to-be-trans-friendly/This site, but they don't actually have a source for their own statement. Its mostly speculation based on a twitter post with ugly tumblr art. They also site 4chan as a source lol."We spoke to a seasoned artist who has worked as a character designer for several AAA games and he admitted that “this is the new norm.”"So their reasoning is they claim to have spoken to a character designer. The author of the article claims to have "insider sources" when making all her articles. So it probably really is all made up

Do we have a Optimus and fallen yet?

if terminator 2 came out nowadays you fags would call it a garbage tranny movie and that the filmmakers hate femininity. This shit has poisoned your brains to the point where you think its literally everywhere you look.

Attached: sarah-T2.jpg (420x300, 13.29K)

Attached: mononoke.png (1266x688, 219.79K)

>>114905100nah Sarah's portrayed as a wreck of a human being who's constantly on the verge of a psychotic break.She doesn't even have the guts to ice a man in front of his breeder sow and their offspring, unlike a real feminist



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Attached: 1589230466890.png (1264x686, 26.79K)

>>114879505>the game was fun

Attached: 1573514955.jpg (480x359, 34.04K)

>>114896212Oh okay, thanks for posting anyway

>>114905387Does anyone have the Loss edit?


>>114895829>>114895978Here are your fucking (you)s now go die in a fire

my best try

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>>114883793This is one is Pacha and the Emperor tier, in a month or two no one will remember it anymore. It's just people having funThe one you just posted is still used a lot.

someone make a goku vs superman one

Attached: Shattered Grid prologue.jpg (1266x684, 137.33K)

>>114905514Thanks for this, mighty kek

Attached: CalmFace.jpg (256x256, 23.58K)

>Rangebanned from Holla ForumsThan god for Holla Forums

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>>114905514That's the stuff

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>>114884114Thanks Doc!

requesting a ben10/green lantern edit

So what's Holla Forums going to do when this game gets 10's across the board and sell millions?

>>114906518see >>114895363

>>114904313It was actually reported news.

>>114906610>giving a single shit about what vidya journalists have to say is high qualityI SERIOUSLY hope you guys don't do this.

Attached: oh jew.png (253x235, 80.19K)

>>114906610It wont sell millions with that plot

>>114906871I would believe you if it werent because Holla Forums used BOTW score to deflect any criticism it got and still does

>>114905918also I dont care whos doing the choking

>>114906914The execution is 99% of what matters in a story

>>114895694I will try to do thisIs 8 hours from now

I'm glad our friends at Holla Forums also enjoy this>>114906610I think it'll sell decently well but get lower ratings than the last one, but probably meme about scenes in the game that we haven't seen regardless

Attached: 1589184578417.png (1266x685, 74.67K)

>>114905190More like Mono-choke-e

Attached: Carlos.png (374x370, 158.95K)

>>114907604Someone make an edit of user chocking Carlos

Attached: EXXIc5LVAAE_CQN.jpg (1080x1257, 139.73K)

>>114899599fuck off Neil, you Israeli migrant.

>>114908070>she's not trans>she's this different form of mentally ill dysphoria that looks similar>also [citation needed]

>>114908322>Lifting weights is mentally illBro you're small

>>114882469I want a Kingpin one.

Attached: Kengan meme.png (680x370, 224.3K)


>>114906920When a gameplay trailer about the sequel drops hell will resurface again with the first being game discussed all over again plus the new stuff


>>114903248Really old meme here, but a welcome one all the same.

>>114910616Old or new theyre all welcome

Attached: ive lost control of my life [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fdkm6qm.wav].jpg (1266x688, 201.22K)

Attached: 1589185337930.png (1266x688, 1006.6K)


>>114899599Honestly that entire situation was fucked. It doesn't seem likely that a shit, half-broken clinic with largely unqualified personnel would be able to recreate the weird mutant symptom that makes her immune. The fact that they'd have to dissect her to the point of death proves how little they know and how unreliable it was. Joel was already threatened and effectively at gunpoint several times if I recall. He could either sit by and let a child who did not fully understand this situation be gutted for the slim chance of others being helped by what is already effectively a terrorist organization, or he could fight to ensure the only decent thing in his life isn't killed for nothing. And the main character we're expected to empathize with is vengeful for Joel being fucked into that situation to begin with and killing said people who were more than eager to gut said child for a longshot at best. Joel isn't a saint but he was as morally justified as anybody could be given the situation.


Attached: 415.png (1266x688, 324.77K)

>>114911111Waste of a good get.

>>114911648shut up bitch every post I make is perfect

>>114889316when your a juicer they can.

Attached: abby.jpg (318x468, 17.06K)

>>114911935Something tells me there aren't juicers in a non-fallout post apocalypse.

>>114882570holy shit lmao

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>>114902075>>114912021She's the daughter of the head researcher from that cabal of super scientists from the first game. The people who had access to supplies and technology necessary for sterile medical operations. Not saying they could have given her growth hormones, but "muh scarcity" doesn't matter here.

>>114875372Did someone already do a Invader Zim one?

Attached: MaskVsWalter.png (920x500, 104.2K)


>>114875450Hahaha, that's excellent


Attached: 1582753712576.gif (482x800, 29.06K)

>>114875372How's this meme being received by the mobs at large? I imagine the devs are staying quiet because all sources seem to point to their shit being fucked.Edits not Holla Forums related, but still worth sharing

Attached: 1589141790569.png (1266x685, 150.18K)

>>114875556This one wins

>>114875378Who's Steve Jobs?

>>114912860Generally liked, since the TLoU2 leaks haven't been received well by anyone except a small minority of people on RetardERA who thinks that it's demonizing transpeople.

>>114877475Then why does she look like a man

What the fuck is going on with this year?

>>114903232Square should be "Die Late"

Anyone has link to the video of the leak but with senator Armstrong voice over?

>>114875372For all the shit surrounding that game at least this gem came from it.



>>114913469Damn, look at all that gameplay

>>114913469Thanks user

>>114884600>You can't escape me! I'll chase you to the ends of the earth!!!

>>114875396I'm gonna go rub one off

>>114902919well done

>>114913441Here's the originalbitchute.com/video/0XczIBg1wtB3/

>game forcing you to strangle a main character from the previous titleWhy

>>114913641b-because it subverts expectations! haha! g-got you! d-don't you feel bad about doing this stuff that the game gave you no choice but to follow?


>>114913641Your expectations have been subverted. If you don't want Ellie to die then stop playing the game :^) Also no refunds

>>114913774>>114913785Why have people been so obsessed with subverting expectations for the last few years? It’s never received well so why keep going? Is it because it makes them feel smart?

>>114906914>It wont sell millions with that plotBut I thought Holla Forums said plot doesnt matter :)

Hey if someone can do one with Cedrick choking Will I would really appreciate it

Attached: 51578F8D-D0A5-473F-A422-21AA00386831.png (477x352, 195K)

>>114913855>Is it because it makes them feel smart?literally this>oh you guessed what I was going to do becase there were hints and foreshadowing? well I'm going to to the opposite even if narratively it makes no sense, betcha didn't see that coming huh

Attached: 1556145345668.jpg (1280x960, 290.2K)

>>114876625Where knuckles

>>114912269>Stop him

>>114905514>380x203try again

>>114906183Another one from Holla Forums

Attached: the lisa of us.png (1266x688, 127.14K)

>>114907547>>114910783I cant stop laughing.

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