Why the fuck is everybody complaining about this?

Solar Opposites. It was completely fine. Quite good in the later episodes. Better than the latest Rick and Morty episode. Not that it was horrible, just kinda of mediocre.

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>>114868606because its in rick and morty's godawful art style.

>>114868606I saw the first episode and it was ok. It was at least better than the majority of season ms 3 and 4 of Rick and Morty.

The jokes were terrible, the character personalities are bland, the premise is not original at all, refernces are forced as fuckTl dr trash

The most reddit show I ever saw.

>>114868606It's a C average sitcom. It's pretty much Third Rock From The Sun.

>>114868606its not bad but not that good either. kinda makes me wonder if justin just used old r&m ideas that harmon vetoed


>>114868606Some of the jokes fell flat but overall it was better than the last couple seasons of Rick and Morty, I like the characters way more. At first it seems Corvo is kinda like Rick but he's not le edgy nihilist depressed atheist man. He's actually devoted to his mission. Also the wall plot is good, they could have made an entire series around that. To me it seems this is the Rick and Morty that Roiland wanted to make


>>114868606I watched the first episode, it's the Family Guy to Rick and Morty's American Dad as it relies a more on shock violence to be funny. I didn't hate it but I wish it did a better job of explaining who's who and what's what, I don't think they even said the kids names once in episode one and briefly glossed over the purpose of the baby/dog slug thing.

I'm here enjoying my delicious, crispy, spicy fried chicken from KFC, finishing my great meal with a sweet vanilla MCFLURRY and washing it down with a cool refreshing MTN DEW

>>114869789Also (RANDOM ACTOR NAME) is a cool guy, I love (RANDOM ACTOR NAME).

>>114869789>>114869846I can't believe those fuckers managed to be worse at making references than fucking Family Guy.

I only just realized why I like Jesse's voice so much.It's Dylan Beekler's voice actor from Golan the Insatiable, Mary Mack.

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>>114868606It had a poor introductory episode that didn't really lay the groundwork for the characters. Scenes cut abruptly. There are almost no transition frames. It's deliberate, but I don't understand this decision.Pacing improved from episode 4 onward, and I think everyone agrees episode 7 was the highlight of the season precisely because it wasn't rushed, crammed with dialogue, or delivered with the gracelessness of an oral school report (a problem especially apparent with Terry in the earlier episodes).I really don't have a problem with the writing. It's the delivery and editing that doesn't live up to the material.

>>114869929aubrey plaza was dylans voice actor. from parks and rec

>>114868606>Better than the latest Rick and Morty episode.Fuck you, you retarded nigger piece of shit. The latest Rick and Morty episode was fucking gold, easily arguably better than even the good episodes from the first couple seasons. If you think Solar Opposites is better than the latest episode of Rick and Morty, then you think the former series is better than the latter altogether, which it's not.

>>114870255She only voiced season two, you absolute cretin.The BAD season.

>>114869774It's the key to the mission. It consumes the earth when it evolves. It got mentioned quite a few times.

>>114870255Aubrey is slightly more bangable than Mary, but fuck her in the other way because she was involved with the trainwreck that ruined Golan and made it impossible to have any chance of ever returning.


>>114869426Well, that explains the Holla Forums hate.

>>114868606its rick and morty replaced with aliens.

>>114868606>Why the fuck is everybody complaining about this?Buthurt Harmon fans

>>114869677>Corvo is kinda like Rick but he's not le edgy nihilist depressed atheist man. He's actually devoted to his mission. Also the wall plot is goodActually the most the show progress the more similar he is to Rick, both characters despise everyone and claim to only give a fuck about what is actually important calling everything else stupid, useless or bad, both want to be loved but deny it, both are overly rude and impatient to comical lvls, both identify themselves as the tech guy, both are always grumpy, both are the fish out of water character that refuse to be normal etc

>>114871431they also have the same damn voice and stutter. the only difference is yumyulack has rick's sadistic/experimental side

>>114871623Actually he is also shown doing experiments on people and causing damage without caring much,so the only difference between him and Rick is the fact he's not alcoholic and even so he's shown using drugs just like Rick.

>>114868606Because Holla Forums is a bunch of contrarian fags. It’s a good and light hearted show, that has fun with its boundless premise while still having the foundation for “story moments”. It’s better than the last 2 seasons of rick and Morty because of that, Dan is retarded fuck obsessed with “meta”, like no one gives a shit that he’s pissy about bitches on twitter saying “muh lore”. It legit isn’t hard at all to have a show with whacky one off adventures, and if wanted to have one - two episodes around “lore” a season or whenever no ones gonna complain. Like legit rick and Morty proves that writers (at least dan) and lil retarded pussies, because they give in to insulting a minority of their fan base because of Twitter comments. Like it’s YOUR fucking show, do whatever, but don’t make sit through 20mins of bitching about if

>>114868606If only Corvo had an original personality...

>>114872584At least he got a personality unlike the other 3 fuckers.

It's a must watch if only for The Wall episode

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>>114872605They do but they're kinda canned. You've got the classic brother/sister duo that are constantly at odds but care about eachother. And then you've got the well meaning lazy oaf to foil the hard-assed smart guy. The show isn't bad, but its not the kind of thing I would tell people to get Hulu in order to see.

>>114869426It's not that it made fun of the bible, it's that if they had fun of the quran or the torah they'd be in trouble, but not for mocking the bible.So what kind of political/racial bias do you suppose at play given these facts?

>>114873492The creators and main intended audience are westerners, where Christianity is the dominate religion of broader society. Atheists and secularists pop up in reaction to their societies religious issues, and so deal with their own. And it's a quick reaction joke, since it is a cut away joke. It has to be something the audience will see and immediately recognise. Even the shape and colour of standards bibles is familiar. But the Koran or Talmud? I can't say off the top of my head what that what look like, barring the name. And of course, they wouldn't say those in English, but in Arabic or Hebrew in their most stereotypical form.

>>114868625This and the way they are animated also is awful looking.

>>114873582Triggered by one cut away joke. Grow up. You aren't even a real Christian, just a contarian adopting it because it is a marker not held by people you dislike.

>>114873607Roiland got 1 joke and 2 character archetypes

>>114873607>Triggered by one cut away joke. Grow up. You aren't even a real Christian, just a contarian adopting it because it is a marker not held by people you dislike.

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Jesse is a cute.

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I hate how they released all episodes at once, the thread for episode 7 would have been great

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>>114868606We’re Holla Forums we complain about everything, new cartoon not half as good as old cartoon. Old cartoon just nostalgia grow up. You can’t win and don’t get me started on comics.

Unironically better than Rick & Morty. When will Dan Harmon crawl back into the earth from whence he came?

>>114874467No he’s gonna put all his chips into community than retreat to his Dnd cuck show after that fails.

>>114870257stop trying to suck your own tiny dick dan, you will never reach it

>>114874364I don't know why episode dumps became standard, it goes against basically everything about subscriptions and episodic formats.

So this was all a dream?

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>>114874905No, it was a holohoax.

>>114868606I agree. Some people love to hate and the same people will show up in every thread to tell everyone how much they dislike the show. Pathetic.

>>114874555I think the 3 episodes to start at once, and then weekly is the best model. It gives enough of a taste, and allows people to watch beyond the pilot, which is often a bit weak. But then allows weekly discussion.

>>114868606I just watched the first episode but it's aggressively mediocre and also does absolutely nothing to distance itself from Rick and Morty which makes it worse. It's still watchable but I'm really starting to hate Justin Roiland's total of 2 voices that he spams everywhere

>>114875199The first episodes aren't the best, the rest is much better: the last 3 episodes are where the show truly shines

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>>114875267Yeah I'm gonna keep watching, there isn't really anything else I'm following right now and I did like the dynamic between the main characters

>>114873213 Who was in the wrong at the end? Do you think they would have died outdoors

>>114875359Even if they would have it should have been their choice to make.

In Rick & Mort, Rick and Morty are more less the only characters I actually liked. Jerry could be sweet occasionally but he wasn't really interesting. Summers was only good once in a blue moon and was in a weird spot where when she was shit she was in the show way too much and when they managed to make her more interesting they didn't really use her enough to justify it because she ultimately disrupts Rick's and Morty's dynamic. With the Solar Opposites every one of the family were interesting in their own way.

>>114873213honestly, i'd have rather had the show been all about the wall, and have the aliens be the b story

>>114874555>I don't know why episode dumps became standardIt's quite simple. Back before people (officially)streamed media online and cable TV was still king, people wouldn't subscribe to Netflix for one or two episodes of one of only a few dozen shows total, that you might not even like. So Netflix released everything all at once to quickly be able to compete with cable TV, and to be able to say that they have tons of shows that you can subscribe and watch -right now-, so dump cable already and subscribe! Basically. And everyone else did it because Netflix were successful.

>>114868937Hey this reminds me of when literally who boomer celebrity did that thing in boomer movie 3.

>>114873560>The creators and main intended audience are westerners, where Christianity is the dominate religion of broader societyStopped reading there.

>>114873492The bios mostly comes from it being acceptable to make fun of the bible and not the quran. Like you can say "white people are stupid" but can't say "black people are stupid".The only alternative is not to make fun of religion at all. Thank God Christians always "how the other cheek" lel

>>114868606Why is that picture so tiny?

>>114875656Agree wholeheartedly. I was way more invested in the wall.

>>114869774there was an entire episode based around the pupa, you weren't even paying attention

>>114868606I like that they're featuring a sort of "two gay dads" relationship. I haven't seen that in a cartoon before.

>>114877980yeah it's cute

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Does anyone actually think that massacres of innocent people are funny? I'm a sick fuck don't get me wrong but it seems that libtard media lately has gotten insanely misanthropic and the violence against innocent people has gotten repulsive. It seems like every other episode a huge amount of innocent people are slaughtered for laughs in this fucking show.

>>114876003NAYRT but Christianity is the dominant religion in western society.

>>114878571That's the problem R&M ran into s3 onward. Can't think of good jokes, fill screen time with mindless nicely animated violence.

>>114878571I get what you mean, but it's also not intolerable. I kinda like that they take the effort to revive most of the people who get slaughtered in their shenanigans.


4/10. Didn't do anything for me. I suspect there's a lot of "I'm not allowed to like Rick and Morty because of Reddit, but I'm allowed to like this" going on, but don't really care enough to pursue.Same cadence and humor style as RnM only with less interesting characters and more on-the-nose, less offensive. Kind of just watered down. None of them feel like real people and that's like one of the few really good things RnM has going for it is that these people seem like real people in terms of their complexes and motivations.

>>114868606I finished the first 4 episodes and I like it. It’s better than seasons 3 and 4 of Rick and Morty for sure.What keeps it working is that it doesn’t try to overthink itself, or try to be serious or make us care about the asshole. It’s just funny.

>>114868606It was OK at best. Being just OK isn't enough for it to truly catch on. I don’t think I can explain it any clearer than that. It ain't gonna catch on, even if it isn't trash.>>114869677>>114872462>>114875579Valid criticism; therefore, Based.However, >>114875579, I have to ask: what about Beth?

>>114869043>Third Rock>C averageThose are some fighting fucking words

>>114878571Yeah, that can be hard to watch, sometimes, but most of these minor beings in this show are unlikable and begging to be put in harm's way, so i don't care. What matters is it's well-animated, unapologetic, and gloriously engaging/hilarious.>>114878731>>114878867These anons get it, even with differing viewpoints at work, honestly.

>>114875579This user brings up a good point: a lot of side plots in Rick and Morty are a chore because you don’t like the characters they’re focused on. With Solar Opposites all of the characters are at least enjoyable.

>>114878571I've noticed this a lot. I think it's also what >>114878731 mentioned that it's good filler but it does rub me the wrong way.

>>114873684Maybe, but you're not gonna see R34 of her. This show has not caught on enough to justify it, unless in very small doses, user.

>>114868606>Better than the latest Rick and Morty episode.Nah.

>>114879191It's just a problem for me because it fundamentally changed rick.In s1/s2, he was less confrontational, ran from big problems (intergalactic customs), wanted to hide in the sewers when dogs took over, tried to solve problems with other means.In s3/s4, rick actively engages/fires the first shot and brute forces literally every situation.Like imagine scary terrie/dogs in the house if it was a s4 episode. Rick would backflip into the house firing homing missiles at the dog brains or something, or pull out a magic vacuum and kill scary terrie in 3 seconds. There is nothing fun about a situation in where he has such an upper hand with power that hes in no danger period.

>>114875267I'd agree with you if you removed Episode 6 from that equation - Episode 6 specifically was pure SJWBS cringe, sadly, which make re-watching it near impossible.

>>114879225Based, because Mary Sues/Gary Stus do suck, correct.

Totally agree on the overreliance of not particularly engaging violence for laughs. Watching the arcade slaugher scene, all I could think about was the lack of weight and visual flair to the violence that something like Superjail has. The camera doesn't move dynamically, no visual effects highlight the narrative weight (or lack thereof) of the cool sequence, it just felt like they needed to fill three minutes and didn't think Jesse's plot worked.Overall, the show was definitely at its best with the interactions between the characters. The strongest plots were focused around their relationships with each other or with the humans, and I wish the show hadn't constantly pulled a Bob's Burgers and split them into kids and adults. School plots are entirely overdone and just an easy way to avoid having to write unique character interactions.

>>114879259They can be fun if used correctly, like rick was always a gary stu even from the get go, but he had characters/weakness back then, but now it's just POOF, gone.His whole story arc was that he and his friends ran from the intergalctic gov and were branded terrorists, as they fought them for years.And then he takes down the whole gov, solo, without breaking a sweat, and even during the whole event seemingly forgetting how to improvise. I have 0 understanding why they would kill such a worthy adversary who is also potentially looking for multi world portal tech like that...

>>114878571>Does anyone actually think that massacres of innocent people are funny?Not really. But for what it's worth it really highlights how detached the aliens ultimately are from earth in spite of living there. And that distance between the aliens and the humans, does have a potentially amusing quality that can easily be drawn from. Not that the gore wasn't typically overdone or anything, but I wouldn't say it was purposeless either. And I'd argue it actually works better here than say, Rick and Morty. Because even if this detached quality was very much a thing with Rick, that thing really only applied to Rick and didn't mesh well with the rest of the family. And the rest of the family were still involved in the vast, vast majority of events. Events that work for Rick, but less so for the rest. Now granted that Morty had something of a grounded anchor dynamic with Rick with his "common sense" reactions and panic. And that kind of works, but it works less so with the rest of the cast. Meanwhile in Solar Opposites they're all aliens. Even the most innocent and empathetic of the bunch can still rather innocently fuck things up since ultimately they're alien beings while the rest are human.

>>114879225This. The show limited itself by having Rick too invincible. Now the only jokes you can do are either meta jokes or Rick easily stopping a problem that was built up to be scary.

>>114879244The one with the robot? I thought it was anti-SJW while also mocking man-cave-obsessed manchildren

>>114879997There was an exclusively male massacre in that one

Did she survive?

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>>114880112Bro that was like the equivalent of a 100 story drop

>>114880045and pulling the piss out of feminism too. Are shows only unbiased now if they pull the exact same jokes on both parties? Do tv shows have to avoid all political jokes to be acceptable?

>>114880045The massacre wasn't pictured in a positive light and the robot was neutralized afterwards

>>114869877You mean there's lots of very obvious product placements lol

>>114880152>>114880153I just don't want there to be a massacre of innocent people in general to be on TV. It's not funny. Also come on its a show made by a dude from hollywood of course its gonna be some SJW shit.

>>114873684Smile protection

>>114868625its actually invader zim without dib

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>>114880225>I just don't want there to be a massacre of innocent people in general to be on TV. It's not funny.You are the worst kind of SJW. Can't laugh at people getting killed. How about people getting hurt? Life is hard, and it's healthy to be exposed to that in a way you can laugh at.

>>114880314Dude are you seriously trying to say that the murder of innocent people should be considered funny? Life is hard. That doesn't mean its fucking funny. If you wanna be a fucking coward and turn away from the horror through ironic dissocation then whatever.

>>114880387>Dude are you seriously trying to say that the murder of innocent people should be considered funny?What website do you think you're on?

>>114880314That's not SJW, that's Soccer mom. Most of them are moderate republicans.

>>114880143Many small animals can survive terminal velocity drops.

If Ms Frankie dies I stop watching period.

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>>114880225>>114880387There's nothing wrong with laughing at mass destruction in cartoons and you need to stop being a pussy, but the way it's being overused is definitely a problem. When every episode is gory, none of them are. After a while it just becomes pointless, dull filler and I already felt this just watching the first episode.

>>114876228Christians should start burning heretics, blasphemers and gay niggas at the stake again tbqh

>>114880225So you're fine with people being shrunk and left to starve on the Wall, you're fine with a girl being tortured in the first episode to the point she becomes a vegetable,you're fine with all sorts of characters being tortured/killed in gruesome manners but somehow the robot episode was the tipping point?

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>>114880441I'm not a soccer mom. I'm not flummoxed violence in all cases. But violence against innocent people should not be framed as funny ever. If you wanna make violence funny just make the victims the manson family or something.


>>114880387>Dude are you seriously trying to say that the murder of innocent people should be considered funny?Yes?>turn away from the horror through ironic dissociation then whatever.Having a laugh about something is a healthy way of dealing with it. Should there be no jokes about wars? People dying in the pandemic? Even worse you don't just want this content banned, but want people not to find it funny. Like thought police.>>114880441An SJW by any other name is still an SJW. Someone saying they hate bad-think police, but also promote just that, should be considered the highest form of hypocrite. I have no problem with people having wildly different moral values to me, but they should at least be consistent and not self contradicting.

>>114880506I wasn't really fine with any of that stuff actually. The girl getting tortured especially.

>>114880503Nah, they should continue to "love thy neighbour" and "show the other cheek", and if life gets hard just think "at least I'm not an athiest" lel

>>114874555Because of the new trend of "binge" watching. That's what we used to called "marathoning" a series.When you think about it, the words used to describe it also aptly describes how people approach that now, compared to before.Back in the day, marathoning a series was like a little endurance test. You usually wouldn't consume several episodes of a show in one go so you actually had to make an effort and set time aside to be able to do so, and if you did you were probably serious about getting caught up on previous seasons or rewatching a whole season because you wanted to be a fan. You also had to wait for a series to be done for quite a while before it came out on VRS or DVD.NOWADAYS you "binge". A disgusting word in itself which implies you are just slobbering in the pig-trough of entertainment, consuming huge amounts of entertainment for no other reason than you've got too much time to waste. You're spoiled for choice and end up watching an entire season of something brand new while you turn off your brain. With no need to wait, new shit just keeps dumping into your lap and you don't even have to apply enough critical sense to seek it out because you WANT to see it. It just gets recommended to you, so you might as well.Yes I can hear the screeching already, "hurr durr old thing good, new thing bad". But it isn't about the shows, it's about how people consume them. I think this instant gratification with zero effort cheapens the work that was put into making a series more than a little bit.

>>114875359no, they weren't microscopic, it wouldn't been hard to catch the attention of someone on the sidewalk and get them to call the police or something

>>114880548Oh come the fuck on I never said anything about banning this stuff. If somebody wants to take the effort to make this shit go ahead but I don't think it should be considered anything but grossly aberrational.

>>114880503christians are too busy flinging shit at the other 10+ denominations within their own faith.

>>114880112I was worried he was going to stab her another time to be thorough. This was open-enough to believe that she may have survived to return and possibly liberate the wall.

>>114874555I always figured it's because of the medium. On traditional TV, everything is streamed, it's impossible to pick and choose what you watch. On Netflix, it's the internet, you can watch whatever you want whenever you want. So if the whole season is completed and ready to distribute, what's the point of a weekly release schedule? On cable it makes sense because you need to set a schedule so viewers know when they can watch the new episode

>>114880615People can make it. But no one should be allowed to enjoy it. Very kind of you.

I like gore when it's creative and well-animated like Superjail. I just can't see this janky puppeted animation having the same effect. It's like I expect it to play out a certain way because of the way the characters are rigged and when that happens there's no surprise.

>>114880674You're making a pretty massive leap going from "considered grossly aberrational" to "not allowed to enjoy it". But yeah if you do enjoy seeing innocent people getting massacred then you're fucked in the head.

>>114879244It was actually the opposite though. The whole joke was that there’s no “patriarchy” anymore, and trying to break boundaries is stupid because they’re not there anymore. The whole man cave thing was more of a dig at man caves being stupid than an actual feminist thing.

>>114880767>If you enjoy seeing cartoon people die for a funny joke you are fucked in the head.You are among the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen on this site. Have you really never laughed at a joke where the punchline is someone dying? Have you never laughed at cartoon violence? If you did laugh did you feel "fucked in the head" for laughing?

>>11480842I haven't laughed at a joke where INNOCENT people are the victims. That's the qualifier. I don't have a problem with violence played for laughs if the victims are scum.


>>114880918>I haven't laughed at a joke where INNOCENT people are the victims.You just sound like a cult member or something. I dunno man. Good luck with your life and shit.

>>114868606>tfw I actually teared up when Molly drownedWhen did I become such a weepy faggot

>>114881231Don't try to control it. Justin Roiland is simply the Steven Spielberg of modern times.*Faaaaaaaaarrrt*

>>114881231It was well done. I thought the guy was going to die saving the mouse and then my heart dropped when I saw that the hatch was far too small for the mouse.

>>114880143youtube.com/watch?v=f7KSfjv4Oq0She might've survived the fall

The animation is low quality trash and Roiland really insist on doing gore for the sake of it even though the animation is too limited for that so he's just being edgy, the jokes are the same in Rick and Morty from christianity mocking to Nazi beating Roiland is an one trick pony, the character archtypes are clearly the same shit as the previous show with Korvo being just Rick with a new design, the other characters are shallow and 2 dimensional and underveloped, episode 2 said a lot about their daily lives off panel without showing exposing the show as pretentious trying to look like something it's clearly not, the premise is just Space Goofs/Invader Zim with RIck and Morty typical shallow sci fi gorefest bullshitThis show is fucking trash in everyway, shallow 2 dimensional archetypes copied from other shows, overdone premise, shows are premises that already happened before, the jokes are the samething over and over.

>>114868937Its just everything is bland


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Anybody got a mega?

>>114868606Just finished it. I liked it, and I think it’s honestly better than the last two seasons of Rick and Morty without much effort. It’s not perfect, but it got some good laughs out of me. Episode 7 was on its own level, but 8 was a great cap to the season.Best episode was Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear, worst episode was The Matter Transfer Ray.

>>114868606My brother put it on last night and I thought it was the next Interdimensional Cable episode of Rick and MortyIt was okay, I suppose but it's just R&M only they're AYYs

>>114878571Thank you. Gore is incredibly boring if you're not, dunno, a sixteen years old braindead little boy


>>114882963Gore can be fun if done right with a good joke(American Dad sometimes), nice tone(Animatrix) scene or just good animation(Superjail). This show is just garbage and Roiland is doing it just to be le edgy badass manchild.


>>114878571but Metalocalypse did it every episode

>>114880112The real question is now that he’s out, is the Duke going to come back?

>>114878571If it’s ridiculous enough yes. Metalocalypse literally had a sequence of a murderer trying to eat a baby with utensils and it was hilarious.Solar Opposites even goes out of its way to either heal or bring them back, so I’m not sure what the bitch is.

>>114873684She was adorable.

>>114883222Metalocalypse was self aware they are being overthetop and edgy plus the scenes were good and fit.

>>114883245He has no followers if he comes back so no staging a coup. That just leaves destroying the wall or getting back to normal size.

>>114880568You have never read the Bible.

>>114883383I've read bits of it. And i went to church for like 12 years or whatever where the read it and shit. Regardless, it's a retarded book.

>>114868606I liked it alright.Jessie alone made it better than rick and morty by leaps and bounds.

>>114883604How so? She is a shitty character. Basically Lisa but even more annoying.

>>114881869>pond skaters So THAT'S what they're called. I see 'water striders' is also a suitable term.

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How will this work with r&m will they take longer breaks?. Have hulu greenlighted a second season?.

>>114884382hulu ordered 2 seasonsjustin said they sent animators home with their workstations to work on S2 but he has no idea how it will go once they send them to the leaf studio for coloring/finalizing with corona aroundrick and morty has always been ridiculously slow and it's obvious justin is not the bottleneck, he worked on several games and shit in the meantime

>>114884463the bottleneck is the animation. There was a recent youtube video where they talk about how the animation production has become increasingly more complex due compared to season 1's settings.

>>114884616The animation AND the design work take a major chunk of the production time. With so many new aliens, one-off humans, and new settings to design and build rigs for, it's no wonder the show takes so long to make. Hopefully, the wait between seasons won't be as long moving forward what with the 70 episodes [as] picked up all at once. Now they no longer have to keep rehiring the same artists and staff writers after waiting months for a confirmed renewal each time.

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>>114882153This ain't it, chief.

>>114884711the nuRnM aliens aren't creative though

>>114885393How so? These seem pretty creative to me. I especially like how Rick and Morty tends to avoid making its alien designs seem too conventional or too human.

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>>114868606Who voices the Pupa?

Attached: coddled pupa.jpg (1080x1080, 62.11K)

>>114868606It relied too heavy on pop culture references and it got old pretty fast. I know R&M reference a lot of movies and TV too but it doesn't overwhelm the show to the extent that it did for SO. But even with that I still enjoyed it. I hope they get a better flow going for season 2.

>>114880249It's actually Space Goofs without them actually making an attempt to get off Earth

>>114868606The feminist episode was funny

Attached: F0AA1335-77F5-4A14-9ADF-F61372824493.jpg (453x621, 37.28K)

>>114886810haha green is my favourite color

>>114887830Green is not a creative colour

>>114883335Then why did they become exactly what they were making fun of?

>>114887830>favourite >color WHICH ONE IS IT? ARE YOU AMERICAN OR CANADIAN?!

Attached: Szechuan.png (1280x720, 688.25K)

>>114869043Third rock from the sun was amazing, but I do agree this thing is subpar show with a similar concept.

>>114868606I liked it...

>>114878571It's actually pretty mild compared to Rick and Morty, like for example that episode with the party if it were Rick and Morty the kids would've bled to death, instead the aliens fully healed them which is surprising for this kind of show.

>>114888527calm down, mate

>>114883222Those were actually funny, it was not the blood bath and massacre, it's was how ridiculous it was , people were ok with dying a gruesome death to get to see dethklok. Or scenes like this were they wipe out a porcion of jungle to secure a landing zone and they completely miss the dropping zone. youtu.be/jr50So-zu1M

>>114879244>SJWBS guy can't even grasp a simple episodeNot surprising.

>>114868606It just needs to be more focused on the alien stuff and less on science and alien tech or it's going to just keep being compared to rick and morty. It's a fun show, definitely needs to figure itsself out a little more, but I'm not mad at it. I enjoyed it. The pupa might as well not be there though imo. I think they shouldn't have immediately gone with another space show though.

>>114868937Agreed. Can't get into it.

I'm kinda confused, what is the relationship between the two adult aliens? Is the green guy the blue guy's son, brother, or gay lover?

>>114891113Work colleagues that sleep in the same bed. And the robot wife sees the blue one as the husband, and the green one as a man child.

>>114868606It did give us this tho

Attached: EXiJcXwWsAALaaM.jpg (1920x1080, 197.69K)

>>114891380Has anybody here ever actually eaten ass before? Is it as good as porn and comedy cartoons make it out to be? I imagine so.

Attached: last day of summer break.png (1920x1080, 1.46M)

>>114891638it's pretty good, just hard to do spontaneously

>>114891855>hard to do spontaneously What do you mean by that?

>>114891287I thought they were just gay. terry used to have a male life partner according to the time travel episode and in the robot wife episode the kids say that they got to choose their own gender which i assume is true for the adults too.

>>114891380>>114891638god i wish that were me

Attached: ddwwr7l-401b6bdd-d204-42f3-8c6b-a15c75a53711.gif (266x464, 616.29K)

>>114891921think you fucking dumb shit, why might eating someones ass, on the spur of the moment be fucking hard to do spontaneously? You fucking really are children on this website

>>114892060girls don't poop you fucking incel

>>114869929Damn I literally watched season 1 of that show recently and didn't put 2 and 2 together. At least I was able to tell Jesse's brother voices the square-headed dude from Clarence

where is the porn of the teacher/robot.

Two episodes in I was kind of over people being slaughtered in mass.

>>114878035I'm still trying to figure out if they're gay. The show never explained that, at least not in the first two episodes. They have kids, not replicants.

>>114891638I’m not one to jerk it to cartoons, but those scenes were pretty hot.

>>114876228>Thank God Christians always "how the other cheek" lelmaybe they shouldn't.

>>114893018Give it a few more days and it should hopefully start ramping up

Attached: simon.png (900x1200, 203.62K)

>>114868606Yeah it was great. Not prime R&M great but very enjoyable.

>>114868606I liked Solar Opposites. It was fun. Hopefully, Season 2 will be out within the next year.

Attached: The Quantum Ring.jpg (1920x1080, 232.42K)

>>114893925 With that 'rona still floating around, I wouldn't count on it

Attached: Doubt.jpg (600x909, 31.17K)

>>114869677nigga, what are you talking about? the blue alien is rick down to having the very same voicethey literally sold amazon a copypaste of their show but with annoying kids for some reason

>>114883837he wants to fuck her that's why

corvo is the only funny characterit think roiland just wanted to do more crazy science jokes

I just watched the final episode, why was the tiny oeople arc such shit? It feels like it wanted a dumb twist just for the sake of it.

Attached: 1568207561564.jpg (480x464, 15.19K)

I really kind of hate the whole get a million different subscriptions to be able to watcha all your shows because no streaming service can get even a fraction of the interesting shows. That said. What are Hulu's potential for animation in particular? Netflix has been rather good for animation I'd say. Investing far more into then I ever thought they would. That said, Netflix appears to have something of a tendency to not invest beyond a couple of seasons or so, which can be kind of disappointing. If Solar Opposites is successful, do you think Huku will support it for say, as long as Cable TV supported Rick and Morty?

>>114868606>why the fuck is everybody complaining about a show that's a copy of a show they hateGee, I wonder.

>>114893516If this is by the artist that I think it is, then he has improved a lot over the years which is cool.

>>114896428/co/ used to love Rick and Morty you know. Before it grew popular elsewhere.

>>114895549No doubt cause they want to keep the story going, so they forced it. It would have been funnier if there was no betrayal, and then the girl/alien just flushes the people instead.

>>114878571Shock value is the new standard. Because the %previoussuccessfulshow% did this, the new one must outdo it. It's a vicious cycleI'm generally fine with it but as everything that's been done before it gets boring

>>114891638They should put Schrab to voice more characters

>>114896452I have no doubt if everywhere else hated R&M Holla Forums would absolutely love it.

>>114891638Overrated just like sex is

>>114896870I feel bad for people who never had good sex :(

>>114868606It alright. It not subtle or nuanced; it tasteless and lukewarm, but it alright. It reminds me of Rick and Morty, which I like better, but same show more or less.

>>114880600I have never heard anything as stupid as this. Imagine gatekeeping watching a show? Oh my, i just bought this new 24 episode tv series , but WAIT, I have to watch it 1 episode a week to get the "full" experience like this one autist on 4chan was beaming about. Fucking retard. Unless you're from the 70s you're talking out your ass and even then I can only imagine someone from that time enjoying the "new way" of watching tv. OMG we get too many shows nowadays without any out ADs! OMG why can't I wait every other week for a new episode?! Why is there so many shows coming out? STOP BINGE WATCHING IT'S KILLING THE EXPIERENCE!

It's a B+ average with some A- stuff sprinkled in. The Rick and Morty comparison is definitely fair, it has a similar feeling to season 1, with a loose "let's have dumb fun with sci-fi concepts" attitude but without the restriction of having an audience surrogate like early Morty. Not bad, not mindblowing.


Attached: Shocked Peter.png (626x531, 279.09K)

It was just... ok. Too many plots felt by the numbers with the writers just randomly putting in stuff like lava ice at the end to pretend its wacky. It had some moments where it did stuff interesting such as the mancave episode (but that's largely because of them trying really really hard not to piss either side off) and the parody of end of season cliffhangers.The characters are just uptight guy, dumb guy, little boy and little girl. No personality outside of a description of their archetype.This is probably why the human characters seem like a high point, because they have personalities.It wants to be edgey but it also doesn't want to be Rick and Morty so it watered things down and played it safe. It was a reasonable way of passing time and largely inoffensive but that's not what they were going for. For Season 2 I'd like to see more character based humour, keep the random messed up stuff but keep it local scale, minor weird things or a small number of characters tormented can have a bigger effect that "X gets out of control and destroys the neighbourhood"

>>114868606Just getting to episode 3. Really not seeing what any of the complaints are. Show is funny.

>>114868606It was totally forgettable. As in I watched the whole season over two days and I literally can't remember a fucking thing.

>>114868606>Corvo constantly talking about his ceremonial robe like he's a chasdic Jew>That Jewish Joke about Corvo loving circumcision in Ep 3>Sane EP has a cop with a Star of David for his badge instead of a solid star or shield>Corvos constant talk about brainwashing people and spying on them in EP 2.Are we sure Roiland isn't Holla Forumsposting? He's literally alien pic related unironically.

Attached: 1405721686543.jpg (1248x706, 99.82K)

>>114874555The cable companies would sit on entire complete seasons drip feeding them to you to show that they have ongoing content and to keep you coming back every week for that sweet ad revenue. Nowadays we don't have to be the cable's brain dead consumer but your lot seems to want to go back to this. Episodic formulas work whether you get the entire season in one go or drip fed it over 3 months. Just watch at your own pace. I can hold your hand a bit more if you don't know how to enjoy modern tv.

>>114883100You lied. shame on you

Literally the only good thing about this show is the wall. Which blows chunks I have to get past all the alien bullshit that doesn't really land.

I've been confused if the kids are real or robots. In the intro they say adults and their replicants so are both kids fake and both adults real?

>>114899914They're clones.


Attached: 1587519663820.png (1920x1080, 1.34M)

>>114899980I.e. clones

>>114896434While I do really like his art, it still bothers me that he often resorts to drawing the same singular body type. I can't remember ever seeing a "thicker" physique.

Attached: Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and go watch It's Pony. I don't know how long it's gonna take y'all to give this adorable show a chance.jpg (900x1200, 103.05K)

>>114868606Gonna watch this with gf today. All I want is R&M sesson 1 tier writing and I'll be satisfied.

>>114899252I didn't lie at all. The link is in there.

Attached: 1538110752902.png (836x548, 226.7K)

>>114900044your sex doll told me you have shit taste

>>114896395>If Solar Opposites is successful, do you think Huku will support it for say, as long as Cable TV supported Rick and Morty? Fuck no. Rick and Morty is a special case that managed to become the next Simpsons overnight. I can't see Solar Opposites ever rising to THAT much popularity. Three to four seasons is all I'm realistically expecting. As far as Hulu's animation slate goes, I can't say I've heard of them having many original series. They've got tons of CN and [as] shows, but I fear that they'll become HBO Max exclusives soon. And if you're not into FOX's Animation Domination shows, then Hulu just won't have much to provide for animation fans.

Attached: 70 more episodes, Morty.jpg (1797x2046, 781.45K)

>>114900421This is Hulu's first original that I actually heard of, maybe I'm just not their target audience but their other stuff looks painfully uninteresting so it seems odd to drop their only somewhat successful show.

>>114868606looks like the kind of SJW meme show that's taylor-made for reddit

>>114900468I've heard of some notable Hulu originals here and there like The Handmaid's Tale and that Devs miniseries. There are also FXX shows that are essentially Hulu exclusives, too. Dave was good. Seems like Hulu is still struggling to catch up to Netflix, though.

Attached: Elsie-Hewitt.jpg (1080x1326, 147.59K)


Attached: Girls Laughing.jpg (600x536, 80.54K)

>>114886225Lol, I dunno

How much you wanna bet Disney/FOX is gonna sell every one of Terry's novelty shirts?

Attached: 17'5 4 7R4P.png (1920x1090, 1.74M)

>>114868606I still can't get over how shitty that series logo is. Ironic ugliness is still UGLY.

Attached: Created by Justin Roiland AND Mike McMahan.png (1920x1080, 175.77K)

>>114901401gambling is illegal

>>114900421>I can't see Solar Opposites ever rising to THAT much popularity.American Dad was always playing second fiddle to Family Guy, and that show still still has 17 seasons.

>>114901818>Ironic ugliness is still UGLY.So you're saying Roiland is ugly on purpose?

>>114868606>animated show produced by FoxYou expect anything better than mediocre?


>>114873492Cry more christcuck


Attached: Betrayal.png (1560x773, 1.07M)


Attached: Solar.Opposites.S01E07.720p.HULU.WEBRip.x264-GalaxyTV.mkv_snapshot_19.38_[2020.05.11_20.04.09].jpg (1280x720, 358.45K)

>>114903296Do we still not have any Cherie lewds?

Attached: pervy pupa.jpg (1920x1080, 193.84K)

>>114903179Hey, The Simpsons isn't mediocre

Attached: Homer cigar.png (336x419, 158.69K)

>>114901401>they referred to dick wolvesremember that?


Attached: Scoob cringes.jpg (540x405, 44.87K)

>>114900043This post actually made me check out It's Pony. Looks cool.

>>114903848It's a wholesome show with some legitimately funny jokes. I wish more people these days were still open to enjoying episodic comedies that are more on the mundane side. It's Pony's writing is solid.

Attached: Bramley family hug.png (1920x1090, 1.39M)

>>114882153>even though the animation is too limited for thatThat isn't really why the gore is bad.

>>114900339Thanks faggot.

>>114904584No. Thank YOU.

Attached: 1444946753265.jpg (441x411, 15.07K)

>>114873213>The bottles on the bottomHow the hell did they flood so much of the wall with those? It looks like there's barely enough to fill the bottom level halfway.

>>114886618>space goofsbased

Attached: monkey.jpg (720x548, 38.18K)

>>114901401Aren't a few of them real shirts? Ryan Ridley used to be a shirt designer on the side.

>>114868625They're near identical shows.

>>114899914They're all real, the replicants are just genetic clones of Terry and Korvo because Shlorpians don't have sex organs

>>114873492It means that modern Christians are based and won't bomb animation studios for mocking the Bible because their first gut instinct isn't to resort to violence over words.

Attached: 1531437040057.gif (260x195, 1.13M)

>>114891638I've done it because a girl wanted to, I'm not into putting my mouth over where shit comes out of but she showered pretty well and her butthole just tasted like skin

>>114892010Terri/Vanbi had a female voice actor but all the aliens are genderless.

>>114905511>Ryan Ridley used to be a shirt designer on the side Really? What did most of the writers even do before working on Rick and Morty?

>>114905630>her butthole just tasted like skin Sounds like a dream, man.

Attached: T.Hanks.jpg (400x400, 33.14K)

>>114905741She did fart while I was down there but after a minute of waiting the smell was gone

>>114905713A lot of them used to do Channel 101 shorts and ended up working with Harmon on The Sarah Silverman Program and Community.

>>114868606When R&M got popular? Holla Forums hated it so didja really think they'd like the American Dad to it's Family Guy?


Attached: Norton.jpg (944x609, 71.61K)

>>114906087Here is your (you).

Attached: 1543902565118.jpg (525x606, 82.4K)

>>114891638Eating it is meh, having it eaten seems pretty good.

>>114903226Whether or not it's your culture or not isn't an argument, that's an argument about as strong as a banana string.

>>114906221I haven't tried getting my own ass eaten, but I still feel like it wouldn't be as great as doing the actual ass-eating. Facesitting is one of the greatest joys in life. Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of a sexy woman's fat, warm ass cheeks enveloping your face as your tongue caresses her wet pussy and squirming asshole.

Attached: Modawkwins.jpg (900x1053, 159.69K)

>>114906300Stop posting this pic in every thread, coomer

>>114906487Why do you hate ass, user?

>>114891855Spontaneously is the best time to do it

I wish they'd kept the idea of having everything be drawn realistic except for the aliens

Attached: ac9.png (1024x790, 591.56K)


>>114908047It wouldn’t have been as funny

>>114908372If you're into ass like thst you're not exactly concerned with hygiene in the first place


>>114880503I kind of agree, the real reason the church is dying is because it's weak, it doesn't appeal to anyone because they tolerate so much evil shit that they should be physically stopping

>>114868606The entire show is pretty much just scrapped B plots from Rick and Morty. The Wall was kino though

>>114908664Not true. You can be both into ass and good hygiene. Just like you can be both into pussy and good hygiene. A hole is a hole.

Attached: CourierDelivers.png (1167x1399, 306.37K)

>>114868606I expected them to kill humans a lot more then they do

>>114868606I liked it. The fact I liked it will make 9000 posts now calling me a slur of some sort because I dared to like something and think it was cute/funny/wholesome on Holla Forums

>>114908763You say this, yet Holla Forums still shat on The Midnight Gospel despite it being nothing like Adventure Time. Familiarity is bad, creativity is bad, just pick one already!

Attached: shrooms.jpg (1920x1080, 754.59K)

>>114909057What? Don’t be retarded.Familiarity is bad.Creativity can be either bad or good (you have the judge the work based on its own merits).The midnight gospel was shit not because it wasn’t like adventure, but because it was shit.

The Wall was just The Citadel again


Between this and the new Rick and Morty, I've heard a lot of podcast jokes today

>>114909188What was so "shit" about it? You don't have to agree with every interviewee to enjoy the artistic mastery at display.

Attached: Titmouse can do no wrong.jpg (1414x2048, 707.88K)

>>114909340What podcast joke did we get in Solar Opposites again? I binged the whole thing on Friday, so there are some scenes I might've forgotten.

Attached: I hope we get more Summer episodes. She's a fun character.jpg (1024x576, 126.93K)


Attached: pepsi.png (659x478, 378.46K)

>>114909986I wasn't really feeling this lil nigga until he started speaking.

>>114909609It was joke about someone making a True Crime podcast>Listening to one, fine. Making one, yuck!!

>>114908959Except the vagina opening isn't what gets eaten out, the labia and clit is. A girl's butthole is complete different

>>114878571>media lately has gotten insanely misanthropicThe US is turning into a over-the-top 80s movie dystopia. But without the happy ending.

>>114910622True, but blood, piss, and other types of vaginal discharge still flow around that entire general area. Like the mouth and the asshole, it's all a matter of taste, texture, and--of course--cleanliness.

Attached: Red Goobler.png (1920x1080, 1.6M)

>>114909574Not him, but I was wholly unimpressed with The Midnight Gospel. Even if I found the conversations/dialogue interesting, I was frustrated by the disconnect with the visuals. And if I found the visuals interesting I was frustrated with the disconnect with the dialogue. Even in the cases where I found both the dialogue and the visuals interesting, I was upset by how little they had to do with one another. To be frank I actually find shows like it kind of insulting. Like it had almost no purpose being an animated show. At the very least judging by the episodes I saw. If the animation comes across as it's trying to be the backdrop for a conversation that doesn't even have much of anything to do with it, that's just disrespecting animation as a medium.

>>114911642Not to mention when both the dialogue and animation is uninteresting.

>>114877680>next season is about the wall trying to revolt (and failing, but making slow progress) against the aliens, while the aliens ignore them doing their b story>seasons ends whit police getting involvedi would watch it

>>114905268the water doesn't come from the bottles, the bottles just store the water

>>114889864that was greatgone check that show later

>>114880506people only like bad things to happen to people who deserve itif a character hasn't been established as a deserving asshole then bad things should happen to themdeath to innocent can be a good way to convey stakes and establish how bad a villain isbut senseless killing of the innocent leaves most people with a bad taste

i wanted a dog world show

>>114911892Would you be open to a quarter-hour, board-driven series?

Attached: Roiland TV.jpg (1280x720, 129.25K)

>>114911862It's a cartoon and a comedy, just drawings

>>114912336>it's just drawingsMost people don't think like that.

Has anyone made/uploaded a compilation of all the Wall clips? It's fucking brilliant.

Attached: solar-opposites-episode-7.jpg (1200x680, 121.76K)

>>114913263I haven't uploaded a compilation. Sorry, user.

>>114913263I think something like that would get taken down if you mean you want a video on Youtube.

>>114913448Especially with The Mouse's eyes on patrol. Remember that shit they pulled with #MayThe4th?

Attached: 20th Century Fox TV.png (1920x1080, 789.43K)

pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

Attached: Important Science.png (1920x1080, 2.35M)

>>114900468They had a superhero cartoon created by Seth Myers. Seth Myers has literally never once made me laugh and I watched SNL throughout his whole era so I don't really want to see his show.

First 2 episodes were pretty bad, then it started to get good, man cave episode was a relapse into shit, then it got good again with the Wall Episode and somewhat with the finale.And no, Sherry is not fucking dead, are you stupid? The stab was obviously not fatal, and small things are imune to falls, you can drop an ant from 100metres and it will be fine.

>>114868606That’s the problem, it’s so mediocre that it veers into forgettable.

>>114874555 Convenience. You’re about threads dying quickly but I’ll be damned if I have to go back to the old days of having to tune into a show once a week at a specific time of day and if I can’t then I can get fucked.

>>114914009>small things immune to fallsWhat?

>>114914233see: >>114881869 I'd take it with a grain of salt, though. This is the internet, after all. I'm not sure how reliable of a source Kurtzgesagt is.

>>114873684The nazi hitting her in the face with a beer made me laugh uncontrollably

>>114868606>Why the fuck is everybody complainingnobody was complainingyou started it just nowattentionho

Attached: you.gif (480x238, 415.41K)

IM enjoying this show so much more than rick and Marty because the family is not as hostile to one another. Must be the lack of a mother character.