Is it time for a weekend /shelf/ thread? How's your LCS doing?Don't know where to buy...

Is it time for a weekend /shelf/ thread? How's your LCS doing?Don't know where to buy? Try (known to manhandle books with bad packaging) (worldwide shipping, often has sales) (worldwide shipping) (Amazon alternative, it doesn't have the usual fees, it ships worldwide and accepts PayPal)[your local comic shop here]Are you Euro or UK and don't know where you should buy? Try (EU) (UK, hefty fees if delivery address outside of UK) (free worldwide shipping but known to manhandle books) (worldwide shipping) (AUS/NZ)Price Comparison website(s) list of things out next Omnibus/

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Just a heads up that Dark Horse have reprinted this bad boy. It was going for a king's ransom on eBay so make sure to get it before it goes OoP again!

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Picked up some loose issues and a manga volume since my LCS is doing a super limited reopening (almost nobody in the store, mandatory masks, hand sanitizer). It was kinda weird, but I'm glad they didn't go under.>>114861899Aw shit I need this.

>>114861754FLCS is closed for now, but they have three stores across town so worst case is they close one and I have to drive a little further. I've been intentionally not reading anything online so that when they reopen I can buy my pull and support them. Next week they start curbside drop-off so I hope that works out and they do ok, I like my store and the employees there.

I miss going to my LCS but I expect I'll be able to visit it again sometime this summer.

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My omni war chest grows, but there are no omnis to buy. I’m going to grab the third Dreadstar book off Amazon (IST doesn’t carry it). I’m waiting for the Wolverine omni to show at IST and I read yesterday that the next Savage Sword Omni is now scheduled for early July release.

It hasn't been delayed, has it?

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New books. Really glad that I can get back to work soon, since being home all day just caused me to buy twice as much.I've seen the trades for Scout at my LCS a hundred times and just dismissed it as one of the dozens of crappy Dynamite books the owner overbought because it was on a deep discount, but now I've learned my mistake and am ready to educate myself.Lodger is something I planned to get the trade of since before the first issue was out and I've finally gotten around to it. Going to read it first thing in the morning, and if it impresses me probably order Stray Bullets as soon as I'm done.I got the first five or so issues of Superior Foes as they were coming out, but personal issues stopped me from buying comics around that time. One of my biggest buying regrets has been not getting the omni while it was in print, but I at least managed to find it for cover plus shipping.Cigarette Girl is wonderful. I can't describe the stories in a way that does them justice. It's subtle and resonating storytelling even with how understated it is. I already feel a desire to reread it and think that it'll be something that I come back to often.>>114863816Did you back the Kickstarter for the new Dreadstar book?

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>>114865451No, they’re actually available on Amazon for way less than the KS (like 120$ less) just without cardboard the slipcover. I think V1 is currently out if stock, though.

>>114865890Not the omnis, there's a new 100 page OGN called Dreadstar Returns with 24 hours left.

So some new Epic trades leaked online:West Coast Avengers: Vision Quest : Getting a fourth volume a couple of months after the third volume coming out this fall. #38-52 and the 1988 and 1989 Annuals and the Vision story Byrne did for Avengers Spotlight; which is super shitty, since it means the arc which wraps up the plotline involving Pym's first wife/Nadia's mom being MODAM won't be included and that we most likely WON'T get the issue of Avengers Spotlight that resolves Byrne's dangling Tigra plotline.Hulk: Going Gray: The Byrne and Milgrom runs finally collected in one volume to bridge the gap between the Mantlo and PAD collections. Hulk #314-330 and the 1985 and 1986 Annuals and Byrne's Hulk/Scourge story from Marvel FanfareHulk Who Will Judge the Hulk: another Hulk volume coming out shortly after Going Grey. This one will be volume five and collect #138-156Venom Epic Collection v1 Symbiosis: all of the Venom appearances up until ASM #346-347 and Darkhawk #14-15 and Deathtrap Vault and symbiote subplot pages from the mid-80s. So pretty much a reissue of Birth of Venom plus the Larsen Venom stories along with the back-up stories from the 1990/1992 Spider-Man annuals and the Venom flashback story from ASM #388Captain America Monsters and Men: #268-286; includes the never before reprinted first proper appearance of Baron Zemo II, Vermin, and Arnold, Cap's gay best friend who's entire personality was used as the basis for Bucky's in the MCU. Also the crossover with the Defenders where Knighthawk dies.X-Factor: Angel of Death: rather than volume 2, we are getting volume 3 which will reprint #21-36 and Annual #3, covering the fall of the mutants and it's aftermath and the lead-up to Inferno. Sadly, no X-Terminators

>>114866383Avengers Heavy Metal: #286-303 and the 1988 Annual; it's the Fall of the Avengers/Walt Simonson run plus the filler arcs (Heavy Meta War and Super Nova arcs) and the issue that introduces Portal, a one-off character who became a reoccurring villain for Darkhawk.X-Force: Zero Tolerance: A super oddball one, like the X-Factor one, it's not the one originally leaked but still interesting in how it's about 90% never before reprinted material. X-Force #67-84 and #-1, which collects the Operation Zero Tolerance tie-in issues and the first year of the John Francis Moore run that was the team doing the hard traveling heroes thing while Moore resolves a TON of unresolved plotlines (what the fuck was going on with Sunspot being Reignfire and who exactly killed Warpath's tribe), has Karma come out as gay, and puts Cannonball back on the team.No new X-Men epic trades sadly outside of Proteus nor are we getting another New Mutants, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, or Excalibur Epic.

>>114861754Of course people who like to buy the same things multiple times with different covers are going to use Big Bang Theory as a reference.

>>114861754Went to my LCS the other day, they seem to be doing fine. Though the owner came from money and seemingly business savvy as he has a second brunch/tabletop place next door.

>>114861754Every LCS in my state has closed. I have no idea which will reopen. Right now it seems like the ones that focused least on comics will survive as long as the MtG and pokemon card games return.Honestly it feels like the big 2 tricked them into this situation somehow.

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>>114865991Oh, no, I had no idea.

>>114861754Reminder that if your store has any new DC stock from between mid March to day they are traitors and deservse to close.#standwithdiamond#bankruptmidtownandIST

>>114861754>How's your LCS doing?>Here's Amazon and a dozen alternatives to supporting your LCS!I suspect yours isn't doing very well. Thanks for asking?

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Not my image, but reminder that this DC stuff actually was printed and can probably be found on amazon or IST (but I think a lot of IST is out of stock already)

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Why go physical in the age of the Internet and 5g and supercomputers and 60-inch 4k led display screens?

>>114867031fuck diamond. just get fucking distributors who aren't also a comic book store.

>>114867465Diamond started as a comic store, and still has one

I stand with IST. Fuck the LCS.

Were the Exalibur and New Mutants omnibuses ever announced or solicited?

>>114868118Exalibur got solicited but the issue count was kind of off plus it was way way way bigger than most Marvel omnibuses (basically as solicited, the volume was about 4-5 48 page Exalibur specials including the team's debut, along with the firs 49 issues, which itself has to be a big mistake because #49 is part eight of a nine part storyline). No clue about the New Mutants omnibus; it may be off the table given that they did a second printing of the first Epic trade; so they may be taking that off the table to focus on the Epics instead since the Demon Bear epic sold huge/was one of Marvel's top selling trades last year.

>>114868118>>114868216New Mutants got announced for November iirc, though the whole Chinky Flu thing might've delayed it.

My friends, apparently is happening for real this time.

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>>114868686Has it been solicited yet?

>>114868706No, thinking will be in the July´s. And yeah I understand the track record DC has, but hey! Absolute Daytripper also was almost canceled and now is aviable. So I can have a bit of hope.

My LCS are doing fine surprisingly and they're all offering curbside pickup and whatnot, picked up some bags and boards and some Hawkman issues from one of them so I can catch back up on the current series. I'm also hoping for some sales when they are allowed to officially reopen>>114867115Oh shit the Englehart Batman actually came out

Lean pickings this week, but sometimes less is more. Or something.

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>>114865451Scout and Lodger are great

>>114863676>all that StarmanNice desu. However! Is DC ever putting out that "cosmic omnibus"? What the hell are they doing with this series? Everything is out of print

>>114868118New Mutants omnibus is supposed to be #1-34 (right before Asgardian War saga), Annual #1, the Graphic Novel, and the requisite guest spots (Marvel Team-Up #100 and Annual #6, Magik #1-4) plus a bunch of new stuff exclusive to the omnibus (the Spidey/Cannonball team-up from Marvel Team Up #149) and a slew of UXM material skipped in the Epic and Classic trades: #160 (Ilyanna gets taken into Limbo), #167 (New Mutants vs X-Men), #180 (first Doug Ramsey/sets up New Mutants #16-17), #189 (Magma/Rachel team-up), and #192 (first Magus). Sadly it's missing some of the X-Men tie-ins of notice/importance: UXM #187-188 has Colossus find out that Illyanna has powers, #190-191 directly continue from #189's cliffhanger and heavily feature Warlock and Magma as main characters, and #193 features Warpath and sets up Empath siccing the Gladiators onto the New Mutants in #29-31.

>>114869937Cancelled because people made a stink over how big it was and only want reprints of the 6 HC version.And now Robinson has buried the character by writing for the Stargirl TV series and not using his OC.

>>114870087>Cancelled because people made a stink over how big it was and only want reprints of the 6 HC version.So why not reprint those? This is so stupid I hate DC more every day

>>114870134Because they each sold less than 3500 copies last time they were printed, and that's not worth it for DC.Instead of six, they planned for two, and people bitched.

>>114870427Three would've worked. A 1500 page book is stupid.

>>114870497Problem is the same one with Sandman Mystery Theater: everyone owns the first couple of volumes while the later ones (in particular V6) is more in demand because they were only released as hardcovers. And in the case of V5 and V6, reprint a bunch of issues that the original trades (released in the 90s) skipped, as Robinson had the asinine idea of having DC omit certain flashback stories from the main TPB so they could be collected in their own collection, only to have DC fuck him over and not reprint the planned final "Times Past" volume that would contain said missing flashback stories from the last couple of years of the book's run.

>>114870666Thanks Satan, you always cheer me up.

>>114866383>>114866433no Epics I'd care about, gay

>>114870427>sold less than 3500 copiesThen why can't I buy them anywhere for cheap? Seems to me the demand is greater than the supply over here

Anybody know if the Conan omnibuses have been delayed at all with all this coronashit?

>>114861754Haven't posted my shelf in a while. Too busy/stressed with college work/lockdown to buy shit. Planning to get Scrooge volume 2 and the upcoming Kirby FF when I get the chance.The envelope on the top shelf has a used '70s Kirby portfolio.

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>>114873232Is Flash Gordon good?

>>114861754Finally got most everything on shelves after years of storage. A few books missing and I need to flesh out some series but overall it is nice to have most everything visible again.No real order yet to speak of

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>>114875366>Rick Veitch Swamp ThingYou. I like you.

>>114873232Love your shelf and feel you in the life pains.I am just getting back into Daredevil! I’m going through Soule’s at the moment but realize I have skipped some of Brubaker bear the end and waids, how are those runs?

>>114861754My LCS thankfully has online ordering and they offer free shipping on orders above $50. I've been ordering from them once or twice a month. I should be expecting some new books from them in the coming weeks.


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>>114875393Such an underrated continuation after Moore left!I feel like Swamp Thing and Daredevil are among those that have the beat runs overall. It’s like they are popular enough to be in some other media, get noticeable writers, but are never so popular that their books get put through awful years of multiple running books and such


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>>114875525And I think that’s it, need to find a pic of what was most new

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>>114875457Swamp Thing and Daredevil are titles that just aren't high profile enough to get milked. The Miller/Moore stuff happened because the titles were getting cancelled and editorial didn't care what happened to them so the creators were able to go all out, and the work they did brought in others like them.

Why is Amazon being cunty with prices lately? Whedon X-Men omni and HoX/PoX are full price for the past 2 months.>>114866777gaming is in a much worse situation than comics. They won't be allowing table top gaming in store until a vaccine is made.

>>114863676Wow nice star man haul, I quit trying to collect it after awhile and with a move due to how weird it is to find everything

Reminder that the comics industry should have died years ago, and that buying comics in ANY form (floppies, trades, digital) equals supporting a cancerous cesspool of virtue signaling and SJW leftist propaganda.Don't buy comics. Don't show off your collections. Let the medium die as it deserves (which should fortunately be long before the end of this glorious year).

>>114870427>sold less than 3500 copiesjust like most Marvel books but they keep printing everything. DC can do it, they just don't want to

>>114875866>Marvel prints collections for Man-Wolf and Tigra that literally nobody asked for but somebody most definitely wanted>DC will only print BatmanIt's all so tiresome

>>114875850But why would you even browse here if you believe that?

>>114868686Uhhgg I regret letting go of that omnibus

>>114873477>is Flash Gordon good?I'd say so. Nice update of pulpy adventure stuff. Not a GOAT but it was worth buying

>>114875411I haven't read any DD I don't own. I'm waiting on a new Brubaker print since the old one's pricey. Have heard good things if that helps and I've enjoyed a lot the DD I have

>>114875971Because somebody has to spread the anti-comics gospel.

>>114876123>>114875411Oh but I'm a big fan of Waid's run. I think some of part 2 isn't as good but overall it's a great combination of new stuff, Miller-ish DD (in a kind of subtle way) and Silver Age charm. I'm not sure how I'd rank my DD but I'd call it one of the best runs

>>114864172I hope not, I'm looking forward to having a nice copy of Hellsing again. My first 6 ort so volumes got passed around (often without my knowledge) pretty hard and are beat to hell.

>>114875775>Why is Amazon being cunty with prices lately?I was wondering that myself. A month ago I was looking to get a few things, and literally the price of everything on my wishlist was jacked up. Not just amazon, but sellers that don't ship through them too.

Recent quarantine haul, got a lot of reading ahead of me

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>>114876526I can't complain about this

>>114876526and the shelf

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>>114876608Get the rest of Suicide Squad my man

>>114876608I don't like my set-up, but i'm not sure how to arrange it, any suggestions /shelf/ ?

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>>114876636i plan to, i asked my LCS owner to buy them so i could help him with his business. When this shit dies down i'll have it i guess

>>114876637Put omnis at the bottom maybe?

>>114876636no, he should get the rest of The Question

>>114876727But there's so much of it uncollected!

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>>114861899Sweet, thanks for the heads-up, user! Can't wait to see what everyone's safely purchasing this week. I just ordered New Guardians 2 (yes, the Snowflame one) on eBay so hoping that gets here soon-ish, though it's coming from across the pond.Waddup, /shelf/ bros, I'm expecting a bunch of new books to arrive this week, plus I packed up a bunch of my collectibles since I'm starting to use my home office as a Quarantine Gym finally (didn't want to have action figures raining on me while I do push-ups), so I'll post new /shelf/-ies in a few days if the thread's still up.

>>114876791this looks really interesting. And ya, just one more reason to hate DC's shitty collecting policies.>>114876893>not wanting Bane scowling at you while you do your shitty pushupsplebian

>>114866383I'd prepare yourself for a bunch of these to get pushed back, user. FF 5 is already going from May to November. Womp womp.

>>114871072The demand is greater now, but not 7-8 yeats ago when they were first printed.DC gambled with doing the softcover releases right after the last HC came out, and ended up with pallets of unsold vol 1 and vol 2's, leading to future volumes being cancelled.If you ever see a softcover at your LCS or used bookstore, check the bottom for an overstock marking. Those trades were all liquidated for cheap around 2015.

>>114867115Nice haul, whoever it belongs to, I got a few of these. Is Bronze Age WF worth checking out? I've read the Haney Super Sons stuff but that's it.

my last two books that came in

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>>114876218The SanFran stuff is full of haters (and the ending kind of sucks) but honestly it is so full of great bronze age Marvel Easter Eggs and continuity callbacks I'd read it again in a heartbeat before the Bendis/Brubaker era.

>>114876920>this looks really interestingYes, it is very interesting. The Question Annual 2 and Green Arrow Annual 2 also tell a combined story, and Green Arrow Annual 3 continues the story of the Question after the series ends. The two had a six-issue crossover with John Butcher in the 1991 Brave and the Bold. Then we got the Questions Quarterly for 5 issues and The Question Returns. NONE of this is collected anywhere.

>>114876920lol I kept OMAC out. Trying to go from a Buddy Blank to a ONE MAN ARMY CORPS


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>>114877047I'm working on a custom bind of the uncollected stuff. Still missing Azrael Plus and 2-5 of the Quarterly. I should really get on that.

>>114877106>Azrael PlusI forgot that, they're on a river boat in it?

>>114876727i don't think i need to, it would be nice to have the first two TPB's but i have them in floppies

>>114877153Then focus on Suicide Squad! Don't forget the Deadshot mini. And then get Gail Simone's Secret Six because that's the spiritual successor.

>>114877143That's the one. Not Denny's finest hour but y'know, it's O'Neil Question so worth reading.

>>114861754My LCS knew the person who wrote that new Star Wars children’s book and apparently got a bunch of signed copies, they’re looking good. I bought a 150$ gift card I haven’t started using yet about a month back but I started picking up stuff on my kindle and Jesus Christ it’s so much cheaper, if marvel and dc really do push those platforms more it really would be the death keel of the brick and mortar LCS.

I have almost no Marvel books at all but I want me some origin stories or solo collected editions or stories that stand on their own. Apart from Marvel Season One, what are some must read origin stories for Marvel characters?So far, I only have Doctor Strange: The Oath on my list and the Blue/Yellow/Gray books

>>114877047>The Question Annual 2 and Green Arrow Annual 2 also tell a combined story, and Green Arrow Annual 3 continues the story of the Question after the series endsThis is also precisely why those annuals were not collected with the Grell GA trades. It was more of a Question story.No excuses (other than they are pretty terrible) for why the two GA annuals written by Grell were excluded though.

>>114877558also missing is the Shado mini

>>114877568This would be big enough to have its own trade, why doesn't it?

>>114877550Blue isn’t an origin it’s a retelling of Peters relationship with Gwen Stacey. I’d say pick up the epics for spidey if you want the origin of him and a bunch of iconic villains then check out untold tales of spider-man it tells canon stories set between the early issues (especially between amazing fantasy and amazing number 1)

>>114865451Lodger is great

>>114877550ant-man season 1 is pretty good.

>>114877550Daredevil - The Man Without Fear is the ultimate origin book for Marvel. Most of their characters don't have books like that though since they didn't need them on account of not rebooting their continuity like DC did.As for standalone stories, you need Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602 and Kurt Busiek's Marvels. Silver Surfer Parable has art by Moebius. Nick Fury: My War Gone By by Garth Ennis is one of the best books you could hope to read.

>>114877601>>114877568There's a good chance that if the second Grell omni (which is now not named "GA by Grell") exists it will contain the Shado miniseries, the BatB miniseries, and the missing annuals.The second omni needs to connect the remaining 30 issues of Grell's run, and would look lopsided compared to the other one (50 issues + 3 oversized Longbow Hunters).Adding the Shado miniseries would add 200 pages to it (each of the four issues is double-sized), The Wonder Year is another 88 pages, and the BatB mini is another 144 or so. The Grell written annuals are around 48 pages each too.

>>114877860But I don't want to buy the omnis when I have ten TPBs alreadyI am upset

>>114875775>gaming is in a much worse situation than comics. They won't be allowing table top gaming in store until a vaccine is madeI’m playing using google hangouts video and discord for dicebots.

>>114876526Nice. I’m curios about that Tomassi Gleason Omni. Is that a follow up to Morrison?

>>114877662Seconded, the first two Epic Collections (the Ditko ones) are some of the best comics ever, period. And Untold Tales is worthy continuity fill-in if ever there was one. The subsquent Stan Lee/John Romita epic collections are very good but nothing groundbreaking. Just Stan putting gas in the car that Ditko built.

>>114877794War Gone By is so fucking good. Essential Holla Forumsre. It will make you want to go back and read all of Ennis' Punisher Max but you don't need to read it to understand the Fury book, even if some characters reappear.

>>114877954It's the follow-up to Morrison's run on B&R that was coming out the same time as Morrison's Batman Inc.

>>114877970The first omni is pretty sweet. I may have to buy a second copy, because I’ve read the one’ I’ve got over and over. It’s starting to show shell ware. >>114877081> lol I kept OMAC outSO THAT MAN MAY LIVE!!

>>114877970>The subsquent Stan Lee/John Romita epic collections are very good but nothing groundbreaking. Just Stan putting gas in the car that Ditko builtYeah, but they’re still great comics, imo especially their first 30 issues or so together.

>>114878029Is it good?

>>114878064Yeah, I hear you. I got the Epic Coll's to replace my B&W Essentials after I just destroyed them from re-reading. Nice to finally have them in colour lol>>114878064That's the idea, my guy!

>>114878132Some people loved it, I found some parts of it undermined with Morrison was doing with Damian at the same time.

>>114864172Oh fuck nigga, are these gonna be like the Berserk ones?

I’m going to post shelves later after I reorder some stuff and get everything in place,

>>114878270>1248 pagesMaybe not. That’s a little over comfortable reading size.>>114878242I literally read that Spider-Man omni end to end and then just flipped back to the beginning and read it again. for Spider-Man

Cancelled a Vegas trip for this month so got to burn a bunch of money at my reopened LCS.1/5

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2/5My LCS is sort of a local chain so despite them having like 6 locations none of them had vol2 of Nausicaa.Will have to complete the set via online ordering.

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3/575% off clearance section. Can you believe people weren't jumping at the Ginger Dead Man comics for that cheap?!

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4/5Trogdor boardgame and an expensive metal set of dice cause whynot.Gonna save these bad boys for a desperate hail mary crit roll

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5/5Does anyone know if something is going on with Aftershock? My LCS as I'm checking out had a box of their comics they were literally giving away free.Don't know if this is just the shop ditching some inventory space or if they've gone bankrupt or something.Last time I get comics they were throwing away was when a comic artist was arrested for child porn and the shop went "well fuck we can't sell stuff with their name on it" and I caught them as they were taking the trades to the dump.

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>>114873232that amazing spiderman omni is ridiculously thick

>>114875387Hell yeah Heavy Liquid

>>114875411Brubaker's run is shockingly boring. There's a lot of retreading from Bendis' run (which, again shockingly, is great) and it just feels phoned in

>>114878977I absolutely feel the hate for Bendis when he shits on continuity (Original Sun GotG has me fuming and maybe sour until now) but even though it’s been a few years I still remember really enjoying his Daredevil and more grounded stuff. It made me wince at his violence, laugh, and feel for his suffering. It was up there with Millar when I was first getting into DD.He still shits the bed don’t get me wrong I am mortified he took over Superman as I am still getting caught up and yellow ring fear trying to read what he’s going to do to this Rebirth stuff.

>>114878915Tell me about the Backways. Justin Jordan has been hit and miss for me.

>>114878977Sad to hear about Brubaker though, I think that was when I left off DD for awhile, I can’t remember why so it must have gotten boring or something. Buying that ultimate edition 3 by Brubaker is a joke anyhow.I need to get caught up to Chips run I hear such buzz

>>114878936Oh yeah. About 1000 pages. Main 38 issues + AF15, annuals, part of an FF annual, pinups, letters pages. It's pretty hefty

>>114878775Immortal Hulk gets kinda weird there but stick through it if it seems like it isn’t your thing anymore, I feel like it is a worthwhile book these days

So I got the first and third Dreadstar Omnis, just waiting on the second now

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>>114878959I still haven’t read 100% or his Batman but they look cool. The to read list is so infinite


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>>1148791463/3Hope all you card holders are well.

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>>114877893>But I don't want to buy the omnis when I have ten TPBs already>I am upsetsame, I just want a TPB for that stuff>>114878775what's Paleo?

whatcha reading lads? still trucking along with Dr Stone here

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>>114878915Aftershock will be fine, they have enough evergreen stuff now that I think they will be able to weather the shutdown. Your guess is as good as mine as to why they are giving away all that stuff, Aftershock is generally pretty good.

>>114879285What are Aftershock's evergreens? I've read a handful of books from them, but nothing I've seen in their catalog has stood out as having staying power.

>>114879265/a/ but got a volume of Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-San and I'm enjoying it as a cultural primer on manga more than anything. Next up, I'm reading the first two Ennis Fury series with Robertson art, and I got the first 2 Simonson Ragnarok trades and a bunch of Mark Russell (Lone Ranger, Red Sonja, Dredd) I haven't read yet out from Hoopla. Plus the Kupperman Mark Twain book. So that's my week sorted right there.

>>114879376I shouldn't say evergreen, but enough collections that are well enough known>Animosity>A Walk Though Hell>Babyteethand stuff I just want more of like BeyondersI honestly thought they had more bigger name comics, must be thinking another publisher

>>114879397Russell Red Sonja is pretty good, the art suffers in some places though.

>>114879496Didn't Waid and Peyer do Captain Kid there? That was good, although doubtful there will be any more of it.

>>114879129I bow to the cosmic and hickvenger omnis!

>>114879146Classy shit man All that duck and Conan

>>114879528I don't know. I personally think that would be weird because Peyer is running his own company (Ahoy!)

>>114875934Tigra only got a collection of solo stories put out because Chelsea Handler was going to do a Tigra/Dazzler team-up cartoon for Hulu that got canceled, when Disney realized how god-awful Handler's pitch was (which included Tigra and Dazzler being a team simply because they lived next door to each other)

>>114875775And I'm OK with that, because my local comic shop has put out about 20-25 long boxes out in the table top gaming section to boost sales and such.

>>114879226Idk dinosaur comic for only $20. Looked good enough to me.

>>114879680It came out before Ahoy was a thing. Maybe it'll eventually pop up at Ahoy though, we'll see.

>>114877705>>114877794>>114877662Thanks for the tips, guys!Are there any comics that dwelve into some outlandish stuff, especially art-wise? I heard people talk about Doctor Strange but I don't know where it applies. I definitely imagine something in the spirit of the Doctor Strange movie but with more interesting colour palettes

>>114880362The New Mutants by Claremont and Seinchewifhdisafseafre

Attached: 1581110126947.jpg (1073x1600, 421.68K)

>>114877662Just checked put some epics but those are all OOP. What is even the best way to collect Spidey stories if you don't want to buy Omnis?

>>114876791Question ironically is in a better spot that Starman. Just release two-three companion titles collecting the uncollected material (one volume for the Annuals, plus the Detective Comics/Green Arrow annuals that crossed over with Question and the 1993 Question/Green Arrow Brave and the Bold mini); a second volume with Question Quarterly, and a third volume with the Showcase Returns, Azreal/Question team-up special, Question Returns team-up (with the art work fixed, given how the artist on that book decided that Vic's eyes were visible with his mask on), the Question/Huntress mini, and the Veitch Question mini in one book.

>>114878977>>114879108Brubaker's run was hampered by having to put the toys back in the box (Bendis infamously ended his DD run with DD in jail, because his original plan to have Ronin be DD and force whoever replaced him to have to use the Ronin suit/base the book around Matt living in exile in Japan got vetoed hard when editorial wanted Brubaker to replace him). Also, Brubaker's run is filled with the bad guys winning flawless victory style against DD (Mr Fear drives DD's wife and Gladiator irreversibly insane and turns them into a murderers too and then uses his powers to enslave an entire prison to worship him when he gets defeated, complete with him raping a female guard who he has brainwashed into being his sex slave), plus the whole issue where Norman Osborn kills hundreds of people in an apartment building he wanted to tear down and has the people protesting it's demolition (who Norman framed for the carnage) convicted of the murders by way of having a Judge disregard the jury acquitting them in favor of declaring them guilty as a favor for Norman and it never being followed up on whether or not Matt managed to save them from life in prison.

>>114880446If you want there run, I'd strongly suggest skipping the Epics and tracking down the New Mutants Classic trades (V3-4 to be exact) because the Epic trade Demon Bear skips the ending to the entire Shadow King arc whereas V4 has it in full.

>>114880362Nick Fury by Steranko, Spider-Man Fever by McCarthy, 70s Marvel Jack Kirby books, 70s Frank Brunner Dr Strange and anything drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz are all solidly left-of-centre Marvel books, art-wise.

>>114880470If you don’t want the omnis, you can maybe snag some reprint series (Spider-Man classic or Marvel Tales) on eBay or the like for cheap, or just wait, they’ll come back in print. Marvel’s finally smartening up that Ditko Spidey should be an evergreen (along with Kirby FF, etc)


>>114880446his name is Sinkywinky

>>114879121The later printings aren’t as bulky. All the early omnis had really heavy paper.

>>114878977Yeah agreed totally. Whenever you see people on Holla Forums claiming Brubaker's DD is better than Bendis you can assume they're blinded by their hateboner. It is inferior in every way.

>>114880747>they will come back in printYou mean the Epic Collection volumes? I'm just confused because those aren't released in order anyway

>>114881916NAYRT, but they have reprintedthe first FF omni at least once and I think one or two of the others too. Same with Ditko Spider-Man. People like that stuff.

>>114882475As I said, not too fond of omnis because I don't like fat books. The epic collections are the perfect size to me and I'm already contemplating to get Maximum Carnage and Kraven's Last Hunt. The first four are impossible to find for a good price though

/shelf/ dump

Attached: 1563123660770.jpg (3589x1704, 994.8K)


Attached: 1564088548692.jpg (3817x1684, 896.29K)


Attached: 1574407926291.jpg (3907x1984, 802.01K)


Attached: 1561568028093.jpg (3303x1767, 1.02M)

>>114882746I have Maximum Carnage in the thick ass, Spider-man vs Venom omni. That shit just goes on and on.


Attached: 1563623381095.jpg (3417x1747, 1.03M)


Attached: 1566450617470.jpg (3796x1822, 1.04M)

>>114882845It's mindless fun but I really like it


Attached: 1588667503408.jpg (3639x2213, 907.59K)

>>114875775Amazon is making nob priority items more expensive to deter people buying. them while they're overburdened


Attached: 1568775422661.jpg (3917x2441, 1.29M)

>>114879265Im onto Annihilation Conquest atm then may take a break from cosmic for a while and catch up on my large Lapham pile

>>114879265Third Conan The Barbarian omni, Thanos Wars omni and some books w/o pictures.

>>114880643Im pretty sure marvel treated Brubaker like crap too so by the time he was doing DD he was sort of phoning it in

>>114882524Marvel have been slowly reprinting the OOP Epics, they just did a new run of X-Men 1 and FF 3. Hoping they'll get around to doing Thor 4 again ASAP, I needs me some Mangog.

So I just read some of the comments above and now I'm wondering. Are Epic Collections in general reprinted or is there no hope? I've been waiting for some books like Iron Man but nothing. Is there hope or not?

>>114883263Rucka was co-writing for at least one of those arcs, too. I vaguely remember Lady Bullseye and Mr Fear being in there but that's it. Bru definitely did Matt's new wife dirty, though.

>>114883605See >>114883598There's slim hope. Your better bet is to hit up off-the-beaten-path comic stores or hustle for some eBay scores.

>>114883672No comic stores in my area but I guess I'll try out ebay. Not the type of person who is interested in bidding unfortunately. I see no reason to waste my time following auctions just to have some dick outbid me in the last minute

>>114878936Yeah it is pretty spectacular

>>114861754I've personally bought about $80 worth of digital comics for my iPad in the past 30 days, some of them to support the title, others to support the artist/creator (American Born Chinese, for example) and a few things that were on sale (a handful of titles from Dark Horse). I know people like physical and I do as well, but I live in a small place and don't have the room for even one shelf. I have a flat box and that's about it. I did buy a few physical things by mail order, one from Powell's in Portland, for delivery to a friend in Alaska - an early Valarian in the original French so out of print but actually not exorbitant. Not sure about the condition but my pal is stuck working in a canary making big bucks and staying healthy and he won't care. The other physical was actually a bunch of Goon TPBs bagged for $20 from their remaindered box, no idea what they were but my friend in New Orleans enjoyed them.Bookstores are about to open here for curbside service, so I assume that will include LCS. As far as I know, none of the about 10 Diamond stores in the county are out of business.



Attached: 44de8b5361.jpg (299x200, 23.69K)

>>114884037The vast majority of eBay is "Buy It Now" sales nowadays, and I haven't been sniped in an auction since 2000 and I use eBay daily.

>>114884442Not from America so buy it now options always include hefty shipping fees

If you have to buy Steranko Nick Fury, the best way is the big Silver Age omnibus, because it contains the Lee/Kirby run and the post-Steranko stuff. The former adds a great deal of context for the Steranko run and the later wraps up all of the dangling loose ends that Steranko left all over the place with one of his biggest subplots (the Scorpio debacle).

>>114873232Some Kino pulp on the bottom shelf

What are typically regarded as the best editions of Sandman?

Attached: 1588469296332.jpg (610x515, 72.63K)

>>114881916The Spider-Man epics have fallen into the trap where they are releasing, each year, one volume which reprints the series chronologically and another one filing in gaps in existing trade paperback schemes or bringing stuff that's out of print back into print. With the Maximum Carnage volume (allegedly) going to be the last volume of the Spidey epic line, since it's considered the zenith point for the franchise before it collapses into the fail and AIDS of the Clone Saga; the same way that the X-Men books end point volume is Muir Island Saga/X-Men #1-3 and Cap/FF/Thor/Iron Man/Avengers being Heroes Reborn.

>>114883639To be fair, Mia was a typical Bendis Mary Sue character and only the Bendis defense brigade liked her. And given how insanely unpopular the decision to kill Karen Paige was (and Bendis' hate boner for being banned from using Bullseye for a bit due to Kevin Smith embargoing him for a Daredevil movie tie-in mini-series that never got finished), I'm kind of shocked Bendis didn't use Secret Empire to bring Karen back.

>>114883605Epics get reprinted but which volumes get reprinted and which ones don't is up to the whims of the Marvel reprint division. Especially since with some volumes, they have allowed them to fall out of print to push people to buy the omnibus or Marvel Masterworks.


>>114884732Absolutes>>114884848Amanda broke up with him

>>114884787I used to really like Guardian Devil when I first read it as a teenager, but going back to it now, it becomes really apparent how it's basically just an inferior rewrite of Born Again that's way too wordy. That said, Quesada's art on it is fantastic.

>>114884848His crazy missus left him via a blog post that was available on Patreon before he knew. Still, he just hotfooted it and left his kid in another country.

Marvel buys. I have Whedon Astonishing X-Men coming tomorrow too

Attached: IMG_20200504_194003.jpg (3488x2107, 2.51M)

>>114884958David Lapham for days

Attached: IMG_20200504_194123.jpg (3793x2146, 2.69M)

>>114884848Rumor is floating around that Neil Gaiman and his wife are divorcing and Neil's doing his damnest to make his wife and their friends stay quiet about why they are splitting, to protect Neil's Soi Boy/Model Male Feminist image from being hurt by the divorce fall out. And Todd's laughing at him, because he most likely knows why Neil's getting dumped and his attempt at damage control. >>114884732As for "best editions"; the first and second printings are considered the best as late 90s trades have super fucking generic covers (literally chosen due to DC doing test groups and found that casual fantasy fans prefer them to detailed covers). Every printing since the mid-00s use the omnibus recoloring. Also, rumor has it that DC was going to be doing a "two-in-one" style hardcover reprint later this year with the first volume collecting the first two trades (roughly #1-16) into a single HC

>>114884987reminder to all Paul Kircher fans that he sells his books on ebay for cover signed and sketched

Attached: IMG_20200504_194255.jpg (3510x2318, 2.78M)

Bru's run as a whole is iffy but Devil in Cell Block D rules

>>114884695Thanks, user. I found the Spider vol 1 in a bookstore years ago now, and went from there for a good while. Dynamite dropped off a lot of it now other than Shadow reprints and new Green Hornet afaik. I'm still hoping someone'll make a new Spider solo

Finally put in my new shelf

Attached: IMG_20200510_162334.jpg (3396x2872, 3.39M)

>>114885680Marvel and Conan. Thinking of getting a commission by Timothy Truman but I cant decide if I want to do Conan and Thoth Amon or Conan, Krull, and Red Sonja

Attached: IMG_20200510_162206.jpg (1106x3968, 1.5M)

>>114885705DC, Image, and a bunch of smaller publishers

Attached: IMG_20200510_162223.jpg (2395x3968, 3.6M)

>>114885003Todd’s probably laughing because of their long standing enmity.

>>114885722Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, D+Q, and other small publications

Attached: IMG_20200510_162246.jpg (1669x3968, 2.45M)

>>114885014I know, I wish he had just pulled a done-in-one arc.

>>114885737As usual in this feud, the only winner is My Sides

Holy shit, there’s a new shelf thread already?

>>114869943ive been waiting forever for this >>114870497>laughs in invisibles omni

>>114886064Yeah, mine as well.

>>114870497>>114886461how big is that 5YL Legion omni supposed to be?

>>1148865141400+ I think. Too big.


Attached: F046B059-CE33-40A1-AA06-711AE2BEC77B.jpg (4032x3024, 2.17M)

>>1148777941602 is sorta shit

>>114885005Fuck yes on some Prophet.

>>114885705Wew dat conan n cosmic n DD. Let’s hang out

>>114886847I remember enjoying it but that was one of the first stories I read so maybe it hasn’t held up as well. What didn’t you like about it?

>>114884958I keep seeing this Legion Omni?!

>>114887008I’m pretty sure it’s just an OHC for Legion.

>>114887032Fair enough, I guess should I ask more specifically what is the hype for it? I remember reading some legion in the 90s, haven’t really watched the show but Spurrier has been kind of hit and miss if I remember?

>>114887170From what I heard, Spurrier is a decent to good writer. But I haven’t read his work yet, so I ain’t really qualified to judge his work.

>>114887008They canceled adjectiveless X-Men right after AvX and replaced it with a Legion ongoing, which had him and Blindfold having adventures though most of the series revolved around Blindfold's past and how her dad abandoned the family when his freak daughter was born and how her older brother took it out on Blindfold and her mom and how it led to Blindfold repressing her entire childhood to deal with the trauma and guilt how her very existence destroyed her family and the abuse she suffered at her brother's hands since she ran off his beloved father. IIRC it lasted 24 double shipped issues before being canceled but since it was one issue shy of #300, Marvel had the final issue be X-Men #300. I gave up on the book after a couple of issues but it's still better than the freaking Legion TV show.

>>114887170It was a stand-alone X-Men spin-off around the time that Bendis hijacked the X-Men books, which didn't require reading the other X-books and which Bendis wasn't actively sabotaging like he did the other X-Books at the time. It featured Blindfold (a 10s era X-Men waifu) in a lead role and in spite of Legion being a garbage character, managed to be far better than most people expected it to be in terms of low expectations.

>>114883605I wouldn't expect epics that didn't sell very well (things other than volume 1s, or epics that happen to collect famous storylines) to get reprinted.

>>114886608looks interesting. What is it?

>>114886960Bring the snacks bro and lets discuss Crom and the many ways Crom doesnt like is

>>114886608a man of taste! huzzah!

>>114887170Spurrier is a little meh sometimes but when he hits he hits hard. Legion is fantastic. The Dreaming is amazing

>>114885014Yeah it was good. Too bad it didn't kill Foggy for real.

>>114886608Based and 2000ad-pilled

Attached: file.png (640x985, 1.28M)

>>114867031Fuck off, commie

>>114888608It’s Shakara by Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint, it’s really fucking good.

>>114863676All comic shops are going to go under.


Attached: 1347A8A9-E07B-479A-9AA5-281F2B60CE19.jpg (369x413, 40.21K)

>>114884732Absolutes definitely.

What are some good robot comics or manga /shelf/bros? I recently plan on buying the 5 HC volumes of Mobile Suit Gundam Origin and the Transformers War Within omnibus, are they good by any chance? And if so, anymore recommended mecha comics and manga?

Attached: 23422D9B-57BC-4FF0-88E3-A74D535EE2DF.jpg (1074x2028, 1.04M)

>>114891707Descender is pretty rad

>>114886253There's usually one of these every week, pal

>>114891825We didn’t really had one for the past couple weeks or so, and that’s because of the lockdown though to the pandemic.

Did /shelf/ get anything for FCBD?


>>114891798I’ll check that out.

Had Sandman omni #2 and BPRD: Hell on Earth vol 3 arrive.Have all of Blacksad arriving tomorrow.Is there a nice list of what I need to buy for all of the War of Kings storyline? I need more cosmic Marvel in my life. Seeing >>114879129 and >>114884958 makes me want them.

>>114892607>Is there a nice list of what I need to buy for all of the War of Kings storyline?I’m pretty sure this chart is dated but I might as well post it.

Attached: 24818C22-D48F-4C73-B4EA-931E431D2885.jpg (1125x999, 974.75K)

>>114886847nah>>114887170do yourself a favor, it's probably his most emotional and one of his most experimental books, and he is known for both

>>114892706hot take: only the giffen stuff (annihilation, annihilation conquest starlord) are good

>>114891898wrong, there was one last week that hit 500


Attached: 1566144556663.gif (450x725, 2.77M)

>>114893626I liked when he was a New Warrior and fun

>>114893750I prefered when he was a broken hero that was pushed to his ends.

>>114893600I came really late to the party for that one, but these days i just browse Holla Forums less


Attached: ladder-lad.jpg (366x488, 14.7K)

>>114886608you're in for a real treat

>>114891707Dynamo Joe, but it was never collected.

>>114885747How are those EC artists books?

>>114893582I disagree Giffen’s dialogue is terrible throughout and the Drax Mini is just shit from start to finish.


>>114892083Free Comic Book Day

>>114885005>ProphetI need to get into this

>>114893770Honestly he's like the least fun New Warrior anyways


>>114896136There's so much good stuff in there. I didn't think it was possible to invest Rob Liefeld's characters with so much pathos but this book got me choked up over fucking Diehard.

>>114894440They're great. Old EC stories organized by artist/theme in nice little hardbacks at a decent price. Very fun and comfy

>>114894604That Drax mini is painful. The Earth girl character almost ruined Annihilation for me

>>114897220Seems to be a trend with Liefeld characters that other writers manage to make something good from it. See also Supreme

>>114868686I’ve already preordered it and I got my hands on the first one the other day.

>>114861754WHATSA LOCAL COMAC COMICK CO-MIC STORE, GRAMPA?because that is what is and will happenyour fucking LCS are all dying or dead and WILL diethank china you physical fucks!

>>114897902Is it glued?

>>114892056Don't think my LCS did it. I thought it was cancelled.

Just ordered this after years of waiting for a reprint.kodensha will announce a release of this this year wont they?

Attached: 51vIuaXAe6L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (329x500, 42.44K)

>>114899193Well actually there's been talk about putting out collections for all of Otomo's works in chronological order but none of that has gotten any solicitations yet

>>114899237I dont know much of otomo work outside of domu and Akira. So that would be good.Sounds like my luck still this will match my dark horse akira as both are left to right. Although right to left with OG sfx like they did for the Akira boxset would be nice.

>>114886608Oh lad, you're in for a treat, shakara is such a dyno read.I got it in the 2000ad ultimate collection. I have no idea how I missed it till then.

>>114897911Maybe? I’m not all that familiar with binding types.

>>114899965When you open it does it make a cracking sound?If you sit it down with the pages open does it try to close itself back up?Is the spin very tight with bad gutter loss?These are some of the problems of glued binding.

>>114900010>>114899965>>114897911If the thread doesnt die, I'll post some pics of it later. I have the hardcover and I recall it being sewn with additional glue, not just the glue

>>114897887Yeah, I have no idea why she’s there.

>>114900206That's what I figured since it's what they've been doing for a lot of their books. I didn't bother mentioning it because in my experience it's been functionally the same as just glued, with the same problems.

>>114893582Giffen's a shit and should have been run out of the industry after the plagarism charges.But DC loves to keep hacks around.

Reading through the Milligan & McCarthy book right now. It's an amazing collection.>>114861899Oh shit, nice. >>114865451Truman is one of the best of that era. Pick up Dragon Chiang if you see it at some point. I'm thinking of picking up Wilderness by him some point soon.

Attached: 20200503_110109.jpg (1000x1695, 1.08M)

A nerdy purchase from ebay.>>114899193I managed to find this in those 3 DH collections at a local used book store where I've found some great comic finds

Attached: jimbo.jpg (3072x4096, 1007.31K)

>>114900249It’s a pretty part for sure but it isn’t Wraith

>>114897908Hey. There is other internet for you to be on. Go away or participate in the shelf thread.

>>114900434Thrift stores can also be fun for some finds, especially for some inexpensive ones

Attached: Mitch's Bane.jpg (640x480, 138.63K)

>japan post delayed shipping to US indefinetly>have to cancel my book orderDamn, I was really looking forward to it. Anybody else experiencing shipping cancellations ?

>>114900432I wanted go read Grip but it was sold outNOW has been grear

>>114902310people in canada keep getting DC releases on time (or even earlier) because that's where most of them were printed.The main printer in quebec is open for business again

>>114903157the one time it's advantageous to be a book collector in canada

>>114900372Weren't the plagiarism charges just a TCJ article pointing out that his work got heavily influenced by Munoz? He owned up to that and, even if that bothers you, it doesn't really affect his writing. He gave us 5YL Legion and JLI, for that alone, he's in the hall of fame, justifiably.

>>114900434Holy shit, haha, that's wild. Good catch.>>114903291My LCS is just getting GL v2 #3 in next week, so not sure we're that ahead of the game. Didn't everyone else get it 2 weeks ago? Or was that just digital?

>>114903670>My LCS is just getting GL v2 #3 in next week, so not sure we're that ahead of the game. Didn't everyone else get it 2 weeks ago? Or was that just digital?People who were willing to order from DCBS/Midtown got it last week. Those who did now would have to wait for when Diamond would open again.The thing is, Diamond is being predictably bitchy about this. When DC announced the two "new" distributors, they also said that all of the DC orders through Diamond were cancelled.Diamond said "No they aren't"DC said "yes, we asked you to cancel them." Then Diamond did cancel them (while also removing the "Gem" marker from DC's items in their Previews) on April 24, and told retailers that they had to get their new DC orders in by April 27th. So expect a bunch of stores to not actually have the DC stuff ordered on time.

probably doesnt count

Attached: DSC_5388.jpg (2992x2000, 2.35M)

>>114903815You wear it daily?I always liked merch that wasn't a blunt obvious reference it at least looked nice.What again is the term for that minimalist labeling or some shit???


>>114863676I got more stuff

Attached: more comics.png (1210x732, 2.21M)

I’m eager to see if IST gets anything tomorrow.

My IST order came in, probably gonna be my last pick up for awhile.

Attached: 15892339427507120127202014477850.jpg (4032x1960, 3.15M)

>>114906486Where the literal fuck did you get that Spidey Epic Collection? I'm jelly

>>114906486Digging those epic collections amd the F4 omni>>114906903He got it from IST (Instock Trades)While we're at it, what is the difference between Kraven's Last Hunt Epic Collection and the recent Deluxe Edition?

>>114906486>some good stuff>some bad stuff>only big 25/10, best I can give you

RIP Marty

>>114900432Wilderness is rad. Truman is the man

>>114905353Where do you live and what kind of house security you got.I want them Spectres.

Has the whole coroniavirus thing had much of an effect on Marvel and their reprint schedule? Was gonna be all over those Claremont omni reissues that were meant to be coming out through the second half of the year.

>>114908096marvel's been dead silent on how this is effecting their reprints. Check with upcoming Diamond releases to see what's actually coming out

>>114908030Eastern Ontario ;)

>>114904154daily no since I along with everyone else arnt going anywhere I do collect them tho pic is the other side

Attached: DSC_5389.jpg (2992x2000, 2.43M)


>>114905694They got stuff last week so Im sure they will this week

>>114907110I believe the deluxe is recolored and the epic is original

Heavy Metal is having a big sale on their website, most of their products are 1/2 price right now. I just ordered Tome 1 and 2 of Requiem Vampire Knight.

Attached: 1557931260037.png (1104x721, 1.72M)

>>114910545Yeah, but diamond is supposed to get back to shipping this week or next. I’m hoping the Wolverine omni shows up.

>>114910636Volume 3 fucking never

>>114912043I think the script is done, or at least mostly done, maybe Ledroit got too famous to waste time doing art for shitty pay. I can't blame him for that, his art must take a hell of a lot of time.

>it's a Rob episode

Attached: BBC.jpg (247x353, 20.49K)

Oy lads, what should I expect from these books?

Attached: 1E71810E-46ED-45B6-81B7-727388CC85A7.jpg (4032x3024, 2.55M)

>>114913019Mind MGMT has some art that takes getting used to but there's enough ideas drenched in its pages to be a worthwhile read. I recommend longer binge reads as opposed to one and done issues. Savage Sword is some of the best comics out there

>>114913479Thanks for the heads up user, but what about Venditti’s Surrogate?

>>114913841Cant help you there other than knowing Venditti is very hit or miss sorry

>>114913019bruh you literally own them. just read the fucking things

>>114914414I’m already am.

>>114914464good lad. this is the year tsundoku is defeated

>>114903643The plagerism charges hurt and helped Giffen. It hurt him in so far as DC refused to have him draw any of the major books being put out for about a year and a half (the only art gigs he was allowed, was doing random back-up stories in JLI and fill-in issues when Maguire fell behind schedule. But they DID give him JLI to write and once the cost cleared, put him back on Legion/gave him Legion to write when Levitz got promoted.