I love punk tomboy Supergirl. They gave her character so much soul and personality that all other incarnations feel like wooden planks, same goes for the other girls too

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>>114846699Yeah, she's great.

>>114846699its cause she acts more like Power Girl

In a shocking turn of events, putting multiple female characters in your lead cast requires you to give them different personalities so you can actually distinguish them, rather than including an obligatory girl or two meant to fill in the girl roles.

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>>114846827>how can i comment on this comment without sounding like a male pig to those unwilling to look at the world through a lens biased by decades of sociopolitical deathmatch? fuck it, bee is cute as fuck

Attached: bee happy.png (2560x1440, 1.39M)

Allright Holla Forums sell me on this show, watching the DCAMU fucking die makes me appreciate each and every animated universe way more and i liked this clip a lot batgirl seems really cute in this showyoutube.com/watch?v=gBrWHRfHlfkas i was looking this up i realize there is another show with the same name but different artstyle, im assuming the one from 2019 is the fun one and the other one is not worth watching right?

>>114847829DCSHG's Batgirl replaces the crazy girl void in my heart now that Harley's changed so much.

>>114846827okay femtard

>>114847829tentacles are a regular thing, if that doesn't sell you then i can't help

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>>114847829Ivy is literally a bosmer from elder scrolls

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>>114847859eh i kinda love the new harley, at least the one from the current cartoon i just really really wish she had a cool new design that really reflects that she is still crazy but has matured emotionally a lot, the dyed twintails look is just some garbage that some basic normie girls like, that's why it sells a lot and it is still being used, but the new harley deserves way better than that

>>114847674fuck>through anything but a lens

>>114846699This but with Diana

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she's top grade

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>>114846699I want her to sit on my face.

this is where jess poops

Attached: here is where i poop.jpg (1920x1080, 433.48K)

>>114846699Agreed, she's definitely the best iteration I've seen

>>114846730That's because she is Power Girl.

>>114846827It's not required, usually they just get a different hair color

>>114847898>None of the games allow you to play as a green part fundamentalist

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>>114848656I want her to punch me dead in the chest and shatter my sternum

>>114849087i want to feed her corn and sauerkraut and beers. When she needs to shit, I will put my face next to her asshole. The liquidy shits combined with undigested corn would be like blowing your head off with a shotgun w/ buckshot ammo

Supergirl is for rapin and Bumblebee is for headpats

>>114849197Bumblebee's for headpats alright

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>>114846699>powergirl with no leotardboring

>>114849569i'm pretty sure that when you hit someone's head like that in a match it's cheating

>>114850225pretty sure a chokehold isn't kosher either

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Attached: Kara hippie dress.jpg (3160x3240, 3.44M)

>>114850525>Bright smile as she’s about to obliterate that man

>>114846699>write Power Girl>call it SupergirlBasically this.

>>114847829hey buddy if you're interested in watching the show you're going to need this also read filename is you're extra interested>1-21yadi sk/d/QYp_9jbk9apiVw>22-32yadi sk/d/ZMqVHmp7eKV3fg>33 #AllyCat Part 1dropapk.to/zdfx2gupwrv5>34 #AllyCat Part 2dropapk.to/wgmajls2cppx>35 #Retreatdropapk.to/15lgq6jetqk0>36 #DinnerForFivedropapk.to/62calbkq7n42>37 #LivingTheNightmare:mega.nz/#!ddkHlaTD!BUkRAkxBcLj2HVpGCFJK_g9MDLVqiNgx98AGiAPxzNo>38 #AllAboutZee:mega.nz/#!xU8xRCbB!U-kq0gWk1eQu4IVnLQLOLBHlJ7V_WrLKCCkBgXOK7xo>39 #TweenTitans:mega.nz/#!JN1TxaYZ!UJ09DnkvHL4U1Pqtu0ZZ1leWwz5ailSJNiILxb1ZDzw>40 #EmperorPenguinmega.nz/file/VUs1TQiD#Vb4GdT4kblP3kq_fw0mxvzg1JX8ZekIckA6p4PKjAOY>41 #BreakingNewsmega.nz/file/kM1FXQaD#e7AQ7SZhRrEfygKuHH-5bBE_QnAGhK2TfTfnjguO3UE>42 #CrashCoursemega.nz/file/dcsxQaLZ#b40UqmEsbnOhZKU_KX9EBCYYoLoFVhUWiXezFAYFp_k>43 #HousePestmega.nz/file/Nd03jYjY#Yrza52DMVJ2pe6aGEzY7MXDlretYqjQC6elQ9GDcQcE

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Anyone know anything about Punk culture? Is Kara accurate or just a heap of stereotypes?

>>114850669she does behave like most punksbut she does act a bit too stereotype-ish sometimes

>>114850631Why do you people keep saying this? She acts nothing like PG. If anything she acts like that rainbow horse from my little pony the most

>>114850655I wish 33-36 were on yadi or mega. dropapk doesn't work for me. anyone else face issues with dropapk?

>>114850631well, she did have an episode where she just straight up changed her identity to power girl and started acting even more like a bitch

>>114850819dropapk is a pretty shit site altogether not just you sadly

>>114850772That's even worse, I hate RD

Smol poison ivy, best ivy

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>>114850948she's really cute

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>>114847252Not canon. The amazons in Sweet Justice knew what arm-wrestling is.

>>114849569How the fuck do you choke someone wearing boxing gloves

>>114848656>imagine the smelle...

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>>114850655what's the context for this scene?

>>114851727>lois lane is trying to find out that they're superheroes>they freak out and try to act natural

>>114850669They’re all stereotypes

>>114851727>>114851763She is out of control.

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>another karafag threadgive us new episodes or GTFO

Attached: DC Super Hero Girls S01E42 - #CrashCourse.mp4_snapshot_03.58_[2020.04.17_08.59.25].jpg (1920x1080, 161.08K)

>>114851028That's just banter

>>114852912licking > sniffing

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>>114846699AgreedI think it's mostly true to Poison Ivy and Cat women that are finally separated/independent from Batwank and are more than just hot femm fatale.>finally a decent OP who try to make a good DCSHG thread>waifutards are incapable of discussion beyond their fetishes n' shit

>>114850669>>114850718>>114851785Punk culture started by the worker class' adolescents at Britain during the late 70's-early 80's and revolted against the conservative social norms at the time. They were violent and promiscuous and supported anarchy, as well opposed racism, etc . Now then, Kara is you lame watered-down normalfag punk who think itself as somehow "rebellious and fight against the system" .

>>114854025>They were violent and promiscuous and supported anarchy, as well opposed racism, etc .kind of cringy

Attached: DC Super Hero Girls S01E08 - #MeetTheCheetah 1080p CN WEB-DL.mp4_snapshot_05.06_[2019.04.10_01.29.03].jpg (1920x1080, 117.84K)

>>114849569Bullying is my fetish

>>114848656Karen beat you to it

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>>114854025>They were violent and promiscuous and supported anarchy, as well opposed racism, etc .kind of based

>>114846730I assume someone's drawn her in the Power Girl suit?

>>114856696There's an entire episode dedicated to that

>>114846730>>114848965>>114849682>>114850631Is Amanda Conner's run the only PG you know and even then just some cherrypicked panels?


>>114852912I'm not sure what was greater about Diana in this episode: her sweaty pits, her sunglasses, or her cheerful Greek chase music.

Are they of legal age

>>114857039these girls are very dumb and have repeated high school grades several times

>>114855493this image is greatbut god i fucking hate the guy that commissioned it thus i can't beat my dick to it

Yes is so hot 7w7

DCSHG >>>>>>>>> Harley Quinn showEven the Woke™ themes are handled way better

Doris no!

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>>114857603Yet, I see better discussion in HQS threads...most anons here are waifutards, no wonder many mistake DCSHG as Pon Show2.0

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>>114857687>better discussionBro it's just shipping and NTR posting in the HQS threads

>>114857687aye man the only times there's actual discussion here is when the episodes dropbesides most of of the discussion in HQ threads end up devolving into politics

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>>114857631doris does roids and i hope she overdoses

>>114857784this. three episodes dropped at the same day kills the discussions for a long time

>>114857714>>114857784Look at this >>114853063

>>114857844>shipping thread

>>114857876>>shipping threadNot even the Op theme>but muh few posts

>>114857687>no wonder many mistake DCSHG as Pon Show2.0only retards that haven't watched the show say thisas if having to create a main cast of more than 2 females with all different personalities was pioneered by that fucking showeven then, if they like to compare dcshg to that show so much it implies that they actually watched it, which is really embarrassing

>>114856754I don't read comics.

>>114858163it shows

>>114857631But Doris is half-______.

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>>114858240well, she does seem dumb enough not to realize that

>>114858174>implying anyone on Holla Forums actually read comics and actually discusses them

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>>114858474next fridaywe're getting the ra's al ghul and antiope episodes

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>>114858508WTF karen is doing the f*rtnite dance....this can be...

>>114858669based karen

Attached: robot smash.jpg (1925x2800, 631.72K)

>>114858838Amazing how Aqualad is always getting shat on in every single adaptation where he appears


>>114857039Diana is 317 years old Karen may be several decades also thanks to suspended animation

>>114859549*Kara, I meant Kara

>>114858669Isn't a Karen a turbo-Zoomer? She's two years younger than the other girls, she's young even by their standards. She probably plays Fortnite every fucking night.

>>114859294He's the boy sidekick of a boring old Boomer character with tenure.Aquaman was barely interesting the one year a psychopathic black guy was murdering his (who?) offspring. Even his theatrical movie ignored as much of the comic character as was really possible.

>>114859294At least we learned that he is, in fact, Atlantean royalty in the last batch of episodes.

>>114859505twitter retardhas some sort of cult of personality and everytime i see something dcshg related on that site there's at least 1 (one) of his retarded followers tagging him it annoys me a bunch although it shouldnt

>>114859666she's probably better than you at your favorite video game, satan

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>>114859724I can't believe they didn't give him a boat license!

>>114858508What the fuck kinda dance is Diana doing

>>114848684But that's not my face

>>114859786I wonder if Garth phoned up Arthur and bitched about that.

tfw no bat gf

>>114850948fuck you harleyverse ivy is a godess, hell yeah

>>114861102>Babs will never tell you about her thousands of Batman fanfics.

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>>114858508WTF is zee doing the robot? She would never stoop that low, it's like creators of this show know nothing about zee

>>114861211give it one try user, i swear it won't be bad, maybe it's because i've seen way worse shit but the harley show is fun, specially thanks to bane and clayface, i can tell you one thing, harley's character is good in this, they didn't give her any gurl power bullshit, she is just a crazy bitch, we have tons of likeable jerks in Holla Forums media, this harley is the first likeable bitch i've seen, she is not slutty like in the shitty movies she is just fun and crazy and ivy is best girl

>>114861306Silence, dyke

>>114848238>that greentext

>>114861287>implying she's not drunk

>>114858240>half anythingshe's all lab grown

>>114861623explains the retarded-ness

>>114861376there's literally no dykes yetivy is dating kiteman, i know, fucking kiteman

>>114850948>Wine Aunt Ivy>Prime Cake Ivy>Little Sister IvyShe's always nice

>>114858240>mom is smart and black>dad is smart and white>daughter is mixed and dumbWhat did Faust mean by this?


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What's with this show? it's like one of my japanese animes

Attached: green.png (1920x1080, 2.37M)

>>114861102Reminder that Babs is the team slut. She would probably fuck you if she thought you were cute. She might even do it if she thought you were ugly.

Attached: 1584026056926.jpg (2480x3189, 705.01K)

>>114862044oh man she is just like all the other lois but with the smug multiplied by 10, im expecting her supes to be like the other supes but with the dork multiplied by 10 like even more than justice league action supes

>>114862058>anime invented love triangles

>>114862110>STD related episode>babs gets aids

>>114862126anon im was just doing a dumb metal gear reference calm down, what i mean is that this show is way more fun than i expected>>114862110i would be ok with that, it would only be a bonus i just want her to autistic around me


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>Doris and Kara have a farting contest

>>114862126japan is better doing love triangles

>>114861150>>114862256I've gotta say, the pigtails are a really good look for her. They're super cute.

>>114862259shut the fuck up please


>>114858240Potato would be my best guess.


Attached: Harley fall.png (1080x1080, 526.5K)

>>114852912>you gave a sadist the remote

>>114862389had it not been for the tree harley would be nothing more than a splatter on the ground

Attached: good thing it's a kids show.png (1920x1080, 1.57M)

>>114862120I'm preparing for her to hate Clark but love Superman.And Kara somehow dies.

Attached: lois-and-clark.gif (512x287, 583.14K)

Man it's so nice to see an animated universe where everything is just super nice and where superman doesn't come up with a plan that gets everyone killed allowing darkseid to conquer earth

I'm eagerly awaiting the "Zee turns evil" episode that has been heavily foreshadowed. It feels like if they do it right it could be as great a 'serious' episode as #MeetTheCheetah.

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if diana is 6"2 how tall is everyone else?

What was the last music you listened to?For me it was DMX and Jadakiss

Attached: Kara headphones 2.png (479x480, 220.91K)

>>114863907I am listening to this right now: youtube.com/watch?v=YiUBfgzd1wQ

>>114858240thats pretty standard among racists, they lash out because cant deal with the fact that unless you are deeply inbred we are all mutts by now.

>>114861150>she keeps trackers on all of her friends's phones and a list of their shortcomings, mirroring Batman's autism in Tower of Babel.

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zatanna rapes little children


>>114861306Harley Quinn is a pretty good show, that last episode was easily one of the best things DC has produced in a long time. However, not that user >>114861211 but I too find the mere concept of a "harleyverse" utterly disgusting, the mere idea of more and more characters revolving around her sounds as cringe as that time she shook off Johnny Sorrow like he was nothing.

>>114862671>I'm preparing for her to hate Clark but love Superman.Is it going to be the same with Babs and Bruce?

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>>114865187Its not rape if they end up liking it.

>>114861306No fucking lie, not that user, but the last time I tried watching that new-ish, Harley Quinn show, I nearly had a stroke. It was making me see shit. I'm relatively healthy btw, but I also just think the show talks down to NORMAL people, and is not that "funny"



She does not deserve to be cucked to death.

Attached: save me a pic carol.jpg (567x577, 27.99K)

>>114867320>cucked by jess>cucked by selina>cucked by babscarol is eternally BTFO

Attached: ntr.png (1807x969, 2.17M)

>>114867387Why would they do this, bros? Lauren has some kind of fetish?

Attached: kiss green lantern.jpg (1240x691, 176K)

>>114867907You know she totally sits in the corner crying and flicking her bean while Craig McCracken fucks one of his interns

What did they mean by this?

Attached: file.png (216x125, 65.77K)

>>114868257>Barbara's a slut but not THAT kind of slut

>>114868257babs gets raped and karen has to watch

Dog Groomer!

Attached: IMG_20200510_015017.jpg (666x1024, 161.3K)

>>114868793>Jess fucks dogsAhahaha

>>114848684That's an enormous bathroom.

>>114854025>Britain>'70s>conservativeBritain's economy in the '70s was trash because they were pozzed on socialism.

Attached: Bee Garth hug scared.png (1440x1080, 963.04K)

Attached: Bee Garth hug.png (700x900, 656.37K)

>>114869931>>114869946Is Karen a slut too? She's got her little thing going on with Garth and yet she's also got the upcoming episode with Conner that's literally called "The Birds and the Bees".

>>114869967garth about to go into cuckoo territory just like carol

>>114869780>70s britain was socialisti really want to live in whatever world rightoids think we are

>>114870482Either that or he's got an alternative definition of "pozzed"

>>114846699Is obvious she's a dyke, but the question is: Who's the one she's pegging with her superstrap-on?

>>114868793>according to comics carol doesnt know jess is green lanternso, she thinks she is being cucked by two different girls?

>>114870970I think it's just that nobody knows anybody's identity unless we're explicitly told by the show itself that they know it.Which is hilarious because, like, half the cast doesn't wear any kind of mask. Kara doesn't even change her hair color. I keep comparing it to Sailor Moon. It's so nuts it loops back around to being funny.

Attached: batgirl is.jpg (1811x969, 254.16K)

Anons i think i want to murder livewire, that was really mean, i don't care about what she did to the other girls but making babs cry is a crime

Attached: dcshg.png (1920x1004, 1.4M)

>>114871089So you think that is somehow worse than her legitimately nearly killing Diana, then.

Attached: 1580338032627.png (1366x768, 1.17M)

>>114870997that doesnt explain why jess and karen didnt tell nothing to babs about dick being robin. that will break her shotacon heart

Attached: 1585323397736.png (1070x596, 670.54K)

>>114871182>actually legitimately seemed to be into Dick in a shotacon sort of way>ON TOP OF lusting after both Barry and HalJust how fucking horny is this girl?

Attached: 1583950866283.jpg (1920x1080, 193.05K)

why do i have a feeling this is bat-mite i mean the real bat-mite just watching the show in this form because well everyone else is already pretty cartoony in this universe, and as long as babs has this around nothing too bad is ever gonna happen to her thanks to 5th dimensional magic

Attached: bat.png (1920x1080, 2.06M)

>>114867320>ywn be carol’s rebound It’s not fair bros

Attached: 57147D2C-A963-43EB-996D-64837DCC9DEB.jpg (307x360, 33.17K)

>>114871827>wanting to be a reboundyou have no dignity user leave

>>114871958>you have no dignity user leavewhere do you think you are .jpg

Who is the best for rape

>>114872122your mom

>>114869780I wrote SOCIAL conservative and near the end of the 70's, you illiterate moron. Also, of course everyone had gibs at this point.Iirc many factories got shut down at that time.

>>114874098you sick fucked

>>114871182the episode ended as soon as they left wayne manor, so there's a chance that they told her

>>114850631>>114850772>>114850828>>114846699Am I the only one who thinks that more adaptations of Peeg should take an inspiration for DCSHG's Supergirl? I mean, PG's only real consistent character trait is that she can do the things Supergirl can't, both in universe and writing wise. DC tried doing the same thing Marvel did with Miss Marvel/Cpt Marvel and it didn't really stick, because everyone will always see PG as big titty Supergirl. But what if they started making her more of a punk like DCSHG?What I mean is, maybe they decide to treat Supergirl as more of a feminist icon like her CW series. So Power Girl goes in the opposite direction and embraces a more raw femininity, power and sexuality. i'm not saying turn her into a slut, hell no, but maybe she starts dressing in more casual clothes (callback to 90s outfits?), gets loud talking smack to her foes, and proudly baring her gazongas out as if to say :"Fuck yeah this is who I am,deal with it!". Kind of like a Tifa Lockhart with superpowers kind of thing.I dunno, it's just an idea but I think that'd be a good path for her. She spent so long trying to figure out what to put on top of that boob window, but maybe now she realizes she never needed to cover it up in the first place

Attached: Supergirl-Power-Girl-Feature.jpg (1710x900, 302.7K)

>>114860571It is called the best girl

today is mother's day and jess has two, say something nice about them

Attached: viejas lesbianas.jpg (1920x1080, 305.2K)

>>114877015they have a huge bathroom >>114848684that's nice

>>114877015>formely best girl

>>114878317i'm not a jessfag but user, if something as petty as the 20 second scene of her parents made you stop loving her you're no better than a FotM faggot, you just followed the "hnghh latino mommy" fad

Attached: bebs.jpg (111x154, 8.15K)

>>114878317you are a faggot user, jess will always be best girl

Attached: 0470275c2838c5680f62bbae320d2b1e.jpg (246x500, 18.66K)

>>114871089>>114871142Trying to kill Supergirl twice and basically dabbing on her corpse on live television when she thought she killed her, yes.

Attached: u ded.png (1912x1072, 1.8M)

>>114878814AND she managed to profit out of it

Attached: lesliechads rise up.png (1912x1072, 2.15M)

>>114878865who's the madman publishing hardcover Villain Memoirs

she did it she said the thing, i shouldn't be this happy about it

Attached: bomb.png (1920x1080, 2.32M)

What advice would you give her?

Attached: LaurenFaustSPFF.png (1162x1318, 2.12M)

>>114846730Came here to post this. OP, you like Power Girl wearing blue.

>>114880246stop quitting you stupid cow

>>114880246>less kara>kill jess parentsthat's all

>>114880246Demand DC Direct to make statues for DCSHG too, because Mattel is absolute garbage.

>>114880490mattel is the reason because dcshg exist, you retared

>>114880490As someone who has zero merch of the shows they like (besides I think a t shirt or two somewhere), can anyone explain the point of getting character statues? They're... they're not for what I think they're for, r-right?

Attached: zee floor.png (620x420, 348.47K)

>>114880631Enjoying that extra 21st chromosome, user?

Attached: stupid_faggot_mouse_fucking_dies.png (257x250, 99.68K)

>>114880647they're mostly for admiring i'd say butyes they're for that too

>>114880631Mattel' DCSHG was trash, good riddance. >>114880647Normally, action figures/dolls would make statues redundant but since Mattel are incapable cheapskates, I would settle for a statue. >they're not for what I think they're for, r-right? No, they aren't, you degenerate

Happy Mothers' day!

Attached: VideoCapture_20200510-130129.jpg (1920x1080, 165.28K)

>>114881267slowpoke numbnuts

>>114881267How hard did Holla Forums seethe when this was first revealed?

>>114881594Honestly not even that muchMostly just bellyaching from a few fags at a time in a given thread

>>114881594not that muchpeople that didn't know shit about the show were the ones that cried the most

>>114881648>>114881736It wasn't so bad desu

>>114881267Damn... Jess just went from 3rd to last in best girl ranking...

>>114881907She was always worst girl with her annoying hypocrite hippy goody two shoes personality. >try to avoid hitting villains at all cost>will beat Hal Jordan>will protest at her friend's showJess is a bitch

>>114850669>>114850718I mean, she's not ODing on heroin, doors and fours, crack, or getting absolutely piss drunk. For the most part she's a poser though, and just adheres to the stereotypes.At least my local punk scene was like that, almost everyone at a show was strung out on something, and just ready to throw down.

>>114881594Not a lot, really.We lost our shit FAR MORE at the Zee tranny gag. Like, we felt fucking betrayed by that. I for one felt extremely betrayed, since I've always assumed Faust was a TERF who hates trannies.

Attached: zee back.jpg (960x922, 463.85K)

>>114882084>We lost our shit FAR MORE at the Zee tranny gagspeak for yourself homie i thought it was hilarious

Attached: You get what you fukking deserve.png (790x441, 327.38K)

>>114882084Zatanna a tranny? How did they pull that off?

yes there is a follow up pic.can't post it on a blue board

Attached: _wardrobemalfunction___part_1_by_drawsputin_ddvyswr-fullview.jpg (1024x1024, 106.75K)


>>114882273just a one-off post by the twitter accounttaking it seriously was the fun part

Attached: 1585850986588.jpg (906x1024, 80.86K)

>>114882324>new dcshg r34>it's another kara pic>in the PG costumealthough the follow up image is nice

>>114880246Boost a Blu Ray release for this show.

>>114882348>Transgender woman>The first woman to _____lol

Attached: Zee on the bed.png (1014x773, 689.46K)

>>114881267Still not canon. user!

>>114882906It's embarrassing, isn't it? That women are being forced to admit biological men into their ranks and count their accomplishments as their own. I sympathize with the TERFs. From a certain point of view, it IS bullshit that women have to accept people into womanhood who were born as men, and who got to enjoy the advantages in our society that men enjoy, before one day waking up and randomly deciding they were female.

Attached: zatanna99.png (1280x720, 791.26K)

>>114875602No, I agree. I always imagined Power Girl as the more adult, abrasive and tougher version of Supergirl. Supergirl is like Bubbles, make Power Girl more like Buttercup. That'd make the character more fun.Let's be honest, what IS PG's character BESIDES being a slight upgrade/evolution of Supergirl?

Steve is the best

>>114883136>Supergirl is like Bubblesretard

This show is full of cucks

Attached: cucked-zee.jpg (1328x960, 273.53K)

I used to like Kara the most but #HousePest made me become a Dianabro.

Attached: 1576709111257.png (1333x1050, 581.8K)

>>114883892good thing you developed tastewelcome to the party bro

Attached: Fact.png (1366x1152, 999.87K)

>>114883892Diana is not for lewds! >:(

>>114883840yurifags btfo


>>114884006what about garthfags?

>>114884019not reallyit's just funny poking with a stick the most popular one and seeing shit go down

>>114884027garth is getting cucked too because of carter


>>114884101no you

Attached: 1585947954281.jpg (657x659, 98.53K)

>>114883892>#HousePestThat was an awful episode despite the heartwarming ending. Diana about to sleepkill Gordon was forced and made no sense. Getting kicked out from Kara house was funny though.

>>114856754I've never read Power Girl in my life I just know she looks and acts more like her than Supergirl

>>114859745She reminds me of meatwad

>>114885352Who's Master Shake in this scenario? Who's Frylock?

>>114885379>master shake probably kara, she matches the description of total retard>frylockmost likely jess, after all she's the voice of reason most of the time

>>114885622>jess>voice of reason

>>114879721Funky Flashman

>>114885695she is the one that acts like she's right all the time so she's the closest one to the fry man




>>114882906>>114883067Wait I thought we were all mad that they think they know what happened to Amelia Eathart

Faust rehashed so many character archetypes from Horse, I'm surprised Wonder Woman doesn't have her Kangaroo to be the show's dragon wuss

>>114887637shut the fuck up

>What's the matter, user? I just sabotaged your only chance with the girl of your dreams, don't kill yourself, you wouldn't have the guts.

Attached: bully zee.jpg (504x502, 29.82K)

>>114887733but what if zee was the girl of my dreams

>>114887733jess two moms was your idea?!!!

>>114883892whooooa who drew this? Would look forward to some semi-lewds like this concerning the other four....

>>114846699For me, it's Z

Attached: EHcDBM7XUAE7Q0w.jpg (1200x675, 125.14K)

>>114888768I like this pic and this artist too.

Attached: lojdebnc91m31.png (588x739, 314.09K)

>>114861459post it

>>114850655>Babs not trading favors for shoes also pray for Hal

>>1148883713min colored by me.twitter.com/smashed333/status/1253346500991541248

>>114888915This one?

Attached: The Full Story.png (1920x4832, 928.19K)

>>114889334No he meant this one, faggot

Attached: 1587848321961.png (1912x1072, 849.43K)


Attached: (you).png (850x710, 397.22K)

Dab dodge!>>114849569Nice.

Attached: Dab dodged on.png (1368x766, 1.24M)

>>114859666I hate that this is probably true.

>>114883840>sharing sundaes with one spoon>being in each other's bedrooms>around when the other gets naked>pairing up under orders for a mission>these two mean the sameOk then.

Attached: 3544554.png (370x470, 260.63K)

>>114880246dye your hair a normal color

>>114889822>>sharing sundaes with one spoon>karen's spoon is right beside her hand>zee's spoon is just on top of the ice creamshut up yurifag

>>114848238>Kara dies again

>>114889511not a greentext, but DAMN, I'll take it

Attached: 1586128964878.jpg (640x666, 45.55K)

>>114889308that user is weird

>>114890031That's hot

>>114890031All the girls in this show should have huge bellies

>>114889985You did this last thread.Get some new material and quit being triggered over a ship you don't like.

Attached: 2805646.png (1280x719, 584.1K)

>>114891254silencei see two spoons

>>114891358>deflectingDenied.Here are two things:1. No one on Holla Forums says "yuri". You're clearly from /a/.2. Someone from /a/ shouldn't be as affect or shocked over shipping, let alone in an all girl cast show. Meaning you're putting on air and this is less a "YURI" thing and more about the ship itself.Are you a Carterfag?

Attached: 78780.png (1280x719, 602.55K)

Attached: hug hal and babs.png (1069x601, 409.19K)

>>1148917681. I only use the term because its probably the only word i can come up with thats relatively short and i dont like anime2. as i said i dont like anime, i dont even hate the ship i actually kinda like it i just dont like the amount of people pushing it, its just a matter of autismo gatekeeping3. Carter is gay

>>114891810thats the face of a happy babs realizing she just cucked jess and carol at the same time

Attached: Zee smile sneer.png (1200x600, 529.21K)

>>114891924>only word i can come up with thats relatively short and i dont like animeTry F/F and I don't know if I believe you. Unless you choose to watch like one cartoon in a blue moon most of the more popular show threads on Holla Forums now and days have worse "yuri pushing" then here. The Owl house; Amphibia; Steven Universe; the Tangled threads; She Ra; sometimes SVTFOE but Marco shipping is more the thing; Korra, any Frozen topics are to name some. You would have been in some of these by now or you are either really niched or new.Here at least even with an all female main cast there's a lot of love for the male characters and people even ship Oliver with Zee despite their dysfunction.>amount of pushingI don't think it's been talked about that much since the show is on hiatus again. Maybe when it comes back and either Zee or Karen have an episode. But then other ships will get talked about too.

Attached: 3fe7c8a4.png (621x423, 141.96K)

>manipulates you into forming the best friendships of your life

Attached: babs happy.png (150x150, 51.59K)

So... New episodes this friday?

Attached: By julie-ghouls.jpg (676x1202, 252.2K)

>>114892554That face on the right is the look of someone who is determined to ruin your life.

>>114893047we could only hope


>>114893487You know come to think of it we have not had anyone in these threads yet autistic enough to guess each girl's cup size. If this were /a/ we'd already have rough estimates for both the hero girls AND the villain girls.

Attached: 1572057629659.png (1912x1072, 1.42M)


>>114893037She is so cute i love her i wish other babs across the multiverse could be like her

>>114883892Why did this take you this long? Diana had tons of awesome episodes. #Sweetjustice already makes her best girl.>>114889308C-c-c-cute

>>114889308Good shit

aw man i hate when bizarros don't talk in oppossite, but it was fun to see supergirl get along with her bizarro

Attached: BIZARRO.png (1920x1080, 2.6M)


Attached: Bizarro Supergirl.jpg (2525x2144, 1.97M)

>fans of this trash are just /mlp/ 2.0 Standards need to be drilled into your average Holla Forums nigger asap.

Attached: 1357997531246.jpg (500x556, 70.69K)

>>114895542wasn't steven universe the mlp 2.0? either way mlp and mlp 2.0 are dead all that remains are cute girls doing super hero stuff

So this is why all the other barrys suffer so much, this one took all the happiness for himself, look at him he even got a cute bat gf

Attached: barry.png (1920x1080, 1.28M)

>>114861150>>114862256Added these to my gorgeous red-heads collection.

>>114882348What the french is this!?

Split to see such peopleu p this late today. How's hiring in the pelican industry these days, boys??

She rocks anything she wears

Attached: IMG_20200511_062447.jpg (1024x576, 80.4K)

>>114846699It's actually Power Girl and yeah she's pretty great.


Attached: mlp.jpg (700x617, 160.78K)

>>114883067It's not really much of an accomplishment to claim either, they got pretty screwed.

>>114896245Excuse me what is that from?!

>>114895542I've never watched pony show.


>>114846699okay incel

>>114891768>1. No one on Holla Forums says "yuri"Why do you feel the need to prove yourself so wrong?

>>114896419IDK, DC Superhero Girls 2019?

>>114895542see >>114858007

>>114896601Which episode, faggot.

>>114896643Allycat part 1

>>114896419AllyCat episode

>>114893509It’s because the cup sizes keep changing between episodesSomeone tried in one of the older threads but Jess in particular kept switching from flat to not-flat

>>114896479I've been on Holla Forums since the start and yuri is a relatively common term. Your move.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 37.31K)

>>114882348Hold on, Zatanna is trans!? I suddenly find her much more attractive and interesting.

>>114897396Back off, she's MY waifu. You can have one of those Bizarre Zatannas.

Attached: 988370c00ee00dfb274498153d429571.jpg (1000x1000, 56.37K)

>>114897544You can both back of fags, Zatanna is mine.

Attached: IMG_20200408_174405.jpg (1920x1080, 95.21K)

>>114897572I'm running out of Zatanna pictures! Ah!

Attached: TheAmazingZee.jpg (1280x720, 93.57K)

>>114891810I’d love if someone could put a tiny Carol behind the bleachers.

>>114897544>>114897572What kinda dick do you think she has? Cute and smol or monstrous dong?

>>114897660She is so perfect.

Attached: IMG_20200511_142206.jpg (1920x1080, 108.09K)

>>114897775Anon, she's a wizard.She can have whatever kind of dick you want. BAM. That's the power of magic. Dragon dick? You got it. Cat dick? She ain't judging you and your masochist kinks. Dog dick? She's got it covered. Garden variety human dick? Check, check, check. Soda can? Well, you can take it with this handy dandy invincibility spell.It's the Amazing Zantanna! She can do (almost) anything! Well, as long as you feed and water your magician. Superpowers are quite tiring, you know.

>>114891254>>114891768>>114892877>Jessfag is s/u/bhuman Of course

>>114897806I don't some fantasy dick, I want her dick.

>>114897544>Mattel QUALITY

Attached: absolutely disgusting.jpg (640x640, 67.96K)

>>11489554210 fucking years and a fucking pony show for little girls still lives rent free in the head of 4chode users


>>114898148I mean, I've seen worse

>>114897775MonstrousShe likes having a massive erection during her shows hidden with an illusion spell and gets off on picking a few random members of the audience for the spell to not affect

>>114895542fuck off schizo

>>114897775It is a small feminine dick. Because she has to fit into that tight showstage panties, so she used too much magic and the tightness caused a bad blood circulation.So it shriveled towards a size she now can tug easily away.

>>114895847but faust confirmed he will be cucked by harley

>>114901919damn son, that's not even remotely what she said

>>114901930What she said?

>>114902376Oh it was a tweet about how Steve is really just Diana's first crush at this point and she wouldn't call it love and that Babs and Harleen are much closer. That they have "real affection" for each otherNaturally the howling retards on this board took that as confirmation that Babs and Harleen are ghey/that Faust hates all straight couples/both at the same time

>>114897794God, I want her to impregnate Karen so bad.

>>114902658>inb4 karen tells zee she's a terf

Is this show actually good or do people just like it for the waifus?


>>114902972If you're sincerely asking then you're already beyond the point of actually enjoying anything

>>114902972It's fun.


>>114902972it's great in both aspects

Attached: 132142123282.gif (512x288, 837.8K)

>>114849569this the guy who did that pic of selina and doris with their clothes blown off?

>>114846699Who's the best?

Attached: DC Superhero Girls.png (967x703, 1.16M)

>>114903987no, it's not the same guyi did my research and the guy that did that bumblebee image is just a boxing fetishist that replicates the artstyle depending on the show he drawsit would've been cool if it was the same guy though


>>114904095you're just asking for it

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-05-20h05m56s057.png (1912x1072, 1.97M)

>>114904020Babs is the cutest girl in the dc multiverse


Attached: DoEgqgBXoAAY4XO.jpg (840x840, 118.92K)


Attached: based department hq.jpg (680x453, 80.71K)

Diana's mom looks like a cockroach

Attached: EXrs1NoUcAA4aT8.jpg (2048x2048, 482.62K)

>>114905587you look like a cockroach

>>114905716Yeah but that's beside the point

Attached: e4783fbdd781d3d15c84a2ab289c4a20.jpg (432x469, 35.16K)

>>114905587>remember how tall is Diana compared with the others girls

Attached: Jtusto.png (450x349, 151.52K)

>>114906813She’s short AND a stick compared to the othersWhen she’s amazon mature she’ll be a fucking brick house

>>114902960>That scene where Karen politely rejects Zee, indicating that she is not interested in more than a simple friendship with her.

Attached: bee and zee.jpg (1912x1072, 188.36K)

>>114895542Where'd you get that idea?

>>114902972waifufoolery aside, it is a pretty good show. Not calarts artstyle, great female main cast, good animation (they move their jaw ffs) and takes liberties with the DC canon without shitting on it like other adaptations

>>114898148Dude, she's literally farting there.

>>114898148Looks fine for a cheap toy. Not everything has anime statue for hot glue tier levels of quality


Attached: 1587916186714.png (967x703, 1.16M)

>>114909041Looks more like she smelled Diana's instead

Attached: diana pizza.jpg (720x405, 22.33K)

>>114909783Haha, wouldn't be funny if she farted because she's an Amazoness and doesn't know proper mannersHaha...

>>114910164shut up


>>114909361i don't get it

>>114911131who is best waifu

>>114911131He just changed some pictures. Not sure why.

i kinda wanna see how this bat family works, usually we get batman being bat dad except for the times when alfred is taking care of bruce and later on we get dick being a big bro to all the other robins, but here bruce would be more like a big bro to dick than a father figure, it could be interesting, also who are those other 2 characters in the show?

Attached: batshg.png (1920x1080, 3.37M)

>>114911994vicki vale and harvey dent

>>114911994>>114912076I'm amused by the idea that Vicki is Bruce's witless patsy that he's stringing along to keep up appearances. Like, she's his beard, but she's not his beard because he's gay, she's his beard because he's secretly Batman.

>>114912076>>114912595>vicki valegive me the quick rundown on her

>>114850948Harleyverse Ivy is phenomenal

look at pam

Attached: villain girls.jpg (1912x1072, 167.68K)


Attached: GIGNANTA.png (680x457, 161.51K)

>>114913887emo/goth ecoterrorist Pam > sassy dyke Pam

>>114913951>pam has a pdf of the unabomber manifesto because a physical copy would mean more dead trees

>>114913951She's more of the doomer sort>>114914011she'd write it on tanned human skin

>>114912634She is Batman's Lois Lane

>>114911994I keep thinking about how totally brilliant this is, how Faust and Larson have stumbled on a really incredible wrinkle in Bruce's deception. In the year 2020, what BETTER way to portray yourself as a vapid, stupid, worthless rich person than to have a dumb reality TV show? It works so well for the Kardashians. It makes perfect sense that Bruce would use this to help keep up his disguise. And since he is, in fact, a billionaire jetsetting playboy, it also makes perfect sense that there'd be some producer and studio in Hollywood who would be more than happy to film a reality TV show in and around Wayne Manor. Including, of course, a reality TV show that had really strict, really particular, and really strange rules about where, how, and in what way the camera crews could operate while they were on the grounds.It's perfect. It's genius. It's one of the best ideas this show has had, and the show is full of good ideas. I want it to happen in the comics, it's so perfect.

Attached: 8d49e9ac7256f10727d0ad5a503355d5.jpg (1200x1551, 176.6K)

>>114913933Giganta's boutta like my dick in her deep-ass belly button

>>114914166>>114914230the duality of dcshg fans

Attached: 1588795350999.jpg (667x467, 69.75K)

>>114880246>those old character designsHoly fuck I cant believe it's been so long since those initial pilots

>>114913951>that heis not a dyke yet for fuck sake, she is currently fucking kiteman

>>114914583So she's bi? What should I call her then? A bike?

>>114914166i find it funny how pic related was cancelled but we got some images and you can see that at the very least the characters had cool designs, the idea just needed a bit of work and it would have been funthen years later dc comes out with this thing youtube.com/watch?v=Q9t4KzJ0qQAsame idea except excecuted in a way so terrible that absolutely no one could ever relate to itbut this kid's show got the concept right and excecutes it in a way that everyone can enjoy

Attached: 1_LWnPWTaynSwY1_rC7LCDjw.jpg (930x434, 126.74K)

So apparently only Batman and Superman are Adults but none of the rest of the cast are including the former's cast of villains?Doesn't make any goddamn sense but I applaud Faust for taking these kind of risks

>>114914879to be fair the show has shown that bruce is just a young adult and a pparently supes has only been superman for 3 months, before that he used to be super boy