Just rewatched Passion Patties

It wasn’t that weird.

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>>114840307Surprised Mandy didn’t show up to pick on Fat Clover

>>114840307I've been rewatching Totally Spies thanks to this thread >>114775656it hasn't unlocked any new fetishes in me... yet.

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You can permanently assign a fetish to each of these 3.which fetishes do ya choose, Holla Forums?

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>>114840400If Sam, it’s mind control If Clover or Alex, it’s transformation

>>114840446That's already the case. I think he means something more specific.

>>114840400All weight gain


>>114840400permanent bondage.they gotta hobble around like this for the rest of their lives

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>>114840400Trick question.

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>>114840400....the one on the lower-left

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>>114841062for all 3 of them?

>>114841080yes. even Jerry.

>>114840307If Passion Patties came out in seasons 5-6, i felt like Alex would’ve been the victim of them instead.

>>114841208I would wanna cuddle her even more then

>>114840400ABDLBlueberryssbbw ;_;

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>>114840400Sam becoming more and more susceptible to mind control thanks to being the fallgirl for it every single time. Other spiez have to become her caretakers considering she goes into trance watching leaves blowing idle in the wind.

>>114840307No but it 10000% gave me my fetish and I hate it for that and how amazingly cuddly OP's pic looks. Ideal bod for a wife desu.

>>114842229same here, they probably wanted her to look oafish and like a goofy sumo, but it just looks flat out adorable to me

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>>114840364this show truly covered a lot of ground

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>>114842400Right? She just looks soft and good for cuddling. She's not flabby, which helps. Well helps on are end, probably made it so she didn't look like they wanted.

>>114840446Sam, the smartest girl and leader, secretly fantasizes about being made into a mindless doll. Relieved of the burden of thought that comes with being smart.This secret desire makes her susceptible to mind control.


>>114842400I wish she would sit on me and crush my spine

>>114840400I infinitely multiply them so I can apply every imaginable fetish onto each of them

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>>114844915That's against the rules, isn't it?

>>114846119dang, you're right. eh, I'll just combine them into pic-related instead then

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It's always been my fattywank headcanon that Clover tried to lose the weight on her own at first, but she was way too lazy and gluttonous to do it, and it became rapidly obvious that if left to her own devices she'd get EVEN fatter. So WOOHP did their usual super science bullshit and gave her the mother of all liposuctions.

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>>114840364The absolute state of my life currently now makes sense because of pic related


>>114840307UHH THICCER


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>>114842400It's like she's running at a normal paste' But the position of it changes like if she was running to the nearest cookie shop.

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>>114847998Thats the shit that makes me hard, a fatty struggling to fit into something that should be easy for a normal person

>>114849674I prefer a fatty trying to pretend she’s fit

>>114848844Love his stuff


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>>114840324>Surprised MandyDidn't end up fat at the end.

>>114840400Sam: MC/Bimbofication. Clover: Fat Alex: Transformed into a Cat/pet girl

>>114850973>shows up the end to continue mocking Clover over the hat>so busy laughing she doesn't notice Clover slip a few drops of Bittersweet's extract into her drink


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>>114851219LordStormCaller is an actual saint

>>114848844There's so much potential for having the girls go about their daily lives with their new bodies>Alex took an immediate liking to having huge muscles>Clover had fun being a beefed up figure skater


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>>114851397Reminder that Alex canonically said this when she became a cat girl

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>>114851451Yes, and?

>>114851451hmm... amazonian catgirl alex

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>>114840400Giantess vore>female on female

You all are getting to close to>>>/aco/

>>114852663indeed. let's reel it in a bit and post gifs of our favorite transformations from the show:

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>>114852716can't find any gifs of them, but these particular transformations made me into the man that I am

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>>114852716>when the guys took bulky bars they just went on a rampage>when alex took them she immediately started flexing

Is it weird that I feel left out having missed this show entirely as a kid?I'm still a degenerate fuck and enjoy most of the fetishes ITT but I never got bathed in the concentrated firehose of kink that is Totally Spies, I feel like it was a rite of passage for budding perverts that I missed.

>>114852935It’s fun to be included

>>114840307I think it's more weird how none of the main characters noticed much that Clover was getting a lot fatter in the span of like 2 days. They just all sort of ignored it.

>>114840400>Clover - Superfat elephant deluded into thinking she's a beautiful goddess>Alex - Supermuscled werecat with high aggression>Sam - Roboticized and mind-enslaved into a pleasure bot

>>114854085>Elephant Clover stripping for peanuts

>>114847998This is the scene that ruined me as a kid.


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>>114854085>Alex goes full Teen Wolf to help her soccer team win

>>114841062Why did the artist choose to make the third fusion demonic?

>>114854085is clover giant, or does that go Mandy plus whatever else happened to her

>>114855781Mini-giantess. Maybe 10-12 feet.

>>114855107Why not?

>>114854085>>114857074>personality swap where Clover fattens up Alex's beefy bodalways thought pic related was hot

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>>114857342Pic related is VERY hot.

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>>114858355What episode?

>>114858385The Prisoner of Benda.

>one of the new mods deleted a bunch of Cookies-Cat's Clover picseh, understandable. I can't blame 'em. they were blatantly fetishy.I kinda knew that would happen, that's why I pushed the thread to just post stuff from the show ( >>114852716 )

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>>114858434LordStormCaller, not Cookies-Cat. my bad.>>114859701...that's a little harsh. I'd imagine they're doing what a lot of mods do when they get first their moderation powers which is: moderating a *little* more than they should.

>>114859930You are now imagining the Kanker Sisters with kitty ear headbands.

>>114859930not sure if I agree with that first part, but TS definitely had it's fair share of cat accessories

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>>114859930Also tiger strips, fur spots and tail/whiskers.

>>114859996naw they're the doggirls

>>114859999All I am saying is that many young teens were built for sex and they pretty much max out their looks around 13 or 14.

>wear catgirl accessories>dont want to be looked at as sexyImpossible. Ive seen 10yo girls at claires wear cat ears that you know are begging for some cunny pounding.


What will the new decade bring us, lads? what cartoons do you wanna see get a weight gain episode?

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>>114860236Up yours.

>>114860156Meg's weight gain episode was a crock of shit, she didn't get NEARLY fat enough for my liking.

I use to imagine fucking michelle from Full House and her stomach bulging out. Thats how I spent most of my third year of college.

>>114860277>cooming to something so simple and basic as a college juniorThat's middle school shit. By the time you're that old your fap fantasies should start to get more esoteric and specialized.

>>114860051crazy how the show did Cat transformations two times, but never did dog transformations

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>>114860350Im in my 40s now. Now its all kiddie porn and MMD erotica.

>>114860156a lot of cartoons currently on TV don't interest me that much, so I don't know which shows I'd wanna see weight gain from.The Simpsons will probably still be going through the next decade. I guess finally seeing a Simpsons episode where Marge gets fat would be neat

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>>114860424I just figure it's one of the cardinal laws of the Simpsons writing room that Marge never gets fat. Every member of the family has been depicted as fat EXCEPT for her, either in a "real" episode's events or in a dream sequence or fantasy sequence.

>>114860424>>114860476What would a Fat Marge episode be about?

>>114860493Star trek.

>>114860493>Homer gets iPad>Marge's old college roommate Lizzo asks Marge to be her spokesperson for her plus size fashion line. hilarity and weight gain ensues!

>>114860493>With the kids at camp and Homer off on some long-term "Homer does something wacky" plot, Marge is left at home reflexively cooking family-sized meals and eating them all herself; by the time everyone gets home she's at least as big as Homer>Homer and Marge's food orgies from "Pranks and Greens" get out of hand>A what-if episode where Marge stays on the police force, succeeds Wiggum as chief, and gets as fat as he is

>>114860493Just off the top of my head, maybe a role reversal? Like, how about this: Marge goes out of town for the weekend to visit relatives, or something, and leaves Homer a list of chores to do. Homer, as usual, farts around and does none of it until the night before Marge comes home. Then, in a burst of love for his wife, Homer groans and reluctantly begins to clean the house.He finds, to his surprise, that it's rather relaxing and satisfying to clean, cook, and tidy up. It puts him in a good mood. So when Marge comes home the house is spotless. Marge is impressed, and Homer asks her if he can start helping out with housework when he's not at work.Marge agrees, but Homer is TOO good at taking care of the house. He's so good at cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and more, even in his limited time outside of work, that Marge suddenly finds herself with nothing to do all day. This causes her to, ironically, start adopting some of Homer's behavioral traits: she constantly sits around on the couch drinking beer and watching TV. She begins to snack more as well, and gradually progresses to eating whole extra meals, purely out of boredom.So by the final ten or so minutes of the episode their roles have, essentially, been reversed: Homer is now the fastidious busybody who keeps up the house, and Marge is the lazy fat fuck who sits around and does nothing all day. Lisa becomes disturbed at this, and so she conspires to get Homer to go back to his old ways to save Marge from herself.

>>114860493Early simpsons would probably make it a tinge serious with her stress eating and feeling more uncomfortable with her weight gain. Might end with Homer liking her the way she is.Nu-simpsons has her go on some trendy diet, get fat, gets made of fun for being fat, and then the guest character shows up to defend her.

>>114860424>The Simpsons will probably still be going through the next decadeSpongeBob probably will be too. the show's newer writers love S1-S3 references and nostalgia. so I could see them doing another episode where Sandy gets strongfat

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>>114860493No joke, Marge and Homer find out about feederism after a female FA makes a pass at Homer. The two are invited by her to a FA event like the one in Las Vegas and they are both exposed to all the fatties. Homer finds he admires something about the way the BBW eat and Marge finds the large men rugged. The two get into some feeding at the event and it just grows from there.By th middle of the episode it's clear Homer's a great teacher because he'd whipped Marge into a nice fat shape, so much so that she is equal to him in weight, which has also gone up quite a bit with the two of them just about past King Size Homer weight.By the end their exploration of the fetish has gotten out of hand as they are both massive and trying to tempt other Springfield couples into blimping up with fat focused parties they start throwing. Everything returns to status quo after some one shot couple who were introduced near the start of the episode and ended up joining in on Marge and Homer's fat glorification end up dying a gruesome death from their over eating. Hibbert makes a joke about them being fat and dying from it. Marge and Homer get scared into losing the weight.

>>114860681>Fat drunk MargeYummy


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>>114860156The Owl House

>>114860156if Teen Titans Go continues through the 2020's, then I better see it hit another streak of 4 years on this chart

>>114861125This was when The Simpsons got warped into Lord of the Rings. Each of them held the Ring for a bit and were tempted to keep it as they imagined their ultimate dreams.Maggie keeps it in the end and reshapes reality to a pacifier paradise for all.

>>114861368It's the vision of power the One Ring tries to tempt Marge with.


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>>114860156better go with dc superhero girls

>>114861778Who's most likely to be fattened up? My money is on Zee. Not only is she already the fattest of the six of them, she's the fancy, narcissistic one, too, so it would be humorous to see her gain weight and freak out about it.

>>114862040my money's on Diana, but Zee would be great too

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>>114853988They only mentioned how her hat was not fitting. no one ever seemed to notice that she gained about 200lbs in the span of a day.

>>114860156Ben 10 will get more reboots and iterations until the end of time. so getting sumo Gwen a 3rd time would certainly be nice

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>>114862145Diana is superhuman, thousands of calories mean nothing to her. Zee seems to have a standard human body, despite her magic, so she's the more susceptible of the two to porking up.

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>>114862224ah, true. all solid points ya make there.

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>>114862539You don't think it would be something like Kara makes fun of some fat girl, the Zee makes her fat for a day to teach her a lesson?Or Batgirl starts gaining weight eating junk food while Jessica keeps trying to teach her to start eating healthier?

>>114860156the 2000's truly were the golden age for cartoon weight gain

>>114862577>Fat Kara getting teased by LeslieHot

>>114862577Okay, yeah, those two scenarios do seem more realistic.Actually, you could swap Babs and Jess around in that scenario and make JESSICA be the fat girl by the end of it. Like, we know she doesn't eat meat. Maybe, as she's desperately trying to get Babs to eat healthy, she cringes and takes a bite of a hamburger. Her tastebuds explode with delight and she remembers all over again how fucking delicious meat and cheese and dairy are. Cue her stealthily stuffing her face with greasy fast food in between lecturing and training Babs. By the end of the episode Barbara has washboard abs and Jess has turned into a huge-assed fat cow.For added DC Comics fun, we can throw Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern into the mix and Jess can become consumed with gluttony and greed. We've already had the Red Lanterns and the Star Sapphires show up so I assume the entire emotional spectrum is canon to this show.And the episode ends with a very fat Jess being drilled into jogging by Babs, in an ironic reversal of their roles at the start of the episode.

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>>114862577agreed, the main cast has a such a wide range of fun personalities and superpowers to where you could write great weight gain episodes for any of them.

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>>114862707>Babs getting Jess to jog with a Twinkie on a string

>>114840400hyper fat to all three.

>>114862707Babs would work out best since she is already the moron who does not think things through, gets herself into trouble, and would have the most trouble trying to go stop a villain while out of shape. Everyone else can fly.Another scenario might be Diana trying to get Kara to train with her but Kara keeps insisting she doesn't need to at all and sits around eating burgers while Diana is working out. And probably the same message about eating healthy from Jessica again.

>>114860424>We offered you paradise. You would have experienced emotions a hundred times greater than what you call love. And a thousand times greater than what you call fun. You would have been treated like gods and lived forever in beauty. But, now, because of your distrustful nature, that can never be.>all they did was constantly feed them throughout the storyThis bit from the 1st treehouse has fascinated me since forever. Much like that one treehouse where homer becomes the blob, or that non-adventure time web series where at some point a machine creates a girl with the beauty factor set to infinite and she's just this fat fucking blob. I know they do it as a joke but the specific idea that the utmost universal truth/meaning of life/ideal of beauty/whatever is neverending gluttony just gets me going. Also I was pissed marge didn't get fat in that crappy episode where she starts eating all of homer's hidden junk food near the end because the other moms kept telling her what was healthy or unhealthy for babies.

>>114862931>tfw you will never have a food orgy with Marge

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>>114860424>treehouse of horror episode where Homer goes to hell and gets fed donuts>instead Marge takes his place

>>114862209AU where Gwen was always fat when?

>>114862931>that non-adventure time web series where at some point a machine creates a girl with the beauty factor set to infinite and she's just this fat fucking blob.Pics?

>>114863082>Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer eats the gummy alien and becomes a massive flat blob>instead Marge takes his place

>>114863908Look up Tubbytoon.

>>114863908Tubbytoon already did that.

>>114862209>>114863848a Ben 10 spinoff that takes place entirely in the Sumo Slammers game would actually be kinda cool. (fetish stuff aside), this was one of my favorite episodes of the OG Ben 10 series

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>>114863919>>114863922I know, I've seen that sequence and it gave me horrible new fetishes. I need more though.

>>114863879I had to look it up (can't believe all I remembered about bravest warriors was the scene in question and the name "catbug"), but here, around 2:14youtube.com/watch?v=LKKMnlCQ_Cs&

>>114863963>Sumo Gwen sitting on you until you agree to a date

>>114863997Not available.

>>114864016>Bitchy snarky know it all girl becomes a mega fattyWhy is it so good.


>>114864042I have no idea why but I love it. I just love the idea of her blushing as you feed her snacks and rub her gut while she pouts over her fatness

>>114864042Bitchy, stuck-up fatties are fun in general. Half the fun of Passion Patties is that it happens to Clover. If Sam or Alex was the one getting fat it would not be nearly as fun and sexy of an episode.

>>114863963>a show entirely about Sumo Ben and Sumo Gwen fighting crimeI can dig it

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>>114864016>>114864042>Gwen will never burp in your face, teasing you for being such a pervert for fat chicks

>>114863848Sooner or later someone on Deviant Art will write one.If we're lucky someone in this thread or one of the other threads on trash will write something.

>>114863908i mean literally halfway through the episode, Marge takes his place so he doesn't have to sufferthey strike a deal where Marge only has to stay for like a wekk , and she comes out enourmous from being a constant line of donuts

>>114864166>Gwen will never pin you down with her weight, teasing you for being so weak, you can’t even lift a girl

>>114864066>>114864082>>114864166Its even a better if they start to accept it and become okay with it. Even better if they start to like it. >>114864194That is also really great.

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>>114864231>they become so enamored with their fat that they gorge themselves into massive sizes

>>114864231>Feeding Gwen ice cream as she studies, always rubbing her grumbling belly

>>114864256>>114864231Honestly, say what you will about Tubbytoon, and I will totally understand, but something about his depiction of Gwen is just..... MWAH. It checks so many boxes for me.

>>114864097>they get bigger and bigger over the course of the series because they can't stop competing to see who can be the biggest, strongest sumo

>>114864293Oh yeah, I adore how TubbyToon makes Gwen into this ever-gaining glutton. I mean she's just prime for the fattening!>>114864097>>114864311I can see potential in this

>>114864333The detail of Gwen eventually becoming SO fat that she literally can't get around on Earth is pretty erotic. A fat girl so fat she needs zero gravity.

>>114864408Oh it really is! As a wise man once said: The bigger the figure, the better I like her!I do love a girl who takes up a lot of space like a big ol' spaceship.

>>114864408>>114864491Gotta love how she's fully aware that she's so fat that if she did return to Earth, there's no way it would pass for normal and everyone would treat her weird and just see her as a side show attraction. For me the hottest detail was always that they were so fat in this pic that they used their bellies as the jumbotron/projection pads. Man, I don't know, just something about that drives me wild. Also the push dallies for em.

Attached: intergalactic_eating_contest_by_tubbytoon_d6i9m15.jpg (3286x1722, 2.04M)

>>114841062This is such an odd pairing

>>114864491It reminds me of a weight gain story I once read that was set in the future where they had mastered zero gravity technology. The technology was originally invented to help disabled people get around, but it was basically appropriated to allow extremely fat people to move around effortlessly without losing any weight. The particular story followed this huge fat teenager who was being fitted with the antigrav technology, and then there was a sequel story where she'd gotten EVEN fatter. It had the neat detail of her zero-g belly floating out in front of her in a big jutting blob.

What other Ben 10 girls should gain? I say Looma

>>114864557Don't forget that Tubby made a pic where Gwen was even BIGGER! She won't stop eating even if she were a literal planet of fat!>>114864633>It had the neat detail of her zero-g belly floating out in front of her in a big jutting blob.Now that sounds really hot!

>>114864652CharmcasterI still wanna draw her some day

>>114864690>Don't forget that Tubby made a pic where Gwen was even BIGGER! She won't stop eating even if she were a literal planet of fat!HE WHAT?!WHERE

>>114864652I've never watched Ben 10 Alien Force, but I really like Julie Yamamoto's design

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>>114864690>a literal planet of fat!I love the way you think man.

>>114864718>Gwen pigging out in Charmcaster’s body during the swap episode


>>114864718Which design?

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>>114864810Imagine being her towel boy

>>114864748Axel-Rosered drew a surprisingly nice fat Julie once.


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>>114864748I could probably try to doodle something if you wantNo promises

>>114864761I expected her to be MUCH bigger. Also Charmcaster there aswell

>>114864952Not them but I say go for it


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>>114864016>>114864166>>114864194Yeah, that sounds pretty great.

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>>114840472Omega based

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Attached: clover_force_fed___1_by_bedbendersinc_d2xr06l.jpg (809x949, 229.27K)

>>114840324I was surprised that Fat Clover and Fat Mandy didn't argue over too small clothes at the end.

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>>114866745I'm surprised that Tala got some love.

>>114866745That is a VERY cute Jess. She's such an extreme pear in the show that I figure she'd be super bottom-heavy as a fat girl. Only medium-sized tits, big bottom-heavy belly, MASSIVE ass and hips.

Fat girls deserve to cry



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>>114869734Why the fuck do /d/ and Holla Forums overlap so fucking much

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>>114869876Years of watching cartoons have left us with a lot of deviant fetishes. I mean this thread started with a Totally Spies picture.


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>>114866745>not including namesONE JOB!

>>114862209>all this Gwen Tennyson discussion in this thread you guys are alright!

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>>114870820Upper column Left to Right:Mai from King of FightersRyoko from Tenchi MuhyoNani from Lilo and StitchLower Column Left to Right:?(reminds me of Lucy from Fairy Tail, but I don't think its her)Jessica Cruz from Green LanternTala from Justice League Unlimited

>>114864097I support itbecause its fat loli and shota

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>>114842453tfw your fetish isn't even on here

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>>114864311kek, kind of reminds me of some snippets I wrote for /ceg/ a few years back based on these edits by SS

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>>114860156You know WB/CN has quite a thing for this kinda stuff. But Marathon did it a whole lot better. WB/CN-26.1st, Other studios-20 2nd Nick- 11. 3rd Close but no cigar. Disney- 6 4th Hahaha watdiyaknow Disney’s a fat shamer (maybe) anyway, that concludes this dumbass, WG statistics analysis. So you guys can now go home to fap or puke up a storm depending on how your mood. Oh wait you guys are home due to covid 19. So goodnight all you fuckyducks

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Man, rare to see one of these threads here. I'd like to ask which girls would you like to see me draw in the future.

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Imagine if the spies had to track down a villain who was using mind control tech, so they prepared to be ready to break each other out of his control, and then they find him and he’s sobbing to himself while trying to reverse his own technology, because the mind control chips he used eventually put his victims into a comatose state. He wanted to be a silly Saturday morning Cartoon villain, he never wanted to be a monster, he wanted to make people into his temporary minions, he didn’t want to put them into comas. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but the world doesn’t care about your plans

>>114873591Jinx is always a good start.I'd request someone from a more modern series, but there isn't much that catches my interests.I mean, you could try Wily Kit from the 2011 Thundercats, she makes a cute fatty.

Attached: 1562389967811.gif (234x273, 406.17K)

>>114860156What's that one in 2001 next to Sandy?

>>114871578Oh man, your stuff is great, are you planning on doing more of those two? I've been hankering for their continued adventure

>>114840400WG for Clover and Sam and musclegirl for Alex, strong enough to bench press the other 2.


>>114873649Wily Kit is adorable. And you're right, more Jinx is always great. She's still underrated in fat art.

>>114840307My fetish isn't anywhere in this show.

Attached: 1586962236762.gif (250x250, 153.36K)

>>114874056What's your fetish I'm sure we can find it somewhere, unless it's like gore or cheese pizza or some shit

>>114874069Or tiles or bookshelves

>>114874089>tiles or bookshelves

Attached: Tiles.jpg (512x384, 78.88K)

>>114874069forced feminization

>>114874133Of guys or if girls?

>>114873591Lois Lane from dcshg would be cute to see chubby

Attached: LoisLane2020.png (486x572, 431.55K)

>>114873591Rapunzel would be great!

Attached: raps.png (1280x960, 1.01M)


>>114874512the animators knew *exactly* what they were doing with this scene

Attached: c88764115cfbe138f5ba99017e58af2f.jpg (1280x1710, 230.8K)

>>114873972Wily Kit in that series had so many good things about her.Cute, catgirl, greed-oriented, cute.

>>114874056mine neither, and it's something you could see in a bunch of other cartoons. honestly surprised it wasnt in TS

Okay, we need to bring back fat in cartoons.Make cartoons obese again.

>>114875848Draw and connect your way into the animation industry. Be the change you wanna see in the world, anons.

>>114876029I’m writing some screenplays including some show episodes and a pitch for the very same show. As for weight gain in Cartoons, if I manage to make my show, then I assure you there will be no weight gain

>>114875848>Make cartoons obese again.MCOA?>>114862707Or McOa? Home of the super-sized Cheese Lantern Corps?

>>114877390>Cheese Lantern Corps?I'm not sure the emotional spectrum works that way..


>>114878342It takes a lot of willpower to eat that much cheese.

>>114878354Honestly both Sam and Clover seem like cowgirls. Sam wants to be in control while Clover is just horny

>>114873591Zange would be niceYou already did some god like edits of her.

Attached: Princesszange2.png (360x450, 119.82K)

>>114878600She really gives me a chubby vibe.

>>114878690Right? I don't know what it is but she really does.

>>114840364i doubt it willall of these fetishes are pretty entry level and you prob wont 'discover' em as a fully grown adult from a cartoon like thisthat being said, those oldschool workout outfits aint even a fetish, finding em cute is just common sense

>>114842400agreedalso that outfit doesnt do her any favors, look how absolutely cute she is in the dress they put her in in that ep >>114840364

>>114873591Sasha and Anne from Amphibia.

>>114847998real talk she's not even THAT fat in this scene, i never understood why she couldnt get the belt onthats like your avarage somewhat fat person and belts fit em just fine. what kinda shitty design

>>114878907They are on a plane at the moment. Those belts are not for human use.

>>114879033idk what kinda shit bamboo and rope planes you got wherever the hell you live, but i know people two or three times her size who can fit in those belts


>>114874069still wanna know what cheese pizza entails

>>114879391If you can't read cheese pizza you're way too young to be here.You should be IN the cheese pizza


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>>114878390Only if your bowels have an unfortunate reaction to cheese.

>>114879599p-pls user. ill tell my mom

>>114878342>>114877390They eat Cheetos to refuel their power. Bags and bags of Cheetos every hour.

Who else was here for the fat psychic posting from three threads ago? That was fun.

>>114879267Yeah you’ve got to be pretty big to not fit in those. Best thing to do would be to make Clover fat enough that she could conceivably not buckle up, and then adjust her final size accordingly.


>>114882195It's very arousing to imagine Clover as being so fat that she can't fit in a normal seatbelt. Even MORE arousing if you imagine her angrily bitching out the flight attendant who tries to offer her a belt extender, or even worse, makes her pay for an extra seat.You can imagine her so fat that she's basically overflowing the aisle of the plane, decked out in tacky vacation wear, a big voluminous skirt and some hefty top, her fat, flabby arms on her hips as her fat face is twisted in wrath at the flight attendant daring, DARING to tell her she's going to have to make additional accommodations for her big bloated butt cheeks. She probably has a hat on, too. A big hat, of course, because of course all this started when she couldn't fit her fat head into her original hat size. It's worse now, thanks to the hundreds of pounds she's gained.And of course you, user, are sitting in the window seat next to where Clover is supposed to be, trying to calm everything down while also hiding your raging boner from everyone else on the plane.

>>114883451Ow My Dick!

Why did Bittersweet even have the feeding machine? Had she used it before?

>>114883728She's a kinky bitch, that's what.

>>114883749That's really hot.

>>114883749Clover is indeed one of those Girls that gets off from Bloating/Stuffing, God Bless Her.

>>114883800Yeah this is probably unironically true. She literally never stops stuffing her face throughout the episode. Sam gets fed actual Passion Patties by the feeding machine and SHE is able to resist. But not Clover. Clover actually seems to enjoy it.If we're to assume that there's any kind of continuity in Totally Spies, this episode would seem to reveal that Clover has a fat girl inside her, and even beyond that, that she's prone to binging. On a more depressing note this makes it not out of the question that Clover suffers from bulimia. If she's so instantly eager to gorge herself, what are the odds she just does this normally, and then sticks fingers down her throat and throws it up when she's done?

Attached: EJwo-J7XkAMg7TL.png (560x440, 215.95K)

>>114883929>Clover suffers from bulimia. If she's so instantly eager to gorge herself, what are the odds she just does this normally, and then sticks fingers down her throat and throws it up when she's done?Sweet Evil Jesus, That's so Hot, & So Wrong...It's the Caveman in me that just loves seeing a girl become gluttonous pig!

>>114840400>SamBrain drained>CloverInflation>AlexPhysically and mentally turned into another Clover

Attached: bittersweet_s_revenge_by_tubbytoon_dcgthup-fullview.jpg (1600x1095, 131.93K)


Attached: muscle_gain_for_clover_and_alex_by_ty102_da6gply-fullview.jpg (1024x1024, 119.8K)

You Love It!

Attached: bustin__out__by_snow_chanda_dbtmt0w-fullview.jpg (1024x1280, 149.73K)

I'm Attracted to both equally, What's wrong with me?

Attached: clover__overweight_with_a_slight_muscle_growth_by_ty102_da6gpk4-fullview.jpg (1024x1024, 122.64K)

>>114884899I concur!

Attached: run.gif (480x360, 2.89M)

Attached: clover__stop_eating_the_cookies__by_artisthands_dck3dor-fullview.jpg (1024x1366, 145.46K)

Attached: d3fqoeb-36b99d6d-be92-4a85-9cee-6314e0463ba3.jpg (640x480, 67.04K)

Attached: clover_pt__1_by_bbjangles22_dabeidi-fullview.jpg (1024x1366, 90.28K)

>>114884899i kinda wanna see the gifs/pics of clover actually ice skating, since that was when she was enjoying it

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Attached: clover3.jpg (640x480, 45.05K)

>>114883929I think she just doesn’t have any willpower. Although, if she didn’t have an inner fat girl before she definitely has one now.Imagine this: once Bittersweet sees Clover enjoying the feeder, she decides to up the ante on her and takes her to another room. Sam and Alex break out, and when they eventually find Clover they see she’s being funnel fed the pure cookie additive, leaving her so fat and cookie addled that she’s barely coherent. Once they eventually defeat bittersweet, it’s found that Clover has been exposed to so much of the additive so quickly between her binges and drinking it directly that it’s permanently affected her body. All the antidote really does for her is stop her craving the cookies specifically, but it still leaves her with a lot of extra weight and a serious addiction to general overeating. Just like with the cookies though, she really enjoys herself the whole time. Bittersweet’s additive turned her into a full fledged glutton, one who will never be skinny again.

>tfw no Clover overfed on the thousands of weight gain art of herself

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>>114885015Two sides of the same coin.


Attached: clover_part_3_by_bbjangles22_daduja6-fullview.jpg (1024x861, 128.41K)

Attached: 4D6F5D11-F1B3-4887-A142-A1411FD39006.png (1500x1358, 1.53M)


Attached: dboey1w-e1d22c76-97f4-425c-8218-ccf83944ac51.jpg (546x750, 71.2K)

>>114860056Excuse me what?

>>114885267>Clover repeatedly calling herself "thicc" and insisting that that's what she is, even as she clearly gets extremely obese and grows a big double-rolled bellyThis feels very in-character.


Attached: clover_pt_2_by_bbjangles22_dadbaqq-fullview.jpg (1024x1344, 114.44K)

>>114883728Punishment if anyone in her factory was caught slacking off.

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Cookies-Cat’s art is godly

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>>114885369^forgot to add a spoiler

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>>114885403This one’s my favourite

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If the Girls where RPG classes what would they be?Warrior, Wizard, Rouge?

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Attached: dda3vem-af09e68b-fa82-492b-93e5-353bd5ef843d.jpg (1200x1400, 665.36K)

Attached: 9F11F10D-57FF-42A4-8189-F58201E80889.jpg (2700x3600, 1.4M)

>>114874466She looks perfect for a fat face

>>114885417That upper body just does not look right.

It's like a rite of passage for every WG artist to draw fat Clover at least once


Attached: ddezhrk-4ab5ffb3-a676-4d9a-9452-1d5cfb4fc6af.gif (975x1300, 291.89K)

Attached: clover_force_fed___2_by_bedbendersinc_d38wfyr.jpg (800x900, 258.14K)

Attached: alex.gif (600x338, 678.89K)

I want to have 9 kids with her.I hate this Spoiler shit!

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>>114885604Goddamnit! Forgot the Smut

Attached: ddkm9rs-c486f280-76ef-4ef0-b136-f1934d3f2a89.png (800x803, 285.38K)

Attached: fat_clover___a_passion_for_patties___totally_spies_by_plumpchu_db6jrlo-fullview.png (800x277, 367.27K)

Attached: Patreon Clover Weight Gain Sequence.png (6400x1500, 3.08M)


Attached: muscular_alex_by_hoosuart_dcobyec-fullview.jpg (1024x1263, 75.16K)

Attached: fat_clover_by_dwarfpriest_d225s83-fullview.jpg (600x368, 31.94K)

Attached: fat_taressa___passion_patties_special__by_plumpchu_dbtx8v0-fullview.jpg (1024x1043, 87.21K)

Attached: inga_and_clover_by_yer_keij_fer_cash_dc3zqkm-fullview.jpg (1024x685, 83.76K)

Attached: must_have_cookies_by_royaljellysandwich_d4bqj2i-fullview.jpg (1024x805, 157.62K)

Attached: passion_of_the_patties_by_kawaiidebu_d47sgs1-fullview.jpg (900x1200, 71.77K)

Attached: whoops_part3__clovers_passion_by_metalforever_d2air1h-fullview.jpg (600x600, 39.46K)

let's ease up on this never-ending stream of Fat Clover pics and get back to discussion:what fetish-centric episodes in animation have grossed you out & turned you off from a fetish?

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>>114885716If Clover becomes a Slob, Does Alex become a FBB?

Attached: dbt0l0o-4351e2d7-b631-4d79-8d0d-d2ea69885837.gif (500x354, 630.84K)

>>114885948this. the new mods weren't exactly kind to us with the Faith/fat superhero thread & the SuperDee thread from 2 days ago.thankfully, they've been nice to us with this thread so far

>>114885015Nothing. You just like them big.

>>114885948>let's ease up on this never-ending stream of Fat Clover pics and get back to discussion:Sorry, I'm a Coombrain...>what fetish-centric episodes in animation have grossed you out & turned you off from a fetish?Everything in Mega Babies...

>>114885217 >>114885267 >>114885277 >>114885307 >>114885328 >>114885351 >>114885369 >>114885391 >>114885403 >>114885417 >>114885457 >>114885479 >>114885483 >>114885533 >>114885574 >>114885594 >>114885617 >>114885629 >>114885648 >>114885708 >>114885716 >>114885741 >>114885756 >>114885780 >>114885800 >>114885821 >>114885840bro I like Fat Clover too, but this ain't helping the thread>>114886043>Sorry, I'm a Coombrain...no worries. just remember that the new mods are being painfully nice to us this time around (as >>114885982 said)

>>114885998>Nothing. You just like them big.Thank you.

>>114886095That, or you want to be crushed/squeezed/compressed by girls.

>>114886084>bro I like Fat Clover too, but this ain't helping the thread90% of my posts... Once again I apologize, This really should be on /d/.

>>114840400>SamBrain Drain>AlexBreast Expansion>CloverFurry


>>114886151My Big Sister did sit on me & beat me-up when I was Little, & I'd laugh ever time would it happen ... So yeah there is something wrong with me.

>>114886235Just means you're a sub, nothing wrong with that.

>>114886208I say that with love.

>>114886255Yeah, love for poopoo.

>>114886265How Dare You Good Sir!?!

>>114886331Hey, you said it, not me.

Anyone post the mime episode?

>>114886349I guess Slob was the wrong word because of the filth aspect to it, (Stink Lines), She's a Fatty? I dunno I just love her gluttony.

>>114886252>Just means you're a sub, nothing wrong with that.The Funny thing is now I'm 6'1'' & She's 5'0" feet even & where bestfriends now & I'm very close with all my nephews.

Way to go blubber buttThis thread has been in the making for three daysTHREE DAYS

Attached: THREEDAYS.png (317x365, 107.4K)

How is Sam not a vegetable from having her mind reprogrammed, drained, and swapped with animals once a week?And I didn't mean a food vegetable unless that's your kink, then in that case, you do you.

Attached: 3453763867.gif (499x367, 488.02K)

>>114886584So, if she was turned into a vegetable, would she become a carrot?Or would you go with something else?

>>114886548*Are Best Friends, Sorry I'm a High Retard.

>>114886580but you've enjoyed this thread for THREE DAYS, right user?

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>>114886653That explains the random capitalization.

>>114886672The answer is I shouldn't

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>>114873591Miko from Glitch Techs

>>114886703>That explains the random capitalization.It's a Germanic/Nordic thing.

>>114885948the Zim one, the Courage one, and most of the Teen titans go

>>114887944Which fetishes though?

>>1148601562012 plz

>>114888379Gawayn & Bravest Warriorshere's the DA link for my chart, in case anyone else is wondering where some characters are from:deviantart.com/chubbaduba/art/Cartoon-Female-WG-through-the-Years-1990-Present-825829092

>>114885479Wait, how did she lose all the weight by the next episode?

>>114885136Anymore? >Alex discovers her new dream to be a strongfat skater

>>114888785antidote (read: status quo)

>>114888805oh fuck I always get them mixed up


Attached: skater clover.webm (640x480, 2.72M)

>>114840400Blueberry all 3


>>114846171wait, this is just fanart

>>114889918 youtube.com/watch?v=t1PfeTH0bvg

>>114883451Good God this gets me rock hard. How is the idea of a really fat, really bitch, really demanding wife so erotic? This used to be the worst nightmare of our parents' generation of men.

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>>114883451Can we get a greentext about this?

Attached: Priyanka.jpg (2445x2853, 330.57K)

>>114891072>be me, in window seat waiting for plane to take off>it's one of the shitty tiny ones with low ceilings, only four seats per row, and no premium leg room upgrades>knees are brushing the seat in front of me>at least I can flip up the armrest and use the empty seat next to->"Attention ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We're expecting a full flight for today, so please fit all...">there goes my one solace>scan the incoming passengers to see who it might be>eventually, there's only one seat left next to me>so are they a no-show, or...?>just then, I hear a loud *THUD* as someone steps onto the plane>no>NO>what has to be the fattest woman I've seen in person waddles onto the plane>her fashion sense looks like she ate a PTA's worth of soccer moms and stole their clothes>she's wearing white jeans that make her legs look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, a red blouse that fits like it's made of spandex, a canvas purse full of overpriced airport snacks, knockoff Chanel sunglasses, and one of those big floppy straw sun hats>she lumbers down the aisle, her hips brushing the sides of every seat and seeming like she's about to get stuck>every few steps, the hem of her blouse slowly hikes up, revealing a couple inches of pale, jiggling belly flab before she tugs it back down with a frustrated grunt>she comes to a stop in front of my seat, turning to face me (and accidentally giving the poor mother of three behind her a close encounter of the rear kind)>"WHAT?!" she snaps at me>apparently I was staring at her, transfixed, the entire time>I smile sheepishly and stare at my shoes> after dropping her purse and kicking it below the seat in front, she turns and shimmies into the row of seats, grimacing as the aisle's armrest rakes across the backs of her thighs>her belly is crammed into the seat in front of her, pushing her breasts up to eye level>her flanks are only stopped from pouring onto my lap due to the struggling armrest

>>114892226based, thank ya kindly

Attached: EXrhZrMWoAAN1iW-orig.jpg (2534x2602, 359.91K)



I have this on offer

Attached: amaliasmall.png (2000x1333, 1.49M)

>>114892527these aren't much bigger, but here's more Cathy for ya

Attached: (1).png (1200x384, 97.95K)


Attached: (2).jpg (603x640, 46.47K)

>>114892226>she hefts up her belly with her left and and reaches beneath her ass with the other, rooting around for the seatbelt>she bends down (with great difficulty) and grabs the other clip, dangling in the aisle>she extends it as much as possible, trying to bring the two halves together blindly beneath her quivering gut>"C'mon, c'mon... fuck!" she struggles to force the clips together>but no matter how she tries, it just won't reach>somehow, she already seems winded from this, and you can see beads of sweat on her brow>she lets go of the seatbelt and begins furiously mashing the "call for assistance button" above her head>a few moments later, a stewardess walks up>"How can I help you, ma'am?">"Yeah, your stupid seatbelts are too goddamn tiny. Do you have, like, an extender or something?">"Our apologies, ma'am, but we in fact don't have any.">"What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?" she snaps back. "I thought you all had to have one onboard or something like that!">"Unfortunately, seat extenders are in limited supply for flights and this flight doesn't have one.">"Then go get one!">"We could call around to locate one, but it could delay the flight for several hours-">"Hours?! That's bullshit! Just gimme another seat or something!">"I'm sorry, but the flight is fully booked right now. We can put you on another flight-">"ANOTHER FLIGHT?! I paid GOOD FUCKING MONEY to be on this shitty plane at peak spring break travel season, so I'd better be on this goddamn flight when it takes off!">"I understand, ma'am-">"I don't think you fucking do!">"...but if you can't have your seatbelt properly fastened, then the flight can't take off.">she begins to turn a shade of red that, when combined with her blouse and sweat, makes her look like a ripe tomato>"Listen here, bitch. I've had to pay way too much goddamn money for fucking COACH seats to put up with your shit! And I am NOT getting off this plane unless it's at the Panama City airport, you hear me?!"

>>114892226Fantastic.God, >>114891005 is right. Why is this so hot? These are the sorts of women that were depicted as the worst creatures in the world in shit like Married With Children. Yet I can't think about them or read about them without wanting to explode in my pants. And I can't resist the desire to wish I was married to one.

>>114892829>"Ma'am ,I do have to inform you that if you refuse to leave the aircraft, I WILL have to call airport security to remove you.">the fat girl wilts, a look of shock creeping across her face>she whips her head around to me, her second chin swaying slightly as she does>she looks me dead in the eyes and says "I'll pay you fifty dollars if you put that armrest up for the entire flight," a hint of panic in her voice>I ponder how desperate I am for extra money and eventually conclude 'very'>"O-of course," I stammer as I pull up the armrest>she breathes a sigh of relief as a wall of fat oozes forward, threatening to consume my left leg and forearm>trying one last time, she reaches under her gut and strains to fasten her seatbelt>against all odds, I hear a muffled *click* and she haughtily smirks at the stewardess, who gives me a look of pity before heading back to the front of the cabin>"Thank god that bitch is gone" she says>"Anyway, since we're gonna be spending a lot of personal time together, we should get to know each other. I'm Clover.">she extends her pudgy hand, which you shake>"I'm user. Shame we're meeting under tight circumstances," you awkwardly chuckle>"Tell me about it. You'd think that most places would be more accommodating to someone like me, but guess this country's full of fucking cheapskates who don't want my money. Like at my college...">wait, COLLEGE?>she's more than twice your size and she's not even old enough to drink?>what the FUCK are they feeding her there?>"...and the dining halls only stay open past ten on weekends, which is total bullshit. At least I'm not OH SHIT">the plane starts accelerating, the vibrations making Clover shake like a garbage bag full of jello>it even dislodges a couple of belches from her mouth, which she hastily covers in embarrassment>when the flight finally settles out and reaches cruising attitude, she turns to you again>"I'll pay you another twenty if you hold my snack bag."

>>114892527>>114892623I'll help!

Attached: ES2pBlfX0AI2_1H.jpg (2222x900, 1.4M)

>>114893727It's amazing what a little art upgrade can do.

Attached: 76c.jpg (672x434, 22.96K)

>>114864899Indeed he did

Attached: 75865f934dec46d93e4e7f6e99f761a5.jpg (420x780, 29.6K)

>>114863848>>114864167someone kind of did

Attached: 1022171909b-1.jpg (122x220, 6.01K)

>>114893277>fuck it, twenty dollars is twenty dollars>"...yeah, you'll have to get it">oh boy>unbuckling your seatbelt, you lean down and try to reach under her legs>however, you're nowhere near reaching the bag>"It's okay, you can lean closer. I don't bite.">reluctantly, you bend down lower and lower until your head is right by her stomach>despite her breath clearly indicating she had hit up the airport's Del Taco, her stomach was roaring louder than the engines>"C'mon, I'm starving up here, hurry up!">you can just baaaarely touch the corner of the bag...>with an annoyed sigh, Clover reaches over, grabs your neck, and pushes your head into the side of her belly>your face is submerged in her warm, slightly sweaty flesh, and you're a bit impressed at how far it sinks in>you suddenly become aware of how much your erection is straining against the fly of your jeans>at long last, your hand is able to get a firm grip on a corner of the bag>with a firm tug, it finally slides out from beneath the seat, where you're able to pull it onto your lap>you take glance inside, and holy SHIT that's a lot of snacks>it seems like Clover hit up every single restaurant in the airport's food court before boarding>you see McMuffins, subs, stromboli, a couple more burritos, a couple coke bottles, and (unsurprisingly) bags of pretzels, chips, and candy>without hesitation, Clover immediately reaches in and pulls out a packet of peanut M&Ms>with the speed and deftness that comes from experience, she rips the package open, tilts her head back, and pours them in her mouth as she frantically chews>in mere seconds, she downs the entire pack and reaches around her belly to stuff the crumpled wrapper into the seat back pocket>you can't help but stare, awestruck at the display of sheer gluttony>your erection throbs>as if she wanted to show off, Clover smirks and repeats the same process with a bag of skittles>"You can have some if you want.">"Nah, all yours."

>>114862209>sumo Gwen shit she even got her own toy somehow

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>>114862577Would Kara's gain just be purely appearance-based or will she get the attributes of a fat person too (hunger, laziness, struggling to keep up with the rest, etc)

>>114892226>>114892829>>114893277>>114894351I kind of want this to end with user and Clover getting to Panama and them fucking in a public restroom. And maybe Clover breaking a toilet or a sink from her weight as user vigorously plows her.


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>>114893767All the material has been under our noses all along

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>>114894351>after exhausting around half of her supply of candy, Clover turns to the entrees>she grabs a McMuffin and unwraps it, eating the whole thing in four bites>"Thunkh uh luh- *gulp* thanks a lot for doing this, you're making this flight waaa*UUURP* more bearable.">"Well, you ARE paying me," you chime in as she grabs another McMuffin>"Yeah, but you *grrh* could've made it a lot more difficult. *grunt* When I flew down to Daytona last break *mmlp* I had to pay this lady next to me fifty goddamn bucks. And- *gulp* she ate my last bag of Skittles!">you silently regret not holding out for more, but you aren't gonna push your luck now>besides, you'd probably pay for this experience>you've always had an inclination toward the more horizontally endowed and killed untold billions of sperm toward the idea of finding a feeder>however, you never even got to closely know a real BBW, let alone an absolute glutton, until now>you eventually decide to broach the awkward question>"So, Clover, I was wondering-">"How I got this fat?">oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck>"No, not that! I wanna know if you're, ya know, seeing someone right now!">"Ohhh. No, I'm single. *munch* Still wanna hear how I got fat?">you nod accordingly>"So back in high school, I *gulp* had this job with some friends. Here, lemme show ya.">with one hand occupied holding up a half-eaten sub, the other reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone>she opens the lock screen, which shows three girls in what seem to be Halloween costumes>there's a brunette, a ginger, and some blonde->there's no way>"I'd say that pic's *urp* about five years old">How the FUCK do you quadruple your body weight in five years>"And my friends 'n' I, we'd go around the world, *mmph* do investigative work, expose illegal stuff, all that.">"So it's what, like an activist NGO? Business ethics stuff?">"I guess you- *urp* I guess you could say that.">"So what happened?"

>>114864311>>114871426same guy who did this>>114894133 gave us this gem.

Attached: ben_and_gwen_are_bickering_fatasses_by_themunicipality-dc0q517.jpg (1024x804, 95.82K)

>>114892623Look out, Cathy. Best fat woman in newsprint coming through.

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>>114895390>"Three years back, I *mmph* got exposed to some food additive. Fucked up my thyroid, metabolism, gut flora, the works. Next thing I know, boom, weight more than doubled.">Clover opens a photo of herself in that red tracksuit thing, looking like she was closing in on 300 pounds>"So if this was three years ago...">"Yep, the hundred pounds and change since then are my proud handiwork!">she slaps the side of her belly, dislodging a small belch>"Why would you want to keep getting bigger?">"Well I can't go back, docs said there's no cure. And I got a great severance pay on top of the compensation for this, so I can afford to eat what I want AND never work a day in my life.">realizing that this was probably the longest she'd gone all flight without eating, she polishes off the last of her sandwich>"Besides, do I look like a gal who has the willpower to diet?">you don't know if it's physically possible to be as erect as you are right now>"Anyway, I'm thirsty.">she reaches into the bag and pulls out one of the coke bottles, chugging 20 oz in a few seconds>she reaches for the other one without looking, but misses>instead, she plants her hand right on your crotch and grabs your dick>you flinch from surprise, and Clover immediately recoils her hand with a surprised 'eep!'>after a few moment of being frozen in shock, she leans over to you and whispers "Are you fucking turned on by all this?" with a mix of curiosity and disgust>trying to act cool, you reply "You make it hard not to.">"Ya know, for a perv, you're kinda funny. Now hand me my fucking pretzels, perv.">the rest of the flight is spent in silence, save for the sound of Clover's gorging>you feel like your balls are about to burst at any second>you consider going to the bathroom and jacking off, but you realize that it would mean having Clover get out of her seat>and seeing how her stomach's looking a little red and sore, you doubt she'd be able to get back in again once she gets out

>>114895657>just as Clover polishes off the last burrito, the pilot announces that they're beginning their descent into Panama City>you try not to stare at her, but you can't help but occasionally take a glance at her>a couple times you catch her doing the same to you>the plane lands safely, and Clover somehow performs the herculean task of unwedging herself from the seat and walking out>she twists and stretches a bit, an avalanche of crumbs rolling off her shirt>judging by how much she was huffing and puffing afterwards, you bet it was her sweat that helped her slide out>her blouse has also seemed to permanently ride up after her latest binge, leaving her navel and an inch of fat visible>after a couple tugs, Clover has given up on pulling it back down>"Good thing those snacks were enough to hold me over, let's get a real meal.">what>she waddles into some burger bar place and orders two bacon cheeseburgers and a rib special>the moment she gets them, she sets into devouring them>your train of thought goes from 'How did she manage to put on an extra hundred pounds' to 'how did she only put on a hundred pounds after eating like that?'>with the plates polished off in under ten minutes, she vigorously cleans her hands with wet wipes and heads down to the baggage claim>there's already a driver waiting, holding up a sign with her name on it>he loads her (many, MANY) suitcases into the back of a waiting SUV, which she climbs into>you swear you see the suspension sag>you turn to find a cab, only for Clover to call "Where are you going? I said you're a perv, not that you're unwelcome! Get the fuck in!">you climb in without a moment's hesitation, and the driver speeds off out of the airport>you pull out your phone and start dialing the hotel>"Who are you calling, user?">"The hotel, I gotta let them know I'll be late for my reservation.">"Late? just cancel it! If you wanna go back, I'll cover the new room!">you're a little wary, but you cancel it anyway

>>114893727>>114894921This is great

>>114895835>the car comes to a stop outside of a resort right along the Panama City Beach coastline, and Clover is immediately greeted by a concierge who gives her a key>you're not sure if you've ever set foot in a hotel this swanky>you dutifully follow her as you go to her room on the twelfth floor, which turns out to be the penthouse>marble flooring, two bedrooms with king-sized beds, kitchenette, full bathroom, the works>you walk out to the balcony, where you can see the beach is already crowded with spring breakers>"It's nice and all, but I found something even nicer.">Clover walks up, holding a leather-bound room service menu>of course>"So much food in here looks delicious, but first...">she licks her lips and locks eyes with you>"I want to work up an appetite.">you don't have to wait another second>you lean in and kiss her, feeling her tongue slip inside your mouth>the two of you both bolt to the bedroom (at least as fast as she can jog), stripping off clothing the entire way>you eagerly peel off Clover's blouse, bra, and jeans, seeing that she wasn't wearing any panties>you both make your way to the bed, but Clover pushes you onto the bed, your manhood pointing straight up>"I'm on top.">Clover hefts her belly and lowers herself onto you, the bed frame ominously creaking as she does>the most impressive thing about her is just she sheer size of her and the weight on your body>her belly goes up to your neck, and you feel her ass slap against your knees as she rides you>you're sure that you're going to be terribly bruised tomorrow, but you don't regret it>the actual sex doesn't last very long- you've been on the verge of nutting for ages, and her stamina is quickly expended>but it was undoubtedly the best you've ever had>shortly after you come, you slide out of her, and she flops onto the bed beside you, panting and sweating>"So... *huff, huff* how about room service?">you feel this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationshipFin.

>>114895964Thanks for the Erotica, It was really good & engaging.

I blame Passion Patties for this. Thank goodness Raven existed in my childhood otherwise my folder would be 100% fatfag shit.My folder wouldn't mind more food tho.

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>>114896087Glad to hear you liked it. Also gonna shill this Helluva Boss greentext I wrote a while back in /trash/: pastebin.com/Lt76J23b

>>114896121I blame this: youtube.com/watch?v=4BBX-9ToIKU&t=1sBonus fetishes: Humiliation, Inflation, & Female Bodybuilders.

>>114896131Thank you kindly.

>>114871578>>114873835If I ever stop being lazy, I will be more then happy to do so.

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>>114896376Ow! My Dick.

>>114873649>Wily Kit from the 2011 Thundercatsgood choice

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>>114896443Indeed, the best design for her out of all the iterations.

>>114842453>attempting filicide>fetishthe fuck

>>114840307It was pretty weird.

>>114891996>Fat Priyanka seducing Steven for an ego boost

>>114893727that last panel is literally my girlfriend

It's interesting to see how impactful Passion Patties was on people. Funny enough it never happened to me, I didn't watch Totally Spies as a kid. I just came into like fatties from other routes, and discovered Passion Patties long after the fact.>>114899323Actually same it's the best thing

>>114878841leotards are peak female clothing

>>114899535Agreed.Doubly so if they're huge fatties.

>>114899323>>114899512how did you both meet your lucky ladies?

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>>114899559You want the honest to god truth? Tinder, 5 years agoBody type aside, she's amazing and I have no idea how I got this lucky.

>>114899559I wish fat Starfire would happen

>>114863963That sumo dude on the right has a cool design

>>114899593It happens all the time on TTG, a pretty sus amount of time honestly it would be easier to just make her fat.

>>114899794>It happens all the time on TTGindeed, see: >>114860156

>>114899559Highschool flameHad her over one night and she took her shirt off. I had an erection so bad it hurt. Not gonna forget that. Trying to marry her currently. Also stuffing her with cereal, I need that ass even bigger

>>114899865Sounds like you found the right woman for you and I feel you on needing my girl's ass biggerGood luck on getting the marriage underway, I'm still a few years off from that.

>>114900047Just do it. Screw waiting at this point. If ya'll like each other a lot, fight through the bad and embrace the good'n'tasty. Don't worry about all the other thots. My girl already has the fattest of asses, but bigger is still fun. Even when she's into it ;)

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>>114900147See I would, it has been 5 years, but we've literally spent most of that time apart. We're about to move in together though, so we're going to see how that goes. In a year if I can feel comfortable with how things have gone? I'll jump on it. We've been through some real shit together already, but we've handled it all as mature adults.You lucked out my man, don't let that go! My girl definitely has a crazy fat ass and she knows I dig it. We may be working on slimming her weight down, but it's looking like her ass is going nowhere thank goodness

Possibly the greatest thread all year

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>>114900256And what I'll say about living together. Don't expect sunshine and rainbows all the time. Talk EVERYTHING out, don't have any secrets, throw away resentment and bitterness. Only bother to remember the good times and ditch all the bad. Unless it turns out you don't love her. It's a partnership and that takes actual work. You get out what you put in though so power through it and be here man and she'll stay your cow

>>114889195>ear/nosebots don't even have the out of control aggression or body stress issuesThere's LITERALLY no reason for them to have not kept the technology for instant muscle and skill buffs in the field

>>114900326Appreciate your advice user. Thankfully we do a lot of that already. We're pretty open and we talk it all out. We don't do any of that blame game shit, we talk things out and tackle problems as a team.I love her like you wouldn't believe, and like I said we've been through some serious shit that probably would have turned other people away. I'm not giving up on her, and she won't give up on me.Helps that her ass is too good to let go.

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>>114840400Sam: Mind control or bimbofication. She's the smartest yet could get off to playing the part of a slut.Clover: Transformation. This can include weight gain, animal features, you name it. I could see her getting off on the idea that no matter what she looks like, she's still hot.Alex: Bondage. I can see her loving the idea of being helpless since she normally the most sporty.



>>114900375Alex is probably still a bulky bar junkie though. Imagine totally spies but they keep all the gadgets from every episode. And over time they become more superfluous when it comes to using in their daily lives, or on other people.



>>114902881I just need some fucking art of Alex going around her business while being fucking BUILT

>>114903440One thing I've always wanted someone to draw is a kind of triple image of all three spies with their most famous fetish, in the same picture together. So that would probably be Fat Clover, Muscle Alex, and Brain-Drained Sam.My idea is that you'd have Muscle Alex deadlifting Fat Clover over her head, while Brain-Drained Sam is splayed at Alex's feet with a dazed, stupid look on her face.

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Attached: totally_spies__revenge_is_bittersweet_1_5_by_royaljellysandwich_d7irwf6.jpg (1020x1320, 1.07M)

>>114903829>"I don't understand it. James Coco went mad in 15 minutes."

I forget, what was her motivation again?

>>114903440The episode implies that she can hulkout and grow even bigger when she's mad, so that's another interesting thing to keep.>>114903488I imagine 3 pics of them all doing those 3 fetishes, each with their own takes on it.Muscle for example.>Alex is a bodybuilder, Clover is a bulky bar glutton and growing giant, Sam is brainwashed into bringing them huge amounts of food and weights

>>114900375>>114902881>Clover never loses the weight from the Passion Patties>She uses the nosebots to bulk up enough to easily get around and fight crime with the hundreds of extra pounds>Between already being obese and the nosebots, she rationalizes that she has no reason to watch what she eats and gluts herself constantly, adding more bots whenever she starts getting too fat for the muscle she already has

>>114904546>even if they disabled the body control thing, Sam would still uncontrolably get into figure skating when she used

>>114866745I love fat Nani

>>114906826So does Lilo.


>>114905837I saved it, I want moar!

>>114846402Extremely based

>>114898136someone greentext this

>>114840472What a Chad

>>114887944TTGO has its moments when its not focusing on BB/Cyborg. Starfire and Raven are right there and they rarely use them.

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>>114911386the TTG Vs Teen Titans crossover movie from last year

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>>114910643>>114911347>tfw STILL no expansion moments with Jinx or any of the other girlsRaven and Starfire hog all the attention

Pantha is Best Girl!

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>>114911952That's an odd way of spelling Jinx


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>>114911752There was a missed opportunity in the Mother May-Eye episode from Teen Titans.Jinx was brainwashed by eating the pies at the end. We could have seen her get obese.

Attached: the_weak_should_fear_the_strong_by_superspoe_dc90jbn-fullview.jpg (1024x1053, 102.43K)

>>114840307Am I the only one that got a hard peepee when I saw this as a kid?

>>114908455I'm afraid that's all the ideas I have for Fat Clover, so I will gladly pass the torch on to someone else.


>>114912440Have you missed the last 400+ posts?


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>>114858434Mister Man makes great art

>>114912765>>114912789Can I get a source on these bad boys?

>>114912908an anonymous drawfriend

>>114908039moar pls

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>>114913166>>114912454I meant do they have anything else?

>>114893277This is normally the kind of thing that would really appeal to my fetish, however a very similar experience on a plane I had as a kid has really ruined this story for me. When I was a kid I was on one of these exact same kind of planes for a 2-hour flight, some very obese woman sat next to me. The bitch had the hygiene standards of a fucking pig, I felt like puking the whole time, I will never forget that smell and I'm pissed that what should be a good read has triggered that memory of all things.

>>114913550>Fat anime womenGot moar screencaps?

>>114913751Why is she a glutton, out of curiosity? Does she pig out often?

>>114913751What show?

>>114913790If I had my own cartoon series, I'd make my protagonists all habitual gluttons. They regularly pig out after battles with evil.

>>114913831Wow. How did they get so fat? Some Japanese equivalent of Passion Patties?

>muscle threads almost never get this much postingI hate this cursed earth

>>114913899>Everyone is fatBest Japan timeline.

>mods deleted a bunch of other stuffeh, can't blame 'em. I'm grateful this thread went this long without more stuff getting deleted, I suppose.

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>They've cometh

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>>114913879/co/ has always and forever loved two things: furries and fat girls. We have plenty of musclegirl threads, but this board will never love muscle as much as it loves fat.

>>114914070>theyI've deduced that it's just 1 mod that doesn't exactly love that we have threads like this

>>114914146Fat and Holla Forums are peanut butter & jelly.Also, Charlie Magne needs to get fat in a future episode.

>>114910643ttg Starfire is perfect for weight gain

>>114913273As in other stories I've written? I have pastebin.com/Grk3RzSE, which is about Loona in Helluva Boss.I've got this for Game of Thrones, involving WG, dragon TF, and a bit of macro:>Part one: pastebin.com/DtGngsCi>Part two: pastebin.com/p1ZcsUdu>Part three: pastebin.com/RKrUvn2L>Part four: pastebin.com/wXJCYbZA>Part five: pastebin.com/5LDYTgsV>Epilogue: pastebin.com/QBpsgVwD

>>114914731awesome, thanks m8

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