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Was this show liked and discussed when it aired. Or was it just Sari posters.

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>>114837949I remember when I was young I hated the artstyle, Optimus's mouth, and the weird metrosexual voice they gave himI hate pretty much any Transformers media where Optimus isn't a grizzled war veteran that simulates the cool uncle I never hadSo, needless to say, I don't like a lot of transformers media

>>114837949I don't know about here specifically, but people fucking hated it before the show aired, the artstyle threw everyone off. Animated was too good for this world, it's a shame they never made season 4, I'd easily put a chunk of change into a crowdfund

>>114837949I recall people were pissed that there were villains that weren't Decepticons to be fought every episode, and human villains at that.

>>114838300>I remember when I was young I hated the artstyle>>114838318> the artstyle threw everyone offI remember that happening with Ben 10: Omniverse, I don't know about other shows DJW art directed on. But people liked it better when they saw it animated.

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>>114837949>brown skin red hairwhy does this work so well?

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>>114838602nice earth tones

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>>114838574DJW is a real pleb filter, not that Holla Forums hating on character designs only to love a show when it comes out isn't par for the course.

>>114838729He has a every exaggerated style that can turn people off, and really likes lantern jaws.

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>>114837949I feel like the art style was too similar to Rescue Bots. At a glance, it gave off the impression of being a preschool show for dumb todlers

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>>114838574Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

>>114837949Actually genuinely liked. Pity 4th season never ever.

>>114838729>>114838782whats weird to me is that in spite of all that, Raven is probably one of the most waifu'd design of all time. Really most of the 2k3 Titans are some of the best depictions of those characters. But since they were young characters he didn't use the lantern jaws so much.

>>114839344A few of the cast have talked about it recently, and Wayatt hasn't stopped making designs for animated versions of transformers that never showed up. Who knows, maybe with HBOMax they might do it?

>>114839393>Who knows, maybe with HBOMax they might do it?Add a bigger budget and you sold me.

>>114839245>Rescue Botswasn't that show after animated got canned for Hasbro's Hub Network. >>114839295>Scooby Doo Mystery IncorporatedI know he art directed that, but was there an outrage at the promotional artwork like Omniverse and Animated>>114839354Didn't DJW share art direction on that show, it's different then his other work. Maybe because it's early, but they have pupils.

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>>114839413>Add a bigger budgetI take it you haven't seen any of AT&T's animated stuff in a while....

>>114837949If I remember good, the show got hate since its announce back on 2007 just because the art style, but then chilled out when episodes passed on.

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>>114839485>wasn't that show after animated got cannedFuck if I know, I didn't watch either when they were airing.. I just remember walking through the grocery store, and seeing picture books and cheap shitty toys of both side by side, and it all looked like the same shit.

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>>114837949I remember the art wasn't liked but the story was definitely liked. I also keep seeing it's version of Megatron post as one of the best versions.There was a complaint about how the first season had more human villains but by season 3 that changed.

>>114839354>>114839485Speaking of the Titans and Sari, what's about "Witchie-Poo"?

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>>114840192...was this supposed to be a Sailor Moon Version with a Ben 10 crossover?

>>114840192I don't remember this, does Derrick have a type

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>>114840213It was Derrick J. Wyatt's take on Witchie-Poo from Adam Warren's Titans: scissors paper stone.

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Sari was adorable .

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>>114840475she has a really big head

>>114837949It got a lot of love here up till its untimely demise. Also I think it might be the last show to have an amazing toyline backing it.

I love this show for many reasons, it was my introduction to the franchise. But the main four reasons I love it are it’s art style, characters, story and that it always reminds me of my dad. I was 5 or 6 when he passed away in front of me, I vividly remember having watched the first episode on tv with him and I highly cherish that memory.Thanks for the good memory TFA and Rest In Peace pops.

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>>114840475Of course she is.

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If Animated had continue at least 1 season back in the day we would have, among all things, a SG episode, with alternate version of Autobots and Decepticons (a thing Ben 10 Omniverse did later). But, seeing how was the atmosphere on CN back then, what would happen to the show then?

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>>114838574It's funny when you think about it, Animated preliminar designs were made by Sean Galloway, the same behind the beloved Spectacular Spiderman. I even thought were done by the same people.

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What has the "Derrick Wyatt style" that start so many flamewars? I think it is very good, in Kipo works.

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>>114840433wow this lookin fuckin GOOD

Had the show gotten more seasons, would there have been a Kiss Players episode?

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People enjoyed the callbacks and Easter Eggs.But in retrospect, thats really all the show was. "Look, its _____! Remember him? Love us!"

Kiss Players was better

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>>114840538a footballhead

>>114841719I love that show, and I know that was one people disliked when they saw promo art for it. But it looks great animated and the stories are good.

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>>114842607Shut up Boco

>>114842520I know a lot of people thought Kipo was him. Nobody complains when its a new IP.>>114842607>>114842615They probably would do it as a gag with Teen Sari.>>114842618Do you think her head floats.

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>>114837949I think Sari got really popular after Transwarped.

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I liked it but>Megatron and Optimus Prime weren't former friends, didn't even know each otherThat rubbed me the wrong way.And Ultra Magnus outranking Optimus is just plain hilarious.

>>114843138Didn't she appear less after her transformation.

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>>114842607It had good lore building and a fun cast too you fucking parasite.

>>114843325>Didn't she appear less after her transformation.yup she's gone for the first half of Season 3, and she barely gets any focus once she comes back(not to mentioned neutered her new powers to the point of being less useful than when she was 8 and still had the key)

Too much of it was like a superhero show, like it was another season of Teen Titans. It wasn't very "Transformers", and this is not to complain about things like Optimus not being the big leader, etc. Too many of the villains were just robbing banks and petty shit like that for the alien robots to be dealing with.

Screencap user shilling his screencaps:'s mostly Sari

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>>114843325Yeah, until Human Error, but that didn't stop the art.

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>>114843412Thanks, I was taking screenshots myself and this saved me time.>>114843347>>114843414Too bad, wish we saw more of her.

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It was good, but let's not pretend like it didn't have flaws. The overuse of "easter eggs" for one. The other being how much the writers leaned on "for the next season", leaving way too many plot points left unanswered. And in general, a lot of the female cast being thrown wayside. Like, none of you can't tell me A!BA was a downgrade from BW!BA in terms of pretty everything.

>>114838300>and the weird metrosexual voice they gave himnigger you're talking about david kaye

>>114839785yeah I'm gonna need a sauce on that buddy

>>114843243>>Megatron and Optimus Prime weren't former friends, didn't even know each otherthat wasn't even an established thing yet in TF fiction in 2007/08besides maybe the movie-verse

>>114844095It was a thing all the way back in the G1 cartoon.

>>114844250No it wasn't. Megatron directly killed Orion Pax.

>>114838345It was pretty stupid to have several giant space robots not being able to handle a guy dressed as Robin Hood or a little girl riding a mechanical horse within minutes. When they go more dangerous human villains like Headmaster it made more sense.The scarce appearance of the Decepticons in the early episodes did work in it's favor though as almost every other show has the Decepticons/Predacons/whatever faction have to job constantly to keep the the status quo going.

>>114844059/delicious/ drawthread #3 on

>>114839393I want more Animated toys at any rate. I loved how they engineered most of the toys in that line to transform from the cartoony versions of the characters into actual plausible vehicles and still keep articulation. Granted there were several stinkers like Megatron's pre-Earth toys but there were fantastic ones too like Soundwave and the Dinobots.

Remember when she was the 85% of the female (and children) cast?

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>>114842607You aren't wrong.

>>114842607That's almost all modern TF media now though except it's warped into "Hey remember these non-G1 characters? Watch us kill them! CHEER DAMN YOU".Took them ages to stop their fascination of killing off Go-Bot cameos too.

>>114840167>There was a complaint about how the first season had more human villains but by season 3 that changed.I liked it because it showed a sense of progress in the threat level instead of being decepticon jobber of the week. The series was really good at portraying the autobots as massive underdogs who need to fight their way from humans to earth monsters to decepticons.

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Which are the strongest episodes from Transformers: Animated to watch?

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>>114844250if by friends, you mean megatron pretends to be friendly for 1 minute for blowing the shit out of orion pax and his friends

>>114844994>>114844828I would drink that.

>>114844527Some madman reverse engineered the season 4 Megatron toy from the 4 reference pictures in the alspark almanac, and some guy made an omega supreme custom and is making more to sell. But yeah, some more official toys would be great, shame they haven't made any more

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>>114847064post images

>>114846071do you mean her spit

A reminder for any dumbdumbs

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>>114847268no what do you take me for, some disgusting freak?I would drink the punch that has her spit in it.

>>114847486im even more confused nownice chart dummy


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>>1148475361: not a chart2: how the fuck did that confuse you more

>>114847263Megs would have been a triple changer in season 4

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>>114847569Tank mode

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>>114847588Jet mode

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>>114847634Ship mode

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I didn't want to like the series at first when all of the character designs were revealed, but it won me over. And most of the toys turned out to be great.

>>114847486Alice was the movie version of a Pretender.

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>>114847524but why>>114847486so are they giants or do they shrink>>114847546I still like that edit

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>>114847569>>114847588>>114847595>>114847634>>114847646These are great, how did he do it. Did he 3d print.

>>114847723The guy who made megs 3d printed it, it's available to download for free, I'm printing one now, though you need #2 screws and 1.5mm steel rods to assemble it. The guy who made Omega scratch built him and the molded it to make more

>>114847697>so are they giants or do they shrinkdepends on the continuity, in US continuity the Pretender form is a giant sized covering for the inner robot, in Japan the human looking ones are human sized and return to normal robot size when they switch out, while the monstrous ones are still giant(but smaller than their true form if I recall properly)

>>114847687>trusting the Transformers knowledge of the people that wrote the Bayverse movies

reminder that there's sari doujins that have never been scanned

>>114847796if they're about kid sari then they can stay that way

>>114847737>I'm printing one nowwhat else have you printed. 3D printing sure has enabled hobbyists>>114847744do the US Pretenders have human faces like that Bumblebee toy.

>>114847810what are you a faggot


>>114847796>>114847810At least this one was scanned. The cover is misleading, its kid Sari

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>>114847879Oh jeez it's -that- artist.

>>114847849Mostly useless shit, I'm working on an animated omega supreme at the moment, but it's a slow moving project. I'm probably going to make a custom motormaster out of a spare voyager prime, I like how design but don't fancy shelling out hundreds for the stunticon set


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Animated is the only TF series with a good story besides Beast Wars and to a lesser extent Prime

>>114847988>Prime>good story

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>>114847926Cool, good luck with your projects. How much cheaper would that be.>>114847908what about -that-artist>>114847968how popular is Sari in Japan

>2020>sari thread

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Quiz for the thread: how many canon humanformers are there?The answer is 6. Did you guess correctly? Can you name them all?

It's funny how in retrospect Sari and her father are easily the best human companions of any tf series. With the kids + adults from Cybertron coming in seconds. >>114847536the basic principal is this. A pretender is a cybertronian who has an alt mode + a human form. Whereas a beastformer is someone who's alt mode is the human form, or in primal's case a beast. >>114845788Human Error 1+2 are pretty good.

>>114849290>the basic principal is this. A pretender is a cybertronian who has an alt mode + a human form.No you goddamn idiot.A Pretender is a Transformer that has an alt-form and a shell to hide in. Not all Pretender shells are human. Hell, not all Pretender shells are humanoid. Fuck, not all Pretender shells are even organic.

>>114849339Why are you so angry at a shitty toy gimmic that never had lasting existence in any other media outside of cheap advertising episodes, then perpetual mockery?

>>114849352I'm... not? I'm getting angry at some dumbfuck giving the wrong answer while trying to teach something. None of my anger was directed at Pretenders. Are you also a dumbfuck? Or possibly the same dumbfuck? Are you a double dumbfuck?

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I liked how huge the decepticons were compared to the autobots.It took the entire team just to deal with someone like Blitzwing

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>>114849398Dumbfuck confirmed.

>>114849194>Sari>AliceWho else?

>>114849411you've been niggering in many threads lately, don't believe that not having a tripcode make you stealthy and subtle.

>>114849443SariSG SariAliceAn unnamed lab assistant in a Bayverse kids book.IDW BlackrockIDW Overlord, using an aged up Verity Carlo as his template

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>>114849511I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, m8. Also, racism is bad.

>>114849536>why do you call me a nigger, muffuga racist whitey?

>>114849522>Last spoilerAnd named after Giga and Mega

>>114849966good job ruining the spoiler, numbnuts

>>114850047I'm sure I ruined it for the ten people that both watched Masterforce and read IDW

>>114848054That's a good question. How popular are robo-magical girls?

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>>114850282They love Cutey Honey, so I would think Sari gets some attention over there.

>>114843347Never heard of a show writing out their main character before.

>>114850399It's Transformers. If you're not a Witwicky, Hasbro doesn't want you around the robots.

>>114850454That doesn't sound good for Charlie in the Bumblebee sequel

>>114850478Good, she's awful.

>>114838261The thumbnail kinda made it look like she had a big pregnant belly.


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>>114844527It'll take time, but if the Beast era proved something, it's that the newer generation and masterpiece lines are gonna be filled with classic characters from other series, plus the references on future characters and series,

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>>114852019glow in the dark is definitely the sort of things I could see her wearing.

>>114852019Speaking of dangerously short skirts.

>>114852390at least she's wearing something this time.

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yeah, people liked it

It's not hard to feel empathy for Sari, just after "Megatron Rising", after all, she lost her father, their company and was kicked out of her only home by that rat Porter C. Powell.

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>>114842607That's Cyberverse

>>114853992And yet, cyberverse failed miserably LOL.

Sari was cute and it's nice to have some hindu on screen that isn't a trad curry girl.neon high tech and hindu culture would probably mix very well visually. Fuck they even invented the concept of avatar.


>>114854297Sari squared.

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Animated may have lasted less than 2 years and 42 episodes but it brought an iconic aesthetic for most of the robots of the next decade.

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>>114850615like this?

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A MPAnimated would bring us a totally show accurate prime or another line with huge backbacks?

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Sari should have gotten a body swap episode, maybe Strika for same VA points.

>>114857600I'd rather see her swap with starscream or something.

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wish there was more Sari art

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>>114837949I watched it every morning before I went to school.

>>114857935Starscream was dead at the time, only sustained by the Allspark fragment. Sari's spark could be put in Starscream's body (potentially a reverse BW Possession scenario), but Starscream couldn't be put into Sari's body.

People didn't like the art style, especially the chins, at first. The first few episodes were considered fairly mediocre, but about five or six or seven episodes into season one, it started to get good.

Accoridng to the production bibe, they wanted to make a superhero show, like Ben 10, with recurrent villains, except that, aside from Meltdown and the HeadMaster, these don't represent a real threat or just function as an excuse to get to a real threat (like Blitzwing, or Swindle).

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>>114858747they needed a circuit breaker, not a fucking pony princess.

>>114858747It is ASTOUNDING to me how many people don't realize Animated is a superhero show. The opening three-parter won't shut up about Prime being a hero, there's supervillains all over the place, and the main cast all have superpowers and gadgets. You don't even need to know the original title was Transformers: Heroes, it bludgeons you over the head with superherory anyway.

>>114858804Circuit Breaker is owned by Marvel. The closest we've gotten was "Circuit Smasher" in the ReGeneration One alternate Marvel ending.

>>114858747Slo-Mo is hot, tho.

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>>114858842The heroics would have work without the decepticons being so competent, and the "in disquise" clause was harder to keep. they more or less steamrolled over all those villains, it wasn't even funny.

>>114858909Did you ever read the comics? There's a new supervillain character in them

>>114858935Protip: The Autobots defending Detroit from Decepticons also counts as them being superheroes.

>>114858949Ah yes, before Momakase existed, there was Stiletto... but since did not appear on the show it doesn't count.

>>114858143How about Slipstream? She's basically female Starscream.

>>114858969yes, even if that gives them the worst of publicities ever.

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Who else thought of him as a recycled Dr. Viktor?

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The biggest mystery on Animated: The Allspark.What saw in Sari?

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>>114847595>>114847588>>114847569>>114847737Fucking dope. I wish I had the attention span to make something like this. As it stands, I already have 5 or 6 /3DPG/ projects I started and forgot about


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>>114860822>>114860953>>114860985>>114861018definitely a mystery

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>>114860822It knew she was a Cybertronion and probably trusted her the most as she was young and innocent to the war and Transformers in general.

>>114847968did tfw2005 notice this too?

>>114848938at least post an uncensored link or make an underwear version

considering how entire scenes have been cut if they don't like how the animation turned out (like megatron vs dinobots) I wouldn't be surprised if they cut or sent back some scenes with sari's underwear showingI mean it's ridiculous how short her skirt/dress is defying physics the whole show and those asian animators must have noticed it

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>>114861955Those japanese XD

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>>114862000>>114862023The glorious HD, It shows how great it looked the animation... sadly also showed when it was choppy and really limited.


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>>114837949I never much cared for Sari until the last few episodes but I regard Animated as the best non-Beast Wars thing ever to come out of Transformers. It's a crime it got canceled for Prime.

>>114862456Animated is the kid with divorced parents of the franchise.

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>>114854039Yet we got toys of rack'n'ruin, Macadam and a New lugnut so i call it a win.

>>114862456Prime had some promise, but I swear it wound up being wasted potential: the show.


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>>114837949Where can you get the whole series in high quality and widescreen?

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>>114861257>>114862928>>114863186Sari is a radar slagger, as it appear.

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>>114863478thing is, with the way she acts and the way she is regarded by the other kids, I can see her canonically going command on occasion



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Look at that sexy figure, Optimus, you lucky bastard.

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>>114865104I mean, damn. I wouldn't have left her go

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>>114864823Looking back, they should've incorporated the red hair into her design. Maybe give her some kind of flaming red mass on top of her helmet.

>>114864823Imagine being Sari's key

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>>114864807I just seriously wonder if they ever drew model sheets for "officiial" pantsu

>>114864823>her dress opens up like a metal compartmentit just raises so many questions

>>114868121There was never a cuter brown girl.

>>114868885Here's my take:We see Sari change her clothes a few times when she's a kid. Her winters clothes go over her normal dress, but her sleeping clothes are definitely all new. That means her beast mode is naked (just like all other beast modes across the franchise), and she wears clothes. When she went to upgrade herself, the key fused her current clothing to her body (allowing the compartment), and incorporated it into her new superstructure.If she had been wearing her winter outfit at the time of her upgrade, her new form might've been more bulky and shown less skin.

Attached: 091.jpg (1274x1649, 522.52K)

>>114871030And while we're on the topic of Sari headcanons.

Attached: 96465434.png (1206x640, 1.18M)

>>114843243I thought it was satisfying. The great Megatron being foiled by some worthless peon he would never notice.

>>114865632>Looking back, they should've incorporated the red hair into her designI agree, but less about the hair, and more about the overall color pallet. Her Cybertronian form is basically light yellow, on yellow, with grey highlights. its so bleh. they should have given her some red brown highlights all over, to carry her color pallet across

>>114871119Are you implying that all Minicons have cute and funny looking stasis pods? Are you also implying that Sari has a special slot she can use to "attach" to other cybertronian "pegs"

>>114871030of course the real reason is they didn't want to have sari show her bare chest when she upgraded herself>>114871119seriously, I've always wondered did they actually have a reason for sari's protoform being a unique cutesy baby thing compared to the others or was it simply changed becausethey realized it would be disturbing to see a bunch of baby bots turned into lugnut supremes or something

>>114872041Not all Mini-Cons do Armada-style powerlinxing. Some of RID2015's didn't.

>>114872059>seriously, I've always wondered did they actually have a reason for sari's protoform being a unique cutesy baby thing compared to the othersI feel like this goes back to Beast Wars lore, and just the general SOP for Cybertronians landing anywhere. Their absolute first reaction(Autobot, Decepticon, Dinobot, Maximal, Predacon, Minicon; it doesn't fucking matter) is to scan anything and everything, and find the first thing they can use as a disguise. In beast wars, there was no mechanical shit to scan, so they became animals. I always imagined it was the same for Sari. There were no mechanical things near by that her protoform could believably immitate, so she scanned Dr Sumdac, and became a Sumdac

Attached: 1444615641359.jpg (720x480, 55.48K)

>>114872252Hey genius, absolutely NONE of what you just said relates to the post you responded to.

>>114872356Hey fuckboi, im drunk. What's YOUR excuse for being a massive faggot?

Enough talk about the little girl; where can I get the whole series? This thread is making me want to rewatch it.

>>114873334That depends, The Shout SD widescreen, the original release or the japanese one?

Attached: ce9da9f64cbe45fd11024d9f7f63f607.jpg (572x768, 57.12K)

>>114873334>Enough talk about the little girlGet out.

>>114871030It's more believable that those thick clothes just tear apart and left her trademark dress, just like the key's lace.

Attached: AllSparkKey.jpg (344x379, 39.05K)

>>114874229Her original dress and boots just disappear after her transformation.

>>114872395hol up--are you saying you become a massive faggot when you're drunk?

>>114861871Oh yes, they noticed.

Attached: 12524710_p2.png (400x500, 201.8K)

>>114872059Because Sari is a super special character that can do things other characters can't.

We didn't got an episode of her and her bigger breast and ambitions in the cancelled fourth season.

Attached: CHAINSAWS.jpg (500x565, 130.6K)

>>114874587Good.Shattered Glass Sari is an abomination and that entire AU as a concept is dumb.

Attached: 14090825703411.png (1280x720, 584.59K)

>>114874645you sound really assshattered about it

>>114874645You need some Prowl in your life to be punished.

Attached: 9ckgjd2fvhc21.jpg (2208x1242, 139.89K)

Attached: sari_vs_raven_by_markerguru_d2yovax.jpg (648x842, 520.2K)

>>114873971There's that much of a difference between the three?What're the highlights/differences between the three? Is there a definitive version?

>>114875117The original doesn't have the third season and has the 4:3 aspect.

Attached: TFAni_TransWarped_Ratchet_Repairs_Bumblebee.jpg (720x405, 91.04K)


Attached: Nothing personal Starscream.webm (1280x720, 260.2K)

>>114875156What about the japanese version and the Shout! release? Anything specific about those two?

>>114875117The shout factory is techniccally widescreen but is modified to for standard TV, so have black bars on top and botttom.

Attached: AFistfulofEnergon-Lockdowninponcho.jpg (720x405, 58.64K)

>>114875202The japanese version is... in japanese and looks like that.

Attached: TF Animated JP screencaps 00.jpg (640x360, 40.55K)

>>114875117>>114875202There is however, an official online release in some platform to watch, but I don't remember which one.

Attached: Transformers Animated 698 - S3E02.jpg (1280x720, 118.66K)


>>114837949God it feels like yesterday still where I load 4chan up, see a Transformers animated thread with this little fuck posted all over and it seemed like this show wasn't gonna end at any point. Kids, never become a wage zombie if you want to travel through time unwillingly. It's like blacking out for long periods of time and being awake a few weeks out of the year.

Attached: 1293003704461.jpg (277x242, 22.57K)

>>114848938Source now motherfucker

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Attached: holyfuckingshit.gif (187x199, 2.15M)


Attached: sari lap.jpg (450x193, 42.87K)

>>114876098thanks anonI've been meaning to watch G1 and Animated for a while, so having both is super convenient.

>>114876922Oh no!


Attached: vlcsnap-2020-03-11-21h04m57s196.png (1920x1080, 2.07M)

>>114873334>Enough talk about the little girlI agree. Less talk, more pictures

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Attached: Transformers Animated 341 - S1E14.jpg (1280x716, 134.37K)

Friendly reminder

Attached: robot fist.png (680x524, 79.63K)

Where is the return of blurr?Also, bless the artist.

Attached: CIXKRwmVEAAqwI1.jpg (600x823, 65.49K)

>>114875156I love that when Shout Factory got the DVD rights, they put out a Season 3-only release alongside their full series release, so the people that had the previous Paramount Season 1-2 DVDs could finish the series without buying the whole thing over again.

>>114879948Plus, those DVD got commentary on the three parter Transwarped.

Attached: 1371238387625.jpg (720x556, 472.82K)

>>114880050>they want me to put my gear shift WHERE?!?

>>114879516I can live with that.

How many kids from back then really remember this in-between-filler good show? ROTF was a thing so big and so bad that hurts.

>>114882362The toyline was overall good so I recall that era fondly.

>>114874447pls link me, its gotta be funny

>>114874587you just know DJW has some canon nude saris hidden in his private folderthis is probably the closest we'll ever get


Attached: 1488390317-sari-sumdac.jpg (768x1024, 135.7K)

>>114884910>Help! I've become Windblade

>>114837949As someone who was on Holla Forums back when it was airing I actually ripped and dumped the first episode of season 3 for Holla Forums. I still see a slightly blurry screencap of Sari's pose after transforming posted in these threads sometimes that I recognize as being from my recording, this show attracted a LOT of fujos for some reason. There were gay Starscream threads constantly. There was also a lot of hate for the art style, but the actual threads about the show liked it. Lugnut was particularly popular.

>>114884910It will always hurt that the best Sari figure ever was a custom by some japanese person 93 years ago.

Attached: sari_25.jpg (601x600, 296.58K)

>>114886409that figure is great but I wish he did the regular form>those thigh-high stockings

>>114884910>>114886409it's because anons would hot-glue it

>>114884910Good, that mold sucks ass.

A transforming Sari figure isn't realistically possible. What they should have done is made an Action Master Sari with her transforming scooter/jetpack.

Attached: ActionMasterBlaster_toy.jpg (350x316, 21.82K)

>> I think this what you're looking for?

Attached: file.png (559x190, 10.49K)


>> is probably a better link since it goes chronologically.

>>114884910>>114887412>Good, that mold sucks ass.this.

Attached: 1569264206911.jpg (800x1133, 177.86K)

>>114888910so you'd rather have nothing?

someone should do an archive of every lewd panel from the legends manga cuz I don't wanna go through all that shit if I can't even read it

>>114889104I'm pretty sure all of it has been translated by now.



>>114889078Do it right or don't bother.

>>114838300You should have gave Animated a chance because Ultra Magnus was exactly that. And Ratchet.

>>114838602I like brown skin white haired anime characters more

Attached: EVRUojzUUAArM9g.jpeg.jpg (850x1202, 125.04K)

>>114890109wtf i don't see it there

>>114838729His scooby do designs were amazing.

Attached: EUJ2JN4UEAA-EC4.jpeg.jpg (1200x1519, 180.75K)

>>114890481>just not this one

>>114843879I really likes rhat rhey incoorpersted Beast Wars characters into G1. Something we've never seen in a show since. And I dis legitimately like her as a character and her origin story and Catwoman Batman dynamic with Optimus, but youre right BW was better.

Attached: EUtamyWUYAA3jou.jpeg.jpg (654x1072, 62.38K)

>>114844527After the fact they made a Slipstream in Transformers Legends which was pretty great. Sadly nothing else since.

>>114838602It is a mystery, but heck, it's hot.

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>>114843243Megatron and Optimus being contemporaries(or worse, the originators of the Decepticons/Autobots) is such an annoying modern story trope, just makes the war feel so small.

>>114843369>>114858842Animated being a superhero show is itself a big homage to G1; really Transformers series falls into two camps, superhero shows(G1, Animated, most of the animes, which borrow Japanese superhero tropes), or sci-fi(Beast Wars/Machines, Prime) People often forget that g1 was structures like typical superhero cartoons of the time; the autobots and Decepticons early on have superpowers(Mirage's invisibility, Hound's holograms, etc.), and even the plots were similar to other superhero show, even allegedly some being recycled(thanks david Wise).

>>114871119I love that Wyatt noticed the design aesthetics of Minicons being weird little droid things in Armada, with tube arms and symmetry and wheel feet and stuff unlike their larger counterparts. Most people just think they're just Micromasters; they're not. For that reason I doubt the Minicon theory, that protoform is too normal looking.

>>114891061I mean more the nature of the villains; costumed weirdo humans. In G1 the hero robots had villain robots to fight all the time. They weren't fighting bank robbers a tenth of their size.I appreciate the idea of holding back the Decepticons as big threats who take special effort to defeat in multi-episode stories but the every-episode antagonists are kinda lame.

>>114865632Thats whar fire guts Sari is for.DJW made her for aJapanese fanbook.

Attached: EVRUojzU4AAA5o5.jpeg.jpg (850x1202, 129.56K)

>>114890963megatron being the original leader was always the case thoonly in stuff like ROTF or the expanded materials for TFA are there leaders before him

>>114884910>>114886409 So much potential, and to think there is only one actual Sari figure.

Attached: r_sari023.jpg (500x558, 45.32K)


>>114873334Its all on tubitv

>>114875202Japan has the coolest goddamn opening

>>114876224Ima neet and it feels like thisI think it feels like this for most people no matter what.

Attached: ET-elyKU4AA6J7s.jpeg-1.jpg (607x534, 32.91K)

>>114880050Derrick J Wyatt is a fan of Kiss Players. He made a TFA Autoroopersz, Rosanna amd a few other jokes about it and mentioned dick megatron on stream onceJust saying

>>114886309I ended up following DJW and found out there are massive fujos, jaoanese and murican, who still are full fujo about it ro this day. DJW ecen retweets art from them. The Japanese stuff can be cute when its not 100% hard gay though andnjust them standing around in cute clothes..shit I need to find that artist now. They drew a cute arcee in a dress

I love these shattered glass ocs

Attached: EUC58iwUMAYMEfj.jpeg.jpg (1500x1035, 249.48K)

>>114891658Hands up. Step away from the keypad.

G2 sari

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Attached: EVP-Sq4U0AI3TkN.jpeg.jpg (724x1024, 105.57K)


Attached: EVT7fyMX0AEfV_8.jpeg.jpg (850x1314, 224.88K)

Attached: EWFYefiUYAA7Uv_.jpeg.jpg (2048x2048, 283.88K)

Attached: EVBIegFU8AQwsYV.jpeg.jpg (926x1142, 97.24K)

>>114891859>>114891883>>114891899Please, no GPS, no GPS!

Attached: EUp6bjWUcAEBgLW.jpeg.jpg (851x1127, 111.45K)

Attached: EUtkKqzUwAAif5e.jpeg.jpg (959x1107, 118.26K)

>>114890730Cyberverse had Cheetor and a few Fuzors. The Prime Wars garbage had Optimus Primal.

Strika is a big girl.

Attached: What-a-Strike.jpg (536x315, 240.48K)

>>114892203I never saw Cyberverse Im glad someone still cares abour beast wars.

>>114892351You should watch it, it's goood.

Lol you guys make me feel so fucking old. I was there when it was airing and huge. It was fantastic. Lovely watch threads, constant bitching and moaning but also discussion. Tons of gay lewd threads and RP threads. I was part of that old crew. Toxic, toxic women we were and still are. Luckily that pain is behind me now but I must admit it was so fucking fun in the summer of 2009. Man what a year.

Attached: ef347654-5e4f-4ed9-bec5-a6ee9abcf668.png (1280x720, 620.88K)

>>114893664Is this image implying that Hasbro is a shifty, back stabbing sperg?

>>114893664I just bought a few old animated toys out of nostalgia. I loved talking about transformers on /toy/ in 2009 too. I cant wait to get this guy and jazz in the mail.

Attached: AnimatedElectrostaticSoundwaveJapan.jpg (818x382, 66.14K)

>>114862000Lockdown still has one of the most amazing toys ever because its a tiny car that somehow turns into thise huge fucking dude thats taller than much larger and more expensive figures.

Attached: lockdown animated.jpg (480x355, 26.33K)

>>114893842I miss those days Hasbro sold their transformers toys in vehicle mode.

>>114892251Strika/Sari bodyswap when.

she looks pretty plug and play if you catch my drift.

>>114892251Holy shit man! This is a blue board!

Is Teen Sari still 8, how does it work. How much physically did it age her.

>>114876922...I know this pic.She's knocked up.I fapped to this an unhealthy amount of times in high school during my dreaded loli phase(god I hate loli).Tenseiani can really fuck with someones psyche

>>114895620Chronologically she's still 8 years old, but the upgrade matured her both physically and mentally to a generic teen age.

Attached: 041.jpg (1274x1649, 560.68K)

>>114895620>>114895897Pretty much like Jenny, only more human.

Attached: robot_girls_power____by_alphusprime_dbc924e-fullview.jpg (1600x1280, 209.05K)

>>114896052Sort of, Jenny was designed to be a teenager, Sari took a shortcut.

>>114896076Oh and by "took a shortcut", I meant mentally. Given the size of her protoform and how Sumdac was keeping her relatively hidden from public, it's likely Sari was child sized her entire life, and would've stayed that size if she hadn't upgrade herself.I'm curious what her natural robot mode would've looked like.

>>114895654>(god I hate loli)>blew his load to sariok>>114895897can she get her licence >>114896052what does transformers think of robots without sparks like jenny>>114896076isn't Jenny 5

>>114890439>And Ratchet.David Kaye voiced Clank, not Ratchet >>114844027

>>114896122>what does transformers think of robots without sparks like jennyGenerally speaking they think of them about the way standard sci-fi has people view lifelike androids. They might imitate life, but they lack the divine spark and can never be equals.Interestingly they also tend to feel similarly about organic life.

>>114896122Sari legally doesn't exist, so I think a driver's license is out of the question. Besides, she has a jetpack.

>>114896171so that means you can't be charged for doing anything to herif you know what I mean

>>114891934I'm sorry user, but your loli robot waifu has dissolved into golden plastic dust. Inhale the dust user, and become the waifu!

Attached: 04_01_09_A.jpg (1600x626, 221.35K)

>>114896246>>114891934Canonically cured.

Attached: 024.jpg (1274x1649, 548.42K)

Hey n00bs!

Attached: Headm_anim.JPG.jpg (340x294, 16.83K)

>>114896592What if Henry had tried to Headmaster Sari?

>>114896168Transformers are all racist.

>>114897446Being able to scientifically prove that you have a soul when no other species has anything like that can easily lead to that, yeah.Hell, they might have a point even, we've been shown an afterlife for TFs several times. Comparatively, there's never been any sign of an afterlife for humans... that'd be a scary universe to live in, huh? There's a race that's been made and chosen by god, inheritors of his world and destined to live on after death in paradise, but you ain't part of it.

>>114897521While I'm not sure Wyatt's blog is trustworthy, I remember him saying that in TFA the Cybertronians were hyper-advanced technology and not the creation of robot-God.Also while Unicron existed, he wasn't formed out of like negative energy or whatever, but because something built him.

>>114897446Sure, most of them are if you want to see it from the perspective they mostly despise organic life, as a pest or as a lesser kind of life.

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>>114896843Maybe nothing, ... or, maybe a Tara Strong shouting at loud "TOTAL OWNEGE", "L33T" and "N00B" like a nutjob, who knows?

Attached: Hatmaster_Color.jpg (252x400, 17.94K)

>>114895654>god I hate loliget a load of this homosexual

>>114896122People can grow out of things and develop a distaste for it you know.As an edgy teen I did and said a lot of stupid stuff I regret or look at with scorn, loli being one of it

>>114898793>hey twitter look I am a really decent person now, please subscribe and hire me too lol look I BTFO the 4chinz with my brave posts.

>>114898815Trying too hard to fit in.

>>114899375Tourist, your rabbi tactics don't work.

Attached: 1420091887157-1.png (300x300, 8.18K)

>>114899382Obvious bait but who cares lol

>>114899769Sauce? Is there an grown up version?

>>114900316>I don't care, that's why I posted again. Look at how virtuous I am *takes screenshot for discord points*

>>114898122He should get a beast mode.

>>114901884He's already a tick... the Tick.

>>114837949The most traumatic event on the show was...?

Attached: TotalMeltdown5.jpg (500x278, 18.39K)

>>114842520The lack of pupils puts a lot of people off. It's definitely the major complaint I hear. Doesn't bother me really, but I get why some people don't like itOtherwise, I think that a lot of people don't appreciate how cartoonish he makes everything look. Unlike a lot of people who work on action cartoons, he doesn't strive for any semblance of realism, and lets his imagination kind of run wild. Personally, I think this gives his work a lot of charm, but some people aren't so open-minded

>>114902824What I think was a hit in the design are the iris on the robot's eyes, gives alot of emotion to them, something not seen since Beast Machines.

>>114903602And lost with Cyberverse.

>>114842607shut up boco you dumb cunt

>>114903602>>114903621For example:

Attached: Sariprime.jpg (650x975, 49.11K)

>>114899769What the fuck, is this Splooge. I never saw this art before. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS Where did you get it.

>>114900669This would be funnier with a wojak come on

Attached: 1588208712760.gif (358x400, 601.45K)

>>114902737>When the guy is such a tool you don't really care he got turned into the Toxic Avenger


Attached: 1364522999606.png (280x420, 10.33K)

Damn, that's one cute and niiiice brown little robot...

>>114906523>>114906523I've seen that one and the other one you'd have to crop. must've skipped the other one.

>>114903694Prime's life changed that day.

>>114896166Ratchet was an automotive, nothing to do with that game.

this thread reminded me of the existence of this fic; somehow manages to make what should be the epitome of crack ships into something well written

Sari did nothing wrong.

sari is cute

>>114913730Not wrong.

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