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Thread question: Your webcomic got rebooted. What are the changes to the plot, your characters, and the theme? Is it still faithful to the source material?>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information,> DRAWING PRACTICE and TUTORIALSctrlpaint.com> STOCK IMAGES and REFERENCEPeople: Design:> FONTSBlambot: your own:> WEBSITEEasy to use tumblr webcomic theme: and Don'ts for starting a site: your comic:> ART and WRITING it die already.> Brush PacksCSP:!5xlV2IzJ!bg8BZB-oYaVrmD31S3fJHw

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Gosh, I don't really want to reboot my webcomic.


My webcomic technically IS a reboot.

I just finished mine, it was supposed to take a year tops and it took 4!Give me a break before I reboot anything. What do I look like, TMNT IP holder?

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Hi, good to see the thread is up again. The rest of Holla Forums is pretty shitty nowadays.

Are there any stories, Holla Forums or otherwise, that take place in our reality's map but with countries or landmarks changed? Closest I know is Earth-S (Squadron Supreme), but I don't really want to have basic equivalents like Cosmopolis/New York. I have been taking so much inspiration from real world stuff for my story that it seems easier to just leave everything geographical the same.It just seems like too much of a hassle to deal with real-life history and politics. I would like to see how others have approached the issue.>Thread questionI don't even have a script, but I don't discard that at some point I will get it done and probably will cringe at all the beginner flaws in a project so dear to me. Distant future user probably will want to reboot it.

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>>114825953>It just seems like too much of a hassle to deal with real-life history and politics.Then dont? You clearly aren't ready and/or don't really want to.>I would like to see how others have approached the issue.So you can copy their ideas? Really now.Can't you work with a subject you're good at or something?

>>114825263>Thread question: Your webcomic got rebooted. What are the changes to the plot, your characters, and the theme? Is it still faithful to the source material?I will definitely trim some parts of it and maybe even remove some characters. The pacing will be much faster when I had to start over

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>>114826325Yeah, there are often times where I wish I could start with a blank slate. But I want to get rid of old habits of rebooting stories whenever I notice something bad.

>>114826675After editing the story for like the 100th time it felt like it should be good to go but now almost two years later I notice how much I would have done differently. It will still work out in the end but it could be a much more compressed story. Maybe if you have a short story you can reboot it but I'm at over 600 pages and the comic is far from finished.

>>114826731Oh, and let's not forget about all the improved character designs. When rebooting it would be nice to have all the latest designs being implemented from the start.

Last thread died right after I posted so here's #14 again. I should have #15 ready soon

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Fanart for Magical Heroines?! I did

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>>114827427Are those the Passy's characters?

This is driving me nuts, where do i find the upload button on webtoons to update my comic? Did they change something?

>>114825263This comic is the reboot. The first 53 pages are 90% the original with the biggest change that they wear school uniforms instead of casual clothes. A couple of plot lines were ironed remasters later.


>>114827531Oh no. Magical Heroines?! its an anime parody. Very on the nose at first but its growing on me a

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Oh also I'll post my last 3

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>RebootI would redraw the first pages to make them not look like shit.

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aaand that's it. Next is the prison scene.

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I took way too long to finish this, mostly because of my damn day job. Oh well,at least we get pretty autumn colors.It's always good to have a suitcase ready to go at a moment's notice. Or even several, for different kinds of trips.

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>>114829407Also, on the topic of reboots, I upgraded to a shiny new avatar for the series. So that's a thing.

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you aren't afraid of horror comics are you Holla Forums?

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Shill all are

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>>114829374At 16 vs 14, I'd say Rau won the popularity vote also realized I have more art of her than Azu, which is a surpriseReposting this cool ass piece for the last time tho

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>>114830906Looks cool, but>Eva colorsbleh.

>>114831569yummy gummy

>>114831569If Azu wins you have to draw her cucking Rau

>>114832107>everyone keeps saying its eva colorsI promise you that wasnt the case. I dont even like eva.Its actually inverted Devastator colors.

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>>114832351>transformersA little better but still, everything Transformers did Yusha's did better.also I meant that's a just very tacky color combination in general. But I also don't like Eva, Gainax mecha is mecha for posers.

>>114832487I agree that its a tacky color combination, but Decimator is a direct reference to Devastator. its a shameless G1 parody after all. The color combo let me maintain the reference without being a 1:1 copy.It is supposed to be garish and unappealing, because the original was garish and unappealing.Why the fuck were the construction vehicles green and purple in the first place?Anyway, if you are a fan of Brave series and Yuusha. The next chapter is a loose Gao Gai Gar parody.

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>>114832723I mean, in terms of sentient mechs Braves are my favorites. GGG is fine, although the pacing is horendous (yeah, I'm watching it right now). J-Decker was way better and all the mechas (from main team) were sentient as well.

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There is a new kaiju profile up.its these two

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>>114825263I have considered from time to time that, with planning, my comic could have made a lot more sense>>114825813That was the end? Well, I'm glad it came back. Confused though, that guy DID cure her, then he put her curse right back on, right? or she was cured by something unrelated and he re-cursed her, so how do they not know the antidote?

>almost die from corona>hours get reduced to 5 per week>Had to move back in with my mom and help her clean out her house and redecorate another house she rents out>realize that art skill degrades faster than personal hygiene when I'm depressedBut hey I'm back. Was working on that wakfu comic. It's fine(and maybe preferred) if no one remembers me though. It's been so long it might as well be a completely fresh start.>The story opens with a giant monster named Ogrest killing a party of adventurers>Our main protagonist is so angry her soul reforms her body on it's way to heaven and she crashes back down to earth, falling into an adventuring town>She does a favor for an old couple to make up for destroying their roof>Has to accept the help of a tall girl with no pupils and sentient goo-tattoos because she doesn't know her way around town

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Did a map of my comic's primary setting. It's our solar system but since theres about a billion inhabited solar systems within this universe I gave it the convoluted name "CAT-O STELLA 9". I wanted the map to emphasize how stylized and crazy the setting is so rules of reality obviously did not have any bearing in its creation.

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>>114832197I unironically got a drawing like that for my birthday.Worst ship ever.

>>114831569how do you get so much fanarts? I'm jelly

>>114829407Nice to see she's still adorable despite graduating from footy pajamas>>114830906whoa, that pose!

>>114833566Looks great, just like a travel map you would pull up in a video game. I noticed Pluto is on the same orbit line as Neptune I assume that's intentional?

>>114832723just once, Tad's going to hook up with a team whose color scheme he fits into... or else, where he's JUST a bit off.

>>114835249Its probably intentional, since a small part of Pluto's overall orbit actually puts it closer to the sun than Neptune for a brief period of its revolution.

>>114833532I remember!

>>114835415another interesting thing, apparently we spend more time in closer average proximity to mercury than venus, due to the whole 'at worst, they're on the other side of the sun but that's not that far away' thing.

>>114825263it becomes and edgy reboot, but seriously i maybe want to change the first pages in the future, the art there cringe me a little

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>>114834412>how do you get so much fanarts? I'm jellyMy impression is that its a combination ofCute girls + interacting with artists sometimes + subpar art makes people feel inclined to redraw your charactersOr something like that. I love it so much.

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>>114835881Subpar art of cute characters is what gets a lot of people fanart, we want to "fix" itin your case though it's nearly-excellent-but-still-rough art of cute characters. we want to "clean it up"

I finished this page!

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>>114836351I love that he's basically being calibrated.

>>114835881>>114834412Cute girls really are the secret to getting fan art.Cute monsters help too.

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>>114835444thank you friend. I’ll buckle down and put in some good work for you specifically tonight

Would your characters be friends with Ellory the Shark, Katia Managan, or other adorable sadsacks of the webcomics world? Mine would.

>>114837694The main characters are all about uplifting others and won't give up on sad/defeatist characters.

>>114825263I would try to keep theme's and change everything

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>>114835415>>114835249When I first drafted this pluto was farther out but I accidentally made it look like pluto was getting sucked into that black hole in the corner. I tried moving it closer but it threw off the ring spacing so I looked up what its orbit is even like since it's a non-planet and sure enough I found that fact out so I didnt give it it's own orbital path.

>Your webcomic got rebooted. What are the changes to the plot, your characters, and the theme? Is it still faithful to the source material?I dunno, it'd probably be Axes or some shit.

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The entirety of Tad Danger through chapter 4 is up on Webtoons now. You can read it with no interruptions, as it should be. Just in lower quality .jpg

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So, each of the primary cast is represented by a specific color, as is common. Would it be overkill to have them all associated with a specific shape as well? Y'know, for like monochrome flashbacks and whatnot.

>>114840833> Would it be overkill to have them all associated with a specific shape as well?Sounds like a toddler cartoon idea.>Y'know, for like monochrome flashbacks and whatnot.You mean like bodyshapes? Well, it's always a good idea instead of just switching the heads on one base.

Nothing doing except Mermay doodle comics. Perhaps I will finish the one I started yesterday.Someday I’ll be invested enough in something to keep going with it.

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>>114840962man I never do mermay, I always want to but I never have timehahahahaha what the hell crazy life cycles

>>114840833Oh a character design question, i can answer this.Yes, you should associate shapes with characters. A defined silhouette is extremely important to character design. If you get the chance, listen to the TF2 commentary. Its brilliant for this, but as a quick example.>Heavy is large and square. He is defined by his straight square posture. He is imposing.>Soldier is also square, but is low and squat since he is always hunched over. Shows he is all business.>Pyro is round and curvy. Very bottom heavy. Shows that he is a bit off kilter and strange. Round is also cute, which pyro embodies.>Sniper is tall and thin. He stands straight. Shows that he is meant to stay away. he is frail.>Scout is also tall and thin, but he is hunched over and daring. Shows that he wants to get in close. >Engie is small and square. He is kind of a middle between heavy and soldier. Not imposing, and not daring. Shows he is kinda wishy washy. Prefers to stay out of conflict.>Spy is very triangular. He has broad sharp shoulders, and triangles are often associated with sharpness and villainy. Very fitting with backstabbers.>Demo is like a rounded soldier. He is similar in build, but less hard. He carries himself more like pyro, as he is off kilter. He is like a rectangle with rounded edges.>Medic is triangular like spy. However he stands straight rather than hunched. Showing that he is less daring. He has more of an hour glass figure than spy as well. In this case his sharpness reads as 'professional' rather than villainous.So you have Square guys, whom are imposing, strong, down to earth. You have the stick guys, who are frail, weak, but skilled, you the round guys, who are cute, off kilter, or strange. Finally you have the triangular guys, who are sharp, sinister, or professional.Simple shapes can be used to tell a lot about a character, and each character should be associated with a basic shape.

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>>114841386but ideally less ugly than tf2

>>114834412Cute girls. Simple as that.

>Admiral pizza reboot Admiral pizza in the year 300X leader of the space navy exploring the universe. Earth doesn't exist anymore and the Admiral seeks a new home planet. Painted by Alex ross. Thumbnail sketches of upcoming Admiral pizza page!!

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Are we making a new event any soon?

>>114835304>tad fitting in on a teamNever!>>114841667>tf2>uglyYou clearly dont have an eye for truly utilitarian approach to character design. I bet you think Tranformers Animated was ugly as well.

>>114842845what if it's just our comic but Canadian

>>114843370The first glimpse we saw of Animated was absolutely horrendous. What we actually got on TV was butterfaces

>>114843399Derrick J Wyatt is a god of character design. I understand if you dont find his artstyle appealing. It does look like Bruce Timm in a fun house mirror.But he has a knack for distilling characters to their purest traits and making them instantly striking from first glance.In regards to transformers, he managed to breath new life into 30 year old designs and create some of the most enduring versions of the characters, that have way more personality than any of their predecessors, or follow ups.Not to mention his version of the Teen Titans has become the ur incarnations of the characters.

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>>114843562much better example. little to no complaints there.

>>114842845The idea of having an outfit swap for characters and drawing a vehicle for them is still going on. And I welcome a lot of other ideas as long as it doesn't have anything to do real world events or cultural references but that's for others to decide if they want to participate in that.

>>114843669>>114842845Uhhhh give me outfits for Rau or Azu.

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>>114843781Goth Rau, Nerd Azu.

>>114843781frilly, frilly sundresses or martial arts clothes

>>114843936Have an April for my twitter thing you requested.I know it doesn't quite look like her but I mainly used your request to try out something.>>114844042Alrighty, I'll do these two. Level of effort could vary.

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what's an intimidating melee weapon? i wanted to use a barbed wire baseball bat but now that's completely owned by negan. thinking maybe an axe but that's not too gruesome. a sledgehammer is also too quick. ballpoint hammers make you look like a tool so that's out too.

>>114844334there's a whole menagerie of exotic and obscure historical weapons, so many I can't even think of my favorites. Then again, going by your criteria, a pickaxe might work

>>114844231She looks lovely my man. Nice work.>>114844334Monkey wrench is underrated.


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>>114844334Need more context. Type of character? Setting? Since a spiked baseball was considered I’m assuming it’s modern.I personally think anything requiring a lot of strength and implies violence is intimidating.>A metal sign with a slab of concrete at the end >a tire iron or other mundane item he keeps around that gets plenty of use >a tie or string he wraps around his knuckles>a lucky brick

>>114844621FUCKIN NEEEERD!Nah thats cute dawg. good job.>smart shit.

>>114844042I'm not really trying here.

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Working on illustrating a guy's Yugioh (sort of) scriptIt's kind of what I wish the show was, taking the monsters and just making them characters of their own

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>>114845184>dat sheer sundressoh my...

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>>114845748It's hard as hell though because there's hardly any reference material for some of these things other than their one card and those are...not always helpful

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>>114845748Holy shit that is awesome. Harkens back to my childhood.You gonna draw mah boi Thousand Eyes Restrict?im guessing you're sticking with the badass edgy 90's stuff, so you probably wont draw muh girls. Pic related.

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>>114845860Witches >>>>>>>> Dragon BitchesSorry smacky I aint playing here>>114845759Almost gave Azu the sundress and Rau the martial attire>>114845780I'm also curious, will it be mostly the old school cards? This is a really neat idea.

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>>114845780>>114845860Oh and Sangan! Please tell me that little guy is in there.

>>114845184well, you're succeeding.

>>114845916We're gonna have to get online at some point and settle some shit.

>>114845748i always love it when something based on a card game or something realizes that monsters are the coolest possible thing you can focus on, but then it's shackled to awkward and arbitrary designs from the cards.>>114845780yeah I had a commission once to draw this yatagarasu card, took me ages to realize it had one leg.

>>114845949you could always come back to the discord. we all miss you

No update this week, folks. Definitely next week, though.>>114785538>Hot take incoming: if it's a literal Virtue, it's not a weakness.I suppose I'm approaching it from a realistic viewpoint. Faith under its ideal definition, Virtue or otherwise, isn't inherently weak, yes. However, the method in which someone uses his faith can bring mixed results. I find faith can bring out the best and the worst in a person. Faith can inspire someone to strive for his goals and to endure the worst in life. It can also harbor violence and bigotry when cruelly or lazily applied. That's partly why I work on FaustFall: so I can explore the questions I personally have or yet to have about faith. That, and to tell a good story.>Tell me more about these two, they seem suspiciously similar to Luther and his sibling's head.Well, that's because they're twins. It's not fully spelled out in the series, but there'll be a point in the story where it's explored. The clues are there, though, as far as appearance and names go, plus Luther's fervent protection of his sister Lucia. The twin angle is especially important to me due to personal reasons. I want to do it right.

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Welcome to the midnight bump.Tonight we'er going to take this thread all the way back to the first page.Thanks for tuning in to the midnight bump.Sleep tight out there. Good night.

>>114847523someone has to bump through the Euro hours too.

>>114845748This is the coolest! >>114845860Jinzo would be cool in the 90s style

>>114845748>>114845780Man this is epic stuff, I always wanted to see a story set around the monster characters. So much potential for stories there. Looking forward to seeing more pages and artwork. When it comes to monsters feel free to get a bit creative. The anime doesn't always draw them exactly how they look on cards either.


>>114847523>bumping threads>instead of just replying to peopleCome on, man.

>>114843781Sexy schoolgirls

>>114843781some female duo cosplay from your favorite series.

>>114851046Yeah sure.>>114851437>female DuoDamn, I have trouble thinking of any. I guess I could go with Hanna and Barbara from LWA. Since they are schoolgirls, I might just draw that. But I already did.This is from a Highschool AU on which Rococo is queen bee and they are her posse.I was bored and just copied it. This shit be old.

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>>114825263the virgin reboot vs the Chad Continuation

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>>114826966Academy Island #15 hot off the press!

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Reposting last Tom N Artie>>114825263>If your comic got rebooted, what would changePlot would be one story instead of episodic

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>>114853636Cosmo Lass from earlier this

Attached: Cosmo Lass page3.png (940x1426, 1.61M)

>>114853674Also found an inker (stegotorres) for Olivia's mini in BITE #1

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>>114849315Thanks. Yeah just the Panther Warrior alone has got a few different looks and there doesn't seem to be a single definitive source for him, so I'm winging it.As far as I can tell the Dummy Golem has like a tornado for legs...or maybe a spring? No clue.>>114845916>>114845860>>114845972It seems like such a missed opportunity for the series to focus on boring dudes with bad hair instead of making stories utilizing all these dragons and shit they have. I know jack-all about the game but from what the writer's sent me, there seems to be some cool stuff getting ignored

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Trying to find a writer for my NSFW comic about a Trap who gets spanked, bound and fucked super hard... maybe after that, then I'll work on my horror comic, IDK.

>> might be helpful for certain monsters. This channel has collected various 3d monster model animations from the duel terminal games. Not sure which monsters you'll end up drawing but it also has various anime characters and there monsters so hopefully it'll help in some way.

>>114850403>Criticizing someone for rescuing the thread and making a small amusing post in the process

>>114853144something fishy's going on here...

>>114854236The real missed opportunity was not continuing the ORIGINAL yugioh, which was just "a guy uses a magic trinket in order to have the power to BE GOOD AT EVERY GAME" and then comes across a variety of different games, being-great-at-them supernaturally. That's creative.

Admiral pizza Dream Team fighters (Working title) is a game coming out for ps4 made in dreams. The evil Coronachan is destroying time and space. But heroes powered by "hopes" and "dreams" always rise to stop her.

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The game has your favorite characters from hywc!! Admiral pizza, Nightmoose, Vampire hunter J, Tadd Danger, Aideen the mean, gasparro, Amish the mechanism, W.E.G, Azu, Stardust, ellie, SharkTie, oni spears and foxsword clan and MORE.

Attached: IMG_20200509_122202_432.jpg (1370x1080, 197.19K)

The game have a story mode in episodic releases. Also a 4 player battle mode. The game is 70% complete and i will be writing the plot soon. It will be Add libbed and you, the fans can contribute to the plot. You can suggest the stupidest, craziest, most insane ideas imaginable and i will make it REAL!!

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I don't know how my webcomic's doing since it's not live yet BUT I know i'm getting better at this

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>>114855440>amusingThe first one wasn't, but that sure is.

>>114856808Admiral Pizza is sent back in time by Corona Chan and has to fight the KKK to steal their time machine and go back to the present

>>114854867Holy absolute shit! That's incredible. thank you so much. You've done me a solid today, buddy.

>>114856617>you killed all the bunniesomg Ellie!

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me horny

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should i make the setting of my comic in a fictional small town or a real suburb of a big city? actual city adds to realism but small town is more appropriate for the setting but i obviously can't make it take place in an actual small's a mystery/drama heavily inspired by twin peaks but without anything supernatural.

>>114860420mE hORNY

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>>114860447ME HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>114860445When you use real world locations your comic already loses value for being less creative.

>>114860445fictional suburb of real city.

Hey fellows, new Boys Land chapter is out for everyone to read!Go read it and let us know what you think:Read it on…Read it on

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Been working hard on reworking my art for The Righteous Maniacs, chapter 2 should be here soon....I hope. Also I posed some more concept art on my

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>>114858078Im writing this down-

>>114861839so COMPLETELY bitchin. I like that you keep pushing the quality.there's an instance of "walks passed here" where that should be past*"till we cut a deal" a little further down should be til, since it's short for until"your gettin' ahead of yourself" should be you're

Automatons Incognito part 3 is up.Lady Decitron orders to you read

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>>114863914handsomely* bout midway throughYour shading is really looking nice!

New Oi pencils. I'm working on a huge batch of pencilled paged before I ink them, so then I will have a big bugger set up before I start pencilling the next batch and hopefully there won't be long delays between updates that way. Here's some previews

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Attached: 5.jpg (1200x900, 265.6K)

Nana O' Hara from way back in chapter 4 makes an appearance! >

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>>114843669>outfit swap for charactersDone

Attached: Helgliz outfit swap DA M.png (700x700, 612.08K)

Bompin with sketch of pages.

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>>114825263What is you guys' preferred design language for monsters? I finally figured out what I want my webcomic to be about and was going to use the summer to draw now that uni's out for a good while.

While I figure out what to do with Gary, Weg goes a-wanderin’.She’s a melancholy creature, but it doesn’t take much to cheer her up. She would be your friend.

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>>114833532>added the obvious>minor anatomy fixes>need to fix the line work and musculature of the red headImpressions? Obvious mistakes to improve on?

Attached: D8113FEE-DDD2-443C-8912-F52DCB170191.jpg (640x480, 95.19K)

>>114866379design language?>>114866461I love the anatomy here. You are great.

>>114866749Do me the favor and ignore this. Wanted some last minute critiques to think about before bed but phone posting isn’t worth it

>>114866749Are you the one-armed author?

>>114866461 shit this is so cute

>>114866793Anything for you, buddeh


Attached: Drak n weg.png (350x350, 60.6K)

>>114866838No I have both arms

>>114868347>I come ober da house>we're best friennnds

Die this thread kill

Attached: 97179546.025_.png (545x586, 12.52K)

>>114871530amazing how I can uguu so hard from so few pixels.

>>114825263I wish i had a comic to begin with.

>>114873125just do it user, you only have so many days in this planet so make every moment count. if you're not confident in your abilities, start with something easy.

Just sketched an upcoming character I actually drew last year. Her name is Sierra. Originally, she was going to be Canadian but now, she's going to be Scottish.

Attached: Sierra.png (1081x808, 595.53K)

>>114873125Just do it, Don't let your pizza dreams be dreams.

>>114845184The gi is a pretty good look for Azu.

>>114829098Oh right, a remastered take an eternity to tidy up as there's always something more to fix.

>>114875243I'd rather prefer the sundress

>>114873125This is how you draw cool comics like me. Remember, if you pretend to be an artist, and practice, You can achieve success! What do you define success as? That's entirely up to you. Me, that's drawing slightly better then your average 10 year old, selling books, and being a "cool dude."

Attached: how2comics_by_washyourhandsman-d657wng.png (1290x1950, 1.58M)

>>114873125This is how you write cool comics like me-You can write stuff down and thats cool n all, or you can just....DRAW!! DITCH THE SCRIPT AND DRAW!! The chick who does that show with the lesbian rock babes and the transgender kid does something similar. Though i admire their choice of storytelling in a show i haven't seen-i think its personally kinda dumb saying out loud it does "sounds better on paper" cuz its true. I make up for it by making a rough series of drawings in a crazy manic episode and then fill in the blanks by writing a script after. But you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT!! Next on "How to" from the creator of AP:HOW TO SELL YOUR BOOK!!!!

Attached: HOW2WRITECOMICS.png (1290x1950, 1.78M)

So guys, The webcomic is live!'m not hoping it'll blow out, but at least I hope some of you will like what you see.I'm real happy with this so heh. I hope you guys will like it too

Attached: titanboutthmbwebtoons.jpg (436x436, 183.02K)

>>114843669Make requests for outfit swaps for Oi people. I'll see what I can do.

Attached: characters.jpg (1420x684, 156.4K)

Proper update to what i'm working on. Still need shadows and some general touch ups. As always, let me know if there's any glaring flaws that i might not be seeing

Attached: partymember2.jpg (600x800, 353.76K)

I got some feed back on the initial concept and overall story from a fellow struggler, he liked it. Now I just have to draw it, and I'm lazy as fuck

>>114873856What's the story about?

>>114878243well I'm afraid the anatomy is still a complete mess, and the background... I don't have any nice words for the background. I think it's great you're asking for feedback, but you should probably go back to the beginning before you're ready to worry about touchups and shadows

>>114878243Yeah, the anatomy is wonky, try to *feel* characters, *feel* every pose, close your eyes and molest.The one way out of it is grinding. Grinding basic anatomy and linework until your everything bleeds. My suggestion is cutting down on everything but the linework and then churning out pages until your body learns it the hard (and only) way.

>>114878179You could change the outfit of the girls with the outfit of the guy on the left, but I'm afraid the mods might not be appreciative of posting the end results here. So maybe just swap the outfits of the female characters.

What would be the best place to host a webcomic?

So I was looking into using public domain characters for my webcomic projects, but apparantly stuff isn't always easy to use for some reason. Like you might still have to work out a deal with some people or companies? I was thinking of using some older superhero characters but maybe its better to makem y own ideas?

>>114879643Odd. Public domain should let you do what ever the fuck. People do it with Lovecraft's stuff.

>>114879699This video I found kind of made me curious about

>>114879643its not illegal if nobody cares

>>114879525>You could change the outfit of the girls with the outfit of the guy on the left, but I'm afraid the mods might not be appreciative of posting the end results here.i was literally thinking the same

>>114880443>>114879525they both have long hair, just make use of that.

>>114879525Roger roger

Anyone worked on web comics based on established properties? I plan to do one.

>>114880912Ask Chrischan for advice

>>114880938Kek. Didn't he do so many retcons in his comic?

At what point do you give up continuing a webcomic?

>>114880912Why even try? Nothing's ever going to be as good as TGT


>>114881281tails gets trolled

Admiral pizza issue 6 page 14 lines-Upcoming, Words and colors!

Attached: Admiral pizza issue 6 page 14.jpg (1290x1950, 323.56K)

>>114879557anywhere not meant for mobileshit

>>114879643as i understand it, when something enters public domain, only the contents of THAT work are now public domainso if Baboon-Man used his slingshit in his first comic, and that comic goes public domain, you can make any baboon-man work you want that has him shot shitbut if he didn't use the ass signal until his next comic a year later, you have to wait for the next year for THAT one to come into public domain before you can depict commissioner hardon turning on the ass signalit makes it all kind of dumbtardos

>>114880912Kazerad showed up here onceI want to ask him if any issues have ever come up regarding Bethesda, whether that kind of thing would work more poorly with an infamously litigious company like nintendo or what

>>114882364Okay I think I get it now. Just means I'd have to do research into the character I want to use and what they can and can't do. Thanks for explaining in that hilarious fashion.

Was thinking of starting a webcomic..But I don't know how or where to start..I don't know if I'm even good enough to carry the task...This is a quick drawing of my character or something like that

Attached: WE MUsT GO.jpg (544x878, 215K)

>>114882459and that's just what I heard, the last time someone explained it. I heard a very different story in the past. So research the character and also research pubic domain so i'm not responsible for you getting in trouble.

>>114882489Yeah, you're good sort of tilted his facial features without tilting his head, but that's an advanced technique. Overall, you're definitely good enough.>where to startwhat kind of comic do you want to make? in terms of format and overall tone

>>114882613>in terms of format and overall toneuh... idk really... I'm very newany examples?

>>114882735Name a comic (or manga (or whatever)) or three you like. And what you like in them.

>>114882837uhhh... Neil Gaiman's Sandman... or webcomic wise, I liked kill 6 biillion demons

>>114882947wow okay, so you like really intense, meaningful plots full of symbolism and detail. Do you think you can come up with that kind of stuff? It's okay if you can't, but that's important to think about.

>spent 13 years writing scripts>realize the story is bloated and huge>chop it to bits so it's more manageable>everyone who reads it thinks it needs more fleshing out>get frustrated and give upIt's so hard creating something... especially when you cant edit yourself efficiently

>>114883013>Do you think you can come up with that kind of stuff?not really... but I might as well try..are there any genres?

>>114883075Yes. The majority of comics are not that deep or intensive. It sounds like you should check out a bunch more comics and see how they vary. It's important to check out a lot of something before making something

>>114882489tell me more about this character

>>114883175yeah, probably... Anything you recommend?>>114883177I was thinking he's sorta like an imperial investigator... plot wise I guess some generic investigative shit

>>114883274The comics in these threads range from simplistic cutesy breezy things to pretty strong ongoing stories, but for you specifically I would say to read things like No Need for Bushido and Cassiopeia Quinn.

>>114883026>spent 13 years writing scriptsIt feels there is always something to edit about the script so it never truly feels finished. When you finally feel ready start the comic you will still notice all kinds of things you could have done differently.

>>114883531Thanks, I'll check into those

>>114883026>13 years writing scriptsOh man, i know this feeling. As bad as it hurts, i can tell you sometimes you just need to abandon your dream project, and start brand new. That thing you labored on for years can sometimes just not be as good as a joke idea you threw out on a whim.If your script just isnt hashing out the way you want it to, sideline it for a bit, and start something new and simple. It can help get the cogs moving. Then you can always come back to it at a later time with a new outlook.

>>114878795You should start by doing some rough storyboards. As long as you have he basic layout down you'll have something to work off of>>114879557Tapas works though it has its faults>>114880912If it's in the public domain, do it. I think James Bond just became public a few years ago for example


Attached: Admiral pizza issue 6 page 14.jpg (1290x1950, 424.17K)

Tapas: translation by Prov22 :

Attached: p118.png (600x800, 66.49K)


Attached: p119.png (600x800, 57.89K)


Priest is happy.

Attached: aaa.png (570x413, 72.32K)

>install new version>it overwrites my pirated one, bringing be back to trial>system restore prior to installing the new version>CLIP STUDIO PAINT wont openUh, can anyone help?

>>114887152New version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT*

New page done.Meet the autobot knockoffs.(had to fix a small error. So reupload)

Attached: Tad Danger chapter 5 page 16.png (940x1331, 877.5K)

>>114887152sounds like you need to do a clean install. I don't think systemrestore works on that kind of program

>>114887152>CLIP STUDIO PAINT wont openDo you click, it makes you wait a second, but nothing happens?Because I suffered that last year and the only thing that solved it was literally rebooting my entire system. It sucks. No solutions anywhere.>>114887323>tranq darts are under sinkKek

>>114887323Is Ladybuggy (I assume) talking to herself in the first panel, or did you mis-tail a bubble?hollow vehicles like vans always confuse me with transformers, either they're canonically full of robot parts so there's no room for cargo, or a ton of thin pieces have to collapse and rearrange

>>114887391Nevermind. The free 1.9.4 copy I found wouldn't work, but the 1.8.4 version did. Thanks for the help tho.

>>114887493Ice Scream talks with music.

>>114887493>>114887522I could see the confusion though.Hopefully this makes it more clear that this is how Ice Scream talks.

Attached: Tad Danger chapter 5 page 16.png (940x1331, 883K)

>>114887707ohh I get it now.That's completely hilarious.

Finished the practice pages to my future miniseries. They're a good proof of concept, but I may not adopt the vertical format. Instead, I may go for seamless, collage-esque paneling. I'll revisit it on a later date, but it's back to FaustFall in the meantime. Expect an update next Saturday!

Attached: Practice page 01.png (1080x2847, 1.49M)


Attached: Practice page 02.png (1080x2703, 1.45M)

>>114885548this niggA just wont die

Another girl from next comic. A noblewoman from Cibermas.

Attached: gissel.jpg (843x845, 113.33K)

>>114889736she looks pretty tough

>>114889799Well I can tell you she has zero fighting skills.

Attached: selam.jpg (624x786, 136.25K)

>>114889943she also looks cuddly

>>114890364That she might or might not be.She was unironically the first OC waifu I ever made as a kid.This story is very old.

Attached: skar.png (172x190, 55.89K)

>>114890424and you're finally getting around to it! that's so cool. I want to do my old stories someday.

I'm working on this page.

Attached: page10_wip01_opt.png (940x1355, 895.37K)

Why should I release my comic page by page?Why not post a big book all at once? That;s how most people read comics anyway

Attached: 1495323213922.jpg (320x287, 81.33K)

>>114891626that first face is super extra cute.

>>114891626I'm not sure what that last "who?" means here. Is she asking about Layla?Also yeah that face is super cute.

>>114887707Love the designs you come up with for the transforming robot characters. I think I'm going to like ice scream.

uh oh

Attached: 19.gif (1280x720, 131.69K)

>>114893938cmon, it's right in front of you.

Attached: 22.gif (1280x720, 114.83K)

>>114893593Glad you do. Ive been a life long transformers fanboy so this has been an excuse, not only to make fun of one of my favorite franchises, but make some unabashed OCs real to some extent.

Attached: Cool Decimator.png (945x1323, 526.64K)

>>114893956My sides. I love this so much

>>114893518I don't like the dialogue in the last panel, but is this any better? She's supposed to sound a little anxious.>>114893420Thanks, I tried to make her cute.>>114893971This looks cool.>>114894101same.

Attached: page10_wip02_opt.png (940x1355, 753.05K)

>>114893971you're living my dream, ever since I was a kid trying to draw transformers, but never having seen the show or toys in person and having to base them on my transforming ninja turtles figures

>>114894110Definitely better, now I get it and she does come out as nervous or anxious. Would only change the i think i found dee text to a bubble too


>>114884419I have a habit of going right to line art because I'm an impatient fuck, but If I want to complete a long project like this, I have to do some groundwork.

Just post'n what I've got so far of the next page of that Yugioh thing. Got this far and I thing I'm gonna the page start over...

Attached: passing power page 4 wip.jpg (914x600, 213.94K)

>>114894688yeah it might seem like it takes a while, but honestly sketching things out saves you time. it lets you move and position things and plan out how they ought to look, so there's less fixing and changing later.

How do you draw circles and long straight lines?

>>114895190with shape tools.

>>114895190on paper? with a compass and rulerdigitally? by holding shift

>>114895286>mfw Clipstudio doesn't take pressure sensitivity into account for shift-click, rendering it pretty useless

>>114895300Clipstudio has great guides, rulers and perspective tools though

>>114895355yeah i didnt mean the PROGRAM was useless, just that one functionI keep the line tool ready to use at all times to replace that

>>114895093This looks so amazing, I wish I cared about Yugioh

So do you start with a storyboard? a script?brain storms? What's the usual process here?

>>114896091Gather ideas.Write a page outline/summary, X happens and funny quips to use.Draw a simplified thumbnail to get an idea of the inter-panel layout.Draw a concise storyboard for the in-panel layout.Draw the page.Oh yeah write the dialog.

>>114896091Script first then drawing. Well, that's how I do it so it's not the usual process.

>>114896227pretty much this for me too. the outline gives me a "goal" for the page so i come up with the dialogue while storyboarding. it means i need an outline for the chapter/issue before i get started with page 1 (and a loose outline for the whole project) but i prefer writing this way as opposed to starting with a script

>>114896091i just have an idea and immediately draw it out with the dialogue written on the spot, sometimes directly after the panel is done


Attached: ZAM! comics 55.jpg (800x1055, 823.58K)

>>114894101Whole place is filled with clumsy people

Attached: 25.gif (1280x720, 537K)

Thinking of changing Val's hair to a lighter shade. Thoughts?

Attached: 16 hair.jpg (940x940, 593.19K)

How many of you have drawn your characters nude?

>>114853636New page of Tom N Artie has gone

Attached: TNA 3 Letters Page 15-01.png (940x1428, 1.14M)

>>114899923that's some long neck!>>114900683Me, but I'm not posting it anywhere.

>>114901320>that's some long neck!yeah her race is tall and skinny. I also draw necks too narrow out of habit

>>114901443I had a phase of drawing super long legs so I get it.

Hi, how are you all?

Attached: Screenshot_20200416_005954.jpg (1080x1581, 148K)

>>114879525>>114880443>>114880497Outfit swap complete

Attached: 0.jpg (921x1228, 558.02K)

>>114901752It looks nice on both of them.

>>114901752Super nice. they remind me of my femprotags a bit. Do they often argue with each other?

>>114901827they are half sisters with the same dad. They have a sisterly rivalry and are often fighting and being bitchy to each other. Here they are being

Attached: 18.jpg (800x1193, 1.23M)

>>114901924yeah, totally. Except the sister part.

Attached: wor1_6.png (673x943, 1.09M)

>>114902117our femprotags must be alt-dimension sisters

Attached: Magical Oi girls.jpg (900x607, 855.92K)

>>114902161Well, I had a literall clone situation before. The only difference was that the other character (pic related) was a 1cm shorter and was more musclular. Other than that they could be twins.

Attached: ink30.png (1232x932, 2.15M)

>>114902161>>114902612Here's mine for comparison.

Attached: Yummers.png (284x635, 136.96K)

>>114902665nice. hardbody muscle gingers are hawt.What's your comic about?

Attached: aideen cattleraid mode.jpg (700x904, 271.44K)

>>114902844typical jrpg fantasy I guess. With not that many tweaks, but also not over-tropy parody.

Attached: 3okładka.png (708x1000, 1.42M)

>>114902117>>114901924>Aideen and Rhianon>Azu and Rau>Janey and DeeNow what are these new sisters called?

>>114903089Next catfight tournament should be sister tag teams.

>>114903089Mine are called Rosaura (the brown one) and Hildegard (the pale one). I have a pair of actual sisters in the comic too.

Attached: notreallysisters.png (458x684, 349.63K)

>>114896091i make just a basic script outline, then I draw the storyboard right onto what will be the comic's canvas. it's easier to just draw on top of that

>>114898458this pirate has a lot to learn about being a debonair bad guy

>>114899923I liked her how she was, but this isn't bad. would you be changing the old pages?

>>114903788I could change the old pages but that's 15 to go through. If I ever get the motivation, yeah

>>114904174Been there, felt that, 15 would be the number of pages in my fixup pipeline.

How do i stop myself from fixing a page i already done? I can't stop my ocd.

>>114904641Working on the next page.

>>114902161femprotag sounds like a medication

>>114904751yeah, like estrogen suplement or intimate hygiene product.

>>114901642>no new Chloe for god knows how long and he has the audacity to askbad, very bad


Attached: VIVA.jpg (738x735, 115.32K)

Eerily Lovely #53 Fortunata (part 5) is the contest link, imagine if I actually>>114904641unironically, by finding the next page or project more appealing to do>>114892919These questions only make sense for somebody who's never made a comic>>114888721Dude, are you recycling your own idea to appeal to koreans now?

Attached: palito.jpg (2501x5224, 3.22M)

>>114905389>These questions only make sense for somebody who's never made a comicI've made comics before and published them as zines, maybe I'm just more used to those modes of publishing.

>>114903263Speaking of catfights...

Attached: 17_catfight_Percy_vs_Azu_big.png (1600x1843, 512.05K)

>>114904174then that's several points for just leave her as-is. i like her cute brown hair.

>>114905905Oh my, a beauty

>>114894191>>114886375>>114905905Anyone got Ardi's entry?

>>114905965What's an Ardi?

>>114905982What IS an Ardi?

>>114905905Dear god what a beautiful drawing and PRESS F FOR AZU.>>114906106What is NOT an Ardi?

Attached: slave.jpg (700x904, 358.37K)

>>114906214I'll do you one better, WHY is Ardi?

>>114905905Do you really pay Nyamo to do art for catfight tournaments?

>>114906253Every Nyamo drawing is a small blessing.>>114906245WHEN is Ardi?

>>114906326It is but I can't imagine commisioning an artist that often. I wonder how much Otto has paid him in total already.


>>114825263The only thing I would change in a reboot is the outfits. I redesigned all the characters about 20 pages ago but I'm stuck drawing them in their old outfits until the next chapter. I could just have them reappear in their new duds, but I feel like there should be some consistancy. Except morgan, she was away from the spotlight long enough to justify a change of clothes.Also new page is up. Beatrice is leaning hard into the lawful part of lawful

Attached: Page 40.jpg (940x1875, 631.58K)

>>114906396I pay artists for my stuff on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. You get used to it.

>>114906408No one knows, really. Unless they told someone in some sekrit club discord or something.>>114906440>You get used to it.Nah, I imagine comissioning some expensive and very good artist to draw something super cool on very rare occasion but not this.

>>114906253I have a steady stream of sketch commissions. This time I just said "okay, instead of the daughter of Pele made out of rocks and gardens I want this.">>114906396>>114906408Her. And not as much as you might think since the comic updates slow. These days I mostly get 10 dollars sketches of stuff to accompany the stories I post on my website.Having a job also helps.

>>114905905The colors on this are so gooooooooooood!Its relaxing to look at, seriously.Now I'm not confident at all on winning damn it.Have brutality.>>114905982Ardi comes from Ardihel which is a anagram of my soul name according to someone.>>114906396I have paid for comissions several times even after I started trying to draw. Hurts the wallet but its worth it.>>114903089Yesss moar sisturs.>>114901752This is really cute!>>114905389This reply is purely to give your post another (You) and make it more noticeable.>>114901642Pretty fine, invested a lot of my day in sleeping.>>114906410I love Beatrice, she is her own kind of inept.

Attached: azu vs percy revenge a.png (391x625, 135.3K)

>>114906586>I have paid for comissions several times even after I started trying to draw. Hurts the wallet but its worth it.Where do you go to get commissions of Azu?

>>114905233Well user, I think I'm going to draw an actual small story with chloe now, instead of a two-three panel strip. Any prompts for a possible little plot?

>>114906620Uh, I have never asked for Azu comissions so far. I mainly have commissioned artists Miryul and Idioluck for novel covers and stuff.

Attached: 7d4-ozoG.png (1280x2047, 3.94M)

>>114906575You have a job?

>>114906677I am a phenomenal teacher.

>>114906674>I have never asked for Azu comissions so far.What a bold faced lie

But it's true. I draw Azu myself.

Attached: ....png (379x352, 137.71K)


>>114906396It's a pretty normal thing for writers to pay the artists they work with.>>114906586those lower back punches look brutal and paralyzing.Here's my two latest pencils. Assembly line production of mass pencilling should lead to weekly updates for the next few weeks. I will definitely have new Oi up by Sunday but hopefully earlier!

Attached: 7.jpg (800x1196, 615.17K)

>>114906106A miserable little pile of sameface


Attached: 8.jpg (800x1251, 607.41K)

>>114906795lol I realized that the bottom panel of Aideen's body looks like she has granny's head. I'll have to resize the granny panel when I ink it


Attached: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE you are right.png (380x327, 240.35K)

>>114906410you do design some really nice outfits though

>>114892919don't release them page by page. It devalues your updates.release them in sensible, contained parts.

>>114906836I'm sorry Ardi I love you, I just also love referencing memes from bad dubs of games I've never played

I read a hell of a lot of webcomics, but sadly have negligible artistic talent myself. A while back, I started writing a story featuring a couple of characters I'd been kicking around in the back of my head for a while, and when I showed it to my sister (who can actually draw), she was interested in working on turning it into a webcomic with me. Here's most of what I've written so far: definitely tried to write in visuals that would translate well to comic form, but a big part of the protag's character is conveyed through his mental commentary and narration. I don't really know a good way to get all of that across in comic form without having pages end up as big wordswordswords messes. Any tips would be appreciated

>>114906586>>114905905Tonight we got a grudge match. Can Azu's older, more experienced self defeat the pride of the Fishermen?Ding

Attached: Arena.jpg (600x907, 184.61K)

>>114907318didnt we already vote on this months ago?

Looks like I won't be getting the domain I wanted for my comic. Anybody else been in this situation? What should you do? I'm trying to think of cooler edgier words to accompany it since it's a crazy space thing but I'm not reaching any breakthroughs.

Attached: nope.png (1035x135, 13.37K)

>>114907375You missed everything before ding ding.

>>114907403i think is fine.or if your comic has some weird catchphrase you can use that.Is your comic about a wandering Vega from Street fighter?

>>114907403Is your comic about a nomad carrot, user?

/vg/agdg told me what i want to make isn't a video game or VN so i guess it's just a digital comic. i hope you guys are ok with a webcomic larping as a shitty VN without choices or multiple endings

>>114907613>>114907642Vega is the name of a star. So it's basically just a pun term for space hobos.

>>114907403get vegabond.countrycode instead. i have a .ca domain so i was able to get instead of and i love it

>>114907711I read a study that people are 95% less likely to remember your domain if it has a non .com suffix and that kind of scared me off from using anything else.

>>114907404I don't understand

>>114907744that study is absolute garbage. everyone uses dot nets, or various funny codes from countries that make the URL work better. like if there's a .nd you can have vegabo.nd

>>114907813We have Azu vs Percy a few months back. Now this is older and stronger Azu vs Percy. It's a grudge match. Do you get it now?

>>114906897Play SotN. It's a great game.

>>114907928Azubros got this.

>>114906586She is definitely the most fun character to write. I do worry about her becoming the krillan of the group though. Just completely outclassed by everyone to the point of uselessness. Then again he is the best part of DBZA so maybe I should lean into it.>>114906844Thank you, that is something I worry about. I know jack shit about fashion, my outfit for the last 20 years of my life has been tshirt and jeans. I guess when you're writing a fantasy webcomic there's some leeway when it comes to designing duds.

>>114906627Alright, that Passion Patties thread gave me an idea. Here's how you get big (no pun intended):>Hadley brings a batch of home-baked cookies to school and gives some to Chloe. Chloe loves them so much she organizes a cookie-eating contest with Hadley as the only provider (you can include a panel of Hadley working her ass off to bake enough before the deadline). When the day of the contest comes Chloe eats all the cookies by herself. The last panel is comically obese Chloe, her abdomen fat completely covering the winner podium.This way you can attract all the inexplicably rich weight gain fetishists which in the year 2020 is the only surefire way for a comic to gain traction.And here's a legitimate plot: >Chloe wants to buy something mundane but the pocket money's not enough so she gets a brilliant idea to summon Satan to try and sell her soul but he refuses because (here's a half-baked idea, I'm sure you can come up with a funnier reasoning): she's lesbian and Hell's rules forbid buying lesbian souls or smth

>>114907928I thought we saw these exact drawings before and voted on em. My mistake I guess.

>>114907948It looks a little irritating in parts, I've watched really indepth reviews. I might play that new Deedlit game though that copies it.

>>114907744i'd be more worried about altering the spelling of a word than using a non .com tld (top level domain.) they're more likely to mistake vegabond for vagabond than they are to type instead of "vagabond comic" also has a ton of seo competition and it's unlikely they'll find your "vegabond" in the list

>>114907318What are the stakes?

>>114908121You mean Bloodstained? It looks much more like actual Castlevania than shit like Lord of Shadows or the Netfiix atrocity so I guess it's okay.

new page for my buffer

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>>114906865Like 8 pages at once like the spirit section? I like that better

>>114908388Loser shakes hands and bakes the other a cake of their choice.

>>114908388Azu's PTSD worsening or not.

>>114908636>>114908388>>114908529Loser crowns the winner and bows in fealty.

>>114907403how about

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>>114908504I was recommended to post a pitch here>Want to develop Fifi la Fume's life with a +18 webcomic>Write fun dumb sexual gags still at Fifi's expense>Always in tone of "she never gets the boys">Have a lot of conflicting emotions about passion and saddness>Writing temp plotlines where Fifi discovers her detailed sexuality and coming to terms with lust and friendship. Also loneliness and longingness with her smell and personality>It's thematically similar to the comic "Black Hole" excluding STI's and more focused on mental isolation and attachment>Pitching it to friends was met with a resounding "meh"Fuck. Me. My passion is tossed into the void.

Attached: Motivational Fifi Comic.png (800x1000, 388.59K)

>>114908388Kiss her feet

>>114908674pls get this furry shit out of here.>plot honestly sounds like it could be funny if you didn't make it porn and didn't make it 18+. Just do looney toons-tone gag strips with this character and you could have a hit. Making it furry porn just is not a good idea.

>>114908721>>114908658A combination of these. Winner takes the throne and wears the loser's stuff. Azu's bands and Percy's bandana and pin. Loser has to bow and kiss feet

>>114908736Eh. I'm kinda dancing on the line. I realize though I wish to write more analytically than emotionally. I end up drawing less furry bait than I imagined in the long run. Though, I imagined that there would be +18 moments for sure. It's more along the lines of Black Hole, it's more to solve and push a narrative than be bait.

>>114908519"I hate you. Go jump off a cliff, you retard" feels a little force because the setup for the joke is "the villagers actually felt like real people." Burying the lead with something like "I want you to be a pallbearer at my funeral so you can let me down one last time" would work better. You'll probably want something edgier because your panel has 3 insults in 2 sentences but yeah. I'd like to see a backhanded compliment "I love that you're confident enough to not care about how you look" but I guess work in something about being retarded

New Rosaura WIP after almost a half year of nothing. What do you think?

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>>114908770B b b b bo-ring

>>114909144What do you recommend?

>>114908843If I was reading that comic I'd enjoy it and then be instantly repulsed and turned away the first time 18+ hardcore porn crap appears.

>>114909223I hope to write it well then.I skip a bunch of sex pages when the lore gets good because the sex has nothing to do with what's happening.


>>114909221>>114909329I was thinking: loser eating winner's ass.But blue board I guess.

>>114909357Big brain


>>114909357You can do a Kiss My Ass match. Even PG pro wrestling does those still. But spanking, especially over the knee, could be funny.

I got to vote for "kiss my foot." It's just too hot when the winner is also on a throne.

>>114909357>eating ass>eating>AzuAnd that's how Percy won but died.

>>114909610I vote for a wholesome "loser has to buy the winner their favorite meal for dinner" scenario

>>114882439Kaz here, Besthesda sent me a cease and desist once and I put it in a box, shit on it, then sent it back. Never heard from them again.Just do that and you shouldn't have any problem.

>>114908893I kind of was going for it being over the top. Just to pack in how much of a dick the villager is.

>>114909357It's not that I'm against drawing lewds and in fact I had some done already, but I ain't posting stuff like that on the boards. >>114910135This is cute, me like, except you know what Azu's favorite food is.

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>>114908505no, Wonder Labyrinth>>114908386this is also valid. a clever spelling throws any chance out the window of reliably remembering your comic based on its URL

>>114908519This is completely true. and I love the art. You're swell, manI think there are two phenomena here though. In the 2000s things got way more sanitized (Mario instruction manuals started talking about 'mistakes' and 'tries' instead of deaths and lives), now it's a litttle less buttoned down linguistically than the last decade, but it's a lot HAPPIER because people are miserable and want escapism.

>>114908736furry is goodtoony isn't

I'm gonna need a bigger waifu chart.

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>>114911002dagNABBIT I forgot to color the legsDAGNABBIT

>>114911002Is this Ice Scream?

>>114911146Yes, yes he is! Someday I will draw recognizable fanart...!

>>114911226It's already recognizable.

>>114909056nothing like sitting on a tree for some great moods.

>>114905389Your use of objects to help transition between the B&W and colored scenes are rather seamless. I appreciate that eye for detail, mate.>Dude, are you recycling your own idea to appeal to koreans now?Not quite. It's more of an experimental compilation of different ideas (poetry, romance, parasites/pests, vertical format, simpler style.) I made the attempt in order to give myself a proof of concept. And now that I have it, I'll be accessing what to keep and change with the next practice page. It's all so I can create a standalone miniseries that's uniquely itself, something that I'll be working on in the background while I continue FaustFall.

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It's too soon to even be rebooted, this is kind of a sketch version so I can do some final edits for it's final form. I'm not sure if going through the french album format I had in mind, but its already layouted.I just finished a new chapter. Proofanon, are you here?

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My handwriting is garbage. Is it worth the time and effort to make it better, or should I just use a premade font?

>>114913271Use a premade font

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I did it guys, I finally fucking did it.

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Anyone doing this?

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>>114913483Wats the page requirement

>>114913513Minimum is 3 chapter with minimum of 30 panels each.


>>114913483Contest is already over.

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What is the demand for porn comics compared to sfw comics?

I recently made an original comic with my characters, probably not a great start to revive it since it explains nothing about the world but it did revive my interest in using the characters in the of the comic can be found here since I'd feel weird just dumping it all out here: for the OP question, I feel like I kinda already am rebooting my comics. A lot of ideas I had in the past feel dumb/outdated now.>>114913444noice, congrats>>114913645in my experience it's been easier to get followers/likes with nsfw stuff but I find it less fulfilling.

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>>11491348330 frames is around 5 traditional pages. Their weekly standards are king of a fulltime job if you want to seria;ize like an official webtoon.


>>114913483I don't think I will, the categories make it feel like I have to make either a really cool comic or a pretentious comic, neither of which I'm good at.


>>114910172I was told it's actually illegal to put poop in the mail

>>114911020I just assumed she had nice periwinkle boots.

>>114912796I'm here. little overwhelmed todayI love how we get a little 'Previously on Teddy and Olive..'"No-no" has kind of a specific meaning, a babytalk word for a mistake. I think you want "No... no...">opsOopsalso I don't get the "General C" gag>I hope that truck is far by nowadd "away" after far.

>>114913271the process of doing a comic will improve your writing as you go.>>114913444Proud of ya, son.