David "Zog Flunky" Hogg Threatens Laura Ingham

Firstly, I don't like laura ingraham at all, I think she's a useless cunt. But if you make yourself a public figure and willingly become a spokesman for ZOG's agenda, you can therefore be criticized when you publicly bitch you were too fucking dumb to get into any of the unis you applied to.

So this faggot bitches, imagines a big school will offer him a place a guess. Ingram makes a comment about his whining. fucker threatens her advertisers! Who the hell does he think he is?

>TMZ founder (((Harvey Levin))) came to Hogg's defense, tweeting directly at Ingraham and asking if she had watched the video of the interview at all.



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Look at the fucking arrogance….who does this fucking shitbag think he is? If faux jews caves on this one…they are already a neo-con shithole but the arrogance of the little fucker–what has be accomplished?

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Does anyone actually believe this moron is smart enough to think of doing this himself?

Yeah, this world is too backwards for even Papa Hitler.

Isn't his shitbag father a retired FED? Dr. Scheuer never stops talking about what a cancer on the nation the FBI is and how he dreaded every time he had to work wit them since they were worse than fucking useless.

Also, even Dr. Scheuer (22 years working at CIA) thinks the FL shooting was a false flag…He's not random guy ranting in his basement he ran the CIA operations for 2 decades+/

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David "Dumb as a nog" Hogg

I don't even mind and can excuse stupidity. It's this fucker's arrogance that gets me. He was near an (alleged) school shooting, so this therefore makes him an authority on the subject? I was standing on Church street 4 blocks away when the first plane hit the tower on 9/11. Can I give speeches now on terrorism and airline safety?

It's like the fucker expected special treatment. He didn't get it, so he'll be taking a (((gap year))) and next year saying to the admissions jews: "don't you know who I am?" And, sadly, he'll get his way and probably get into Stanford this time or even Harvard. Because he now live in a society that rewards the person who declares their victimhood the most loudly.

When the US inevitably brings back capital punishment for treason, david hogg is probably going to wish that he rallied to band assault rope.


Lol the little cuck is going power crazy

How long until CNN abandons him and he commits suicide?

I just don't understand how anyone can be this fucking small and ugly.

What a passive aggressive little shitstain. Those are the words of a child on a power trip. He needs a more suitable name. David "The Flunky Monkey" Hogg maybe?

Who are his 860,000 followers? They need to remember that freedom of association isn't freedom from consequence. He's actively trying to subvert the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution.

Imagine how hard he's going to crash when Soros money moves onto the next fad. He's not very smart so he won't be able to follow it. He honestly thought that being left leaning would get him into college. Unfortunately for him, there are no spots for mediocre, white shitlibs, those spots are all taken by Jews, blacks and spics.
He's going to end up back at his parent's house, ranting about how the NRA sabotaged him.

I feel sorry for him because you know after they're done with him he'll probably end up like this kid.

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They were Bernie supporters? I smell a HRC hit.

They're trying to build up the narrative that Hogg et al are 'genius' internet wunderkinds because they can operate an iPhone.

I guess you could say he got shot down

You have to go back.

This wouldn't happen if they wore clear backpacks

That kid is such an insufferable shill faggot, he had a tantrum over his purse being made transparent.
Always trying to get attention with ridiculous ego exaggeration.

Look at his Twitter account, I can guarantee it's run by the same 30-something Jewesses that did social media outreach for Hilldawg.

God I hate this little ZOGbot, even more than the others.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

The keks keep coming. I mean really now.

Harden up, son. The sooner this little faggot gets himself perished, the better.


Now that's entirely created for free advertising. That company is staffed by a bunch of faggots, spics, chinks and leafs. There's no way the virtue signalling homos at hulu support conservative anything.