Fire breaks out in russian shopping mall, (((security guard))) turns off PA system and alarms

>Investigators said Monday that emergency exits were blocked and a (((security guard))) turned off the public announcement system when he received a call about the blaze, but they provided no information why that happened.

Eyewitnesses also said that staff did not arrange for the evacuation at the shopping mall, which was converted from a former confectionery factory in 2013. Some guards and other staff helped people to get out, but there was no organized rescue effort.

kikes in UK try framing russia in false flag, sounds like kike alphabets are responsible for the fire, locking the doors and turning off the alarm and sprinklers in the process

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Nuke Tel Aviv.

Nuke Jerusalem.


we went over this in another thread user. They've already said to expect many kids to have (((disappeared))). And by that, they mean already caged in tel-aviv awaiting to have their blood spilled for the passover seder to make matzo.

The Church was so screwed after Vatican II…does anyone recall the name of the town in Italy, where a jewess stole a consecrated host and brought it home to fry it? when she put it in oil, it began bleeding everywhere until blood was knee deep and ran out of the house. The house was a shrine until the 1960s and the day marked by a procession every year until the jew-masonic elite subverted the Vatican from within and did away with it….

passover holocaust ?
holocaust is latin and means burnt whole referring to the human sacrifice rituals practiced by the jews


^ kike.
You can tell by the incoherent rambling, designed merely to confuse. There's a talent to ignorant trash that means literally nothing, but is voluminous and grammatical.

It's Greek and just means "burnt offering." The kike tradition of burning kids comes from their worship of moloch, in which they had a statue of their god with hands operated by a level that would bring the child up to its mouth and then into the fire burning in it's stomach where it would be consumed.

If you want to read more about Jewish ritual murder, the standard work on the matter (almost destroyed by the Jews, just barely saved) is by the jew professor and son of a former rabbi of rome, Dr. Ariel Toaff. Go to the website of Carlos Porter if you want to read/ DL one of the few copies left on the web. Toaff definitively proves Jewish ritual murder was indeed very real. Others (including Dr. Pierce) at one time believed it was used by our ancestors when a child died to get the jew tax collectors and liquor merchants and white slavers off their backs.

In fact, our ancestors were quite perceive and knew what they saw.

Can you outline why you think the jews are connected to this? Also yeah why do the limies and their EU butt buddies get to blame all of Russia for poisoning some old shit when the same progressives say you need to judge every person on a case by case basis. Is this still Jaun Claude Junker seeing dollar signs in his eyes when looking at Russia being "anti-european" or some shit?

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You're calling Me a kike? You haven't been here long, have you shit bag? Trying to either d& or from cuckchan trying to fit in? People don't come to a fucking thread to "Check" the first fucking post in the thread. Yeah, you're filtered. You'll learn soon enough cunt.

The majority of the causalities were children that were their on a field trip to watch a movie. They only had 2-3 teachers chaperoning upwards of a 100 kids. Instead of staying with them at the theater they opted to instead barricade them in the theater by piling shit in front of the doors, and fucked off to go sight see in the mall while the movie played. Some sort of compressed tank went off shortly after, creating an instantaneous inferno that belched thick clouds of black smoke and flame. In the aftermath its been rumored that the builders of the mall paid off fire marshals and building inspectors so they could rig up some fake fire alarm equipment to avoid shelling out for it. Which is why no alarm was sounded (sorry Holla Forums its not always kikes) the majority of the deaths where the kids that were locked in. Theres a media blackout on the severity of it, and all outlets are only reporting a death toll of around seventy but the true toll is in the low hundreds. Its probably a major violation to post a reddit link here but theres a thread about it on /r/watchpeopledie that has a lot of first hand, detailed accounts about what went down, along with video of the tank going off and starting the blaze. No I wont waste time converting it to a webm so I can post it here, go fuck yourself.

ahahahaha oh that kike salt.

and the "missing" ones are probably going to be ritually killed in Israel.
Nuke Tel Aviv.
Nuke Israel.

Gas the kikes race war now.

This video supposedly shows the start of the fire. Doesn't look "natural" to me at all. Accelerants in play? This, together with exits blocked -> no explanation and fire alarm turned off by security guard -> no explanation is suspicious AF.

Yep. Of course they do it.

Hopefully Putin will torture those involved until they reveal their vile plans. Even if Putin maintains friendly relations with Jews, I don't think he'll be forgiving of a group capturing and sacrificing Russian children.

Some details about investigation: victims relatives under gag order.

If barricading doors of rooms filled with children or trying to save money buy purchasing fake fire alarms makes sense to you, you're not white.
That doesn't sound like problem solving anyone in my family line would ever use. Would german engineers solve fire alarms being too expensive by giving out fake ones?
Yet it does fit the profile to a T of jews trying to send a message to countries they're mad at by their IT or Security services 'going missing' then a disaster happens. Especially involving children near passover.

Is there a pattern of high profile events targeting children around this date? It could be worthwhile to look back over the past few years to make the connections with other 'sacrifices'.

Yes user, obviously it was (((DA JOOS))) *que dramatic sounding music*. You're fucking retarded and should self asphyxiate with a long rope.(kike)

There was no "barricading". Doors were simply locked with lock by ticket checkers for the duration of the movie. Reports are this was SOP for this mall, to avoid free-riders in the cinema. Usually cinemas rooms doors are open and people can leave for WC and enter again but looks like this civilized way doesn't work for Russian Detroit.

Gas has been deployed, you'll be dead soon.


And you know this how?

This is what residents report via social media.

As for official information, authorities went full blackout. Gag orders, smartphones confiscation from all residents of neighboring mall houses, official media didn't picked up news for 48 hours, running only like 20 sec short reports. If you think Las Vegas was bad, this is x100 more bullshit.

According to some Russian channels that I've seen that they've interviewed. A survivor told that a security guard blocked them from running to save the children (which in case the escape route from the children's playground was blocked. And then during the questioning of the mall owner, she said that there were "foreign people" before the fire started.
But I suspect that (((security guard))) right now, who's currently missing. If it's a Chechen, then burn this piece of shit down.

==God, I wish Russia was run by real patriots- even the women would clean out the

Hymie, Jewish ritual murder around the time of passover– esp. when children (((disappear)))– have been recorded at this time of year fro thousands of years:
"In particular, he dwelt on the case of St Simon of Trent. This two-year old child from the Italian town of Trent was kidnapped by a few Ashkenazi Jews from his home on the eve of Passover 1475 AD. At night, the kidnappers murdered the child; drew his blood, pierced his flesh with needles, crucified him head down calling “So may all Christians by land and sea perish”, and thus they celebrated their Passover, an archaic ritual of outpouring blood and killed babies, in the most literal form, without usual metaphoric “blood-wine” shift.
The killers were apprehended, confessed and were found guilty by the Bishop of Trent. Immediately, the Jews took their protest to the Pope and he had sent the bishop of Ventimiglia to investigate. He allegedly accepted a hefty bribe from the Jews and concluded that the child was murdered by a Hamas mine in order to besmirch Israel, as there was no Tsahal ordnance found on the beach of Trent. “Simon had been killed by Christians with the intention of ruining the Jews”, said the pre-war Jewish Encyclopedia, in a clear case of premonition: the same argument was used by Jews in 2006 while explaining away the mass murder of children in Kafr Qana.
However, in 15th century the Jews were influential, yes, but all-powerful, no. They could not deal with the world like they did in 2002 after their massacre of Jenin by ordering everybody to buzz off. They had no American veto in the Security Council. They could not bomb Rome, and the word “antisemitism” was invented 400 years later. They were given a fair deal which is much worse than preferred treatment: Pope Sixtus IV assembled a commission of six cardinals chaired by the best legal mind of that time, for retrial; and this Supreme Court found the murderers guilty. See more for a Catholic version and a Jewish version of the events. The records of the trial have survived centuries and are still available in Vatican."

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Nuke Jerusalem.

Russia is a shithole full of corrupt and inept government officials and sniveling mid-lings with no honor or loyalty to nation or volk.
Hitler was right to despise them.

>yes goy the corrupt government that (((we)))-er, putin controls is very much indicative of russians as a whole

Much as it pains me to say, show me one Western euro nation that is anywhere near as homogenous and with females who have pride like this.

Yes, the number of muslims relative to population is a going to be a major issue they need to deal with, but Christ look at the demographics in ZOG, canada, UK France, Germany…if there is a White Future, it's in Hungary, Poland, and Russia (maybe not all of it, grant you that).

Orban was right that eventually real Europeans are going to be heading to Hungary as refugees.

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that's always the commie way

based jewtin

In a painful video, the grieving businessman said: ‘My name is Igor Vostrikov, in this fire I have lost my sister Alyona Sabadash, my wife Elena Vostrikova, and my three children, aged seven, five and two years old.

‘They died because they were locked in the cinema - and nobody is telling this.

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lol always the (((fsb))) narrative

All of them were calling from there, this is the 21st century, all with mobile phones…’

The bereft man said: ‘I thought it was an act of terror… because when they were calling they said – ‘We are locked here, we can’t breathe, save us!’

In fact it was incompetence: the fire alarm had been broken almost a week - and no-one bothered to fix it.

At these cinemas it was routine to lock the doors to stop gatecrashers getting inside.

He alleged that the number of victims was far higher than the authorities have admitted.

'They are lying you, here we are counting from 200 to 350, maybe more,' he said.


Good. Fuck malls.

Oh great, now the autist came to here. How fared your attempts yesterday? Cried and ran away like a bitch as always?

can you give the real jewtube link? not working. If it's about the russian problem with muslims, i'm well aware.


/pol is compromised. Please move to /zenpol

Pol shuts down any criticism of the omnibus. The omnibus is a total betrayal of what Trump promised. Pol does not allow any real discussion of this fucked-up legislation.

Summary of the omnibus:

-It does not fund any border wall. Just 33 miles of fence.

-No money shall be spent on wall prototypes. Just “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-No new ICE field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-The omnibus REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-The omnibus INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-It mandates sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

-On top of all that, the omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for complete bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)


Oh, so it's really him. How long has it been now, months, years? Are you winning?

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yeah, it's that fucking mosque. Get it user, you're in Russia and fucking miserable there. In truth, you'd probably be fucking miserable;e anywhere just as I'm miserable here in ZOG. Life sucks anywhere when you are broke. I think Moscow's muslim population is what, 12% or 13%? It's a lot and it's a problem that will need to be dealt with (as I already said before), but if the Jews managed to get them under control using (((class revolution))), I have no doubt that an actual Russian patriot could dispose of them and the Jews in a few days.

You've had them there since the time of Catherine the Great, though admittedly not in Moscow, and Kadyrov seems to have housebroken the chechens (for now). At least you have a precedent for handling them. Germany has zero experience, France has maybe 60 years but even that only as a colonial power.

If we could meet back here in 100 years time, I'd be willing to bet now Russia will do a better job of either destroying them or putting them into a pale than will anywhere in the West. Western Europe is going to need to fight them street to street, house to house, and it isn't going to b e be pretty, esp given that the supply of White working class is drying up.

Unlike in the USA where footage is "missing" or is confiscated never to be seen again (Parkland, Pulse, 911, Vegas et al) and the authorities don't seem to care and or are actively covering it up, in Russia I am confident that this kind of incident is followed by a human intelligence investigation and harsh interrogation of all possible parties, along with a full forensic examination.

If it turns out that it's foul play I'm sure we'll get news of it. of Cuck™_in_Russia*lam_in_Russia


we can not trust the security guards to protect us, even when they are always around to watch us.
we need to arm whites in europe and slavs in the east to protect themselves.

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even women..
women do and think whatever they believe is what makes them the most accepted in society.
now they are being told that genocide of their own family makes them a good person, so they do it.

women should cook and clean, nothing else

That's a Semitic, not an Aryan, opinion. The Germanic women would battle against the Romans with their babies strapped to their backs.

is that why germany is currently led by a woman flooding the fatherland with rapefugees and hitler is vilified as a war criminal, hershel?

Let's be honest here; it could have just as easily been Russians as (((Russians))). Neither group has the greatest track record with this sort of shit.

I see I stung you with that Semite comment. Your women will continue to breed you out and lose interest the longer you stay in the West you know.

A proper big strong Gentile woman is more than a match for your average Jew, this scares them.

a woman should be barefoot and pregnant with only a broom or a frying pan in her hand, not a gun, a hammer or a briefcase, rabbi.
only jewish commies and feminists like (((you))) believe women have rights, should vote, should have careers and not be treated like the property of their father, brother or husband.
by the way, did germanic women fight the soviet army with babies strapped to their backs? if so, let's see the proof.

How do you know it was a jew?

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It's not that Putin signed government oversight break (fireguards, sanitary, IRS) with own hand.
It's not that russians cut down costs whereever possible.
It's not that russians block whatever not directly usable (Газель microbuses had read doors hard locked until recently).
It's not that Russia does not have a functioning judicial system even at lowest level and bribes are wide-spread.

>They've already said to expect many kids to have (((disappeared))). And by that, they mean already caged in tel-aviv awaiting to have their blood spilled for the passover seder to make matzo.
It's not that ФСБ classified victim information.

It's always the kikes, mark my word, Holla Forums is always right.


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That's Semite garbage and has nothing to do with anything Aryan. Also you're again trying to conflate modern moral values to the original values of the Volk. Then you ask me to prove something I never claimed. It's pretty obvious who the Jew was here.

what a surprise


Your post proves it was the Jews.

i see i hit a nerve again, hershel.
you clearly got triggered by the idea of women fulfilling their traditional roles of cooking and cleaning and then you blathered on about how muh stronk germanic womyn could fight roman soldiers with babies strapped to their backs. topkek
meanwhile, as history in the real world shows, germanic women were too busy being raped by soviet soldiers to fight them with or without their babies strapped to their backs. the reason is simple: women are not cut out for war and battle, they are terrified little lambs who need the protection of strong men who wield the guns and the power in a properly organized society.
of course, you'd already know this if you weren't a feminist commie kike larping as a natsoc.

Women would traditionally take up arms in ancient Europe, and some were powerful enough to command armies. The idea that women are destined only for scullery work and sewing comes from popular literature written by and for the higher classes mainly in the 1800s and afterward.

Anyhoo stop abusing Tor, you're completely full of it and you're not fooling anybody with your pilpul.

and clearly a rainbow haired faggot as well

My friend in Moscow says "380 people dead, 70% of them are children"

German engineers solved the issue of diesel exhaust with a software defeat device, it was a big thing couple years ago. Dieselgate.

The fix kills MPG and horsepower and torque, Germany BTFO. Also Audi and BMW are now implicated.

Mercedes and BMV are for shitskins now anyway. All prestige is lost using their brand. Japanese cars are better anyway, even Koreans are getting better because they keep stealing our better engineers and designers.

t. German

The Koreans actually partnered with MB and eventually bought and moved an entire factory over. They make perfect Hyundai copies of '90s Benzes for domestic sale to this day (think Toyota Crown level of quality).

Prestige means nothing when your car company's owned by street shitters. Jaguar owners perpetually BTFO.

more like t. Jew
Have some pride in your national brands, Mercedes still makes great cars

Everyone is on it, clean diesel is a myth.

Sure, but the cars under $120k aren't actually "great" any more and the ones over that line are too expensive and unreliable.

MB peaked in the late 80s, everybody knows this.

I had entertained the thought that this was a passover sacrifice and now I'm sad and tearing up that more white Christian children fell victim to this sacrificial ritual that does nothing more than propagate the fear these monsters use to maintain their false power

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Go to bed Evelyn, you're drunk.

"It was just an accident, fellow Whites!"
"They are covering up, real death toll is +600!"

So how do we know for sure it was to Moloch and not to Yaweh?


< "FSB is behind this, fellow Whites!"
< 000000

Go back.

< "White Sharia now!"
< "You're the kike here!"

"U mad, bro?!? Trolled u!"

Ever heard of a discipline called archaeology dumbass? Beyond that, there are are greek sources that write about exactly what the jews were up to.

Shit, that's right. We were meant to be expecting child sacrifices.

Can anyone clarify the kike connection here?

Holy shit, get that Hollywood jew dick out of your mouth, you fucking faggot.

Not exactly. This goes deeper than a security guard locking children up. See pic related? This is Denis Shtengelov, a Russian yid currently living in Straya. He owns KDV Group, a company that owned that shopping mall. He is known for being a ridiculous penny-pincher, firing people and jewing intermediaries to save an extra shekel. Here's his quote:
It is crystal clear that he bribed everyone he could and cut all corners to save shekels on that shopping center, so the rumor about fake fire alarms might as well be true. There was a case in Russia when a bunch of people died in a fire because the fire exit turned out to be fake - just a door bolted to a wall.
Right now Russian media is in full damage control mode, distracting public attention from those responsible - that kike and Aman Tuleev (pic related #2), governor of Kemerovo who is well-known to be a corrupt piece of shit. The real number of victims is being downplayed, families of the deceased who went out to demand Tuleev's resignation and proper investigation are branded American agents, monetary gifts are being distributed to witnesses and Putin enjoying the media attention to promote himself right before his inauguration, because - surprise-surprise! - Shtengelov is his friend.
Not sure about the whole Passover offering stuff, but there is massive kikery afoot still.

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I always look out for Fire-related (((accidents))) during March month and nearby.

I can't find specific date or even specific month to prove my thesis, but there seem to always be burning or explosion related accidents on certain months. Molach fire-sacrifice ritual.

Kemerov Fire, that texas factory explosion, chinese factory explosion etc, who knows, these might not be coincidental

why do kremlin commie kikes always use the same tired and overused deflections which even the most brain dead vatniks don't believe anymore?


oh you!
at least you tried

Because it's easy as fuck to do. Spend five years or so convincing the citizenry that country X is their greatest enemy, then any of your own failures can be blamed on X. Your average vatnik is even dumber than an average boomer.

That would mean Romans admitting that Germanic women killed their men, which no man would ever want to admit.

There are about 100 different ethnic groups in the Russian Empire/Federation. You call that homogenous?

That's the dumbest fucking thing I've ever read. Get the fuck out retard.

Don't be a retard.

No, it could be motivated by ridiculing the men of General xyz, or to encourage them to fight harder.

Regardless - if you weren't such a faggot and hence knew anything about the history of warfare, the sheer fact that in almost no recorded battles of any nation women played any role, should tell you there might be very good reasons for that. Only because you find a few Roman short stories doesn't change the OVERWHELMING picture of women playing practically no role in battle until the perverted communist marxist / feminist advances on the Eastern Front (with sharpshooter regiments) and maybe some in the the Spanish Civil War.

If it ever happened, it was in auxiliary roles and a desperate measure maybe because too many warriors were lost to previous battles but not because of muh stronk Aryan warrior womyn. Get a fucking grip. That is just kike Hollywood propaganda to reinforce feminist delusions and nothing else.

M9 it's all people. No matter what generation.
People in general are stupid, gullible and easily manipulated
That is why the people needs guardians to watch over them, to protect them from these people who seek to exploit this truth

Why in the christ would there be a media blackout to protect incompetence of the owners of a goddamn mall? That's horseshit.

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