5G, killer frequencies coming near you!

5G is the next generation in internet/cellular communication that ensures significantly faster speeds, meaning more data can be gathered on people faster and the use of numerous small units operating on a higher RF frequency will prove detrimental to people's health in the long run. impotence, insomnia, opened blood-brain barrier, inflammation, and cancer.

The mobile now act rolled into the Raybaum act is the push for 5G onto the public at full speed ahead. this was rolled into the omnibus act filled with a bunch of unrelated shit which was passed on Mar 23rd. Since as you know,selected officials don't read the shit that funded lobby writes, this was passed without any questions raised by the senate. The only way to potentially reverse this pass is to consider calling your two Federal senators or contact their staff text your message (via cellphone) to staff: resist.bot/
Text the word RESIST to Resistbot on Telegram, Messenger, Twitter or to 50409 on SMS* and find out who represents you in Congress.
The message arrives as a FAX in two minutes and gets printed at the offices of the legislators you are contacting.

in all seriousness, we need to get this trending, share this shit, I don't give a fuck how, just do it, prove that this board hasn't gone all fourchon. make a difference because our future living conditions depend on it.

How 5G is harmful
While this is not Ionizing radiation, the type associated with cancer, most researchers from abroad, excluding FCC shilled research confirms excessive exposure to RF to affect health health.


CNN even caves, before going back on it archive.li/sLaX

forbidden fruit even says not to hold your rectangle of doom too close to your head archive.li/oBrGP

many other countries have more regulations on WiFi parentsforsafetechnology.org/worldwide-countries-taking-action.html


good article for normies and (you) eluxemagazine.com/magazine/dangers-of-5g/

testimonials on smart meter illness stopsmartmeters.org/2011/10/25/smart-meter-health-effects-worsening/

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Kike free first. Bumping because that video of the FCC faggot gives me a bad, bad feeling.

So which frequencies and how much power, exactly?

Modern microwave ovens operate at the frequency 2,450 MHz. By federal regulation, microwave ovens are limited to 5 milliwatts (mW) of microwave radiation per square centimeter at approximately 2 inches from the oven surface.


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OP's post fucking sucks though. Goddamn normalfags.

How stupid can you fucking get OP, or are you really that schizo that you think some weak ass rfid shit will give you cancer. I've programmed and worked on the fucking meters, you might as well say a credit card scanner will give you cancer.



Personally, I'd worry more about towers. How many watts are getting pumped out that're cooking us?

OHMYFUCKINGGOD5GNETWORKS. I didnt sign up for this shit. Do I kill myself user, do I? This is freaking me the fuck out man.

Go innawoods.

That's reasonable, but when these idiots cut the meter antenna and wrap the fucking thing in foil it screws me and my white crew over BAD. I only have so much time to drive around and collect the readings, I can't be walking around looking for your meter and fixing it. Fucking nigger behavior.

I live in Canada, and the genius's at Saskpower decided it would be more profitable to hire literal fucking laborours to wire these things up instead of qualified electricians, who knew what they were doing. A significant number of houses end up being severely damaged by fire via improper connections and the resulting arcing. I think more then a few even burned down completely. It was a total clusterfuck and their installation has since been halted.

sage for schizo posting

shit I meant to reply to the OP. my bad, canuckbro

On those "health problems" relating to this supposed reaction to radio waves, well I'd recommend putting down the reefer for a bit because that list is the sort of shit that hypersensitive stoners get when they've been high for so long they start noticing every little discomfort going on with their body.

I work for the county water department and they did the same shit installing these. Thank god it was water though, I spent half of every day for a year fixing their screwups. All the water meters are batter powered and "last 20 years".

You being inconvenienced in job that could easily be transitioned into using different materials doesn't matter much more than anecdotal shit.
Someone saying "If you don't let me charge 30% compounding interest my family will starve goyim!" is practically the same.
The post was saying 5g is possibly a shit idea. Seeing as the 5ghz band is called microwaves which we use to melt things.The parts that generate the waves in your microwave are tiny also, there wouldn't be any difficulty fitting the same thing in a phone or wifi.
The practical difference is distances involved. We don't do anything special in microwaves to make them react with food in that way. That's by nature what microwaves do to things. We just take advantage of it.
We knew how to use 5g at the same point we knew how to use 1g for a phone.
We don't use xrays as toys in our house or microwaves to warm us as a furnace because the shit would be terrible for you.
There is no practical utility to increasing power levels on toys your holding in close proximity to your organs. Their interruptions are primarily caused by walls and other devices sending out the same waves but stronger.
Making more will create the same situation where 3 years later they want to increase power of devices again because they're all signal dropping each other.
If your not working under multiple floors of concrete or in a mineshaft wtf would you be using these frequencies for communication? Even then you'd switch to relays and other methods unless you're a retard.

If you read my posts you would understand that I see the new 5g as dangerous, but the smart meters are weak ass rfid style shit or connect directly to a data line. Seriously I have to drive down almost every road with a powerful receiver just to pick up their signal. Just please stop fucking with our meters.

Even with the phased array antenna systems they use today they only allow 40 watts on a cell phone transceiver on a tower. Your typical home microwave uses a couple hundred watts, maybe 1500 for a powerful expensive model. To me the concern isn't the towers but the cell phones and other devices which are typically carried next to fatty flesh which is the most absorptive to radio waves. There is already a large body of research which concludes the risks of close proximity to radio waves, the faggot shills who whine about "non-ionizing radiation" are literally retarded. Also there is plenty of evidence which shows that different waveforms have different impacts in vitro, which is disconcerting. The Soviet Union did what is still the best study on radio waves and their effect of humans and it's been translated into English. They didn't have to conform to faggy medical ethics either. Their tolerance levels were far lower than ours - microwaves were not allowed closer than 40m to pregnant women for instance, as permanent and irreversible fetal changes were noticed.

There are shills working overtime on the Internet to move you along, nothing to see here, when it comes to radio emissions and safety. I'll get the last laugh though.

OP, learn how to read a fucking Light Spectrum Chart for intensity. The blue light coming out of your LCD screen is more likely to cause cancer than the fucking Wifi Router is. Even at the highest limit the 5G standard would have, it's still not strong enough.

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Doctors are noting a huge increase in the previously nearly unseen hip cancers, correlating to the side of the body the sufferer carries their phone on. There is a large, large body of medical research proving the dangers and that body of research is growing.

We don't know the long-term medical effects of 5G yet because it's not even a final standard yet, so it's impossible to say that it's harmless right now.

Is there any evidence that blue LEDs cause cancer by the way, you sound informed so you can probably tell us the safe exposure limits and so on.


you retards, its 5 g because its fifth generation yiu fucking morons

Yeah they arent though you fucking schizo lol

I agree OP, I made a post about this before. Better to be safe than sorry. Get a land-line and don't use wifi. Let the niggers cancer themselves up, we'll see how it all turns out in 10-20 years. I think it's the same thing how back in Pompeii they thought there was nothing wrong drinking out of pewter cups. Turns out it's poisonous. Same thing with BPA, and other bisphenols, among other things in our water. Get a distiller / reverse osmosis. Also look into West Virgina and the "Nation Radio Quiet Zone". (vid related) Basically if you're really concerned about it, move here, because they outlaw cell-towers, cellphones, wifi, even microwaves. They even patrol around with van with frequency detectors to make sure you're not using these things. They limit it because they have some satelite dishes for research that require not being around these things. It's a pretty big area too, mostly white, and also you don't see fags fucking around on phones all day. There's also more of a sense of 1950's style community there. I plan on moving there eventually and I hope to run into some of you there.

Btw, if you do your homework on some of this you'll find out RF has more of an effect especially on younger people. Why do you think Israel, India, and many other countries have put laws into effect to limit how far you can have a tower to a school? I'm all for putting these near black schools though. kike-phones are bullshit anyeay because it's mass-surveillance rebranded.

Maybe I'm wrong about RF? I'd rather not take my chances though, thanks.

Only one.


Your children will be arab, rabbi.


/pol is compromised. Please move to /zenpol

Pol shuts down any criticism of the omnibus. The omnibus is a total betrayal of what Trump promised. Pol does not allow any real discussion of this.

Summary of the omnibus:

-It does not fund any border wall. Just 33 miles of fence.

-No money shall be spent on wall prototypes. Just “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-No new ICE field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-The omnibus REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-The omnibus INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-It mandates sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

-On top of all that, the omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for complete bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)






Use rfblocking phone case.
Wear rfblocking clothes.
Drive rfblocking vehicle.
Live in rfblocking house.
Have rfblocking babies.
300 babies.

Beautiful, White, Ancient Persian, Palestinian.

Would you rather me spend time doing my real job making sure your water is safe to drink, or dick around in your yard?

Grow up

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This shit should have been deleted long ago.

Theres two kinds of people. Those who recognize the kikes are trying to wipe whites out and that they control the world.. and those who spend their time pretending the Pope calls all the shots, that they are being gangstalked for being a "real" Christian, that they are being targeted with microwave beams and its the reason they have bad health, despite everyone around them being fine. Those second type of people are called insane.

I've talked to quite a bit of the latter irl, I'm fully convinced that it's schizophrenia. A very underlooked problem in America right now. We all know to GTKRWN, but this pants on head, tinfoil bullshit has to go.

from this handy table you can clearly see that microwaves transmit 1000 times less energy (per photon) then visible light

so dont forget to wears aluminum tinfoil when you go to the 5g zone

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take it to /x/ nigger

sage gooder faggot

Hey cunt, you do understand what the meaning of: "none of these funds in this bill can be used for X" means right? It doesn't mean: "you will never ever get to build your wall if you sign this omnibus bill".

its more about hitting you with certain frequencies.

Just try making a call on your cell phone and with the line open place it right over your heart for 15 min and watch as your heart starts to skip beats.

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citation needed
im no expert but imho the amount of energy is more important

also i dont put phone to my heart
also heart has electromagnetic field so of course if you put another source of electromagnetic field near it it it may interfere and skipping one beat isnt lethal

I'd have to get my HDD out and I'm too lazy, but the reason we have 60 sec in a min is because 60 is a multiple of the number of the universe, and it just so happens your heart beats about 60 sec per min when at rest. Also why we have 360 degrees in a circle. 360/60=6. The number of matter is 6.

So a persons heart rate is synced up with the universe, and the Jews are targeting that rythem with kike rays out of cell towers to fuck the goyim civilization up.

and for some reason when you google "kike rays" it displays baseball players

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Here's some copy pasta from another 5g thread I had saved. Keep up the good work 5g user. Turn your wifi off and as many of your goods off as you can when you go to sleep at least. Those involved in pushing this will be war crime tier guilty after a few decades. Kegare Kikes be gone!

souyo ne kegare-kun heart beat is always 60!

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I hope you don't have fillings annon…
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Fun section
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Well that certainly is something to keep in mind for those of us who plan to knock up our wives in the near future

in most cases its your proximity to the field, I've read 1300 meters from towers is good, you should keep you cellphone in a lead bag when not in use, and always use ethernet not wifi in your house.

Apartment fags are screwed.


I need to get me some water cress and reproduce that experiment. I live in an area with a shitload of wifi signals around me and have a powerful router. My own computers are connected by ethernet but rest of my family needs their various normie devices connected by wifi.

Friendly reminder that anyone using "schizo" unironically is 100% a shill, not even joking.
It's basic JIDF vocabulary.

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Are we getting ddosed? Getting frequent site errors here.

the most important factor is the eaxct energy of the incoming photon as this is what causes chemical reactions
the amount of photons at a certain energy is then related to the chance of bad effects occuring

now for the energies typical associated with cell phones there is indeed a physical mechanism which can cause DNA damage
unlike the UV range of the spectrum microwave is not energetic enough to break chemical bonds in DNA, which is how we typical assess carcigenic behaviour
however the microwaves are resonanting at the frequencies of hydrogen bonds, this is why microwave ovens are so good at heating food for instance
now your DNA is a double helix held together by many hydrogen bonds, microwave radiation can excite the hydrogenbonds enough to break causing bubbles inside the DNA string

the real medical effects of this are unknown, as in normal operations the DNA string is undoubled to read out information but this is done end to end, the damage done by unforeseen bubbles in the middle of the chain is hard to determine

but to put it in perspective it is probably a lot less danger than walking next the a car filled street due to exhaust fumes and nobody is stopping that known healthhazard because cars are just too useful
in any case the debat will be settle 10-20 years down the line if cancers start increasing in areas commonly associated with cell phone use

Go be Amish then you fucking retard. That's not how any of this works.

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Checked and keked. Good luck doing anything once the CIA starts using all that WiFi to 3D map your home to spy on you.

This would be the best thing to do. It smells like bullshit to me, and I have experience of growing very healthy plants with a wifi router coincidentally right alongside them. Not cress though.
The video in OPs post is literally fucking bullshit, cut to pieces with sinister music added for chilling effect. Accepting this as evidence for the nefarious nature of 5g is just stupid. Just as accepting it's safe because the people who stand to benefit most from it, say it is; would be daft, given the history of government and corporate lies and cover ups.
Lie 1: Towers. No. High frequency, high throughput, low power. Requires multiple small rx/tx building a mesh. They're already there, on lamposts everywhere, just waiting to be utilized.
Lie 2: IOT requires 5g. No it doesn't. You could run 256 devices using the MQTT protocol with a standard 3g connection.
So why do they need a mesh network capable of delivering (and receiving) massive amounts of data to people and devices on the move?
Well say goodbye to your right to drive yourself anonymously where you want and when you want. And get used to anyone with a badge being able to see realtime via augmented reality, who is doing what where.

tfw ditched all my 'devices' and disabled WiFi in my house and run wired only, because I'm a paranoid basket case.

Fun fact, if your router has wifi, your isp can enable that for "you" from their side anytime you/they want. And you probably agreed to that when you signed up and ticked "I agree".

lol not paranoid m8. Before the privacy community was taken over by (((them))) and faggots like the (((EFF))) started to pick and choose what people should support or what was considered privacy, a lot of people were actively against WiFi. Even now it is a staple of privacy guides to ditch WiFi and keep shit anchored through wired connections. Just make sure you turn off your modem/router and unplug it when not in use.