Mazel tov! Jewess daughter of"Sir Shifty" knocked up by Negro

For those who don't know, this jew cunt is the daughter of (((Sir Philip Green))) aka "Sir Shifty," who robbed billions in pensions from the Brit chain store H&M, sold it for $1 shekel, and walked away with all the money and a $500 million dollar yacht.

How fitting then, that his little runt cunt of a daughter should be knocked up by a negro known as "the hot felon" so he will be grandfather to a wonderful little Jewboy negro.

How long until he starts using her as a punching bag? I'm also going to make a bet he refuses to sign a prenup and she still marries him. Well, here's to the happy couple lads. Many children!

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fuck, this didn't post:

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Kike father looks so proud of his little princess and her negro felon future "baby daddy" as the svartza say. Oi Vey! Couldn't have happened to a greasier kike!

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What are they sliding? Is it ?

Wait really, that guy? I remember seeing his mugshot and some basicbitches going all "he could rob me" shit on it.

you fuckign shizo motherfuckers trying to bring traffic to your shitty threads…no one is "sliding" anything you hard-on. It's a heart-warming story of how probably the most crooked jew in the UK of the past century got away from the courts, and was divinely punished when his little jewess princess went for a negro known as "the hot felon–" and he knocked her up!

how could young be moved by this beautiful love story you antisemite! You deserve to be reported to the splc.

Also, I will forever hold a warm corner in my heart for the DM– rag that it is– for bestowing upon a crooked jew the title of "Sir Shifty" and using it in headlines…

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Funny we never saw him in profile before.
From this angle we can tell he has:
Maybe ask the grannies on Facebook what they think?

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And that's where little Obama's come from

This whole thing actually almost makes me believe in karma. I was afraid jew daddy would end it by threatening to cut her off, but now she's knocked up. all the money herbed from old brit pensioners to spend on a yacht will one day have his mulatto grandson random about it with his "hot negro felon" father.

This guy robbed hundreds of thousands of old brits of their pension(much like the jew maxwell did the same thing in the early 90s) and never saw a day in jail for it.

The brit jews were wailing to high heaven about the dm giving the rich jew the title of "sir shifty." After about a year, they caved in and "revoked it" after the jew made some token payments, but tens of thousands still lost everything but since it was a jew doing the robbing, no one reports it anymore.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." -Dr. Pierce. Any bets on name of baby? I like Herschel or Yitzak. And the good news just in time for the Passover seder too!!

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That's not a black guy. He's whiter than the jews he's sitting next to. His jaw doesn't even come out farther than his forehead. How could anyone mistake that for black except to intentionally be an ass.
Even the skin is Arianne grande style tanner.

it's a negro, user. I'll take the judgement of his fellow niggers who allowed him into the "Crips" gang over your's any day. A high-stepping yellow, but still a negro. I wish I could be there for the ceremony where the cut the baby's cock and the filthy jew rabbi sucks the blood. Daddy jew will be thrilled I'm sure:

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What kind of mutant is that negro, holy shit.

Could almost pass for a white guy in blackface…or a really bad guido tan.

That's a nigger with 95% or more white genes. They're more able to blend in because their composite feature (mixed race features) are far less pronounced. An older term used to describe this is an Octoroon, but that mainly applies to those descending from mixed race niggers and now look mostly white.

We should have a thread on Composite Features like we used to so people can finally be on the same page.

He's made my year, user. I was enraged that yet another jew got off with no punishment, just like the maxwells, the milkins, shoam weiss, mark rich, every jew oligarch save for the few putin rubbed out….he getaway with his crimes too, cleaning out the pension funds and having the "chutzpah" to actually sell the fucking business for ONE POUND to a bankrupt with no business experience.

This is actually better than jail time for him. His only child (I believe), certainly his only daughter, not only with a goy, not only with a negro, but with a negro known by the moniker of "the hot felon."

Deep down, every kike is just like weinstein and wants to be a part of the WASP society he never will be, so someone them homage it big try to make up for it by humiliating and raping our women. This kike seems to have contented himself with robbing billions of dollars and throwing costume parties the included scum-of-the-earth bill clinton, no doubt flown in on sir shift's private jew.

He got away from the law by virtue of his kikery, and then a lightening bolt of karma hit him by pairing his jewess daughter with "the hot negro felon." Surely he was hoping if he kept his mouth closed it would be just a passing phase…but now–just in time for seder– a negro svartza grandchild on the way! Oi vey! Cosmic punishment that will torture him every waking hour….

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Bulllshit. 95% White genes, you'd literally not notice. He's a quadroon, at least 25%.The niggers accepted him into their nigger-only "Crips" gang. It shows more in some pictures than others but that is a nigger, not even an argument. And not "5% nigger" either.

Whatever you say, it can't touch my joy at this news. you only to look at Sir Shifty in his one public appearance with him at the football game, taking the seat furthest away from the nigger.

Just knowing this kike thief is miserable and that his daughter has taken up with a nigger felon after her shekels is enough for me. AsI type, you cannot he's on the phone to london froths yacht trying to hide assets from the nigger. The joke that is Brit justice will put you in jail for 3 years for typing mean things to a muslim on the net, but lets a jew off for bankrupting 55,000 people who were relying on their pensions who sold his business to a bankrupt for $1.

That's way too low to come out looking the way he us. That's the percentage most niggers in America have so they make the 80 IQ mark.

he's useful indicator– the negress megan markel is quadroon, and she looks far less negro than this one. She should pass for a sephardic jew with her hair straightened since they have a 15% negroid blood admixture (see "The Genetics of the Jews" for 1978, since out of print but surely on the net somewhere as pdf).

You're going to tell me this negro looks less black than than quadroon meghan markel, simply because he has respective blue eyes (sir shifty must love the tear drop tattoo, indicating he has a body under him).

looks like her dad just whatever mix he is and more fit
you can really see the resemblance in see how he's got asymritical wrinkles and malnutrition lines on his face now that im looking at it, she does too

hey look it's bill in his ceremonial garb

*recessive need to stop watching streams as I type

when you look at her, you have to see in mind she has a $1k haircut and the prices makeup artist in london. So take away all that she'd be even more of a dog than she is.

AH called the Jews "a race of mud." I despise him so much I have trouble focusing on the features, but looks more ashkenazi than sephardic. The sepharhdics rarely get wealthy but to having too much negroid blood and usually end up in the ghettos of tel-aviv. It's not uncommon for them to be mistaken for arab or negro:

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I can't decide who looks more plastic

A bit Ot but god liz hurley was cute as fuck in her prime, one of the cutest girls ever to come of the uk. What the hell was wrong with hugh grant to end up with a negress tranny (I think it was a tranny no?) and now with a jewess?

All these fucking models and actresses mess about with actors inter 20s, but the true, choicest pieces of ass find a billionaire before 40.

Yeah that's him. He's some stockton gangster and dumb women fell in love with his mugshot, ultimately resulting in him receiving millions of dollars to become a fashion model.

Reported for being absurdly retarded.

how about the luck on that negro?

I can't get enough of this story. I worked a summer on a ship in Malta and used to see the Jew's yacht comic into port, it's called "The Lion Heart." To imagine the negro sitting around the pool with his jewess daughter, christ the makes me smile. 'this is the prick who put 55,000 Brits out of work and rubbed their pensions.

To think go him having to smile and pretend to be contented with a svzrtza grandchild. As you can tell from the video if you watched, he has the temper of a true entitled kike he just cannot control.

couldn't find this pic when writing the post but check out these sick robes there's pics of all the world "leaders" wearing these robes; have/had one from the recent G20

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The average American nigger has around 20% White DNA because historically mulattoes married into the nigger demo. How else do you explain their 15 IQ points over African niggers?


That's not how that works, you retard.

that's not how the enter key works, you retard
kudos for saging and using https everywhere tho
negative two points for direct linking wikipedia

Why do you post?

How much would you give for a tape of this kike and his wife fighting over this?There's a we–known part of the tapes from the
madoff tapes where she blames "the goyim." For those not aware, Madoff would have gotten away scot-free had he stuck to just roaming gents and not his fellow jews. Jesus, if the US founders could se what has become of the system they created.

Supposedly the warning from Ben Franklin to "ban Jews for all time" was a fraud but there are others that are real. /all they had to do was insert 1 more amendment– "Taking into account their past behavior over all recorded history, the people shall have the right olive in a land permanently free of Jews and any form of Jewry." Just that, and they'd ave saved the nation. And the world most likely.

oh well, at least we have stories like these for a good laugh.

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this is true but hardly makes them mullatos. Jefferson and others came up with ideas for breeding the sows specifically with /german males to create a more industrious plantation negro. In fact, all they ended up doing was giving them just enough IQ points to allow the ADL to weaponize them.

that woman is so god-awfully hideous, wouldn't be surprised if that was a man. definitely looks like she does drugs too.

Holy fuck, that asian bitch in the back of the 5th pic. She looks like she's retarded, fuckin lul

I wouldn't put it past this nigger to plot with princess jewess to push daddy dearest off the top deck one night to collect his shekels. I'm sure that thought can't be far from his mind either. He dies, his private 737, the yacht, all of it is his if he can then just kill the jewess daughter wife.

Everyone knows Jews are natural cuckolds, their entire civilization is matrilineal.

Shit! this greasy little kike DOES have a fucking son. I was imagining Grandson Jamal driving the yacht and finding somewhere to put big spinning rim-like thing on it…

If it wasn't for the harm they caused to us it would be funny to see all their schemes biting them in their ass given that they promote vice while being the most prone to it.

go to YT user, search "Dr. Pierce, Sharing the Affliction" (I have the link but as soon as posted here, it brings it to the Jew's attention and to lose the dr. Pierce videos from there would be a tragedy too great to risk)

The future

Only question is does the spoiled bitch leave the nigger immediately or does she stay with him resentful for the life she lost because her poor choices.

It's gonna be interesting to see what the jew thief does. Looking at the size of that ship and all the people he robbed and bankrupted to pay for it. Jews like this and Dick Fawld and others caused the crash of 2008 and almost collapsed the entire world economy. Shit, youth unemployment in Italy and Spain are still above 50%. Where are their jobs? Put into $200 million dollar boats like this.

Fuck shes ugly. I hope his negrosity defeats those kike genes and improves that poor childs genome.

Good news on Holla Forums today
Like Christmas morning and a new BB gun

Didn't he get arrested for beating his old GF hence the mugshot? How long till he beats her ass?

why doesn't someone do something about such people?

what cowardly times we live in

Didn't that guy kill a child?

Wew, look at this moron. Thinks a quadroon is a nigger with 20% white dna. These too many chromosomes, too few iq points shithead newfags are raping the board for over a year now.

Couldn't resist creating this OC.

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Not worth a new thread but wanted to post. Now for the bad news.
anyone recall the borderline pd oxford student with that fat, ugly boyfriend who cut hit fat acc with a bread knife? She went and found the kike son of a billionaire. I knew as soon as her pictures were put into the papers, someone famous/rich would want her because she's literally the cutest Brit have ever seen (though in the picture with the russian kike you can see the lithium in her and that she's holding water).

Oh well. That fat fuck was punching so far above his weight, she should have let her knife his lhis kidney if she wanted…..totally OT but worth it just for the pics.

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Is she the one that was "so bright and promising they just had to let her go" or something like that.
I remember being pretty pissed off by that.

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that's the one. I put the entire thread OT she's cute enough it was worth it . Why were you pissed about it? Guy she was dating was a totally avg dude and fat, could have been you or anyone else fucking her. Not anymore.

The resemblance is uncanny.

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>anyone recall the borderline pd oxford student with that fat, ugly boyfriend who cut hit fat acc with a bread knife? She went and found the kike son of a billionaire. I knew as soon as her pictures were put into the papers, someone famous/rich jewish would want her because she's literally the cutest Brit have ever seen on board with snuff