Twitter praising SA as it oppresses its white minority

It's time to remind the normies on Twatter that SA is also expropriating white land without compensation. Twitter is one step away from openly praising white genocide.

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Archive doesnt seem to be working for anything right now. Keep getting a 503 for everything.

Mind you, Julius Malema is still walking free and unmolested.

Wtf is the K-word?



/pol is compromised.

Please move to /zenpol.

/pol is part of a massive effort across the web to run damage control and hide what Trump has done by signing the omnibus.

The omnibus not only ban "wall" prototypes. It caps ICE agent hiring and severely restricts deportations. It is very literally the exact opposite of what we voted for and guarantees whites in America are fucked for good.

The Pentagon is resisting any notion of the military participating. They won't be helping with any actual "wall."

Please /zenpol for honest discussion that isn't censoring discussion as part of the massive information control effort.

Screencap of where it shows all that in the bill. I'll wait.

You are equally as compromised if not more so.

Twitter is a waste of time. The shadowbanning is worse than the actual banning because you don't know if your efforts are in vain.

He's not wrong. About any of it. The ICE thing is that there is now a federal cap of 40K detention beds, limiting deportations dramatically. The omnibus also added a cap to ICE agents able to be fielded, I forgot the cap, but it's restricting. And yes, the wall forces that the funds be used only for designs already 'operationally effective' before some arbitrary date which explicit prohibits any of the new prototypes.

Thanks "other" tor guy. Show me the proofs.

Take the bits of info from my post and look it up yourself. I cannot post pictures since I was banned and can only post on TOR.

You can post links. All legislation is archived and publically available. Show us what sections these are in. Prove your statements.

Provide division, title, and section numbers.

There's a rundown that won't involve me digging through 2300 pages, which I won't do. They describe the impact of the bill in here.

Not going to waste my time spoonfeeding. No one is disputing these claims besides the Trump sycophants on here.

Watching liberals and SJWs cheer white people being thrown in jail for racist wrongthink is a very easy to digest red pill.

Tastes more like a brasspill, if ya know what I mean.

I ain't clicking that shit nigger. If you don't know what the fuck you're talking about then stop derailing threads.

What news source would you click on? Breitbart? I mean I feel like you're going to shoot down any source I provide and force me to sit through the 2300 page bill as if I need to force feed you because you're one of the Trump supporting sycophants we have here. I will not, I value my time enough that I won't do your homework for you. You're free to disprove me with any reasonable source though.




Sec. 230. (a) Of the amount made available in this Act under ``U.S.
Customs and Border Protection–Procurement, Construction, and
Improvements'', $1,571,000,000 shall be available only as follows:
(1) $251,000,000 for approximately 14 miles of secondary
fencing, all of which provides for cross-barrier visual situational
awareness, along the southwest border in the San Diego Sector;
(2) $445,000,000 for 25 miles of primary pedestrian levee
fencing along the southwest border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector;
(3) $196,000,000 for primary pedestrian fencing along the
southwest border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector;
(4) $445,000,000 for replacement of existing primary pedestrian
fencing along the southwest border;
(5) $38,000,000 for border barrier planning and design; and
(6) $196,000,000 for acquisition and deployment of border
security technology.
(b) The amounts designated in subsection (a)(2) through (a)(4)
'''shall only be available for operationally effective designs deployed as
of the date of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017''', (Public Law
115-31), such as currently deployed steel bollard designs, that
prioritize agent safety.

Wow 38M to """"plan"""" a design that there's no appropriated funds for.


umad, kike?

shall only be available for operationally effective designs deployed as of the date of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017



kek and you wonder why the board is dying


What has befallen this board? I guess it's all cuckchan shitskins now

It's almost like they really don't want us to meme on social media anymore.

By the way, Obama already ignored omnibus bills he'd signed before, so Trump can do it too.

shall only be available for operationally effective designs deployed as of the date of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017


Confirmed for lying shill.

Show us in the actual bill, not some kike news' interpretation of the bill, or fuck off.


I think there's some wiggle room here. My first instinct on reading this means that he can only use barriers already in use before the 2017 omnibus was passed last May. But that might not be what it's actually saying. First we need to remember that Trump specifically shot down the sexy brick walls because he thought it was important for border agents to be able to see through. "cross-barrier visual situational awareness" implies exactly that. By "as of the date of the appropriates act" they may actually be referring to the designs made after the act was passed. You can say "We will allow online applications for fishing licenses as of July 6th." You can say "We will stop enforcing a dress code as of September 26th" as well. But you can really use "as of" to mean "before."

Silicon Valley deserves Religion of Cuck™ic enrichment. especially the feminists.

President gets to spend omnibus at his discretion, shill.

When will this country turn to Zimbabwe?


Never we will resurrect this country to become the powerhouse it should have been. Not just a white country but a white sub-Saharan Africa, this should be happening now and its in our benefit even if you can't see it, just be ready when you here me calling.

Do what the Tumblr antisjw bloggers used to do – Point out that it was made by a (((white woman))) who's basically telling minorities what to say or think. Causes a lot of mental gymnastics.