Mods, I love you

Mods, I love you

What a ban, truly. Im only inspired by this.
However, Like I said I've been lurking and this is one of the few posts I've made. I just want to clarify whats going on here. Isn't naming (((them))) just going to be an easy opening for

Sorry If I pissed you off man, I'm trying to do better

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saw this coming

He's a civic nationalist. Civic nationalists are controlled opposition for globalists. Both groups love and are influenced by kikes.

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Listen to me very closely, newfag.

You are scum. You apple-using, shit-thread making piece of subhuman filth.
You ought to be banned for life, because you are not merely plagued by the ignorance of newfaggotry, but also by a trenchant type of stupidity the likes of which should be feared like an alien parasite.

You break the rules. You kill a thread to make your irredeemably shit thread. You evade a ban to kill another thread to make a thread about yourself. You demonstrate total incognizance of anything we discuss here. And you have the gall to spit on our mods for taking you out like the trash you are.

Go away, and don't ever come back until you literally heil hitler and can keep your mouth shut for extended periods of time.

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I'm not even going to tell you how bad you fucked up, I don't want to help you fit in.

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I feel very misunderstood. i didnt evade a ban, it was a 45 minute time out. I wasnt being sarcastic when I said I loved the mod. i respect him for slapping my shit. As far as fitting in, i really dont give a fuck about that. I'm merely trying to better understand what is going on in this world. Lurking is not enough. Disinformation is everywhere. I simply seek a light in this darkness

Cry harder you absolute faggot.

Seriously, Im not being facetious

The amout of faggotery you express is unberable go seek the light somewhere else fag


OP acts like the average Holla Forums user tbh

I guess Ill just lurk til I die and serve no real purpose… fuck, im really defeated by these responses


No, lurk for 2 years.

Don't bother, everyone here is a newfag anyway.

This is what you get for posting on Holla Forums

Next time, go to /zenpol/ where the mods somehow aren't kikes and roaches.

I think I'm defeated tbh

If you want to bitch, wait until you get banned for not supporting fat gook communists because someone with an IQ of 60 somehow thinks that could only ever be a neocon "start war goy" talking point.

I'm not complaining. i respect the mod for my timeout. I understand I fucked up by requesting help

Forgot to sage.

Kill yourself shill. Nobody gives a fuck about your fake talking points you've been spamming for four years.

QTDDTOT is a thread you fucking faggot


Defeated? its the fucking internet faggot, not IRL. It was a 40 minute ban, do you want it to be permanent?

Im defeated by the responses, not the ban

Wow, what a terrible thread. Nice as always to see "muh secrit club"bers insulting people instead of educating them.
Alex Jones is… controlled op. at worst, I suppose. He's right more often than the MSM, although that isn't much of an achievement. As with any media figure, take his biases and so on to mind when consuming his stuff. Aside from being a bit on the civ-natty side and not naming the jew he's got a fairly reasonable history and is worth regarding as better than most newsmen.

the state of /zog/

Are you a nigger or a kike? Or both? For fuck sake man…Jonestien? Really?

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Capping this thread to show people who think Holla Forums is not a hurtbox anymore

I'm a white american male. Both sides of my paternal family stem from 10,000 year old viking clans according to dna testing. Thats all I know

Ah yes, and it's always worth mentioning not to get led astray by pro-Trump shilling. He was certainly better than other electable option, but never forget that there's no political solution. He is a step in the right direction, not the anti-zog messiah ready to lead us into the greatest future dawn.
But that's just MY opinion.