Chef Butchers Deer Leg in Front of Animal Rights Activists at Toronto Restaurant

Chef Butchers Deer Leg in Front of Animal Rights Activists at Toronto Restaurant
Chef Michael Hunter is co-owner of Antler, a restaurant that serves "local seasonal and wild foods" that are native to Canada, "such as bison, boar, rabbit, duck and deer." When fag protesters returned to his restaurant for the fourth time in recent days with signs bearing messages like "animals are not ours to use," "killing and eating animals is horrifying" and "MURDER," Hunter decided to conduct a little protest of his own.
"To taunt the activists, he's brought the leg of a recently murdered deer," the activist, Len Goldberg, whined plaintively as fellow protesters held a sign under the meat-cutting display that read, "MURDER." He noted that Hunter was butchering the animal on a table meant for diners.
"Don't even know if this is legal for him to be doing this," Goldberg fretted. "I don't know what he thinks this will achieve."

legal, to butcher meat?

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This is expected in Canada at this point. Anything that could be offensive is now illegal.


is it wrong to eat an aborted deer fetus?

You can't make this shit up.


Reminder Jews want to stop you from hunting because they want to deprive you of meat and protein so you are a weaker slave.

I think they hate the fact that we're not paying shekels for their disgusting genetically modified mutant cows and pigs.


Is there a video of this horrific and potentially racist and/or homophobic incident?

you're such an edge lord. whatcha looking for? a cruelty to meat video?

Also for degradation, which is why they push bug eating. They don't want anyone eating well but them, since they have a weird schizophrenic/pornographic obsession with food.

Wrong. Animals have only one right - to be tasty.

Nah they have two, to be food (fits with being tasty) and not being tortured.
As long as the animal wasn't kept in cruel conditions, and/or treated cruelly, I have no problem eating them.

Actually it only applies to acts of homicide against humans not allowed by law. There are plenty of cases where killing a human is not classed as murder, abortion at the behest of the mother, death penalty, self-defense, warfare and a mother slaughtering her child before it reaches its first birthday, being some.

Kike is trying to get him in trouble with the FDA(or the canadian equivalent), they have rules about where and how food can be prepared.
Taunting the fuck out of whiny protestors is my guess and it seems to have succeeded perfectly.

*premeditated acts of homicide not permitted by the law

Right, humans. Nothing you said contradicts anything I said. Go fuck yourself.

I remember murder used to meant a planned attack days after the moment while manslaughter was at the the heat of passion

He should've brought out a deer to suck his cock instead.

>he doesn't want to see real human soybeans kvetching about inane shit

IIRC he ate the carved up leg himself and didn't sell it to customers. Which begs the question, CAN A MAN WHO OWNS HIS OWN RESTAURANT MAKE HIS OWN FOOD WHEREVER HE WANTS IN IT?

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Imagine if the guy had a deer head in his freezer. I bet (((Goldberg's))) face would be a sight worth seeing when he smacks something like that on the table and starts mutilating it.

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Very rare to see niggers hunting for their own food

what would happen if the kids were to process the deer in front of their classmates?

It's way easier to hunt for food stamps.

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It would have been called show and tell when I went to school.

t. ancient fag that took guns to school on the bus and had to go and store them in pricipals office for 7th grade english class speech took em home on the bus end of the day no permission slips needed

Save a deer, butcher a jew

Why don't these pussy kikes protest in front of a Halal butcher shop?

I don't think this is accurate at all. I would wager that jews are extremely underrepresented in animal cruelty, vegetarianism, etc. Factory farming and slaughterhouses are extremely jewish industries. You see a lot of meat-worshipping imagery coming out of kosher-approved nationalist parties, too.

Checking those quads.

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Which is why they're attacking any sources of protein from outside that: specifically hunting.


No, I don't think so. But we probably aren't going to see eye to eye here and treading down the path I'd like to has been ruled off-limits by the moderators through established precedent, so I'll drop it.

I meant the activism that opposes animal cruelty.

Bison is a good meat for producing testosterone. Maybe that's the jews alternative motive? 'Oh vey, look at these Whites eating healthy and becoming strong'. Because you know the jew is a demonic fuck incapable of caring about anything other than Shekels.

Stop being a pussy and state your actual point. If you can't unban yourself in less than five minutes you aren't worth having on Holla Forums.

I suspect that he's what the word filter calls a fag.

My point was already made. Jews are not a driving force behind animal cruelty activism or a push for less/no meat consumption. Rather they are active opponents of these things in the general and macro sense.

The tortured animals have shit meat due to a stress hormone or something. That's why they need to feel happy before getting the knife.

Hitler would be proud!

Hitler may have been an animal lover, but he supported his fellow German's decisions to eat meat if they wanted to. Just like Hitler spoke out against smoking cigarettes when he was a soldier in WWI, but respected their decision to partake.

Fuck off, soy slurper.

I hunt deer, elk, duck, and boar, faggot. You got a problem with that?

Despite the fact that they eat rotten fish

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That's completely made up nonsense. Kikes tell you that to keep you eating factory farmed meat, believing it couldn't be tortured because it would taste bad. It is tortured, and you can't tell the difference. Stop eating kike food and grow your own.

Which is why there are so many kosher slaughterhouses?


Gee I wonder.


How about some soy dressing on your faggot salad.

Can't wait to do some seriously offensive shit this fall.

my high school kids had gun racks in their trucks with 30-06 and 30-30 rifles, in student senior parking. I use to go to school with a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun in the trunk of my car with a box of shells because I wanted to hunt in the evening and during November December after 4pm there isn't much day light left.

Am I the only one here that thinks that there are 2 sides to this whole "animal rights problem" ?

I mean we get arguments like and
but really, proteins can be found in other sources so meat isn't like the only thing you need in your diet, then "murder is only for humans" doesn't count if the hunter is a fucking unlicensed retard and shoots the animals a couple times (or worse, some maniac prepper hunting with a fucking bow without skills to killshot).

What I want to say is that there is a point in a more reasonable husbandry where we take care of animals (and slaughter them like we would have wanted to die if we were the animal). We could eat less meat tbh, the huge amounts of pollution and water we use to satisfy the demand on cheap meat is disgusting (and I'm not talking about "cows fart too much omg" like they do here in sweden) but the amounts of sulphur and nitrogen oxide we release with the naval transportation is disgusting.

Where I want to come with this is that you should eat locally produced food too support local small scale farmers and eat seasonally because your previous generations didn't have bananas in winter

That certainly is the parroted phrase. If that's true, what's the point of kosher/halal slaughter? (genuine question)
Is there any way to test this other than taste testing tortured vs non-tortured meat?

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i mean, torturing animals is savage, and a behavior fitting of a savage. but usually stress hormones dont make an animal taste good.

Speaking of (((kosher food))), how the actual fuck do you make salt kosher?

Sodium. Chloride. It's fucking salt.
Having a magic man dance and prostrate himself at a factory machine doesn't magically make it okay in the eyes of god. Nothing physically changes.

Canada is 48% technically this guy is a minority and can do what he wants.

It's basic logic.
If an animal is kept under good conditions it's muscles and nutrients become rich, if it can't move all day and is kept still fat and unable to use muscles it becomes shit.

That has nothing to do with kosher/halal slaughter, which require the animal to be conscious and aware as it dies, in accordance with the laws of blood sacrifice.

Jesus kikes are a special type of fucked up

The point today is "our imaginary friend says we have to". In theory, the original point could have been to avoid eating sick animals. But that's not likely true, it seems to just be fairly ordinary kike torture sacrifice barbarism.

That's just repeating the claim. What hormones? How much ends up in the muscle tissue? How many people can taste it in that quantity? The reality is, we know full well nobody can tell because animals are tortured to death all the time. Lots of poultry plants have rates as high as 25% on chickens failing to be bled and being killed by the scalding tanks. Statistically, you have certainly eaten lots of tortured animals in your life, and you never noticed a difference.

>Speaking of (((kosher food))), how the actual fuck do you make salt kosher?
You don't. Salt is always kosher. The name "kosher salt" just means salt in large flakes. The name is because it was used for "koshering" meat, drawing the blood out using salt. Jews can eat whatever salt they want, it doesn't matter.

Your "basic logic" shows you are a moron. That has nothing to do with slaughter, and veal is specifically kept so it can't move because it tastes better. Torturing animals has absolutely nothing to do with "its muscles and nutrients become rich", which is completely nonsensical.

There's no "in theory", we know exactly why the practice exists: because it was how they slaughtered animal offerings to their deity.

That isn't an explanation of the reasoning, its just restating the premise. "They do it that way because that's how they do it".

With jews around you end up having to even consider the most retarded propositions. It's like a brain crippled by years of drug use.

Yes, if the taste is different it means the meat is different. You can check the ph, check how tough it is or even just look at the color. Also it isn't just the killing that matters but the whole life of the animal, if it had a very stressful life not only will the meat taste worse it also lasts less. Pic shows two different problems caused by it, first is pale, soft and exudative, second is normal, third is dark, firm, and dry.

Of course I forgot the pic…

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fuck off with your kikery BS

its a brain on schizo is what it is.

Do these (((protesters))) go after McDonald's?

Or maybe Antler went edgelord to get a little free advertising?

Who owns (((Antler))) I wonder?

And yet the known and documented stunning failure rates somehow produce none of this made up bullshit. Hmmm….

Everyone who's bumping this thread go back to 4cuck or plebbit or whatever cancerous asshole you came out of.

The impotent kvetching from that jew is funny, but I don't want to degrade animal rights activism. There's a lot of absolutely disgusting shit that needs to be taken care of, but isn't because people just think of these hippie faggots whenever someone talks about factory farms.

You should let the industry know they're wasting millions on nothing, charge them 1% on the savings and you'll be a millionaire.

What, you mean like soy?
Im sure that you would know….Do you wanna know, how I know, that you know?

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What makes you think they are "wasting millions on nothing"? What is it you think they are doing exactly?

I even showed my waiter

Deer is different than lions (which is what those fags killed). One is not endangered, numerous and actually needs culling from time to time to prevent spread of disease, migration etc. The other is endangered and target for the elite to have fun with as well as niggers and chinks to slaughter.

yes this is true. research
well there are these things that plants make called phytoestrogens. they are meant to knock off grazing animals making them infertile to reduce the population and create an effective repellent. list of of foods with physestrogens include almost all veggies plants fruits that we eat. a huge one alone is beans. the biggest being soy. that is where you get soyboy. these motherfucking smart fucks have in fact brainwashed the populaiton. through trial and error i have started an all meat veggie diet. cut to not looking like soyboy anymore and getting hit on for being alpha. wtf bro. stupid vegeterians are malnourished and deformed from innadequate diet. you have your rickets, very common know. look up pics girls everywhere have it. or the faggot whey they think of sjw shit. phytoestrogens also cause cancer, this is known. look up dr gonzalez, dr russel blaylock, these people are on the forefront of combatting both toxins in the food but also repairing free radical damage in your cell with food

Lion hunting is the only thing keeping wild lions alive. Fact.

Lions exist in a condition which is most precarious. Previously, it was not possible for the local population to kill off the lions - they were incapable of it for two reasons: first, the population was never particularly great, until modern agriculture (white farmers), and second, they didn't have the technology that would make it possible.

The only reason they aren't wiped out is that they have some rather great financial value: the inflow of money from hunters is exceptional, and reason enough for them to keep their goose that lays the golden egg going for as long as possible.

Take away the hunters, the lions die.

yep i can see. try getting some nice grass fed versus that shit they dump nitrites on. good meat is not if impossible to get unless you posses redneck skills or are near redneck area. the crazy part is i think this correlates with breast size also.. example the bitch from modern family, the bitch who cant speak english. she was raised in columbia on grass fed angus as her dad was a rancher. look at those tits. also every playboy before 1980

Jesus christ how can you dress yourself if you are really that stupid? Plants have phytoestrogens for the same reason animals have animal estrogens you fucking mong. Berries contain phytoestrogens. They exist purely to attract animals to eat them and spread the seeds. Why would they want to make the animals they rely on for reproduction die off? And why haven't any animals gone infertile from eating plants in the millions of years animals have existed? Jesus christ you are dumb.

Off to the gas chambers with you.

People will pay good money to see them alive, in their natural habitat you retarded kike. You should be turned into a meal for the lions, it's all you're good for.