Sekhmet is stirring

A high priestess of Sekmet returns

A presumed empty the coffin was kept in an acrylic display case in a classroom at the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney, in Australia.

Hieroglyphs indicated its occupant was Mer-Neith-it-es, a high priestess from the temple of the goddess Sekhmet.

And now it contains said high priestess.

They just missed it for hundreds of years

That, or the ogdoad really is waking up, and Sekhmet is coming into play, which means bloody war. Last time she walked the earth, we had to drug pools of blood to stop her. (she drank them)

praise Kek. war is coming.

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She will have oceans of blood this time around


Just make sure the kikes are dealt with first, so they don't slip away in the chaos.

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What's her (Sekhmet) deal? Who exactly is this goddess and also this priestess of hers? And why is it so important? A good summary is needed here for those who are new and don't quite get.

Here lazy faggot, it took me 30 seconds


We are like a stereotype cult filled with madmen that want to plunge the world into eternal darkness and chaos… with the one exception that we're actually the good guys.

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We're cleaning the world of filth with one ray of truth at a time. Amun-Ra is a Sun god, Sekhmet is his daughter. There may be darkness and chaos, but we bring light and truth no matter what. Not all destruction is the same.

In the status quo of pure, twisted, perverted evil, goodness and virtue becomes the chaos that destroys the degeneracy.

Get a load of this fag.

Homicide is a-ok.

Makes you wonder what all those old god cultists know that we don't

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Go to bed reddit.

Remember Trismegistus, lads:

TL;DR: Shit's fucked, then shit's gonna hit the fan, then paradise.
Praise kek, may the wicked drown or burn in His fire.

Sounds too subservient to me.
Remember the Emperor, man is greater than any lowly god creature.
Our relationship with Kek is one of partner not simpering supplicant. Where he to abandon us for not pleasing him, we'd scarcely care.

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The Ogdoad are the Amesha Spenta. Sekhmet is Ameratat. Kek is Asha.

Are you aware 40k is fiction?

Praise Kek it's eleven twelve

Yep. Meme responsibly.

Do you think we care?
For the Emperor is in our hearts.

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Praise Sekhmet. Remember that she is a Goddess dispensing bloody justice against a corrupt world. Destruction does not necessarily mean war as humans perceive it. Destroying demons within one's soul and draining its energy (blood) is more likely the kind of warfare Sekhmet brings into the world.
I once had a dream years ago, Sekhmet put my head into her mouth and I could feel the sharpness and pressure of her fangs on my skull, but she didn't kill me. It was a display of her power, her potential and a warning to me to pursue wisdom and righteousness. I am still on that path and have failed and fallen many times and this thread has served as a reminder to keep fighting for my soul.
Praise Sekhmet. I offer her my gratitude.

That was written by Greek Gnostics of Hellenistic Egypt. Beautiful prose, but don't just condemn the wickedness of others, seek out the flaws in yourself and correct them. Passively waiting for the gods to do it for you is leads to error and sin.

I'm more of a Nurgle kind-of-hereticguy.

didn't play the game, but IRL Sekhmet is so fucking badass

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I said 2019

The pagan faiths in Europe were pretty big on that.
Humans being the soldiers and guards of the gods, being expected to improve continously, bring just vengeance to enemies, and all that stuff.

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Someone is upset

Not only that, this is entirely voluntary. Before the creation of the world, the souls of Men and the Gods reached an agreement that Men would choose live and die to obliterate evil, rather than simply exist spiritually and suffer it forever.

Fun story.
In the ancient lore/stories of the Britons our people were on a more equal footing to the gods.
One of our greatest heroes (Arthur) even commanded gods and former gods as part of his retinue. While frequently raiding the otherworlds of various gods and inhuman beings for plunder or just because.

Sounds plausible, yeah.
Northern european gods were some of the most human like ones, many flaws, aging, not completely immortal, etc.

That's news to me but I'm not a total expert or anything, plus, in the west things were more locally divergent than in the east, for example.

A reason why northern paganism is much smaller in scope than slavic paganism.

The latter is a lot more uniform, even though that too has differences from region to region, of course.

Which is fine.

A local spirit is of no significance to a place 500 miles away, etc.

so much bullshit
the interpretation of other religions is utterly false and misleading, and the supposed qualities found in the Imperial cult are written in a way that makes them dreadfuly easy to corrupt
it's as if this piece was written by someone who misinterpreted WH40k canon to be able to crap on the misunderstandings he had about religions
seems like a regional office of the Officio Propagandarium got infested by tzeentschi again

wait, didn't the last batch of college graduates have a large part of weirdly-colored hairs SJWs in its rank?
p-pink horrors ?!?

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It's more rooted in the Imperial Truth.
The philosophy the Emperor advocated prior to this internment within the Golden Throne.


If it takes an eternity for all the filth and wickedness to clear up for the next bright day to come THEN LET IT BE SO!






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as above, so below

Are you faggots actually worshipping a fictional Egyptian god?

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No, a mythical one.

You should read the Letters of St. Paul again. The gods are acknowledged as existent powers, subordinate to his God.

And that means you should abandon Christ in service to this profane ghoul?

You should serve Truth, not a single on of its aspects.

Egyptian gods (Europid gods) are real, unlike the fictional Semitic deity Yahweh and its fictional avatar Yeshua.

I think what's being suggested here is that God rules over these other various deities. Is it not possible that these 'gods' are not just angels?

Considering that's how Zoroastrianism, Christianity's actual root religion, dealt with other deities, it seems the most reasonable case. Now, some serve the Lie, not the Truth, some (such as Vay/Mercury) are neutral and serve the world.

it's such a shame that we cant even see the night sky as it really is. how many people have lived their whole lives without even even seeing a half-natural night sky? i can go outside at night and at my house and i dont see a single star. very unhealthy for the spirit and bad for mankind

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Yeah picture really blows me out of the water, user.

Well cited argument, faggot.
The Jews hate Christ. The talmud actually says that Christ is boiling alive in his own feces in Hell. Why else do you think big Mel caught so much flak for The Passion? Because he portrayed the Jews true role in the assassination of Jesus.

The truth is that the gods of Egypt are fallen angels. They're egomaniacs that wish they could be God. Think they could defeat God.

There's nothing in the actual bible to lead you to that conclusion. Your apocrypha is more pagan than what any one else has put forth.

If you visit Egypt in the current year, this text reads true. Mecca circling muslims rule over the greatest creations of mankind and they shit, piss, and litter all over these places. They ignore the pure sophistication in favor of a box with a carpet on top.

Praise the old gods.

Are you trying to tell me that Zeus is real too? And "Allah"? What about Scientology, that also?

Not any more than you semetic wind deity, Schlomo.

yeshua was a jewish rabbi, and all his followers were jews.
his adversaries as described in the (((bible))) were religious authorities who wanted to remove a potential rival and had nothing to do with jews hating christ.
you're a brainwashed zionist cuck redneck hillbilly who worships a kike on a stick.
not an argument


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St. Paul explicitly said that the greco-Roman (and therefore indo-European) pantheon existed and were non-malevolent. The most he said is that Christians can not offer sacrifice to them, but they may still eat the results of the sacrifice.

Want to habeeb. Sauce?

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bobby, your slave morality god is degrading to mankind and does not serve the white race. these egyptian gods, the ones that are white and on the side of Holla Forums, are much more powerful than that thing from the bible. were you even paying attention during the election? or do you just drink too much tap water and watch too much television to notice kek's presence during the campaign?
and now that we're getting another surge from a lioness deity and you want to shut it down. why?

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Paul to Corinthians.

Who cares what the Talmud says about Yeshua? Both the Talmud and the New Testament are false documents which were written by Semites.

To be fair, the villain of the Old Testament is the Jews, not Yahweh/Vulcan.

They would execute all the jews and atheists, because they are liars and murderers.

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Not an argument.

A fucking string of buzzwords isn't an argument either.

Are really that much of a nigger that you believe the "strong pagan UTOPIA society"? That's on the same level as Kangz "We all hadz it good till da white man came and took it away"

More of an argument than yours, Schlomo.

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Hi, ban evading torpedo. There’s a reason you were banned. No one is going to believe your paid jewish shilling.

You’re shit at this.

"hi intl reported" spammer sighted, time for the ultimate test case for the new mods.

I wonder if she was kept secret because of people following the old religions all this time. I really wish the fucking masons, shriners and other crypto kikes hadn't co-opted Egyptian aesthetics, I think it'll be a bitch and a half sorting them from us.

Not going to win that one, laddy.

This is how mentally defective intl actually is. This is what they actually think we’ll believe.

Kalki/Third Sargon all mention rivers of blood in the final days before the Golden Age can come. Perhaps this is their waifu and he goes on a rampage trying to find her on one half of the world and she does the same from hers meeting in the middle.

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Not only will the rivers turn to blood, but the mountains will melt and run as lava, the righteous will walk through them and feel as if they are walking through cold milk, while sinners will be purged of their misdeed through fire and return anew to their brothers. All families will be reunited, and the just and unjust alike will recognize Truth.

Why do you think they yearn for ever larger cities?
To fully blot out the stars

I take it you rode Pegasus to Mt. Olympus, that's how you know which gods are real and are not real.

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If they pull out some nigger corpse out of that coffin I will go ballistic and burn it

Who would've thought this entire time it was all about a grand love story and we're just sitting here in the illusion wearing our 3D glasses thinking its real when it's all just a gigantic movie reel.

Mind giving me a source on this? I've heard many of the tales but never ones including what youvdescribe

Just get any book of Celtic or Saxon mythology/folklore.

They also hate muslims, what are you trying to say faggot?

dont mind me just checking these dubs. pretty decent dub to post ratio in here.
so far we've got dubs in 0,0,1,1,2, and then 8,8,9

i'm pretty sure there are things that can be done to significantly reduce light pollution while maintaining adequate lighting, pic related being one example, and i'm mainly talking about cities here. it would also be very interesting to see what types of different aesthetics were developed with pollution-free night life in mind (you can actually see pretty good at night if your eyes are adjusted to it. this aspect of humanity is pretty much lost in modern times)

stop doing this to yourself. it's bad for your health to have such a negative opinion of your own nature

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I presume you're subservient to a crucifix?

talk about prepping the bull.
more proof that semitic religions are all about keeping Whites in a submissive posture to inferior races and cultures.
their toxic memes needs to die

Yeshua has been determined to be fictional due to discoveries such as the Dead Sea materials which show that he is a culture hero devised over hundreds of years. As for Yahweh, we can trust one thing in the nature of the Semite and that is that he is a liar, as can be seen by the many false narratives filling the Old Testament such as the fictional story of Exodus. Considering the Genesis narratives are also plagiarized from Sumerian myths, we can assume that the entirety of the religion is a falsehood with a satisfactory level of a certainty. Or rather, there isn't a single reason to believe Yahweh is real or that any Abrahamic religion is even close to being truthful.


Shame I opened up this thread after heading to the shops, would have bought some red ale to honour her

The claim was being pro-christ = kike

No, no I'm not. Maybe a Catholic would be. To worship a cucifix would be to worship a graven image. It's the creation, not the creator.

Wikipedia is a start.
You're looking for pre-saxon and pre-Geoffrey.
Because he was our hero in the fight against the Saxons.

For an example of how these stories tended to go down:

You're looking for what most these days would call "welsh folklore/mythology"

Reminder that in Zoroastrianism the fifth month of the year is named after Ameratat (Sekhmet), so the happening may come pretty soon.

This would be correct. Those who worship Yeshua debase themselves by ritually consuming the flesh and blood of a Semitic idol in order to commune with a Semitic deity. This causes all Christians to become pawns for the Semitic race, as can be seen in their destruction of European cultures and their establishment of the Semitic hegemony which exists today.

I'm ok with all of this, let it begin

JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, VIII:44

Great as if Australia wasn’t scary enough now we have fucking mummies.

Wrong attitude, faggot. Your very Blood binds you to the Old Gods - subservience is only required when you've devoted yourself to foreign Gods. When your Old Gods are given power, you are directly uplifted.

It was more than a year ago that I felt that energy the last time that I got from reading through this thread right now. Praise Kek lads, and embrace the coming chaos. You only need to truly beleive.



Saint Thomas Aquinas, in his “On the Governance of the Jews,” wrote:
I could sit here and dump 20 posts worth of quotes from Christ, the Saints, Reverends, Ministers, etc. or could do your job as a NatSoc and read "What World Famous Men Said about the Jews"
It should be required reading.

Take your D&C elsewhere, (((deacon)))
To brazenly insult those who came before is not unlike denouncing your forefathers.

Are you referring to 1 Corinthians 8:4-6?

The Romans identified (((YHWH))) with Saturn.


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Hello, (((fellow NatSoc)))

Nigs like you are on the same level as the shills who say Hitler was a puppet of the Jews.

Hitler appointed a vehement anti-Christian to suppress Christianity in Germany, paving the way for the restoration of nativist spirituality.

Attached: Myth-of-the-Twentieth-Century.jpg (600x800, 185.02K)

But rabbi, you know as well as I do that (((Christians))) use your Semitic "holy" texts and doctrines to justify their love for Israel.
Can you link to even one source of an established Christian denomination that condemns Jews and Israel? Just one source, rabbi.
I'll wait.

That entire document I just posted you fucking kike. Every fucking name. Just type ctl=f "saint" you stupid nigger.



You don't even understand what that expression means do you? You're certainly not using it correctly.
You asked for sources, I gave you my sources:
Are you going to ignore them again?

Its strange how this also ties in with Esoteric Hiterism. Things are gonna spooky


don't attempt your jewish tactic of deflection with petty formatting complaints of my post
the challenge was simple, rabbi.
post one source of any christian denomination anywhere in the world that condemns jews or israel. just one.
i'm still waiting…

Positive Christianity rejected the New Testament as Semitic filth which misrepresented the teachings of an Aryan Christ (which was a psy-op designed to de-Christrianize Germany through converting the religion into something other than what everyone means by Christianity).
If you want to be a Positive Christian, stop quoting Semites and their texts. However, Positive Christianity is not viable in our day because of things such as the Dead Sea materials which show that Yeshua is a wholly Semitic idol and thus not secretly an Aryan.

Now, move those goalposts.

Blood, huh?

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Sounds similar to Kali , Durga or Baduhenna, the archetype of a furious warrior-goddess of vengeance who can only be sated by blood or dancing is a common theme in Indo-European religions




forgot pics

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Wasn’t that the plot to that shitty tom cruise mummy movie?


This after the Black Sun Eclipse last year. Chaos is coming, praise Kek!

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Oh and two minutes later you make another post, repeating what you said before, and again ignoring the whole pdf of sources.
This is my third time posting it.
Last reply, faggot.

What percentage of professed Christians in the world identify with this offshoot? Got stats, rabbi?

Goalpost Status: Moved

The Holla Forums experience is improved 1000x by filtering the tor ID.

you are afraid to answer because you know that there's probably like 12 guys who belong to that sect with no political influence or wealth versus the billions of christians who love slurping up zionist jizz with lots of political influence and wealth
at least you tried, rabbi

That's up there with Trump won because of Russian collusion.

Yeah, Christians shouldn't cross the streams, essentially.

SIEG HEIL! Don’t cross the space-time streams! Praise Kek!

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Do you kick your dog when it barks too?

They're balls deep in pre-teen ass, and their pedo blood will be the sacrifice. Pottery.

Do you not know how to make one yourself?

Ignore tor posters, they are a waste of time

What would a thread concerning ancient aryan religion be on Holla Forums without some fag sperging out about muh jesus, muh born in sin, indo-euro and pagan european religions are works of the devil and it's christianity that will deliver this wayward race.
What the fuck do you think it's been doing for the last two thousand years?

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Divinity works like this:

Now, here's where meme magic comes in: Human observation is not strictly objective. The brain constantly creates false memories, and everyone has looked at something at some point that made them think "What the fuck am I looking at?" Before their brain figured it out and formed a recognizable image for you. This means that:

This is why the white man is superior. We have not just the ability to observe (all creatures do), we have the unparalleled ability to rationalize, think abstractly, think of cause and effect, consider consequences, chain of events, conceptualize past, present, and future, prefer our fiction and fantasies to have canon that makes some sense, etc. Some other races can do this too (Japs are close, for example but not quite there. For example, their definition and preference for "canon" is different from ours), but not as well as Whites.

shalom, rabbi

You've expressed my opinions so well and yet so simply. I'm taking a screenshot of you. Very useful.


Spiritual freeganism.

Christianity was not content with erecting an altar of its own. It had first to destroy the pagan altars. It was only in virtue of this passionate intolerance that an apodictic faith could grow up. And intolerance is an indispensable condition for the growth of such a faith.
It may be objected here that in these phenomena which we find throughout the history of the world we have to recognize mostly a specifically Jewish mode of thought and that such fanaticism and intolerance are typical symptoms of Jewish mentality. That may be a thousandfold true; and it is a fact deeply to be regretted. The appearance of intolerance and fanaticism in the history of mankind may be deeply regrettable, and it may be looked upon as foreign to human nature, but the fact does not change conditions as they exist today. The men who wish to liberate our German nation from the conditions in which it now exists cannot cudgel their brains with thinking how excellent it would be if this or that had never arisen. They must strive to find ways and means of abolishing what actually exists. A philosophy of life which is inspired by an infernal spirit of intolerance can only be set aside by a doctrine that is advanced in an equally ardent spirit and fought for with as determined a will and which is itself a new idea, pure and absolutely true.
Each one of us today may regret the fact that the advent of Christianity was the first occasion on which spiritual terror was introduced into the much freer ancient world, but the fact cannot be denied that ever since then the world is pervaded and dominated by this kind of coercion and that violence is broken only by violence and terror by terror. Only then can a new regime be created by means of constructive work. Political parties are prone to enter compromises; but a philosophy never does this. A political party is inclined to adjust its teachings with a view to meeting those of its opponents, but a philosophy proclaims its own infallibility.
You should do more reading.

They're almost all shills, user.

You know what this means, don't you?

It means the awakening of the female spirit.

So, monster girls become real?

And why are monster girls beautiful user?

What the fuck does that even mean?

Because the monster's on the outside


Don't open it.

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Also, stop taking Rach's bait. Christianity or European paganism are both preferable to Judaism, Religion of Cuck™, or Atheism. We can worry about which we like better when we aren't being subversively genocided.

Attached: Both_of_you_give_it_a_rest.webm (1119x429 690.65 KB, 70.35K)

The only difference between Christianity and Religion of Cuck™ is that Christianity's invasion of Europe already succeeded. Christianity is treason and the entire reason the Semites have the power to subvert our nations and genocide our peoples. The only redeeming action a Christian can take is to denounce his foreign faith, only then can he even begin to be considered a trustworthy ally of his folk.

We mentioned here before in a thread that asked who was the next god after KEK? I mentioned her myself as a cat because the internet like cats and she kills the snakes of the desert god Set.

Atheism is better than Christianity. Christianity is the Jew's power source. Aristotle was an atheist.

Attached: cheetara.jpg (736x1144, 94.99K)

That's why they are feverishly working to move the arab muslim semites into Europe as "enemy of my enemy" reinforcements, because they sense they are losing ground with a politically assertive younger generation of White males who are throwing off the chains and waking up.

atheism is a part of our imageboard heritage. Disagree all you like, there's no excuse for this antagonism.

Oh, it's another /cucktianity/ raid.

Yep, the Christcunts derail religious threads and anything the perceive to do with religion. I hate them more with each passing thread.


They were moving Muslims in since the 1920s. It's alchemy. They want to unite the Liberal Venus/Lucifer with the masculine war cult of Is.l,am representing Mars.
This in their mind will bring about the unity of polarity and create Libre, or Liberalism.

In other words they think that trannies and thots will turn Muzzies into Liberals and everyone will live in peace as we upload our brains to the Matrix.

t. Luciferian Kabbalaistic magic

Attached: Screenshot-2018-3-28 Nectome Wants to Preserve Your Brain for Decades, But the Process Will Kill You.png (945x2073, 151.92K)

/cucktianity/ is just an archive of Christian failings, there's nothing more to it.

/christian/ =/= /cucktianity/. They're two different boards.

Until muslims come in… Also atheism is the entry drug for "Civic Nationalism"… Even Dawkins laments the decline of christianity…
Actually the Jew's power source is being completely in-assimilable. Christianity is Greek Philosophy at its core with a veneer of Jewish messiah worship.

Appeal to Celebrity….

Attached: 9a95f6d0d9df48e2429c6e67dc3f5925c6573a013ccf2ea36ec0923409d35159.jpg (640x857, 169.58K)

"Civic Nationalism" is a psyop. Use "Blind Patriotism" instead.

And atheism isn't what you think it is if you think it's related to "Blind patriotism"

"Drain the blood. The heart is wiiiissssse!"

You're conflating Athiesm with the cult of Marx or Luciferianism "scientism" to push your Rabbi cult agenda.

Not believing in Semitic gods like Jesus, Mohomo, or their father YWHW isn't "athiesm" anyways.

Attached: i can has serpant burger.jpg (659x1000, 540.1K)

To expand on that, imageboard culture was completely agnostic/atheist for the majority of its existence - imageboard users were always primarily atheist from the beginning - and yet we aren't a blindly patriotic neoLiberal mob like you suggest.

Religiosity on imageboards is new and it started organically with Orthodox Kekism. Christians felt threatened and so started shilling after the fact.

He's not wrong though. Atheism leaves a void for (((much worse elements))) to infiltrate a society.

To be fair, Esoteric Hitlerism probably came first, but the point is largely the same: Religiosity came forth organically here.

It can be detrimental if it's caused by a cultural rift without education.

Thread theme

So what do we make of the reappearance of the mummy from an esoteric perspective? Was she indeed in the land of the dead with her goddess and is her body's return an omen of the imminent return of Sekhmet? If so, what, if anything, does the condition of the mummy itself indicate about Sekhmet? If not, how did it go so long unexamined?

Christian raids have taught me to hate Jesus. I never did before but talking to you faggots over time I can't even look at a picture of him without wanting to stab at it.

Was that your intention? To get everyone to hate Jesus by crying victimization and raiding threads all these years?

It actually started with philosophy threads. Christians would freak the fuck out if you talked about Stoicism and they've been banned from here ever since.

Oh look whose here, it's (((Robert Sepher))). Fuck you. You came last, parasite.

Attached: freya.jpg (700x500, 139.5K)

You have that backwards. Christianity is Jewish messiah worship with various veneers of European ideologies based on the splintering of Christianity into sects while infiltrating European cultures.

It's dangerously close to nihilism which is cancerous and demoralizing. To someone brought up in a religious environment, something positive needs to fill the void of an abandoned religion or god and "scientific understanding" just isn't enough for many people. Art and science both use symbolic languages and the mind works naturally with symbolism and stimulates creativity. This propensity towards symbolism meshes nicely with spirituality. I think we need a modernized version of older White pagan spirituality, but one that doesn't insist on literal interpretation so as not to alienate the folk that lean towards atheism, hyper rationalism and materialism. It should be a crux for meaning, morality, assertiveness and cultural creativity. But first the cancerous tumors and obstacles towards progress need to be removed.

Any NWFfags that want to pay homage; this is in Damascus, Or.

Attached: image.jpeg (375x500, 52.52K)

Holy fuck, the kike on this post is overpowering.

I'm not versed in Esoteric Hitlerism so I don't know of any associated Kikery.

Attached: 5e0b9fde8318d19c9a036a593fcc1eee6e665c9f6845ca0f1127f326571d1d66.jpg (523x720, 99.87K)

I believe you're probably right, but that doesn't make atheism an opponent of yours. Remember that there is a shared enemy: Abrahamism.

We're Exoterics here faggot. We're the profane Patriarchy and will destroy your Luciferian Gnostic NWO.

Good song choice though.

You're raiding now, dude.

It's Luciferian (((trannyhumanism))) posing as Hitlerism to piss of Christians and retard non-Christian NatSoc people.

Attached: the_gate_to_valhalla_by_art_of_sekhmet-dap0b9k.jpg (900x1185, 413.67K)

Christians were trying to turn Holla Forums into a Cucktian board even before we moved off of 4chan. There used to be endless deus vult general threads on this board until dedicated National Socialists began to spread awareness of Alfred Rosenberg and Kirchenkampf.

what the fuck are you talking about, faggot?

Attached: youre retarded.PNG (748x225, 62.55K)

Good luck accomplishing anything while willfully ignorant lol

I think I got the chronology wrong here then

Care to help fix it?

I know every poll held on 4chan (pre-Exodus, talking years ago) confirmed most users were atheist in the early days, and that Christian shilling on 8ch in more recent times was a direct response to Kekism's emergence.

This one seems kind of obvious tbh - it's (((them))) trying to use the power of meme magick to bring about ww3.

Attached: adl.png (600x600, 170.17K)

"Atheism" is a psyop. Use "Absent Non-Religion Thinker" instead.

Falling for the contemporary meme of "hur jew on a stick" proves your ignorance. Jews have hated Christianity from it's founding primarily because it was a Synthesis of GREEK philosophy and the Torah. This is why the early gospel writings that date from 60-70 AD are virtually all written in Greek, not hebrew. This is because when Judea was under the Roman Empire Jews learned Greek and began learning about Greek Philosophy and thereby began questioning Judaism. This spurned several small rebellions against the Romans and the internal civil struggle among the jews, namely the Pharisees and Sadducee…

Literally none of you are aware of History and aren't mature enough to "know".

Attached: 8chan is best chan.png (700x5762, 1.66M)

They aren't here in good faith. These clustered "anyone not pagan is a race-traitor" IDs started showing up in groups a couple weeks ago. They'll all post together at once for a couple hours, then disappear at the same time. If things turn against them, they'll migrate to another thread. It's the same song and dance it's always been, just with more dance partners.

Attached: 36cd43f2d15b4ea112025ffaa5a84776b65a9d513f4e6deae4f61ccecc303e47.png (1054x160, 20.19K)

Revisionism: The Post.

I'm so sick of these kikes stealing our ancestrial memes. Someone should push that thing over.

Jews don't want the world nuked. They want it turned into tranny debt slaves.
t. game theory


Attached: Durga.jpg (410x600, 58.84K)

Behold: the kike's final form. If you tell them to shove their fictional version of history up their ass, you're the revisionist. Seems genocides and imageboard culture get the same treatment.

more fresh digits here. make sure to check the trips

christianity, especially the defense of it, for the most part is irrelevant to this thread (read the OP). there is actually some constructive religious talk going on ITT but it's all being muddied by the christians. people are trying to warp reality to the will of the white race and we dont need any christian preachers coming in trying to shut down these activities

christianity is a virus that destroys authentic religions

good. the female spirit died as a result of feminism a long time ago. most people wont even recognize it when it comes back

i'm pretty sure deserts were invented before nuclear bombs. also the egyptians who originally got along with Ra never made any mention of "fusion". your third one is even more of a stretch

Throughout the years, every poll held about religious beliefs confirmed most users were atheist. Now that we have native-born Kekism, your brand of Abrahamism is threatened, Christian.

Back to >>>/christian/
Polite sage for off-topic.

I'm living on shattered faith
The kind that likes to restrict your breath
There's never been a better time than this
Suffocate on eternal bliss
In a city
That swells with so much hate
You seem to rise above
And take its place
The heart pumps until it dies
Drain the blood, the heart is wise
All my friends are murder
All my bones no marrows in
All these fiends want teenage meat
All my friends are murderers
I never met a pearl quite like you
Who could shimmer and rot at the same time through
There's never been a better time than this
To bite the hand of the frost bitten menace
All my friends are murder
All my bones are marrows in
All these fiends want teenage meat
All my friends are murderers
Whoa whoa whoa whoa…..
I'm alive in uterine
A stab in the dark, a new day had dawned
Open up and let it flow
I'll make it yours so here we go…
All my friends are murder
All my bones are marrows in
All these fiends want teenage meat
All my friends are murderers
Away he's gone away……

I never denied boards trended atheistic historically. But there's been a demographic shift with the maelstrom that has been the past 4 years of politics. Things are not what they were.

The rest of your posts are bullshit, though. Nobody's 'threatened' by anyone else's religion on here. That's Internet Toughguy talk.

Explain Christian shilling then.

Then STFU and end your raid!

There isn't any, retard. There are Christians here now because when you have an enemy, you also get allies in that enemy's enemies. The Marxists are more thoroughly anti-Christian than any other secular movement, and therefore Christians have trended further and further Right as insane leftists have become more and more prominent. You have been joined.

Four years ago my family was Israel-first. Now they're fully redpilled on the JQ because I was there to tell them why things are the way they are.

Blood for the kitty god!

God I hate you people

Attached: Sekmet.jpg (710x473, 106.24K)

tranny debt slaves are just one mechanism of control, war and religion was used for millennia before that one came about

The Egyptians lived in a jungle not unlike the Mayan, it's a desert now because they deforested it and didn't cycle crops. The third one is literally from the OP. The second one, well are you retarded? If the Egyptians were talking about ancient technologies they would be wrapped in mysticism by modern translation. Sun = fusion = nuclear, pretty direct fucking translation. Additionally:

This is what a "disrupt and distract" shill looks like.

That's true, but God also says that "against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgements." Doesn't sound like an amicable relationship between Him and the Egyptian pantheon.

Yeshua would have been a Semite if not for the fact that he is a fictional culture hero based on an amalgamation of hundreds of years worth of Semitic revolutionaries as shown by the Dead Sea materials, which contain the earliest material recycled in the gospels written in Hebrew rather than Greek. Ripping off Greek philosophy doesn't mean the kikes who made Christianity were not degenerate scum any more than the gnostic Yahwehists who perverted the gnostic teachings by introducing the concept of the material world being an evil prison. Christianity is a degenerate, Semitic religion; end of story.

Reminder, Trump is Batman

If you don't know game theory lurk for 2 more years before posting.

FUCK YOUR FUCKING JEW GOD JESUS! I'm tired of your shit. You're the power source of the Jew and always have been!

Egyptian Aryan Gods will drive out the Semitic faiths! Including the Trannyhumanist Gnostic cucks!

Attached: cat woman.jpg (640x480, 49.6K)

You know you could just get back on topic right?

Watch my ID. I only defend Christianity in its Deus Vult mode, not when they try to proselytize the board to their cuckoldry, and tbh I suspect that the vast majority of the supposed /christian/ posters being aggressive against board cults are Holla Forums goons trying to DnC exploiting obvious fracture points.

Attached: leftypol falseflagger.png (500x513 50.63 KB, 147.92K)

See the image attached and here
. Holla Forums explicitly does this. We don't call it D&C for nothing. The whole point is to keep us fighting over nothing.

Attached: 0cab78c0ff548949fd2a604aeca077df2b6b5f755c07837ff2db28c44dfa87b3.png (840x478, 135.69K)

You're destroying the thread for the Jews. Your gay little meme of being unified with fucking Templars? Really?!
They're the ones who push all the Baphemot tranny shit on us.

Attached: Oprah Baphomet.jpg (721x1085, 745.15K)

What is there to even talk about on topic? Unless one of the people involved in studying that mummy browses the board and can give us inside details, we're kind of at a dead end.

Yeah because your Jew worship talk took everyone off topic. fucking asshole

Until Christianity is banned from the board, this is what is going to happen in every thread even remotely related to religion.

Is this post the beginning of the derail?

You did this. You could of prevented it.

could have*

I'm not a mod, I don't have the power to prevent this by banning christcucks and deleting shit like

Yeah it all started after that post.

You can always tell the shills/leftypol/jews by their anti-Christianity d&c
There are two main attack vectors; the low-energy "Kike on a Stick" is an easy larp for the rainbow hair faggots. The paid shills prefer the "no true Scotsman" ploy, followed by the "hurr durr studying semitic fairytales" when someone contradicts their lies with facts. Either way, it's easy to filter them quickly.

"(One) Before Whom Evil Trembles", "Mistress of Dread", "Lady of Slaughter" and "She Who Mauls".

Arguing and arguing about some off topic semitic idol/book worship

The range of posts right above yours is amazing, really. Certainly something they've never tried before.

Attached: Leftist Moron doesn't Know about IDs.png (1400x1200, 342.83K)


Considering the thread is about a religious topic and Christianity has yet to be banned from the board, I'd say it's rather close to being on topic. Especially considering there isn't really much to say about the information in the OP.


See? These fags make it too easy. No shekels for you, schlomo

You're a retard. Egyptians aren't Aryan and never were. They are an Afro-Asiatic people, Aryans are Indo-Europeans. Completely separate pantheon and culture. It's true that Egyptians share DNA with Europeans, but they're most closely related to Levantines. Pics related, it's how Egyptians depicted themselves. Always black hair and brown skin, even for Nefertari, one of Egypt's queens. These are idealized portrayals, why would the Egyptians idealize dark skin and hair if they were Aryan?

Attached: 800px-Maler_der_Grabkammer_der_Nefertari_004.jpg (600x1074 745.88 KB, 205.87K)

all this is bullshit the dna has shown that egypt was neather nigger nor shitskin but white.
also fuck the christcuck derail, this was a fun high energy thread before it fell into another muh christianity chusterfuck.
fucks sake how long has it been since we had a good thread that endet in a awesome kek given get.
i want to see quints of truth again, all this christcuckery is fucking with our mememagic.

Attached: meme magic kek and lain.jpg (400x580, 56.11K)


Nothing fucks with meme magic, the only thing that is ever shaken is your confidence.

Generation bright eyes will be the avatars of the new awakening. Kek save us.

Attached: images-123.jpg (500x281, 12.19K)

Yup. If we didn't have shills our pph would drop like a stone though. Most anons are too busy working these days. Lots still lurk but posting slowed like crazy after inauguration.

Cuck. The fire is in the individual. Shape the world with your own hands.

Sorry, paid kike shill, that won't be happening. Ever.

yea thats exactly why im so pissed at this, the old mememagic threads were the most fun shit to read and gave me some hope for the future.
i just miss them

LOTS of Anons are just busy, user. I'd say 2/3rds are busy IRL. We're the skellington crew.

Source for your claim about white DNA.
DNA shows that they're closely related to modern Middle Easterners.

It's not a Kangs argument. Kangz see that art and say that they're African, when they're clearly not. Those depictions show that the idealized Egyptian was neither white nor African, but dark haired and dark skinned.

Did you even read your article? 9th paragraph
AKA indo-euro. Now look at the date of your article and then this one.

glad to see you're still around, user
I'll consult the Egyptian book of the dead tomorrow morning to see if there's any specific mentions of Sekmet.
But it should be a general statement that we participated in the resurrection of a dead god many times actually, kek tet heqet i thought was next but it looks like we're taking the whole damn boat this time, or someone else is, or many someone elses by simply speaking her name again
a few days before Christ was born again, no less

you and anyone else who gives attention or what it specifically requires
best to study and approach with caution, they have no form unless given hence be careful what you meme

not a very good thread.
different stories reach different folks. that stone sculpture and painting is just a retelling of an even older story representing archetypes but the stories tell what they need to tell to whoever is listening

nigger this is exactly how you awaken the old ones
give them attention

they can be fun again, user many are busy


Attached: theosophy.png (1239x1406 25.54 KB, 202.16K)

That's because modern Egyptians have 8%+ sub-Saharan African DNA now, they didn't used to. Your article says this, and it also says that:
“Our analyses reveal that ancient Egyptians shared more ancestry with Near Easterners than present-day Egyptians,” they wrote.
And: “We find that ancient Egyptians are most closely related to Neolithic and Bronze Age samples in the Levant, as well as to Neolithic Anatolian and European populations.

Actually no. Temples would sacrifice the animal and then sell the meat at vendors.

Yeah, IIRC Prometheus tricked Zeus so the gods only got the smoke and bones while humans kept the good parts.

there's that physical form stuff again


Attached: 3a95c3393dccdec86b7fab0e8761df9d5033f7d124d077a9def411f56447523f.png (239x459, 133.49K)

Yep. But don't worry, everyone forgets that he and Zeus made up after his punishment was finished.

Higher dimensional coagulations like gods don't usually have bodies, which is why they need people or avatars.

I know.

Attached: 2dceb031502b3355c6e79b351df313115476b40c336e68be99e822e5b13f8051.jpg (964x714 111.67 KB, 62.51K)

The Egyptians would have ended the jew problem before it could have spread, the jews only escaped because they enabled the people of Cush (niggers) to attack as they fled eastward for another host nation.

Attached: Egyptian-wand.jpg (1024x705, 92.72K)

"Sacrifices" were originally BBQs. This was all pre-refrigerators, so if you had a particularly successful hunt, you'd get everyone together, cook and smoke, dry and salt meat, prepare it, and make sure everyone got enough to eat. Temple culture was just BBQ culture, very extravagant.
White people always have the inherent desire to keep the old traditions alive, they just don't recognize it for what it is. The blood is strong.

The Romans could have crushed them permanently, but instead they were exiled and revived by the Khazars. What a shame. Good thing there'll be nowhere for them to go this time.

The Romans DID crush them permanently. The jews that exist today have no connection to the Higher Domains, they don't even have souls anymore. When Hadrian destroyed the second temple, he severed the covenant, and that can not be undone.

Titus, not Hadrian. Excuse me.

They never had souls before, their nature excludes them. Sumer and Babylon, user. Look at their disgusting books, and you see the tales of vermin.

I'd say it's actually more common for them to have bodies than not in the ancient narratives. The Sumerian account of the creation of Earth revolves around Marduk tearing apart Tiamat's body and the Osiris myth features him both being killed and dismembered. Later, Set is exiled, which suggests at the least that he has a specific presence (rather than omnipresence), though doesn't necessarily guarantee a corporeal form.

sweet just making sure we're on the same page

Attached: IMG_20180117_094210.jpg (1280x720 37.47 KB, 979.01K)

A subtle body is still a type of body.


Attached: 1521573389203.jpg (1000x700 70.96 KB, 278.36K)

You're just mad you're part of the cucked millenial generation.

That's why the one known recording of Hitler's 'normal' voice is in 1942, after Operation Barbarossa had begun. Its also why he named it Barbarossa. Frederick I was thrown from his horse and eventually disintegrated back into the earth after his body fortunately couldn't be preserved (so his organized conscious could rejoin the Absolute – also why its funny the kikes mummified Lenin against his wishes). Legend has him in the hills, ready to return at his country's point of greatest need. Hitler escaped into Kreuzberg, which is 66m tall. His body was in reality never found. Barbarossa lost, as would Hitler and he knew it. Also interestingly, his brother Frederick II was of Swabia, the base New Swabia in 1939 allegedly led to inner earth - as noted by a german letter from a uboat in 1947. Admiral Byrds trip down was the final battle between the Allies and Hitler's Wildes Heer. The years since has been a war thats stalemated but continued; our Korea.

It is also why later in the war "the Hitler" (whatever that means, as high command could create duplicates in the Astral) was using drugs. The Avatar of Wotan had left him, and he was trying to get back.

The truth is that Hitler said in 1928 that he was not the one, that he was paving the way – that he as winning by losing; exposing the bare problem.

And what we have today anons is the Era of Great Accounts. The Jews thought they won it when they stormed the palace after Stalin's study under Jesuits in Rome. After they unleashed and sacrificed their own hordes as materialism made its last attempt at triumph in the Iron Age. They think they have nailed us into material 'post-modernism' when in reality they've moved beyond rational (what jews do) and exposed themselves for us to see.

Fortunately for Hitler, and Montezuma before him, and the other Avatars of Wotan, the next will be the 22nd – the final. Khalki will return on His Vimana and cleanse the sinners;the last time with water, this with fire. The true pure survivors will be those who take us back toward the copper age.

Attached: bormann2.jpg (335x172 120.06 KB, 20.62K)


Not bad.

Attached: Sekhmet1.jpg (636x855, 156.63K)

Ramses ii had red hair

Attached: c3c72134e99650f4a9a52a4f4fbc6198cfdb4e6a2ccd9448b1c71956ae23a713.jpg (640x267 93.32 KB, 89.42K)

What book is that if I may ask?

As long as you want every last kike dead, then yes, we're on the same page.

Why not both?

I'm telling you amerimongrels that you've been staying on a Reddit-tier board for the sake of banning anyone who criticizes Le G-d Emprah while the mods keep deleting self improvement and book threads and then attacking Christendom. But hey, "Kek" is with us because Trump is doing 6 gorillion dimensional underwater backgammon, just look how completely BTFO Israel is.

Fucking neck yourself The_Donald.(kike)

Attached: Based.jpg (1270x680 99.84 KB, 171.32K)


Attached: 6mil GET.png (654x643, 224.29K)

And just like that, the shill moves over to Druidpol and keeps going. He's not even bothering to change IDs while talking to himself.

Attached: Druidpol Shill Talking to Self.png (2412x1182, 528.18K)

Yes, it's true that there were Egyptians with red hair. There are Jews with red hair too, but you won't see many people here claiming that makes them white.

Looks like your "god" is getting "necked" there, kike faggot.
Kikes: the eternal loser.

Read the sticky sometime, friend.

Maya, Reality is an Illusion

Attached: borrman1.jpg (1280x844 158.71 KB, 146.45K)

Never change r/The_Donald, never change.(ban evading kike)

It's written right in front of you lot

You won't change, kike, and that's why you lose.

I guess you could say she was blood drunk.

the god of wine, eh?

Even where the skies are clear people hardly look up any more. Most people can't even name the three most common types of clouds, they are puzzled if they notice the moon because "it's in a different place today" and so on.

The absolute state of plebs.

Zeus and Allah are both literally "god" in a linguistic sense.

Could you expand on that or do you have any quotes?

Attached: samurai_shiggy.png (791x722, 326.59K)

That's not only Egyptian. It's in every civilization you come across, because they see it happen to others.

Attached: spengler.jpeg (173x256, 12.11K)


Attached: Roman_Judia_slaughter.jpg (884x681, 139.26K)


How will Moloch ever recover?


/pol is compromised. Please move to /zenpol

Pol shuts down any criticism of the omnibus. The omnibus is a total betrayal of what Trump promised. Pol does not allow any criticism or real discussion of this topic.

Summary of the omnibus:

-It does not fund any border wall. Just 33 miles of fence.

-No money shall be spent on wall prototypes. Just “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-No new ICE field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-The omnibus REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-The omnibus INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-It mandates sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

-On top of all that, the omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for complete bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)

What will be the fate of the world in the rising battle of the Elder Gods?

As above, so below, but as below so above. I imagine if anything bizarre happens it'll be a big pack of lies and deception. That weird new Pope, what's his name, Petrus Romanus, is probably plotting some bizarre business too.

deluge special guest appearance

Still looks pretty white to me, Aryan doesnt mean blond haired and blue eyed

Attached: 17869314293.png (800x730, 235.9K)

is kek an aryan god we have given a new name?
or is kek a fase idol?

Attached: 3d9945f6890d4076da7b4a8121dd34e99f6d9c346d0c077ee17639008a333266.gif (809x455, 8.28M)


She is a leonine goddess of war. Said to be able to breathe fire. Has many statues especially in Thebes and Karnak. Her spouse frequently appears to be Ptah. She has been in a diad with Ptah, and also the goddess Hathor. She is in a triad with Ptah and their child Nefertem. Said to control plague, but also be able to heal. Perhaps she has a friend in Ebola-chan. We should look into Ptah and Hathor more it seems.

You have a long way to go. What race were the earliest Egyptians? The Ogdoad comes from before that time according to the research on the matter. See Budge. Even during the proto-dynastic period Kek worship was so old that nobody knew its origin.

Jews actually worship a god that's been identified through the Elephantine Papyri as a version ISH-KUR, who was a proto-Semitic god of thunder and mountain tops. In the old days the Jews were pantheistic, perhaps alluded to in their "wanderings" and worshipped an entire patheon. As time went on it appears that the thunder god worshippers won out in a cultural war and other gods' worship died out. It's my belief that what we now identify as "the Jews" eventually migrated as that god's worship suddenly appeared to have halted.

The Bronze Age Dark Ages conceal a great mystery.

Does this mean oceans of shitskin blood will flow in sydney? My body is ready

Soon the Chinese will leave in droves and then you'll be nuked.

By the USA. It'll be for your own good.

you've never read Egyptian myth have you?

Now is a good time to start studying the mystery schools in more detail.

Layaway is actually a cosmic horror that lives in Saturn.

Attached: 1432492324196.jpg (731x630, 141.48K)

Reactions like those are exactly why I think youre a waste of time. Good job.

Don't forget Tiw (Tyr) the original all father of the Germanic people

She's really nice, she is the central sun of the world and said that Lucifer is actually misunderstood, she also liked Jesus.
I tried calling Jesus though, he didn't pick up. I hope the archons didn't get him like the other deities…

Many Saints were known to oppose the Jews, even the dude that started a whole denomination wrote a fucking book about them. Just because you're American and have only been surrounded by zionist evangelical cucks doesn't mean it changes historical reality.

Attached: Read a book nigger.jpg (246x369, 68.96K)


Most Christians know Israel is to be destroyed and supported the creation of the modern nation-state by that name specifically for eschatological reasons.

If you want a source read the Revelation of John, it's the final book in your King James Bible. That's why Christians "support" Israel - we have to arm you up and wait until Gog and Magog destroy you. I think it's Turkey and Russia myself. Could happen soon!

Okay so, are you going to compare the modern day arm of politics "church" to actual historical, legitimate Christians who were vehemently anti-Jew? You can't have it both ways and try to keep up a consistent argument, it just doesn't work that way.

Trips checked! -)

666 refers to the kabbalistic numerical sum of the emperor nero's name. like all savages without a real science, ancient hebrews relied on magic, superstition and numerology. their alphabet is a numerical system. the reign of nero came and went and the world didn't end.
early christians thought the "end of the world" was imminent and even jesus preached that the end of the world would happen before the present generation passed away.
unfortunately, your jewish nostradamus and his underlings writing the book of revelation were dead wrong, of course. but what would you expect of illiterate nomadic savages from the bronze age trying to come to grips with a superior roman civilization?
israel, past and present, is an irrelevant "nation" and culture.
and only jews and their christian golems pay any attention to these idiotic hebrew scribblings you seem to hold in such high esteem, thinking they actually predict the future.

I'm OK with this tbh.

I believe we are in the End Times, shits are getting crazier and crazier since 4 years…

Shit is just getting started.

I can't wait. Hopefully God finally wipes us out in an epic collision with Nibiru.

Attached: God's Final Solution.webm (854x480, 11.48M)


NO it's not. You're just waking up. You meme the "end times" with your Jewish masters for your Jewish Rabbi god Jesus, then you'll get WW3. I hope you christian zionists die in the fires of your own making.>>11425397

Attached: kek Kuk_and_Kuket.jpg (1020x1033, 489.5K)

Attached: 17427da6492b0cb5077c594c3c62cfceb2803576f396794db5c6b6ca1dbc43a5.gif (255x143, 7.72K)

Sorry, Ahmed.