Trump Approval Rating Spikes

Trump Approval Rating Spikes
Morons forced to admit it really was 4D chess after all

Shills tried some minimum-wage psyops in previous thread, pay attention if they swarm this one. They're working the polarization/strawman angle.

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Other urls found in this thread: Methodology.pdf 2018 AP-NORC Poll Topline_outlook.pdf

Kike free first post, lol stay mad you kike faggots.

BTFO that hard eh? It's ok, I'll leave you alone this time :^)

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kikes btfo

You can't WW1 Italy your way out of this one, Satan.

We're delighted you've found our sister site Holla Forums, but we encourage all our new recruits to sign up on our official page before proceeding with posting on this super bad based fashy NeoConservative Republican cheerleading hangout.

Welcome to the Young Republicans, an organization for young professionals in the Republican Party of the United States between the ages of 18 and 40.

Our members are the young leaders across the country putting conservative principles into action and changing the landscape. We are proud to represent the national organization as well as chapters in individual states.

Remember kids to always MAGA no matter how stark the situation may appear, it really triggers the leftists and muslims

color me surprised
kys twice, just to be sure

None so based and fashy, as lying kikes hijacking Holla Forums and shilling for jewish politics.

In what way can't you kikes understand, this is Holla Forums yet you act surprised every single time an user questions why all Holla Forums does now is promote neocon jewish Republican politics.

Hello hasbarafag.

That shit is called out literally constantly all day long 24/7. Fucking neck yourself kike shill


Give it up already man, you've been going at this the exact same way for three years already.

So you think I should just give up and leave you jews alone to continue staining the memory of/pol/ as you openly laugh in every pol/aks face?

I think you should go back to your shitty youtube channel, Hasbarafag.

Almost four years, now. 8/pol/ was created September 17 2014.

I must see this channel

Forgot link

Verdant Servant on jewtube. Just compare the styles of writing.

I do find it intriguing in that you kikes that police these boards are convinced that the only anons on Holla Forums not willing to go along with your daily promotion of ZOG is just one person.

PS - if it helps any I've never ever had a youtube channel
But then again the method you kikes employ is to 'decide' that offending user )ie one not willing to suck on neocon kike dicks) is a Mexican or Shareblue, then you proceed to spam invented Dox regarding some nondescript nog called Charlie.

Has it ever occurred to you that the only non-jews who support neocon jewry as you do are the lowest rung retards on Earth and just you fellow fashy jews who police pol.

There cannot be a single Red Pilled user who ever went along with this brainless ziotard psyop to turn Holla Forums into a NeoCohen Republican recruitment club

Whatever you say, Hasbarafag, you'll always be a paki.

Now that's a weird one.

How did you 'decide' that the only user refusing to be cowed by your teams of jew promoting kikes on Holla Forums is this particular person?

Are you trying to say that the only user that ever shown displeasure at Holla Forums becoming Kushner's comedy plaything is this one youtuber?
Having not checked it out yet, don't tell me, this youtuber is an antisemite?

Filthy kushner paid kike calls the rare few anons here not sucking on jewish neocon cock "non-white"

This is the resultant effect of teams of jews deciding on what can or can;t be posted on nu-pol

So, smiley?

You still haven't figured out how apostrophes work? Come on my man, it's literally been years.

I still find it fucking hilarious that no matter how many millions of dollars are spent, you kikes can't subvert an imitation of an imitation of a japanese imageboard.

So because he says "hasbara" and "zionist" he is automatically our hasbarafag?
Also this the green pill shit was all Smiley. Smiley (or the person/people larping as him) are likely trying to mimic hasbarafag here to deflect

go crawl up your own asses, kikes.

No, you double nigger, look at the incredibly run on sentences that have more buzzwords than dashcon and compare them to his posts in this thread.

I looked over his wordpress, doesn't seem like the same guy. Whoever Verdant Servant is, he is much more focused on youtube e-celebs than mods subverting Holla Forums

So one of the few non-jew whites posting on Holla Forums is this one youtuber,because he's the only youtuber who is anti zionist
Who from a casual browsing appears to be an arab
Leaving the only legit anons, in (((your))) eyes the organised teams of kikes promoting jewry and their controlled opposition.

Jesus Christ, and they try to tell us that you kikes have high IQs, you all prove otherwise

So one of the few non-jew whites posting on Holla Forums is this one youtuber,because he's the only youtuber who is anti zionist
Who from a casual browsing appears to be an arab
Leaving the only legit anons, in (((your))) eyes the organised teams of kikes promoting jewry and their controlled opposition.

Jesus Christ, and they try to tell us that you kikes have high IQs, you all prove otherwise

As far as I know, there are three confirmed kikes who have tried and failed to shill here, not including the CTR/Shareblue/JIDF in general.

Kenneth ( >>>/cow/ )
Robert Sepher ( )
Joshua Ryne Goldberg ( )

Kenneth Scheuler, forgot his last name in the post


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If I could interrupt all you based fellow fashy jews talking amongst yourselves in trying to 'identify' the lone rogue single legit non-jew white posting on here…

Why is it so beyond your comprehension that not one single legit red-pilled user would ever fall for this endless shilling for jewry that Holla Forums has been turned into?
What is it that escapes you to understand there isn't a single user that would fall for this obvious jewish psyop.

You even post "shill"toanons posting about the left and right a\re both controlled by jewry, which is the fucking first step of the red-pill, but here you are promoting neocon jewish republican politics and calling any user who refuses to bow to jewqry a shill, then ban them

And you all seem to think only one user has ever taken umbrage at you kikes hijacking Holla Forums?
You even discuss this openly among yourselves in how to identify the only non jew posting on Holla Forums ffs, seriously whether it's Bannon or Kushner signing your check, they're clearly paying you too much

Interesting, though irrelevant. The esoteric Hitler spammer is a retard by his own design, and Smiley is a suicidal kike who's persona has been adopted by at least 2 people. The other kike appears to be out of the picture.

is a repeat episode, don't bother reading

Looks like Goldberg is fucked, mandatory minimum of 5 years.

No shit, it's been a repeat episode ever since he came here. He's the most obvious paki around and he literally never tries anything other than "no u". He never even changes his writing style. You'd probably know that if you ever paid attention or were around for longer than a month.

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If you only knew. I've just been agreeing with hasbara-kun today so I haven't been giving him shit

You aren't just annoying kikes who've hijacked Holla Forums but you're medically certifiably retarded

hasbara-kun please. You repeat yourself too much buddy

Yet all you kikes have done for years is post "shareblue" "CTR" "smiley" "hasbarafag" "berniebros" to anyone not willing to suck on jew dick as you all insist pol/aks do

All you do is openly taunt anons here who refuse to bow to isreal.
The only anons willing to suck on jewish neocon cock like you kikes demand we do are other fellow jews gaslighting the goy.

Why the fuck Kushner ever bothers posting your checks this this low caliber shilling I'll never know

You know how I know if a poll is probably bullshit?
When the articles discussing it don't lead directly to the polling data.

Here's the data set:
Full methodology:
> Methodology.pdf
Topline Results:
> 2018 AP-NORC Poll Topline_outlook.pdf


Its a standard approach. Whoever it is that is doing that shit, they basically respond only via rhetoric. Its never a meaningful refutation, its always just attempts to muddy the water or smear the user in question.

I suspect government involvement at this point.

Yeah, that should tell you something is off here.
Or are we just selectively espousing recognition of the media being a bunch of lying kikes?

Do you have evidence that Kushner pays for shills?

lower taxes won't solve the problems we're in

So Trump's real approval rating is probably >50% but the kikes are trying to run damage control to minimize it.

This is the only thing I'm really afraid of in Trump's government, right now:

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…excuse me?

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You act like Holla Forums is some vital organ to the white race and not some semi-LARPing nazi fashy fash retro dance music anime imageboard, but then again you are jewish

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oy vey goyim but if you give tax cuts to business then they'll just pocket the money for themselves and send you to a corporate work camp
t. Edna Shekelstein, Gender Studies phd

Lower taxes means less money for non-white trash and nigs' programs.

8/pol/ is vital. Where else can you discuss the topics we discuss and post the "hatefacts" we post?

I don't think these numbers have any relation to Trump's actual 'approval rating' whatsoever, is what I'm saying.

I'd post a graphic demonstrating how MSM polling is effectively worthless, but Torfags aren't allowed.

You can post them on cuckchan, but they'll be drowning in pro-miscegenation threads.


So if you want anything approaching a decent signal to noise ratio, you come to 8/pol/, so here we are. The reason why every single fucking one of the (((alternatives))) to 8/pol/ fail is because they can't match 8/pol/ for audience size and signal to noise ratio. If a high signal to noise ratio started propagating to an even larger audience, kikes would be so supremely fucked, which is why they attack 8/pol/ relentlessly. They yanked the Holla domain name simply because of how quickly it was going up in Alexa rankings.

Oh wow, I haven't checked the Alexa ranking in a while. The boomer Q boards really pumped the ranking up. wew

>The reason why every single fucking one of the (((alternatives))) to 8/pol/ fail is because they can't match 8/pol/ for audience size and signal to noise ratio.
I don't know that I agree with that sentiment, or rather, I would suggest that it is no accident that people are effectively 'funneled' to this site.

Hate to say it, but I suspect Holla Forums Holla Forums is a containment board, and the community has been shrinking over time due to… Well, I'll leave it at that.

It's Jonestein listeners as well. He's mentioned 8ch on air a few times recently, and he's invested in the Q larp too

This shill narrative is so fucking tired and played out. Go look at the archive link posted earlier in the thread. /16 count is still up from before third exodus (where the really cancerous faggots FINALLY got enough of moot's cucking).
All the ACTUAL plebbitors and 4cucks have gone back, finally.


The Q thing just blows my mind. The fucking retards use the same goddamn site as us, the intel primer is TWO CLICKS away from them, and they still dive right into the disinfo.
Such idiots.

The average idiot hates reading. That's why Jonestein maintains an audience in the first place. So when he mentions us on air those same idiots who are allergic to long posts shit up the board.

Does anyone have the video of some liberal news show like morning joe or something where theyre discussing how trump is definitely going to win midterm elections in 2020?

But that archive link shows explicitly that the community has shrunk.
You're basically making the argument of "Well, it shrunk back down to a size approximately in-line with when the first exodus transpired", and THAT'S a shill narrative, given that the majority of the people who came here at that stage were doing so to avoid censorship, while the current state of the board is the direct result of aggressive censorship.
There's really no argument otherwise.

Daily Reminder that its not just idiots, its also almost-certainly a concerted effort by hostile outside factions trying to push that disinfo.
That said, while its fair to expect that nobody is going to assume a stupid user is legitimately just that (and nothing more), calling everyone who disagrees with you a jew or a shill is just an expression of the overt espousal of a total-rhetoric paradigm that certain factions have been generating on this board since the election.

Anyone Holla Forums could be a shill, but that doesn't make you any less of a worthless faggot if all you ever do is accuse everyone you disagree with of being a shill, to the point that such becomes a common and ubiquitous silencing tactic that can be - and I believe, has been - co-opted by other factions to create a handy-dandy appearance-of-consensus creation mechanism.

Bolton is a tool used by Trump to look strong or war hungry preceding the North Korea talks. Trump will use him to this effect and then ditch him.

Why are you afraid? What indications has Trump given that his position is permanent, much less that Bolton has his ear, when NOBODY has had any significant amount of influence over Trump.

Torpedo faggot shilling this hard. Maybe one day threads won't 404 and your newfaggot narrative can stand on its own.

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Is there a difference in view between Zionist Jews and Cultural-Marxist Jews?
6 of Trump's 10 top donors were Jews m8.

We're up a 200-300 /16s, permanently. Notbad.jpg

You goyim are so brainwashed. Trump is an ashkenazi kike, has rat faced kike children and only his current wife is non-jewish. Previous is jewish and married a jew again.(>DRUMPF IS A JEW)

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Trump funded most of his campaign himself, unlike shillary.
If you're gonna spew bullshit torfag, you should at least source your (((claims))).
Stay mad.

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This. Not to mention, after the Norks we're going to put the squeeze on Iran:

Then Trump wins not 1 but 2 Nobel Peace Prizes. For peacefully ending two brutal regimes.

Iran has done nothing wrong. They chant in the streets about America and Israel because their leaders have been honest with the people about the nature of those governments.

Look fag, trump aint perfect, but he's pretty fucking good so far. So stop pretending we stamp out any criticism of him. But of course you can't look past any of that and just point out the shit we knew from day one. We fucking loathe (((kushner))) and (((adelson))) and such.

Also, the whole trump is jewish thing has been used by shills since Trump decended down the elevator. It didn't work then, and it doesn't work now.

First exodus was in October, no?
Meaning that archive is like a month in?
Meaning a month after the first exodus, the board was at ~1800.
The board is presently at 1977, and that's a high point as of late.

So you're claiming ~200 gained over nearly 4 years is good gains?
… Okay.

That's an outright lie.
From your own link:


Trump's top donor was Renaissance Technologies, which was founded and is run by a bunch of Jews. Robert Mercer is just the good goy face.

He also received $10 million from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.
And $7 million from Bernard Marcus.
And $5 million from the Walt Disney Corporation.
And $2 million from Geoffrey Palmer.
And $1 million each from Cherna Moskowitz and Peter Zieve.

Hold your horses faggot, the Iranian people are breaddy gudd but the fundamentalist Religion of Cuck™ic government has to go.

Why? Its their country.

The Iranians, Muslim or otherwise, pose no threat to us. They only threaten Israel.

Why? It's their country and they appear to support the government. Fuck another interventionist war on Israel's behalf.

(Trump's not actually raping you kikes, even though you feel like he is.)

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Sup Jew.

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You can't be White, you have the reading comprehension of a nigger. The idea is to put the squeeze of the government to assist the revolution that the Iranian people are doing right now in case you didn't fucking know that. Not advocating for military intervention, Tyrone.

A lot has changed since the Religion of Cuck™ic Revolution, their own people don't want their government anymore, this is a fact. If we're able to assist them by only applying pressure on the government we kill two birds with one stone.

Bolton isn't Jewish. Besides:

So, what you appear to be saying is, you want to help the faux-revolution being cooked up by Israel and the CIA?
Why would I want that?

What if the Iranians don't want it to go?

Facts can be proven.
Please prove that fact.

Even if the case is that the Iranian people want to revolt, why is that America's problem? It's not, is the answer. Israel wants to intervene, then let them, but America has nothing to gain from being there.

Nationalists wouldn't be sucking Israeli dick m8.

The UN has basically no power whatsoever, and literally, LITERALLY, the only reason he opposes them is their stance on Israel.

Is your time frame reference the last 30 minutes? I know you kikes have short attention spans but pls.

anyone? anyone at all?
this was posted for a while and it seems to have just vanished. did i imagine the whole thing?

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No way it's that low. We've got economic growth for the first time in over ten years. They're probably over-sampling Democrats, like they did throughout the election.

Unless they were working to flip Israel like they flipped the Saudis to remove both of the British Empire (Rothschilds) allies in the Middle East. Unlike you, we care about Making America Great Again rather than focusing on destroying Israel, which isn't nearly as important to (((them))) as London and Jew York.

Except this, unlike the (((Arab Spring))) nonsense that was pushed in the (((media))), Iranians don't want the Ayatollahs anymore.

Because we want to be on good terms with Iran, if we can help (without military intervention) then that would strengthen our relationship with them and fight the kikes together. If you think the Ayatollah is really against Jews you're a fucking jackass or a shill.

wtf I love the Cloud Act now

Iran still doesn't have a central bank. That is about as against the jews as you can get besides actually gassing them.

Also nice proof of your claims :^)

……………………. wat

>Unlike you, we care about Making America Great Again rather than focusing on destroying Israel, which isn't nearly as important to (((them))) as London and Jew York.
So what you're saying is you have no defense against what I stated?

Prove it.

This is the epitome of retarded.

That's exactly what they're doing. Look at the sample on this CNN poll, page 8:

29% Democrats, 25% Republican, 46% Independent.

86% approval among Republicans, 41% Independent, 5% Democrats. They don't even list race (oversampling black and female Democrats and Hispanic Republicans would skew things further away from Trump), so there's a good chance they moved it a couple points using that. At a minimum, Trump is closer to 50-50.

No, you word-twisting faggot shill. You don't have a response to what I said, which is why you just tried to use "wat" as an argument and then shit all over the chessboard and proclaim victory. DOTR.

I notice Trump's ratings spike when he does stuff counter to his agenda (like signing the omnibullshit, and his gun control gaffes).
The suspicion is (((they))) are preying on his ego (and latent boomer tendencies…such as watching cable news) by using fake positive polling to encourage crappy policy decisions.

>March 25: 2031

I asked you to prove a fact.
I'm still waiting.
No, I used 'wat' as an argument because what you said was objectively retarded.
Let's analyze this further:
Firstly, who is 'they'?
Are you referring to 'nationalists', as you imply Bolton is?

The 86% approval rating from Republicans is a damning indictment of the party. Assuming of course if the poll is legitimate.

it's not

The poll is trash.

So let's hope the genuine numbers are much, much lower.

These are the same people who told us Hillary had a 90% chance of winning until like 6 hours before the election was over. If they say 42% for Trump, it means a lot more than 42%.

Yes, he's a kike (1/8th on his father's side), and he's a Trotskyite Israel-firster. The Only reason he opposes the UN, is because it's a golem that the kikes have lost total control over, and it has passed resolutions against Israel.

You aren't going to convince anybody that the neo-cohens are on our side, jewboy.

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I've pointed this out elsewhere, but "deep state" seems to have morphed into a term to be used against people who aren't 110% on board with greater israel. The "deep state" doesn't seem to do much these days but support israel's enemies. It's a clownish narrative.

is the normalfag version of

Since you refuse to provide proof of your claims I went and looked for myself. Turns out there is majority support for the government, or so it seems. From last december:
There appears to be dissent among some of the population however, with the reason given being high food prices. That protest however only garnered 300 people roughly in one city, and other videos of protests had "footage that could not be verified", whatever that means.

Both articles are from the guardian Now I'll wait while you type out another post denouncing the source I found while you provide none.

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The only way I'd have any respect for Trumpo at this point is if he refuses to sign FOSTA.

Those funding cuts, right to the bone, I'm guessing?

I quite like it, honestly. It makes filtering them such a simple matter, torpedos rarely post quality anyway.

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That's not an argument.
The community is shrinking. Its a fact.
Yeah, yeah, just like everyone who opposes Trump's neocohen agenda is just 'the deep state'.
Reddit as fuck in here these days, on top of having lost massive amounts of traffic.

So now you're trying to form the appearance of consensus to damage control the point?
Interesting. Nothing new, of course.

Herding kikes onto Tor, lol


Don't they dock your pay if you don't get enough (You)s?

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>approval rating up 7% from historic low of 35%

What was Obama's and Dubya's?