Fraudulent Web Traffic Continues to Plague Advertisers…

Fraudulent Web Traffic Continues to Plague Advertisers…

Adobe found that about 28% of website traffic likely came from bots and other “non-human signals”

In a recent study, Adobe found that about 28% of website traffic showed strong “non-human signals,” leading the company to believe that the traffic came from bots or click farms. The company studied traffic across websites belonging to thousands of clients. Adobe is currently working with a handful of clients in the travel, retail and publishing industries to identify how much of their web traffic has non-human characteristics. By weeding out that misleading data, brands can better understand what prompted consumers to follow their ads and ultimately visit their websites and buy their products.

“It’s really about understanding your traffic at a deeper level. And not just understanding, ‘I got this many hits.’ What do those hits represent? Were they people, malicious bots, good bots?” said Dave Weinstein, director of engineering for Adobe Experience Cloud. While hardly the first study of online fraud, Adobe’s findings are one more indication of how the problem has roiled the fast-changing ad, media and digital commerce industries, while prompting marketers to rethink their web efforts. Non-human traffic can create an “inflated number that sets false expectations for marketing efforts,” said Mr. Weinstein.

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Lets push that number to 100%

oy vey (((who))) could be behind scamming the advertisers

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28%? make it 98%!

>Pushing the (((Adnauseam))) botnet

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i've been using it for a while and haven't noticed any performance drops

Yes nigger you are that retarded when your solution is to literally do less than nothing. Or is it that you don't want people using ad nauseam at all, why else would you without offering a better alternative or any alternative?


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well it is a bot, but it's not networked with anything.

I like the idea behind it, but I don't use it myself anymore. I found that with my setup, uBlock Origin was faster to load pages and browse with, was less buggy, and was better at blocking ads and scripts than Ad Nauseam.

I love adnauseam. Seems to be pretty lightweight, doesn't do any telemetry. It might be slowing my pageloads by a fraction of a second but any adblocker will do that and my browser isn't optimized. Viewing the 'ad vault' might cause your toaster to chug if you're a RAMlet because its rendering hundreds or thousands of ads in a big cloud, animations and all. basically there's no reason to not use adnauseam if you're going to run an adblocker

adnauseam literally is uBlock Origin with a paintjob and more features



Break ads, break these enemies of the white man, the fake news.

I'd like to add it's best to use it on specifically Jewish owned websites. They will be seen as unreputable if they keep offering false-clicks.

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There is a massive effort all over the web to lie about the omnibus. This includes /pol.

Please move to /zenpol for uncensored discussion.

The omnibus is the exact opposite of what Trump promised:

-It does NOT fund any border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

-NO money shall be spent on a wall of any type. Money shall only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-This REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Read that again: REDUCES. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761 beds–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-This INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-This MANDATES sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.