Fast Forward 2017
>Vancouver Whites will be Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, govt always touts (((250-300k))) "reasonable" immigration a year
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Canada successfully and objectively proves blacks are irredeemably stupid

Good news for yanks I guess, their liberals have no more arguments and excuses.They're done for.

What’s the diversity and women status in their government?

Just want to see how much of a correlation there is among governments with heavy women’s positions and being chucked. Don’t let women rule over you idiots.

Learn to walk away and ignore them when they are being unreasonable. Don’t let them try to turn you into a pastel wearing cuck so they can go make babies with the rich boss at “work”.

You've seen how our PM conducts himself, yes?

Also Canada is still better than faggot rapists

Save the white Canadians by balkanising Canada and don't wait for USA.

Canada is post national, an economic zone that trades under the name as the former country.

same name*

I see it all the damn time, syrians and pakis driving fucking bmw's, mercedes, but 30 percent….? Maybe its lost already and I should take my trade across to the states.

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Could have sworn your PM was sporting a vag.


Learn how to add OP.

It says

Notice that north America and American red-indian are two different categories

Granted not all of north American origin will be white, but if assume a fair amount are.

That means Canada is more like 88% white. If you add in that some of the north American origin are basketball Americans or immigrants kids claiming to be north American, than maybe its at 84 or 85% white

Still too low, but not 53%

By the end of the century Canada is projected to be 5-20% white tho

Oh look it's the same kike rat who shilled this bullshit on cuckchan for a month straight. Your numbers are wrong and you need to go play in traffic. Canada is just under 80% white and dropping but it's not anywhere near 50.

you'd be fooled to think the states are much better off

seems like whites died after 9/11

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Source for these claims?

Why has this jewish construct of "The Truth = "Blackpill" been alive to survive"?

Why has this jewish construct of "The Truth = "Blackpill" been allowed to survive?

>w-w-w-wait goy, you have to play mental gymnastics by MY rules and you'll see! you've (((only))) dropped your white percentage by a (((negligible percentage))) so please don't panic or notice that this 88% (((estimate))) fails your eye test miserably as you go through daily life :^)

Aye, in the larger cities it's very clear what's going on. Every grocery store looks like an African market now, and all the cashiers are light-bulb-headed somalis. Gross.

Noticing it now in smaller towns, too. I moved back to my hometown after college; it's a few hours away from Toronto and has a population of about 2500 people (which is set to boom as they're building approximately 700 new houses this year [I personally know the guy -and played hockey with his kid when I was young- whose company will be building about 300 of them]). It used to be super rare to see a black person outside of the odd Somali during the summertime who'd be here to pick produce on the farms let alone any sort of Asians (including East Indian) in town. Now whenever I go to the grocery store you're guaranteed to see at least one or two Asians and all year round and you're sure see to see an African even in the dead of winter. My biggest worry is that due to our small size and our relatively close distance to Toronto we're going to have a huge flux of them with all of these new houses - a lot of people have no problem travelling to Toronto two hours each way for work if it means not living in the city; and if they're moving from Toronto, it's not likely that they're going to be of any sort of European background. Hell, even the main restaurant that's been here all of my life has been sold by the owners (who are getting around retirement age to be fair) to Indians and will be full transferred to them by the end of April.


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All out of Europe Whites should return to Europe immediately.

Once we secure our survival and purging of all kikes and invaders from our mothercontinent there will be time for reconquista.

I have no idea if you're shitposting or just super delusional/an American shooting off your mouth without knowing anything of this place but I can assure you that we're nowhere near 85% white. Toronto alone has a population of about 6 million, half of whom are non-white (if you go by the census). In a country or about 35 million, that means that if there wasn't a single non-white outside of Toronto, the country would be around 91.5% white. But of course if can't actually be that high when you consider places outside of Toronto like Brampton (known as "Bramladesh" - the same place where the new leader of the NDP was elected) which is like 75% non-white or bigger cities like Vancouver which is known as "Hongcouver" for a reason. I certainly don't think we're at 53% but It's very likely that it's below 70% and whatever number it is, it's dropping every second.

Well duh, frogs are green.

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My first instinct was to laugh, then to cringe that it's eve worse than here.
At least we'll be able to make 53% leaf memes against Canadian shitposters.

It's bad in Canada because of the sheer speed of non-Whites flowing in with no real opposition to the diversity train (some old Canadians complain but all young people, especially girls fucking love their replacement) but the number is more like >70%… the cities are going to shit but the rural area is still pristinely 99.5% White.

Apparently you live in a city

Therefore, since by your own assessment that cities are mostly non-white, I'll assume its statistically likely that you are a sandnigger or chinese.

Most people who self identify as "Canadian" are white.

The label blackpill implies they're completely doctored.
You actually believe anything that the Turdueau government shits out?

No, it implies that you are a fucking retard who can't grasp the concept of "lie" and "truth" being the two options. Morpheus doesn't have a handful of skittles you brainless sack of shit.

I feel bad for you user. That's how the town next to mine is, it's filled with Mexicans and blacks. My hometown is fairly white still, like…95%+, but I'm worried that due to having a spic town next door (literally, 3-5 mins away) that if they get even more our town will suffer an influx of them. Even America is getting shit on my diversity and I'm sick of it.

Neck yourself kike. And stop spreading your lies.

Calling you a retard is not an ad-hom. If you want to play captain fedora of the starship fallacy, then first go learn what those fallacies are. And second go play on reddit.

Do you have any sources on this? I know that Toronto and Vancouver are overrun - but the majority of the country is still majority white.

I live in a relatively small town of something like 20k people in Quebec and rarely see any shitskin. You call still call a negro a negro with most people as well without any problem.

Barely. Everyone likes to pretend Alberta is "based" and will separate from Canada and save us. But Alberta is 30% non-white, and 81% urban. The only provinces that are more than 90% white are Sask and the Atlantic provinces.

Quebec was already 11% "visible minority" in 2011 census (and that pretends "first nations" are not a visible minority). And you are overwhelmingly urban. Just because Ontario is beating you in the white genocide race, doesn't mean you won't catch up.

Again, neck yourself kike and fuck off with your lies.

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What lie Schlomo? Come on, at least make an effort. Watch the fucking movie, he's only got two pills. There are only two options: truth and lie. Who would possibly want to confuse that and pretend the truth is bad sometimes and lies are good sometimes? Hmm…

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I live in the SWON roughly 2.5hrs south of Toronto and it's still 98% white here. Pop is around 30k. The real problem is the one you pointed out, people coming from big cities and commuting in. It's ruining the "small town" appeal that I grew up with. Hell a house on average here is listed 4 days before it's bought, if people think that the housing market is cooling down they're just stupid. Even houses from the late 1800's in the 1500sqft range are selling for $350k these days.

Report these threads.

Remember how White US birthrate was supposedly below replacement before Trump got elected and suddenly changed to positive? It was a black pill psyop.

Report them.
"I'm just telling you the Truth™ that we are all doomed, fellow White, I'm not trying to do anything else here at all." *rubbes hands*

I didn't say anything about doom you fucking knob. I said there is no such thing as the rainbow of reddit pills. There is red and blue. If you think something is a lie, say so. If it is truth and it hurts you feelings, then do something about it instead of trying to kike your way out of dealing with facts you don't like by calling it "turdpill" or "soypill" or whatever other braindead 9gag nonsense you insist on bringing here with you.

Its still not less white than the USA.. Joe Biden stated a number around 40% kek

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Did CAN ever change to "immediate" free healthcare for refugees, immigrants, etc. rather than a waiting period of a few years? As Middle East and China flooding CAN with aging population?

Refugees have access to emergency care. Immigrants vary by province, but it can be anywhere between 6mo and 2yrs after they get on the path to citizenship. The rules that you can't bring ill family and have them leech off the system are still in place though. If they're elderly but don't require medical care, they can be sponsored but that still doesn't mean they'll be granted access.

Citizenship has absolutely nothing to do with it. Immigrants get health care as soon as they are immigrants, period. If they do not yet have permanent resident status, they are not yet an immigrant, they are a visitor (or they aren't even in the country). You never need to apply for citizenship, the only thing citizenship gets you is voting and running for office.


You know who our mods are, right?

That's. Fucking. It.
If a grass roots party doesn't come out with the promise of mass deportations then by God's Will I will make it myself.

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Add the 'Canadian' number into that stat and it goes back up again. No fucking nigger (sand or otherwise) writes that into their census. It's all the people with lines going back to hundreds of years. Cities are still fucked though.

nvm…wrong thread. kms now…

was meant for

So why is it wherever I go it is nothing but White people in Canada? only places I see subhumans in major cities? Thats it?
Oh right, I am on kikechan I forgot.

Gov > some jew infested 'think tank'.

Dude, there's no fucking White people in Canadian cities. If anything these numbers are low. So if you want to stick to your comment, it's the other way around. Holy fuck is it bad. You have no idea what it's like walking around here. You can go days without seeing a White face. It's pure jungle, baboon central.

Oy vey.

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Because you and OP are both equally stupid. OP is looking at the wrong stats, he isn't counting "Canadian" as white. And you are just showing selection bias. You live near whites, so you see whites. That doesn't change the actual % of whites in Canada.

Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Victoria, Quebec, Ottawa, all the lesser cities in Ontario like Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, etc. Why do you think the census is wrong and your feelings are right?

Did they count injuns in the mix?

The thread itself is the case study, you retard.

I travel through all of those cities every second month and I see a majority of whites pretty much all the time besides Vancouver and Toronto. What is the point of this thread?

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Oh good, you got the joke.
He's a fucking disgrace.

It's only a blackpill if you let it demoralize you
Instead, you should take it to resolve yourself and others and galvanize them against the kikes, regardless of how much you might actually be winning.

It's a denial technique. Similar to sticking your fingers in your years and screeching autistically.

The only two cities that are more than 50% nonwhite are Vancouver and Toronto. Other than that, everywhere else is pretty much large-majority white. The only exception are native-amerindian enclaves and they don't count.

The suicide rate of prairie niggers up north is insane, I traveled through there twice this year and every stop I read in the local newspaper that some red skin killed themselves or a in race murder happened.

To teach you how to read. Obviously it isn't working.

I don't speak kike and or subhuman, sorry goy.


This is the only reason I still come kikechans Holla Forums is to watch you faggots scream and kike as your shit narrative dies.
Dead thread is dead.

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Shouldn't you be licking a window somewhere you absolute mongrel.

It's even worse frog side.
Since the 80's referendum (which was almost gave the frog independence) the federal gov' made a de facto open border policies in frog province to rack in voters against independence (same as why all immigrants vote for more government) while pre-2000 being an english speaking nog or asian you could get visas and papers denied in Toronto and elsewhere, while you where basically guaranteed to get them in Quebec (despite having the worse employment rate and the fact that speaking French was pretty much mandatory for day to day life).

It's the same shit the eternal Anglo did to SA Boers, an "ethnic auxiliaries" policy.

You're fucked if yours is a poorer place. Mine was 99.3% white in 2006. It was down to 53% as of 2016.

Do it. The way things are boiling, I'm certain you'd get a ton of votes from whites hoping to stop themselves from being genocided. I mean, is there anyone currently in the race that would be at all useful at pushing the Overton Window? I remember some people in a thread a couple weeks ago saying that mudslime Jagmeet was the best choice, but I have trouble trusting a non-white to fix the problem of non-whites ruining the country.

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criminally unchecked

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I don't know where you live, bud, but it's pretty white in my end of the country.

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Its just faggot inbred shitskins bumping this garbage thread. Pay it no attention.

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There are more Jamaicans in Toronto than Jamaica.

You don't know about the new goon dollar bill?

This. CANADA was incorporated in 1981.

Vietnamese and French Africans are pretty based, compared to their Anglo counterparts. Quebec is the most nationalistic region too and they give a shit about the community. Get out of Montreal more.

Canada was betrayed in 1940's, Red Ensign is still the real Canadian flag, we are still a British sovereign state. I will not be a defeatist faggot like the shills in this thread.

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I wonder where the highest crime rates in Canada are? ;^)

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Supposedly there's people in the military and no doubt high places reading here.

Soros and co. are doing this to turn Canada in the long run into an anti-US enemy full of Religion of Cuck™ists.

We need a wall with Canada. Deport all american black to Canada, as that can be their ethno-state that many of them desire, and encourage all leftist liberals to self-deport. Exceptions with limits should be granted to asians due to their IQ allows them to on average prefer conservatism due to that giving them the ability to think in the abstract. After doing this, Canada will eventually fall apart and balkanize. The territories can then easily be taken by the US. I'm sure many of the Chinese and any remaining whites in Canada will have refferendums on leaving canada.

Uh huh. You also don't speak english, or you would understand what the word majority means.

Acknowledging reality is not defeatist you retard. Pretending there is no problem and everything is fine will not win the war.

>>>Holla Forums890311

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When is the last time you went outside to like a grocery store or something?

I live in northern Alberta and there is loads of shitskins here. When I go outside its like where's waldo trying to find white people sometimes. My workplace is like 95% white though, thank god, but our HR department is trying to change that.

I'm just taking care of myself, working as hard as I can, waiting for even a couple dozen like minded Canadians in this town to start some shit. I'm not sure what to do other than red-pilling friends and family on cultural marxism. Canadians are too comfy and cucked to do anything other than complain silently. It is frustrating as all fuck.

Both the USA and Canada should balkanize anyway

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even in Vancouver I think it's more grave. I would put the white population closer to 20 or 25% (maybe less). Plus, the white population is old as fuck. Within 20 years it will literally be Singapore (Chinks, currey's, and a small number of white professionals), and all minor jobs taken by philipino and other mud TFWs.

Attached: vancouver.jpg (432x768, 89.07K)

Save money, run businesses (franchise, airbnb, etc), to make yourself independent from the system and put yourself into the posititon to hire other whites if possible.

Those are entirely dependent on the system. If you want to be independent, you need to be innawoods.

Trudeau Wears Tampons.

If America splits but I'm still federated with Iowa's retards, I will kick your ass

The Dominion of Canada is, yes.

The Naval Ensign (AKA the maple leaf flag) just means the Dominion is in bankruptcy and the federal government is operating under maritime law (we don't use fringes on the flag).

We don't need a wall. We need to have troops in BC and Alberta flushing out the hidden weapons caches.

You have to Huxley before you Orwell.

syrian canadian here. i drive an audi.

i want canada to have at least a white super-majority, US too. i work with whites regularly, even conservative ones, we're good friends.

might as well put my other opinions while i'm here:

death to all zionists.

gun-owner too, but c71 is gonna fuck us, so iunno, i'm considering moving to the states.

i'm sorry for the pakis. i don't know any. levantine muslims (and non-muslims) like me are very clean and traditional and hugely anti-kike, and we're not anti-white. we actually romanticise europe a lot. levantine countries would have been mostly developed by now if it wasn't for israel.

i've never been on welfare. i always work for my money.

not sure how I feel about trump though, but bless Assad and Putin.

feel free to AMA

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I paid Island premium when I was out there rather than live in that shithole. If I had to return I might try Merrit or Kelowna.

I work with a Syrian Kurd (she's a total babe), but she loves Jews and Israel because of their help in creating Kurdistan. I remind her daily that she is an idiot. How common are people like that in Syria?

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It is not a naval ensign you retard.
That braindead freeman horseshit has no basis in reality at all.

Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

Yet, those hands will never hold a green card.
So as I pray, Unlimited Leaf Works.

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Ireland and Canada face the exact same kind of program. The war against Aryans and other civilized peoples is international.

An International Aryan Aliiance, including Japan, is needed to combat the International (((Khazar))) Mafia and their new Chinese hosts. The Alliance needs to be focused BIOLOGICAL SURVIVAL and civic-nationalism, and leave all other issues to localities. A Confederation if you will.

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Images include for lulz

Attached: 170702062321-south-china-sea-map-super-tease-768x432.jpg (768x432, 59.86K)

You have to separate yourself economically and culturally. Only go to white businesses and let them know you're going there because they're white. Explain to them what shitskins do, it's easy to do it in "non-racist" terms.
"Halal food funds terrorist organizations"
"Muslim Brotherhood isn't a terrorist organization" - Pro-Tip: Yes it is.
Either people put up with you, at the very least, are secretly sympathetic, or they're openly sympathetic. Be gracious, be generous, be a leader, and always show your philosophy. Never be a coward, but never be angry either. Simple, matter of fact, brave, logical. Be a hero in your community, user.

Retardedly common.

there's your problem. kurds are turds.

somewhat. there's a lot of people red-pilled on jews then you have rural/village idiots who are basically illiterate sister fuckers who are usually lured by (((Religion of Cuck™ic extremist groups))) or (((moderate rebels))).

gotta be honest, syria has always been a complicated situation. Assad is a blessing, though.

i employ white people if that makes you any happier. don't hate on me. i wasn't red pilled until after i moved.

If america splits can we send all the niggers to dixie?


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Developments such as that of the "artificial organelle" will eventually lead to altering the existing DNA of already living humans to create what they will call a "Race-Change" procedure. Think of it like a sex-change. Shitskins with an IQ approaching room temperature will gladly choose to become either white or asian. Why do you think they seek out whites and asians so much? Become on some level of conciousness, as an organism, they recognize that they have what they deem "better" or more desired genetic traits than they currently possess: better hair, non-brown eyes, better looking facial structure, lower levels of melanin, as well as higher IQ / lower levels of aggression. As an organism, they don't just want those traits for themselves, they want those traits to pass on to their offspring in order to secure their future. They want to secure a future for their children as well. If their children were all white / asian / eurasian they would have a better future. Funding the creation of such a thing is ABSOLUTELY DETRIMENTAL to the kikes in Itsnotrael because it completely circumvents their long term plans on creating a slave-race. It's possible China knows this and that's why they've pumped so much money into BGI, CR1SPR, (removing flags here, mind that), and isolating the genetic markers for intelligence. You think zionists want to allow subhumans the ability to transform themselves into Aryan and Samurai super-soldiers? If you're going to get rich to fund this research, I'd also recommend starting it as a security / defense corporation so you can protect yourselves and your work. Deus Vult.

BTW: Reminder that China cares about China and it's "national rejuvination" more than it ever will care about a bunch of yids that are screwing up the area they want to develop the Belt and Road. You think China really wants them to become a world-power into Greater Itsnotrael and then put demands on taxing their belt road to africa?

the mind of a civic nationalist

Civic Nationalism can be paired with civic nationalism. In civic nationalist Britain for-example you could set a target of 95% ethnic British while allowing for upto 5% civic 'British' or honorary British. The key is to maintain the fundamental nature of the nation.

However I fear that with the extreme policies of late pushed by (((them))) only a full on Nazi style purge will save the West. They are the ones to blame, kindness can only be abused so long.

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Meant to say…

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Civic Nationalism can be paired with civic nationalism.


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wordfilter test: civic nationalism

Who in the flying fuck in the mod team decided that wordfiltering eth_nic nationalism to civic nationalism was a good idea???

Richard Spencer

Three guesses, but since there's only one person up there you'll only need one. You don't know what this site is, do you? White nationalism and national socialism are banned here.

makes sense since the bo and at least one mod are mudmen

Beautiful example of how wordfilters work.


kampfy is BO now

I understand burgers have no coherent national identity so the category canadian obviously doesn't register but I implore you to read nigger

Attached: 2017-10-27 - Knife - 171027Knife.mp4 (480x360, 10.77M)

At least say you are planning on returning to syria to make syria a state that is not only uncorruptable but one that scares the jews so much they look behind themselves before they sneeze. Or rounding all the anti jew syrians to boot jews out of everything they were already almost booted from being allowed in the lgbt in canada

Forced deportation and thus (((human rights))) violations are required or blatant ethnic cleansing are the remaining options for the leaf.

This pretty much confirms the state of Holla Forums

civic nationalism

Attached: CIVIC NATIONALISM IS GLOBALISM!.mp4 (720x576, 8.23M)

I say deport them in boats as sturdy as the titanic.

Do any of you cucknadians think juden peterson has an actual chance against Mr. Richard Smoker if he ran for pm?

It's been ruined for a while mate. I mostly blame the Jews and how they teach history, as each year it gets worse. They don't seem to realize this is how they began to destroy Germany, with "Turkish guest workers" who would go back in 10 years. Shit, look at what the Albanians did to Kosovo, and then took it over with ZOG's help. You mostly find this "civ nat" bullshit among the spics who have come here to try to fit in. It doesn't work. Christ, look at the poor bastards in South Africa, who despite having the example of Rhodesia in front of them, took the same suicidal path and now are about to start civil war.

This is what shills think we will believe.

no because thats not how the government system here works

more like it will be the other way around. insect bourne dna editing virus. you get a mosquito bite and it turns you into a nigger.

Attached: 021 - Copy.jpg (704x774, 242.84K)

i'm more useful for my country in the west, as i've lived here most of my life. syria already knows how to scare israel and they've withstood most corruption and subversion from israel (except for the recent war, which was a failed israeli project)

there's very few jews in syria, and they're all anti-zionist and none are allowed into any armed forces.

i know you don't like foreigners scarring your country's demographics, but it is what it is. at least it's contained in one or two cities, you can always find yourself a nice pure white traditional waifu.

and my people know about the day of the rope so we're all planning to leave when uprising happens. like i said we don't mind white supremacy, we just don't want western colonisation or intervention. we just want to do business with the west.

Attached: da44a385296fd2e5a5532ef3338ad014.png (849x1200, 1.44M)

do you have something like the brit system? If soy boy/ bollywood star gets a second term, the nation is pretty much finished. I don't like or respect peterson for refusing to name the jew, but anything has to be better than the bollywood dancer.

People often say glibly "x politican is stupid," and usually I think it's to make themselves feel better. But you watch fucking trudeau talk, the guy is fucking literally retarded. Sadly, it seemed like the opposition was little better.

I'm so sorry Canadian anons, we will overcome t. American

Attached: 1398047615951.jpg (910x713, 137.03K)

you realize that image just proves the US prison system labels spics white to lower their crime rates right? No one in the states considers mestizo mongrels like that white.

You think America turning into a third world shithole is funny you fucking kike? get the fuck off Holla Forums

>Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, govt always touts (((250-300k))) "reasonable" immigration a year

i bet the same thing is happening here in the U.S. - that nigger was flying 3rd world monkeys in by the 747 load to places like Anchorage Alaska in the middle of the night

My mother was telling me a few months ago that she was talking to some woman from a company that she deals with who came over here about five years ago from Hungary; she's in her late 20s or early 30s, educated, etc. She was saying that she had to go a ton of hoops, paperwork and whatnot and it still took her like two years to immigrate here. Meanwhile, of course, we had fucking military planes being used to bring in thousands of """""Syrian""""" """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""women and children"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" there about a year ago (>implying it's even stopped at all probably) like we'd die without them.

Lie to yourself all you like but don’t lie to us please.

I'd be for letting actual White Canadians (who didn't support the bollywood dancing queen) into ZOG and just using canada as a frozen waste pit/ dumping ground for chinks, beaners, niggers, coal burner, and other undesirables.

My wife (white from the US) couldn't even get in to Canada immigrating normally, I had to marry her so should could immigrate through the family immigration requirements instead. There was only one other white person at her immigration ceremony out of two dozen people.

Wait, so your an immigrant not that you have as much hoops as a white immigrant and not a rapefugee "charity" case? Hmm, that does change my opinion a little. That said, middle easterners need to get together to scare kikes and chinks in canada, because to be honest kikes and chinks are causing more damage than syrian "charity" cases though the "charity" cases have to all leave too. NO FREE RIDES unless helicopter or sinking boats.

Our system is a more idiotic version of the electoral college and fucks over independents and ususally its a "I hate the local but like the pm canidate" or the inverse. We need to seperate them, but libs realize they do that they will never get majority again. That said, I dont see turd getting in, and if he does its not a majority, and minority means they have to get cons to agree with all actions or nothing happens.

Holy fucking shit, thats some stealthy

Fucking mutts.

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lol i trol u

if your a nigger kill yourself if your a european stop making light of white genocide

i'm not a warrior so i can't help out in the war.
i'm good with politics, so i'm doing what i can in the west.

fully agree. like i said, i've never taken welfare and i always pressure my mp for important shit.

honestly, kikes, chinks and somalis are ruining it for all.

i came here decades ago before multiculturalism was even a thing. think back to the ernst zundel days, during the holocaust revisionism movement. those were good days.

So you telling me the stats we cant verify is correct when everything else is a lie .. ?