'The mayor and the city have failed, you hear me?' Brother of Stephon Clark and chanting protesters crash Sacramento council meeting to slam cops who shot dead his unarmed sibling
The brother of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot 20 times by police interrupted a city council meeting by jumping on the desk in front of the mayor.
Stevante Clark marched into the specially-convened meeting of Sacramento City Council on Tuesday and leaped on the dais before chanting his brother's name, interrupting Councilman Larry Carr.
Security guards surrounded him and seemed to try to lead him out, only to have audience members yell out, 'Let him speak!'


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This is the part that freaks me out the most

I unironically believe they are manufacturing a race war and using South Africa as a test.

can you hear the drums of war

Hmm interesting choice of colour for those shirts. Purple revolution connection it seems.

The tenuous pact between niggers and whitey has all but evaporated.
The drums of war thunder once again.

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Nice photo of the nigger going full ape.

Any videos? Preferably mp4 for us phone posters

Cool beans. Whites have the numbers, the funs, hunt and fish for fun anyway, the genetic predisposition for sharing and distribution of labor to make living in harsh conditions work.
Meanwhile niggers get EBT and the extent of their survival skills is stealing and other forms of stealing.

How could something like this happen?

Those activists paid by soros to do it. Not a single nigger fearing for his life would try to pose with a phone in his hand like a gun, or jump on tables in council meeting, especially with guards around.

Obviously City Council of yours was already paid by jews to even allow this to happen.

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Look at that cuck.

Polite sage, since i didnt contribute anything.


Every single solitary fucking time


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I'm fucking sick of how niggers are allowed to just do whatever they want, break shit, burn shit, steal, rob, loot, rape, kill, and these faggot liberal Democrats who run the cities just allow it and do nothing to maintain order. Sacramento's a shithole. The only reason I don't want this to escalate further is because I have friends who live there and when chimp-outs happen, niggers don't differentiate between people, they attack all Whites regardless of who they are.

He deserved all 20 bullets.

I was at the Sacramento King's stadium during the heart of the protest. I'll write about it in a few hours.

Aren't the niggers getting ethnically cleansed by the mexicans?

Thanks user, we appreciate the ducks on the ground. (Making fun of faggots that project veritas recorded with the whole ducks thing)

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Holla Forums should be encouraging this. this is great. let them chimp

Fucking Africans, man.

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That would be great to have the niggers and other varieties of shitskins war with eachother and clean things up a bit. Once we can get the niggers and shitskins to realize the kike khazars are the true enemy we can make goldbergshekelsteinowitzski sweat it out in the ovens.

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My thoughts exactly. That nigger monkey looks just that - a fucking monkey which is only good for two things;

1. Stuff into a cage with other monkeys for entertainment and bloodsport.
2. To fling shit at other niggers.

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The fact that this is his family, and this is how they act - look at them, it's about playing the part - this is all a game to them. If this was his family the cops made the right choice.

Glad he didn't take off his $200 headphones before hopping up there to mourn his dead brother. Really shows he serious, you know?


That cuck stance.
Wouldn't surprise me if the kike invited them so he could make the city council look weak.

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Glance at at pick 4, think the nog is holding a gun. Upon closer inspection turns out to be a cell phone. He was just holding like a gun and assuming an aggressive stance. Can't possibly understand why his brother was shot.

Not surprising since the audience was mostly niggers, and the whites there are liberal cucks. Niggers have no concept of the rule of law or standard procedures. Those are all the white man rules to keep them down. To them, justice is barging into a public meeting (where they could have legitimately spoken if they set it up before hand) and shutting it down until everyone does what they want. They are children who think the entire world revolves around them.

reminds me of that ben garisson cartoon "i-isnt he great"

Silhouette actually looks like a compact with a flashlight. If the other nig had been holding his phone in one hand, cops would see a gun shape in the dark. Add in nigger habit of shooting cops and it's completely understandable they thought he had a gun.

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Turns out I'm retarded. I meant the 3rd pick looks like the nog is holding a gun, thus lending credence to police statements.

We should start a twitter campaign under the guise of protest to get nigs to pull their cell phones out in an aggressive manner every time the cops stop them. #Notagun

found it

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Why does OP's photos remind me of Planet of the Apes?

At first glance I thought it was one of those subcompact Taurus semis. Taurus Curve.
I would have lit the nigger up if he pulled that stunt on me.

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I'd have shot this nigger right in the meeting

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Holy fuck user this is genius. I would LOVE to see an influx of nigs getting shot due to this. PLEASE take the first step, meme responsibly, for the sake of whites!

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Brooks got Chappelle to work a final gig?

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Yep. At a distance it looks like a singlestack pistol with that stupid integrated laser

That's right nigger, vent at the jew. Bernie 2.0 is ready for the bull.
How is that not seen as threatening and allowed to continue in any official setting? Kike or not, if that nigger acted like that to any official, even if it's a pajeet straight from the street, he should have been in cuffs for intimidation.


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Are we finally going to get the sequel to Ferguson we've been waiting for?

Exactly the first thing that came to mind.

Conditions are optimal. (Pic related)

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My thoughts exactly. This stupid nig is only proving how much a phone looks like a gun and justifying the use of deadly force, especially with a fleeing suspect.

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Are my eyes betraying me or did I actually witness unironic shucking and jiving?
Also, the sheer audacity of threatening to eject the press for not following his commands when he has no authority to do so.
White man, it's time to accept that kindness does not always beget kindness, and is often viewed by other races as a form of weakness.

the golems are turning on their masters



dindu nuffins yo i wuz jus on ma saaaail foam mang!

Post the original dude

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Hooktube, nigger

nigger, kike, or 56er?

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At first glance I thought it was a pocket pistol.
After looking at it for 5 seconds, I thought it was a taser of some kind, or that pepper spray blaster thing.
Took me a solid 10 seconds to figure out it was a cell phone. No wonder these people are being shot at night for holding phones.

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Every time I see some shit like this vid related is first thing that pops in my mind.
Civic minded niggers in action.

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Wow it's so interesting (((who))) appears to be taking pictures in the video.

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Real life continues to write memes for Holla Forums. Even the most cucked or liberal white man eventually accepts tfw nigs go full ape. see

perfect pic checked and heil'd

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Why not all three?

Miniature South Africa.

that is just retarded
have you ever even met a Finn?
have you ever even seen pictures of Finns?
Do you know anything of Finnish accomplishments and ability?
truly pathetic D&C

Nice use of color on those authentic Build Black shirts.

Surprised no one posted this yet.

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The guy on the right is really hairy.

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Also there's a small scale chimpout going on in Sacramento over that "unarmed" groid getting goodified.

I can't make a thread on it since I'm a worthless phone poster

The ape expects to be taken seriously, yet he literally dances and jives his way up to the podium

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All I can hear is a monkey going OOOH OOH AH AH AHHH OOH OOH AAHHHHH

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Isnt this a unusual amount of cameras for a shitty council meeting ?, look the at back window - all cameras.



Easy retard, you're in the thread now.

nah it needs to be in the 80s and 90s for a good chimpout

this is just a warmup before the season begins

i thought he was holding a gun at first glance too until i opened it up


The fucking nigger was going down the street breaking out windows at random, only seconds before this shit unfolded!!!


(In b4 some faggot tells me to embed video. Site does not let users who disable javascript embed, DEALWITHIT.)

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Why do you think you stupid faggot; they have to protect their pets and portray them as angels why dindu nuffin.

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sage for double posting

That seems to be a main feature of the current timeline we inhabit: recursive historical irony.

Also: am I the only one who noticed 'Massa's' silhouette appears to be that of Ben Garrison?

This. It was enough to trigger an involuntary "fucking nigger!" yelled at the screen. I'm certain my neighbours heard. Wouldn't be the first time.

100% Ashkenazi.

Lemon replied 'I know you are in grief' as Clark discussed how he had teamed up with Sacramento's jew mayor to build a library and recreation center in his 22-year-old sibling's memory

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lets get the cattle cars and the gas chambers fired up

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