Omar Mateen’s father was an FBI informant

Wew more proof the feds are behind the recent mass shootings. Omar Mateen randomly picked Pulse,it had nothing to do with fags. The FBI also forced his "low IQ" mother to sign false statements. Webm is of Tucker interview tonight.

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And David Hogg's father is FBI and his mother works for CNN. And Nicholas Cruz's foster father was military intelligence. Fucking fishy, huh?

This is getting pretty brazen at this point. It must be getting close to the endgame for them since they are just seemingly getting sloppy with this shit

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I watched the episode with glen greenwald being interviewed. He is the only source that I know of and Tucker the only one reporting on it. If this gains any traction the FBI is going to have its collective tits in a jumbo ass ringer.
They are not exactly the same agency that have graced the public airwaves and imagination for decades now.

It's even more brazen when you consider that
==57/222 democrats up for election to congress in 2018 are either
"former" CIA, FBI or military intelligence.==

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The 57 candidates are about to lock in tyranny permanently. Republicans are guaranteed finished because of omnibus.

They passed a 1.3 trillion bill to tell us fuck whiteys, we're done. Pol since then has been full of pure damage control shills. The web has as well. That shows they know.

The bill just makes sure whites are done permanently.

What was the point of electing Trump? There is no saving this now. There is no culture/history/people in common in America–just tribal society where we have nothing in common. No values even in common, either, like rule of law or first or fourth amendment. Constitution ripped up and government that literally ignores elections/mandate.

There is no reason for America to continue. There is no meaning to the word "American" and continuing the country is pointless.

Exactly. It's the same reason why DC shouldn't have a vote in congress or the Senate: it is the government itself trying to gain representation when that is only meant for the citizenry. This is just the first step, expect half of the 2020 races to be CIA/FBI vs. CIA/FBI.

And kill yourself.

This shooting was less than two years ago. Think about it this way, It took how many years until the truth about how Vietnam started leaked to the public. In less than 2 years, Trump has forced the media to call their own BS on govt crafted shootings. Watch and see these type of reports continue to come out, not only in America but around the world. This is truly an information war we're in for lads.


Shut the fuck up with your bs. You're more or less saying:

,,Huwhites, just give up, you are going to fail anyway.''

Fuck you, the US is going to be huwhite again. It is not a question of if, but of when.

They are getting sloppy because the average normalfag is less than a sheep, they are fucking seamonkeys led by a pretty light.

You don't even exist, goyim!

gas yourself

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Tucker's show is the only way real stories get reported to normalfags. When there's enough blatant evidence I'm sure he'll cover all the connections.

or maybe he's just pissed about a bill that fucked with everyone. Shit even the cloud act fucks with Europeans who get arrested for not loving halal dicks in their ass

wait, didn't this news leak days after the shooting?

i fucking swear I read on here multiple times his dad was an informant.

no u

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(double dubs)
Same here but then again I have kind of given up trying to keep up with every fucking thing going on

Yep, and Mateen was a G4S employee

Oh, and there was some thing about his dad meeting some senator way beforehand iirc.

t. demoralizing kike shill

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